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Hot gospellers 

Music is for everyone and should 
be firmly entrenched in the time- 
table. I his to the gospel of the 

be firmly entren 

the ilme- 

Schnols Council project, music in 
the secondary school curriculum. 

The project, set up in the depart- 
meni of music at the University of 
York In 1971, is now Into the last 
year of its formal Me. It is sup- 
posed to end next summer end that 
is when such booklets, recommenda- 
tions, suggestions and ninterinls as 
it publishes will emerge. 

Hut Uie formal life is rather 
ceasing to be the most important 
nspecr of the project — and just us 
well perhaps since £77,000, the 
Schools Council grant, would seem 
a lot ro pay for what will probably 
he very little by way of published 
products. „ 

The informal network or eager 
disciples In York and throughout 
the country, consisting of music 
adviscis and teachers m trial and 
pilot schools, represents a more 
important legacy. The project has 
operated to n large extent through 
schools — originally selected with 
the help of l.e.a. advisers — anil 
through a regional network of cur- 
riculum development groups who 
show films of each others work, 
discuss, plan and con&ciousnoss 

Then there are aJfto one-off 
events: fur example, there is to be 
an Arts Day at Edge Hill on Juno 
25 und an exhibit ion /demonstration 
involving teachers working with 
their classes at Wakefield on July 7. 

The network also operates us an 
unofficial old boy network for 
tippriiminenrs when schools arc look- 
ing for music staff who arc good ut 
tlie kind of niiisic-fur-all tuuciiinp 
which is the project's li.dlimirk, m- 
uuilinrittas for advisers wlui cun 
give- this sort of work — often quite 
widespread nndoKoaliw In. primary 

nF rliv project’s most tnlhtivlusllc 
pilot pursuits. . .. , „ 

One frf the most enthusiastic full- 
time project persons U die new 
(since January) schools liaison offi- 
cer. Gillian Blake was a music 
teacher fur 36 years, during which 
time she gradually got away 

from tho sort of music on 

which her formal training con- 

centra ted and developed ways 

of working with groups of 

children creating music rather than 
simply recreating u> other peoples 
■work.’ Now she is marketing the 
Slime idea for ilie project. For more 
•information contact her nt York 
University, 86 Mick legate, Y ork. 

" The Schools Council will be 
participating in a project on Fare 
Prevention Education which is 
being funded ftp the Home Office. 
This will analyse how the teach- 
■ big of fire prevention can best 
be promoted in secondary schools, 
and deuelop appropriate teaching 
material ( interdlsciplhiarv and 
single-subject). Thc m project will 
also review existing teaching 
practice on fire-reUncd topics, 
and consider waps in which 
material on the subject of fire 
ctp be introduced into schools, 
bearing in mind tha constraints 
of timetabling. It is hoped that 
the project will start in Septem- 
ber, i 977." ThU announcement 
From title Schools Council is not 
a parody. Who needs enemies 

practice on fire-related topics, " Never mind what I said at the 

and consider waps in which street party. Its sir again now. 

material on the subject of fire if you don't wind.” 

£££ havin B to sort ont the „o ; 

°J,c ‘‘ZjeS^ll ««« K P fJeT mntaw .« h.Wh.. K h- 

ETS&SF aafrs iswr-sm & 

1 • • * * on ufter school for long evening 


Locks and lunches struck them, Fn Loudon staffing 

“Ai the end of a doy in Bristol uml resources were higher for a 
I felt less tired than nt bronk in marginally smaller school but this 
London." That pretty well summed hud no apparent effect on, for 
up thu differences found by two exumplc, class sizes. All tho extras 
heads of mathematics deportments, “ivmed » be channelled Into coping 
George Phipsmi from Woodbcrry wilh the inner city problems— very 
Down School In Loudon and Ken small groups for no n- renders, for 
Smith from Monks Park School, example. Wood herrv Down has Its 
Ur into I, who swopped jobs for n own reuding centre. Monks l’ark 
week lost term uses tho single centre which serves 

Long-standing friends, they ll». whole of North Devon. 


The other surprise was levels of 

easier — though the ILEA apparently Its spread or ability. Ken smiui 
hiccoughed u bit at processing found lip overestimated the ability 
something that was foe free. of n hrlglit finjrih year group M 

The ciif iicii Inin, pastoral systems, WimtllKTiy Down. George 1 nlpsou 
options and groups wore, limy found that pupils hi 5.5, the some- 
f< m mi. reiiiiirkitfily isfmilar. What wh.n not inline lmn-oxn Inn 
struck ihtiu w»t iho ©huiiim «mhs class at Muium Park, were 
between this "light regime ** ut no wursji lhant»e«.ple lie was piil- 
Wsritem. Ppwt— lo^.of pieces tin* jnjfrf _CbH mode Ill at Woud- 

Tha 1I.BA* for example, last 
autumn took on John Stephen, ex- 
TIMl and active member of tho. pro- 
ject’s . consultative committee, as 
sonior. Inspector, and Alan Vincent, 
the project's schools liaison officer, 
as an Inspector.. , . 

Tho sort of gospal the project 
preaches — and It duos have a dedi- 
cated, slightly fanatical and margin- 

ally paranoid (Ut — received Us most 
public manifestation -so for 
Thames Television's Our School and 

Hard Times. All the music for that 
film, both background music odd 
that which children were seen per- 
forming, was the product of Pauline 
Adam’s work. She, an heed of music 
nt Archbishop . Michael , Ramsey 
school In Camberwell, has been one 

^ hftpffWdd WO 

tan i idyan n o unco m ertn , loeke a chSt- wtirtha range tl sixth form or 180 
reams and lockers, buildings cleared plus can offer and they were both 
at break and at lunchtime — and nnv.wud that it should bp Avon 

tho “ easier relaxed nuiiudo of nil her man I.imdnn, with irs rani- 
Bristol ", nnratlvolv miiuII sixth forms, which 

In Bristol there whs no such air Is considering 1G to 19 reorganise 
of tension. Stuff ate lunch with the don. 

pupils: “lunches wero very well But one tiling was ilu* smite: 

organized, with a pleasantly orderly though the aimoxnhurc in the two 

atmosphere, and pupils re-laying schools is so different, though 

places . far those at later sittings. 1 .standards of behaviour and achieve- 
George PMpson wrote in bis account ment vary, thu staff in both spnke 
of the exchange. “Tho hassles of In oqually despairing tones of this 
each day In London - are so much or mat group who failed to line 

g reater that the staff value a lunch up to tho provnillng norm. All lapses 
reek well 'away from pupils, and are, It seems, relative, 
yet only staff supervision at lunch TT ... . 

will ensure a calm start to the after- ft-tpoflc flUW Will 
noon: how to bronk the spiral?" iIIC J niu 

Coats could be left hanging in ■ Andrew Brons, 30-year-ohl lecturer 
cloakrooms, lessons could start with- In government, law und politics at 

tlnrrngule College of Furr' er P.dih I 
cation, llin light it was hilurinus that 1 
the recent unmuil cunferuuce of ill e s 
National Association of Teachers ill i 
Further mul Higher Education i 
should he ready to spend half u I 
morning discussing thu political 
activities of one member. < 

Mr Bruns's enthusiasm for the 
Nit tin mi 1 Front — lie has thrice sinotl 
as parliamentary candidate, pulling 
8 per cent of -the voles ut Stec-li- ' 
ford this year— -had led In the 
tabling of a motion at NATFlIH’x 
animal conference to the cffocL 
that membership of the Front was, 
in ilie curiously prim wording of 
ilie Outer London movers, “deiri- 
mumal to tho Interests of Iho 
union ”. 

Mr Brons, u big Lud, a hit slack 
around tho middle, hnyish face, dis- 
arming .smile, wild ho did not mind 
communists in NATFIIE mi long as 
they did net .use their power to fur- 
ther political interests. wero 
they worried about him for V Well, 
about the influence lie might have 
on his students, for a start. 

"I make it a rule never to men- 
tion my political views to my stu- 
dents", ho said, sluing in Ids small 
red brick house outside which ne’er 
su much as a Union Juck fluttered 
though the adjoining council estate 
was dressed up for the Jubilee. " Be- 
sides, the majority of our students 
uro under 18. They are less poli- 
tically interested. And the sylla- 
buses at further education level do 
not require discussion of political 
Ideology." But ho did concede it 
would he surprising if anybody who 
taught managed to keep his views 
totally concealed. 

Wlial about his colleagues ? ** One 
or two 1 don’t get on with heenusu 
of my Politics but others have cornu 
up uml said they agree with me." 
Mr Brons laughed out loud at the 
Idea that lie might go down ami 
listen to the NATFIIF. debate, lie 
was not that Interested. “ Whatever 
happens to the motion, we cun only 

S am from it. If it fails It shows 
iu left cannot even make their own 
tactics work ; If it succeeds then we 
shall get some puli! id tv from it.” 
In the event the cuiiL-ivncc never 
got around to the motion. 

Had it occurred to him that his 
rhunces nf mobility wit bin iho pro- 
fession ami his promotion prospects 
might ho impaired by his 
affiliations ? Yet, lie >..iiil. But lie 
hud itu purl Icului' longings to mu 
anywhorb ids©, 1 anyway, he said, 
slightly upoloRnllc fur his lack nt 

Rigar the tiger 

In u small room on thu tup floor of 
UoIIhu'ii library, a group of 

( inrontfl, teachers und other fol- 
owers of the 11 Patterns uf Sound ” 
rending method met together 
recently to form the Baldwin Asso- 
ciation for Literacy. Miss Baldwin, 
who took nearly 20 years to perfect 
i her method, is now over 80 and is 
anxious to ace that her work is 
carried on and tiiat many more 
teachers become acmialuicd with 
” Patterns nf Sound ' before she 
• retires. 

t ** If my reading books were used 

win. In her speech, she 
Hat .she disapproved ai A?*' 
tic method 

lea in t with n smnM MmvT* 

l V . ,r — *ho "schwaSjJ 

then lias to be ^ 

Her method show* . 
tire formed in tho moiah 
they sound in simple wonkf 
nmus nro always leanfi £ 
wonis because, os Miss fi 

SBF&f* aro ,,6qu *n 

IDAY JUNK 2-1 1977 NUMBER 3238 

At the meeting lectors of 
were read out from papi], 
ages ami abilities. One ili 

, "•"hubs, une ut 

ttraitdiiu.ilier. wlto Imd C 

read from Miss Bald# 
hooks- had thou used them (o 
her lU-yenr-oJd grandson. 

A rihii vus shown of Gen 
Ba dwln working with , 
children, who clearly lowtl 
fold to stick uut their tonjn 
many tench er^ would ^ 
ponded to the gesture Ob 
enthusiastic Miss ji* 
‘‘You've gut a beaurilul i ■ 
Timmy ”, sho exclaimed. 

Some uf her alliterative U 
arc reminiscent of Lewii Cvnu 
is easy to understand Min ddi 
like roaring to the following ih 
which introduces them to Aek 
•* ll » : 

Rigor the Tiger is 
Grinding round his Ivories 
Growling all the white he it 
Prowling round refineries •. 
Roaring every mile he it 
I .ike this 
All the association tub 
funds. Applications ban 1 
iiuulc to a number of f ostia 
fur grant 4- The auodillM a 
ahmit fSjintl to get going- 

.*>riniif<in/s are indeed *IWgl 
tveekend I started W 'm I 
infih an 11-j.viiriM. Mtiflti 
renders will remember W < 
of the game — to nick «P,«I 
with, ihe leiptireA nwskrtfjp 
im'ihioit moving tilt 

Aftj (ij>; it incur hcjtfln I dfffcKl 
jacks were sliding all 
I protested that «» *■*] 
and claimed ** •vEJ 
’■ f Jh •*. slit' Mud, IW 
’* You plap 

trike— NUT call out staff 
h battle over axed jobs 


!■■■ m 
5 ■ ■ 

i n «i i r ..... 


he & m m m y 


Make sure of your system 
In the past 50 years various systems 
of play In the opening stages have 
been invented by the more imagine- 

Bvo ' and 1 original of our great 
masters; the' Rcti Opening, Catalan 
System, Nimzawltsch Attack, Larson 
Defence, etc. Those are all systems 

good the deficiencies of whnt are. 
In essence, artificial set-ups. 

Herein lies the danger for the 
He sees^imself pro- 

methods of the opening ploy of the 
classical school uf masters, using, 
for oxamnlo, the Queen's Gambit or 
the Buy Lopez. 

What happens when vour system 
conies unstuck was well illustrated 
by Hie following game played in the 
Wei Jnwrzonal 1976. 

White : Csom Black : Portlsch Nim- 
zowitsch Attack. 

imm m 

I W ft 

3 I'.gus n-B'V 

Next week 

Ilnuks : Norman S««*J5 

David living's now bwjwr 

1 1 it J*-r ; foatM on ■ 
tit-it und imrW ocleftfo, ^ 
Extra: secondary SC" 00 * 

ssyssjffwJ* 8, 

Gi>nttu<-nr. , UJ ■ ■„ K h 
West Indian eMJff 3 Tj 

critical wsc 5, sl K Cn T fgrt«t« « 
hook from Rob W** 1 
David Kin). — > 

Positiou after 

'* -w'lfl Elti 

Nittiiiiiiil Union of Teachers 
railed u smike lu Oxford from 
t iveek. Unfon members In 35 
Js in the city are uo withdraw 
labour from ‘Tuesday. The 
n involves 397 teachers apd 
* 14,00ft children imd is the 
Strike si i itt- 1*17.1. 

0 slrikf, wlu'cli will cost tliu 
.1 £3,000 a duy — full salaries 
to be Paid — ix the hi test step 
ie NUT’s faniimiftu against 
rdsnlrcS propitsuls to axe 344 
_ including rhe sacking of up 
160 teachers. 

hdon mombers stopped supunris- 
school meoils last tvuck atul 
ed - to tench classes of nioro 
30, 32 and 27 in secondary, 
y and infant schools ruspoc- 
y -from Monday of litis week, 
lot of members last mouth 
Hint more than 78 pea- cent 
e 89 per cent voting would go 
Ike if asked by rite union, 
r Fred . Jut-vis, NUT general 
otary, sulii the atriko would he 
ed off If the authority gave uu 
Once that no jobs would be 
“They would then have to 
c positive and definite moves 
ivert the deterioration in staff- 
_ standards,*' 

IhWw the enmity's proposals, the 
Ikaadier rutin Ln the priniury 
would decline from 23.5 : 1 
1. In secondary schools it 
worsen from 17 to 18.1 : 1. 
each Cano Oxfordshire wo id cl 
mmet towards the bottom of tho 
Mguo table of .stuffing standards. 
Mr Jarvis snid the snekings could 
avoided if the mitlwrUy spent 
“ of the muntsy In its reserves 
contingency 1 fundi. It imd not 
aired the Government*© ^gujdoM 
to presiTvc staffing etAndaftfer 
“ d - : j-,- 

onlhhfi-e has £6.25m in Its 
tingoncy fund and rpserves of 

■ ID- It would nisi Cl.ftm to rostoro 
nag stiindurils to the level he- 

■ the cuts were decided. Altn-, £3.25 m has been cut- from 
county’s education budget, loav- 
£60m to be spent this year, 
spokesman for the county cmiti- 
sdd this week that . the first 
» made were on capitation 
wances, muintciutnce of build- 
up bihI other minor items. " Wc 
flhy did scrape the barrel and 

by Stephen Cohen 

did die utmost to avoid reduction 
of teachers’ jobs’’, the spokesman 
said. “Our view was that the u lf <- 
chcr b\ tite classroom was the prime 

Tliesu inilini suvtngs nmounied in 
£1.5m. Ilie rest, It ivus decidt-d, 
would come from teucht-rs’ bHlnrles 
and, us a result, ilu- county's rule 
increase t-hi.s year was 25 per cent. 
Without the cuts in edunniun mul 
ptlier spending, die rate rise would 
have been nearer 30 per null, add- 
ing an extra 3. pence to the already 
agreed rise of 12 pence, and tukltig 
tho tonnci'l way beyond i he Gntt-rn- 
uient giiidoliue of mi uvunige 15 
per cent increase. 

Mr Roger Stremi’eild, ciuiirnmn of 
the education committee, told die 
county’s governors and managers 
of primary nml secondary schools 
lost week I lint iho county was u 1 ways 
raced with this dilemma of decid- 
ing whother to increnso the rates 
to pay for all the tilings they would 
like to provide, or holding the rnies 
down and so providing worse ser- 

Fn u letter to the eoi-eniior.s tbiul 
managers, Mr NircancMd spelt oat 
oia background to rtiu'HllPx acUou. 
“ The NUT say duty Hie hiking 
industrial aewan for two reasons , 
ho said. " First bmiuse some 

read ie is empIfi.VL-d hy ilu- i-mmt.v 
cnustcil oil ctHilmcis which expire 
on August 31 may have ' to lose 
choir jobs mid 'secondly because It 
is proposed to worsen thu pupil- ' 
teacher rutin.” 

Although the union is not making 
a major issue, of these slim L-lr-rni 
contrails, iJiey are. hi fuel, proving 
to la; die biggest Mumbling block 
against » solmion to the dispute. 
Osfrn-thiiirc started appointing tea- 
clit- is for short periods of lime last 
year when il liccuine clear tlini it 
would linvQ iu slu-d sinfF. 

No objections were iniseil ni the 
time, hut it is now those tenrhera 
who Imve not got security of tenure 
who are first in line for redundancy. 
The union wauls the county to re- 
appoint these l earlier. s on cull enn- 
f cults which wtl giiarnutcu perma- 
nent employment nr proper redund- 
ancy terms. The coiiniy refuse? 
because nf the extra cost. 

Bill an offer was made two weeks 
•i go to the union that ull rundim on 
sho ct comructH would be giiuv&uieed 
employment until March 31 hy 
which time ihc-rc would be ** reason- 
able hope that jobs would lmve 
becumu nvuikible for nil of them ", iiinr. to Mr Sireurfuilil's Imer, 

The NUT responded dur>ug die 
inni-ntlion nine no ucs nf talks drat 
if pei- mm rant contractu could he 
s'igned next March, why could they 
not he issued now. If the cun tracts 
could ba negotiated, the strike 
would be postponed imtil Sepiem- 
her. the imum L>'ld the .uitluuiiy. 

T In- < minis ilioimhi tlii-. 

iiitiieci-piahht. “ ll mu Us in die 

couiiLv council paying out up in 
£300,009 nifirD In tww-kor*’ iwv hi 
ojtujianao 1 for k short poiiod of 
pence and fhe prtflwWiJlty of dlsrup- 

Flashback : ami-cuts demonstra- 
tion in Oxford Iasi poor. 

rt&ri rioxr term If ■ we had rtor, 
by then, conimJtted to Hie tcadicrs 
some £2m extra on novt yem J s 
rates ”, Mr Slreatfclld said. 

Many of. the teachers whose 
run tracts exph-o in Augusr, hare 
in fact been found pL-ciimiicnt jobs 
•Hitler the coiuiiv's redeployment 
progrnnune. lr is tho rcmahiiug 
1GU, raid thu worsening pupil- teacher 
ratio which is nl issue. 

The union ‘ luw appealed to 

f iiii-eius to suppoiT teachers and 
uis il i si rl iniieu 70.ftfHI copies of 
continued on page 3 

Conciliation before collision 

j m 

10 I'xll fd> 

11 IMD 

% mM 

is® i 


1 Vessel Carclgg 

. Jason's (5, 4). 

8 USSR citizen expert 
in measures (7, 6)» 

9 4? In. -riiot is the 
girl |5l. 

10 •'•sap i7>. 

|J Sunn- what unmfiid- 
iu] jioiiimi io). 

. ii A lawsuit ’ - 1 <ee 

\\ , about chyisa (6); ■; 

IS Could i>of cxin with-, 
out a vrtfei 17), ',! 

. 17 Where, the pairs git 
all mixed up (5).' .; 

li The accepted ' Qurm 
in llgliling ? <8, 51,' 

19 Let the primers see 
to it (11). ! ‘ 

16 Learned tfteede 
hi the ddnit (i 

No 1,089 

JfoyP But foeiiSThaT 
wh« js sgudd for tHe gander U not . 
necess^Hy pence for the gooed. The 
recipe mpy be a splendid one blit 
fts'iibe, or i-^tier thp manner of ifo 
Use. Is -sU-ira Wjrt^iL . 

: . W ! tha .pleyW*, does not rdaUy 
pndecetqad Che system he is rising, 
or , Lf it ig a system that demands 


\h ■ g m n Si *^i t? 
In & •• is f=i n j 

<d) Ho* * 

is not , really 

pndeut^ad the sysfopi he is rising, 
OT 'lf. it fo a system that demands 
coniMerabay more " powers, either 

IP ,n : 

X B \ ^.f ytte ” pf devdopnwH wlih , Jh any attack - m 

SSSr wte raaater., fo wUe^P«" l< is e cert^-j 

Aron Nhnznwitach nuA* mi^u . Thece 1S ... vine 4 

; Podtfotral pr tactical, dwi bein' fact 
:: poMSs5ee, . then the - System Is the 
'Surest and: speediest roed to disas- 
ter. So, ^dther roa&e ' sure ‘ 6f your 
system , and of vo-ur . capacity to 

Aron NhnzovrltKb xnado 
greet play fo his lifetime. 

»• most accurate I 

fo he effective. 

■ (b) Not;, a Nimtowitich 
7f)-0, following 

rtSrtvtaoyi ^ , ’ 

th • Oxfprdsilire and the NUT locked oil u 
llslog course, it is Important now to sort out 
jtwo connected issues which have led to this 
station. First, there is Oxfordshire’s 
i reduction in staffing — the elimination 
u&biUn the coming academic year — which 
SfWead to a sharp deterioration In the 
tar ratio. The union has mobilized to 
other places : Oxfordshire's cut? are., 
t severe so far proposed. It Is quite • 
c jj ^TT^uftle inevitable — 'that the largest 
draw should do everything In Ire power 
a t0 this direct attack on teach - 

« shinrlards. 

after of ,s ^ ie s P e clfic and immediate 

i |j - rfl * a b° u t 160 full-time equivalent Jobs 
Wo “"der threat. Whereas most proposals 
A- i pupil -teacher ratios involve run- 

rdshb • 1 t ^ ir0UK ^ natural wastage, 
enn* • 8 number of teachers on short- 

omt« r9Cts ’ ^° stand to lose their Jobs In 
|y to s,raon ™s- The NUT has pressed the 
he • t ^ le| n normal teaching contracts, 

jbens? 10 ba , s refoseti, reserving the right 
s tha 6 W ■ t *} em when their time runs out. 

issue w b Jctl has, quite unneces* 
rlnim -ISf . *? ” ext week’s strike. The authn- 
... epc riM t \ at " t ^ ,e tbreaft to; the Jobs of these 

i£ A cry. 



Cabinet pudding Did Hitler know ? 

Grants fur young penpld in odu ra- 
ti on after 16 may lio Improved— but 
no thank & to some. The Cnhlnet 

at'.lir.jg Lf'iIIFa, ]>>7T • wibiMiiort an IIidh 

I .uni led Nrw.PnnUaB Ha 

POM Officii, SttenB-cUM pok 

h • K whefl * 1 J 'f neilt week's strike. The autho- 

fok* ‘ 'GoI°^ h «s^nthnht> e tWt 10 the Jobs of lheSC 

.0-8 mi th* • . Warty u I 1 - Wort-term contract is more apparent 

continue to die, retire Or 
rMOrdshire teaching service for any 

M it, » wTT - 

n tiler reason, in what now appear to be normal 
numbers, all or most of the 160 full-time equiva- 
lent jobs could be absorbed into the (reduced) 
complement of permanent teaching posts hy nex$ 
Easter; the authority was willing to guarantee 
jobs for nil concerned, at least till March 31. 

The NUT, not unfeasoqubly, bftvg countered. 
. by saying ; Jf ypq. can 

why & ll^ 

guarantee to that effect ? By the authority’s- 
own arguments the cost would be minimal, and 
in pressing for such a guarantee the union Js 
only doing its job, supported as it is by A huge 
majority of its members.; 

The authority, naturally, wanted to gat the 
NUT. to withdraw ali sancdoris-^Jncluding those 
for school, meals and -.the so-called “over-size 
classes ^ sanction— Which irlse from the larger 
issue of the deterioration of the pupil-teacher 
ratio And indeed the uHiod has insisted diat- 
fhc purnl-teacher. jatfo is the ; main issue. 

. -i . . continued on page 2 

No comment f 

■ u Unless, training in skill, mpdated with proper 
education for leisure, is given iti tnd least able of 
our qinletceuts ire shall create, 0 deddde hence, a 
violent unemployable rump^- Vlstuss-^q/a astfon ju 
1066 KtiultrilC 1 Thmeivlry KpEd;ex»rt papor. 

discussed these grams along with 
Hid Holland report yesterday 

page 3 

Rebels rapped 

Shirley ’ Wvliioms has written to 
pr«d seven uf tie wuhovItL?« rthc-l- 
Ihia agnznsr centprelienslvu renrgan- 
iz.u0’r*'t Into act mil. Tho eighth will 
hear soon . page 5 

Controversy has raged during the 
past two weeks over David Irving's 
view that Hitler was Ignorant of 
what was happening to Germany’s 
lews. Norman Stone looks at 
Irving’s argument with withering 
scrutiny page 20 


Seciuid-ary science books 

. -pages 374$. 

ursulls, 17, 23. i 


. New Pri tiling House Square, London WCIX 8F.Z. Telephone 01-837 1234 

Can Jim fix it? 

■Mrs Williams faced a major lest 
nf her politico! weight in the 
■Cabinet this week. 

- Not only was she trying to get 
at least a general commitment to 
review and Improve educational 
maintenance grants attached to the 
Governments policy for unem- 
ployed young people. Hw Green 
Paper on education was also being 

The Green Paper, substantially 
leaked in The Times and as a result 
widely discussed both Ins Mo mid 
outside the Cabinet, has not been 
enthusiastically received, by all 
accounts, by a number of Labour 
politicians. They are not happy 
with even the rather pussy footing 
implied criticisms of the schools 
(comprehensives .in particular) 
which the paper contains. 

On the other hand Mr Callaghan 
himself Is not keen for words to 
be too finely minced. 

Mrs Williams’s political reputa- 
tion is -goad but ft lias not been 
built on conspicuous effectiveness in 
Cabinet. There, it has been said, 
she keeps pretty quiet. However, 
she lias the Primo Minister for nliy. 
Furthermore on maintenance grunts, 
sho has Mr Albert Booth’s bucking. 
It would jeopardize the Holland 
scheme for 1G to 19s if it led to ilia 
uncontrolled syphoning oF young 
people out of full time education. 

On the Green Paper, too, she 
reputedly has the support of bluui 
men unrf Lvue such ns Mr Varlcy. 
Indeed cynical observers claim that 
robustness about the importance or 
standards and discipline is greater 
the less formal higher education the 
minister personally received. 

In the matter of maintenance 
grants, the obstacle, unsurprisingly, 
is cost. The economic climate is 
indeed not conducive to extra 
spending schemes. But muddling 
about piecemeal in the post-iG area 
could create un ever more confused 
mess which wifi be expensive to 
sort am in the end. 

Already, as die Child Poverty 
Action Group have pointed out, 
the dole is more attractive than edu- 
cation for people over 1G (page 4). 

This whole area is an obvious 
one for a properly functioning 
joint approach by the various de- 
partments. Something on the 
lines of Holland's recommendations 
must be done fast. But that -does 
not excuse the Government from 
getting to Work now in its various 
Cabinet committees (the existence 
of which to so veiled in mystery) 
on a properly coordinated schemo. 
Such « scheme might permit some 
measure of control of tho flow of 
young people into work, train lug 
iin:l education. It would in nuy caso 
provide .vnme greater feeling of jus- 
tice, security hihI common sense. 

White Lion at bay 

By die time this issue up pears, 
it trill be known whether the narrow 
majority decision of the Labour 
group in die, Inner London Kducst- 
tiplY Authority to xo£us* . fuppnrt . 

juB-oomnilwea which met yesterday. 

1 wit is ironical that n week after 
i&ft appearance of tile Government’s 
limjer cities White Paper, promising 
1 Increased help for . attempts to 
: relieve the sodal and economic dls- 
• fe'^ss of depressed urtnn areas, the 
f largest education authority should 
jbe roW by ks political' bosses to 
: tehee a wide berth to a school utten- 
!n$l bv sound of tihe boys aud girls 
1 for whom the ordinary schools can 

j$4t is fairly dear that the profes- 
advice which the members 
) rad rived was that whatever else 
tm^ht be said, die White Lion 
! School in doing a useful Job with 
a very difficult group, o & children. 
They go to White Lion as volun- 
,t©era: nobody can be sanguine that 
will now under threat of c oni- 
on settle down as model dtl- 
elsewhere. The Labour ppliti- 
, r who, somehow, see any inde- 
pendent” school os a threat to the 
ftieantolced system, have no clear 

The Forthcoming Green Paper will ask cadi l.e.a. to carry out a curriculum 
review. CONRAD RAINBOW, chief education officer for Lancashire, one old 
authorities furthest advanced in working out a curriculum and standardized I 
tests of achievement, here sets out what such it review should aim at 

At the heart of the core 


The curriculum of ull schools 

IIow much mure we can do 
achieve spiritual deve-hipmout 

to Kurcdy It Is not 
in nroup of historians to 

Mrs Williams’s shaky ground 
in Cabinet fight for 16-I9s 

by Auriol Stevens and Mark Jackson 

Only a general commitment to im- 
prove educational maintenance 
allowances is likely to be made when 
die government announces its deci- 
sion on the Holland scheme for job- 

nf ilia part scnoois piny »« me »uwui »» ijw, ....... ...... wmium cot*' 

development of children and yoiuig ful thought. Oilier subjects coutri- n course. Examining b2 
neonle. Composed of various sub- buto. Tho ethos of the .school com- been doing it with conftfo* 

idea how the 40 pupils ui question 
will he reabsorbed. 

Tho White Lion School Is only 
asking the ILEA for what it wuvild 
otherwise have to spend- on such 
"rett ' ' ... 

om tCwcUor* and otitfer stoirwrtch 
go*s n good way beyond tho call 
of duty. It is s.ilcl that the sticking 
point has always been the rcfusul 
of ilia White Lion school to promise 
ns a primary aim to return pupils 
to ihe ordinary schools nc tho 
earliest opportunity— to bo, in fact, 
not a school but a -toniporwy reme- 
dial Institution pledged to recon- 
dition those who. coma to the -free 
school for a return to tho main- 

-But this, betides being largely 
ncndcmic, also rejects the Wfollo 
Lion's basic olrim to of for an altar- 
native, valid In Its own right. <• And 
a few alternatives, surely, Is' What 
an authority as big as London (and 
with London's share of socta3 dis- 
advantage) badly needs. But tills 
point eludes die Institutional, con 
servatism of London's Labour j&tab 
Ushment. EarHer tills week It 
teemed that the radicals or tho 
White Lion Free School were likely 
to gee more support from Mr Robert 
Vi gars, the Conservative loader, 
than from the party which wears 
its social conscience on its sleeve, 

Conciliation or collision? 

continued From page 1 

Afr Fred Jarvis is quoted as 
saying that rhey could easily pay 
for the extra teachers onr nf 
reserves oc the contingency jiunil 

course of a yenr which children Nnr must wo Innoi-a iW ^. rn,e Ministers personal concern, 
actually spend in scltonl. Here tit sdinols which are Just as h. « nCB °L t ie ,- P l°. poS -. s put 

least society cannot escape its vast with curriculum matter! ? ,,* r 

MUMinaihiiltv. Knmnfijirv >u<i, An i. KSrLSf approved by the Cabinet coma 

Fuels, it is the vcliicla through munity itsolf la a iiiujor Influence. years, 
which ■ knowledge ami understand- Perhaps wo cannot hope tor mure 
big are achieved and reasoning and given the very limited, the 
skills are developed. 

The curriculum extends beyond 
the limotnbled subjects, and, 
through the domnuds it makes, It 
is inipoiTuiit in the field of personal 
as well us of academic develop- 
ment. The work of the school- is 
concerned with enabling children to 
acquire basic skills of literacy, 
uracy and numeracy to stimulate 
their curiosity and imagination j to 

This was the most Mrs Shirley 
Williams, the Education Secretary, 
could hope to achieve when the sub- 
ject was discussed by the Cabinet 
yesterday. She was counting on tite 


Just as I lielicvo it would be pos- 
sible to achieve ogictmicut on objec- 
tives, so I buliove a general consen- 
sus of views oil subjects could be 
arrived at. Further, I think we could 
agree on balance within the overall 
curriculum. After all Croivthor did 


secondary school,. Sir ini' Xh dUciiwl diem lost week. 

-0 ll» T 

skills must k 

function, tho acnulsiibg 
communicative skills vm 
closely defined. Of ciiticaTi 
twice to cuiTent discuubi 
achievement of curriculum 
ity from five to 16. 

The Cabinet had before it the 

the proposed Holland grants. It 
was the paper setting out those 
sums which failed to gain support 
from the Cabinet committee last 
week. Nor would the committee 
agree to ' a general statement in 
favour of reviewing the allowances 
with a view to improving them 
next year. 

To match the Holland proposals 
with grants for all those staying in 
full-time education would cost 
£150m a yenr. It would, the 
Department estimate, bring an 
extra 100,000 pupils into full-time 
education with consequent effects 
upon capital costs. This, it con- 

proposals of the Holland committee ' eludes, would at best have to be 

isle,, wu, iu,j lv hum uuiiuiimiv" , : — , . , , -- - ... , _ We siinnlv cannot 

prepare them for the world of work it with his recommendation for one- principle of self-der 

and the responsibilities of adult 
life ; to help their development as 
sensitive human beings who have 
some appreciation ot truth and 

These arc demanding goals—tliey 
ore concerned with good living; 
they are to do with man's nature 
and destiny. 

There Is, I believe, n real ohmicc 
nf achieving general -agreement as 
to whet the curriculum is along 
such lines as theso. This view 
Is not original but an attempt to 
siimmni'i/e what professional educa- 
tors aud others have lone believed, 
There is some merit in its explicit 
formulation aud if soinu such formu- 
lation commands national support 
then stugo one at least lias been 

But moving on from such 

S enentlivai inns to stage two is lu- 
•nttely more difficult. Tt leaves the 
realm of educational philosophy and 
Diners Ilia real world of the class- 
room ami whin we are demanding 
of the teacher confronted in every 
usson witlt 30 or more youngsters 
of widely varying abilities, embi* 
wcma^bM&gwuttdi aifd degree* of 

Tiuw we I each, the bunks, muter- 
iuls and uquipnient in bo used must 
be left to the teachers. We own it 
tlium to provide (lie finest possible 
initial and in-servlco training. 

tith'd minority time aud the other 
two-tliirds as an adequate allocation 
for throe A level subjects. So I am 
tempted ta stick iny nock out for 
tho 11 to 16 age group and say Met 
us devote 50. per cent of the time 
In school to the caru'. 

Given four core subjects this 
would allow fivo periods a week nit 
each in a normal 40- per 1ml week. 
This is not dissimilar from tho pre- 
sent practice in many schools dur- 
ing tho first three years of tho 
secondary courso. Tf it is extended 
to tfio whole course it will limit tho 
range of options, but iltis could bo 

any educational institute 
especially the primary tdud 
becomes freed from Its 

. pay £1G a week, grants to. uuem- 
Joyed young people on approved 
(trducaiinii, training, and work expe- 
rience programmes. Its decision Is 
Ukcly to be announced when the 
Ubjcct is discussed by Mr Callaghan 
ritU the EEC Council of Ministers 
,\dto meet In London next Wcdnes- 

ithiy. That will be the last meeting 

constraints with die lemwii of Britain's year of chairmanship, 
ljyplua. Acceptable orat There is o possibility that sonie of 
continuity must involve bmi >« -die cost or the Holland scheme 
definition of obiecdwi by A 'might be met from Tho European 
inary schools but staoM ft Social fund. 

attainment across die abBtoi !■'• The Department of Education and 
lit tho ago of transfer him ' Science has been making tho case 
den refused to deffaM) ri for improved grants as a comple- 
form of meusurenwat ment to the Holland report, point- 

standards which docs ui« Jog out that to Introduce substantial 
us did tho li-pliu of iH --allowances for unemployed young- 
, *ters without improving grants for 
‘iIm oiLTCdS S-^ose in full-time education could 
?? . con< - n - yho as^ttai tMj jjgye two undesirable effects. First 

n desirable price to pay iit tho light Kinio da liawrenriK 5 WVB l ’, y j *■«»£ 

... evidence of 
which for some pupil. s has reuiiltecl 
in subject coinbinutimH of ilnithtful 
educational value. 

seen as a long-term proposal for 
consideration if and when the econ- 
omic climate improves. 

In the short term, therefore, the 
DES proposes a less comprehensive 
scheme based on the Scottish model. 
Maintenance grants would be dis- 
cretionary and mcans-iesiod but 
they would he paid on a uniform 
national scale. This would provide 
£9 n week for 16 and 17-year-olds 
at school, £11 a week in further 
education, and £14 a week for 18- 
year-olds in school, £16 in further 

moment sets £5 as tiie maximum 
education maintenance grant. 

Parity with Holland is favoured 
by the DES working party on tlie 
under-19, on offshoot of the joint 
DES/l.e.e, expenditure steering 
group on education. The local 
authority associations (where educa- 
tion is weak), however, made it 
plain when they met Mrs Williams 
on June 1, that although they agree 
with tlie working party thnt there 
must be no discrimination between 
tiie sixth form and further educa- 
tion students, they oppose any 
attempt to match Holland because 
of the cost. 

Local autfiority associations are. 
also lUMuutiiusiastlc about any 
sohenie which might be financed 
by specific grants. Tiie DES is 
known to favour financing main to rt- 
ancc allowances In this way In order 
to overcome Treasury objections 
that there would bo no guarantee 
that idic money wouild be spent as 

The National Union oE Teachers 
announced today that it will call 
on tikis year’s Trades Union Con- 
gress to provide grants “ on a basis 
rampiairable to the Holland report" 
for all those staying In full-time ectii 

This. would, the DES estimate, eo9t cation eSSec 16. Mr Fred Jarvis, the 

£24in in grams and E40m in addi- 
tional cost of buildings and staff. 
Those figures are based on an 
assumption that such grants would 
attract 20,000 more pupils to schools 
and' another 20,000 to further educa- 
tion, The Scottish scheme at the 

general secretary, described the 
existing level of educational main- 
tenance atUoiwances as pitiful and 
said that tiie attitude of the DES 
and the hrcol education authorities 
towards them had been “ a national 
scandal" for more than a decode. 

school cut nc nlutn Md « re t ur n to full-time education after 

to expect tlut in aav W TOa neriod of participation in one of 
.nuhovity area the KBwtga^ -^ p HoHarnf schemes extremely 
matches up to iiaUotata^j . uijattractlve. 
objectives. Tlihi swat Holland committee recom- 

provided the qhlecdwjjg: mends a grant of £16 n week plus 

ally agreed and mt ewiwffj ^ tr ave i allowance for 

Leavers force up unemployment 

The reul difficulty Menu not 

front subjects or ' biikincu but tho de- *ui V osm-u niu un wvtjt u travel allowance for anyoue 
toiled contom- It has right lv been political debate whktsJJJ accepted on to one of its pro- 
pointed out that a wide range of view done inlhuie giemmes-rebout 130,000 places of 

material is included in iho luliel olion service in r«« ft various kinds might. be provided. 
•• maths*;. The same «s lino of must Tho oovernment’s partff*' Educatiou maintenance allowances, 
other subiecui. Hut 1 saw race uly wiM ^ w ^ suc brosd pM*' which are means tosted and paid 
mi auempt bv tho ntotitemmiciana - ‘ - ■ - **■'' - ’ — 1 ' 

fltoniBelvM to list *’ ' 

they regarded u* - , . 

child to acquire hufni'e leaving 
srhnul. This sui clv puims thu way 

Bvurfng 111 iitiml ihe nvi'iitll goals, 

School leavers registering as unem- 
ployed last month pushed the 
United Kingdom jobless figures up 
to 1,450,055. 

The Department of Employment 
announced this week that an extra 
104,002 young people were unable 
to find work after leaving school 
in May and onrly June. This in- 
creaso nearly mutclic* the riso in 
total unemployment and takes the 
, . jobless young people statistic up to 

has costod a raqgo of 149,080. i • ■ • . . 

om matching the rate of . Another 400,000 youngsters will 

ILEA moves to muzzle 
the White Lion’s roar 

ha utmhemaiiciana Jg}‘ 'S and bahn«. W « local authority discretion, vnry 
it the JikBla which ^ t n f ij^c mutt b< widely but do not average much 

s meiitiid (nr tho ,i n ewupHiig forth 

■e birfiu e le.iviug Important ^ has costod a riupgo of 

Ass^.uent Sr from matching the. I-OM of 

Cttithutce on specific P^^W n p e, ? n onl “ r y n< C /r nwJ1 ' be looking, for work this summer 

- * 1 - - — unemployed teenagers and just over liqlf nre expected 

t «Dout tg a week) up to matching to figure on the unemployment regi- 

ster. Students seeking vacation 
work and registering for benefit if 
they do not find it will also swell 
the totals, if oulv for one or two 

Vacancies for school leavers 
notified to careers offices fell by 
5,440 to 27,577. The worse affected 
region was Northern Iroland where 
lt.2 per cent of the working popu- 
lation was unemployed. Scat haul 
and the North .followed with 8.6 
per cent, Wales, 7.6 par cent,, North- 
west, 7.5 per .cent. olid tlie South- 
west, Q.7 per ceait. The least effob- 
tad v dron wds dhe Soubli-otm with 
4.4 per. cent. The national average 
is 6,2 per cent. 

by Owen Stir rid go 

End of term may also sec the cud 
of London's White Lion Free School 
following an ILEA Labour group 
decision not to provide the funds 
the school urgently needs if it is 
to survive. 

After the caucus meeting Sir 
Ashley Braraall, leader of the 
ILEA, admitted that tlie authority 
had no plans for educating the 
40-odd children Involved although 
It is known that they would have 
difficulty fitting into ordinary 

The final decision rests with the 
ILEA schools sub-committee, which 
mot yesterday after the TES had 
gone to press and although there 
is mounting pressure to counter the 
caucus decision opponents are not 
optimistic. Political decisions of 
this nature aro rarely changed. 

Their hope stepis from the fact 
thut the decision was very dose — 
12 votes to 10, with Sir Ashley 
abstaining and the absence of Mr 
Harvey Hinds, another member of 
the group. 

Mr Peter Newell, one of the 
prime movers behind the scltool, 
rushed back from die school's 
summer camp «t Crantock, in 
Cornwall, to orgnnize the fight for 
survival. He Lold me: “If the 
ILEA falls to support us there is 
no solution other than a magic 
person with £20,000. We shall just 
nave to close at the end of term. 
The pnreuts dnd the children arp 
shocked and they cauuot understand 
the decision." He emphusfeed tliat : 
the free school would do its best 
to see that its children were placed 
with other schools. 

One quarter front which he may 
get help is the Conservative Opposi- 

tion on tiie ILEA. Mr Robert Vigors, 
its leader, said he thought tiie 
school merited support. "It is 
doing a job of work for the most 
anti-social typo of child, and while 
tne local authority does not make 

t iro vis ion for them we would not 
>e happy to see it discontinued, 
although in the opinion of some 
the school has not done all that it 
might in trying to get tiie children 
back into ordinary schools.” 

Another supporter was Mrs Anne 
Page, a member of tho Labour 
group und of the ILEA sub-commit- 
tee who snid: "If this does mean 
the end of the school I shall be 
terribly sfld. A school like this does 
offer opportunities for alternative 
thinking outside tlie mainstream.** 
She said the people who ran the 
school were grappling with real 
inner city problems and deserved 

The White Lion Free School is 
asking tho ILEA to underwrite till 
its cduentional activities, an esti- 
mated £27.000 out of au annual bud- 
get totalling some £40,000, Tlie 
authority already pays £2,000 a year 
towards the cost of school dinners 
and for youth activities in tiie even- 
ing. The school claims it is asking 
for no more than the amount tlie 
ILEA would have to pay if it. was 
providing education for the ‘children 
m the normal way. 

The Labour group's decision 
appeara to have gone against u 
recent plea from other Labour mem- 
bers and From the opposition party 
to develop- a more flexible attitude 
to _ the school. Since many of the 
children involved have already been 
rejecrel by ILEA schools It Is feared 
that many of them wilt not find 

S locos. As we go to press their fate 
a lifts in the balance. — 

Must we then vest commit with 
no more titan a general formulation 
of curricula objectives 7 I think 
not. Practical considerations deter- 
mine that we talk in terms of sub- 

Most would probably accept 
inaths, English, science and 
modern languago as an 
essential basis or core for 
the majority of pupils to the 
age of 16. Of equal importance, 
if our general aims are ta be 
realized, aro art, music, drama, 
physical education and the humani- 
ties. I have excluded religious 
educatiou for the . time being 
because Its importance justifies 
greater debate than has been given 
to It so far. Some awareness of the 
great religions of the world should 
form part of the core. 

.. But even- so It may be doubted if 
the termination of the enu- 

Individual . Bug tiie authority „ 

■ ^ d°wn reserves tq > 

level rtuguneitdticL 

where -It -hey* ‘ fund _ 

. 5 tb« issue put Failed bo jaLve of tma purposes for 

. qp^artokbigs wbjcfc. While they U provided— to pc 
- would have cost .Buie W nothing, creases ; after d*e ’date wbe^.-the 
/iqijtftt have - lfea :td a wav; put of "budge* was cofted (Novembei! et 
deadlock, aa ft was ; they' broke ■ tho preceding year); V ft'--" 1 
; up without even arranging further Au ^,,1 
mqetidgs. Both eidet^howld. novy. > k M. “J* 

. make determined efforts to pursue blamp the Gaveewn^t ^s 

■ - ctnicll lotion, , ' m ■ OxfordsWre. AVb dg 'i* 

- . v: ; Badpeqing Isa Oxfordshire follows 
^On the larger Question; of ; Troni Mr HeaJey*a 'policies 

Oxfordshire budget and the educa* and Mr ' Few Shore*! appUcpdon 
lipn cuts, the county Jigs a stronger - of theni. No amount o£ double. bdk 

caso than the union allows. Oxford* — ■ •* - - 

shire Is caught between conflicting- 
centra] government policies. The 
county has done extremely badly 
from the Rate Support Gram Settle- 
ment. Even after the ; savage cuts 

fri expenditure, raiee have had tq go . .. ... 

up by nearly 25 per cent. Compared teachers ' not the Govwnmeht, and 
wltii tlie average of 15 per cent if there >s a strike Jt tyill ba .Oxfdrd- 
ewnmended by- the Government. share’s btl ogling. which caused It. 

allowed and, (In 'I have nlfendv «iid, 
the morttod of teacliiitK must be loft 
entirely to tlie teacher. 

In Lancashire we made a start 
last year wldt a residential course 
for heads and we are working 
closely with HMI on a review or 
tho secondary curriculum. Twelve 
volunteer schools arc taking part in 
this and a further 1(1 are engaged on 
a similar exercise with tho nullity's 
advisory team. It is too carlv to 
know tne outcome, but those taking 
part are ' optimistic. 

For years teachers have Individu- 
ally made selections. In history, to 
be frank, we sometimes ended up 
dqing the Tutors and Stuarts several 
times end only gating to Victoria 
if we were lucky. Occasionally we 
engaged in what nus been described 
as a mad scramble from Plato to 
Nato. The alternative will, we must 
acknowledge, be more difficult but 

Letters to the Editor 


hlra who, wM> „ 
will undmdncriW n^j- 
m more detail 

0J ' etta - ... 

Leokhation wiH no“ 1 5i, 


smother year 

Ml wbut ta # h 8 PP^* i j rt- dy 

in the fJJw oi W®*" s 
to rate and local outhonff 

I.« Ul 1M * fa TtSJ 

want w stoWeve- A • 
tens us rtJfCls 
monitored at Lg - 

disturb the 
Which omwtindW Jg 
» cmiUn^ 
ship more wganow*J 
the alr»6 "g 

«4se«t teaMadcJ 
couraea are pu^fl 
jjgour in Icatohw 

itrike-NUT acts on jobs 

pn tinned from page l 

pflets, open lottei-s to parents. 

B iters and car stickers, A speda-l 
rea Is to bo opened in Oxford 
handle the campaign. 

Jarvis, general secretary, said 
iis - week : _ “ TJiis strike action 
hras a major development In the 
18 ,»? tlon H B a i n st expenditure 
We have of course been 


dte 1 

averting tho strike is an appeal to 
the national disputes machinery. 
Mr Streatfelld expects conciliation 
to come _ ut national level but the 
union has pointed nut that if the 
disputes procedure is operated, the 
county will have to return to the 
status quo and rescind the cuts.* 

This attitude is not shared by 
Oxfordshire. Although the county 
agrees that the status quo clause In 
the agreement exists, there Is dis- 
agreement about its actual timing. 
Tha decision to cut the budget was 
taken in February and the union 
only declared a dispute by taking 
Industrial action in June. If the 
county had to revert to the position 
at tho time trouble flared up, the 
cuts would still be in operation. 

Both sides arc willing to have 

Sir,— jack. Hen'dy’a advocacy of the 
closed shop U frankly, alarming 
(jufle XO). This .new gpoitlg of 
intolerance sbowe, hqw ..similar in 
spirit are thq . paw zealots o£ the 

to expulsion from his, union. Under 
^ho closed shop, however, be will 
suffer more than the, lose of 
tionevHsdon . with his pedagogic 
brethren. Agreemenu with autos- 

tratwiaiist left to the old fanatic* mSfbera in*ffiel?^olf^ws 5' fdrfSr 
of the theological right. education couid.resuU iq the bizarre 

ot ■& totonA 


3) y®. 



t U Sc ? act ^? n 1° a Browing nunt- 
, , -* 1.1 c , es ‘ including Oxfordshire, 
ho* 1 .* t * ie occasion on 
l-fcf., , un ' Q , n 1 members have been 
■•Key to withdraw their labour. 

trn.,Bo.? lere f‘ ire ropresents the 
EJKSj * ct «kw» by the 

on of hi fl,ls i n ‘ tse,f is an Indlw- 
jwiiaee IBr lousIy we regard the 
tSSlJjB* tofheted on Oxford- 
r * ,e * DCa I fl utho- 

Fad to taVaj *‘ rst . time we have further talks but if nothing Is done 
I'evel'-jv .^^oo °f this kind. If in the meantime, It is , clear, thee 
cHon ^^^^^Ioment then the tliotisands of children witi be .atart- 
ler break.^?" 6 afwr d,c sum ‘ ing their summer holidays ekriy. 1 " 

The Assistant Masters Associa- 
tion said this tvoek that it too was 
in dispute with the authority and 
re re refusing to stand in 
teachers iu 30 secondary 

sdiool s. 

can conceal the fact that.. govern- 
ment policy on expenffitwe can 
Only lie diet fci : places like Oxford- 
shire by cuts in teacher employipont 
which are (lit theory «' legit). 

clatioti of Teocbm in Further arid 
Higher Education under * 
excommqtiicaildh might 



urthte and , going on strike ^gainst them. »• ^ earlier 

Interdict of y lt to, of course, , tie authority « lW ‘ h SS d* 

soon learn which will do the actual nudk: i Knkinmrrr at a^Ljy. 
th ff lh ^ « ke thc P* PM. *l6ttlto union, ^ 

•At . present the consdentioila . ... !• 

year rcsp* c 


iuc aftor tiie sum- 
|n earnest’s, ,j ley C8n se ® we are 

*$•«, h «P«lhey\ill nSA """ 

K u»i e k C agreement' tvith member, were r 

l2“P tefc "o "IterneTve and It tMcl " 

meet us TUi t0 . tak ?. Mme steps 

i0g “ «w T SLtiSo 5 ." e a ,varfl * 

*’erves U fo J ,n , ion h . as ample 
two yoars tr fJ C ^ t,le ,? tri *< e for up 
mat mi 1 ? 8 distinct posst- 
wad if fi ™t mb I er * 'rill be to- 
day cif 80 *ir ac ^ ta work on the 
they ran hi term so 

otity f 0P n P®'d by the local 

* lor July and Allgust , 

would be madness for the 

any i 

as a result of thc NuT strike," a 
spokesman said. The National 
Association of Schoolmasters-Unlon 
of Women Teachers will also 
instruct Its members to work norm- 
ally and not undertake exLra duties. 

The National Association d! Head 
Teachers met the leaders oF the 
authority this week to discuss tne 
NUT action. Mr Derek Best, execu- 
tive member of the NAHT for the 

summer p \ y durl 5& region, said : “We wquld'not want 

c !* of tiiP the #o do anvthing to undermine the 


14 , 

. but 

hand out strike 

it ilie e »?^h 0,, T wi l ! -°® ntim- union'* 

' ^mdly^thPn^v 4rtlik0ly decide whether to keep 
onlv s P y ‘ open liv sending children home on 

0 f hope of n rota.' 1 

to do anything 
union’s action- Head; 

s will have to 
keep schools 

MPs oppose meal 
price rise 

The Government was urged by 119 
of ius own backbenchers this 'week 
to withdraw tihe proposals for a 
lUp a day Increase in tho price of 
sdiool meals due to toko effect in 
September. Signatories to a House 
of Commons motion to this effect 
represented all shades of opinion 
among -Labour MPs. 

The moL-ian said tiie increase 
should be withdrawn as it would 
undermine the value of the child 
benefit scheme, cause hardship to 
families of working people at a time 
of high, inflation, undermine tho 
school meals service, cause more 
unemployment and damage child- 
ren’s nutrition. 

Cash to tackle 



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considerable restraints 
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schemes for juvonile delinquents, 
Mr David Ennals, Secretary of 
State for Social Services, announced 
this week. 

Mr Ennals was sneaking gr a semi- 
nar organized by the. pepartmqnt of 
Health and S6c«l r Security to 
discuss progress an " in ter media to 
treatment", a broad term covering 
different kinds of community-based 
attempts to keep children out., of 
trouble. Over 300 social administra- 
tors, social workers, teachers, mugls- 
t rates and police attended. 

The consensus of opinion at thc 
seminar was that community treat- 
ment is more effective than residen- 
tial care in dealing with .'trouble- 
makers and law breakers. 

Speakers from the Loudon ; 
borodgh of ' Haringey said that they 
had bad a good success rate with 
the 500 children involved in their 
i n termed! a te treat men i program mbs 
since 1973. 

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iffll gnSUB. nIS?' 

•- j '• v . 




Mean l.e.a.s slammed over poverty grants 

Inadequate grams for hard-up 16- 
year-olds who stay on ui school 
mean they are bettor off drawing 
i Idle rhan trying to improve then* 
qualifications, says a repo it in»* 
week from the Child Poverty Action 
Group. , ,, 

The CP AC wants grants lor all 
families who' qualify for free 
school meals amounting to UB a 
week for. each child staying on 
after' the age of IS and £G0 a your 
for each child towards the cost of 
uniform? and sports doming. 

The survey in 35 different areas 
discovered able children who had 
\a leave school because llteir 
parents could not 'afford to keep 
them on and younger children who 
missed lessons because they did not 
jutve proper uniforms or . school 
shoes. , 

The group says local authority 
grants are either too little or non- 
existent and often so degradlngly 
administered that some parents 
would not apply for them. Some 
l.e.a.s had marked Jubilee week by 
cutting out this assistance 
altogether in spite of the Govern- 
ment’s pledge that the worse-off 
would not be hit by public spending 

by Bob Doe 

Maintenance allowances were 
“ varied and meagre They fell for 
short of the simiduid suggested by 
the Weaver report on education 
maintenance allowances 20 yours 
ago, which was novel- acted upon. 

The maximum allowance of each 
local aui'horhy varied between about 
£2 it ml 14 n week. The CPAG com- 
pares tliis to the £9 n week a 16-year- 
old could draw on die dole mid the 
£18 proposed for those who go into 

The inosi common procedure with 
uniform grams was to offer help 
every iwn years with miiuk varying 
between us little as EIU in Liverpool 
in L3Q in Bromley and Dorset. The 
average was £18 fur £9 u year) “ less 
iluui the cost of u blH/cr", A full 
uniform could cost £70 or more. 

Once again purciils receiving sup- 
ple men I ary benefit or ramify in- 
come supplement were often consid- 
ered too well off to qualify. Ono 
mother wrote to tile CPAG 

training under the proposals of the Kent mother wrote to tl 
Manpower Services Commission’s wondering if her l AM. hud ever had 
It amounts to the 

Holland report. 

Government boosting youth unem- 
ployment, the CPAG claims. 

Families had to life extremely poor 
to qualify for anything at all from 
these maintenance allowances. Only 
a few authorities, for instance, pay 

the maximum to those on "ihe offi- 
cial poverty line ", those drawing 
.supplementary benefit, or family 
income supplement. 

Payments were often delayed for 
as long as three months or made at 
the end. of term rather than the 
beginning, “a clear contradiction 
of the concept of maintenance ", the 
report says. 

anyone poor enough to qualify for 
b. grant. 

The CPAG found no authority who 
handed but money for uniform, Most 
used a voucher which could ooly 
be exchanged at certain shops, One 
Cumbrian father complained to the 
CPAG, “ I had io submit to public 
fiiiiniJintinii io get the items, go to 
the shop specified, with u chit”. 
For u Middlesex mother once was 
enough after she found herself shop- 
ping with her chit in Marks and 
Spencer under the supervision of 
one of the shop staff. She never 
asked far help with her son's uni- 
form again. 

Another mother from Kent com- 
plained that an officer from the 
education authority luid accom- 
panied her to the shops. Site felt 
like a "criminal", she said, 

In spile of hi ilui Inn few allow- 
ances had been increased lately, 
mid Birmingham, Leeds, Knowsley 
and Warwickshire have .scrapped 
their uniform grants schemes. Lei- 
cester 1ms cut its by half, Horner 
was now rejecting claims because it 
wns not prepared to spend any 
more. Berkshire wns waiting throe 
mouths from the date of nny claim 
and Hum her. side has abolished 
grants for children under 11. 

All flvo to 16-yoor-nUls should bo 
eligible for n means-tested clothing 
grant of £60, the CPAG says, A 
weekly allowance of £18 should be 
available “ to rescue youngsters 
from the dole queue *• We believe 
that children from low Income 
families should mil he pcnnlizcd If 
they chose to «my at .school to 
Improve their qualifications ”, says 
the CPAG. 

Battle Royal — another look at school 
clot/iing and maintenance grants. 
Available [ruin CPAG, 1 laacklin 
Street, Dru ru Lurie, London IVC2B 
5iV//, price ftp. 


Gerry Fowler 



Recent; years have seen the inven- 
tion of a new industry in Britain. It 

is called ,r valid ntlon The first 
company to move into this expend- 
ing area wus the Council for 
Rational Academic Awards (CN A AL 
It has faMo fbUbwad by.TRCjiut 

ultimate approval of courses shall 
reside with bodies independent of 
huih ihe Department of the l.e.a.s, 
operating through commit tecs com- 
posed of academics selected In an 
rut hoc fashion. 

To divorce policy from finance, 
and ho i It from vnlidution, ensures 
that nothing ahull hupped whicn 
is nni acceptable to all the partners 
in i he .system. Bui it is u dubious 
style of i n image merit, lr makes no 
sense that courses should be rejec- 
ted (properly) because the l.u.a. bus 
in given economic circumstances not 
ii ceil able to buy the books essen- 
tinl to die course. 

It nmkes equally little sense to 
approve a college for a stated num- 
ber of places in general higher edu- 
cation ttbe jargon for anything 
oilier iliun teacher training), with- 
out examining the expertisu of ilia 
staff in touch other than toucher 

IODM lUillMTlVM ya Milnn-iifml • nnuruffli, . * 

ollones of education with- secure approval from CNAA, cur 

?D&W *oftaaas - - 

.hOtielr areas lit tlio mounting of 
new courses of higher education. 
Unhappily, the industry seems not 
to; be profitable to ilic nation, 

It is cortaln that wo cannot go 

on like this much longer. Whut wax 
one a merely a bad Joko in tlio poly- 

technics has become a constant 
grumble throughout the whole of 
the post-secondary sector, except 
of caurso for the universities. De- 
layfc in Inspection end validation 
grow, evor longer. More and morn 
effort Is- do voted to the revamping 
of i jcourses rejected at their first 

.The' theory is, of. course, beyond 
question or quibble. ]t Is right and 
proper that ( academic standards 
should be mnlntalned. That cannot 
be ensured better than by external 
validation. Further education 
courses must be rationalized ; TEC 
end BEC. seeking to implement the 
Haste grave principles, are the 
indispensable vehicles of change. 

Collages of education must 
divmsify into now academic areas : 
to secure approval they must go 
to CNAA or their local universities. 
Noi only, will all be well, but, more 
important, all will be seen to' be 

Unhappily, practice does not 
always accord with theory. TEC’s 
own criteria are now questioned ; 


dodlded :to 

in’heHtg: toy the firreeceahle future 
- -uae 'of dissatisfaction ‘Wltfi the 
alternatives. - Colleges, of ' edit- 

to n university, they sometimes (not 
ii hv a. vs) find the going easier. The 
inspection of physical f.icilfties, of 
the range pf the library, of the 
expertise of die Staff may he levs 
rigorous. The university agrees to 
vulldate the course submitted. Re- 
sentment is caused In- oilier Institu- 
tions, and the academic standards 

of universities when they are opunit- 
ly Xrti questioned, 
ibis is unjust. 

Mg ex tram until 

It may be that u university, 
through long connection with a 
college, may be In a boner position 
to pass rational judgment tliun a 
CNAA visiting panel. Rut justico 
Is not seen to be done. 

Meanwhile, further education cob 
leges, having long taught a familiar 
syllabus, are required to devise an- 
other in accordance with uncertain 
ground rules, and to submit it for 
approval. There are no extra re- 
sources. and no new staff. The DES, 
the policy having long been pro- 
claimed, takes little interest. It is 
impossible to believe that teaching 
does' not -Suffer. 

He who wills the end must will 
the means. There can in. the tong 
run bo no escape from a sy&*»m of 
specific grant from rhe DES to. 
local authorities for the develop- 
ment of iljeir colleges. Equipment, 
libraries, and staff expertise do not 
They have to bo 
L-the presen t 
me .InhitttBtrr 

Rumps icukM make Ufa easier. 

Have wheels, can’t travel 

Six students .at Bratton Hall Callcaoj 

boar Wakefield, spent last weekem 
nursing blistered hands and aching 
.arm muscles after spending 10 hours 
a day of the previous week in wheel- 

The e..:rcise served a number of 
purposes. The students raised 
money for Action Research for the 
Crippled Child (fellow students 
sponsored them by the hour), they 
highlighted the problems of move- 
ment and access faced by. disabled 
students at most colleges and univer- 
sities and they will report to the 
college governors on Ihe feasibility 
of admitting disabled students to 
Ureitun Hull. 

tot) on find their new courses re- 
peatedly rejected, 

Even in polytechnics, now well 
established, effort has to be devqtdd 
lo ’the presentation in a. new guise 
of ’ ccruapsps , first approved many 
years - agd- ' CNAA : is cabling : 
polish your boots, bianco your belts, 

apt£ paint the grass green. • 

The source or the trouble lldi * irs 
the British system Of educational 
administration. The DBS lot in 
Scotland, SED) is responsible, for 
devising national policies. There 
shall be polytechnics, colleges of 
education shall diversify, and tech- 
nician courses shall be rationalized. 
Bur the l.e.a.s shall find the money 
for netv buildings and equipment, 
for expanding and modernizing lib- 
raries, and for employing new stuff 
with the required expertise, The 

. . . stand 

a . negative what ,}* be-., 

standard is refused Approval, hut ii 
effort 1? made towards the pbsitiv 
.development ' of wjiai the depart*’, 
ment .publicly. proclaims to bbj 

Nor can the '' Tfefttirtnlcht forevei 
maintain. Its distance from the vali-i 
. datjoo process. Not boW are. there’, 
toif... many validating, bodies, but' 
there is a total ab&ncd of central* 
, guidance .to them. What' |* .tb» 
object of the' various exercises, an® 
-how is fr to b6 achieved?’ 'No one* 
knows — and I susoect it is, because 
the Department dpes.por klioW. .* 

DES administrators notoriously 
know un-hlng of ihe content Of edu-= 
cation. But the Inspectorate .does. 
If it does not know enough, it. i£ 
high time it was strengthened tflf 
enable it admuately to ftdvfce the 
validating' bodies — and the colleges 
and their increasingly : distraught 
staff tab. 

Action ResL-ari'li welcomed the 
fiSSIg-i because ii lias been c<ui- 

r y fli g ’ h refr-of' 

they (immeud in l'»75. So far, must 
Institutions of fiiiilier and higher 
education have failed in hmifiur the 
obligations placed upon ihem by the 
Chronically Sick and Disabled Per- 
sons Act to adapt their buildings for 
the handicapped. 

Mr Jolyon Pel ion, a drama siu- 
deiu from the New Ernest, Hump- 
shire, who organized the scheme, 
thought the college could easily take 
whoelcliair-hound students with very 
little cost. A few ramp.-, were 
needed and u lift would have to lie 
Htttitilcu which was not that expeit- 

Other improvement? could be 
made merely by putting doors on 
the other way immd. Conscientious 
cleaners would iwvi? m be i«-s( ruined 
though, as hirdily polished slophiH 

wnoq at 'W'lmirvi^-maonir mm. 1 

National Union « of Students' * wr * Tr * frt! iwfettuotg. 

.Import, Tfce; Dikabled Student, which Diane Spencer 

Public schools 
go it alone 
on standards 



To save manuy the 

is ending uiraii’Romws^S- 
- recognized „s efficient" LR 

public- schools. The' lnalS 
schools’ own nrganizatioa Y~ ; 

Mderiufl what u cun da toned! 
set and maiumin standards 
Lust week in the Comment * 
EdiictHioi 1 Secretary, Mrs SWjJ 
Willi mm, -announced that n u 1 
of the reductions in civil S(r2 
manpower I iiiieml to ditcowU 
from next April the 
nn'miRemenis far the 

Minister puts the 
squeeze on seven 

rebel authorities 

by Owen Surridgo 

Reluctant comprehensive reorga- 
.•k received 


StfkK!" f,,Jepe,,dcot «*«*I 

Inspections for 


would no longer iuk e" ’pfoee P tkMi : ’ 
inspectors would K - — m-l” 

« be available |, 
help too Iiiilcpeiident Sclioolifet 
Committee to set up their * 
system. Independent schoola * 
be required to register d 

uizers this week received anodier 
prod from Mrs Shirley Williams. 
Tiie Education Secretary is pushing 
fur Tameside ro submit its pro- 
posals and for Sutton, Trnfford, 
Kingston, Bexley, Redbridge and 
Buck in glia m shire to semi iu their 


The letter to Tameside says Mrs 
Williams is “ perturbed " by 


failure to submit proposals and 
stipulates that " the duty laid ou 
rhe authority must he enrried out 

will flirt bu passible even to moke 
a start before September 197‘J at 
Che very earl iu si." 

He said die Secretary of Suite’s 
letter ivuuM lie cl lucked to .see 
whether she was overstepping the 
mark Icgutily uml to ascertain just 
haw much power vlic hud to enforce 
proposals. “She seems verv keen 
Dti tertiary colleges", ho said. 

tlm iwi„nn,,. n , nj^ “S w wtiigJ ■ the authority must be enrried out 

1 .:? ducat,#n Willi all speed She says it should 

Science and bu subject to 
iuspeciions. « s 

Lord Ilclsieail, chnirnian ilf, 
Independent Schools Joint Cw m‘ 
tee, said they very much rejniJ 1 
the Government's decision lr 
accepted the need to save n 
power. Recognition was a valul 
way of maintaining standards a' 1 
providing gonln in those sdunka 
yet recognized. About half tl 
2,400 indepemleiu schools »} 
recognized. j 

Anxious to ui.iinuiin iheMdr 
the Depniiiiient, the comnalj 
wants to set op a joint coraab 
with HMIs to muiiitnr an ilwm^ 
lave .scheme to be devised bi it . 
lSJO. S 

have lieu 1 1 possible to comply with 


rhe time limit laid down nnd calls 

fur a rie tidied progress report by 
July L2, including information ubnul 
the altenintive schemes for secon- 
dary reorgiinizalinn riiut are the 
basis for discussion in the urea. 

Mrs Williams says riie authority's 
plan to start in 1988 is too late and 
claims It is unnecessary to wait for 
all schools to he ready for the 
change Iteftjrc niiikii/g a start. She 
has gil' veil the (nunlioi ity four months 
to send in further proposals. 

Ill a letter to the London Borough 
of Redbridge she “ antes with satis- 

Clay health 
hazard wamif 



Tuniesidc is the only one of the 
eight reliictuiit reorganizers which 
has not met the Education Secre- 
tary’s deadline. Mr Donald Thorpe, 
chairman of the Tameside educa- 
tion committee, suid afterwards that 
although the tone of the letter was 
reasonable it might not be possible 
to give her bli-e full proposals by 
the date required hocause there 
wus still much work to be done. 
He added tlmt Tameside had car- 
ried out the most extensive public 
consultation ever in urrlviug at its 

Most of the clay supplied fc* j 
potteries contains small !• 
of a suliMuurc that cause* i»| 
lung tlhc, iso, uamding » 
itChiiiil day Mipplicr. 

The lin/uid comes from Jg' 
particles o( silica (slllcoq jUftl. 
nm silicon as ii 
tlesci lin'd In the THi of ApL 
When ilu* day dries, it 
h per nifiims dust hanmw*» T 
luiigs nnd those niuM 
in st lintils would he 
or ir itch i*i s tvlm sjwid i w 
time in jNiueiy Htudins. 

Mr Brian Sums, a member of 
Bexley’s education committee, said 
that altdtouBh the DES had rejected 
the council s propnynls for a coni- 
biaarion of 11 to 16 school and 
9ixriwfiomn ct>51etes and 11 to 18 
xdioola with tertiary colleges. It did 
not say why rite scheme put up was 
found unsatisfactory. 

.*\ rt | mwnis wl* are stueik ei till or 
ivieh riic exi>ciiiiu schools or we must 
change on u inldtjle schools system, 
Hrt 1 corwldo*- educnnloimflv un- 
Wrisfactory Tlio letter colls for 

fuctinn " that the hm'ouglt is to 
eliminate selection in ull but two 
schools in Sc-ptemhcr of this year 
and asks for o firm date for' the 
abolition of selection. Buckingham- 
shire hus received a reminder that 
it is under uu obligation to supply 
propnsuls for complete comprehen- 
sive reorganization by July 28. Mrs 
Williams has told Trnfford, Sutton, 
and Kingston that she warns to 
meet them with n view to getting 
their schemes ratified and imple- 
mented " with all speed ", Essex 
is expected to get n letter as soon 
as Its scheme bus been considered 
In detuil. 

Mr W. J. Duly, clinirnmn of the 
Kingston education committee, said 
"I am surprised, really, lr is a 
very general letter mid no bomb- 
shell. We will tnik about it but as 
I have Duly just had the letter 1 
cannot say anything more." 

Mr George Kiiux, chnirnian of 
Sutton education committee, said 
he Imu not seen the letter but be 
knew of it nnd lie wus calling an 
umjy meeting to consider it. "I 
hope It is culiHtructlvo ", he suid. 
' We are absolutely sincere and 

of Kfn U i Sapbe ’,' rvb , er r 1978, bo,,QVe tb » Secre^ry of Stole Wpufd 

of 1990 as we Jwj’G planned. We want, us to act with blit propor co'h- 

want a* comply with die law 'but it siderution.” 

ii-i > ..k 

Prepare kids for parenthood’ 

m«v* «»f ihe flay «> 

schonK canl.iiiud m ^ 

qnautiiirs ut' silica *!**< 
cent I, tluiiigli iiftllHM 
to IS tier re«i '"“SI 

white clays have added w 
The Luge particles 
to sditiiil clays in **** . 

Six dHUlren a week in k'.n gland and 
Wales are hen tun to death, 3,000 

‘iit^SSSf " ,e bu,t a 'td another 
.40,000 a year are injured. These 

view of family life petit lied hi tele- 
vision commercials and advertise- 

figures come in the report of the 
Select Committee oil Violence in 

qiuriit >und were not * 

the Family published Inst week. 

smoothed * 

lew the pm was s^inccj^ 
’’ fettled " alter n Iwd bead 

Mr I-'rowr claimcd dirt 8^^ 
schools widi i»wbliwd 

depur tmenis knew it *** 
and lUepal ia ** 

The commiitee also says that a 
nmeli greater sense of awareness 
and responsibility about family vio- 
T lence is needed ill the community 

j* t* 1 . 0 * stress in rhe family at large. Local authorities must play 
*na social isolation are the main their part by building up their pre- 
causes of violence und cruelty to school services, including day care, 
The committee wants and by insiulling 24 hour emergency 
telephone lilies. 

luuk soluble i* 

umcriimciii health a™ & 
spiiior, who i^gmallyi*^ 
quL-viinn of ilusl ui 3 

says tlio inspectorate ( 
.ilways found schools W 
flit* ucce%«rv siandartn- 
MC David Phillip" • 
spi-t ior win* earned ^ grif* 

Safely vuiidards In n*c^ 

leguv In the 


|l nwc l I more dope io prepare teen- 
4 j Rers . , to he Rond parents. Schools 
ft mould teach them uliut young chil- 
(.7*™ really like und not con- 
? ie in solves just to abstract lex- 
wns in the ” facts of life 

Sf 0 * could also lie used for 
3g|S*» toddlers chibs in 

K?5tli. t f*? a * erit could bo involved. 

The must common "buby bat- 
terers " are young mothera, mothers 
who have been prescribed tran- 
quillizers by their doctor and par- 
ents who were knocked around 
themselves as children. 

Nh Siu r 8 "' c'hhu uu 1 
wAfnni d ■ f l nu,d allowed to leave lent re 
with the sort of iileull/ed £/..)5. 

Violence tn Children. First Report 
from the Select Ctnnnrttee nn Vio- 

lence in the Fumilv. USISO. Price 

ivui- > til rGt.i « 

Wid ihut piccanti« B1 ’* e LS?5 
the pmieiy lndus« irv 
silica 1 lays -inch 

■■■•;« »- 

]aji«il and washing 
urcJs daily. 

ology teaching boost 

CASE calls for closure of small prim 

The iHtest 

■ fwrof increase In the num- 
irto ler kZ", ler i interested in teach- journal, published 
tecordeH 2 . F 1,1 schools has been eludes a copy of 
School 7-f: V i tbl : National Centre for Mrs Shirley mlJlaj 

School Technolo, 
this week, 
a letter sent to 


School Tani 1 “f National Centre for Mrs Shirley Williams by. rhe School 
TIjb centi^’-Si * n .Nottingham. Tephuoiogy Forum, It tvarnsrirai 

The IWestminstgr branch <*’ th« With the ptimarv vhr,M 
Campaign For the Adt-ancemqdt Of Hon falling Iw up* to ^6 . M *** 

State Education wan« to cioae'dpwn between 19ft u,, d j 9 ir ”2™ ciouwe arc 
at -least 25 -primary whoola ' ‘ * ‘ ^ 

• ,1 mcM W i ; : "umber" nf Sil '‘ t * ^ week that the 
‘ l;, ‘ i b Ti. W*! had m„r„ f >i! n< 3 u, . rie ? from teachers 

* director. 
ai a this 1 

Mr Geoffrey 

of iiw 

«-sSFS«i** aw 8&&®4>!S 
^S“£«;as :swj»rriei 

» . taper . London Education ' claims J P»wpbW aho A apokewun rnr 

inty.s^ policy is to keep open < sidered ^the^ ■ *** - ,UH thU yrewk ihat ih 

W schools wntsibte. SiaW ' alnaU ^ Wflng was so do « ^ 1 

ie'etamv bbtees amnnb Bimm 1 • Tiiere uru. znunw wblo- *'We art* 



London boroughs, of Comden 
Westminster. ' Falling pupil num- , 
bers wiB mean tfvat soma'-soboote 
yrtll become too small , to offer ; a 1 
proper educarionj the group, believes. 


as ma . . 

out: flie; empty ; jUaces amoj) 

Large primary sd ‘ 
fewer classes but : 
would shrink too milch.- CA 
in a pamphlet published thl! 

"rtll mtiro .L 1 .. ■» 

War. n doubled in the last 

We are filling vast books 

l^rn^i T vow uwja’ 

r ds of telephone Enquiries.' 

9nt r tochn i c this year the 

- (n- an degree 

Schools, j J s kJ* 1 _Tech»ology. for 

talk of a common • core cunrioultini, 
teacher shortages and lack of money 
could mean that sortie schools and 
local education authorities would 
concentrate only on literacy, numer- 
acy, a modern language and pure 
science, leaving out technology.. 

iris must be given 

Boys and 

1 ^ — . — w<uwiu«]i. mi experience o, 
more tbo«i a ' l , e ?dy aurautvd are v» be motivated to uniderwke 

. B PPtkmit« , n 1?I 0 J n< l ll,rie5 » ®°d good the training and responsibility dial 
a iv av a ® re h “vina trt be turned would enable Britain to survive into 

Biris musr De given 
f technology if ' they 


WbooJ# the spokesman 

17,000 pupils play for the Queen 

The act that caught Prince Philip's 
eye. Those children (above) were 
part of a mussivo, open-air musical 
pageant laid 011 for rhe Queen 
during her Silver Jubilee visit to 
Liverpool on Tuesday. 

missioned by the Inca 1 ! education 
committee with rim Merseyside Arts 
Council ond Radio City, the local 

commercial station, virtually with 

away. More than 20,000 spectator* 
watched rlic Royal couple. , 

The scones represented tho tour. 

out cost to Lite authority because 

The pageant wus performed bv 

17,000 child veil drawn from 164 of 

of grants and is expected to be 
used throughout rite Common- 

seasons in colours of green, red, 


die riryV? prhnury nnd juttiur 

schools. They Imd been rehearsing 
for months nnd were brought into 
the oily centre by a fleet of 400 

The eight-scene opera The Valley 
and the Hill is bused on riie 23rd 

Psalm and wits composed for' die 
occasion by riie Master of dm 
Queen’s Music, Ausiralian-born 

wealth during Jubilee Year. 

The opening scene took place im 
Liverpool at tlie Rontnn Cutlmliu 
Cathedral of Christ die' King, and 
then the pageant went into die 
streets on a brilliantly sunny duy 
where six more scenes were 
enacted. This was on stages budlt 

gold and blue passing through ilia 
VuHuy in the Shadow into Beyond 
the Sun and the Moon, up the step* 
and into the cathedral. 

The Queen Jeter told the producer 

Malcolm W i'l Haiti son. It was com- 

at convenient stopping phices along 
die street aniiropriately named 
Hope to the . ftn-al settling in riie 

ately named 

settling in riie 

Anglican cathedral half a mile 

Mr Will in in Bursell, drama lecturer 
at the Mabel Fletcher College of 
Further Education, how much she 
had enjoyed the performance and 
the acting of the children. Liver- 
pool’s Director of Education, Mr 
Kenneth Antcliffe, said : " It ro- 
ll ccted great credit an tlic teacher* 
und the children did Liverpool 

Last fling for 
big science? 

A-. peu bron t beam facility.' cosihig- 
£iJm lias • been approved bv; the 
Government this weak— but It could 
be tlie last fling for big science 
research in Britain. 

The Spallation Neutron Source 
(SNS) is to be built at tho Science 
Research Council’* Rutherford Lab- 
oratory In Oxfordshire. It should 
prove nn imrlvnllod tool for research 
into tho struoiuro and properties 
of solids and liquids. There will 
also be medical und industrial appli- 

Building the SNS is financially 
feasible only because other labora- 
tories are closing down and can 
be easily converted to house u Irijjth 
intensity neutron source. Otherwise 
it would have cost a prohibitive 
£35m to build from scratch. 

But Sir Sam Edwurds, Chairman 
of the SRC, warned that the council 
had now gone as fur as it could 
in cauni bulizing the expensive faci- 
lities built up at the Rutherford uud 
Daresbury laboratories iu the 1960s. 

Rutherford stuff greeted rite 
Government's announcement enthu 
slflsticftlly when It Seas made by 
Mr Wad ‘ ' 

&r\ . 

laser. Hundreds ■ of IifeJily skilled 
scientists and technicians ' might 
otherwise have lu^t their jobs. 

tu a message, tlie Education See-' 
rotary Mrs William*, said:." This 
must be one of the largest projects 
to be undertaken in : this country 

use of. neutrons. It is an extremely 
good bargain, . 

Rutherford scientists expect 
experiments with nhe SNS, due to 
. start at rite end of 1982. to lead 
to Immediate advances in physics, 
chemistry and biology. 

Intense bursts of ■ neutrons (30 
million billion per 1 second) will be 

produced In the SNS by bombarding 
m uranium or tungsten target with 

high ' energy protons. The way ■ these 
neutldns «re scattered' dr absorbed 

by materials pm; in their path will 
• ‘ ‘ — 1 — ! — InsijditR into 

give seteotiata new _ 

riioir internal structure.— TUBS, 

A new stimulus for remedial 



Basic Literacy Programme 1 

An attractive boxed set of activity material to 
motivate young teenagers with reading difficulties. 

•Contains 226 activity cards in ten graded 
units,, 3 magazine-style eight page books, 9 
Teacher Handbook 

• Covers comprehension, phonics and sight 
word development 

•Completely flexible In use 

•Easy-to-read instructions explain activities 
and games 

•Colourfully presented— lavishly illustrated 
Trend Card Kit (602223687) £45.00 

f ?■ 


{■ •; !•■ 


I - «.;• 

i' •>;'/ r 
} ■ 

.i; i 

■i i^l 

■ ^ I 

f: - i ‘ : t 


■. • it 

.- i'f 

: i ;’ >*r 

• . iP 

■. •> i; 

r:-i V? 


; »<; : 

:.ik / 


M l 


l: 'J-J-.r; 
• I 

,f I 


' !• I- '.;- 

id'CSrd Kit Will be published at the end June 
and is available at a special introductory price of ■ 
£39.50. This offer applies to all orders sent direct to 
Ginn before September 1 st. 

Trend Card Kit 'On Approval' Coupon 

Please- send ms 'on approval'. Trend Card fill. I will, within ana 
month, either retain the kit and rertril the appropriates um'or retg'rn It 
complateanu in good condition. " 






. Address r.. 

i ’ . ’ 4 

MiiNiawfifii p 

'iwn u woim Mii n hjiwi— — num, is w *fiia> Wik ii— aw i*ui»*p 1 

• B73 


ISfeHII ^^ nn ^ ^ompany Ltd ' 

^^ ,lor0 l[ona ‘ U Buckingham Slrcct 

Ayltisbtiry Uurka 111*20 2NQ 



V *5 
lV • 

: I; 


Answer to CNAA maths poser B^Doe joins ncross-Channdiwi| 

± r * ss,^ ,u " r - ,o , ‘ h ss*su?“A Jr anez—yous 

Miidenis, whether tlicv are doing 
an ordinary or honours degree. Tins 
might bo one way of solving Hie 
problem of get ring enough iiwiiis 
training on die timetable of Council 
for National Academic Awards IIRd 
math* caws os. 

According to Dr Edwin Kerr, Hie 
oouncil’s chief officer, the nversige 
nun kb or of students on the CNAA 
maths courses last year was 
Marita was not rite worst, however, 
with. only 5.5 die average for science 
Mudents. But compared with Eng- 
lish, where the overage was: 26.6, 
the Madia figure was vary low. 


The difficulty lie saw with u four- 

She said 59 per cent of those 

year course for everyone would lie ivaniliig ro loncdi In in’iinury or 

r middle schools who entered her col- 

•.«* 1 , 1 ... i > mi i lego in September hod not passed 

i\!«w* e, c« ‘rniirt ,1 ’ !!f 0 to v <ri ninth emu ties. Many people 

Aoe^uiim>Mn CeMcge oV "Slier Eilu- ,HT,ved M . roJ, °K e . lili " ki {'« 

view thni O level maths should lie 1,1 ghouls aliogtlliei. 
nn entry requirement for imcndlng Professor l\ W. Ktimister, of 

teachers. Kings College, i .on don, said that 

This propositi is likely to be put considerable discontent was dovcl- 
fortvard in the forthcoming Green oping in the university over its lack 
Paper oil education. Sister Dorothy of control over the content and 
said she feared this would encou- usscssmcm of mathematics courses 

-Dnsy-i®;. 3S jasft «T£ia" 

&,*. CNAA* t.'S«Jd £“ 0 f *&**" 1 ™ U, ' dWSW, ' d - 

Si WitS ° c ‘ ^ft,m,, C ! | OUr H= " « «™ »« ««M we mey 

rettretted that C Mma had ’ been be d «towrf»g s ° nd f,nni 

Ylv.n fiiio coming forward because idielr own 

leaver, when the CNAA ' looked s ^' SjJV."* i,! 

iigadn at these courses for first mid mut s hM ,M,U1 15001 1 

middle school teachers it won id The main object of a ml lege 

approved which had less than this, 
ifowever, when the CNAA looked 
Again at these courses for first mid 
middle school teachers it won id 

in the colleges. 

The Mathematics Board of 
Studios did not believe it wits 
enough to wain people to reach. 
Thev also needed to know some 
mutnciii.utoi. If courses failed to 
live up to expectation, the hoard 
would hare to review the whoio 
question of university validation 
for then! THUS. 

White Paper plea for 
more inner city staff 

by Frances Studied 

Extra teachers and a school build- children under 
ing programme io help inject new suppnn for yn 
life into ureas of urban blight are services, utni i 
envisaged in the Government's t ion welfare 
White Paper tin inner cities pub- recommended, 
fished Iasi week, Thu funding 

Liverpool, Birmingham, Munches- iniiiiiiive.s is n 

children under school age, more 
Mippnn for yniiih and community 
services, und tin improved educa- 
tion welfare service mo also 

Thu funding uf these and other 
iniiiiiiive.s is not specified but, hi 

ter/Salford, London's dockland, und general, the rate support grant is to 
the borough of Lambeth are aiming mtuihi the principle source of cash 

the select few authorities Invited to for urlniu renewal, 
take part in the Jmcsi drive to re- As a buck-up, however, tdio urban 
generate inner areas. programme, grunt, is to be stepped 

" Special partnerships ” are m he up fiimt a total of £30m n year to 
farmed in which central and local il25m in 1979-MO. It is also to bo 
government, official liodies. Hie extended to cover industrial, unviv- 
privuie scittir ami the lucid coin- numeuial, and recreaihuial pro- 
niunirics involved must, ac cording grammes us ivdi ,m specifically 
to the While Paper, work m go liter sociui projects, 
in halt the decay and decline. The Government's analysis of 

Too hmov children from inner nr Inin dec line is based on iis earlier 
cities, it says, teach school-leaving pcugi amines such us the Inner Av*m 
nge w it limit lining .title m read, Studies .uid Ed tic, Priority 
Write, or handle figures well enough Areas. It pinpoints economic col- 
Xd^-hsAd tUivtn decant Jobs. Tho , mwe and jfao luck t»I private itiveei- 

Watkar ; * ’ re lumen l fear* 

Help black 
pupils — call 

A fanner Tory cabinet.; ntipbier 

. — - - 11 a _1_ . - 1 _ • 

Mrs Shiriey Williams, the Education 
Secretary, Mr Peter Wulfcrr, MI* far 

at, uaemn^nymMw pwRu |t- 
nar« For some of them to sea thu 
ptvSiil uf school ami many play tru- 
ant or imslivh.ive Us a lesiilr. 

extended to cover industrial, ottvir- 
niunciual, and rucreutionai pro- 
gram met* as well as specifically 
sociui projects. 

The Government's; of 
'ii‘ bu n decline is based on its earlier 
pcogi attunes such ns the Inner Ajvm 
S tudies .uid l%diic,uiiiit.i| Priority 
Areas. it pinpoints economic col- 
iMWe and Kto lack t»f private invent-. 

factor in rtte 
poverty, Md" hotiBlng tutd phyricnl 
decay or the inner cities 

file Withe Paper stresses flu* 

Worcester, ^ warned ihut "niiitaivc Wan of helping schools toil- need for rooipn-lmiiMve and ruoni- 
taHiuney Jinked With massive uncut- lain u higher than average prapur- htated act ion rather than n piece 

piny me 

ment is causing massive crime, lion «»» tlisadvdii 
hi turn, will crvdlo ma>jlva - include drat'iiu 

racial prejudice." 

Xt is the second -lime -Mr Walker 
nos warned the Labour Guvcniiiteni 

jinn of disjtdvctiiiagcd children cmiid misil a 
technic draft lug In extra si tiff m vires 

roC'Mioc nratiiug in extra siaff in 
cppa with aucciid needs (.such as 
those nl etipric ntinoriries) and more 
in-service uainlng in the problems 

in.tU'd action rather than w piece- 
intMiI iippHKirli. l.i ic nl atiilioiiiy ser- 
viri.’S hi nai-iii tilm* shintid work 
more chwelv ingoihtU'. 

about the likelihood of a drastic de-' [ of reucliiiM hi urban schools. . 

ivdoration In race relations., lit his The White Pa 
letter he accuses fitd Gnyernmcnt of l bat schools gild 

complacency and links It with their important role.i 
leer of "rosentincnt of Hie positive lWurnbbds. Tints 
. dificrfmlnatioii in favoiir of tho kites nobil-to lie 
Mack Placed and all c 

But, he_ cay*, there- must be post-' more accoxsibta 
taye ducnmliMturi in .favour of oco- -contuiuniiv as a w 

« to. urban schools. . 

'hue ' Pap or .ickimwlodge.t 
ols gild colleges have un 

, f’luuigcs ill- nunipowm 1 and train- 
ing poHcies contbiiietl with u hous- 

Utg -iHogi^ntmu would 
reduce the mismatch 

help to 

rive d^crimlmjtlprt favour if ■ ; conlmuniiy a, a wholo. Po/fST far The Cities Cmd 

' .social’. _ B . al ' 6 r coordination of services. for No 684-1 IIMSO. Price GOu. J 

’ toorfe. I’eeouTceC,’ .“TT'T"'"' — -™: ;’“-<■■■ — — — — 1 — — ~L 

f pootneus like black crime: Would iti- /tx * • . • . __• 1 

/.fiaff&WSWssil’ Sladebrook report ‘offensive J 

’ nniggiiig. Srf5 a iS, ability with racial "No wonder the memo says, 

• ongltior a. poor working class bock- 11 that such a <ifanrn«Aif aj.. 

In a memo wt j am ? n 8 others, W *£S7 in Ae "Sdncmlon 
gta tow Commission . for Racial industry 

Equality, teachers* unions and Brem There is no proof, says the memo. 

ir,a°i P i«, S MiiJ n - educatJon thinks races, though one "can understand 
oim- to «nJ W itej co !” n 12 n . Bmo il g that l»w ai Jse nf lack of faciUries, 
SSaLfle ' the opportunities, bad schooling and a 



Awayday . . . 

tf r <\ ■ - 



> K'ty 

\\ ^ <■ 

Pnrlez-votn Awn.vd.ty with Hritis'lt 
Rail ? At k'iisr 25,0(10 sclionlchildren 
will liuvc (hide su in llnulogitc l>y 
Lite end of this mi unite r term. Tho 
Folkestone ferry last week wax full 
lo the gtiimhnlus with them. 

Sottiink Is packing litem in for 
the dny-trip excursion which allows 
four hours abroad after a journey 
lasting us long from London. Ax- 
many ns 900 of the I, IKK) places 
aboard the ferry are lakeil up Ity 
schoolchildren un sume weekdays. 
There were some complaints about 
this from the other few passengers 
last week. It was us i hough child- 
ren were the invention of schools 
rather limn the rreutinn of parents. 

The approach to the I 'reach coast 
was announced Ity .i chorus uf 
“ ho n Jour, monsieur " from eager 
ymuig fraitcophoiu-s hailing any 
French fishing ci.tfi th.ti veil nurd 
within a kilmucire or two ol' the 
ship. The gangplank down, they 
swarmed ashore and hrftiiv they 
even left the dockside some were 
filling in woikshceis or hiitiotihnliug 
puv/led huiking l-Ycm jimeii. Olltcts, 
with more self tl iter i«‘d itineraries 
wore off to get to gups with Mttne 
rarioitn shopping or to sum pie the 
local talent. 

One seasoned Aw.ivday teacher 
said flick knives, bun/e anil 
" hsmgei.s " were tin- least ilt-.ic 
; able pm i liases nn i In- iim-.t, 
tlepcudiiig on vom point uf view). 
Thu knives were illepal in Hi ifttiiii 
and chlldivo wrw uni .dlmveil to 
bring iilcohol h.n k. 

lie bail (mind ft m.i c-.i,iiy to hail 
tho fireworks after reimniim Imnie 
tine year to a jittery Viciorhi 

® |i ?i n *’ : educat lon authority's ieouencos, 
equation of low ability with racial fl No wonder 11 , the memo snvs 

y™ su< * ■ &ro SS3U& 

ar ? a wumber of coloured pupift 
a 1 e - d f® 1>ly e * nd educationally subnormal 

£tot’T&hJ£” 3 * of lm,n * ? choo l lB and , Emigrant teachers 

graui twaiars, laraelv remain a c«pnnd »!■« umrv. 

ashore at fiuulngnc u-ntpiiug iheut 

Bo M jE \ •' O 

S. *sl< / * 

Bchoole and Immigrant teachers 
largely^ remain a second class worlo 
Jng Eorco in. the education 
industry M . 

There Is no proof, says the ipeme. 
that low ability Is Innate fat certain 
races, though one "can understand 
that because nf lack of facilities, 
opportunities, bad schooling and a 


^futhenlfc euhlbWIotiT* 
wltii scenes depicting 1 
the mittbte *We if ! 

* British history 
- The Mon Dungeon 
shows If all. i 
Educational. Entertaining, 
Exciting, Enthralling, 

Don't nilss It. , 

School parties are 
particularly welcome 
at reduced rales. 


Deadlock in ^ dirty money’ talks 

tier, ..which pay .; tot extra payments which ware In^lw < 

Uee, \wbich pay 3 Out .«hev; 
priority schools' .aHfvwaficeib 
toortodowri. tiie^yWetn. 'to / n 
for epehdiAe in oilyer to 

m. disced i», effect toabHIty ^of staffing • ~ 

riO'in molply toner-city bTcm. . - . • ” 0Qgt- ** ^ 

era ace araiin^ tiiatithb would be more JUoeWi to stay in • unjoini 

■ thOift iwbo Bflitos' get them a. cash ki?aid«. .-But aaiiy ^ *« 

■vAifejnore moitey should be ipode teachers now,, feel that the mSfiy 1 'tHf which, 

available for hWpi tig disadvantaged riwgfld be sportT to o^ ^aSS-' “dod 

children. , - toffind materials^ to •’ -*■* «H***to VvA< 

The talks, . Hi rite BurUham • Thp-Natlwiol Dddon' Teachera' 1 .'; y." 

Conunlitee cajpe tp no . condoSivB wnfcerwc© -let Apm qt ^ ea^roal l ttoEMi' .^5*^8^::' *■«* • botiveen 
agreement - blit k tls tikely that . ooririve ^ epd govatnnusrri 

teachers an fl authorities; win meet sockd priority ecboou ‘ shoiild ' toke'^homl *?_ Bum 

again at live DES. - :the fonn of ineveaecd |sta«fiu« hjid Jr 

At the pA enana,. Cl3.fi4-m la spent resourc««. The aUowtooee. the c6n- ; : 

ws ere cqneerited it ihe 

wrtcf rf tfw scheme whftfi, 
« was, JS5S. 

oxpInsivLW. There were 

rmtfi seated nn .w 

If FH nnil HE colleges 
f conference 

Reports by lkrt Lodge 

j Case for FE 
sat 15 

Why teachers could learn from industry 

A siigyesrion fnnit n xuainr cjiu- An analysis of the- work expert- spokesmen from iiuiustry at the that all il-hcIici- truinhig once nf the staff of a coiuuy gram- (.-(inference on where the bn I u nee 
should be stopped fur five years inur school hud sltuwn that ugainst of Illume lay fur thu sliortcoiniiiRs 
wus made last week at Hie summer u total of 900 years of teaching of education in the eyes of imlus- 
tnecting in Blackpool of the Asso- experience, members hud only 44 trialists-. 

ciation nf CoilegL-«. fur Further and years of any work uutsiile, Mr Mr George Barber, until recently 
Higher Education. Coatcsworth said. Of those, 22 were director of personnel anti training 

Mr David CmiLoswortli, county recorded by one individual, n late uf Lite British Aircraft Corporation, 
education officer for Norfolk, said entrant to teaching from tin.- Civil said the mismatch between the con- 

meeting in Blackpool of the Asso- 
ciation nf College* for Further and 
Higher Education. 

Mr David CuuLcswortli, countv 

mtfiscnU’d on the train . . , , . , , 

To some toucher* Look mg buck at Hie de 

gain '» experience, tf > of ^iher. education suk 

A chuilcnge that Industry was to 
blame id some extent came frmn Mr 
Stan Braadbridge, general secretary 

since he be- 

lt would solve the problem of the Sendee. 

sup existing between teachers and 

develop the tasteToi ih^ Ul * cwnc , a 1 i rU,C f ptt Jl 29 i ycarS ( ago i Ml ' 
foreign scltnnl S.S fe"5» Deeyck Mtimford , ivhc '.je tires from 

■ tent of degree courses and the needs 

Coatesworth s remarks fol- of professional engineers was a 
i paper by Miss Aim Mueller, major problem. There was too 

the outside world. “ The next in- lowed a paper by Miss Aim Mueller, major problem. There was too 
take of tenchcrs would then be 25 Under-Secretary. Department or much concentration on applied sci- 
years old and we should suy to them Industry, in which she stressed the cnees and associated mathematics 
now, ‘Spend these Five years in need for education to lie "market with little or no attention to eco- 
industry or commerce teaming how orientated" particularly the vocn- iiomtcs, production technology, cre- 

anybody other than the personnel 

He was supported by Mr Bill 
Easroti, principal of Southgate 

Si. Wsw H ™ « a 

uu Jiiinroveiiieiu 0 °mi^ M, * lf He batkud t,ie tertiary college 
2iiit!S r 11 nws ' 6 with its wide range of courses, 

the majority of your pupils will tional aspects. This led to disagree 
spend the rest of tlieir lives'." ment among educationist* aiu 

much concentration on applied sci- Technical College, London. " We 
cnccs and associated mathematics find difficulty in getting our lec- 
wirh little or no attention to eco- turers buck into industry to update 
iiomtcs, production technology, ere- their techniques and knowledge", 
ntivc design or industrial style prob- he said. "Some industries do not 
lem-solvlng. wain Lki ruvca -1 their developments." 

wain Lki r uvea-1 their developments.” 

canteens — n ™ wm 1 » nugc Vi (.uuiaca, 

ii... ,'h rt v., direct cuittacts with employers and 

mul teudiirs' »» breadth of academic, industrial and 
i-linvnMw* mmrf® c l* K hq ^business experience among staFf. 
Once on houi-d' rha 1 'UuSl' Mumford pointed out that Cir- 
nlmur c imh m. ^L C .S ld *|n lar 10/65-tlie document setting 
^ W* thc Govern m cut's intention iZ 

Tlnn.Vv . eM L m Wm'M' in schools- 

,0 lb ® 3»sumed that ihe onJv place for- 
fat? sent? M S een an i ^indents of lfi-plus was in school. 

“ SCM,a l » Mon M 4cWr?’ThHC tins type nf thinking still 
?JLn?i.a.. W *vu . “ n ? ferif bormeates the DES is shown by its 
weather. Ihut ml east ewli| oonttnitcd immuil publication of 
touchers to count them onof' alati sties and repm-is about the 
tie they have been doing ill numbers of young people staying on 
the station, on the train, om at school beyond the compulsory 
the boat. ' -leaving age. A full-time 17-year-old 

, One school ltud a bright ttl. A level student in » further cduca- 
tmutively colnuted pomps r 1 Hon college is still officially a drop- 
wont by all the children si; out." 

could be picked miUniow; -j— 

I.S^«rtiSchools prod 

coming to Kuiitogoc ifu/ Ur . 

nitre had any serious wnia c 'k J 

fell Union courses for bosses too? Emphasis on wrong issues 

A call for trade union courses 
at colleges to he thrown opau 
to outsiders whs ntadu by Mr 
D. B. Ed wards, principal of Rother- 
ham College nf Technology. At 
present it is TUC policy to restrict 
their courses to inule uitiiui mem- 
bers only. 

"Should not maiuigentom he in- 
volved ? " lie Hxked. " A good start 
could be with courses nil the Health 
and Safety at Work Act." 

Mr Edwards was opening the dis- 
cussion on a paper read by Miss 

Graphical and Allied Trades. 

Miss Dean said since 1975 £800tn 
had been spent on creating jobs. 
Yet young people could not be 
expected to look upon the activities 
found for them by tlie job crea- 
tion scheme as fulfilling. Only 15 

per cent of them had any choice of stl tut ions should 

It was depressing to look at what 
were regarded as die most impor- 
tant educational issues of the day, 
Mr David Mitchell, director of the 
Food, Drink and Tobacco Industry 
Training Board, told the conference. 

They appeared to be : which In* 

training within the scheme. 

tea char- 

training, whether certain national 

She called for positive discrimina- activities were to be funded by the 
tiott in fuvoui- or career onpot-tuni- Training Services Agency nr the 
tics for girls. In 1974 onto just over DES, and in what sort of institution 

^ *■ . i. i.. i- e _i i i * .i i 

G per cent of them were in appren- 
ticeships compared with 43 per cent 
of hoy-s. At present unemployment 

Brenda Dean, secretary uf the Mail- was 20 to 30 per cent higher among 
Chester branch of tlie Society of girls than boys. 

sixth-formers should lie educated. 

There was another area where a 
more Important job was waiting tu 
be done — dealing with normal 
youngsters who leave school. For- 

tunately it was being done. One 
result of unemployment was that 
this country was being driven to 
da something for the 16 to 19s. 

Mr John Miles, principal of 
Bridgewater tertiary college, did not 
ugrea that the argument about 
where. sixth formers should bo edu- 
cated was trivial. The tertiary col- 
leges were not taking over the fur- 
ther education of 16 to 19 year 
olds. The colleges had some char- 
acteristics of the grammar school 
mid some of Further education. 
" Someth ing really new must como 
into being for this age group he 
an Id. 

Schools producers fear 
Annan could wreck radio 

-4, . 


o \c tj 

by Frances Hill 

.Education producers in local radio 
tare very worried tltai their pro- 
grammes will not survive if their 
stations arc commercially or locnlly 
funded, ns proposed by the Annnu 
committee on broadcasting. 

This was made clear at a confer- 
ence in Loudon Iasi week attended 
by local education producers from 
the BBC’s 20 local radio stations. 
Producers spoke of the stronR sense 
of 'impending loss '* in local coni- 
Y- niunities m the possibility that local 
A stations might be commercially or 
. “wHy funded. At present local 

Several education producers gave 
examples of ways in which political 
pressure might be exerted. Radio 
Oxford might have covered the sub- 
ject of the Oxfordshire spending 
cuts rather differently if it were 
being funded by the Oxfordshire 
authority, John Saunders sftid. Man- 
chester’s education producer 
claimed that the vice-chunceMor of 
Manchester University htul ivied 
to prevent faculty member. s from 
participating in u local radio dis- 
cussion programme. ■ If the univer- 
sity were helping finance the 

BBC radio stations are financially atatioh ho could possibly have pre- 
jupported by the corporation. vented the discussion taking place. 

, If local radio were to be funded 

Several education producers sug- 

tom advertising revenue, educe- 

I 11..1, A h« toil mFo surionu At lihem in 

!! liiV.iwiti. liriich ywmjfig. J ,? n h J L S " ,!« ! ?i u useful position to "referee’' 

iviiuM 'a Ijceiaicd lieud, »ri ^^ me ad ^ | ^ d ^ ul ^“ °s? fl tmns »"T beLweon different local edit- 
nit ked in) bv die polke- u ftSniiiii i E,i „ ■ !!„ cattonal tinsMiuilons and between 

‘ ■n ^ 1 ,'ilici Twu 'c hi lo S '»™' oclucoUon .uLhorltlc, 

Ml) JSicbm. i«vlnV 1.0 S w,lW ‘' U ’ c “™* “ re “- 

left wi I built utti two k mffr programmes of specialized Local radio activities that would 
had t-ernuiued benw raperesr. come to un end without reilRblo 

A cLerfuI swjw 
handing uut glckbatf i fj, 

ing In h loud toJJ J JJ, 

would be awarded W 
could fill one up. 
reveal what was given 
Iuhi uhn hll on the K» m w 

boy who hit on 

Tt AsdiZSg^ 


Britirii Rail failed » 

aduiot cwnpiauw 
e IrW WWparitMDJ* 
vadod by big W '; 
(ante Ixxtdon « 

fheT mkKl, Lhey W; 

faymme setyices utt It. Stations 
frould ho obliged rn offer u "pop 
rot-mat" to ensure the largest 
pssible audience, leaving no room 
wr progranimcs of specialized 

PFundUtg' organized on a non- 
Whtit-maKing " trust ” basis, with 
Pntrlbutions from Jocul authorities 
KJd local institutions such tw unl- 
rarsltios nnd colleges, would be 
[unreliable, Mr Saunders claimed. 
|mcal radio stations need a "hard 
E9 r ° °f reliable funding" for their 
Kynnnuod viability. 

BSBesldcs, radio stations funded by 

pcBi community bodies would lose 
political indepondonce. Local 
htnCT ™ 04 and ot ner institutions 
K® 2 * Fut pressure on education 
SSSfi 1 ? take a Political line 
gtowrabto to themselves. 

role sought for UCCA 

file way students are The change, would toedn tiiai 
save mnrl “Jhfersity places could university admissions could ■ not b® 
econonnv. t an ^ 3ra a y car » ® n decided unun until the A level 
stttttint '“J«rar has suggestod. results of all candidates were 
Review w„ Higher Education known. . 

Smitlia^”^ Mjchael Common, of The saving would be in the time 
Kiat thp iw university, proposes of university teaching staff- On one 
■Cil Wrsities Central Coup- set of costings Mr Common 
ftrodidate, m u ons could select reckons this could amount to torn 


are to 


™ m 28 „^« 
as up it ,t 

« the sur> 

hdines- ji 




«{3a ** 

1 •■nirUlUBIpe ...L LUU 'U . 

■bid'*' •wdemics, a . er than university 

would cost about 
i v ^fo; alloi 1 IL^ vo » u J d ' be a once 8lld 
:d cus? of’ Mr Common argues. 
^adl^4. 73 us ‘. of .. operating U?CA in 

Serfpt- incWe £6 t £ ,G74, ? u, I f hi# do f B 

ClEnlversJriuc th ? costs borne by 
1 1 ^hooto and candf- 

«es. ’ «•"««»« ana canui- proposes news nut 

■Mr Cr. students or others whose entiy to 

N seleSSU 11 lllinIts ■ change in university is not 
fraui of H. S X Sttira 15 J U5 ‘ if tod lie also recognizes that t*£_n umber 
Hradi» th S d ^®rce to which A of. opplica:<.onv which meet ^ the 
(i Aotof o d r 0 ^ ale *y«em. ' enniy reqi:IrenientS cou,d ex«^ 
KhanWi •?(. “ candidate is r iJw cour; e. entry quota. Jlus prob 

BKRy I, nit based on A levels. 

H* d !5lE 

fchuic.1 nL“ «r id ^ is B 

ruire. ,£L t ° ne .. and : does no? 

teXs 11 ab "' ii,:s oi ° u 


What is the difference? 

putes baLwcon different local edu- 
cational instil u lions and between 
two local educnlioii authorities 
within tlie some station area. 

Local radio activities that would 
come to un end without reUnblo 
funding included the training of 
teachers to take part in educational 
broadcasts mid the rumnlng of 
weekend broadcasting courses for 
members of organizations in the 
local community, such as women’s 
institutes, claimed John Saunders. 

" You do not sell cornflakes bv I 
using a full-time member of staff ; 
to train amateurs." 

Work with local museums In 
building ui> resource stores would 
also be threatened, in Manches- 
ter a local museum motUbtung an 
exhibition look 70 items from ihe 
local BBC radio station. 

Tho difference is n greater proportion of your invested - cnpital and income. MLA Units pay 'Q dividend onch 
tor your bonelit. • M oy and to ovember and iho ptlce la quotod dally in tn* 

MUNIPLAN i 9 a 10 year regular sr.vlnns plan ihrough lifo Financial Times. 1 ■' ' * '< 

assuranco from Municipal Life end is designed to provide • Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd. with currapt 
maximum capital growth ovei tl ial poi iod. nseelB ol over £80 million.' vya® founded In 1803 ov 

Up-to 1 00% of your srwinnsjs Invested over lfic 1 0 years In Local Aulhoriilos for ihe public sendoe. Mpmcipai Lira 

"MLA Units'* and the dividondB, are aulomBUcfillyre-Inveftled. In. Assurnnce Lid end M LA Unit Tru« Man^empnr ua 

iho meohtrme you will £, n joy the benefits oflilo psaunenco oover.of 1 me wholly owned WMWflWSP^‘ 1 . MM ymicn 
at least 90 times 

ot imy . Soncl Ht«couponri&v/i-noctoiAp required ' \ ' 

time. In the main |ha trust will invest in ordinary ehuros that are to Klunicipal Lire Assurance Ltd, r : 

considered above average to ensure maximum growth it) belli FREfcPOSr.LC>I'lDOf!SWlH9BR . .. 

set of costings Mr Common 
reckons this could amount to £3m 
a year, but he concedes . this in- 
volves " extreme ” assumptions. 
One nf these is tfiat an academic 
regards one hour spent .processing 
UCCA Forms as equivalent to °n® 
hour of teaching plus the necessary 

pr He B recpgiiizos that the ^srem he 
proposes does not allow fw jnitvre 
students ur others whose ent^r w 

lJid courre. entry quota- . 

lean era be solved by 

lion from among equaUj ra^u 

epptlc'at'nns ". writes Mr ^Commoj. 

"If this seems brutal or hwwj’u 

tiblc. it is. But it to inexpensive. 

MLA UKIf TftlJ:-) 
(“MW UMTS“) 



v tgtephen Cohen reports on two sharply 
Icon! l asting views of teacher training 

Pursuit of academic 

|respectability--but will it 
produce better teachers ? 

Government's reorganization of 
her training, which is now vir« 
ualiy complete, will not produce 
•. (^better teachers, according t» the 
''principal of a college of eduoatton 
.’IvJUi Ambleslde. 

Mr William 

a new postgraduate diploma course specifically designed 
tor you In 

Overseas Marketing Management 

starts in September. 

This one-year full-lime course combines : 

overseas marketing and multi-national operations 
marketing principles and practice background to business 
Applicants should have a language degree or Burnham 

Eligible for application for TOPS awards. 

Full details from: Management School Registry, Poly- 
technic of Central London, 

35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS (Tel : 01-486 5811) 

Mr William, Per rival, head of 
fr^hwlotte Mason College, writing in 
National Union of .Teachers' 

Department of In Service Ti a trMng 

National Course: The Organisation of 
Open Plan Primary Schools 

5-9 September 
European Perspectives on the Education 
of 16 to id Year Olds 7-9 September 

munlcatlon : 12-15 September 

National Course : Curriculum Evaluation 
In the Second at y School 

12-16 Sepfomber 

Application forms and further information re nor d- 
mfi Hess courees/conlorehcea ava’lnblo tiom iho 
A&s|ttanl Principe I { Inaervice Training ) 

JprdanWH College of Education 

Drh* OMeowLau in* 




and professional eraminailens 
(Accountancy, Banking, Civil 
Baric*. Law, Loral Govern- 
■ 'El* Marketing, Secretary* 

Our exclusive methods of Horne 
£ne%L have- brought over 
205,000 examination sucre* tea. 
many first places. Aa every 
course fa complete in Itself no 
textbooks are required. 


WolsfyHaH founded in 1 *«M olfera 
individual Instinct Inn by qualified 
lulors in Ifw comfort of >our own 
home for London University external 


as well as a wide range of 

G.C.E, stnd 
Professional Courses 

Write la Ihc Principal, Wyndhiini 
Milligan,, T.D., M.A. h( the 
address below fur a free prospectus 
giving details of ail courses and 
introducing the expert 
tutorial team at Wulscy 
Hull who wilt personally 
assist your studies. 

ItHrdCAffc V ?::'V _ _ . . 

; * Fimurfcd 

. . .DWthH rcmoN house 

bnatoii SWJS 4 DS _ T.l! -W-M 7 
M-Imkh fttnUe M.*M 

■iWMfMlki miff 
• ActttAutd by th* Council let tht 
AetTrxftiatlon cl Corrttjftn idlrim CeNffti 



Wblsev Hall 

d 1 ** 1 - hC, i. 

Tel r (0865) 5 42Jt (24 ham) 


If you buy anything 
for your school 
first check the 
advertisements in 

J»e mm educatiomai 

Big band from Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, Sussex, rehearsing for the Nat* 
Festival of Music for Youth which will take place on July 9 at the Royal Fd 
val Hall. The festival is sponsored by the TBS and the Association of IM 
Instrument Industries. 

ecpndarv Education Journal, 
o' one has asked either, tf 
nges will lead t<o more competent 

.t tlic end of the ’sixties the col- 
had no friends, he soys, 
dcnvlc standards on entry and 
'ying scumlards oil exit were 
Ideally lo-w with non-do mantling 
therms of teaching and expecta- 

professional advantages in that it 
produces better qualified or more 
effective teachers in the classroom, 

“Its attractiveness to the admini- 
strators is very obvious, it will 
enable them to turn the tap of 
teacher supply on and off at short 
notice to meet market needs of 
supply and demand. It is signifi- 
cant that no arguments hove been 
put forward that such a pattern' WH 
produce better teachers,” Mr, 
Peo-civnS thinks it would be a com- 
pletely unsuitable way of training 
primary and middle school teachers. 

He also points out dangers in 
placing teacher trainling in poly- 
technics or other large multi-pur- 
pose institutions. The modular 

1 / r -l': 

Training colleges blamed 
for slump in standards 

Colleges nf cubic a lion were accused' 
last week of seiuiiiug teachers out 
into s chon is inadequately prepared. 
The president of the Association of 
Career Teachers, Mr® Key Warc- 
hnm, in her presidential address to 
the association’s annual conference 
In Leeds blamed training colleges 
for declining standards. 

" Every year I have .'students in 
my classroom on school practice. 

which the personality of tho would- 
be teacher can be evaluated .' 1 

"Standards have suffered at 
rite hands of the reformists, 
many of whom have gone all out for 
new and untried methods simply 
because they are different” 
Stability and dedication had 
become outmoded, she Eelt. . ‘'Pro- 
bationary teachers In my area are 
advised to seek a scale post after 

Music hits 
right note 
for i 


Employer* are IncruuMitgly prepared 
lu accept a music degree us u quail- 
ficaiiun for u wide rungi- of cnrceis, 
a one- day conference for sixth 
farmers was tnlcl last week. 

The conference was organized by 
the University uf London's Goicl- 
wn>i ills’ College ami tv ns desajpunl 
not only to iiri|iinint iMiispocrive 
muwic Miniums with ihe courses nnd 
facilities ut Gold Mtti tbs', but also to 
examine the rcleviuice of a music 
degree lu u future i.iicer. Mis* 
Miiigaret Fortescue. enreers officer 
ni the Universllv of I-um Anglin, 
wiio has made a spec in I simlv of 
employment prospects fur music 
gr«dvfH«i. h»d guarded encourega- 
wtflt to offer. ■ 

WiMe most of tlmsi* who took 
a degree in music- wmil<l piuluilrty 
have lu gel u fii.lln-r iiii .NHi .nmii 
fw; ilieir MiliM-iiiK-nt unur, 
evidence from l!»7li showed music 
Ciudiiiites to he more versatile ilittn 
nwist, and comcqueiuiv more suc- 
cessful, in finding peniiHiK-nt 
MtqHwyment. Tills was hi despite 
wo eciMiuanic ciils affecting ihe 
music professions and the Jubutir 
market generally. 

Sixth-formers today, said Miss 
For rescue, were thinking very care- 
litily about university .courses. More 
than ever they understand that duci- 
sions taken now had important 
unplicolions for the • future. For 
those contemplating a musical 
c !£ ee ^' lhe temptation to leave 
•chooi and go directly to work 
might be strong, but It bad to be 
weighed against rite advantage of 
a university degree. 

In today's volatile employment 
market too narrow a specialization 
was often a disadvantge. Students 
were warned, however, not to ri-gard 

c »Mt os a way of putting 

a career decision, or as a con- 
venient catch-all Qualification. A 
degree course In music ought strtl 
to be regarded as an academic 
course, oven though the element of 
vocational training, especially for 
performers, might be greater than 

Jobless teachers are being forced to seek new ouitai by .student* and the teachers 

..In the scliools. 

nursuit of a false sense of 
lectobflity many sub- 
;ht Cn ways which 

Rush for overseas workl^Si 

by Belka Zainoyskn 

as fflslLc; ssfc 

peteitt and confident teachers, ho 

Jobs for icurhm uf Fimli.Oi us n 
anrnign huigimpe mid F.l-'L training 

courses arc lu-in g flomli-d with 

anplicalinns fruin inu-in ployed tea- 

chwrx. A job fur on l-Ingiish luugiiuge 
teacher in Tripoli, l.iby.i, advertised 
a few weeks ago, bad imnu than 
134 applications, half of ihem frum 
trained tevti-ht-is. A Minilnr job 
would have In.- 1 -ii hard lu fill n few 
years ago. 

Mr John lUvctuft, director 
general uf Inieniaiiniinl Mouse, who 
orgaiiiycs iraining com >es und the 
remiitinent of FI l. tcui lu-rs 
tbrnugboui the wmld, said bis 
orgaiii/utiuii bad siopixd |niiiiioting 
courses it had .so many 
applicants. It is alri-udy oversub- 
scribed for poMb ill ilia least 
popular pluas mid iis iiaining 
courses mi- lKmk<d up until ihv 
end uf Nov« mlu r. 

Unalilii il l< ,ii Ih i« tur |ii-<iriiiin-iil 
auioiig ilu- iippiu.ipp., .mil ilm 
recrui sluni^yi- ui julis far tfa- 
newly quuhfinl smt an iuruas 
lug muiihei in ilu- tliireliiiil uf 
InternHtiiiiial Jfausr. 

"Out t*f huik Iv.K'hii's mid stu- 
denis fi't-sh fioiil li.ulirr paiilcog 
colleges tin- i ui mug t«> iid ut 
MW of the few III i*?i ties k-ft ", saul 
Mi Mayciofi. " Obvitaisly u-r tan 
hrip a cniuin antouni lowoitls u-a- 
twer iHicmphiyniem. J fa-re are nrw 
languuRe schi*olh op tiling up id) (he 
time, but unfurl iiiiuu-ly many of ilie 
teachers, who tome n’i us us u last 
rfsnrr, are nut the Mat uf people 
we are looking for. 

" Those who have been through 
teacher training find ir difficult 
to adapt to our merhods. We would 
rather train gr;itlujii-$ who tend to 
be more m! venturous mid much ' 
more fk-juble.” 

Serving tcatherx are Mso sweil- 
mg trie queue of appiiiatiiv “ IV* 
got quite h flumlxr wIkj are dis- 

completely failed do relate t<hem to 
the professional mature 

_ of the 

. , ... . ^ course. It is vital to enquire 

im^o.inl with ihe »lJdd|^hg(heir die changes, institumoaial 
* cmrlculair, now being intro 

lbey omte to us biCMst Aq 
to |xt hack tn n riawton 
the Mitdcuix me kcrauJen' 

I n tie national Houw k . 
out of huiuhle hcpnigp $ 
II,H»,»fi Mailed fliiyllfM 
Si-oniMd- in a L>i-dik«m| 
I'miKAm 14 years 41 . fcs 
fi-ur m4hki]s m Fnglni, 'idt 
Ida Hew premises in fell 
James's Club in I'iccsAWsy 
i f it piotip of .18 laninim;'- 
in 14 different t-ountries. ; 

To qualif) for a Job. i*l 
HiuM cither have obt*i»*vi 
Muilc in ihr Bssrisau* ■*. 
film- week inuninf aw 


need will produce courses and 
gjeventuollily trained teachers sub- 
atiaLly belter than those of the 
til* and ’sixties.” 

Per-cival criticizes tfie con- 
live training system proposed 
.....Its James report in 1972 and 
forward again recently by the 
Department of Education end 
ooe in the “Yellow Book”, in 
which professional preparation far 

“Indeed, some of the courses- 
wQtoch are being offered in the 
polytechnics and large colleges of 
Idgjnev education, in which courses 
can be made up of various unrelated 
subjects ' topped up ’ with soma 
practical education, wftl produce 
teachers much more inadequately 
prepared for ilieir work than those 
so criticized in t>he ’fifties and 

"FhnHft I think it's been over' 
drawn ”, 

aud every year. I am appalled at . two years ' teaching, wEen these 

rnrAiJi 18 P a, * atl 5 , J l people reach the top they can afford 

receive before being sent into to sit back and vegetate, secure In 

the knowledge that they are an im- 
movable fixture until the day they 

Mrs Warehaan also hit out at 
locnl authority advisers, “They do 

schools ”, she said. 

“ Over the years 1 have noticed 
a steady deterioration in ulie stan- 
dards of both students and their 
tutors. T sec in>adequate lesson 

Unions back 
plan to rescue 
savings scheme 

notes and preparation, spelling mis- 
takes on the blackboard, bad 

mar and 
to the c 

A11 teachers’ unions ore supporting 
the proposal to set up a Money. 

“There is a grave danger that in 
the search fou- « consecutive pattern 

.1 L... jl ie; _ r i e. 

teaching is seen as a “ topping up ‘ 
_ _ eral hi 


prooeu following general higher 

The aursedvenes of oouisecutive 
' was that it provided an 
is tin lively convenient stvuc- 
"No din' me were made that 


liny must h%»vi- site * 

Ann Klllfit .Ul' f.T ii'irfujl^ 1 - ---- - 7 — ■ — - 

a fan-ir.n liunjinKf. possess 1/1 herein educational and 

vtilh iiiriitiiM txpnleijte 

and far diversification, and for 
moving teacher training into smell 
units in very large institutions, the 
professional will be lost and the 
children of the ’eighties and ’nine- 
ties will suffer.” 

Mr Per rival argues for ft con- 
current system of training where 
the “ understanding of the ohild 
and the pedagogic skills are 
developed and nurtured alongside a 
growing grasp uX the ncndcmic 
areas ", 

tin* USA exam w - . . , 
lli.iifit but nv lia«*c< to «c a«f 
It'iiiUnKi in ilasS boot® * c 
i iKii ihrm." 


Krtlm ii-s fm -- . 

I.iy likKIlHMl-ilv «MI kW* 
<>ii rfu- siiimlaid of ■w*! J* 
%« iiniiv cuiM viitrU. ‘'twf'Jr 
4. 111 Hifituid £J,«» la ihf iW 
Muiii r, hul slice'll 

r piiibtirii*. ja 

4 niter inter, *P Ha * 

1 if hi quHiitiri inuld^ww. 
mi «•* * nc 1 mk>I w«ih 1 
.'viiinirl IfiJKIO to C 8 .W 0 - »«» 

of the few flcctipsilons 
UK,** people « lop * 
JlUl L^. M 

"Mcftf nf mir 
tine twlv 70i HOd toey^ 
ifw job ns C<*nd wwl 
.lid wn optKwtuniU P* 
ility Me not i.nureftee » 

Monied caodfetaw* 

• iiVitd far itJtihm* ^ 
lr«h icinavfi wool 10 
ihe ar* ^ 

.1 c tuple 

lea for graduate status 
n a ‘learned profession’ 

Management Association to replace 
tile National Savings Movement 
which will cease to exist next 
March. The movement is a voluntary 
organization with Civil Service sup- 
port and Its aim lias been 10 en- 
courage individual saving and good 
money management. 

The movement has been under the 
death sentence since July last year 
when the government announced its 
withdrawal of all Civil Service back- 
up staff by next March as part of 

toe blackboard, bad gram- 
poor diction when oalkihg 
lass, aand scanty or non- 
existent visual aids which wr ild 
never have been tolerated . widfen 
I was in training . 11 

Mrs Waveh&m said she was horri- 
fied most of all by the' acceptance 
of tho colleges tlmt little can . be 
doiio once a student has been accep- 

“Tho remedy would seem obvious 
—a much ntore rigorous Investiga- 
tion of suitability before a student 
is accepted, and a rehuroduction of 
the personal interview which was a 

f trerequisite in my day, and which 
s the only way, at tills stage, in 

not appear to me to be very effec- 
tive. In many cases they are out of 
touch with the classroom situation 

and nil too often a visit to a school 
is spent solely in th* head’s room. 

“'Many of die experiments which 
have been carried out in schools 
in the name of progress can be 
directly attributed to the influence 
of advisers who have a major say 
In promotion appointments. - - 

The association, which lias. about 
a thousand members, will debate a 

closed shop in teaching, and split- 
Which both motions 

site schools, to 

express opposition, and -moral edu- 
id manage! 

cation and management courses for 
heads, which have attracted motion* 
of support. 

spending cuts. The National Covings 
Committee has been searching for a 

new role since then. It has been 

keen to preserve its money manage- 
ment education programme which 

has -been “ conspicuously success- 

ful” according to Sir John Austey, 
:hi ‘ 

kve-yewr teacher training course 
"proposed by the National Asso- 
of School nvus te rs-Union of 
ten Teachers this week. In 
contrast to tho views of Mr 
in tite NUT’s magazine, the 
i-UWT endorse the consecutive 
and want to add on another 

prospective teachers should 
;* three-year degree course, 

1 union says in a discussion paper, 
/most cases the courses would be 

different from those pursued by 
undergraduates. Th&n would 
a year of theoretical study. 
’ there would be a years 
,.. on which, if completed sue- 
j“j7 would lead to a guarantee 

union’s aim is to secure a 




that tended to attract itudent* with 

a greater than average determfa*- 
tion to succeed. Music {■ > - u< — <— 
were generally baiter » 



Tflfltklitt if English, 
as a ForeJgn Lngwge 

Wednesday 9 - 00 - 8 . 60 : . 

(la begin In Bepfcmter, 1977) 

"■’fje »w-V«»r pari- tune cotiriB <1 ■vsl!- 
to apuntantb nCMwing & um- 
Mr»l|r (fEDiae -or leaching Mrtillciia 
(or fiJm.iw 

Tna course in-.chgt One observariui 
m Bid lEAPliing pIBCHlB. 

B Applied ir^iB lo ttie Head of General 
EducaUcn. H 



work thSuT aclMtiuSmli 

TS,hSt* er, Jned at special 1st music 
acadenUej, showing the Jdvporimtee 
of a general academic iredoinc «nd 
ofkeepfagoptions ,open™^ ■ 
fro *\ 59 '6 showed titet 
® 2 y* gradual ca fautid 

no less than 16 




of "these 

careers were 

related to music, . though some 
t0 ^ eei7 »buslc!«?a 
*5®S* ? Hvfeg Ju. a com 

she added, jf , more. inOskol 
'^c. iMo. bOgiiness icavedjra 
bke accaumabey tha world ofroiiuc 
might benefit a great .deal.- ... -V’.'lp- 

Robin Mftconiie 

^Ifeachthem aboutfite^ 
before they teach tjjeinsw^j^ 

* L ftr 

:■ Box 

? eoiSfifE', 3 ? f PMwscn) u* a tn« r 

Possession of a degree would not 
necessarily • moke a satisfactory 
teacher, tine union says. Otiier train- 
ling fa needed. “A post-gradiuate 
year providing a course in the 
theory of education and teaching 
methods must be a necessary 
ingredient for those who choose 
teadhdng as a career.” 

Six weeks woul-d have to be spent 
In a school before starting this 
tlieory year. This would give the 
student a chance to deride If ho or 
site had made the right choice and 
would also lewd to an assessment 
of tiie students potential. 

Practical training would not begin 
until the end of the theory year. 
Satisfactory completion of the first 
two stages would lead to “ assistant 

- — - teacher” status and before a job 

K£u o£ training which requires was offered, the applicants would 
"J ® 110 entry qualifications, have to satisfy an Interviewing 
iocM«S.i nt System of training is board that they had the right per- 
because Initial entiy sonal qualities. 

£iX h-'h®* t0 ° l°tr, tiie • ■ Successful completion of this 
. *y. tiie courses is induction period wouDd , brina the 
fateMectual rJfeour, trainee to tit* level ttf “eetdbBrited 
--” 1 farft»°!LS ot have ti«t con- teachew” which: would guarantee 
the teadiwS P^fodcal problems of erriployment.' 

.•h-tial If niurfj ' ror k which is essen- Practical training sliould rest In 
}CX take 1,11 Rifled teachers ore the hands of experienced teachers, 
/| 7 »^fi Ve ^i.?laoe ,(n schools fes tlie union says. “In the past, the 
^p ,0ner *i and the P«w influence of practising teachers . on 
:* tsob ] 0lv u tfte end of the course teacher training has varied between 
Proposal. ' the minimal and the non-existent, 

reform must he “Many of the misftwttmes which 
tew, “tp discussion paper have baai'teii schools fa . tiie past 

Min? nen^ lls ^»ti?e education r of jlO years or so are direcfly atHubut- 
? ^cherf tv- x, 6 ? J* tite quality able to die inept tlieoiw* eagerly, 
*at teaS^^NA&yWT believes and often Sincerely preached by the 
^nulfla’ T^^.titottid-be people of teacher trainers who- had lost con- 
idard minimum tact with the real school sitwtton 

first approve is tbut and who unduly influenced the 

ufs . , newly qualified and Inexperienced., 

“Id be r £ r oduate . education : " Because th* realities of the 

L -icc ^ IJtiyersitfas, 6 nd poly- ; classroom have become even more 
r~d dis-imw ! 6 ® 65 education demanding, the education service 
«tinentf P !rf r tu ”* e tir into can no lunger al h>w ^*o«t/canv 

kutioui%?» .highw eduoation: . trained teachers to muddle through 
conccot ^ +i fwstile to on their otvu dcwcen. We have a 

^essiosx ** a ieOmed . duty to tyro teachers to rive them 

her* _ J” have prospective ’■ the benefit of pructichl training cod 

5 d «««d .«a3r^*« guidance LOncemlng ,Ke complesi- 

'. ties of individual schools. 

ody cation system/ 1 .- 

the committee’s chairman. 

A motley management association 
would bring together die goodwill 
and - experience of teachers and 
others responsible for training 
young people, together with the ex- 
pertise Olid knowledge of those 
nuiiomd institutions able and will- 
ing to take a broad and long- term 
view of tha Savings , market. . , , 

Tim new association would receive 
£250,000 . a year from the Govern- 
ment and the committee is canvass- 
ing qther ..savings organizations — ■ 
’clearing banks and building societies 
— tfor .their, support. However, time 
is. running out. Sir John empha- 
sized last week when he announced 
die new proposal. Civil Servants 


is where 

were already ion ring and the organ- 

ization could run down beyond the 
point of no return. He hopes that 
the Treasury will soon sot up a 
working party to get the new associ- 
ation stnrtod. 

Mr John Gray, president of the 
of Teachers, praised 

National Union 
the pupil-operated bank schemes 
which were increasingly used in 

schools- One head nf a contprehen 
Blve school wanted that, with the 

demise of the movement, individual 
organizations suah as dealing 
banks were alreodv putting pressure 
on schools to take over their 
savings schemes. 

“It there Is not some national 

organization controlling promotional 
we are subject to the 

activities. ’ 
commercial jungle and schools do 
not wont this ”, he said. 

Overseas student 

The- Government was criticized last 

came fa the annual report of the 
United Kingdom Council for Over- 
seas Student. Affairs which com- 
pfained of increasingly- strict Immi- 
gration controls and Homo . Office 
checks on students. 1 . 

The Government’s decision to in- 

crease fees far foreign students by 
me and I0O 

4Q .per cent,. 60 per cent 

pdr cent for further education, 
undergraduate and postgraduate 
Studies respectively, was most dis- 
appointing, the report said. “There 
seems Ii( 0 e doubt • tiiat . we . ore 
moving rapidly idto an era of very 
high fees for overseas sfpdrijts, cut- 
backs ' and stringent . .control . of 
.numbers-’’ V 
r 1 The report calls fdyr a' ptpperiy 
though-put; ppjicy for, foreign stu- 
dents. “At present ho .such Govent- 
mieirt tlifaUng. appears to exist.” 

# ‘Responsibility 5 is an already widely acclaimed^ 
sensitively made film on all widely used contraception 

It has been specifically made for a senior 
school has been approved by many 
education^ authoiities,andhas won the Silver Award 
of the British A^edical Association for new films 

It does not attempt to make judgements. 

Itis impartial and approaches a delicate " ' 
subject with unbiased responsibility. ■ ' \ ' 

.Which i^^hyw^.gave it thistMe. ;. 

^ 16^ mmop tlcal ; 

Round^Using both cartoon and live action, Age group 
16-1 8,years.Teachei*s 'notes are supplied with 

r* The normal booking fee for ‘RcKponsibilityT? ^2-1- 

| (twb days hire);To obtain a privilege voucher for tiiis 

,j., amount aiid abaokirig fqrra^nd diisj^u^ojjtq; „ , . 

■ LRhidustrie&GpntraceptSdhjTiiormatiQn Scivlce, : 

'li. Korih ChOTl.arjBsQa^Londoil JI4 8QA, , v : 

! NTan>i« - — . ----- .. 

ficliftnf- |..." - • .’-yL -■ ■■ - , ■ • — . 

: "l .« .y: : ■ , 

. j ..'r i'.' ' ; 1 ^ 


a ‘ 




;• ' v. j/f J, i'l'.j 'Ti-,':,: '.v' - • S ' '■ • "" tt: 

: J;. '.Stafus- , 

J -V !’ (Offt r subject toavaliabilili' ominla) !.*. '* 

I ; " '• i’ 


\ r 

1 . * •;< 

'• i !' 1 

• i . ’ * «i 


. V»’i. 

;• . 1 ;{' : 





' --Ifji! 

I :• 

• . >• . 

• J,- 



• : iv" 

• r • 



.7 -It • 

*: r * 



- i. 

; ■ h 
f , ; 



Where the graduates go 


Mark Jackson reports on 
changes in the jobs market 
for those with degrees 

graduates— nearly 
the 'previous peak 

A record 473 

tirice us many ns ..... , 

— luiplicd for special entry to tlie 
police, hut not enough came up to 
roc standards to fill the 25 places 

aviiihihie. lint rhe number of gradn- 

stayed at tiic previous year’s low 
recruiting levels. The demand for 

liver tile country us a whole. The 
Notional Health Service kem up jis 
Ki uduaie intake. 

Maihifnc curing it id us try as a 
whole, tdte roixjrt simi, wok mure 
recrutLs vltnn might Imve been ex- 
pected, many firms awruictai* m 
the wine level us in 1974-75- Bin 
nari rum lived industries cut their in- 
takes dramatically in one or two 

- -- uaa ^ 1, I^Rhwerfug industries, in 

nee, according w Mr Codin SHppor.- PMUkulaT light industry, held their 
nuer careers adviser at Newcastle l ™ 1 ». ^ demand for engineers 

Cuts ui Civil Service recruiting mcun 
iiiost graduates are now ihaving m 
join tluviugh the nudes l-udier than 
ratoniig the elite grades. The result 
Is taint more than a third nf tiie nor- 
nwj executive class intake now have 

architects fell drama ticully and 
articled clerkships ivilli solicitors 

«»Tfnlnii'' SI "K‘ < ‘T fMd 

Virginia Makins reports on a 
defence of progressive education 

Trusting in trust 

■ -But the Civil Service still -main- 
tmkis that tids is not a *• normal " 
tray for graduates to enter the ser- 

in his general com men is, Mr 
Slipper nofos indlculioua from 
schools that more A iovel pupils of 

university potential are dionsihig to 
go to work at 18, and that the more 
able of them may he prcfomxl t<» 
weak graduates. ‘ - 

Letters to the Editor ' 

TEC certificate: uncertainty 

"Children hare got to take a lot 
on trust — hm other people’s experi- 
ence. Hut if their knowledge is not 
built on knowledge how to distil 
facts from their own experience, if 
will have a very shaky foundation 

is rooted in 

berg that “science 
Professor Britton suid the Bullock 

report was shining brightly despite 
the darkening skies. It wes full of 

Professor Jimmy Britton, late of 
the London Institute of Education 
and Goldsmiths’ College, was the 

University. In hi s annual report, he 
says die executive class enmiuLs now 
fottu the biggest gJ»duate enfcrv ta 
any single employment. 

But innuy of these entrants be- 

weak graduates. More diun ever. J C • , 

in itself is not j*** aw ahead tor science students 

to know what oriw»r nMifon n m „ji. Sir. — ■Tim Tn-t.i* p „ . ' V)J 

suidoiits would need ^ 

keynote speaker at a small confer- » ■ 

ence last Saturday, organized by “Dwing is an act, and understand- 

compronilsos — but it stated clearly 
that children con learn by talking 
and writing as well as by listening 
and reading. 

‘[We have got to recognize that 

Forum, the educational journal. The 
Idea was to try to (Jryatftllize and' 
develop die ideas behind pro- 
gressiva primury practice, in 

COUW d&Uusioaed, despite the bag] i 
id tite low work- 
sa on the tnulitiuiui 

tries they get 

lofwd— unlike , WM . 

■gmduate route into the Jughcr ? r S but other busic 

grades vdw> respond entbuswsricnJIy "wusnies we nelr 
to their early respojisibility and their tIl _CTUseiYes. Transi 
sense of taring stretched. ' 

know wiiat otiter ability a otmdi- S* 1 **; — TFIws Joint Committee fur 
dute luw to offer. • NutUwwil Certificates and Dip know 

r^T3rff,ffsar?s ssa * r ~“ «— te"JSsa 

, IO _ „ 0 Yft j i «iut,n,4« . Lomnncteo fog- Sd<mccahiiQr*? tl ? oty *nd. stress. Professor 

emnined vtay high. 

There ivere wide variation.* in die 
an ton rob j lo industry, with one major 
manufactures* dec turnip its iccruit- 

utant target tlie ihighcst ever While — — 

Safi"* *— 

going into ficatinn uOwuen 1V.._ .... . employers conairnAil ui2 

Ing is the same tiling as Teaming. 

-Activities in schools must be 
related to children’s intentions — 
focusing on what they want to do 
and giving them techniques to do 
it, “We must arouse new intentions 
——and that can be done both by 
life and by teachers." 

iiulusixies were reluctant to emumit j? 10 >t!S« ,! ‘£,5° j?ot' “?« COnc * n «J ^ 

themselves, avansport and Indus- wiS^onuSfs he 1 » ec n «stablldli«l. What lies beyond ™fi£ ed \t? ro «m*5T| 

■■swssrsr-^hta. ^ c ,5^ r S 5 ' 

fc^W5£S!S!ff ias ssrjritar'i 

gnxioty and stress, 

itton said. And when people are 
lder stress, they take a much 
Itrrowcr view nf problems and decl- 
is timn tliey do when they feel 

In the end. Professor Britton said, 
the only difference between the 
progressives end tite Black Paper 
people was one of relationships. 
‘That Is where the confrontation 

often nkfn to *• che unfbrtiuuite 
popular imago" of civil servants— a 

slio wed some i mpro voinen 1 1 . 

Mr SI inner KflVH 



f Tlie dunger is that a regime of 
tvoillnnce will replace a regime 
'trust in teachers.” Trust was tlie 
Uly possible solution in the long 
run because the gap between any 
lines and actual 

reniLLy is — respecting the child.” 
There was some discussion on 
lmw parents and the public might 
bo persuaded of the value of pro- 
gressive Ideals, against narrower 
conceptions of education. The 
audience seemed to • agree that 
teachers needed to become 

u ., v urudiutte 

planner got « job only after 72 «. WI , lt)0 rentm « 

5 ssra?-* 


vntwnhsu had Jess Advisory Council for Toch«rt«»i> a Wtorde 
says. B etui l stores J-Ulucadon. Tavistock referring 

eerful outlook ** nl- Tavistock Smiurn C ^i hnumlarii 

m mid advertising price £1.50. 1 ' * MI Hirtinct courses ieniihig to cTtv ant 

nS„, jsasffirS ' 

•i Listen 
EdTech 77 

earn at 

W|M1) whwo pouiblo. nvon In ih, 
Mianl of orhwfna slfijfitly imad ox- 
SfES? cjainUon m bbrniln 

. Wor t ,n9 d,r °ot 
m ‘no Alomlo Enorpy Ru- 


«M^A. a JEL 10 rafiirfilnli 


OduJpiiMm i„ 

tout ono 

A bank ixehangi of vlawi hv 
oIIIom* and «ugpiiata la 

Kpw^dfc’aTiS^piasrs a ° 3 ss 

•to* Ihtuablal Connell lot Cduoa. PHijacUH, which Hn bo uatif fm 

' if jV*M *t Holland J*xrk Sohaal ■ , ** n ® °f, by moons e| * navHi 

on M-SS Augiiib •H««wiWil. flonvoiiod ^ 

_ Atfvlaofa to ovar +3 dlHoioni JfSS&SS!? * 01 «l«rwS 

• to Brtgland iiild . "WSSti. 

Woloi hava ilfearfy boon asked to ,JrV* flfowih .of 
. Put forward raoommandatlmio rrS *r«lnlno nt — * 
dlao wdoit and ^lhlioTwm%a^ . coniroft. | 

tho titonpo to put their aids Inn. ^ Of 


. S'ciaiwi ois-mra, » 

faS^M 11 wJuoBlIqna! tpchiwjlaqv |n Produced In agaaclatl' 

IHfi?.?!? not fco. ■■ BIMI- ao^wiu . aomnanln 

(frot foared. 

now nud lo^lmiRl > eour«M 
onglnoara, oompuiat 
many of 
Han whh 

Although, nearly half 


Ji Mohiftr 

P'Oflra^ and 

' Ti2£ n * toown at EdToch 77 
?h«0B oonoariMri 

5 n K l1 « »1» too mod 


Thir I fir Jimstion only. 

aau.t-i nmm ' 

aawlnfla cm ' 

’csmhS !2Slf r, ”S " ,M, P0«W 

, ”2 S B Hchlonad by ubb a| 
“"23 toarnlng loofiilquM, 
I" 1 ? plannod. 

jitol allowing to (ha 
educational wafld of (he 
10 mm, ndiicntlonal docu- 
f! *J ,a,y . fl l'na ol UPITN 

SSST^ Television 
'OHP workshop; e fr09 
JS£* C0 V r#a on lhe tooh- 

nlquee of overhead nroloc- 

Sarlal" P “ ,du0 " o, ' of 

■^.EQUIPMENT : new 

TAW^i C n«° 0mpU,Sr 

UJSff 1 ? Q ’ new PHILIPS 
KSH« language lab, conn 
pailble with major British 

SSff 00 !? bB ' new ®e*8nce- 

toachlng ftomt, new AIWA 
®na. UHER equipment 
Dozene or others. ^ ' 


BfS- ln «. 0 ' as 

Technology llxhibit^on 

Airlia Uurderiu, Loudon. IVS 

10 am— s_ pm' 

The Sixty oxhibltora loquasi Iha plaaduia or mi * i ■ ■ 

uRmpmerd, .^dlo a sibroo meSS* 0 *** * “* ,hB!r NE * ,l «nB >- 
lonaiMfla tOMhiofl* °^Iiy« l 


■M labor alcflaa, 

ia - tld. 4V<» r Chm,ban 

* T 900 ' ME. MATariiAU 8T AM b 

i yu r ■ ? 'U 

ar-aft /r n b y .Ta, 



a guar ded reaction t.V TKc’ mmSIa 
m the lilurriTig of the 
cs betvKcn rite furincrly 

w,u T p f* !l «‘ nwihemmlce 
and physics of ilic prpsem ONC In 
tiic reiiuivemeiiis of 

SSnuE? 1 I Pf ,itl,lc hT Chrmlsiry m 
■ubiecM for Grad KlC. lhe 
tend or a TEC uiiIia for these nub- 

strongly urge 

nro faced with tho 

milting programmes to 

courses to give scrim wb 
lion to the opporlwritiaitf 
I’T the policy sutcmcitf ■' 
1JJ74, of the TcchnidMili 
Council, paragraph 4J, w| 
Vldcs for the valiikidoa liik 
which are net unit based. 

Scientists groping intuitively fotr die 
meaning of the facts ”, ana Heisen- 

Hurtt. a readier nt the American 
school In Lnndun. “ We haven’t had 
our day yet" 

Head of acie 

locts do not, Tiifr wuuhl menu that 





Reluctant staff urged to 
relax secrecy in schools 

0/ Firitfh by Lacy Hodges 

As good as you make them 

Sir,— An » member mid pu^ cludr- 
ninn of die Joint Conintiiiee for 
HWror Nathwrji Cert i tic, it cm and 
Diplomas in Eluctrlcul -mu i 

diploma pmgrAmniec basti * 
" grouped course ” pSlh* ‘ 
aireenutivo to the unit ett . 
tdildi linn clmrucliJrJueu tiw 

its of 

must protest « die amtumont puidc 
fai jour Wide (“Snub fcr TEC 
Euglneerthig Coursed”, June 10). 

gnanmec wltkh ws i«jL - 
«lda from them in 

fc The toiler London 
£ Authority Is exliorti 
y schools to Jm 

ttidi parents. • une au 
■t sclioule alimiid tell 
'now open records: -policy. 

This system, which moans parents 
can soq and discuss with teachers 
J t«o primary school records of titeir 
■pbildren, is mooting mcli some 
resistance from teachers and heads, 
was introduced last autumn for 
l , nursery, infant and ' Rrst-year 
pupils and will be lit force 


It is not true diet tlw («gju ann. 
niittee has said iJiut it ‘Huts llrtie 

confidence in tiue proposed T 1 CC 

tom out. 

. la tbe debate stow. 
Important to rccogniM p» ' 
courses will be ju*t “ 

roughout priinnry schools in tiie 
ext three years or so. 

Inc' Bot'mmfe 1 BU,ca 11 pBee« make dienj. 

b«n^ted^?^ rtS, axp<rw;,,c * ondpwtfclpatlon thtn 

thut die t 


3vBs&ss; waisas 

SK52‘ l *sJriS 

fEC arc wiflina to consider higher 

funds swaMaWe for ^ 
amount of extra «w* »* 
courses e ntail 
Gloucester City Cvllefe «. 

Tlie schools were left to decide 
lor themselves how to tell parents 
pout the new system. But many 
parents have not been told and 
\i e t,,eref °re nsked to see 
loir children’s records. 

IAEA’s new advice comes from 
NiJ:_ , r Newsom, the education 
sIIj r ’, in 0 letter to all primary 
In IjtneT London. His othor 
5^I®P° s , a * s Include setting aside a 
yj® the school which mothers 
:5il a * er s can use td meet -for a 


pnrtlculiu'ly In teuchors' attitudes to 
tite new record system which they 
,pre . (riticJzkiB an - e ntuitbec * of 
srounds. -First, it had .n^ant extra 
work for staff, who Itftve to leam a 
w3»lo new bureaucratic system, but 
more serious, that tho yearly record 
summary is Inadequate, consisting 
mainly of u succession of little 
boxes to bo Licked off. 

In an erCort to get away from tho 
traditional school report In which 
teaclfcrs would resort to vacuous 
comments, such as “ Could do 
bettor' 1 , ILEA has given teachers 
specific categories in consider. Rut 
many critics argue that tills is just 
as meaningless. 

Under the heading “language", 
for example, teachers are nsked to 
tick whether the pupil is well 
below average, below average, 
average, above average or wall 
above average in oral use and oral 
understanding. The same five-point 

scale applies - to tbe pupil’s ability, 
id rate of pro 

l . j uao ™ mom. i 

£ for , a , cu P of tea, or as a’ 

Power to the Youth Forum 

Sir, We would like to question 
onu or two of tile 
Tfeaehed ' 


*****001 in with 

Sn n S , js? »#*«* 

NYB, BYC «nd VW* 
the atom, import** 
wfaitin Ae forum 
rc a time wbod ** 

yo ^ 



to * tanmti ^ “Sw “ 

.J5?. policy In' - ton?*- J* Sid. 



encloses guidelines for 
»e suggests they should 
ool's.aims, the names 
■of school managers 

uuri an #.*« 14,1 ovituui tiitomecib 

W5». thoTpa??. how ? aren “ caD 

not already have 

f poseiifVr t ao nQt already 




me school group should 
ranriter iqrming ono as 

level of inrercst an 
gross in dance, music end drama, 
and other subjects. Toacbers aro 
required to make 35 ticks 

Mrs M. Ion, head or Orackenbury 

faBifrt- ’ uftliiiol II a ontfavi it.h 6X° 



more valuable' then the profijes i 
pupils they used to write. Pgron 
who were really interested- : to'!£hft 
children's cdiicurlnn wanted to know 
a lot more than the yearly record 

Many teachers feel that the new 
records were introduced In response 
to pressure from a few busy-bodying 
parents and politicians. They are 
determined to continue. die practice 

•> IXMtlki.' « r «w» determined io cominuo um vr«>ui^ 

rfL “|®» ILEA recommends, of keeping confidential records for 

Xervlee- W 
t«rd friate fa 







. anvx. u-u ..—.i.iMwyM. ui Keeping Lumiucmmi (b^iho iui 

Pfhind die P arents foil lhat their own use, espedally to monitor 

Jf^dioe anJ :n0 . 0 ii^ Htes was a . ^ or * family circumstances. : 
would nn«/ k» territory ILl-A’s policy on . koeputg 


family circumstances 

now ho ~‘u "L*- icuuuijr ILliA’s policy oi 

oe post , Mr Newsant second tier of Secret and mpre siri>- 
“But ii,. .. . lective records' Is not fentiroly, 

i/a think hai-!f v ? as k?4 each school dear. It seems that die authority: 
Jth»rw. l fucther ; improve- can do nothing about It and has 

Xf .'f 'S tftal— 4>otfa for littie objection to teachers keep- 
totlon serci>.„ ren Bnt ^ f° r the edu- tog private notes for their own use. 
Parents ra,, o j 8s , a vriiola— that or passirc nit information tq. tne 
- huo. Uo appr 

«nts beeaXr • i rurmer^unprpve- 

“ Ti ®n !mSiL dren and tor tfce «*u- 

rents can .„j as , - a vriiolo— that or passirc 

,D °I and hi.wS£ “PPMtech PeaAier who takes the class tiie fol- 
i*s life -TKf ;W ra*' W'S.- lowing year, 
rent . to - 1 ra l«ion*j p Q f Y But it is n 

p be lefr to chance" t0 ° im5Wtasit Bdenliul ir-f 

*hv immediate 




more worried afcoui.con- 
fidenliul irformation beidg passed 
op year after year, and stJckmB 
wlih a child when it Is no longer 
accurate or relevant. 

TES holiday offer 

The TES has arranged a 
special package holiday on 
the Bay of Naples from 
October 23 to October 30 
(half-term in many places). 
The cost is £1 19 including 
trips to Pompeii and 

Sea, sun — and Pompeii 

There can be few bettor places far a Beyond Sorrento die view opens 
short autumn holiday chan tho Bay and you aro aware of liow rugged 
of Na^Ies^ writes Pom Cooley. Far nnd rural tfic peninsula is behind 

‘ exotic, tlie coastal strip. Vineyards and 

olive and lemon groves cover tlie 
hillsides above and below tho road, 
tiny rocky bays perforate the shore. 
Where the road climbs up out of 
Massailubretise the Hotel Mnriu 
offers comfort nnd tranquillity, 

This small modern hotel fa run 
by a family who pride diem selves 
on friendly, efficient service and 
it boasts a restaurant much fav- 

_ . . - onred on a coast that takes its 

ui me of u week without fond and wino seriously. Beside 

the Marla’s swimming pool <n' on 
balconies tliat overlook the shining 
bay you can. If yon mu si, plan the 

eaimigli from home to be 
yet not so for that tlie journey ami 
cost make it iinprncticul. 

By October the fierce summer 
heat Inis usually ebbed to dear, 
siumy weather, warm enough for 
swimming and sunbatliiiig nnd ideal 
for walking and sightseeing — 
blessedly relieved from tiie press 
of summer -visitors. Tlie urea is 
varied enough to satisfy all tasLes 
and compact enough to enjoy them 


tedious journeys. 

Front Najiles or Romo you leave 
die autostrada for a coast road that 
twists and turns through a string 
of attractive little towns to Sorrento 
where tlie narrow, climbing streets 
and little squares wear the trap- 
pings of tourism like fancy dress 
nliat decks them out without spoil- 
ing their character. Here there 
ore sltops, restaurants, cafos mid 
night dubs to suit every taste and 
pocket, and a weekly market in 
the main square that attracts local 
people from tiie mountain villages. 

next half-term's work in' perfect 
pence, or map out a trip nlong the 


Pompeii and Herculaneum are the 

most famous historical sites. For 
anyone who queued under the 
arches of 'Burlington House Inst 
year no see the " Pompeii An 79 ” 
exhibition to walk the long straight 
streets of Pompeii itself, with 
Vesuvius humped along tho skyline, 
and to wnndcr through painted 

rooms and cool courtyards, is to 
complete an experience. 

But there is also, going somli on 
the Cornlche road round the pen- 
insula, Moorish Posit ano, oncucatt 
Amalfi, Ruvello and Sal onto with, 
a few kilometres furtlier on, Pnestum 
with Greek temples on tho seashore. 
There are excellent bus and train 
services and car hire, with no extra 
mileage charge, is about £10 a day. 

In the evenings you can gd down 
to Sorrento to watch n Tarentellu 
show, n folklore entertainment full 
of colour and life. You con, of 
course, dance yourself somewhat 
more sedately. And discover tho 
superb Italian wiues. 

Whatever pleasures you choose, 
the peninsula end the boy : are o 
constant delight. Tho changes of 
light throughout the day bring 
Vesuvius into sharp relief or make 
it recede into mystery, Cnpri is a 
beckoning diamond just offshore 
and . Ischia floats away across the 
shining water. Unexpected little 
rnads wind you dawn to the water's 
edge or up to the bill villages. -and 
everywhere you are met with charm 
and Neapolitan courtesy. 

The £119 pnekngo Includes: 

• Return flights on a scheduled airline front London 
Hcnthrow to Rome, with return conch from Rome air- 
port to the Hotel Maria In Mnssalubrcnsc. 

• Seven nights at the Hotel Marla — hnlf-bnnrii accom- 

modation bused on Hluircd Di'ciiputiiHi of twin-bedded 
rooms, ( 

S A foil-day excursion to Pont poll and halfidfly exQur-, 
in to Herculaneum.' The services of an experienced 
-courier will be available throughout. 

Send the coupon for o brochure giving full details to : 

TES Holiday Offor 

c/o Pago and Moy Limited 

136-138 London Roud 

Leicester LE2 1EN 

or ring Leicester (0533) 552521. 


Please send full details of the Times Edu- 
cational Supplement Bay of Naples Holiday 
Offer lo : 



Please also send details to : 


Address V ,J, 


Run over by 
farm vehicles 

Jane Age 5 

Nigel Age 3 

David Age 15 

James Age 1 % 

Burned to death 
or electrocuted 

Harry Age 12 

by overturning 
. , tractors 

Michael Age 15 

Paul Age 13 

John Age 11 

Timothy _Age 13 
Alan . Age 15 
Gillian Age 9 

Drowned or 

Louise _Age 2'/ 2 
Sarah _ Age 3 
Thomas —Age 4 

Killed by 
falling objects 

William Age 2 

Linda Age 12 

' ::*l- 



“Apaches'* is a twenty seven miRule film, made 
because twenty one children died in farm accidents j 
last year. Fifty three chijdreri died in the previous * 
two years. | 

Designed for screening to young audiences, | 
“Apaches** is the story of a gang of children playing, j 
Cowboys and Indians among potentially lethal | 

Please send me “Apaohes,” for screening on 
— - • — -t— : — — .(Dalo) 


: ; Address . 

, piecesOfl^rm equipment. It iUustfate^olp^tho.- T . . Tri.Wp^for^rqiaiiap)-^^ 
sort of circumsfonces inwhich a peacefuf comer of . 1 onRShg., , • - 

/ a farmyard-MO berome a deptjhirap. . . . fc r . , . _ 

, i>ach>i)iir^hftd^n ; that;pi^ o^fqnjisii^a, \ 3.^;! . 

be play ing. With death. 1 Iv v i* ■’ 'v' ■ -?X3oi«^ierii;itoiidmB,B'rjo»hyar3 Avenue, 

A cton ; LondopWj 7JB. Tel : 01-743 5555. 

l>- t ^•av«'jv.« l i 

’ -nc - vU - » p m 

; . - : v» ^ .-v. ‘ i . i . j . * *j r • • v- 



— — .__: e !U 


[ j j m m 

• m hiij 

■ > I.r-; 1 
• ! ,:U-.-.uj 

m l !« ■ -i I 

jr'l : . . 

■nu • J 

l! ;4 ! 

.y. ; . . 

!- -i U. 

i \X Ijs 

-i : | --**« 


«:-:a ! 

up. .i'.r . . * 

Jjfif f i4* 



Vv*? v 


i.- ■. 
i' ■ 

i • 

t \ 

, i 


i- • ; 




t- ■ ; 

Cambridge Institute of Education 


1-11 Siplemlior. 1877 

A tauru tor Heads. Sanlor Stuff and AdvlBaru. reviewing P'aflioas In 'he dovtFlcp-,i ol 6-12 and M3 Middle Schools, and lilghliaMing current pi Obienis Tho 
programme will locua upon tho curriculum and aoclal oigamaallon of Middle 
Schcda and will iiiwolvo member* In practical work. 


16 10 Soplembor, 1877 

Ttif .-ouran will look nt lha eenujl issiios In Si*lli cduraiion. plxclnq llwm 

III ilia Wldur conlo-l o( ll>e IC-TO sector Tho ovtioU film will ho lo lair down 
nulda/jnea loi Ills auccosaiul dovolopmenl of mo gr owing Si* III For in oidi »*o ufirl 
lew venrs. and m e> amine Ilia pombiMto* Icj fniu<e l«»-i earning changes in (lie 
educ.iiioii ol 16-18 t«udei<>9. 


23-26 September, 1877 

inn cuirso lor Heads and Sonmr Sljfl et JVmaiv -ird M..JUIO School-, ta coin 
rained ivliti Ilia School s lesponslbrliiv f c> J.'iuni .inti flMlgtoui Education in -i 
Eficulai society, Ir wilt examine ino cur r uni licHopli Council uiojoita Lnncasioi s 
on Roiflrc.uB Education In Prlwciy S*'hout« and C-unh> Idae « Meal Fducniion 6/13. 

Furl her details nboul lha above course*, which will lake ploco ol Wolleon Court. 
Q (lion Collaoe,' Cacnbrldgo, can bs obf.iinsd (ram Ihe Courccs Ollictr, Combrldua 
Inal Hula ol Education. Sliatlofibury Read. Cnmbtidga CB2 2BK (telephone Coin- 
brltfga (0823) 68831). 


Garnett College 

If you teach in Further 
Education you may he 
eligible to apply for one 
of the few remaining 
places on the part-time 
B.ED. course starting in 
September 1977 


Slough College of Higher Education 


, 'r i. 



R-S.A. Certificate in the Teaching of. . 

, ‘ . , English as a Second Language in ; 

' ■ /yfuUkutturaf Behoofs' . 1 

Applications are invited for the abovd on’e 
yaar .. part-time eburse beginning In 
September, 1977. 

The couipe la intended for both Secondary 
end Primary school teachers. Applicants 
must be recognised by the Department of 
Education and . Science . ’'as . qualified 

Application forms and further . details are 
avalfabfe frptrt: *• * ;* v . ; r 'v • • - . 

Mr. M. Fitzgerald, Course Plttctof, 
filouflh Industrial language Centra. . 

The Communitv Centre,:, J 

The Community Centre, 
FumbwitRoBd. SLOUGH, Berks, 
Tel; Slough 26004 



The school war embarrasses the left 

these speclalhe in .secondary « j 


from Joan Smyth 


With only nine nionrb.s in gu 
bufoi'c this French nutioitat dec- 
rinns, M Jean Curncc, 58 year old 
lawyer .nnl presideni for 21 years 
of die powerful Federation of 
Fluents’ Associations for pupils of 
Mine si-houl fa sirring _ im-vring 
nssuc in lion with one million adher- 
ents) Inis given lire majority parlies 
a wonderful present. 

lie Inis mice more resurrected the 
old to ii flic i between state secular 
education ami the private Cathodic 
schools, lie did it at tho beginning 
of June at the federation’s annual 
meeting in MW by cabling on his 
members to act ns “ missionaries 
fur the only sdioiusi ic freedom, 
freedom from denmniiidiioiuilisin ”. 

The left -wins press p»‘Oie% 1 e<l <uui 
culled M t'nniee the ” blunderer 
from Alin ". The Soria ilst Parly’s 
shadow minister fur eduu-'lion, M 
Louis Mexiiiuieau, suiii: "The 

Socialist Party has already said, 
and repeuiedly said, that we have 
absolutely no intent ion of relight- 
iiifc the flume of the old school 
war ". 

Tho reason for M Curnec’s irn- 
wclcome intervention lies in idle 
man himself. A niiliiimu uni^i-cJeiuc, 
ihe son of two schoolteachers who 
were a I ready f-igliiittjt aga-iotst Cnt'h- 
n lie schools when lie was u child, 
he has never Jet go. 

Hie Blowing popularity of pri- 
vate .schools and the approaches 
made by the loft to cutup vimtlso 
have contributed m Ids outburst. 

Smile state financing is already 
given to private schools. A law 
hrmittht into force by M Michel 
UJire, when Prime Minister in 
1959, allowed for limited aid to 
private .schools nil condition they 
would accept some state control 
over leaching stuff, school alien- 
dunce and discipline. Hut nihcnviac 
it left them free to administer 
their schools its they wished, and 
about half the non-deiioniinutiomi] 
schools accepted it. 

A later scheme brought more 
innney — and more state runt rnl. If 
the schools hud been open for 
longer than five ycjis. wllh a min* 
-Imuftt number of 

An earlier start to schooling? 

. As W «J1 ilioir fulMinu.J 

JIB Ktoff, niusi of these Jf'’! 
luivo ndditioiuil parwiBn^ 
from the MULe sdinots Z,* 
allowed to give up t0 a ’ 
j.f^lx limits’ lessons i„ 

In Paris mainly middle a 
eliUdmi intend these .school, r 
working-dun distrirx • 

iiia.iy working-class dhtri^’ 
Purls have schools for immL' 
workers and Catholic scBfi 
wnrkiitg-cluss parents. ■ v 
There are of 

i nere are ol course some,' 
famous private sdmnls such 
b’cnle Alsuciemic where let,., 
iotelleciiiul - 1-1 

, . .... Parunit often 

their elt tld ron, «u- the Couveml 
Oiseaux, OHO (if llm p 

Connimnisi /i Al. (Jeurgos 
March ms : /i/«in;ig it i/meii. 

,ta(f. 'uihI 

liisi.illaiinns and litiildings, die 
slut e wnnld pav die teacliers’ sal- 
aiies and social security and u ant- 
ing. give grants for hunks, siltol.ii 
ships and hcl|t tuwunls trims port. 
The rest hud to come from fees. 

In the 1977 budget, aid fnr pri- 
vate schools was voted in ihe 
extent of !i.Hm francs (LG88.4m), 10 
per cunt of the whale education 
budget of more than 58 billion 

francs (£6.8itt). Although only 2 
million schoolchildren attend pri- 
vate schools in France against 10.8 
million for tlm state schools the 
importance of the private school 
system us a political weapon bus 
boon growing over the past few 

The private schools ure verv dif- 
ferent from English public sdtojils. 
With one or two not able exceptions 
they are not particularly expensive 
nor do they aim at producing an 
cducaiimutl ' elite. In the past the 
private schools were considered to 
lie the refuge of the caiUTes ” or 

lint because of the unrest and 
politics lizo linn of the lycees, the 
strikes among the 1 earlier s and 
lack of discipline in the statu 
.schools, more and inure pare ills are 
now starting iheir children out in 
the private system and are not 
wailing fnr them to he weeded out 
of a lycec at 1-1 if (onddered un- 
suitable for the lough standards of 
the bucca la ureal. 

It has never really been a ques- 
tion of money, the lycees were 
always c mtsi dried die lu*si. Now 
parents are not mi sure. Even left- 
wing nmi-Cat bo I ir parents ipiitr 
often send their children lit private 
Catholic schools. 

rrlvutc or independent education 
til France is almost overwhelmingly 
('iillialir. 9.1.2 per ri-nt. 

About -1(10,(1(111 l : i.-«wh children 

attend private mm dr 

schools. In I'untiasi u> the Cat Indie 
private sclnmls. the nu nnl to mill in u- 
lionnl schouls ftnniish nt til*- town*, 
nnd cities rmher thin in the 

"V — >■>«; snob » 
M'linnls in i’aris. But most of M, 
are small mi pretentious sfhooj 
ho found in each Paris district 
the big provincial towns andV 
sneoinli/e in gening chi 
tlirmigh ihe dreaded *’ bac ** I 

Fees are not particularly hW 
primary day schools nn averapi 

is about £30 a term. In some 
Catholic schools the average 
fee for say uu 11 or 12- 
doing n first year of sewt; 
education can be us little- at f:- 
term for day pupils riling to It 
term fev boarders. . t 
F.xpeosit'e schools arc a niiu,^ 
Top fees are arunnd 11,500 1 \} 
which the Frencli consider or 
linnul and pinliihitive. The m- 
schools are tlm-: not the aW 
prertigiuive of tltv rich, 
ships ure now in force Ir.' 
even (he most elite -a'hooh lib» 
tlollege (‘uniismi in Toultv 
founded by .li’mits in 1874 4 • 
reputed one of the hoi tchnoh/ 
France. i- 

A n. tl inn al impiiiy nt the bep* 
nlitg of the year amung fw? " 
grade (14 year-olds I in fm> \ 
secondary school il.iste'. iwi . 
that 19 per rent working 
15 per rent upper » * . 
mimhrr of .srhulnr«hip tte* 
private school s h-w risen Ins* 4 
five yeais fro in 202 per «s» ( 
28.3 |K*r rent. j 

Meanwhile left wing Iwta** 
lrylit)t to play the issue dotjx® 
visit on June 14 w jh* “"V 
roidiiiiitiiiu urea. M fT,L 
i'll »is, le ader nf the * rench WS 
inunlM Party, said it “rii 

expecting his vm IV 10 1J .. 
match mid spark off fr* 5 ' 1 !™”. 

Fewer school marks, greater local 
power over curricula and Increawd 
jiur>£f/ provision are among major 
rrendH projected for education iu 
die dvree Scamihtovlwt countries 
and F«d in d and Iceland during Site 
next decade in a recent NmJlc 
Council report. 

One potability is the lowering of 
tiie aoartiag age for oompulaory 
sobooliitg from seven — Europe’s 
higheit—to six. Tlie Fhitiiah govern- 
meat have already said they will 
make the change and Norway is 
currently considering it. 

Mott Nordic locvl uithorides here 
gone some way towards meeting 
parental demand, for pre-oompre- 
nen-dve claves for six-yeav-olda, but 
aroilabiUty is still patchy. It is good 
bi towns, but poor elsewhere. 

Two years ago, Sweden— one of 
the moat backward in iHirsory pro- 
vision — launched a massive five-year 
programme do create 100,000 new 
places by 1980. The proportion of 
aH [xe-icliuol diildren whose 
parent* work or study that can be 
oateresl For is expected to increase 
from 80 to 80 per ceur. 

Other trends predicted in ilte 
report include the growth of school 
oouflcllt, more flexible curricula, 
lew streaming and the creation of 
a smootlier cransinon between 
conipieliensive and upper secondary 

Tlie rei>ort, Grumtslcolen t 
Nordcn, by .[ostein Osnes of Tromso 
Univereity in Norway is part of the 
Nordic Council's programme to co- 
ordinate educational development 
ki the five nations. It follows a pre- 
vious survey In 1968 by Slicten 
Marlohmd or the Swedish National 
Board of Education, and charts the 
common progress of Nordic educa- 
tion In rite last nine years. 

The bi&est change is the intro- 
duction of a nine-year comprehen- 
sive school on the model legislated 
for by Sweden in 1962. Fully imple- 
nwotod (n Norway and Denmark, 
(be reform has so far token seven 
years 5u Finland. It readies Hetaimld 
this August and the whole country 
by 1981-82. Iceland’s three-year -old 
“ w .l* atopeobed to be fuHy in force 
by 1984. 

JtevirlhdeM differences remain. 
Wluie only 0.4 per cent of seven to 
ib-yair-oiki Sivedee and Norwedena 
go to pntvate Kliools, 18 per cant of 
Finns wi the age grout* do so and, 
w Denmark s .2 per cent of seven 
®*»d 9.1 P»r cent of 
't It' 16 '' rear '°* dl * ' Mten <l prime 1 

Mike Duckenfield, 
Scandinavia correspondent, 
looks at the predictions 
of a Nordic Council report 

leave before die final year and 3.5 
per cent during it. 

The comprehensive schools have 
seen the strengthening of general 
subjects at the expense of specializa- 
tion, a sharp deci-eu>e in streaming 
and, more recently, the reduction 
in the number of options. The prin- 
ciples are chat all pupils should 
remain in . die same, undreamed 
class throughout their school oarecr 
and that choice of options should 
not affect later studies. 

However, streaming still exists in 
the final two school years (tlie last 
three in Sweden) except in Norway- 
Common compulsory .subjects make 
up 85 per cent of the final two 
years in tlie Norwegian timetable 
against 60 per cent in Sweden and 
Finland and only 50 per cent iu 
Denmark and Iceland. 

Options have been phased out for 
all under- 14s in three countries and 
for all under-lSs in Norway and 
Finland. But the range of subjects 
still remains wide, usually includ- 
ing a second or oiiird foreign lan- 
guage, economics, commerce, tech- 
nical subjects end the arts. 

.Basic skills (math emetics, native 
and a foreign language) account for 
about half of the teaching, with the 
rest divided more nr Less equally 
between practical and aesthetic sub- 
jects ana natural and social scien- 
ces, including history, geography and 
religious education. 

While the sciences take up more 
time as pupils get older, practical 
subjects occupy most rime between 
the ages of 10 and 13 and boric 
skills dominate bite first three and 
last three years of school. la 
Sweden (rite exception) basic skills 
progressively take less time and 
tlie other subjects more. 

In tlie future, the report fore- 
sees die hvcreasiiK integration of 
traditional subjects into multi- 
disci pUue blocks. This has already 
occurred in Sweden end Manway 
■where history, geogruirity, civic*, 
dietmstry, biology oaid physics have 

been united. 

This, and the introduction of 
more -subjects without a fixed place 
in the timetable, should give 
teacliers and schools more |>ower 
over curricular content. Decen- 
tralization of decision-making is 
also being promoted through re- 
forms like the SI A legislation in 
Sweden (TES, April 2, 1976). 

Un timetabled subjects in all five 
countries currently include traffic 
and sex education, tuition about 
alcohol, tobacco and drugs and 
vocational guidance. Others — in- 
creasingly common — include con- 
sumer affairs, nutrition, healrh and 
hygiene, safety and tuition oti sex 
roles, baby care and family life. 

Big ci tunges in marking and 
evaluation seem certain. Govern- 
ment commissions in four countries 
are either sitting or have recently 

Marks ore generally given in all 
compulsory subjects, though Nor- 
way, Iceland and Finland also give 
them for orderliness and industry. 
These are expected to decrease. 

Scales are likely to get smaller. 
Iceland with 11 grades and Den- 
mark with ID have the most exten- 
sive scales. Finland's seven are ex- 

R eoted to become five, tiie same as 
orway, while Sweden’s five are 
likely to disappear altogether. 

The number of occasions on which 
marks are given will also decrease. 
At present, it varies between Fin- 
land’s 14 and Iceland's nine to Nor- 
way’s six, Sweden’s five and Den- 
mark’s four. With two terms a 
year the maximum possible occa- 
sions is 18. Local discretion, as In 
Finland and Sweden, may become 
move widespread. 

Another change, following decen- 
tralization and worker participation, 
will be the proliferation of school 

However, a common Nordic model 
seems unJrkely. Existing councils in 
Denmark end Finland are parent- 
dominated, while teachers liokl most 
power in Iceland. Sweden’s plans 
to adopt Norweigian-scyle councils 
balancing -pupils, teachers, parents 
and other school employees have 
been temporarily shelved. 

Hie report also projects the 
growth of comprehensive upper 
secondary schooling with the inte- 
gration of academic, vocational and 
technical courses along lanes similar 
to changes in Norway end Sweden. 

bojii Norway and Denmark aUoiv 
ul 14. In Denmark 

cuunliy. Om of ihu 2.IHIU nr mi 

iltiii-duiHilliiiiiiliiiiiiil m hunk LilUl an* 
ill nr armnnl i'.uii .mil mn-it uf 

M I is «v as mm l, 

religion. "Dm* miiiim on « Bom 
i until r.dlv both Ceibiillc wd J. J _ 

(Mllmllr Workers In • . ' ghaut 7.2 per cent leave 

(h-iiim nit trcuuT condiiHV ^ to anter vocational training) 

Time pupil spends oik tuition during school career (per cent). 

union ", hr suitl. 

Write or . telephone : Garnett College (/LEA), 
Downshlre House, Roehamplon Lane, London 
SW15 4HR (,01-789 6533). 

United States 

deal for 
Sesame Street 


from Michael Binyon 

Rename Struct, Uic much acclaimed 
children’s pre-school television pro- 
gramme, lias just completed its, 
tli austiR dth hour of product Jon. The 
Office .of Education has announced 
that front now on elementary 
schools and day-care centres can 
make their own videotape record- 
ings on this year’s programmes. 

Tlie series has been partially 
funded by the Office of Education 
jince it began in November, IVGfJ. 

It now uppearj on more 250 

□Hep Stew* at a - daily cost of 1 
chntlpTviwttr'. *:'■ <■ l ' 
Swanfo t Soreet was ^erijtndd 1 to 
teach children letters,, and numbers 
and to h61j» diem progress fo a 
vaneiy of curriculum areas, in 
recent years tbe serieS has beed ex- 
panded to include segments for dn4 
abbur • handicapped dhildren, die 
rote. of home, career awareiteas< add 
baric health practices. ■ 

. The . original EngUsh-Wtiguage 
ver»on is now seed 'id more than 
30 countries' around the wortd.i In- 
cluding, Britain. The producers, 
h*ve also developed " Open 
Segame’’ a apecdal series for adap- 
tattoa bv . overseas r broadcasters. 
'■ The ■ ttew ''of E-the-air taping ' pro- 
cedura.i* Intended ip increase rite 
uap «j^leribi]|ty pf -Besatpa Street 
as'M educational tool in cUteSrodttri.' 
TegChers can now tape a programme 
and rise ", It Or a later pato to:* fit 
their own ribte tables. *. 


Spending cuts threaten 
experimental schools 

from Daibert Wallenstein 

Basic skllfo 

Social and natural soiencca 
Practical and 

aemlietic subject. 1 } 





. Swe 
















' Holland 


The movement in ltnlv [m%.ud-. full- 
lime " cxpcritiMiiiiul ’’ -.cliuois Ikii 
been hit by the Jic-nei.d tnihK-k in 
government sihii ding. Mo r Itnlttin 
schools work in ihe mornings only, 
uom eight iu tho uiovniug until 
ono o clock, with only u 15 minute 

Sonn ufter the 19fi£ proti-Ms, tho 

in a number 
of them i c«ihi 1 , 
iccogni/cd ut Poor. «rul »?.Pr 
tlu-re was wniply nl „ far & 
There were many 
failures. Many experimr»»» , hl p 
had JiiMifficiem f* a Xff,oL # 
Ihe basic teaching 
libraries and ttwb «* “—«• 
lltemwho < 

Government gives subsidies 
to keep young at work 


from Lynn George 


content »mi»w ; package of temporary- 

in a number of the ^ureu inuroduced test yesr h? 

r* 1 ftoorsma. Minister of 

ocial Affairs, to fight youth unem- 
7® ent has been extended and in 
<» oates expanded Cor a further 
j*ip. . i 

17 and 22 who has been continually 
unemployed for at least six months 
may continue to draw 650 guilders 
a month subsidy for a year towards 
his wage costs. Thu figure repre- 
sents up to 70 per cent allowance 
towards each yuung persou’s salary. 

government ceded to tt.icher and teachers iw*™-:*.' ,h e iry 
for by totally ,wne*l UI ^’ d fl JJf \oofrt 

■ure iv . niiMime xchqois in order 
SLJ®** % problems of families 
Vprklni .parents. 

; -By 1976 about 330,000 pupils Tout 

IIIlMil) i 

ta.k uf planning an* 
ilic'ir own leachni® 
l*eciaute of Ute fomjjj 
ernment to rc f or *I 

I in ilUV>'- 


student dcmmttK 

nll.v.inp some mIiumIs to uMend 
’' cxpei'iiueniellv *’ their ti-aching 
Uju#abJttti so,, utv puoii. •* Ihe 
Industrial tmio ns aJfo applied pres- 

w ?ul1-tlme schools in order .. 

graduate IW* 

' But 

Ttifi W.HUUI*. with Iheir f , 

P® of them , wert? in 'lha nroepecis. t nulckW 

Si®, ffoop and Iheir schools The government ,u exper imrfJ 

of Sonh ^id ct’mraTlSr 1 * r “‘ 

riiw^SS?^ th,s tlmfl yo» r 

>%S ^ ^ ave now ^*4®^ 'W>«. 

W’SfiSSL to gauge, however, 

Premiums for employers to stlm 
ulate and safeguard jobtraining 
opportunittei for school leavers are 
being Increased this year,. Every 
employer who engages ■ school 
leaver and provides. Trim wjtfa , an 

of a total school population' of'ai- 
iP lH,on ? were attending 
full-time experimental ” schoplt. 

who >re working approved apptwricea^ rocelv^ « 

y* to the success of flie premium of either 100 guilders a 

on thaiitSS Df J icial investigation lI ( P w, ?“ 8lv - c 80 1 .* ?u,1de t s) c 5 r 

’■the labour U the measures on 7S guilders (60) tf the youth falls 

tnpefe “ r market has yet been under rite Part-Time Education 

Sia - Act. 

6 oS unemployment among .Tlie latter is for young people 
that war fi Jws risen steadily. In who have completed 10 years* com- 
per cent of all unea- pulsocy education and do not wish 

| under 24 years of age* ta ««y on at school, any longer^ 

ind J, 



m t «Mio;wmtrw acboolt, but maj"y her9 ano 

4i? c ? ,0p fr wore ak extra coat ot *?Jday n,eal l 
P 1 * 0 .Ihalr own taachine ties such M J'flj Abduce ft 

s^Sjng jnto a r ie ,i v i 
.. ayawm nave bee t ?. q experi 

3 ^S to 4 n° per ' wt aim in 

PtftaL™ - P« cent. No. official 
mailable for .this 
(luf i^^iQere Is -a strong chance 

l - e?ver * 

They are then obliged, to atten 
either an education- institute or ao 
appceaclceship training school for 
two days a week for one year,- • 

fig: «« 

Her up. 

„ the labour market 
push. •*’- »•"« ** — -- 

the 1976 figure 


To safeguard the secodd year Of 
apprenticeship SO guilder a w«k 
premium for employers for every 
second-year apprentice Wd been ^in- 
' The 2iSm jij y ' ' traduced for the first time mis 

*tocated l iS gKfe f f boac year. 

*di be mSLEZlL measure* a 

*.• }.‘ • fc-u ar-'ii ; !44,'. ' . >'»*«% V •'■i.Ti '.''-Fy’irii*" 1 ".'?) -i' 

‘^^ca^ ropderp.jMgiu^e# and^hfl 



The money wiH 

^ U3ed for prerniums 'for 

in Who 

young person between 

A scheme for young 
under 23 who work on 
merciai community iw-ojects tor « 
least one year fc to, ha« 
subsidy of 25in guilders in addition 
to (he 45m guilders already allo- 
cated last year. 


Church attacks 
after fears of 

from James Connell 


The eiroady strained relations be- 
tween the Spanish private educa- 
tion sector and central government 
have deteriorated following an 
attack by the Church Education 
Authority on the growing ** secu- 
larization " of the education sys- 

About half of Spanish education 
is provided by hwdturionj other 
than the. stole, and Is' dpmjnated by 

many schools closed dowa in^foce 
of spiralling costs and demands 
from increasing! y militant teachers. 
■Hie ministry, although anxious to 
extend its. powers, was hampered 
by shortage of funds, and it intro- 
duced a controversial system of In- 
direct grants .to private schools, » . 

Institutions serving children 
from lower Income groups were 
given preference and an almost 
total subsidy for tuition, white high 
cost esfatrtisbmenw were helped 
considerably, less. There were com- 
plaints about some of the controls 
imposed, such as restrictions on 
school fee increases. 

' In an open letter to the Educa- 
tion Ministry, die Church con- 
demned mate state-run education 
and claimed 1 that choice should be 
made available to parents. It says 
any attempt pa have total state edu- 
cation would be e dictatorship of 
concepts and- ideas, and undem- 
ocratic. ,i . . 




N5T OfFEffc 


FOR 1978 

MST give an unconditional guarantee that there wHI be 
positively NO Increases whatsoever on prices quoted In 
our Continental brochure regardless oi Increases In cross" 
Channel rales, fuel, hotel rates or any devaluation of Ihe £, 
(Leaders know from the date of Iheir first enquiry the Hrm 
price ol Iheir holiday.) 


by British * Schoolcoach ' 

are amongst the countries featured In our 



British 1 Schoolcoach * or by Rail 
NST are introducing a separate U.K. brochure, featuring- 
over 30 attractive centres. 

Write in for a quotation and literature 
BLACKPOOL, FY2 0BR (no stamp required). 

Tel. 0253 52525 (8 lines) 



The most exciting 
Annual Event 
in School Music 


NOVEMBER 28 and 29 1977 
at 7p.m. at the 


The, spffoote Pr<prrj. ; are l a : unique 

^^morj^cetlpn of4h^^«^'Artcf qufllltybfsctrool 
musicln Britain, by performers selected from the 
National Festival of Music for Youtft In July. 

Different schools will appear eaeff evening and 
different works performed, though a .'variety and 
range of music, wfft be the same. 

For further details please write td TES SCHOOLS 
PROM; Room 256, Times Newspapers jJmited, 
P.O!. Box 7, New Printing House Square, Gray's 
Inn Road, London WC1X8EZ. . 






i ' ; • 

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In :** 1 

•■.i-- '' fj 

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I ’•! : 

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|.‘l ;'i; '■'! 

t { : * »•. 




► --- : -syj- »„r V * - :.“T. 

Caning: Britain could be right CSEno grounding for a 

” . . c .1 M th*l* Sir t — In dc-fending USE Mudo Ilf, different demand* «W . 

Sir. — I am lucky enough to work - in luck, which senior Sinff sometime* 
- ^ba,, co.npn.hen.l™ school of i«jd J- ^'gM^TnSLl'fc! 
nearly 2,000 where (with the inevit- |n - 1>({cr lhut physical pam j s unpleas- 

, . - „ , »«, a ! v nil - ,— 111 Iiuiciiuiiiji *■*. uint-iuiu uemimus nW i 

luck, which senior Stnff sometimes m 1 1 cs for ami got ^ w . s ? ® J Andrew Finch (Leuers. June .1) I hem. ir nil student ^ 

i nnd i mil dflil to snv rarely) feci pupils ihnii ilioso in Liu ope, pci , . i. nn r . iniciiis t i 

they must ifo by giving n niild re- haps with a resulting need to retain overstates Ins case miiikwIuiI. fallow CM*. courses, valuable t- 1 

iney must oo . a or > s r l K ut to chastise ? To be Mode III is an excellent oxaminu- 1 - - ■- w 6 ' 

sure, if we had u secret police of [j 0ll f nr those pupils for whom ii 

able occasional hiatus) staff arc civil j|in p 
to, mid get on well with, both young- Ha 

mers and patents. Judging front Mr vein, I go buck to Mr Nowell, amt 
Newell's article “Spare us Europe’s uni put firmly In my place again on 
blushes*’ (June 10), things must be rending that the European teachers 
very wrong hero, since occasionally unions will have none of such bar- 

Having cheered myself up in this ilie quality seen tu the ham, I will 
in. I go buck to Mr Nowell, and bet we should not have to look twice 
ii nut rirntlv In mv nlace neiuri on ni a dissenter : child or adult. 

Laps with a revolting need to retain oversiaies liis case somewhat, 
a father’s right ia chastise? To be Mode III is nit excellent exuniiiia- 

was devised, and few informed 
pcoplu would clunv its beneficial 
influence on teaching methods and 

very wrong nero, since occn! 
we tqwse a young, mnlof actor, 

would hi, vo M ho spent « 

I hiding out which siudems fl' 1 
cope with more advanced «w 
»iu l lion equipping these 
with I ho lucking foundation. , 
f would like Andrew Finch to r. 1 

rending that the European teacher* And that situation comes n step , r „ „„|.. ll „ lctts r |i|__ ™ “ T*-. :i 

unions will have none of such bar- Bl!arer doesn't ii, when writers like 1,0,4 M 11, ‘busts and pioiLduiu.. would ike Andrew Finch to lt * 

bnrism. A Few pages further on, Mr Newell put ilie inverted commas However, from tuy vxpcikuce us meunw any one, no matur bw 
Woodward of Newcastle University cam empt round “ prof essiomi I", a former Mode 111 icuehiM 1 and telhgcnr, could swot up CJ]0a ; . 

reminds us that no Eastern Euro- lv |, t *i, referring (it those whose views examiner, this exuinimiiion does not 1 ■Von eli nr German in a few 

peiui country uses the cnne. It would lw disapproves of ? extend sufficieiuly dus very able before an 0 level exam ia Mu - 

.h.. U SS , n3?ilh' JOHN DBLU P»l>ll. A CSK Ctrndo 1 p.l M in .. Any lni.Sl.ngos lend, er will ,. 11 . 

What Is more, it Is done with the Woodward of Newcastle University contempt round " professional ”, a former Mode III inichiM 1 and 
Gunnort of the stnff, nnd more than reminds us lhat no Eastern Euro- lv | 1( ,„ referring (it those whose views examiner, this exuinimiiion does not 

99 pci tent oE our students. Could, it naan country uses me cnne. It would j 10 disapproves of ? extend aufficieiulv the very able 

JOHN BULL. pupil. A CSP. (In, do 1 p,,« i„ I, 

wflk In peace Z protected by my the rest wrong. , Head, l. P. Hiley Comprehensive modern language for example is not 

declared commitment to sort out the But what nuout the arguniom that School, an adequate tmimhumn fnt A level 

(very few) bully boys who try their our schools provide richer opportu- Klnxwich, Walsall, West Mid lauds. courses or indeed oilier more 

„ . _ — -- # udv.mced language exuniimilimis 

But eastern Europe hardly needs it ;r ^ ' ■ ,h,w 


writing in the TfiS of June 10. has the surfuJIy divisive factor rliat it nnd culled publicly to account for quiilificuiion embark ciiiifidenllv »n 
not chosen parcicu-Jorly welt in iso often appears to be in this conn- misdemeunours, either during par- such courses only to discover that 

modern language far example is lint that it cannot he done, 
nn adequate fmimlniixm for A level 1 mu grateful vital 0 level nj 
courses or imleed oilier more exi.sls to pruvide un objective yir}' 
iidv.mced liitigmiAe examinations .slick to keep me nnd my 
not hast'd on study of literary »w our toes. I tin nnt even iind A.l L: 
lexis. it constricts my loncliins mcdiodiiv: 

1 have w. It rill'd in disuiuy, year ceriainly do not consider my hj.ffi 
after year, students with n CSK in Q level tn he based on ioaiir', 
quulificaiinn embark confulenilv on ignorance or prejudice. . ■ 
such courses only to discover lhat GRAHAM PARKIN, r.. 

they were belli inadequately pro- Siockton/Billiughani Tedmlcal S' ■ 

selecting the exwnple of the Eastern 
Eure peon countries to defend lii-s 
rase against die use of the cane in 
this country. , , , 

There are several factors which 
are so different in nhe Eastern Euro- 
pean education systems that u fair 

em-teauher meeting or at 

they were hath inadequately pre- 

AcuihI dussroon practice is rig- place of work. Conduct murks arc. pnrc j , llK | ulu ,i,| t . moat ,| |L . very College. 

orousiy cnnirolled tty a centralized if O'tiyilung, more intporttuu tihan ‘ - E! 

oiganizution, nnd wie atmosphere ucademic ones. -r-- p « 

es .js 1 * Craft teachers can draw 

Sir, — i have .some .sympathy in gen- 
eral with Margaret Madcn's plea 
(June 3), us I understand it, for a 
more flexible approach in educa- 
tion — 'Unyielding rigidity being one 
of our les.s attractive characteristics 
in tliis as in other spheres. 

Yet. as un experienced teacher 
who has spent lung hours in the 
classroom over the years. I am far 
from enthusiastic about her notion 
that standards might be lowered In 
the case of deserving pupils of a 
particular origin. Nor is it any 

E ood quoting the example of the 
United States where lowering stan- 
dards under vm-lmis well meaning 
pretexts Inis only mode notorious 

for change is why blacks fail . . . 

the mediocrity of educuiionul stan- 
dards in tlint continent. 

I believe that children today art* 
brine held back, if not actuully 
penalized, by other factors— and 
Miss Maden seems to hint very 
honestly at this in iter letter when 
she mentions teucher turnover and 
its effects ; 1 put much of the blame 
myself on our current mania for 
educational change. 

Two educational revolutions have 
caused particular havoc: the over 
hasty and often ill considered leap 
into comprehensive schooling and 
the advent of the new libertarianism 
with its philosophy of do-as-you- 
plcase. Chief victims have undoubt- 

edly hucn child icii from unhelpful 
nr impoverished backgrounds, espe- 
cially in the biu cities. 

Having taught children of inuiiy 
different origins, 1 Iihvu noticed 
that pupils of oriental background 
have impressed me bv their ulril hy, 
their diligence and rfieir cagcnic-i* 
to learn. But I am certain lv not 
going to suggest thut they should 
be set harder entrance examina- 
tions as a result. Stereotyping 
pupils is something that trendy 
progressives have been inveighing 
against in recent years — and wu 
have certainly gone a long wav in- 
ward* appeasing them, per Imps not 
always wisely. 

Setting up new categories of 
pupils to be given favoured treat- 
ment will not really solve any prob- 
lems. Rather, we should be getting 
down to the task of educating 
proper ly all pupils according to 
their anilities and aptitudes — and 
perhaps being a little less hypno- 
tised by dubious sociological 
notions, however well intention ed. 
Schools are for learning — an 
ancient truism that we have rather 
tended to forget recently. Therein 
may lie the real reason wliv puplla 

.1. H. K. LOCKHART, 

2 lb King's Avenue, Loudon W5, 

. . . just look at what happened in America 

pen n education systems that a fair mg toward* the teacher, rntc Juani- 

pnd reasonable comnnrlson cunnot ing is de rigucur ami children may SARA 11 Ill'Ll 

be used here. Tn Russia, for ex- nor speak in the teacher wiihoui ..... .-.t'j, 

ample education to ns Ir gli an permission lo do so. ‘‘DouMiiik* , i ii 

academic level in possible is guner- for chilrfieu not uiiuiiiiim reqi-ircd U,MV, "'S >» timui.ui, 

ully encouraged. High academic siiNiilmils is liormal practice. ^Fant-ham, Smrcy. 

I I Prestige within our grasp 

Sir* — l cannot allow R. 11. Kdwavds* tro for ticieuce and Toclmology.cj 
lener ** Is leriiniciil drawing nut of many moru. '* ! 

“ No. deafness ig old hat Charlie- 
Plump for dyslexia:' 

line?” (lime III) in p.iss without Ilowuvcr, It would appear Ihad; 


tiuit l Inn trail te.iriiei s .,re mmk- tl . lU -| lc ,- m whitli' |, e rtfoJ 
quaie to learii geimieiriral ur i.'rii- whom I Mi>pfci is a prris? 
nicnl drawing at any level in the «f tme of the latent pi6gies»n 
secondurv Nchnot \inci* lli«*ir buck- hantlwaguit of design-biased t*t 

Sir, — Aiihnttgh we shall have to a few weeks’ experience. The ground is mainly cralt. 1 would 

wait to see if Brian Hit'll’* mis- .tssevtnvs who sctuiinise their work, remind him ihui the tnaimiiy nt no- 

givings entice ill ing the quality uf and advisers and lieu ill anchors who c ,.„f t u .,„i u . ls k, udiccl 

cruft, design and technology tea- employ them ami menr un these , IlW . t . 

likelv in ernerue from lilt* (itiulilies mid value luuhlv the con- 1 ,L il| bJiii m A hul tin mUhlion 

secondary sritool since llieir buck- 
grouiitl is mainly cralr, 1 wuuld 

assessors who sctitriid/e their work, remind him ihm the maimtiy nt tru- 
ant! advisers and headteachers who 4 ii liim;l | crilft u -.i rites have Miulied 

w English exam 
pi becoming 
rt! less ordinary 

Sir, — It is surprising to find Miss 
Margaret Madon justifying a plea 
far “ affirmative action** towards 
the admission of Iduck students and 
women to higher education by re- 
ference to the USA. If she la aware 
of the North American expeniouco 
in this mailer she must also 
be aware of the hostility of 
die large majority of Americans 
towards these policies. 

1 have had a certain amount of 
personal experience of a similar 

situation, I Jived for several years: 
in Singapore when the Malaysian 
Government was practising “posi- 
tive discrimination ”, in favour of 
Malay students seeking admission to 
higher education. 

The result was thut every well 
qualified Chinese student who did 
not gala admission was convinced 
that be or she was displaced by it 
less well qualified Malay. The 
Communist recruiting agents hud n 
heyday in the Chinese secondary 

It is obvious from Miss Maden 's 

letter that, she is a compas- 
sionate person, but this is not 
enough. It is also necessary to re- 
flect upon tiio likely consequences 

of our actions, nnd especially upon 
the experience of people in other 
countries who have ts-oddcijL this 
path before us. Tha most likely 
result of introducing sucli u policy 
in tha United Kingdom would bo 
yet another increase in tlie National 
Front vote. 

Surely the best solution for Miss 
Maden' s black student would bo tu 
spend a no tiier yenr on ltis O level 

English. (After all die high turn- 
over of teachers in previous years 
lias damaged tlto education of 
children of all coloured Then, 
if lie gets it, he will know 
that whatever institutions lie 
enters he is there by right, 
not because some whites thou gin 
die blacks could not make ft 
on their own. Black self-respect 
will do much more for race rela- 
tions than white condescension. 


Primary School, Episkopi, 

Cyprus, BFPO S3. 

Dig history, sixth-formers Governors govern OK 

cliers likely to emerge from . ilie qiitiiiiics and value highly the con 

riUT i rum mg now opeuL’/ UJL It 111 ill y 

mg in college.* of educdilon flwjl; ** 

liniiiiigh ami S liurctl itch arc jjptaJ — Your correspondent Mr San- 

a* u 1 !& '■»> 

rotrummg courses 


J (■ (Letters, Juno :1> ample evidence 

// } exists of the success the vuriuus one 

'/ 1 Y ,1 year special courses for tn.ume 

- 4 --- '1 entrants from industry have 

jfh "I T- . -i achieved since they were hit rod need 

\ ftr) . V ; in 19(50. 

wK-Iiil LA To imply Him iho entry of such 

iribuiiun they mnke to the piu- 

IndiiMiy tiffers u rich and rrin- 
lively untapped source of craft. 

ilie subject lit A level tin ntUliiiini A. Grtvii, whosu: leiiur H \llQpri]s ; . tutuato die myth that there has been 

to woodwork and tvorki prior ase tins crafi ijvpnna - a "decline in tlie demands and con- 

in their college iraining. ‘‘J*-’ J ,u, ’ c "here skdljuai.'. tt|lt Q j 6xam j nat ians " (May 27). It 

Add m these the large nuiuhei uf ! !"/,? V •fW'K not t,l ‘? J 01 ' d»* ? J ® vel 

•* UNt* M.ind ird u,ir k ami niLt.ilunrk are Cambridge English examination, 

" l, “ Nl . ,,u .‘ l >‘‘ I “• •} secou.Ii.ry or suRti Neither is he right when he aug- 

& J 

“ A richer jtofhilcti cxprcjsitm 
against aut/ioritpj l foci 

in 19(50. design and technology to pluy u 

To imply thnl ilie entry of such major parr in developing design 
men ’’ with vugua and often inelu- itivuruiieKS mid mi tiiuHn-st muling of 
vqitt IqilAHtria experience ” bun teclmology which may on courage a 
'* chit only Uad \a a (aU it) Varger nmnVibr of able pupils to 

fisrr ^ ; “ .LTSsrw’ 4 1 

lnujcir parr in drviMnpuii! iIcnjjbi tuiiNS, impii l iiri iiiiii 1 1 t iiiiiii - i)i«. a <o riiursrs hit “si'l'IIiIiiRv 
itwuruiiesi mid un tnulerst muling »r ers ure quite lulequuie m leurli ilie of ull mules : muster uf none P 
ledtuolonv which lttnv ntirnu.-ntfn n <ubloci in niiMmitin. .session skills heller suited H 11 

morale . . . uml a lesson Ing af pros- pursue citrecrs hi upp 

subject in quustion. 

I suspect from ilie writers mill- 
men is |ltm he udvm'iites mi exp.ui- 

tlge’* is uni rue und uiifulr in men oology. In so doing tliev rim only n ! tnls * 1 1 ml \ m oils un < xp.m- 

who enter ihe profession because increase the mmole of’ it sultjca *' M,n 1 ,l ' nun It ns empire by 

of a long held desire to icacli mid niva which hits waited a lion; time snaiching the le.iriiiii; 1 . of h-iIhih.iI/ 

desjpiiu ihe often severe difficulties to gain die prestige tvliirii is now geonieirieal drawing Ihihi nali tie- 

sessiog skills heiier suited n 
pruduclimt uf v.ultvv 
lions deioialive siiiff-uiilwup 
•illrmiivt- tile things, ure W 

le simply not true for tlie O level 
Cambridge English examination. 
Neither is he right when he sug- 
gests English teachers "lack the 
statistics to prove their impression ** 
(of this decline). 

In 19 GG, candidates had one-and-a- 
lialf hours to write either one or 
.two essays. If they chose to write 
two, one was to be an expansion of 

oliiuuivi- i!h< tiling* ufe iw details primed on the question 
superficial. If tills i« » ,IUJ J paper. In 1977, all candidates fade- 
l the writ rr's cnmifli™'!. . ing me comparable paper' had to 

, . , , detmitt i he niton suvere diriicultiv*- to gam tin: pic 

Rfirinl stal'isfir** winch a change nf career Imposes within its grasp. 

IVdU<U&ldUSllLa on them nnt! their families. Many • 

Sir,— Your reference in the article ««copt u loss in salary in return for 

an -multi-racial education In Livor- ihu sutisfuction teacfdng offers, 
pool (June 3) stating that Brail- l! ?usc of us fortunate enough to 
ford; along iriih Birmingham, has (vacli such students (I liuve acted 

"started up aasin 1 * the keeping oC Ul * course leader or the one year 

statistic? on minority athnlc groups speclnl course at this college since 

parimuiits, hilt stirclv lu-t ■ idli-.igurs 

■ li 111 | 111 ’ min i t’’ • "'O 

mi tin* inadequacy ijf writs two hour-lortg essays— no 
ti-ariiiT.s tit it-, till H‘ ,| *i' ,cl V wl V •Poonfoetlinc with • ideas, 

Huai tit awing are subiisimw® 1 ** Although it is difficult to make 
In* timultt avoid making (weep |n l;,. equations with the two one-and-a- 

Those of us fortunate enough to 

us course leader of the one year lege of Higher i-hlucntlon on l 
special course at this college since 24 und 2:1 u> which critics* 
1971) are in no doubt ns to their iniuvcsied visiiunt are inv'Acd. 
motivation, onthuslasm. nrudpmii! A. IV. llAltl.l-v 

An uppnrmiiity in meet a group UII a | l j|,, M .ir j imi i i r ..... «»i«l drawing we snbda» uaiea,j» v Although W is difficult to make 

of one year course . si udems mid in ’ .. .. .... >••• -kimld avoid mukiiin eqUHilons with the two one-and-a- 

rximiin.: all uf iheir couisi* work l m ? u , 1 4 '“ 1 1 0,11 U "'' JU-iu-raM/ailmi.s. TIlvK. [ii ftif hour comprehension papors, 

(not a srlecred sump U-| will he wen- 10 lhin "« , t to iiigh prntmnioii of iiudiltoiw! flm.Oe 1966 papor was ns follows: 

tided at Crewe and Alsagcr Col- realize i In* i nnd eq iiu l ies oi he ot-i- i«.-,irlu-r« in secondary schools Approximale numbers of words to 

Birmingham, lias t^arii such students (I liuve acted tided at Crewe and Alsagcr Coi- j realize ilu* in adequacies oi in.itlu.-nt- 
*’ iho keeping of UlS course leader of the one year lege of Higher Education oil June tics teachers ii-nriiing then suliiei 

half hour comprehension papors, 

Ui . schools using a “rough Coca lJ7 *> d . ra 111 iu» doubt ns to their inturested visiiors ure iovilcd. Numeracy levels t nf Welsh Seluml 

Colour count” is not an accurate n ' l l I t ‘ vaiu ’ n j enthusiasm, academic A. W. BARLI-Y, leavers— C 111 (W.di-s), .Xumetacp 

reflection of tlie situation In tills ability and technical excellence, nr Crewe and Alsagcr College of and School leavers- *f mm u 

aulhority. ilmlr maturi ty ns teache rs after only Higher Educutiou. of employe is needs — Sheffield Len- 
in fact, annual reports have boon " “ " T7 - 

■ KwESE 1 ® Mastery for individuals in a mixed ability class 

f^f e d h ^ , t 0 , M7?wp! t .‘'JS tJ 5!.d“ly f'llT 1 ; goo< ] “ f, e ,. M f fl “ r ‘ r “ m " un, " f l*"l , n*wl» fjM on .ho nios.ory lo;,.,.iu B 

limited* ■ •” ■' R*id,.li» ihe-artlclo “Mixed Feel- avirage line uod ihco there will be almost all students can team m 

Fears that statistics so Produced inR, - > (J une .10), beginning to : in l f “' ll ' ies ' , . . , high levels. The mutlmd used i; m 

couliT 'be misused have P proved ne e udate « wqy through a lot of f G ™“£ |™ }J® “umber • divide tlie leurning^ tasks into a 

Sir, — Sixth form history (Daniels 
and Brown, Ttdkback, June 3) cer- 
tainly is in need of a drastic over- 
haul. Few who have taught it or 
its products cun he very satisfied. 
For the sixth former it often seems 
liko more nf the same or just a 
let down after more stimulating 
courses lower down the school. 
Seen from rhe universities it is 
apparently unsatisfactory, to judge 
from the comments of Professor 
Elton and orhers. Their complaint 
is that sixth forms are producing 
"prematurely aged historians” who 
go on bliukored rather than fresh 
to their higher education, and who 
are not oquimu-d to cope with rite 
technical demands of their courses. 

In meeting this need of looking 
at techniques and sources In the 
sixth form, there Js a' danger of 
merely sugaring- the plJ], or of con- 
courting a disparate and unsatisfy- 
ing course of oddments. Tlie docu- 
ments used in the sixth form ave 
Invariably adiiod and typed, chosen 
by the toucher to make a tcaclting 
point. Even individual work by 
sixth formers is all too often 
teacher controlled, to avoid straying 
too for. 

£e not the sixth for in in 'fact a 
good place to learn the problems 
of organizing one’s own thoughts 
and research? Js not it also oji 
opportunity to alert teenagers to 
the history tiuit exists outside tha 
printed page: museums, art gal- 
leries, ruins, peoples' memories, 
films and photographs, archaeologi- 
cal sites? Many archivists, museum 
education officers, archaeologists 
and curators are keen to encouraco 
the interest of sixth formers and to 
give them guidance. 

Sixth form history emphatically 
does not need to *be Improved, bite 
rethought in the context of how 
sixth formers will spend tlioir leisure 
time ns adults, us well us the tech- 
niques they will need ns students. 
Much greater collaboration between 
sixth form stnff in different schools 
. .wtH be needed in developing such 
courses and ill milking a concerted 
attack on tiio examining boards. P 
and N levels will only bo A re- 
arranged, unless (hero is a complete 
reassessment of the purpnso of his- 
tory in the sixth. 


Education Officer, 

Tha Castle Museum, York. 

groundless. We have always felt It the doad wood and complex paths ' vhe C nn™aPcu?vL U ^ "l!7!u r , 1 ,f , weH defined suhiasks 

Important' that 'members, officers, which ate connected with the far eacTeounwidchhe ns P fhfi.n t5 “'"’“H 1 ' VAi i U 

ffilMie'Vo « affi s " r ™ ,,,d,,, « mi “ d ^iv2" 

need for special educational me ^ mem to the idea tilat “ group work normal curve uf performance lion. 

XSLZS 7 & sraids?"” of SS.C’.S^-Mo’VSI Tia oim nr «JSSS 

almost uil students can team ro iruvtl at aw individual raieanOj 
high levels. The mutlmd used i; hi cjii achieve u far higher 
divide tlie leu rn ing tasks into ii spcci-ss than is normally ^ 
number «f weil defined sii hi asks 1 agree ihui a r ganir«' l ^i^ 

und the suidem wurks tin oiigh imcIi liui iiiiun, assortment 
task indcpendeiiilv until the Fur all tire the imponam .t 
required level of m aster v been I would suggest that ^ 
achieved ; together with this is an learning approach tu n'lxw ^ 

opportunity for all children. 

ability teaching". AE too often a T would contend that ihe aim' nf 
teacher approaches a class of pupil; mixed ability reaching is to improve 
with a set of preconceived ideas nf ench individual, and that ihe 

cxten-sivu use of fm’iiiitiivL- ev,i|u«i- 

, Mixud uliility tuiciiing aims to 
improve the leui'iiing fur the indi- 
vidual leuriiL-r. My own exiieri- 

learning -t " n .ak ]k 

und nut group f wnr fe JjjJ “V 1 . 
(ipjtortuulty «f 
threads together 
learning-teaching 1 Sj, 

own exiieri- JOHN IIACKETT. 

•; •••■■ j:=. ^ -;T; correctly tiieu all. pupih ^ W £i& ^ 

• ' : ^ ■•■■■■ r - _* r — 'Kv^wtior 

I ises. 

Summarize one paragraph fit 50 

Summarize the other tivo para- 
P“s m 100 woi'dx. 

Oae single-sentence comprehen- 
• answer. 

Change six sentences from 
[S rle d to direct speech, 
tiie 1966 speech question was one 
two alternatives candidates could 
“mo in 1977 oil questions were 
ry :- tlie approximate nitm- 
E .5T words to be read and under- 
iJfjy and there were. 13 
it q S ,S u t0 bc answered. 

* 1Bd t0 quoted to 
^ dEa » synonyms had to 
PWEJ w ? rds » and expla- 

phrases. Instead 
and 5, candidates 

Careering ahead in Kent too 

Sir, — Mr Peter Jagsgnr (" Huw ema- 
teur inter foi’euce upset staff” (June 
3),) does Jess then justice bo the 
" well-nieaniiig amcrt.em's” who gov- 
ern his school nnd reiesenpus con- 
sidermbly the sequence of events 
leading to the addition of one sub- 
ject to the final option. 

There were three meetings of the 
governors— one, incidentally, on a 
Sunday morning — before tiic change 
hi tiie curriculum was made. More- 
over the governor* did not " direct 
that an academic subject must bu 
In seated ’’ which implies that the 
heailmw'ici wus forceful I y over- 
ruled. The declsUm was arrived at 
after tiioughtful debate and wus 
taken only . after ,tiie Jicadmasier 
had studied whether sud) u dinngu 
were possliblc, and wlrii Iris Ofli'ce- 
meitt mid that of the senior member 
of staff appointed to bite governing 

Mr Jaggar ulsa neglects to men- 
tion bhc well at tended open meeting 
where parents of diUdron in the 
fii-st three yoars were rtble to pul 
their points of view co tiie gover- 
nors, and iriiere Mr Jaggor put lii«. 
He sliould oemeinber dhat public 
relations nre an essential pant of a 
school's work where a newly organ- 

ized school has to establish itself as 
worthy in parents’ eyes. 

I regret no less titan fac does that 
suspicion resides Mainly in tiie 
minds of parents of potential grant- 
mar school] children, bul it is a fact 
which must bc faced. In order to 
mnke progress In curriculum devel- 
opment, an aim which lie and I 
shin e, a school must win tlie er-ust 
of the parents sending their child- 
ren, or no progress is made nt s»l. 

. I would be very unhappy If the 
decision reached amtaalny by tiie 

S avomors. who Include, remember, 
io headmaster and a senior siufr 
member, had indeed angered and 
allenuicd a group uf touchers . But 
I suspect Mr Jaggar’s undoubted 
disappointment may be clouding his 
judgment, ns fr appears to have 
done In .Ms assessment nf' die gov- 
ernors’ action . 

.IiicidcntaJJy, whotii dow’Mr Jag- 
gar classify ns anmtour ’’ ? Fivo’of 
tiio governors other than tiie head- 
in as tor nnd staff member earn their 
“vine from tiie educational service, 
and uro no novices In odticatioiKU 
niaitoi's. Four of us nlso have child- 
ren In ohe school and are entiiu- 
elastic in our support, 


11 Ltmib Lane, 


Sir,-— May I refer to your article 
headed “ London gives Priority to 
Can'oers Guiduncc ” (June 10) 
which stales “the authority (Lon- 
don) must be the only one in the 
countvy thut inuimains a full-time 
inspector of careers education, as 
distinct from its careers service and 
Its advisers ”, 

The Kent education committee 
has, 1 believe, already employed a 
full-time inspector of careers edu- 
cation for at least a year Mr J. D. 

between Kant schools and industry. 

I would also like to express my 
agreement with tlie comments made 
in your from page article on tiie 
Holland report. I fool that it will 
be Increasingly difficult to encour- 
age pupils to ' apply at the right 
time for places on tiie excellent 
vocational courses ot technical col- 
leges or, indeed, to decide to extend 
their academic education and to 

after resolutely doing nothin 

Kfil’.UrS 9 hiiiuJWlflTStlXTLFHUitM liMl/Nci MJfl TUh'ilTdU 



C«JJ9 77 to select 

iWormfitfi, f rom the 

7 Stimulating liliniri on skill ; 

. and safety in trampblining 

i Quest foy Perfection . 

" Ltriath' 11 mlnulc'v 16mm, bliclt ant) uliite. MKinJ. 1 An ailt-tlk' MuJy nf ibe nnerb 
unne of world I tnminllM . rtiamciUia FmuI UiUbm'. 7hrC-b"tlz|i hiro tt.Uft fd%aii •- 
. ■ dayv LI2.CO : {llliio XtS 00. • »• 

Look Before. Ydii Leap ■' ’■ ■ v' : ' [ 

■ I v'lttiUi 21 ndnnic-. Kmm, titAuin;' t-Hind, • C\«vt« '*v*tiy 'UUU'ol 'iiatnii-dine : 

unh a I ouch of liuniairr. l>sonU«l \-iB*inu f-u all l‘fc ivulitn and. pupjli. 

.. Three daj % hire 19.0(1 ; uun daji tl pnreha »c prl^s ttMJ.iXI.. 

-i — - mmm -r _ — mmm _ __ _ h. mmt u_ __ — - __ 

■ ' Fnclijic icmtiianre or oltijul yrder to SelM kddu|1gn*1. Klliut tld, 32 liHiomiitn 
• K'j iJ. l.iirJtr Hcdili, PiWerT Bjr, H^n-. iTvl- IH-W 3 44 nA jnJ Potter* S.r 54 J I r ‘> 

■S^J'Wtions fi 5 Lj'°S ds ' i 081 ® 8 ' 

' i seve,,. a " d . 7 students • 

h 1,- wmprehn'J n1uch “tore . 

n Bn«nnr—j! l .®. ns,v e Oliasilnna In.-,.. 

inutf** P- 1 . 1 Appreciation ?, U08 tions lav*. 
' li f : Ten SSjI B °J ?® UI ? dva 
nieeti^ | ® v «n le^ f J “rlier. the papers 
\Ve 0» { 5; .1 "lake 1 l n ?j!_ d n * 

Has : a 


Filni^ In bc liiicU'purcliri-^d 
ui hire 

Swine iiiyl iddKvi 

* All rrifc-. include VATi 


r Huddersfield. 

w»nt; AVertufi. • ' ■ ; alt (SIMMONS. 

|itri« s ; h 7' ' ®"*»- ■ Thi 

I .' 1 1 ill*-. :{ -f-r |1 ’■ . 

Till* TIA11 



;>+»• ’A» i 

B.A. (Hons) 
Creative Arts 

Three-year lull-time ccuiee commencing Sep- 
tember, 1977. 

Choice of main and subsidiary courses In 


All students pursue piogiammes or Inter- 
disciplinary workshops, combined aits studies 
and concepts of criticism. 

Full details and forma of applies lion from the 
Chief Administrative Officer, Trent Polytech- 
nic, Clifton, Nottingham NG11 8NS. 


■i MOTTINGH AfVT wm—mmm 


Fears as top youngsters! 
swim with American tit; 

Instate of Higher Education ^ 

— N 

University of London 
Diploma in Education 

wttftSpeolat Reference to 

• TWs one-year lull-lime In-Service Course 1* 'designed to pro- 
vide knqwledge And understanding ol the environment and the 
processes affecting it. 

The Implications of ihase concepts in the education of children 
of the 0-13 years range, will be studied. FiBld work in a variety 
of .environments will play an important part in the course. 

Details and forme Irom Secretary (In-Service), Faculty of 
Education Arts and Humanities. Chelmer Institute of Higher 
Education,' Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, Essex. 

Applications i for September 1878 should be made as soon as 
possible. Brentwood College. 

Middlesex Polytechnic 

Postgraduate Diploma 
in Social Economics (CNAA) 

Qne year part-lime 

If you -are s graduate currently employed In. br Interested In a career 
in Ihe public serviced, find out more about alerting in September on 
this course. ... 

It Is specifically designed to illustrate the application of eoonomlcs 
to the analysis of social problems, .and gives opportunities to move 
Info lire analysis, planning and design of social programmes, ranging 
from health to education. 

Subjects Include economic theory, quanifialive methods, and public 
economics, and options chosen from economics of income difiirrbu- 

ec0nomiCs o{ hahsport. 

City of Bimi9righam Potytacllhlb 1 



Ths, D<MrlrpSnt oi Ut>r«riarwlj)|i at lh*-0flyc4 Blrmlnohun PoTy. • ' r 
technic (Meciwlng teecMie t nut-lime own* (tiling vnb, 

t ens- rof ihl new C*rUl|cato in school -Ubiiiy studies of the 
IDrsry AwHJottilon and the School Library Ae«o<tf allon, The court* 
will conirneiKe In October. 1677,. and will MoWe 3 have par 
week In ine early evening.' Applicable, equally to primary aM 
secondary lever*. 11 will combine formal -fuillon with the Opportunity 
fer OAtonded project e, *itd M Ptannso tor prscirqel application • 
to scrwpi experience. j ■ «' ..' 

Ibe Course is subjecl to - Tina I apptcwal Xf Ihe Deptrlmtol ol ’■ ' • 
Education anu Science a no Ihe Joint Board ol the’ Library Asia- i 
cfillon and Ihe School Library Association. 

For dflUIrt, write to C. H.l Ray. Couth Tolor, School Library. :■ , 

Siudlaa, Oapartment of UbrUrteoiMp, Clly of ' Birmingham floly- 
Mthnle, Forty Barr, 

JubilHiU Murk Rcc« after scoring 
the suui that put England school- 
boys nhcfld against West Germany 
si Wembley on Suiurdny. His joy 
was shortlived. The West Germans 
came buck with goals in the 
second half to win 2 — 1. 

Tournament net 
cast wider 

Tlie ni.isvpmiiciuniitm Nestle tennis 
luunuuuciu which has grnuiued 
many of today's young crop of play- 
ers lias changed its format litis year. 
Instead tif hciiiu bused exclusively 
on cmupeiltimi within schools, it has 
now hecu opened to junior sections 
of tennis chilis. 

Some too clubs tinvc joined 6.10 
schools in this year's event, which 
stints off with u ladder competition 
within each school or club. Winners 
from school and club Inddcrs piny 
each other lit n knockout, culminat- 
ing in final* nt Queen's Club, Lou- 
dmt, un Scim-mher H-10. 

by Asif Kith ii 

AnuMuan universities will continue 
Ki iHiruri tu-k'iiird young sporismeu 
and hvoiul'ii from llriiuHi unless they 
me offered similar opportunities 
here, » lop swimming coach bus 

Mr Hamilton Hl.iml, director nf 
coaching at the City of Coventry 

Swimming Club, wants talks be- 
tween spurts .rdminisiruiiirs and 
educii-t'ionisis to help sum the 
drain. _ . 

His warning came after two of 
ivis charges at Coventry. David 
Parker and lVhbie Rudd, both 

members of the llritlsli Olympic 
leant at Mon i real, announced iliut 
they were joining American univer- 

Parker, of H.ild.ike Srlionl, Cnven- 
try, who is a I .SOU metres free- 

sly list, is to study physical educa- 
tion ill die University of Southern 
Illinois. Miss Rudd, who attends 
lien Icy College, is a 200 metres 
breaststroke specialist. She is go- 
ing to the University of .Southern 
California at U»x Angeles. Roth 
received a number nf offers from 
United States universities. 

Parker, a former captain of the 
British youth swimming squad, said: 
“I will he uble in devote fur more 
lime to the sport than I could at 
university in Engluml. T shall swim 
for tin* university, obviously, but 1 
wunr to com net e for when 


Mr 111. mil. a former teacher and 
Olympic I'li.ich, said: "You can't 
hlumc anyone for accepting a 
.scholarship in tin* Uni let! Slates. 
Until llriiain can match the swim- 
ming uppurl uniiies offered ill 
America, the trend will continue. 

M A merit, m universities are syni- 
pathetic to the training needs of top- 
class swimmers. At present David 
uutl Debbie ure in the Coventry pool 
ur the crack of dawn and in die 
eveninus. It’s a long day with 

Australia sends under -19 team 

A IS- sluing squad of young Austra- 
lian cricketers .iirived jn Englund 
last week for a J ’-match lour, a 
major move by the A list mi I. in 
Click i-i board which has only 
recent lv begun to show mi Imurest 
in vomh cricket. 

During their month’H trill, tlto 
Australians, all inidor 10, will pluy 
iiueniationals against England at 

Arundel mid Lord's In early July u 
well im fixtures uguinst reams 
selected by Ted Dexter, Colin 
Cowdrey, Tom Gravcncy, Uichio 

’• r:/>\ • ' 

•- -.70 

examinations studies tJ 
In America ilicyTI tfjh 
from seven until nine in Sf ■- 
mg mill two i, mil f our "J 
the ofierniHiii, which is mil. 
rigorous, "“f 

“ Somehow wo must fit <xJ 
class swimmers into the 
system of higher educumV 
Imposing five nr six heurnl. 
tram mg on ihe curriculum 
done in America. Allows 
lie made for those cwn»* 
world- class level and n«® 
lo devote tn their sport, 
bringing prestige to tins 

Mr lUtind has su&ge$\ed 1 4| 
mg between industry leifat' 
beads of institutions in CotaK 
discuss the situation. HefcX! 
more of Coventry's premia i*l- 
mers could be lured to dxZV- 
side of the Atlantic. 'W 

Miss Rudd is the third wL 
girl to win such a Unltttfpri; 
scholarship ; Christine 
the University of AlabiJPfU' 
Sandra Dickie studying at k 

• Swimming is not the m) 
at which American unlvsni . ■ 
offering schularships to Bra s: - .-., 
dcjits. Mark Holland, h I 
old fvnm Millfield, lias huh Sri..- 
scholarship to Rice Uniw# 
Texas. Up has captained tit L". 
shire in the national In^ Ij V 
final and was nUu i nnk p-v 
tlto British iimlrr lfi twrttar-T, • 

Holland, whn will be n l-. v. 
pci) no tuics in Amcrici, dff Js '>:■[* 
remain at school instead dw:; » 
the official Lawn Tnbu h •[' .• 
linn's full-timp plaviij ajrad , •' 
oigbi O-level passes ttwurapi 
tn May ni MilHlcii \n yskf- - 
academic career. 

Looking in the wrong place 

Rob Jeffcoiite. argues that a new book on the school experience oC 
West Indian children, written by a black American academic, fails to deal with ‘the overt and covert forms of racism* 

Phyllis is a West Tndian in my fifth year 
CSE set. She is articulate, hard-working 
and vivacious; and excels in cookery, 
music and sport. Popular with staff and 
pupils, she holds particular sway over 
black children in middle and lower 
school. She is also volatile and prone to 
moments of self-doubt— even self-denial. 

' When the blnck group failed to turn up 
for last Christmas's youth club dance, 
she is reported to have said : “ Typical I 

- You can't trust coloureds." 

• Shortly afterwards I was reading Lord 
of the Flies with half of the set; -she was 
tne only block pupil present. We come 
to the part where Piggy shouts at Jack's 

• tribe: "Which is better — to be a pack 
of painted niggers like you are, or to be 
■ sensible like Ralph is ? ** Eleven eyes 
turned on Phyllis and a couple of white 
boys guffawed. She bridled angrily — ■ 
- "just 'cause I'm the only black kid 
. here 

At the end of the lesson I talked to 
‘ her. Yes, site quite uhderstood how Piggy 

Bcnuml, Mike Smith umi Basil 

IV lien the Irani was amiminced 
Millie week'* agi». mill'll was nude of 
(hi 1 fail it imlmli-s u fust 
howler l»v flu* name of (icoff 
T'Iiiiiumiii wlm is, however, an rela- 
tion to .|« ff TTnintsiiii. i Its demon 
buwlcr Iii the si-nini AiiMi'ulluu 
Test Ilmiii. 

Ainu her young mini wlm arrived 
with a glowing niuitniiiHi Is Tuny 
llandr Icknn. who low already played 
Sheffield Shield maielies for South 

mi I*.m ■* 
WeftMttiptiirt coach 

New siwft brings success 

; ' jy jS tanley jL^veotabh •; •’ , r • : .' ; 

The ehieppiW artd ' detanrtfnaticm ri aaAfA a. -I - ■ rn 

ri ^ d ■ '-rir^ctasg- craft. - They 1 

Lwdon now have, U«a of a bOdt - 1 *® I 

prj^rtedyb^BrW^i ^ 

- . tejTO,. -with. ..for(rfgn,;ii&56 fhaft. . • #•“- -I 

A- -Is- 



Doparim«nl of 
and Slillillc* 
Harlot Houw.Py 
shotneia siw8 
Are yon a leachsi 
maineinaiics bui no 
licaiion 7 ■ . 

You may be-newiy 
without a tcschino 
encod .and possibly n0 * 
If to, why nol 

Retrain to 



On^yesr lulHjm* &***’ ;• 
September, 1077. 

Further padteuM" „ 
tary at tha a ^. fes * - jj 
raference no; ^ 

PART-TIMff^ 4 

a s' 

'WMniV 1 L ° nd ° n 
Internal Del'* ,, 


•upervisioh. _. f€ |h 

^ -asssj 

d ren? n * , i f ° rtT J an 5 e Wbst Xudian chil- 
fi Qd to thi? n i atfd tes i s a ^d dxamlpatlons, 
*tr«3i* •ii 1 ' w bottom 

c1asses a«d schools for 
“kb^orthaf aDt V the, educationally 

'•a ekSJJjf? 6 wa? possible to attempt 
^PlanaDoa exclusively in terms of 

had come to say what he did, but she 

■ had been deeply upset by her white 
: classmates’ mockery. It brought to mind 

all those other occnsious — at school, in 
; - .the street — when she had been abused for 
her colour. Yet, her experience of white 
racism has not pushed her into militancy 
or separatism. She remains a staunch 
» • Integra tionlst — “ there’s good and bad in 
all rates ” — and Is fiercely critical of the 
i. anti-white stances, token up by other 
W-. black youngsters. 

Orfce, she told me, she had gone to 
this dance, only to realize when she 
got there that it was an all-black affair. 

-■ Site felt acutely embarrassed (it seemed 
. 8 denis! of her. many white friendships) 
and look it out on fh a- first- boy to ask. 

.: her to dance. He' asked in Creole and 
she refused " in Birmingham ", knowing 
that the choice of white speech would 
wound more than the refusal. 

On the other hand, she is an avid 
• reader of the black books in the school 
library, -being especially excitgd by Lln- 
■> ton Kwcsi Johnson's collection of dialect 
■i poems Dread. Beal and Blood , and has 
h organized and directed a dialect play (a 
jj: rehearsal of which I was watching one 
evening when the school caretaker came 
I up and whispered In n\y ear: "What's 
l this all about ? Witchdoctors ? ”). . 
f For a career Phyllis’s first choice was 
P the police, but family and community 
b persuaded her that this was. not quite 
» appropriate for a black girl. She then 
t set her sights on teaching home econo- 
n mlcs (she would make an admirable 
f ..-Leacher), but at her interview for fur- 
1' tner education college it was suggested 
that nursing might be a better idea. 

L Obviously, this portrait is partial .and 
l ■ • ub ]ectlve 1 since it represents one white 
I . fiber's selected perceptions. But some , 

■ ot jw features will find echoes in the 

Bce many teachers' in multi- 
W m. C .. . 8c bools. It illustrates, the range of 
JBSSP* bearing on black children, and 
'amb® 1008 anc ^ conflicts they have to | 

:/ WJ W S * however, Phyllis’s ! 

St • ^bes not match the white , 

»v She u S 8te * e °ttpe the black child. 

( 'not ak? c an underachiever and she is 
thM* 1 ~®hayipur problem; and it is on 
chilrfM ?£ 0 c Punts that West Indian 
aj ,V‘/p. t| ave 1 so regularly been presented 
inslv i» n,ost intractable of all the seem- 
inneJ-cSy 11 schtrols dffficultie4 confronting 

1 menF SU iffl? s,,on ot reports from Govern- 
tion*i /,u os an d community organiza- 1 
of cbnii 6 m e sr » rece * t » V the House 
RelaSIUl®" 8 Select Con\mlttee on Race 


■■ . ■ ' tr : — .. 

No & i aj. fs ^ 5 
bldck *y 
wKi tt. a$ 

^ VJt fhjr\K 

7 & * 

cull mill discontinuities — dialect inter- 
fcvonce, permissive school . versus 
'authoritarian home— and/or putative 

deficits Jn West Indihn family and com- 
munity • life— ‘inadequate linguistic i 
stimulation in- early childhood, high 
incidence of child-minding, and one- 
parent households. 

The new sociology called much of this 
into question; black children were not. 
so much failing, It asserted, as being 
fuiled. In a trenchant polemic published . 
In 1971 Hots the West Indian Child is 
made Educationally Subnormal in the 
.British. School System, Bernard Coord 
argued that poor attainment was dqe .to 
the administrative apparatus of institu- 

tional racism, low teacher expectations, 
and the daily deprecation of black lan-. 
guage and black Identity in the class- 

A total explication would no. doubt 
have to be, as the .educational 
researchers say, multifactoral, but what 
those who incline to Coard's thesis have 
crucially to account for is why West 
Indians do so very much worse than 
Asians who, after all, have also to con- 
tend with prejudice and discrimination. 
Tlie head ot a school not far from .my own 
is on record as saying that if -, her sixth 
form were restricted to- A level courses 
it would be 100 

piece of educational research it hardly 
passes muster. Its' tlalin to make 
, pronouncements abb tit the predicant bat of 
West Indian children in ."British", 
schools is founded on 17 *. r ca6e studies*? | 
of primary and secondary schools in tlie 
ILEA. . 

These consisted of singularly un- 
informative questionnaire- returns and 
taped interviews with hoads, deputies 
and (occasionally) . other, niembers of 
staff, relayed to the reader through the 
infelicitous medium of indirect speech. 
What do they yield us ? Pages and pages 
of headteacherly guff. 

A few heads have exchanged the old 
claptrap about not noticing racial differ- 
ences ("they’re all just children") for 
the new shibboleths of self-image and 
cultural identity, but guff, for the most 
part, it remains. The general tedium is 
alleviated by odd interviews with Com- 
munity workers and by precisely two* 
-with the children themselves. 

In one Professor Giles mercilessly grills' 
an 8-ye&r-old boy of mixed ■ African/ 
Trinidadian parentage who wants to 
believe, for obvious reasons, ■ that, he is 
half-African (his mother’s half) and 
nothing else. In the other, a group of 
black teeimgfjBfrJ* lambaste,- (qu+jjP 

scarcely conceivable is merely to under- 
score how desperate things are. They 
have certainly been exacerbated by the 

, . • i! _ r 

* t Vr--.* i 

increasing alienation of black youngsters 
from white society. In the new mood of 
black militancy, . schoql :is , almost 'as- 
inimical iad institution. as the police, and 
truculence in the classroom Jtwttnablp 
a form of 'black resistance as having no 
truck with Menial jobs. 

Against tjils background Me. prospect, 
of a book- on West Indian- children, in 
British schools ,by a . -black American 
academic, with a published evaluation 
of black studies. programmer ia' Ameri- 
can schools fo his credit, ^ More than 
welcome : it/ held .out the; Promise pf 
fresh insights ahd analysee. and of 
pointers to dristispected respipMpn?, . , 

! it is particularly dispiriting ^ that, Pro- 
fessor Giles’s, - book is something ; ol ! ■ a 
shambles — ' clumsily • • .WrittMt,' dis- 
organized, repetitive dnd tedious. As a 

lo -offierwi: in the field 1 
is pure ■ scissors-and-pasfe ("X says this 
and Y says that”), and direct school 
observation minimal and of breathtaking 
naivety (“ I observed by looking at the 
student body that a. number of. students 
from., ethnic minorities were in 
evidence”), . . 

students objected to whites joining the 
class — "Get-de raas outside here, moil, 
dis de black man ring.” 

Perhaps the most important point about 
these and similar incidents (and it is one 
which Professor Giles Makes emphatic- 
ally) is that we should insist the tempta- 
tion to concentrate “on the symptoms 
of the black pupils* response to racism n 
to the neglect c ‘ of the elimination of ite 
causes M . 

Professor Giles’s sub-title anchors his 
analysis to the old argument over ethni- 
city and social class. Like others before 
him, he criticizes the Government's dotty 
decision to subsume the needs of racial 
Minorities under the general concern over 
educational disadvantage, and the failure 
of most schools to recognize those same 
needs, and hence to revise policies and 

There are one or two honourable 
exceptions in his sample, trad’ others who, 
while admitting tlie needs, do hot quite 
know what to do about' them, or are 
frightened of a white backlash, pr settle 
for curriculum tinkering which may 
actually do more harm than good (such 
as one secondary school’s “third year 
geography course based on \ under- 
developed countries, which included the 
problems of the West Indies ”). . 

Suddenly at the end, however, ip some- 
thing of a volte-face, Professor Giles 
appears to conclude that wliat black 
children renlly suffer from Is “ social 
class isolation anil thnt if only they 
could, like himself (wo are permitted a 
tautalizlngly brief glimpse into his auto- 
biography), maka it .out of the gliptto, alt 
would be well, br almost* , j 

M to his four 'recommendations, I 
found the two research proposal^ some- 
what less than transparent. .Tlie other two 
— in-service training and the development 
of genuinely multi-racial curricula — are, 
of course, thne-bono tired, but* it is 
important that they Should be ieen as 
minimum requirements rather than cure- 
alls. The school 'in his- sample that ha* 
clearly done more rhan any other ! know 
to make multi-racial education « reality 
still reports that the group “ oausing the 
most problems in a violent, aggressive 
way ” is the West Indians. A black studies 
teacher comments In the- book that " the 
reluctance of black students to do; work 
which involved research, reading and 
writing was ... as real a problem in. black 
studios as it was in other topics they 
took”. , - 

It is a pity .Professor Giles shoulijf have 
opted for a kind of updating of Schools 
Council Working -Paper 50,- Multiracial 
Education : Need ana Innovation, for his, 
research design, and wasted ah Much time 
talking to heads and, their deputies. If k . 
Is because, like Bernard . poard, he 
*behpvee thaG teachers’ altitudes xonkltute 
M a iM , °bp|ficies to^Piacki'Chlld- 
ffroitite afe sonodl;. then he was look- 
ing in the wrong place. i 

The attitude teachers express in, ques- 
tionnaire returns or taped interviews aie 
of little account; he himself notes the • 
frequent discrepancies between what 
heads 'say is going on in their schools, and 

[Confirm now bad reiahohshuM . are. A 
head' recounts how she was walking, along 
the road hapd-jn-hand with .A S-y ear-old 
black boy- when he said t - My father 
shouldn't see me now . , walking up the 

called her a “ ^vhite racist, pig ”, 

At one. sewndary ichoiH Olbt kj the 
sample) a. *>r warfiard ’^ k «Md 

the' overt add' covert foripa^ ''bf ^ racism^ 

It is to these, -and ^flie iMefchahismrt 
.whereby' theyrToperate, tlMt researchers 
should ; be diretririg ! 

Rob Jeff coate is he^ } 6f* ^ngtls7t\Jfec7ielle 
Secondary Schools Birmingham. Hd was 
formerly research officer for the Schools; 
Ciuhcitf NERR “ fiducdtiortTfor a 

1 LfnltiV H I 111 Ml ' A*' ' : 

Multicultural Society p . 

'% “ The WjBst Indian Exp 
, Schools "■ is . p ubUshed 

i of warfare " w s«a t. jhe Wjast Indian Experience in ■ British . 
the staff and the black .School*”- is. published .on Monday by , 
black studies teacher Heine man n Educational ; (£2,20). A .fur* 
lack secondary school ther review appears M page 21 * & 


i. .;:;V 


i ! i 1 

: ;o * 

: 1 , j m i,i 
»' !i _ , . ii 


• -.!ii 

I "ijij 


. .' . ii 

•■I .-.i; 

t -i, 


yaj " 





• l'l<: 

■ $ 








Will the current preoccupation with ‘standards' and control ol the curriculum bring our schools more into line with those \ 
oil the continent? Ajid if so, do teachers and parents know what may follow ? At the end of a • 

year spent looking at British primary schools, Karl Heinz Gruber offers some sobering comparisons between the two systems j 

‘It is difficult: to imagine 

English children being afraid of their infant school, 
but on the Continent 

there is growing medical evidence of psychosomatic 
disturbances caused by 
Schulangst, even among very small children 1 

A widely used 1 metaphor in tlie education 
debate is the “ swinging-back of the 
pendulum ”. Many proposed courses of 
action demand the reintroducrion, return 
to or re-establishment of this or that. 

So far these usually highly emotional 
and vague expressions of discontent with 
the educational status quo have resulted 
in little more than nostalgia and 
masochism. If — as The Times wrote 
when Neville Bennett’s Teaching Styles 
end . Pupil Progress whs published — 
“Progress is not progressive ”, back to 
tvbcre should the pendulum swing ? 

A brief look at Continental primary 
schools, where the pendulum lias not 
even yet begun to swing, where “non- 
progressive” education is still standard 
practice, may provide a few sobering 
lessons rp those who think the future of 
British primary education might lie In a 

S rocliemcnt with the European 

Generalizations about European 
primary education may be unfair to some 
schools and some tcncliers. But with the 
exception of the occasional Frelnet 
Scale moderne, the odd Rudolf Steiner 
school and the few experimental state 
schools, there emerges a picture of fairly 
uniform and uninspired traditionalism. 

One must neither be deceived by the 
impressive Innovative visions generated at | 

over Europe public; concent, political ' 
controversy and, with the exception of j 
Sweden, usually half-hearted reform 
oerorts focused on the comprehensive 
reorganization of secondary education. 
Even during the shortlived eduenilomd 
renaissance; of tlie 1960s. and early 
1970s primary ■ education remained O' 
non-problem, ,r klds’-stuff »». 

■ While British primary education seems 
to have been able - and willing i 0 
revitalize and implement the heritage of 
Ftstslozsi, Rousseau, Froebel, Montessori 
and Dewey, and- to accept the challengo 
OC new ideas, continental classrooms have 
stayed, largely unaffected by; this 
regeneration i what revolutionized' the 
. appearance and working of 1 British 
primary schools ended, up as “-Interest- 

?Al n ^ :l,apt r s J ,I1 ? on Hnental textbooks 
on history of education. 

‘ ftSE-SK the , Bop between British and 

T*S. r m u ry ed . ucatl °n become 
j yb?, !* a ? Primary education 
progressed in Britain, but hardly at all 
on the Continent ? Any attempt td explain 

‘English headteachers speak 

unashamedly of fheir intentions to create a happy school, 
a notion that would strike 

most of their confiJnental counterparts as embarrassing, 
if not obscene : 

on the continent happiness is not an educational concept 1 

' the anomaly will have to consider (he two 
different administrative-bureaucratic con- 
texts within which the schools operate. 

On a continuum of bureaucratization of 
education, Britain would be way out on 
the non-bureaucrutic end, while the coun- 
tries of Europe would cluster near the 
bureaucratic. Of course both have 
“mixed” models of administration, hut 
there is an enormous difference in the 
composition of the mix. There is also 
ample, though fragmentary and widely 
scattered, evidence to suggest that cer- 
tain organizational features, ideas and 
strategies are functional and compatible 
with each other, but unthinkable within 
the opposite context. 

It is highly significant that virtually 
all the European theory in I lie fluid of 
educational organization bus been 
generated in Britain. Also, Continental. 
I aye grout ijhnciiliy^ 1 n fjnd- | 

open-plan schools or, for ihiii mutter; pro- 
gressive primary education. 

The more conspicuous differences 
between the two models, such as the 
degrees of centrali/minn and standardiza- 
tion, are well known. What is often not 
fully realized Is that all fuctors are Inter- 
related, and therefore affected by tho 
prevailing organizational structure. Have 
arc a few othor features of the tradi- 
tional Continental system: 

# An absence of grassroots development, 
Bnd the inhibition of the individual 
schools’ creativity; 

® AJwp® corpus of laws and regulations 
controlling both the outer organizations 
and the. inner, curricular life of schools; 

• A tendency to give legal considerations 
priority over educational ones; 

• The assumption that educational 
reform consists of occasional major 
legislative efforts, followed by prolonged 
periods of busincss-as-usuul; 

• An inspectorate which inspects, but 
rarely offers professional advice; 

• Restricted professionalism of teachers, 
who have civil service and work-fa- rule 

• Strong boundaries between sc Imnl and 
community, enforced by a i radii iouul 
closed school architecture. 

What is life like in schools shaped by 
such conditions, and what is their public 
image? Alas, the abundance of 
truditional teaching on the Comment 
does not receive the appreciation an 
Englishman unhappy about progressive 
primary education might expect, time 
ono ignores tho universal and perennial 
grumblings about falling standards (there 
are, hy-ihe way, some fine Ancient Greek 
Black Papers, whose standard is much 
higher than Dr Rhodes Hoyson's), th«* 
education debates in Britain and on the 
Continent show some marked difteivm es. 

British primary schools are accused of 
demanding too Buie of children, nf 
wasting too much effort on the quality of 
life in schools. European primary schools 
aro frequently accused of demanding too 
much or children, and of being cruel and 
unhealthy*, English primary school, head- 
teachers speak unashamedly of their in- 
tentions to create. a happy school, a nation 
that would strlko most of their Continental 
counterparts as embarrassing, if not 
obscene : on the Continent happiness is 
not an educational concept. 

‘In Austria even a 

very modest amount of teacher cooperation In junior 
: schools required legislation 
of constitutional character, that had to be passed by a 
two-thirds majority in Parliament 1 

In G erman the word “ school " (j J 
is becoming a dirty word.' Oik] 
recurrent issues of the education! 
in the Gorman-speaking world] 
warning against Versdiuliing-.J 
school-like learning ”, In a rare® 
pro-school and university teaohenl 
in tho name of freedom, self.dal 
tion and relevant learning ,thzu3 
pcctive sectors of the education®} 
must not be infected by ?ch«JR 
1 The irony is that all those sk 
Fcrsc/iirfimfi derogatively do noil 
mind lhat school-children liart fl 
In a way they consldor unsuittfl 
for pre-school children and studea 

Most of the teaching andlftfl 
Continental primary school? iiifl 
ininerized, collectivized andsyfKiU 
Thu standard teaching unit ir mi 
group of 30 children, and 'ufJeffl 
! with one teacher in u recta#*® 
room that has- u blackboard s t® 
windows on ihe left (so thit fljfl 
writing hand docs not orttpM 
writing) and a door an ikefiriS 
r always closed during to. ■■jjgj 
[ new modern school lmildinuK 
; strncturo is a corridor iineMH 
I rooms of idem leal size ana 
i'j Life in rhiNsronms is focu»»| 
,,tem:her, who dispenses ktinwlea® 
1 j orally, tiirmi“h ministerially JJI 
1 1 ex t honks tind teaching aidk ocm 
i (.blackboard from which childmaoW 
j their hooks. Since the whole clWJi 
i does the sumo thing at the 
; classrooms have no Imys, \W< 
i corners, no activity areas,®® 
/pnriitimiK. One therefore rarely. nj 
i, ivorksiinp-for-lcurning atmospliertj 
i neatness and silence (“ except w* 
tiro asked”) aro generally'*?] 
j indicators of good classroom ^ 

The areas in the school »»!J| 
I classrooms are pon-teBcnino 
designed nnd exclusively usea wa 
mont lo and from classrooms, ■»* 
tories. Some countries 
schooling for six days oer 
are neither school meals nor .oirna 

One major reason for JSJ 
or teaching and school JfIJ-Jsa 
jihat the Isolated teacher wiW M 
group of children in a selMnW^ 
room is the legally defined 
the school system. M. 'Hi 
example, oven a very moaw 
teacher cooperation in iw»* va 
required legislation of 
[character, that had to 
1 two-thirds majority In P ar,|iD ■ 

plpplfnir nr 

■H other — why 

i lead the world 
scents to learn 

First and foremost, such an atmosphere 
depends on the attitude of the teacher 
winch easily communicates itself to the 
pupils in the tone of voice as much us in 

ere of 

society, who usually WtJ., 
in the driest and most fee™ 
u rone of voice which f® pb ‘* S 
Few of these can havMiH 
producing a clean cJim3g3£yi 

Although national curricula and 
syllabuses leave the teacher more discre- 
tion than is commonly assumed, the range 
Sf learning experiences in Continental 
fcfaools tends to be much narrower than 

i ngland. Children spend most of their 
sitting at their desks, learning about 
lot through things. Discovery learn- 
takes place after school, when 
ren discover that there are real-life 
DTuenu corresponding to their school 

e amount of pupil-determined work, 
the opportunities to work at an 
rldual pace, are very limited Indeed, 
e the whole class is the teacher’s 
t of reference, he or she adjusts the 
tress and expected level of achieve- 

ment to an imaginary class average. 

For many children this means a rather 
frightened life between the Scylla of the 
school’s standards (laid.down in general 
terms by ministerial decrees, but inter- 
preted and implemented by the individual 
class teacher), and the Charybdis of 
parental expectations and 'aspirations. It 
is difficult to imagine, English children 
being afraid of their infant school, but 
on the Continent there is growing 
medical evidence of psychosomatic 
disturbances caused by Schnwngst, even 
among very young children. 

For q considerable number, even the 
first year of schooling ends with the 
traumatic experience of failure, of not 
having lived up to the expected standard, 

Feelings of guilt and shame, stoked by 
parental anger and disillusion, are 
reinforced by the highly questionable 
■practice of separating these failures from 
their classmates, and letting them repeat 
the year’s work all over again. 

Or course most teachers are doing their 
best, but all too often they are 
administratively straltjacketed in their 
concern for the individual child. Not 
surprisingly, the majority are neither 
keen on change, nor particularly eager to 
get involved in innovations superimposed 
on them from the top. 

It is one of the great ironies of the 
present Continental education debate that 
minisieriiil bureaucrats — prompted by 
OECD examinations which aim to dis- 
seminate innovations down the admini- 
strative hierarchy — should complain 

about legalistic attitudes, inertia and the 
minimal commitment of teachers, when 
these are natural reactions of a 
professionally amputated teaching force. 

It is in the role of the head that the 
difference between the two types of edu- 
cational administration becomes most 
apparent. While English heads are of 
fundamental importance to the shaping 1 
and running of their schools, their Conti- 
nental counterparts can do little more 

, j 

r • 


Ff'V- v 

ft ' 

'A % . :i gii . t* 

L lh the /i/e of British pritnary school children*; how would they fare under the “containerized, collectivized and syn 
” continental spstems ? 

( Even the most formal 
type of British teacher wOold 
. pass for a progressive 
oh the Continent— if he of 
she would just 
stop smacking children 1 

than make sure that the school operates 
In, accordance with detailed decrees and 
ministerial regulations. .School mono- 
graphs written by the head, or case 
studies of individual schools— vital 
elements of British educational liter aLuro 
— are non-existent on the Continent. 

It is true that the Continental systems 

tion prevent aberrations A la Tyztcfale, 
but it is equally true that they offer -little 


e judges tsridsn teachers b: 
kind- of decisions they have to make an 
by the effort they put into their work — 
their work load is considerably heavier 
and more comprehensive than, that of 
their European counterparts — they are 
professionals. Judged by their training 
and self-confidence, however, many of 
them are still only semi-professionals. 
That there is scope for concerted national 
research and development becomes 
apparent when one considers the many 
dispersed attempts to develop records 
that safeguard' the continuity and balance 
of the individual- child's progress. . 

Regional and scliool-to -school variations 
In Britain make generalizations risky and 
unrewarding. How many schools are 
already progressive ? Hdw strong is tha 
trend, if there still is one, towards, the 
Plowaen paradigm ? How many good old 
traditional schools and teachers are there 
left?' Without reliable ' national : data 
Ca rare thing in British primary educa- 
tion, but a passible outcome of the cur- 
rent HMI survey) generalizations from 
local or personal findings must be placed 
somewhere between wishful thinking and 
crying wolf. ' V* 

• Comparing teaching' styles and claski 
room organization cross-natIorially t one 
feels inclined to develop a new “ theprV 
of relativity ” t it Is very likely fchat-eVeit 
tile most formal type of British tfihclier 
(“ type'll ” in Neville Bennett’s typology)' 
would pass £6r a progressive On' tM 
Continent — if he .or she would just stop 
smacking children. • ' lit i 

Kerri Heine Gruber i?; 7eetzzrer. the 
Institute of Education, University of 
Vienna. He is currently. research associate 
at the University of Oxford Deportment 
of Educational Studies, researching* 
developments, in British primary educa- 
tion. .. " • . • I ;,t 

oaife " of Freud’s' 10 *he pattern of l 
dehhlng that It’s ** ihe teacher 
. hbble teachers “d the tea? 


■8S°^ijjage, “private” parts, etc, 
must be token by the 
d ^ sc ose anything sexual 
Ihe tabnnJsrte- It interesting that 
jaad nuS «nough for doctors 

’ not Lib ^ c ? m P 1 ^n t» me that they 
u-iiiJ"* J® the 

the parents are wiliUng to, admit;. that of atixlety, a 
they are the«i«dv“ — ***** *•**•- - 

■lll|iy""IPUHimimail mumlormation ovwthe wild: 

The solution would seem to be the early •* about sex invests the giver with 'great The Latinate 

establishment' of the idea that it is quite status and the receiver with a good deal currency, while 

■ * ~ a 1 *■ ‘ - 


have the effect 
eattnent they 
fltry, but bU 

words have international 
the British words vary in 


’ ‘ 1 . . 1 - • 



the . Denis, w 

duty i<* es 

entris , parents 

find' but 

David Kirp on multiracial education 

Norman Sloaic reviews David Irving’s controversial reassessment of Hitler 


Schools : Multi-Racial Edit 
and Social U is advantage In 
; London. By Raymond Giles, 
r Holiieroann Educational £2,20. 435 

i 80338 7.' 

Hitler’s War. By David Irving. 
Hodder and ■ Stoughton £9.95. 

340 16747 5. 

** Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real 
evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring”, 
wrote Simone Weil This is my much the 
' cose with Adolf Hitler. There ie virtually 
nothing of the slightest Interest in the man 
Jifanself — no remark memorable for itself, no 
writing of nny depth. 'He barely developed as 
a personality, .the whole life being a simple 
repetition, with increasing shrillness, of one 
, and the same note ; about the only thing that 
' efid develop was a set of ailments that. oppo- 
sitely etna ugh, grew worse Jn the # long term 
with the various short-term remedies that the 
doctors prescribed. 

Hitler had no private life of any interest, 
end remained, as David Irving rightly com- 
plains, a puzzle oven to his closest associates 
(not that many of them had much insiglit In 
any case). He appears to have run through 
various stereotypes : Hitler the Provincial 
Romantic, u cross hoiYWon Frankenstein and 
Rnstlgnac; Hitler the Grim-Vuci-d Wnr Hero; 
Hitler the Visionary Architect; Hitler ihe 
Demagogue; Hitler the Wily; Hitler the 
Ilonest Broker ; Jlltlor the Wizard War- 
Winner: Hitler the New Charlemagne; 

finally. Hitler the Hermit of tho Bunkov, No 
one really know the inner man : and perhaps 
tlvero was not one at all, merely a. creature 
whom others Invested with Lhelr fantasies. 
Just the same, to the very end, men could not 
but be conscious of somo vest presence when 
Hitler was around — a presence nt ludicrous 
variance with lie actual physical Incarnation, 
toy Bitter after 1943 .wub ft pltiuble figure. 

usually light In mutters of strategy, ami his 
generals usually wrong. The rival narcissisms 
of inilitury memoirists can notice tedious read- 
ing, especially when it is clear ull along that, 
ovtm if the Voronezh affair in suuiiner 1942 
bad been handled differently, it would unt 
have made much difference ro the nutcomo uf 
rho campaign. Hitler was blamed by the gen- 
erals fur launching uu attack ou tlie Ukraine 
in autumn 1941 instead of moving directly ou 
Moscow; on bulance, Hitler appears to Fiavo 
been right in suspecting that loss of the 
Ukraine would do more damage to the Soviet 
Union than loss of Moscow; he also seems to 
have been right iu empliiisfizmig the need for 
Germahy to seize the Baltic coast in the first 
stage of Hnrbarossa, Again, Stalingrad was in 
many ways a triumphant piece of defensive 
strategy, for without the pinning of Several 
Russian armies there, rho whole of Army 
Group A in rho Caucasus could have boon 
surrounded. Irving finds plenty of other in- 
stances where Hitler the Polymath could Con 

found the Experts. He wns quite good on 
battleship technology, and he knew iilmnt 

tanks : he wns lass gifted with 
the whole, it was a formidable enough per- 

formance of memory mnl Insight, and Irving 
is righr to stress the positive side. He could 
have gnnn further, and shown how, in the 
1930s, Hitler had tuie measure of economists 
and diplomats, telling them how to do their 
jobs. Yet this quality is nearly impossible to 

Why do New Commonwealth iniml- 
Lgrant children perforin less well in 
aircraft. On | luck legend). Hitler blamuH a. J British schools than their Indigenous 
including Rommel.^ ? liLs uUk» ns irafl ?R"“ ,S focus 011 111 effecta o£ 

square with the Hitler wiw stumbled so fool- 
ishly into war in September 1939, or launched 

Bar^arossu, or doclarfld war on America, or 

tried to liquidate the Jews, or neglected even 
the least compromising wuys of diriding the 
enomy coalition ngninst Germany. It is also 

(mnficcsMn 4 a entuwA (-lia rttoliivui nf TKU Av'a 

impossible to square the picture of Hitler's 
gifts with tli a facts of Germany's war-time 

effort, for the Third Reich, when it came to 
goncrul efficiency, resembles nothing so much 

as a giant Watergate irdjtiino like the Second 

Empire — tho snme flasliincss, pastiche aud 
Incompetence. Berlin was a nibble long 

before the bombs began to fall on it. 

Thcro soom to bo times when Irving almost 

endorses Hiller's view of wiiut imtpp med : 
tbnt he was let down (aimiiluv Mail) in tho 

eonaidi t» Visit ybt a<galii 
tbo models of Tin® to come. 



David Irving has written unt yi.«t iinollier 
blography of lijm. but mi enorninnsly lengthy 

account of Hitler’s wnr. He barely discusses 
, tiie war's origins nr con sequences, end seldom 
reflects on the longer-term factors at work. 
11a tends to sum up the uttHudon and doings 
of Hitler's enemies rather perfunctorily, and 
has concentrated his efforts on u nnmuivo 
' hf HitlcjrV strategy. The story itsel£ Is of 
.course mi -Irresistible one. and k has to he 
: sold that Irving tells it, lit the main, very 
well.' Not very much of It 1$ particularly now. 

but tho book does serve a useful purpose In 

; bits of revision 

bringing together tho various 
•'..that historian^ lmvc made in the older vor- 
irtons, of what happened— -historians who In- 
i dude Irvine, especially for his work oil -tho 
i Luftwaffe, it i* useful, 1*k Ipmb^co, to hove 
: * history of the war that Is' able to give 
...considerable space to events an the -Russian 
-front, evert If the Russhn side has taken 
: 'rtp through John Erickson’s volume (not 
cited m. Irvin g*s very select and rather tdlo^ 
• ; Syncretic blhltographyl. Irving's' account doed 
; give fuH weight to the making of German 
jitiytegy, and be. makes. battles Vice Moscow 
i fn December 1941, nr Kursk In- 1943. plainer 
;! thaq many compdrethls works, includin'* Ger* : ones such ah Khws Reinhardt’s "Wende 
vor Moskttu. It jv a bn-dc tihe* *. certainly 
belongs In good college libraries, though ilot 
without ’ a 1 greet deal of caution in school 

The balance of the book Is jutft about right, 
although tho pace at the beginning is 
distinctly more' leisurely than at the end 

Vka.a - HHHIH. . Aaa*. .1 IJI j 

I 1 

1‘the V Pqnie^anl|(n'ftii 
: • '.quatstfouk 4qv -.ite 1 
sleeplessness, Itindn 

rfl-Tva*,. - 


u . . . fadnSSlb OSSS: 1, _ 

vIHcfi cojhe ln, net to .much point. Tho ifcrotma- 
. Hprt as to Hitler’s: physical , deterioration CBD 

] quite easily be got from -Muster's admittedly 
•; lumpy account. At- the same tfme. many im- 
vportant issues are very scantily treated. The 
war- economy, for. insfan ce,: appears as -a noise- 
off freiq tiweto time : apart From Ike quos- 

. any. views on. the ednnoroy' oi .war- time, and. 
how did they affect his strategy? 'A book .thac 
■; is intended to be more than a recapitulation of 
what has already been said could have 
covered-' questions of this kind.. which Irving 
must he aware, nf from, the Milch '.papers he 

used for his Luftwaffe study, in greater 
depth. AU in all, this is a good piece of 

reiivc, but excessively .one- dimensional. It 
provokes morp, irritation' than thought. . 
Irving's essential thesis is that Hitler wus 



if* ' V 

a*. ■ 



,1 t 


f; '?V -.v-h.’-jl 
I rv i." i!,. .>'■ 

cxi>Od'i3 for tho appall ing fug^ 

war-ecoii omy — an d the destructbi 
citloks ufter 1942 iiw. 

many’s cities after 1942 „ 
fniUu-o of the Luftwaffe as 
could have dmw— and Jio bkundil 
for “ causing ” tflic wot 1 i\ At £1 
Irving tends to offer sympd 
gilioNt of Hitler in most of thcM i 
wonders exactly wliat tiie Brit!* i 
is; fiiahtiUvR n war ogulust a Nazi ( 
did not really tiltreatcn them. It L 
tlim tli at has very much nieanlMi 
tiling of the feeling of moral 

cwness, unfnmiliarity with the 
itintry’s language and culture. This 
treats the problem as merely 
itionaf. As facility in language 
acquired and social norms are 
iprcluMulcd, us immigrant chil- 
ond the- British-born offspring 

: immigrant parents become more, 
BL Bntiali, their schooling dJffl- 

up < 

Urirish peoxtie genuinely 
id there is 

ia conveyed. Am . 
occasional " fjhosrly atro <%’ 

into riui paces — much of 

invid IrviJis hns to 

In tvluit liny 

Out the coMirary, It ^ HWer'i 

nal und ixu^nujl, who have to 

of snide observations-— the ploum 
1944, A(knai\tl Cim.irJs, CbuitM 
according tn Irving, anraoaed a 
PoJi.sli Jcuder ftlkoi'&ki killed la i 
plane). Hitler is made nuttobt.k 
a decent, thoughtful manshift! 
tiie fieulut and fun illy dmunaan 
cons wlm utv of coiu'.w v«7 pM 
" Imicli of Hurry in rho nl&Mt 
khuLly tn his sccror.ivies, aud 
fellmv-victains of tho nrm>h L - 
(I«uli-lH*ila an that thrir fa** 
latigvr pensions. 

Above ull, there is —aud khwW) 
kind is the violin d’lnurcs, or f 
n rt de Crack— vt David Irvlnjl 
i«»w celvlMnuicd usst-nion tiiw 
Knew, Aeomling ti> Irving, 
linn was fiturted lay middloronwt»j 
v\*re in the lvu t. tntU.wM wtiT 
lay Uimiitler. Hiller was not wd 
until nt itch bur, witl Is even s«* 

lmvc cM>i»-*rty f«|-UMdon 

Jews in No veil liter, 3011. We are 
wiimed the Jews lodged In row 
die V';i'.t, mid would have awe » 
policy not liKfi uidioKKcd by tM w 
MM»t who. faced with faisupwobw • r“ 
live pridiicniK, took pi*e 
loner Himmler ju-tiflril wo . 
chiliben on tiie grounds *P W 1" 
only have growii u»» to be "JT' 
the Genmm people”. 

Tli is story is as unworthy of® 
toriuii us i he sM’hltraty nmiflptj! 
nuke the cuMi.'ries of 
tht-ic real numlK-r. or thaconoraw 
the 1» is by and law “J 

yotiu^CT Kencratlon of Wsi'**™?; 
irra ilo not know what to mjwe 
Soldi 7 on. end rile fiws the* Nobs 
J ews. MtiNt of them utite ab“«t * 
etfrtrtrra^sinciit. and hurry 
more uceev : bl* " •je' M ’ onKC T , iCI ‘L m b 
sections of their works. But » ^ 
far out IlirJw to be iM.". 

(os are thouglit likely tn vanish. 

appealing thing about this 
blanat’nn is that It leaves the 
(tor of race completely out of tho 

__rau$e the Department of Edit- 
ion and Science no. longer keeps 
jit Of lmmiui-aiit schoolchildren, 
one knows now many such dill- 
exist, lei tdone how they are 
ng on. An ILEA study com- 
ing the school achievement of 
^migrant children whose entire 
ucatlon had tuken place In Britain 

-those who arrived rather later 

I their lives affords some support 

• tlu " iinfnmiliu,-il-u ” npniimen. • 

the " uufaniiliariiy ” argument; 
former group performed better 
the latter. Indians and 
isiani' ' children who have 
ded British schools for some 
_ 'aro- generally said to be aca-- 
dftmiudly almost indistinguishable 
front their indigenous couuterparts. 
Not ro the West Indians, however; 
by all accounts, that group fares 

substantially worse than English 
children generally, or even than 
those In similar social circumstances. 

The phenomenon of newness is 
not at work here. Because immigra- 
tion from die West Indies dried up 
almost completely 15 years ago, the 
vast majority of West Indian chil- 
dren presently iu school were burn 
in Britain. Nor are West Indian 

children lmndicapped by oil iuubilh; 
to speak English; for almost all. 
their Creole dialect lias become just 



a second language. It becomes hard 
to avoid the Conclusion that die 
problem faced by West Indians has 
something to do with race. 

- This point has not been lost on 
tlia various public bodies, such as 
tho Community -Relations Commis- 
sion and Hie Select Committee on 
Race Relations mid Immigration, 
which huvo singled out the 
West Indian community for spe- 
cial concern. Nnr is it news 
to the West Indian i themselves. 
Tho West Indian Standing Com- 
mittee complained bitterly (luring 

a recent Select Committee inquiry 
about the - " raw deal ” their 

children received in British schools. 
Yet until now, no nue has under- 

taken a systematic inquiry into the 
nature of the West Iiuljan school 

lug experience In order to puzzle 
out what has gone wrong. Nor, 
differently, has anyone been bravo 
enough to offer detailed policy 

In The West Indian Experience 
in British Schools , American edu- 
cation professor Raymond Giles 
attempts both tasks. Unfortunately, 
Giles's reach proves greater than 
his grasp, and lie succeeds neither 
in uuancod description nor in sen- 
sitive prescription. 

As scholar-observer, Giles seeks 

to probo the racial attitudes of tea- 
chers in predominantly non-white 
London schools. Do they think of 
their students simply as indi- 
viduals, or ns black, or “socially 
disadvantaged *’ ? Their per- 
ceptions, Giles asserts, affect 
tiie lives of students, and, 
while the point is unproved, it is 
not implausible that children arc 
encouraged to become winn olIiois 
— especially influential others, such 
as teachers — think of them. A de- 
tailed and empathetic portrait of 
teachers’ perceptions would thus 
have had considerable value. 

But detaN and empathy aro just 
what arc missing. Because Profes- 
sor Giles canvassed some 17 London 
schools, as many an would give him 
eutrdc over a period of two months, 
ho came to know none of them very 
well. HU visits typically filled part 

of one school day ; they included an 
inspection uf the school site, a meet- 

ing with the head, uml possibly n 
session with teachers. That tech- 
nique works well for visiting fire- 
men — less well if depth of under- 
standing is the aim. 

Giles might Uhvu chosen so many 
schools in order to afford same 

basis fur comparison-making among 
them; If so, tills end went 

unachieved. In no two schools was 
the same range uf questions can- 
vassed, Tho resulting report com- 
bines die nominally relevant— 
stories about the West Indian child 
wtlio deeply embarrassed her 
primary school teacher by crawling 
into, his lap, or about West Indian 
youngsters v/ho coloured their self- 

portraits white — with die clearly 
Irrelevant. The difficulties that 

one school has encountered with Us 
outdoor WCs and that another faces 
in trying to instruct Irish gypsy 

children urr repeated good 
reason. . . 

To Giles’s query about die rela- 
tive significance of race und cut- 
turul disadvantage, teachers and 
heads offor the predictable range 
of responses. Some believe colour- 
blindness, the treatment uf children 
without nny regard for ruco, Lu be 
rliy proper stance ; others lb ink 
colour consciousness Is essential In 
reckoning with social real! tics. 
Whatever the content of niiy given 
response, oil share that superficial- 
ity that -almost always emerges from 
any single encounter between non- 
prorossi axial interviewer and some- 
what nervous ■ "subject”. And 
throughout, the substitution of 
sweeping conclusions for solidity 
nf specification frustrates the 


In one unfortunately typical in- 
stance, Giles usks u teacher commit- 
ted to inuUi-cnJfural education 
ahuut the Impact of hor 
efforts on children in ' the 
school. There has been a 
very great affect, the teacher replies, 
noting the existence of a handful 
of school assemblies ns 'If these 
proved her point. The banality of 
the sdiool-by-schoul accounts make 
the reader long for more substantial 
evidence of any sort; even the odd 
statistic would go down welL 

In fact, Giles is not much inter- 
ested in description. Ho brings a 
ready-nmde conclusion and set of 
policy recommendations. The prob- 
lems confronting West -Indian 
youngsters, he asserft, nro traco- 
able tu the iliscrLmimrory atti- 
tudes fluid behaviour of' tlioir 

white tcudiai'fl. The solution 
lies In the restoration of a 
sense nf black identity, .primarily 
through the creation of a black 

studies piogiuuixuc. In fact, neither 
description nor prescription makes 
very much sense. Giles's comments 
on teacher discrimination ure quiro 
as off-hund ns anyth I hr that Andrew 
Young has ever said oil tiie subject 

The interviews themselves tell a 
very different story; If one were 
to characterize these London tench- 
er», honest confusion about what is 
best dune and genuine concern 
would be fur closer to the mark. 

The logic of emphasis on black 
studies ticeins apparent only to Pro- 
fessor Giles. Teachers uro worried, 
understandably enough, about tiie 
divisive effects of such an enter- 
prise. Of greater moment, rile hand, 
nil of West Indian teen ogees' whom 
Giles mot found black studies worth 
pursuing, but seemed at least 
equally in-ncresrod in conventional 
ucndcmic success. 

Improving West Indian academic 
porffti-mance — whether through 
massive dnsas of compensatory edu- 
cation or tlirough encouraging tho 
emergence of socially more hetero- 
geneous schools (the latter becau so 
students probably learn as much 
from each other ns from their tea- 
chers) — mi glit well have beert the 

focus of Professor Giles’s prescript 

line with 

tion. It is very much in line 
wbnt black Americans have boon 

saying for the past several years. 
Black studies has become posed 

in tho United States ; minority con- 
cern now lies with tiie assurance 
of student literacy aud numeracy, 
that ' 

To tiie extent that there Is- on 
antilogy to be fashioned between 
blacks in Britain and In the United 
States, this renewed interest on 
basic skills acquisition, not black 
studios, is what deserves British 

S olicy attention. It even makes 
eccnt educational sense. 

ace for time 

weel Berlins 

probably the best one-volume work 
on tiie subject yet published. He is 
unashamedly or the liberal school. 
He dovotos ns much space ra tiie 
little known but important gcogrn- 

what Used to mnko It lick. Lajy 
ywr’s oveni.H changed much utul 
Miss Sikukuin-’s wlv-onci? from Smith 

Wb Africa : A Modem History. 
> T. R. II, Davenport, 
acnUlan £10.00. 333179617. 

195. 333 211(12 0. 

History of South Africa. By 

£6.50. .140 295450. £3.25. 

Window an Soweto. By Joyce 
wwme. • 

[(tor national Defence and Aid 
104 Newgate Street, Loudon 
. JOp. 904 759 17 2. 

Im F™ Africa after Soweto. By 
pnicos >od Rogers. 

8«t0 Press £2.00. 904 383 42 3. 

?« Politics of So utli Africa. By 
wanl Broti. 

[215671 3 nlvcri,ty Press 

ghical inlgratipns of tho various 

Africa Un\ tiio ^ast four year# is 

tar iiKnit! nui inww 
Never Knew. Ijnw JjJ 
1942, the Slovak sat‘;\b« 1 
»'» 'end any iiu-rc Slovak 

!5^* South Africa toko many 
befits the complexity of 
CT«t matter. The traditional 
Smh-«till taught in South 
“cbnol? — treats the topic 

«,ack tribes as to the more famous 
treks by die Afrikaner -to escape 
British rule; and ho goes as deeply 
into political manipulation within 
tho black organizations as Into thoso 
of the legal, while, political parties. 

His hlstm-y Is dc (milled, tightly 
written and a hMtlu dry. It assumes 
that tho render has nt least a gen- 
eral knowledge of the outline of 
South Africau history and politics, 
and for that reason it in unsuitable 
its on introduction to the subject. 
More than half tiio bonk covors the 

C ar I od since Smith Africa bcotuue a 
nion in 1910, nnd its convincing 
exposition of tiie complex back- 
ground to the major political events 
of this century places, die system of 
apartheid Into its proper context 
and makes it on ituc 1 1 actually under- 
standable, and perhaps inevitable 
phenomenon (though none the less 

appalling for that) rather tiian tiio 

b '.-Liiu st* «liev know wJi 0 V*Mj 
there ; Virftcart envoy* 
Obvif’usJy the whole t - ,n ® WB (i, 
secrecy, and obvhmsly, W., 
played a P*”- ■ ^ 

lion wav a cwfu«e« 
affair, in 

reyj't.ince played a n ® 

k .ll . S»W«l .a IUQ LUITOk 

s' history of the white 

1 UlG black nlmrina a qoiyip. 


od.of .co^niaf rule is seen 

black playing 
_ intrust 

, secondary , supportive role. 

t sacotularv. 

a some- 
ve, but 

mere lark nf ■ docunr 
two «n it out 
nor evidence theij 
happening ; en 
ftlherwiic *“ Jl 



mtdfp, fETwh-rii dj^i 

k* effect on tho whito 
ffiSh fwelv on the black. 

“By, however, the black 
.has been allowed to 


*° n the races, become 

9Mioi? t>a Africa as the 
m ^donj 0 ?j .European colonial 

collective evil mcntnJ aberration it 
is sometimes seen to bo. 

Robert Lncoiir-Gnyet’s A TTlstorp 
of South Africa is an altogether 
lessor effort. An Inelegant trans- 
lation of a work which origl tally 
appeared in 1970, with- added 
material tn bring It up to last year’s 
events in Soweto, its cliohfis' (both 
of ideas and writing) do ruo Tuw4ch 
to the aubjeet. It bear* ” J '“* 

K — imps responsible for ilio strange 
feeling ..(Ikvc she Js talking about a 
ftodety which po longOT exists, as 
well as for soimTimuitiiiig factual 
iiunccurades. For even at hor ago 
(slio is In her mid thirties) she is 
n Bcji'erwtinn older than tinwc res- 
ponsible for this Soweto uprisiiin. 
iler struggles wero quntitiulvely 
different from theirs. 

Southern. Africa After fioiecto, a 
1‘olotively. arniiglit-fonvai'd Marxist 
analysis, poses the ihcri.s that die 
sLi'iigglc of tiio black working cla f s 
of Wic Kiwnshlps ol tho Republic 
holds tiio key tn tho future of tiio' 
entire Smitiiern African sub- 
cpmdneat Tbo authors, Alex CnlUni- 
aos end John Rogers, reject tiie' 
liberal theory that tho demmuls of 
the advanced capitalist economy, 
which South Africa Is, inevitably 
undermines and will eventually 
destroy apartheid. 

Not so, they argue, The power 
Of Western capital In Southern 
Africa (including Zambia, which is 
seen as a natural ally of iho Re- 
public) can only be broken by a 
revolution, the logical Impetus for 
and leadership of which can come 
only from the inhabitants of 
Soweto and similar concentrations: 
of the black working ckurc. 
However, debatable that 

0ictaiii>na -of 


someone with litle feel for the 

country and few real insights uuo 

imlaw on Soweto (a a short 


i ■pr'i* 

A W 


of tHe**-— ™ oro 0,1 til* infill- 

ongaging am .ilgam of fact ant- 
reminiscence by Jdyre Sikflkane, 
wltn wns the first Week w™ 11 

lonmde Rn«riaji non ^ pi 

in*ry blindness jo 

lu . ttfbu • & menw ff,e V lo hJi'f , 

UkxSiSu wore 

wuqcai uyj cukT|ral lnrt{tu . 

joumailst to work fnir on«‘ bf..the, 
big national newsnapqra (The Rand 

for The Politics of South Africa, 
'am accemric work by American 
sociologist Howard Brats. Profes- 
sor Brata .is obsessed by the writ- 
ings and idee* of the farmer, Chief 
Justice of South • Africa, 
ffigan, ftmd particularly, those coi 

. - - ■ ■ d, - • 

tained in. a report , by the Native 

»«%?*' CSdPft 

Daily Mail). Tried end acquitted o* 
various charges ail^pnt; activlpes 
for a prefa b hed ohsnr»i7^ioq, Jtte 
was dur-Aneil under ti*e Ternorianr . 
Act and si»ent 17 mouths in prison, 
mainly .in solitory confmemew ; 
before fie'ntj • relr^wl and immedi- 
ately made sulnecr to a panpuig 
orfer which stopped her . 

carrying oin her- piri?s«ffl...* 
left South Africa in 1973. 

Lews Gpmmlwjon (usuai^ known 

as the Fagao Report) published iri 
1948 (the year- that saw the United' 
Party, .which 1 had • commissioned 
the report, 1 Jose Pow*T “a 1 the 
Nationaftsts). Fagan » solution was 

Psychologists 011 Psychology 

DAVID -cohen 

David Cohen presents a series of searching interview^ 
conducted with thirteen of tho must important Tisyclinio- 

-■ — • u. i»« Htu« uu.i.nN «i»rt peyclu.ju- 

nisiM of uitr age. He o util nos a psychology nf psyctiolaglsts 
ny probing into ijioir childhood and sacking to establish 

f'lllllkpr-f iffllD llAhurtAl. llinll- nnunf.H..1 HM,1 rt— r 1J — rt 

■ » - , — n ------ - r — •.■•■m.i.iuu in... .wimIIU ,v uitiuju.ii 

connect ions lictivocn tlidr porsnnbl anil professlounJ liras. 
Mujor disputes and traditions within psychology ore also 
exp-loiod. £ti.95 

The Grasp of Consciousness 

Action and Concept in the Young Child 


The subject of Piaget's latest study is the goneral stage 
in a child's development that comes between lib success- 
fid performance of an activity without knowing how lie 

did it— that is, whut ho had to do in order to succeed 
~-*nd the time whon ho becomes aware of wfaat went 
into that notion. £8.50 

Piaget and Knowing 


The relation of Piaget’s theory to a variety of areas of 
psycho) qgixrul research Is the focus of rids collection or 
airudifis.;7he-c«iti;^ ' *' -- ,J 


to previde a limited dosree of jwlf- 
sovemment' tot tho settled black 
population of thd .'utf 
M , fM* , btlficks 

a i«m )e0 3Ba| ^15: % Wr attacking with 

^ 0n ful R- -n. bmw 

■W- iiw ^ ca 


She writes witii Wmoar m rw- 
rion about fat-t «wd jL*-* 1 * 

■ life in iritat is now^^ve^and 

provides a vivid and uwfi'l drtcrip- 

Vico. 1 \ Davenport’s tfan of hnw ihe townshbi I* r»n. 

,_u-' ■ History is 1 and what rtiake? it dcjc. pr. 'fftther.-. 

areas (as 
. In the "re, 
serves *0 wftboitt, howevbtv: denting 
the basic policy 1 of radal .separeirloai. 
of mori^g bOTWds ahy s6rt ;0f cotir- 

aud to «uB«est. as;-. Professor '.Brout 
doev. that It iniRht : be suDOMafiil in 
pOSt-Sowfto 1977 .fthbw9 *a. Itack- of 
porceptipp of ft high: degree. ■; 


(■concern (Semseives irith.tjhe foie 
' If foe . rtfatiog dwerent- 

gb they offer an oppor- 
rcront clevolnpinems in psycho- 


Introductory Psychology 

A- Textbook for 7/aa/fh Students 


this introductory text covers the tnejor acetis of; psycho?' 
logy redijvaoc to edbfarion. The cbmributOre are fill 

[-known psychof ogista and . between them they ‘ cotct: 

the whole area of 

rwuieu to medtrine. . £6.95, paper £3.50 

*Irtspflcrfpn copies nre aVailable mi request go Broadway- 
House, Newtown RQRd, : Hoploy-on-^‘hame9 J Oxon RG9. 1E>J. . . 

Houtleduc A 
liegan Fhul 

39 Stnr(t Stjpcct Lonjoii WCI 


. . !• " 

• 'l‘i. 

* i ..ii 

. i • ‘ . ■ i K 


I I’vj 

.'i-S-. : 

’ . * i .*? 

; :-pf 


. '-S'-. ’ 






Hot Ayer risin 

Antony Flew 

o ii t'ltrlier request hud be on re- 

Part of my Life. By A. J. Ayer. 
Collins £6.95. 00 216017 


ibuked : Ybit will bo wanting |gu 

‘ The publishers in supporting letters 
describe this els an Important book. 
That, surely. Is an exaggeration. 
What it is is a lively and agreeable 
light read, with a special appeal to 
anyone acquainted with some as 
the people mentioned, or curious 
about hie author behind that all- 
time philosophical besl'-seller Lan- 
guage, Truth and Logic. The part 
' of his life jiow reviewed from the 
threshold of retirement is die first, 
up till 1946, when at rhe age of 36 
ha took up die Grote Professorship 
' of Mind and Logic at University 
College. London. 

" Professor Ayer’s colleagues will 
be glad to have his own written 
accounts of some notorious inci- 
1 dents. For instance, he published 
in the short-lived journal 
Polemic a swingeing dKuaoteri- 
zation of Wittgenstein’s view 
of the philosopher as “a. park 
keeper whose business it is 
to see that no one commits an 
intellectual nuisance". The Pope 
was not amused : a letter of cxcont- 

iiiiti Turkey empets next". (Even 
after World War I ill otio Cxioid 
college inombens of my fnther-m- 
law’s generation, just back from 
the trendies, were ttfJd that it was 
scarcely necessary. to install baths 
"since the terms ere only right 
weeks long* l) Ayer also confesses 
that certain Oppidans, with seman- 
tic rather than 6ex«Jl intent, fav- 
oured die nickname “Hot Ayer . 

The Oxford stories include 
Bowra’s response When the Keglus 
Profes.toi - slup of Greek was given 
to the pacifist li. R. Dodds, and 
not to Bowrn : w What did you do 
in the Great War, Doddy ? Equally 
savage was the alleged comment of 


.r . 

Me.**- ‘ i ‘ : 2 

Dundas on the death in an air raid in politics is a long lime, 40 years 
of a Christ Church student turned on is an eternity. So the rational 

headmaster. He had remained ex- 
posed till all his boys had been 
shepherded into shelters: “Late, as 

Some anecdotes may raise in die 
reader more general questions. Ayer 

man takes his stands today with 
reference to people, parties, nod 

problems as (hey are today. 

Everyone will enjoy Av 
reminiscences of Betty Bacall— later 


into the husky, 

refers do the evening in the middle sultry Lauren Bacall, and of Stephen 
thirties on which tho future Lord Spender discovering dint Ills phi]- 

Ch envoi 1 showed Ayer and Roy 
Harrod the Inconsistency 11 of uppns 
ing re-armament and favouring col- 

osophy tutor V.. 
not ulingciher 

'if. Curritt “ was 
happy nbout 

• jnunicatlon arrived by registered Jective security*. Ayer comments, which slicks is i 
' post. Again, Ayer gives the full roll* very fairly: “As a rational man,, able Professor ” 
call of Lliose involved itt that breath- Roy then started to campaign tor nian: "It was 

pleasure”. But for me trlic picture 
that o! " the Implac 

takingly bad bit of examining by 
which, in a year .in which both he 

end ,L L. Austin had competed for 
the John Locke, it was reported 
that, "no candidate of sufficient 

the John Locke, it was reported 

merit had presented himself". 1 
hope, too, that many of our col- 
leagues will be pleased to read 
Ayer’s true and generous words 
about price and Broad, two senior 
contemporaries whose work became 
undeservedly unfashionable. 

more wide^ Ayer re 

larks that 

re-armament, I am sorry to say 
that I did not." 

Ayer's book contains many hints 
that he. like so many others, has 
never allowed the experience and 
the changes of the Intervening years 
to stimulate a general reassessment 
and reordering of the package of 
noli tic al attitudes acquired in youth, 
peaking of die Spanish War, he 
lys: “ The hatred which I then 
for Neville Chamberlain and 




liis acolytes ... has never left- me, 
and I still find it difficult to view 
ativA party in any other 

Austin as a young 
characteristic . . . 
that he was the only one of us 
whom the rest never culled by his 
Christ inn name. Witli his steely 
spectacles, his slight taut figure, 
and the light belted macintosh that 
he often wore, ho made me think of 
a gunman ... a' follower of the 
Irishman Michael Collins, fighting 
against the Black and Tuns". 

There are eight pages of illustra- 
tions including a splendid 1912 
photo in which ilie qutaricul two- 
yeur-old Freddie sparkles out nf 
a family group, us well ns u atari* 
ling mid-twenties snap of ihe -unhald 
Cl«»rt Rprl«. 

Uncertain road 

Andrew Robertson on economics 


23 Books/Ecology/Liter 


Fuel to the fire 

Social Limits to Growth, lty Fred 

Knutl edgi* ami Kir..m Paul /. • ■’(). 
7100 8510 5. 

We linvc had t tic 
tho 11’ 

gru will nifii iiud 
s i lie econo- 

.sukc, couched in die rathtr.,. 
Ling Huge which he uses iW 
and which is not easy to 3 
nil the time, lie say* ihii-fiS 
economic problem now fadrVf 
econonilcullv advanced soctoL* 
a struct ui al need to pull badi 

William Cleghorn on energy resources 

mists who urgo ns on in exploit and 
expand and u\e ecologists who warn 



of economic self.%, 

US that tho earth is finite and that 
wa are already too n muer mis not to 
harm it and ourselves us well. 

Professor Ilirscli is r.tit so much 
concerned with the physical limits 
to growth — i hoy are obvious all 
urouud us. Whul is less obvious is 
(bat although we nmy be able to 
“enjoy” economic growth for a 
generation or two, wc have already 
overrun the social limits. 

To establish this point the author 
Identities two kinds of advantage 
available to humans: one lie calls 
material goods and the other "posi- 

In mi. earlier passage hci^n 

the clash between se^f-adyWet 
and soctul progress Is "gn m 
u d nroblem ”— *• wliai- 

9 huuif 

tdonal" goods, the latter being very 
special kinds of possessions ana 

of possessions 

privileges, many of which have been 
created by what he terms rhe “ pri- 
vatisation” of what wero once pub- 
lic or common privileges — private 
gardens replace public parks, 
beaches are closed oft and made into 
playgrounds for the rich, society 
in the capitalist west makes provi- 
sion for its elites unit there is lltllu 
or no room for newcomers. 

lie chooses uc one point to com- 
pare advancing society wiili mi army 
on the inarch. If it keeps ranks, 
those in the van will pass u point 
which those in the roar can see hut 
must wait their turn to pass. In 
terms of our society this reveals 
why under-privileged newcomers to 
it will suffer deprivation mid discon- 
tent, the reasons for which are nil 
too obvious. In a cmiclmliug pas- 

up problem M what itfft 
want and individually t 
cannot get. . . . ” if due 
stood him (mid his erudhlMi 
been puicli praised by 4 
reviewers although It hangs £1 
curtain across his opinions), 1 
the affluent society Is 
dlitlst and unjust and 
vidually for higher and 
standards of living is pure 
ness (and he includes conn 
in tills category) and ehr 
restrained by policy. If it tf 

The Energy Question. By Gerald 

Penguin 90p. 14 02 1924 2. 

Potential Energy : an analysis of 
world energy technology. By 
Michael Kcnwnrd. 

Cambridge University Press £6.20. 
52121086 0. £2.80. 52129056 2. 
Fueling the Future: an environ- 
mental and energy primer. By 
Richard T. Shcnlian. 

St James Press £4.50. 86066 002 8. 

q nonces far hi* own continued Pres- 
ence 011 the eartii ; and how. 

parallel to these evolutionary and 
revolutionary developments, science 
has come to offer a gradual under- 
Stan ding of the physical principles 
and biological mechanisms at work 
behind them. 

Social mechanisms follow: the 
contemporary ideas of the American 
ecologist Howard Odum, together 
with some of their English ante- 
cedents, lead to an explanation of 

Mr Kenward makes a bold, un- 
rcflective and freciuently brash 
attempt to chronicle the' contem- 
porary history of the “ enei 
crisis” from the time of the OP! 

oil price rises in 1973. Despite Its 
claims to worldwide scope, his book 
deals only with the rich countries, 

claims to worldwide sco 

s book 

Planners face two problems t they 

try to lay on a supply of the goo 
itnd services demanded by tlieic 
clients, and they try to distribute 
them according to need. The diffl- 

the principles of energy accounting. 
This concludes the first part of 
rite book, which succeeds brilliantly 

culty of planninn the world’s energy 



_ alley, 

we face a society which will 

more wastoful and more 
tuoro wo succeed economic 
“ Socioty is in turmoil _ 
tho only legitimacy It has In. . 
justice; and tho transiting; 
just society is nit uncenuK- 
strewn with injustice.” He it 
first person to see Ikx fy. 
acknowledges the nerdpknu 
R. H. Tnwney in Tht 
Society 50 years ugn and torn 
doctrines nf J. K. GalfanbiU' 
in a bonk devoted to the 

■applies may well defeat them witl 
in a generation or two, leaving the 
inhabitants of developed end deve- 
loping emm trios alike to solve thoir 
problems of energy resource alloca- 
tion in more traditional ways. It Is 
u weM to try to understand why. 
It ntay even be passible to do some- 
thing about it. 

Mr Foley evidently believes in 
-explaining very carefully what 
energy is and why it is of universal 
importance, before he attempts to 
deed with energy resource use. With 

in negotiating the essential back- 
ground to energy resource use, in 
under a 100 pages of dear prose 
accessible to anyone with a mini- 
mal amount of ' general historical 
and technical knowledge and no 
more titan an average terror of 

principally those in the OECD, and 
makes «o attempt whatsoever to 
discuss the energy outlook for the 
half of humanity living in poor 
countries, for whom much of 
modem energy technology has all 
the relevance and exciting potential 
of a steakhouse in Benares. 

simple arithmetic. 

an outstanding talent for selectin' 
contemporary aud historic^ 


I umessiuns und pvivileuoiai 
mpacr on social stability, k*<L 
once mentions Thorstcia mMi, ; 

his Thaortf of the Leinf fh 

while making great play rite 
It Is a fascinating trap* 
times even if it (i»j 
pin. -e;c<l, sis was IH>< K«p» 

examples to illuminate his argu- 
ment, ho describes how solar energy 
is trapped, used, stored, distributed 
- aud dissipated in rite natural world ; 
how man, particularly since the 
Industrial Revolution, lias distorted 
, the flow of energy ch rough living 
systems, with imperfectly predict- 
able but probably profound conse- 

ic remaining two ports are 
devoted to an outline of the broad 
choice ol* energy resources avail- 
able to humanity, and to Che future. 
There ore no right answers to be 
guessed. There are, and can be, 
no panaceas among the nuclear 
reactors, wave-power generators and 
firewood forests. But Mr Foley is 
by no means doom-ridden : “ Re- 
sources, even with die worst will In 
the world, cannot be exhausted 
instantaneously.” Nor is he filled 
with the still-popular faith — neces- 
sary to at least one kind of econ- 
omic orthodoxy — that the price 
mechanism and technical progress 
are bound to see us through, that 
something is bound to turn up, It 
isn't. Planned or unplanned, 
frugality is the only civl'llzea 

Mr Kenward may be on energy 
expert: he is not an historian. He 
seems to attempt some kind oE 
“snapshot”. The effect is as if a 
cel ostial rcfei-ce had called a 
momentary halt to the frantic power 
games in laboratories and minis- 
tries, giving the author Just time to 
dash hi, record the state of play, 
and dash away again in time to 

dodge the flying megawatts as the 

whole circus leapt back into life 
again. The resulting undigested 
mish-mash of fact and opinion gives 
every appearance of having been 
written at great speed and never 
subsequently revised. 

Mr Sheehan informs us that his 

book is easy reading. It Is a 

rambling, pleasantly illustrated, 
excursion through rhe complexities 
of energy and environment. It is 
elementary, and not at all accurate. 
Those who really believe that fast 
breeder reactors actually produce 
more fuel than they consume should 
somehow be persuaded not to pub- 
lish introductory texts of this kind. 
It does nobody a service. 

Correction . .. Ml 

“ B.B." is the pen n.iiui* nf Deny* Watkins-i’ittiifoiri. riot. H nfJW 
Fitzgerald an si-ited in Virginia Making:; n'piui ««f uu t * a * 
review competition 'em May 27. 

Annals of the poor 

Marion Glastonbury 


J'uiitri WBSiiu 



A pnrfautyniuttrMcJiicif *rtf<i«ii|<liIo*tur 
. thavtttUW^nniTvoptailnouilieuthbtvy. Ideal 

tot * ttk «n J tiiirju k j Mlltivtlitl) M li ;<« 



■■■ i 1 * • ■ 



AmiioiHuJ piiif.>,lnn*l i!^|«n tir.a needed 

ihUnli-u-tUH caM*. 

£8^5 ciscj X4.75 p*;icr 











Awwptf te t»W« i« t««n, nltt.tvnTaiH, 

ludtng ihr mAu ihiuu^i «iciy K)(0 WIHJiBlltil 

ddUeJprofMKncy bi Jcndlny o<iUn|. 

a. 95. 


/• Wi«m nmmcih 

7 W mfUnun tw« I# if prutfi Ae 

MCShmlMM ■OimirrMVy'odhM u «u 
lltek owUniioaiihii'lltpttiofipia, 

Cl JO paper 


Muni, illtly 

A piil info Pm* iK Djot 


An outmoded threat? 


Popular Literature: a History and 
Guide, By Vlrtor E. Neuburg, 

singers who huwkcd their own bal- 
lads round the cmintiyslde. Giving 

writer and his public, and unravel 

Creative Alternatives lu Corn- 
iniiniMn. By Donnlri Wilhelm. 
MacmUlsn 14.95. 3.1.1 21852 .1. 11.50. 
3.43 21856 f». 

Donald Wilhelm's liaslu cuncern Is 

that Marxism, vdihuwgh oitUUndud, 
is Mill n powerful iniclk-ctua) force. 

especially umoug young thinkers. 
This leads him to waut to create a 
new philosophy of life based on u 
consideration of selected great 
minds and problems who serin to 

have changed the world. In his final 


up an alternative scheme fer social 

chapters he edges towards scttlnf 

development based on creative 
values and tho creative use of 
politics, economics and technology. 

Although some of the logic is 
sometimes baffling fit is. for 
example, hard to see just why he 
thinks Marxism is such a threat if 
h is outmoded) Wilhelm’s ideas are 
certainly worth thinking about. 
Sixth formers and first year stu- 
dents of all disciplines could find 
this book most useful— add it may 
even provide some ammunition for 
the Great Educational Debate. But 

it wmiiil In^ Minin' tn .uiipf 
Wilhelm's thesis rniiit-lv. 

O110 re.iMin tii. 'M M.n \i-.nt is 
intellect u.illy .ip|»i-.itii»r: 1 : ih.u ii 
provideK 11 ciiiisirin life mei vieiv «t 
.society und iln* pi'ii|iti> i:i ii uhith 
empluisizes ilie iiiii-r-iehii:nii!.lii|» nf 
apparently mmtintvil auivhh-s. So 
at a lime when JmiumIiiI/.i* mnhi 
appear to he ImriM-iiu-lv f-.ntc.U: 
ana specialized, . ;my system which 
encourages fteneraliAifi.-ti iuul 
simplification niu-.r iiiiravff. Wil- 
helm's is :i pai.i’li 1 v.stem 
founded an anti rriinmuw ni and a 
rather slipshod utiitmk tn the his- 
tory of science. V.imR-m .mil pcnl- 
dUm get a few lin.s e.irh in eider 
to bolster an niKtimeot on Inven- 
tions. but Wilhelm t'.iih to point 
out that there is no eriu.-l di-fitiition 
of what disiovirie: -no that Is 
generally accepted, or tii Jt -ve Mill 
dp not know imw* invention., occur. 

The attack 1 liut is made rnt 
academics is Ujijn iifieiJ. Th.-y 
may seem to know 0 ercur dcul 
about matters nf very siielii general 
concern, but it is only through 
painstaking research that the com- 
plexities which ate pair nf Using 

in ull its forms rail teg** 

ill llli II'. « '»i ms.,.— r- jr 

under it and, mid it K only 
.‘.taiuliu;: flii iit that ulttnww® ; 
Mthiiinita v.ui iniu-iyy. ‘ 

If i-i iuipmi.uit 10 WW 1 

I'Hvitir Im'c.iiim’ one w . 

I mwer fu I nit Jilt hits 10 JUrriaj 
thuit it rtvn.slmpllfhw- 
viiiK'iure un? so oflvn pm 
ivtlitics nf Marxism f 
limiuin.s fail to conform 1 
j lire high :»lly .%? 

«n to follow .WifteteimP 
' Marxism is aJsu to cfltwj, 

Penguin £1.25. 14 02 1837 

Tmt and Present : a journal of his- 
torical studies; Number 74. 


the , people what t'hoy want was 

always a precarious way of nialdus 
" ting, lln 

of Marxism »•* 

ir.m. The real ahernagj 
■mist bo nunirruu* 

Tbe annals of the poor aire not, 
.. after all, short mid simple. 

."1 Historians have usually dls- 
>■ regarded them, mvd concentrated on 
•’ top people, except when tho mob 
v appeared on stage. Men of letters 
\ jjave similarly confined their atten- 
• non to their own social circle and 
lh °t e above it, as if inglorious Mil- 
tons, were necessarily mute. 

a living. Thus Popo : 

Liko flic vile straw that’s blown 
about the sneers, 

Tho needy poet sticks to all he 

Coached, ciried, trod upon, now 
loose, now fast, 

And carried off in Rome dog’s toil 
ot last. 

Mr Neuburg chons rhe vicis- 
situdes of the trade, summarizes 
the careers of uuthors and pub- 
lishers, links their output with the 

tiio sourcos of imaginative respon 
tiy pito 


right direction, with quotations, 

Nevertheless, «his modest: 
book takas some live] 

S nlwd 
1 fill© 

Seven ages of Will 

Daviil Wright 

William Shakespeare: A compact 
docn mentary life. 

By S. Schoenbaum. 

Oxford University Press. £6.75. 

19 8125/7555 

Two years aaa Professor ScUoen- 
bamn published his magnificent and 
massive documeniary life of Shake- 
speare, reproducing in facsimile the 
actual contemporary documents 
(wills, bills, registers, maps, draw- 
ings, diaries, letters, court records 
and the like) relating to the bm d, 
bis family, friends and associates. 
These were elucidated by a com- 
mentary as bal uncoil and judicially 
impartial as a judge's summing- up 
for tho jury. 

Now Professor Schoenbaum has 
had the happy idea of producing a 
compact version of that book, small 

Henley Street house 150 years after 
his death. This is shown to be a 
formula translated front Cardinal 
Borromeo’s “ Last Will of the Soul" 
aud probably brought co England 
by the Jesuit Edmund Campion, 
who is known to have been hidden 
for a time not a dozen miles from 

Stratford. But there Is no positive 

indication that Shakespeare himself 
was anything but an Anglican. 
Here as elsewhere Professor 
Schoenbaum does not impose upon 
tho reader his imaginings or pre- 

Then there’s die notorious second- 
best bed bequeathed by the poet 
to his widow (ic seems that Anne 
Hathaway bad been quite a con- 
siderable heiress when the young 
Shakespeare rook up with her). Waa 

enough — and comparatively . inex- 

the bequest a snub or a sentimen- 
tality (best beds were for guests, 
the second-best being usually tile 
matrimonial bed) ? Professor 

pensive enough — to fit anybody’s 
pocket. The text oC the commen- 
tary lias been rovised and aug- 
mented in ' die light of new dis- 

coveries and second thoughts, but 
not abridged, and the book Is 

beautifully designed and produced. 
More than 50 illustrations, most of 


them facsimiles, have beou re- 

The reader is left to make up 
his own mind about the documen- 
tary evidence, wherever it is in- 

complete or ambiguous, without 
biased prodding from the blo- 


Schoenbaum exhibits the evidence 
and balances the probabilities, but 
as he says concerning the spiilnx- 
llke dedication of the Sonnets: 
“This writer takes satisfaction in 
having no theories bo offer.” 
Dull? On tho contrary, it all 
builds up to a fascinating book. 
Tills is more than a factual bio- 
graphy of Shakespeare ; it is a mine 
of information about provincial end 
metropolitan life In Elizabethan 
England — education, industries, 
trades, local government 1 , mores and 
customs. 1 am reminded of the 

grapher. For instance, was Shake- 
speare « Papist ? His f ether’s 
“ Spiritual Testament" was found 
concealed to the rafters of his 

similar feat performed by T. W. 
Thomson's Wordsworth’s Bawkes- 

head — another recreation, through, 
records and documents, of the way 
of life of a vanished society. 


illustrations and bibliography that 

will encourage others to follow. (A 


subsequent edition might useful 
add a discography: these comic 

songs and romantic ballads ueod 
tilielr Broil! tilonnl tunes.) 

According to Orwefl, “ All 
peoplo who work with their hands 
are p nr lily invisible, and tho more 

important tite work they do, the less 

oeuvres of respected content oora- 

‘ ird of 

not any tingle ^ 

VUn&m. Ncv.’ I *»*fL 

phivs mi»r comprritaiio. 

s. tJecimmg 
ucy and ftwn ewj 
To suggest that 


nvflh: think ihH « 

, unc c you admit to the canon 
•nose authors who were not ladies 
gentlemen, the field becomes 
3“ry crowded. And if, like Jauris, 
Wu wish to “ restore to all the 
Sn* that P la ce which is due 
™ t ’ 1 *™ , then you take on a monu- 
m ental task. 

l, Neuburg has examined 

R l v * lat wus read by the com- 

wL/ ead , er in the tliree centuries 
early Panting of broad- 

ries. and traces the survive 
ephemera through the acquisitive 
energies of bibliophiles like Richard 

Heber, wimse eighteenth-century 
gnt ' 

collection filled eight houses. 

A guided tour is not a study in 
depth, and Mr Neuburg’s pace is 
unsuited to the interpretation of the 
trends he describes. Better, perhaps, 
to refrain from speculation about 
literary taste than to remark that 
war lias unsettling effects or that 
human nature craves melodrama. 

. V, 1 J prinung ui uroau- 

•h^Li^-books and almanacs, and 

for nulu\ e,,Ce °* fl masfl market 
vL^llmers towards the end of 

Tliis is the sort of platitude that 
sets the sociology of literature a 

%;c<al Manriam. 

' : iwij j etuf 





UC1LJ t 

Zl!tS \ Mfri 


..V^KtMli^lmdDniWaiUh “ .. . • 

yratalfntMitttJiWMd Pbbau' , i 1 . . ■ 

• .■ 


- ■ T^Ba'da . .. ’v •,'.> > . 

•TtW* ftMdbsofe fc* tx|ba<4 


' pyWlc 

of tW^u. re ’ 8n - useful survey 
tfm\S*iJJ ter *(ure of tho unlettered'- 
hut and the thaatre, 

signed ft;t rcllsi0U ^ '"ff'jT 

betters r " c "*wor orders by their 

tad name. 

' Mr Neuburg cites Lucien Pdbvre 
as the authority for what he. is try- 
log to do, end praieee Eranrii 
efforts to recreate “ i’Wwodre doff* 
mentalftd* collectives ”. But Febvi'e’s 

le tiiey are." A recent issue of 
Past and Present considers the role 
of tflie Press In preserving this in- 
visibility during the mid-nineteenth- 
century debates on the state of (he 

When Thomas South wood Smith 
served on the Commission of En- 
quiry into the Employment and 
Conditions of Children in the Mines 
end Manufactures, he persuaded 
his colleagues to draw what they 
aaw. The mine-owners’ protests 
against their illustrated report were 
tacitly upheld by editors who 
feared that the depiction of vulgar 
poverty would offend “ the respect- 
able families of England”. This 
deference to the sensibilities of a 

comfortable ' readership apparently 
paid off* The Illustrated London 
News with Its pods 

wtlilibflM ■nfri'CTKapiAJe 

193 (Oiirtuc'ipitf; 

Cf.9S cased .j&MB paper. 

» \ I • • v ■ 1 . 1 » . .■ /.’if ■ • ’ ' i’ti ■■ " 


ft bta ifutiiic J ititdbiM iy woter-bdia cr^funt'M 


Kbfl ilfirliilc J biiiibtW ly yrofta-biii 

enaimHii(4i)5Hbc uy U.llieirany r . 

Kfbgtilj editor* « taio ibitr a Uliit- ’ ’ ■ ' ’* 5 
1B3 Jif'T '.ijS-jhi;- 

and Edith . 
Beutach El! 

yihw did -Orkney: lia^ b 

don ft yftife ; antoifL:: 

a libraries to the 

t day^ but bfjre staring not 
tew tormal insiitmlon by the 
Public libraries Act bm with 
level . monastic libraries, the 
a** cathedral : libraries, .tm-. 
ad kbraries of ito‘ fifteenth 



populace might 

. &o f$T 

■auutst a j 4 


“ta.-k-ftiNo dilution 

technique depends upon the 

fowdie astray. "Who be more 
J' ^an *«y ? Who uncleaner 
p>- »nd lootli.Who more licentious 

f !^”T„ m i n s d s3 d W ^ ™ iv 

patient accumulation of complex 
data ; the slow work of subtle 
analysts. We need more than mar- 
ket trends and potted biographies, 
relevant though these are,, to re- 
construct a "mental universe”, 
define the relations between the 

lined "The Crime of Poverty and 
its Punishment ”, failed to win 
friends and sank under its debts. 

When you've seen one slum, 
you've seen them all. Then as now, 
CeJina Fox observes, “The poor 
aVreadv knew what the facts of 
their life were ; the well-off did 
not want to know." 

rated ,*£*1 

librarie* 1 ^pe iaa“eo cc ^/ T D r«cdenri 
tHHiced of aur ■ ■ »«ina ior 


I.Thqriias -K| ' 

wrtbta ''* '* JK uoliriw < 

ry« «, w>r ti SU K 

By Yasadnq 


Tv Each ‘■-"’ [fei 

pe-'f«w P' uli,c8 
t 1 -iipd. 

j informed tex- 

> Pol and El* her * W to tba 

tuye. The 

wollced in I' Rope 

Itional d fo J* hl 4 ^ *nt<u- 

debt to Mlhuu- ate all explained in 
terms accessible to senior school- 
pupils and possibly foreign students, 
without condescension dr dilution. 

So skilled is Professor. Goo«er- 
gtne’s analysis that couplets known 
by 1 heart reveal, fresh depths ^o* 
meaning; her explication of me: 
structures and patterns of me 
poems i$ helpful to experienced 
readers and beginners alike- 

Valerie Grosvenpr Mftr 

Among this week’s 

William Cleghorn lectures at the 
David Wrings tone Institute of Over- 
sees Development Studies at the 
TtoSvsrsihr of StrathcOyde. . . 
Antony Flew is professor, of philo- 
sophy at Reading University. . . 

Anthony Glees lectures in the de- 
partment of government at B/runel 
University. :■ ■' 

W. J- Fi Jenner lectures in Chinese 
studies at Leeds University. 

David Klrp is at present: cobdupting 
a ptudy ; pf rifce i;ol»tipfts. ?n Brlfalp. 

Multiple-Choice Tests 


The Pupil’s Book contains ten multiple-choice tests, five' 
reading and five listening tests, of A-level standard. The 
tests have been validated with pupils over a wide range 

of ability in various parts of the country. They follow 
elytne p 

NUJMB A-level examination in German, but the longer 

cl os eh 

jattern of test to be found in the new-style 

comprehension passages have also been chosen to give 

of different 

A-level candidates experience of a wide range 

S rpes o<f post-war German while still keeping the extracts 
own to a realistic examination length. 

Each reading test consists of 25 questions and will normally 
last some 45 minutes. The five listening tests each a 
consist of 30' questions on a passage recorded on n single, 
tape or cassette, and last about 30 minutes. These passages 
and a check list of the answers are contained in the . 
Teacher's Booklet. 

PupiTs Book 95j } , 



0 340 2206! 9 
0 340 22503 3 
• ’0 340 22063 5 
0 340 22062 7 

u .. 

August • 




Please send me inspection copies of the following as soon 
as they become available: 

□ Pupil’s Book □’ Teacher's Booklet 

; Name • i ■.imlMa.iinMMiiiMiM » V* * P t « •' • « * 

: School/College address ■ , v. - 

■ a f »‘l> .'l. 

l>ept. E1303, Bdk ^2, ^iirHbaf 
Pun ton Green, Sevenpaks, Kent, TN13 2YD ' 

v-. 1 

i ‘i ' . " 

^ ■■ ■ Ml l ljpi I 

■ i 

i I 

l i 

i =J 

; ill 

. :>! 

- W 


l !.<■.»?• 


: 'i-' : .f ,! 

j tf'J 

; ii 



I,: i..i i-1 


I,' ! . V i! 

f .'. •■' n 




L | ; . 




c,’ ' • :* 

$W t \\ 
i 1 y:MK\ 


24 Books/History/Childrens’ Literature 

Children’s literature 

Fact and fancy 

Naomi Mitchison 

~ - ■ - — • "• brow characters whom we know, 

The Xanadu Manuscript. By John perhaps, only too well. 1 wish 
Rowe Townsend. tome ol the so-called adult novels 

Oxford £2.95. 19 271406 G. that one finds oneself lending were 

Snake Among the Sunflowers, fey !l *‘ f as B ° od * „ 

Joan Llngaid, Spake Among the Sunflowers, is 

Hamish Hamilton £2.50. 2+1 89547 more predictable. Joan Liugard is 
2. -a good writer and it must be a 

SUta and Con:' ' By A C; Stewart, pleasant change for her to leave the 
BlacUe £3.00. 216 90335 1. ' . heartbreak of Ulster for the south 

. — ■■ ■ ' — : . ‘ of France which she so clearly 

enjoys. There arc mouth- watering 
It is extraordinarily difficult for descriptions of Piovaiigol farm 
those of us who want to buy a book meals. Ycr It is nor a complete 

for someone between six and 16, change, for in her new environ- 

..find Ely l»ld ar tov.fde n s , “going 

nnige, what is lvoith buying and, ijack to ihe diiys of the 
Indeed, what .kind of a book it is. French Resistance. The pain tuid 
The blurbs do not help that much, anger of die grandparents' days 
Here for instance are three books comes back on Hie children who 
which couJd all be classed as mys- ? f w ” f?»' leJ i problems 

lerieSi but they are on very differ- ihini nm^ 1 imi-esf™ “d 

*n£-Je vets. character tJian most book children 

The Xanadu Manuscript is oil the and, at the end of the book wlieai 
fascinating verge between fantasy pile mystery Is solved and the snnke 
and science fiction, and is in no , a *’ ?i ,e i ron, e»>bers diem as 
'.UU, a "cMdr."'." book, .l.m.g!, P ta£ f u J A, ™!y ™old. A 

a delight for an intelligent young c< -,__ «... . . . .. . 

:«»;*«■ — «m — for hi.,/ 

her lucky parents. It is quite easy beiujj set In no particular place 
to guess what the strange family or tune. Tt is die story of a boy, 
which appear on the Hacks in such abandoned by u feckless mot her 
peculiar circumstances must be. but ?. * (lva K e st,f l>"fnihor, who seta 
.be worki,« OUC of rl.o pk, .vhich 

affects them and the narrator is mongrel dpg and u toy monkey, 
ingenious and sometimes really mov- gets last, escapes from u mad 
Hig. It involves moral problems, as tinker woman, and finds refuge on 
nil good science fiction ought to 4 tor in, hut is shocked by the 

%’T.X h Bbly^ ^Hw^'T.lhudo low^ 

swayed, as in life, by doubts and animals which have failed to pro- 
suspicions and loyalties, as well as duce a profit. Accompanied this 
th» stresses of O— -or is it A? — lime by a young cow and a lien, 
levels. The book is all the more fun ]} e fl,, ds “» island and apparent 
hecauw mo*t *£ H Lapp™, i, „„ ™ ™ 

„ *>■ 

ESSES • ■ - ' 

Happy days . . . 

Robert SiJvey on Britain between the wars 

Now in paperback! 

Stan Gdbler Davies 

A sympathetic and accurate 
picture of the life and 
times of Jahies Joyce 
—the first full-length 
biography since 19S9 




compelling book to read 
a book to enjoy’ . 
New Society 

Social Conditions in Britain 
Between the Wins. By John 

Penguin £1.75. 14 08 0969 4. 

It was a time of plenty and a time 
of penurvj a frivolous time mid a 
serious time; a time of hope and a 
time oE despair. Prices fell and 
unemployment rose; the population 
grew and the birth-rate declined; 
cinemas boomed nnd elm relies lang- 
uished. More people Hum ever 
before bought their own homes nnd 
discovered ilio countryside. Ribbon 
development flourished and road 
casualties rocketed. Whole commu- 
nities were left to rot. Such was 
the complex mid paradoxical social 
scene in the SD-cailed “ fatuous twen- 
ties " and "frightened thirties 
. This book begins with an 80-page 
introductory essay. It is able and 
wid e-ranging, i ho ugh there are 
curious amissions. There is 
nightly room for references in ** the 
drank problem ", greyhound racing, 
paid holidays mid the cinema, but 
crime fa bmclv mentioned and there 
is no reference whatever to either 
religion or to broadcasting— even 
though, by the end of the thirties, 
wie “wireless set” luid become a 

Hite main body of the book is a 
reader, drawing nn the findings of 
the great social inquiries of the 
time concern-in. 

.ic, successively, 
poverty, health, housing and tin- 
employment. The fir* modern 
social surveys luid been carried out 

before the First World War by 
pioneers liko Chtirk-x Ihmtli unci 
Scebohm Rountree. Tu the luierwur 
years the method whs extensively 
employed t hough, significantly 

never by government-, 

Perhaps the best-known workers 
In the field were A. I,. Hawley, 
Lord Boyd Orr, G. U, H. niul Mar 
garet Cofle, Curr S minders, Cura 
dog Jones and K. H. Tit muss. It 
was men and women such ns those 
and bodies like the Pilgrim mid 
Carnegie Trusts, the LS>E and Liver- 
pool University who should be lion 
on red for laying the factual fouit 
duiious of Hie Welfare State. 

No one who has memories of the 
thirties will need lo be rcmlndod 
that everyday life was overshadowed 
as much by tlio spectucle of chronic 
mnss unemployment as by the fear 
of war. Its victims have cause 
enough to remember; the rest of us, 
unless we were totally Insensitive, 
were oppressed by a sense of guilt 
mid frustration. Wlmt right had 
we to enjoy life when so many of 
our fellows, through no fault of 
their own, were made to fee] hope- 
lessly unwanted ? And, beyond first 
nid, there appenred lo he literally 
nothing wc could do. 

The Second World War, when it 
came, at least banished ihnt evil, 
and lifter it Keynesian ecinunnirs 
uud the Beveridge sat'eiy-net .seemed 
to have ensured that ii was exor- 
cized for twor. It is different now. 
Grimly, the inter tv nr study which 
lias, perhaps, must relevance Ui-dny 
is Uie Cnrnegiu Trust's Disinherited 


Empire and republic 

W. J. F. Jeuner 

Emperor or Chinu j .Self- Pori rail of 
K nug-lisi. Ily Jiinnthim I). Rpcnce. 
Penguin £>.«). 14 0.15 122 0. 

Imperial China. By Raymond 

Penguin £1.95. 14 02 1K99 8. 

Mao Tse-Timg a ml Chinn. Ily C. P. 

Penguin 85p. 14 02 1947 1. 

The emperor known as K'ang-hsi 
come to die throne us a hoy of six 
in 1661 : by his seventeenth birth- 
day he had rid himself of regents 

Aim InA ftniiiiiinM. f _ 

day he had rid himself of regents 
and the dominant court faction: rt!;, 
and during the rest of his 61-year 
£«gn he defeated all challenges to 
«l S 32.* ’ sett ^ n K the boundaries of 
the Chinese state wider than at any 
time except under the Mongols and 
pushing through a series of reforms 
that cleared tne way for the popu- 
yi 0 " to rise from around 
100 *°M2v al hia accession to well 
over 300,000,000 by tlio end of the 

M nt u Ury ', Yei to the end 
of njs life his head was not turned 
by power. 

Jonathan Spence has made up an 
autobiography for K'ang-hsi by pur- 
ang together things he said or could 

ft” - sa li at va /! ous limes in his life 
into a string of interior monologues, 

huntiSf i lh ? vigour and joy of' 

and !L a "| d 01 3 thl 'Ollgh war 

and the burdens of ruling and 

growing old tn nilminntr in the 
viih-dicliiry edict | ]L . .uiu.iHy diem- 
tctl us a pul ii li-M.iiniMil, Sim.'iicc 
lias iiiiil i In* ciiui-.igf m iuvi-ni u 
roi'in ill. ii i-, uciilicr biugi .ijdiy mir 
Iiciinii, mid it works ii'iiiiii kabiy 
well, llii! trtuis|,tiii)iis when checked 
are mainly reliable ; ami K'ang hsi 
cnmuN over us a nun very clenrly. 
I lie shades of Pnmsi are lint quite 
appropriately imtikcd in tin* imi.i- 
(luctuin: Silence's K'ung-hsi 1 ms 
song-nsi "H* “ff'fli'V with Mimtuigiie. If 
iy of six 2H!Ki5 ,! £f e cni . lltl 81 w m 0 km* 
in birth- !ifi ,5 a biograidiy »f this fuscinui- 

! X 

mg tyrant. 

Raymond pawson'a Impcriul 
L/mia Is a good n ami live history of 
ts>e dynasties from the sixth to (he 
eighteen Hi centuries, J t j s snoneer 
on emperors uud groat men tlian 
i? JEW 1 * ? r changes. 

Il -S »V C i Lfr®. r . ea d in conjunction 

*![f^ 1 /»¥ ar ^ E ‘ v,n ’ Pattern of 

the Chinese Post: the two books 
are complementary. 

. P. FitzGerald paces his narra- 
tive well to cover 82 eventful years 
at one easy canter, hut dots not 
really get into the nhumeter and 
the contradictions of that extraor- 
J™* man wlio did more than 
anyone else t o change China and 
me world in Hus century. This is 
® «? od ru « through modern 
Chinese historv for u casual reader 
but not FI i /Gent Id at his bust The 

EFS&fc m - 


Hilary Finch 

Change and the Churches • A?? ‘ 
lomy of religion i„ Bril aln . K " ' 
By lhivid Permun. 1 

Tlie Bod ley Head £4.95. 37010319 ;. 1 

At tt church in New York, , 
deacon, wlm was seeking pn^. : 
orders, was ud ministering a. 

cluilice to a young main pH** M \ 
the altar rail. " i | 10po y Q i ■ | 
*" ,J I0 )1 ”• ,l»e said, as he dug S , 
nails into her hand, drawing K t 

At a rliurch in the New To» f 
of Stevenage, the SacritT 
reserved by burli Anglicans 

S* t vSfii C 1 111 a . co,nmw » taberaS 

divided by a glass partition; ItK 
been said that there should be , 
notice saying. " in the event of wiiir 
please break the glass ", 7 ' 

If these cheerful little storienni 
familiar to you, then you win mob 
ably not find much that is newe 
surprising hi lhivid Perman's boil ■ 
If, on uie oilier hand, you have w! 
heard l hem hefnru, the ehauc«m£ 
unit yon will know less about At £‘. 

scene "—and, in that case, m t 
may justifiably lurk any incenliH i ' 
to buy u hunk with this title nil [ 

It won ies me slightlv as to vbi r 
exact ly will read it ; as u systenstk 
an d thormnr.h .survey, this is ■ book - 
which will probably inspire no gat j. 
action ami provoke no great rat 
lion. Its descriptive rather tha ! 
prescriptive I'm in ion has, hownr,.- 
en.ihled the iiiiilmr in do a number ! 
of things — und to do them tell. 

Fur those who will buy the bed ‘ 
for refemue, his cupimis quotitinr . 
from the religious ami secular pi ! 
his canful ion of ta - 
and ut til tides- i-uiiieiiipunny t . 
letrospeetive, i-. limi' s.iviiig, mis 
minds us of ih-iuils we mir * 1 
easily forget ( p.n ticnlarlv in ih 1 
case of i-xnu'isiii and Nurihein Ire 

Tlivre arc n few iiiaccoratid . 
which tin- iissidiunw fact-Hw L 
in II : the " clumsy " Rom. m Cathow B 
respon.c tu "The Lord be fc® i 
you" is, in f.irt, misi|miied ; . 

Rev. Cutlihi-ii Keeii. of Cuitibrld^i 1 
however apt ilie name may 1 m. * 
in fan, i he Rev. Cnthbcrt Keati 
not all of the i hiirrli of Kngliirfi 5 
hy any iiie.nis, uuiild describe ft' 
us now, ned hv " bishops claiminf r- 
the * upnstiiiic succession ’ " ; w“ 
few Catholics, lay or erW(« 
would re, illy " leap at the 
acquire a medieval cathedral, rtP* r 
bill and ull ", 

But the book's very nature u a 
voiceless survey also makes lor » 
ceitain euinesniess and 
imagination that makes K- iw™ 
going ut times. What could w 
nioro useful — bur also more i bpnnj 
—than a catalogue of land. 
ford's and Mary 
periodic triumphs and 
and the comments on them by nw 

From all the facts and the 
wto idea due> Maud out : #* 
real divisions uf the church «■ g 
between denominations at 
within them. The backbone ot 
Per man's 14 anatomy ” >* “Tj, u 
that the pluralism of die ““{fL 
perhaps Uie greatest change 
scon this century, and, « 

/ ,i. n « oriH S 

Music and the noble savage 


citiicy” of rite past, 
best hope. 



! Some ‘ Great Music Educators, 


, ‘fnew , _ 

. ... introduction to the 
* ;'««?¥ Which Wight tO 

of- which pass today u 

« well as . being a ucefu] 
be a basic 

Among ihv* roH«*J 

» lacking in P™^ 11 * sU blisb .» 


JH Sioiwota contplaine thht schoidl olement of teacher training i C mentation pa . JL r very 

nliisic educator* nowadays do ;hot .* ^oUhodon arose from a uha. . S**® fae, P ^ pressed H 


SE.-! A* «* 


Scientific practice and 
the art of electronics 

25 Resources 

by JoEin Lewis and David Tawney 

Looking at rhe higli technology 
that now surrounds us, one is 
struck by our dependence on rhe 
an of electronics. Ii is therefore 
surprising that so little of the sub- 
ject is taught in schools. Most A- 
levei physics syllabuses cover the 
characteristics of transistors, but 
fail to recognise that progress has 
k-ft these behind and that now we 
should be concerned with inte- 
grated circuits. One wonders in 
passing wliy the Associated Exami- 
nation Board still asks its A-levul 
Physics candidates about valves. Is 
ii a wish to preserve. Canute-like, 
the stutus quo or is it. perhaps, that 
ihcir -examiners can’t cone with 
new ideas ? 

Notable among the few moves to 
introduce electronics is Geoffrey 
Poxcroft's approach for die Nuffield 
A-level Physics course and Hie new 
experimental A-Ievcl in electronic 
systems devised hy Professor 

or to a locality. One national pro- 
ject, Nuffield Secondary- Science, 
intended for non-Hcademic pupils in 
the 13-16 age range, has sections 
on electronics and kits are commer- 
cially available. The work for which 
these can he useful ranges from ele- 
mentary circuitry (switches, lamps, 
etc), through the behaviour of dc 
and ac in capacitors and inductors, 
to the transistor in radio sets, ampli- 
fiers and switching circuits. Again 
the emphasis, is on function rather 
than mechanism — on what a device 
docs rather than how it does it. 

Three systems which cover al! or 
niiist of the work are the Philip 
Harris system. Lock ironies (Lock) 
and Radionics (Irwin-Desman). 
Which is the most suitable depends 
on the relative importance of fac- 
tors such as price, rolnistness and 
correspondence between practical 
layout mid theoretical circuit. 
Details are available to CLEAPSE 
members hi a recent report. A kit 
Which covers the transistor work 
(section 5.4) an I v is Hie Braun 

well known th at electrons are 
blue.) More objectionable is the 
effect of h resistor being compared 
to a tunnel wirli a lor of men enter- 
ing one end and a tew emerging 
from Lhe other. 

Whether a kit is suitable for a 
particular activitv depends on the 
teacher’s aim. k To motivate n non- 
academic pupil, it may be better 
to get iiim to solder up a simple 
device without necessarily under- 
standing how it works. This may 
spur Hie pupil to follow part of an 
electronics course and build up some 
sort of understanding. Suitable kits 
of components are advertised in 
Practical Electronics and utlier 
similar magazines. Sinclair, fur 
exampie, sell a gnnd kit for a 
miniature radio receiver- 

Philip Harris's ** Make it yourself ” kit. 

Chaplin of the Department of Elec- 
trical Engineering Science at Essex 

For those people whose horizons 
are bounded by tliu requirements 
traditional pity sics course, tlio 
QMt solution is to use mounted 
rompoi io nt* which are fitted with 
standard 4iniii sockets; these can 
from the usuni 

i V6r ' where electronic com* 
U , a i re u , s ? d t0 bui, < 1 w> work- 
£ its . are. more useful, 
e^f the building to be done 

qJckli i B rf d,flc S lon> to be mflde 

1,1 flt can be oh- 

JSSLV °? co - Without a kit the. 
Ponam^ of e® nne cnng up com 

'5 n . M ^ 


Lcctrnn kit flduus for Education). 

Commercially available electronics 
kits arc also used for courses and 
club activities. Those Hheudy men- 
tioned, cun be und probably are used 
in this wny and Rudionic, Lock- 
troiiics and Braun provide general 
sets us well as ones specificaWy 
designed to match Nuffield Secon- 
dary Science. There are nlso the 
Philips sers (obtainable from Irwin- 
Desman) nnd the Hearhkit electronic 
workshop. In rhe Henthkit the 
match berween layout and theoreti- 
cal circuit is poor, but the com- 
ponents are permanently attached 
to the board which prevents 
entropy increasing and the stock of 
components decreasing. In the 

ps sets, attaching components 
to the printed circuit board with 
four BA nuts is ted i mis but the 
j-,— — - rviovei nnwics m in-cn B u «*o is succinct and attractively 

l* 1 * encourages pupils to third: Produced, . providing explanation 
2^.™* of functional “blocks”— without being top heavily didactic. 
™ Dim “" • - Teachers may liko to look at 

J&s approadt used in the 
. A-Ievel physics course. 

wnriunT. 1 ‘“ncttonai - Mocks 
Tfc : wave shapers, nor-gates 
eats ri t , iie itttlividual ingredi- 
Basie ^ nlc used in this 
a'iVi. tfln be all these things 
with ntfcS?SC ,ed to .be combined 
with ninr “ ,,ls 10 Produce circuits 
only D r sLWtoPtox functions. It is 
far f 0r J“ c, dental interest that so 
ro?? 0 ? 5 f he activ 

Mi nponen, f roasons the active 

a hStsSi "u* 6 . Un ! ls has been 

h« ,0 *‘ ? ut to d,e future ft 
■n,. w 3n integrated circuit, 
widely Sftth h , as been adopted 
owing ^ schools foi* 

Mrs can h Advanced Physics. 

«nd Gfron,^ from Griffin 

ttiilab^jK* SJSJfP S? fris f Leybold, 

n °w. seflntu 111 ® ^cctncal. Most 
f 0 Phlsd™J£ now '?* 1 Wta for more 
binary wt>r ^ Si? f°g? c circuits, 

<*rirg % lc - Thesis Engin- 

since it Course^ U mterOsSng 
lent electronic con- 

electronics kits oil sale in toy, model 
and electronics goods die 
high street. On the whole, .durability - 
has been sacrificed 
explanation for motivation. Philips 
kits arc available in shops as well 
as through fi-wiu-Dcsmun and may 
be cheaper bought there. 

Also available are : Loglc-Kosmos 
(once the rather elaborate bread- 
board has been assembled, circuits 
using unmounted components cftl 
be set up rapidly) ; Science Fair' 
(in the biggor kits components are 
mounted permanently on a board 
with connexions made: with; wires 
between springs; in., the ismaller:- 
project kits, soldering is neces- 
sary) ; Dendii Board (component*, 
in transparent blocks and connectpr 
links fit into slots in a board) and : 
Denshi Block (components in transi 

Philip Harris, with their make-it- 
yourself series, are another source. 
Containing a printed circuit, all the 
components and careful assembly 
instructions, they enable a pupil 
with a little skill in soldering to 
produce a professional-looking job. 
which works. They are intended to 
be assembled only once, which 
makes them expensive, though ob- 
viously the instructions can he used 
time and again. They provide h 
useful introduction to printed cir- 
cuit work. 

The advantages of kits were 
listed earlier hut they do have dis- 
advantages : cost, the coinnnneiu 
mounts often costing considerably 
more than the components ; lack 
of flexibility ; an appearance very 
different from what a pupil sees 
inside hid transistor radio ; con- 
tacts which are bound to give 
trouble sooner or later. Most would 
argue that tlio advantages, particu- 
larly those of the practical layout 
matching the theoretical circuit, of 
speed oi ciiiiMi-ucrinu and mollifi- 
cation and of being able to use 
the components repeatedly, out- 
weigh the- disadvantages. . . 

For those pcpple who wisli ' to 
go it alone the popular electronic 
magazine sucdi as Radio Construe • 
tor, Everyday Electronics, Practi- . 
cal Wireless Practical E/eclJonic^, 
Wire/css World etc, provide a 
plethora of circuits and factual in- 
formation. The necessary compo- 
nents can be purchased from the 
myriad of advertisers in those rnngn- 
zlnes or from that excellent mail 
order supplier — RS Components 
which will supply educational estab- 

At first glance RS may seem more 
expensive than others but One must 
realise that all their components 
are first class and that postage and 
packaging are inclusive. Another 
useful source of supply Is tha Sur- 
plus Buying Agency which can offer 
a wide range of cheap components. 

Anyone wanting a systematic 
course should look at the Basic Elec- 
tronics books developed by Project 
Technology and published by Hod- 
der and Stoughton. These are writ- 
ten as a seTf-insiructional course 
in five parts. Though some teachers 
may consider them too comprelien- 5 
slve and theoretical, especially for 
the less able p: oils, they are in vdlu 

The Uniltib electronics kit 

that these particular techniques ere 
not suitable for beginners as the 
layout does not follow the theoreti- 
cal circuit diagram. 

It is Important that pupils should 
meet electronics and meet it in a 
way which Is stimulating and which 
makes clear its relevance to modern 
life. It Is a fundamental, pervasive 
technology which can be covered in 
schools. Although many teachers 
first meeting modern electronics 
may echo the words of the Great 
Duke contemplating his artuv — “I 
don't know what effect it will’ have 
on the pupils, but by God it terri- 
fies me ! '* — their terror will soon 
disappear once battle commences. 


Electro Value Ltd. Engle Field Green. 
Egham. Surrey TW20 0HB. 

Ferranti Ltd. Kings Cross Road, Dun- 

Griffin A George Lid. Ealing Road, 
A i perl on. Wcmliley, Mldillcnux. 

1'hillp Harris Ltd, Lynn Lane, Sheir 
Mono, Staffs WS 14 DEE. 

Heatiiklr, Daystrom Ltd, Gloucester. 

Ley bold -He room Ltd, Blackwell Laiua, 
Luiidoii SEL0. 

A. M. .Lock & Co Ltd, Middleton Road. 
Old Ha m, Lanes OL9 6LL\ 

National Centre for School Technology, 
Trent Polytechnic, Burton. Street. Not- 

£ ' E ic * Lt{I - 57 High Street, 
Saffron Wald on, Essex. 

R.S. Components, P.O. Box 427, 13-17 
Ep worth Street, London EC2P 2HA. 
Sfonians Ltd, Great West House. Great 
West Road, Brentford. 

Sinclair Instruments Ltd. 6 Kinos 
Parade, Cambridge CB2 tSN. 

Surplus Buying Agency Consortium. 
Richmond College Annexe, Station 
Road, Wond house, Sheffield. 

Unllab, Clarendon Road, Blackburn. 
Lancs BB1 STA. 

Vero Electronics Ltd, Industrial Estate, 
Chandlers' Ford, Hants SOS 3ZR. 
White Electrical instrument Co, Spring 
Lane North, Malvern Links, Worcester- 

J»*h« Ltfteis is Dire cl nr of the 
UUl Resource Centre. David 
Tuivney is Director of the 

Heatiiklr, Daystrom Ltd, Gloucester. t^'^ Cfar . ol tw 

Ideas for EductHaoti, 8 /fa Trowbridge CLEA/Vifi development group. 

Road,' Brafltard-on-Avon, wills bai 3 * ,ie . opinions expressed m this 


rrwln-Dcsnran Ltd. 291 Piirley Way. 
Croydon CRD 4QL. ' 

article are those of the authors 
ond not the organizations for 
which they work. 

. »«ur- j*. 

l-.'i. >. '■.* 

.‘.'if; ;V 

■ .■ ^ -i' 

: ' ' ' ' > '• ' VV- ' -iV: 

The Griffin and George "Volloto-on” kit for logic circuits, binary 

irctilts co 

menclng with a bdineiV and bulb 
and ending with a radio receiver. 
If one wdsjhen vo cover Integrated 
dnouits, essentia) reading is Plant’s 

book, •' Op Amp ■ applications 
(National Centre rpr Scfiool Tecji- 

8q ,l n °il ^logul ^TrcuTts ^ urine parent blocks fit into a case produc- 

CLK/S?S® dt,n ?* amplifier* The tog a portable and fiinjhed-lookmg 

peaterdiveSJ^f ^hodl, there is 
‘ n e ^rn a mLj PPProact, ,p nn a. 

device )- 

Wheie kits are likely to-be used: 
by .pupils on their own 4 ..the guides 
are an important factor, roe guide 
for. one elementary set, for example, 
shows currents as streatns ol Utpe. 
yellow men, which some teachers 
might •! irot iike. .. (Afters all, 1 «• »■ '• 

oology) wWlst. another sdured of 
ideas are tiie various books by Mar- 
abou pubJfsbedi by IlJffe. Maniifac- 
turars often .provide data sheets and 
Information: . two worth a mention 
are Ferranti's E:. Line Transistor 
Application f and Siemens’s Resign 
Examples of ■ Semiconductor Cir- 
cults. , . ■ . 

. Once ' pupils, and staff, are 
hooked' on electronics dje way is 
dear. Circuits mV be bread boarded 
first in S-DeC (P.B. . Electi-bnics) 
dr Prototype . Board (R5. ; Com* 
often ts) ' or : Unllab . Bimbdarda. 
ion : durable, ' . professional . look- 
jog compact ..olpotrita will' 1 *' be 
made up on, . Stripboard ■ (yero 
Electronics oh . R-S- Components) 
or even-., on., printdd"- Circuit 
boards (Electro Vajue Ltd, dr R-S. 
Com pottent^, ewhas ! ?^d. 




full colour slides 
; and filmstrips 

Really astounding pictures on a 
wide variety of -subjedta^as seen 
thropflh ifte lenaad of the world 
famous flim vnlt OXFOBO 

A full rangfl of .colour elides and 
filmstrips abtompanled by study 
not? booklets. 


fape/sllde programmes, 
films and video casselfes 

. Tape/ellde programmes produced 
; by various UK UnlvofefUofc A • 

- full range of eubjetiti ere 
available Including obstetrics/ 
gynaecology, anaesthesia, .* . 

, anatomy, hurafng, general 
praotioe, diagnosis, psychology ■ 
and psychiatry. - . ; . ! 

, 16mm colouMIh^w and vfdeo • 
oaspeties oh first Sld/parb ' l- , 
medloai subjebia produced jn . 
cpbper^iioh Willi ljip.'-lyprW v;,' ( . 
Heal ih ^ Organization, > the beegu e j • •' 
pf Had Gross Societies arid thel \ 
ItHernaUortBT labour Qlfido,'. ' ! 

\ ^or fMrtb^r details qp all eublects. ' 
, please eonti.fof our qwSToflue. 

•> • ; i»«. r »(.•: • • 



i AiicHb- Visual Division, V ■ ! “V 
,, BriUey fldid, OXFORD OX2 


26 Resources 

: Nafiire dioramas 

f° r f®wnees 


in miniature 

Tower of strength 

by Gillian Thomas 

The World Wild lift* Fund bus c«l- *■ V^Vtl f W 
labor a ted in the prmUiciinti nf two » • • , 

itutme trail d ionium m?is which liuvc lfl fYl ll'l) CkXl I |*A 
just gone on sale. Aimed at en- *** UlllliailUU 
r mi raging the i merest of 8-10 year 

olds in the environment, they Imik by Harold W . AppU'lmi 
at cmuuryside mid i ho seashore. 

A third, on town und garden., will ho = . , 

available in the autumn. I hey cost The Ecology of a •roi' 

£1.45 each mill, if successful, others S/F £3.50, !)/!• l.t. HI i hi» \ AL, 
will (follow, probably no forest and Ecology of u Conn I 
marshland. S/F £7, D/F £7.40 plus VAT. 

F.aoh consists of a thiec c „ . . in . r M r 
atonal colour panorama (measuring SM' nS 7,..' v\T 

live xlieets showing examples of i-iie , 

nmnimaJs, Itirilx, plains, in. sec Is, ere, 

to he round there. Everything is 'J'ho F.cnlngu of a Tree is pci liajis 

j Illustrated in black and white and t j ie mflSt fjuj.,hi-,l and iisetul pio- 

^WUS'S? *-*> - 

other. Paints (and a brush) are Boili idle ecology iriniMnju were 
included. made by G. H. Sinunuiu., who loc* 

Eric Simms, mil mail st and broad- mred in field studies at a college 
caster, who Is on the Funds Advi- of education. The filming is good. 

”a«wiKcf^llcufur'y with i ‘ i ’ 

town children in mind. * After all ve, y MSy . to Stc d,e 

that's where most of ilium live, but author wishes to <>niphuM/e. 
even so they con observe a. great Ho first follows the yearly cycle, 

using ilia oak tree as an example. 
The opening of buds of beech, ash 
and dm tiro then shown. The tree 
OS a habitat, ns a producer and as 
a host is illustrated. Finally the 
lifo cycle of sonic cniiMinu-rs and 
parasites ore seen. The lmnklrt is 
Weil set out, with explanations of 


file Tower of Loudon's traditions resource lists and worksheets*' Lui " Wc 1,0 1 1C , l |ut the trails will help 

uml pageantry are foutured in n new selection of topics for various ngc l0 1 rfSJ®5; 

25-miiiure colour film Ceremonies groups, tue avail able from the edit- sl nif, t ,« L | I .il^ 
el the Tower, rn i ion officer. His address is the wildlife, und ulso how things chango 

Produced bv the Demuiment nf K< liicuiinn Centre, Waterloo Hlnck, rf 0l ’ ^ xnmL, e ,i,u uffetl uf snM,kc ‘ 
Pioduccd by the Depuiimeiu nf 'lower of Loudon, F.C1 (01-709 0765, 1®* S ? WBl, ... .. , ln n ... 

ilte Environment for srlmol eX , 247). World Wild Life Fund, 29 Greville 

audiences mid tourists, it will cor- The aim of all these resources is Stroet > ' 

la inly have an innnodiutc appeal, in encourage teachers to look at I 

The fact that ancient passwords me something specific (luring a visit T . , 

^ c ?o1ite c I “r.«uZg tv 1at;:‘lS«; Introduction to 

mV“u « Z SStf ^ ^ screen printing 

ceremonies, the film throws in School visits, if booked with the // 0IV f 0 Screen Prim is a set of four 
, plenty of Information on the tuwer Rwwtvcr of Fees ut least 10 days largo wntichai'ts written, designed 
- Itself, For instance, the 62-gun \ n ‘[‘“'“nee, are freo bet ween Sep- aiK [ published by Chris Trowcck. 

9 whites, fired exclusively there by cen^cd^aion^for n£rv \onki5S Scr , c S!5 ,s 0,,u °f l i l0!i0 

i- Vhe HoaOucabia Artillery Comnanv. activities that nttiny people hove 

' • WooaCioit of the monarch, are u rrangement in 'the neiw education written, clearly Illustrated euduiU 
. unique, to the tower and date back on topics connected with Ilia nf informal ion— provide a useful in- 
. two centuries. *” akI k . r . „ traduction in the sulijeci. 

Ttie Ceremony of the Revs iho i. 8 n 3 e f , r 1,1,1 .^ #1 * u ? c The first chart duals with making 

ttarfitlonaf loSaun of tbo tn J , ° f ,h ,“ lho «Qii|Wei«, which comsIms 

tvatutionai locwng-up ot the tower, other 749 oiicicnt monuments u «f o frame, so licence (fur 

l “ k o S c A , Bce ® vCr y night beginning looks after. They ronge from Ilanii)- pressing the ink through tho screen) 
at 9.50 pm exactly. One of the l^n Court Pnlucc to Hudnnns Wall, |i m { the basohourd Theso can till 

'StifhSk 1 ffl 118 klnd * iC Lwo - St ! n kSSS* C “i ri . Bbro °A U consuuctod from relatively cheup 
dates back 700 yean. ^°u materials. The next chart covers 

.Tho Installation of- a now con- ’a McA.. rr^ J, U ” them all. the different ways stencils can bo 

; , |tnble lakes place every five years, a ? p0 ! ntc fi 10 cur, which is eo&y to follow as each 

. w* occasion of splendour itnd vntli- if^ r i^?L 8 ,i!f rs * B u U « a ii on se ^ on R*vos a step-by-step account. 

.. tlau. By contrast only the yeomnn f h L* ; f r^ 0nC .?t 1 1 f at ng i 0 " backod up by diagrams and lima of 

Warders are present when a now li 1 JJjf„^il°? inQ ,0 ?, Berv ^ CB , a ^l°blB necessary equipment. 

• I® sworn in . by tho tower's K 2 ?c?SiI%^H ea ^ ork T»? ho Th a third wallcliart graduates to 

. Burner.. ’ . V 1 ; « more complex methods of producing 

■ This filin' Is a seqbel to another 1 "‘."i*! s^clh based on photographic tech- 

•' This film is a sequel to another In Ae^oDl^mSclnihM nt rff. stencils based on photographic tech- 
: by the DoE, Tho Mlding of the It ThSttiJSSnl i2f' P 1 ^": WwWaphs can be trans- 

Toicer of London (29 minutes). , ? ted sHk KCreens b y reducing 

■ which traces its- development from nf 8 taVu.?i knights them to hundreds of dots, a process 

the Norman Conquest to the mid- ? t0 « Mch H unsurprisingly known as 

sixteenth century. Others in a series SLi^MhlP colour. screening". If you look carefully 
. called "Arms and Armour " cover , t0 _ , C0B1 ’ ®t photographs roproduced in news- 

railed "Arms and Armour " cover , lu «*“" w pnaiograpns roproauceo in news- The wIciuim ‘" i™ niiS 

; ; The Art of the Bowman , Barlu Fire- j yJSfti pu Wdentfy intricate papers, you will see they have been good as In^ht* 

• 11 m «utes^ and^Nfne- sluterest and to wfntad uti lids way. The final chart BSe mro many excellent 4 fr 

m en t^^uildi tia f overn - . W , ® n only ruins remain of a school wonts from jumble^des to nwmlws needfcd - 11ie 1,00 * 

Smdojf U W3 ^01- M3 * A Ve " UC ' Itls ‘>i ten in - d,ffc0S - Well produced and designed 

A^waon, Wd (UJ-743 5555). furiatingly difficult to visualise posters «m also transform the 

For school visits to the tower, a exactly who t it must have looked ^sual sterility of institutional build- pj hc 1 

booklet. Educational Visits and Ser- ** k ® *" «* Pnmft To overcome this, ia R*- Graham Wade **“S aJiU u66uI6S 

Glittering prizes 

A, selection ' of eome. ef the world's 

tiffin JO? 

™wt not heva * 
would WKdQWtf * 
cnthusTosts. the 
several School* , 


t 5 ,e ?* n,e ^londarduti 
ol tiio former filmstrip, an] 
eludes, in addition, tne 
wpa commemniy. 

(Botili of these filmstrips a« 
ut die eight to thirteen ajs r 2 
but tlhoy could well be used *X 
older level and especially fa® 
work. ■ . lv 

Conservation n[ Matter it Jf ' 
well adapted to filmstrip titi^ 
und would he better portnjtjr 
clud film where experEmnttf 
ho shown in full us invtMlptf. 
Hero one is given the reuijft 1 . 
out having had rite benefit*? 
nervation. The story simir 
the rolo of green plums, tslt- 
cur bon cycle. KeferuiKcs mi! 
to forming and uco system, « 

A mimlier nf frames art *»' 
to a way of testing the idudi- 
servatinu using a photoflsAki* 
Tills is followed by eipne' 
involving the reaeiioh betwwk 
acetate and sudimu rhrowM 
of burning tin in an itagir!- 
of oxygen. ilydrnuIcctrldK.d.. . 
energy, Einstein's fumci^am 
and some alchemy are« : 
Evomuolly the problem;* » . 
and poMmion urc rescUf ■ 
would I use this filmstript®. I 
tainly would nor use it ji B l 
die Ideas of cunservaiiM «•». 


frames, uddiiiiotul Miiyiruimis for 
teachers mid n good rctcieiicu and 
blbliograplty suction. 

Bcforo ho hud fiui-du-d the Eeoh 
ogy of a Can uf Mr Sinunon .1 died 
| end the work was complt-n-d by 
; 0 liters, using his lain) ntiitenal and 
notes. 'Wio tape cnminnuary wai 
added by J. A. Gillegh.iu. The tone 
4 pleasant and friendly. However, 
die information could wall have 
bran expanded u little, «uid ihsrt 
Is ot least one Inqioriunr slip. 
Three plants we shown in one 
fronts and named without Mating 
wh«her ih» names run from the 
rldit or die left. 

Tbo pictures are not quite so 
good as In the proviuu* strip. 
There are many excellent frames, 
but some show creatures in poor 
P°s es. O ne frame shows a mas* of 
vexptarion in. which it Is impos* 
to recognize the species bring 
named. Some form nf arrows and 
manbers are needed, ilte booklet is 

HIV lirawis Y r L — 1 

InvcMigpihm, it could 
to draw tho thread* 
and vxpkiin iltoir siRiuficiw-, 1 !; 
thin wuy it both revues 
puihIs to roach suitable 
For tho c*nici|)rlMng 
filmeunip could be >«> u ** u, ' , 


Souvenir Number 

Colour phonographs! of 
the procession. 
Service of Thanksgiving 
and ofherJobilee events 

ablb to rtdo i to 

Apert Museum frarn Jpae . C«l d*h : Rafra" 15^ dw' ra Brl^of 
Fabergd rforfe doribg the .Hnor' vdilch was,, engineered ,i bv: 
fast years. ,pf tfte Iraperiid ■ Russian frwphvd: Kingdom Brunei for the 
Court and ; hU , enmpmera I ndud«i Grpat Rdlhvay. LocomO- 

tHe King of Siam, King Edward yJI dire* on show yrete tnOatiy built in 
and .Quqeii. Alexandra. fto 1920*; »pd 30e and rita engine 

elude Prince 
and Binfe Ci 
50(>. . ■ ; 

r c m: ■;■■&*** ••« -'SSJptfai 

An afternoon out of the clusiroom 
&ves any subject a bit of « lift. 

* Q *, dd,d »W«n- 
vT* 1 ^ •fBidring aecw- 

fhSSU 23f^ ee ? w '» fho homo 

IffigL ****** "O. .ban been runidng 
goy llef- e yoning fashion shows up 

““nnv f« wm.dra. 0 
H ^ these 

SiS Sf J ?*?* w ajternoon seaatonj 

exduriv aly f or school prtrnfc* and 
.Various Women * groups. In k 

ftSiSdf f ,1 -i* teSr.SnJS: 

MgrwritB ail the triHuhiiigs ottm* 

; ‘SteSas? - ! 1 * SS 

»W^ i; iwW pk t^Dchet will 

Picture * : eeatonal iwirtW 
u Ecology of a tree • 

Puppatiy •M^yJSSt- 

eeted in « sene* of ««»g 

Dora BeacHom undw i« iv , 
bo run ajpuppet 
dren H . to sessiWifl^S * 
am to &30 P**b 



for be • 

cen,re ' 

F ur ther informal on from the Via- \ ' b tore htfOnnai ioit 

unu vmtf I JUtJHOS SYOniS t uruier utturmuuwi jrom me via- ’Mora ii 

— , | m toria and Albert Museum, Brampton Stefan Eh 

■ ^ Cm sple .npw.^^SQp.*"*:- a ^ 

and concetriqns fq^pardes. 

n 1 ^"Mobla 

if,; . ■ 


&£** call* h-«® a 

2,000. hour®: • 



' il .it , u 




Tony Cole 
Maggie Hannon 

Clusses nf 10 first uihI .sccniul year \ 
pupils arc inking science. They urc 
of random ability, and arc working 
in friuiidKhip groups uf two or 
throe. There is one teach or to each 
class, and one- eleventh share of 2^ 
technicians. Pupils make a choice 
of one topic from six and each 
group works independently. 

Tu start u topic the group is 
given u specific task by the teacher 
anti works on fiom there. They 
use all available resources, gradu- 
ally adding now sources or infornm- 
tion ami assistance us they 

Al the end uf each lesson they 
hand in un order sheet fur next 
lesson’s equipment, mid they ulsu 
keep ii “diary ", a lesson by lesson 
record of their science activities. 
The teacher moves from grnup to 
group dispensing help mid en- 
courage me ill, analysing problems, 
being “used” ns another "re- 
source ", 

Class teaching science to mixed 
ability groups uncovers problems. 
A first attempt to deal with these 
was made. Work on existing topic 
areas was wd.sptetl tu class teach- 
ing, with tlie addition nf extension 
work. As question.-, were posed, 
sonic pupils were -llluwod to ** dis- 
cover " answers by teuchcr-direc- 
tion to available resources. 

There was a gradual move 
toward the use of worksheets and 
cards, to facilitate more Inde- 
pendent work. Tile honeymoon 
ended after a short while. The 
confidence the children grilled 
prompted them to ask questions 
which could nut he answered by the 
resources .it hand. At the same 
time, the cun fide uce gained bv some 
teachers, freed from n more “ us 
atul them" uppi-ouch, prompted 
them rn ask: “ Why can’t the pupils 
be on completely different topics, 
and so lie plated in u situation 
which is all their own ? " 

As the next step, groups of 

pupils were allowed to and 
investigate one from six topics. 

Christened the " multi-topic " 
approach, this opened the possi- 

bility of choice of one topic from 
tile whole selection. But experi- 
ence showed it to lie impractical: 
five or six topics scent to be the 
maximum which ran be handled 

cnmfiu lahly at any one lime. Even I 
two minds on one problem appear I 
to be at u differ out stage of learn- 

The mult i- topic” approach is 

used in a sprinkling of classes, with 
an upper limit in each nf .six 
topics, chosen front Ifi ur so cover- 
ing the first two years. Willi 10 to 
12 working groups in a class, it is 
possible to have no more than two 
groups on any one topic. Equip- 
mem and resource needs are, there- 
fore, minimized as it is tin necessary 
to couiinuddcec cluss sets ol any- 

Kuril work i ug group is gi ve n a 
task tu start them on their topic; 
they may then use worksheet* (us 
u text*, books, ideas of their own, 
or tcuchur- inspiration, to guido 
diem through the work. All the 

while, they keep as complete a 
record as they can in their diaries 
which have become an additional 

incuits of cum muni cation between 
teacher and pupil. At first the work 

wax more overtly teacher- led. Now , 
the uppruHch taken depends on ; 
group cliuracLer mid ability. 

When the need arises a class 
lesson is tuught, ur part of a class 
tuuy be tu tight together (or a short 
lime. Al! rlic topics ure practical, 
and the equipment is in uric avail- 
able In the room, usually on 
trolleys tn* n. developing rucking 
sy»icm. Pupils order equipment in 
advance, and are encouraged to 
devise rheir own experiment's where 
applicable und in order appai aius 

It Would be difficult fn “prove** 
that a definite change bus resulted. 
What L, ci.-ri.iin U tliuT children urc 
being fuvcvd in think fur them- 
selves, hii il that this is *o m climes 
a painfully slow exercise. 

Enthusiasm towards the end of the 
second year appears high/ . There 
arc few problems uf 'motivation, 
only uf organization. Wc nro be- 
coming more codfidc-iu or fitting the 
content tu the group: " remedial " 
children liking to find h new chid- 
lengo which is not necessarily topic 
limited — •'* academics " liking some- 
thing to really get Uteir teeth into. 
Tho need for public, aende title coni- 
pttri'snus is superfluous, a* the class 
can m II strive tu produce their pur- *' hose'*. 

Fnf the teacher it 1ms meant 
harder work. Jr is necessary to 
comae c each group cvcrv lesson. 
Plugging has to be diagnosed 
quickly, treatment decided upon and 
administered. Fingers must be kept 
on the pulsa of the equipment 
usage-ordering system and an the 
regular reading of diaries. Re- 
source material of all sorts must he 
garnered and catalogued and the 

teacher must hecuine aware ot 
where to direct pupiK tor those. 

The result is often a fueling of 
being pulled upon a myriad ways 
at once. Within all this the teacJier 
musL be aide in assess the needs ami 
progress uf each individiiHl. to de- 
cide the best course uf ncciuit, mitl 
re mu in und unit ted bv imperfection 
in themselves. 

The problem of assessment has 
always been there. There has been 
a distinct improvement in the child- 
ren’s attitude. Academic attain- 
ments arc cx.mtined by topic tests, 
bin ii is more than just core con- 
tent that requires assessment. Wd 
are aware ut external pressure fur 
evidence in justify curriculum 
change, but we are ulso concerned 
tu show that our pupils me progress- 
ing scientists, developing u ques- 
tioning outlook. 

Assessing qualities we feel ara 
central to scientific method end 
general development lias led us to- 
wards producing, a .profile .of each 
individual. We are calling upon 
as many professional assessors us 
wc cun to help us to- make our pro- 
cod tiro more vtilid. 

At the same time wo arc trying 
to build up a comprelicusivo and 
flexible bank of apparatus and 
paper resources — a bank which 
covers the maximum of topic areas 
and can be adopted to the several 
styles of teaching within tho depart- 

Tony Cola and Maggie Hannon 
teach science at YVooiton Bassett 
School; Swindon. They would like 
in he >ir from anyone who has had 
the same experience, 'or would like 
further information. 

Open evenings 

Tony Sawford 

This Informal i i mi was gathered nt 
the animal parents’ evenings at Pear 
Tree Junior School in Derby, be- 
tween 197-1 und 197G. The survey 
aimed to record patterns of atten- 
dance, with the oinpitRsis on tho 
parents from the three main eiihnlc 
groups within the school. - At 
the time of the survey the school 
population was about 50 per cent 
Asta.i (mainly Punjabis), 40 per cent 
European (mainly English) and 8 
per cent Jiminicun. 

The results (Table 1) were sur- 
prising, For two nf the three years 
• tha lughosc percentage ul tendance 
) was recorded by Jnmnicun parents, 

; % result which goes against the 

; popular belief that West Indian 
parents are generally not concerned 
with their children's education, and 
are pooc attendee* at such fimc- 
■ non*. 

!■. The results for the other two 
;• /' major groups were much as 
•• i wpected, with a greater percentage 
' ,-:Df Europeans than Asians attend- 
, ' n 8. with the attendance for both 

: groups increasing steudilv over the 

'..i “'roe years. In view ot the proli- 
.*-■»* encountered by Asians in 
:■ wending such functions, this is not 
a surprising result. No reasons 

emerged to explain the compara- 
tively low Juinnicun attendance in 
197C, but when dealing with the 
relatively small numbers involved 
the results are likely to vary more 
in comparison with the other 


Comparison nf ullrnduiices, by 
iiL-rri-ntugL-, 1S/-I - 1076 

Amii n hliropcDii JuiimL-un 

Tho age o( the child appears to 
hnvc annul significance. The lowest 
n vertigo mtoiuluncc for nil thveo 
yours was in the fmirili year ; It 
would uppoar that many Asinns and 
Jnniuicuns reel that jjic primary 
stuge uf a child's education Is over 
at this time, und is of less concern 
to them than previously. This resuh 
Is supported by evidence front year 
groups, and by comparing clusses ns 
they moved up the school, with tho 
lowest attendances for sevural indi- 
vidual clusses appearing in the 
fourth year. 


Comparison or average attendance for 
remedial classes wim average yearly 

School Remedial class 
average average 

One clear fact was the poor ntU-n- 
dance for children in remedinl 
classes. I feel these results can be 
ascribed to factors other than ethnic 
ones. j 

Another factor investigated was 
die influence of Individual teachers. 1 
Six teachers were in the school fur 
all three years, and a comparison of 
attendances in these six iL-auber*’ 
classes showed the indi vicinal 
teacher is not an Influencing f actin' . 
Ho waver, it could ba that any Influ- 
ence the teach or has. ifi offset by 
oilier Infiucncos. 

The survey ulsa looked at wldch 
parent attended ; the result places 
the responsibility with the mother, 
as table 3 shows. 


Comparison or persons attending 

Mother I'M lie. Until Ollier 
only only parents relative 

A breakdown of the data, collected 
in 1975 and 1976 only, revealed sev- 
eral differences between ethnic 
groups : tho 1G per cent attendance 
of both parents was largely a Euro- 
pean response. Table 4 shows the 
numbers attending. 


Comparison of attendance of both 
parents by ethnic grouping 
I European Aslan Jamaican 

Over the two yenrs there was ulso 
a Jurge in the number of 
Asian mothers attending with mi in- 
terpreter, tho actual numbers being 
38 in 1975 und 67 In 1976. This 
would appear to reflect the trend 
that Aslan women are getting out nf 
their homes more than they iimiiI to, 
mainly in gn to work. Whether this 
results in it hi' cased confidence, ur 
a greater proficiency in the English 
language, or a combination of both, 
is difficult to- ascertain. 

Tito fact that far more Asian fmlt- 
ars can speak English is reflected 
in the comparison of mothers attend- 
ing with Interpreters und father 
attending with hucrpieturs. 


cause the parents were at work or 
because of lack of English in the 

Following un of the parents who 
didn't attemi indicated several 
things. Mom European patents had, 
apparently, no desire to do so. On 
, the other hand, Asian parents were 
inhibited by two factors : many were 
on shifts ni the time of the purcttis* 
uvuiilng-, ; ulsu, the inability to speak 
English, or u lack of confidence lit 
speaking it, uppeurod to Reap a fail - 
Jy largo n umber of Asian parents 
away. Some Jamaican parents also 
experienced difficulty beenuso of 
shift work. • . . 

Olio minor part nf the survoy,- con- 
ducted In 197G only, was la see if 
there was any difference between 

Mother and 

Father and 
In I cv meter 



Tills view was reinforced by compar- 
ing the percentage attendance ot 
fathers for all racial groups (table 



Aslan European Joniric&n 
■ *'o °L 

19 G less than 1 

19 G less than 1 

attention co for boys und for girls. As 
table 7 shows, there was only a 
small difference. Perhaps |ho sur- 
prising result was that tho Aslan 
girls ware murgjtmlly better repre- 
sented than the boys. There seems 
to be n belief that Asian parents 
are more concerned with their boys 
than their girls. The results of the 
survey cast doubts on this belieE 


Comparison or at tendances between 
boys and girls, by percentage 
European Asian Jamaican Total 

% "o s 

Buys' B4 GO G3 fr 

Girls 73 70 ' GO G8 

The 13 per cent attendance by 1 

other reluiaves (table 3) represents Tony Sawford is tit the Derby. Re- 
Asian relatives attending either be- sources Centra . . 

t neviews/icet is a monthly 
pamphlet containing reviews 
no,.. ®1| children's fiction pub- 

month, in hardback and 
gg £E3 <c f ,, - T btf reviews are done 
ava ukV* y . by «Jthers. Copies are 
thrimnu l Tce 10 London teacitars 
*■— “fl 1 l ^ e ILEA English Centre; 
outers they arc CLIO for 12 
.«i, "I® . obtainable front Jane 

in. screen 

ings, analysis, and the preparation 
and presentation of teaching 
materials. The summer, school, 
which takes plate from August 1 to 
12 is in Bariy, Glamorgan. Bro- 
chures I and application form? 
obtainable from The County Fuc- 

sport, physical education, recre- 
ation or health ■ education published 
before 1946 might-conrider efcndlng 
tfutm hA ; ,Cnt 7 iegkr H la tori cat 

www ... wv.^cnon are made | 
available to scholars and libraries 
through normal Inter-library 
loan channels. Single, items wel- 
come without advance warning; 
otherwise notify -Robin .Bateman, 
Sub-Librarian, Leeds Polytechnic, 
Beckett Park Site, Leeds LSG 3QS. 
Postage ■ will be / .rtfuudud if 
required. j 

• Tho education :: department In 
Devon 'hot just published Sharing 
and , Growing, a 66-page pamphlet 
on - die growth, aims ajiid present 
activities of the county’s com--' 
miipity colleges. Copies 4 Op • post 
Free front nh* Chief Bdwctiti'ua 
. ’ , ■ , Officer (RRlj. County HaU, 

titer Educafiiln Officer, Sunnyside, Exeter, Devon EX2 4QG. Cheques 
Brldgelid, South Wales, or . Keith to, be. made payable to- Devon 
Keqqedy, 13 Kyflo Road, .Battersea, County Council. 

London. Styil '(Tel: 01-228 2790).; • 

cions on classroom materials' and 
courses. . a portrait of a " sexist 
school ”, opportunities -for giils and 
wohiiin 1 ' teachers mid 1 women 'as 
workers; TJi erd’s nlsd a pfoce by 
Stiiurr 'Hull on “The ■ Development 
of Youth Culture”, and an article 
about football ’‘hooligans”. TLK 
10 co^ts 25p phis top postage, from 
79 Ronalds Road, London, N5. 
Cheques or postal orders payable to 
“ Teaching London Kids". 

A diploma course in children’s 
literature, .; which. seeks- to imple- 
ment many of tho recommenda- 
tions of (be < -Biillnck - Report.' is 
being run by Ethel Wnimald Col- 
lege of Education in Liverpool. 
Students are to. conduct 
research, into children’s .reading 
habits. land tafctes; practical ten- 
sions include a niicro -teaching 
approach to story rending. Other 
aspects of tba course include multi- 
cultural , literature, readability, 
poetry ' teaching, and integrating 
children’s literature with the rest 
of th!e curriculum. Details from the 
academic 1 secretary af‘ the college. 
Mount Pleasant, Liverpool 13 5HN 
(Telephone: 051-709 6342-5). 

: : 

-V ; 

-— Kil’U5.A*.*u.\AL £Ut‘ ELEMENT 

■w " 

A taste of the outdoors 

Tony Healh visits an outdoor 
education centre in Snowdonia which serves the needs of 
Birmingham's teachers and pupils 

c-i . i- 1 

In recent years diere ha* been «n upsurge munity under condmons that can vary from 
of in outdoor education «id rccrea- the bwugn u> the hosulo. was given before 

tionoB plirsuite carried on away from the the teachers set out with Ogwen s resident 
IllioSl iweif. Increasing imnrbors , of organ- Instructors for a 24-hour exercise m the inoim- 
school parties have been laking to the trans. ... . 

iSSitryeitJe-Hrome to study geography, geo- A knowledge of rope tyln 
Jo«v botany and the environ mein at first mentary, even boy scout ish, 

SS mhere to *0 mountain walking, rock was dramatically illustrate* 
enrobing, camping and canoeing. . recently in an incident, w 

A minority of teachere and parents— and any l.e.a. centre, when 14 « 
a handful of I.e.a.s — still regard outdoor edu- the sons and daughters of I 
cation of any description ns a margin nt extra- in Britain, and their three su 
curricular activity. However, their numbers rook a wrong turning 3 000 
ece dwindling as evidence of the benefits fell. Sensibly, they roped the, 
time flow from outdoor pursuits piles up. It and sat tight on the steep i 
in becoming the rule, rather than the ex cep- reached them in the morning, 
taon, to recognize this ingredient as an im- 
portant element in recipes for a we 11- rounded — 

education. . . S I 

L.e.a. outdoor education centres, almost . 
bv definition, lend to be located in areas itgSft 
Mich as the Lnkc and Peal: dial nets, Wales 4 

end riie West Country, all of which are in Mf 4C 

effect vast nature! classrooms. A number or WWaj,- 

cucti centres, like Hiniiiitfiliam s Oflweii 
Cottage in the Ueatt of SiuiwduniJ. have been 
ju uiierntioii for II) or more years. ^^"**50"^ 

Ogwen. 180 mile s mili-ide nirminghuni s ;*# W 
r»i.v limits, inns courses in mountain craft \fifl -* 

fur bnvs and girls over If, plus courses fur *' 

it ackers and youili leaders who seek to gum ^ 
riie Mountain Leadership Certificate (MLCj, , • * *-\sk 

flip recognised evidence of technical compe- *. Jr '• r : 

itnce Tor leading groups of young people in XvASfcfe AmMflV* 
iJip mountains during summer. JVL. •* 

A knowledge of rope tying nwy seem ele- 
mentary, even boy scoutisli. But its value 
was dramatically illustrated in Snowdonia 
recently in an incident, unconnected with 
any l.e.a. centre, when 14 young Americans, 
the sons and daughters of USA servicemen 
in Britain, and their three supervising adults, 
rook a wrong turning 3,000 feet up as dusk 
fell. Sensibly, they roped themselves togeiher 
and sat tight on the steep slope until help 

Crossing rivers, by tope or simply by 
wading using a brunch ns n third h-g, offi'is 
participants in the MLC introductory course 
scape for more iihau just getting wei. The 
Binning It Rin 16 who .spent a couple of hours 
fording tiiid refolding one of North Wales’* 
ninny torrents hud first learned how m recog- 
nize a .safe crossing point. Why, one asked, 
was it necessary to cross at all ? Surely one 
would avoid streams in spate ? But the un- 
predictable mountain weather can turn a 
placid babble, easily crossed on the outward 
journey, into a raging cataract a few horns 

A requirement for those taking the intro- 
ductory course fur the MLC is time they 

The centre has a reputation for # helping 
the outdoor enthusiasts among Birmingham a 
11,000 teatfoCTS to attain the level of expertise 
necessary for party lenders. High icon of 
them, M in their 20s or 3fe. assembled at 


i Biting the one-week' Introductory course, the 
sinning point for MLC aspirants. Two were 
hack wt ' Ogwen for n week, during which the 
centre’* staff assessed their potential as cer- 
tificate hold era. 

The MLC wns introduced in when the 
Mountain Leadership Training Board (MI.TB) 
was set up by the f nr tr minor of ihe Sports 
Council, the Council for Physical Rrcrcatinn. 

At that lime large numhova of school parties 
— some rather haphazardly supervised— began 
appearing In Britain’s mountains. It was the 
start of the era of the mini-bus. . It was also 
the era of mountain accidents nn a worrying 
scale, David Jones, warden nf Ogwrn Cot- 
tpge, recalls: ’'I was frequently called out 
to take part in mountain rescues. Today 
teachers and parents appreciate thnr those 1 
looking after parties of young*iers must be 

A large l.e.a. like Birmingham, with more 
than 200,000 pupils in ahonx 500 schools, 

. ran organise outdoor education which has a 
Special significance for city children. Merely 
Ja live for a week or two among the spectacu- 
lar terrain of Nnrrii Wales can he valuable. 

The Birmingham teachers who recently 
spent seven days fording Handed rivers, 
scrambling up Snowdon's majestic shoulders, 

f ilching tents In reunite camp sites, and trek- 
ing through the mountains, returned to the 
liaatianOom more confident, as well as appreci- 
ably fitter. 

Map end compass work, route planning, 
procedures for traversing different sorts of 
ground, and tbe selection of equipment like 
mi areas, wind and water-proofs and hoots, 
rtemed a basic part of the programme. Tents, 
®nd rucksacks were 

pvem a Which F scrutiny. jnnftritf % 

. craft, shoTlhanchioE sotting up . a - 

.Jr* 1 * \W. verf, 

ti' 1 

• ..l • • ; 


, ! / _ . ... ^ ^ ^ 





Jim Hogan 

In centres for oirtiltw activities there In 
abncift always conflict, between specialist 
and pouter al requirements, if one is con-, 
ridering era ires of excel knee fpr potential 
OVympic candidates, there is a cose for em- 

Wto 'm. WaWs ra94^h £m$&eh. 

ably, however, only the Sports CouncQ and 
the national tfeiMies are affected by this erh 
terlon* and even they only at specific periods.- 
_ The concern of rfi® Ration a) Association for 
Outdoor Ed ucation'^cpmpricing . advisers, lee-, 
turers, wardeps.ahd - staffs of ouzdoor' pbr- : . 
Wit reatres, as well as teachers-r-is . more 
bkely ro be with the broadening the base 
‘W** w«' c h the centres of. .excellence miw 

lilhlltflfailtr rarfiiSi • 1 m . 

economy. Centres which . draw ibeif pupils 
almost exclusively from Lola, ecfiqbls may 
gain positive advantage, from. . a ' review o£ 
ataffing policy. , • ' 

very high, ratio of pennanerlt staff to 
pupils may be justified if the purpose' Vs to 
Offer a crash cpms* in specialist (echijiq'tfga 
— -hi, f*y, saaHt% conoeing, raving, climbiiig, 
or skiing. But such ah introduction is. un- 
likely w result ht continued development, ex- 
cept in the base of a raiuority of pupils, 
^ Jg)fl ff 4 J fa K ^ T a s so be weighed the pusaibibiy 

'tafght have gained im- 

ta , whlch ™ activity 

Tn« Kjng Ceorgas: JuUlee Trust has araat- 
^ ^jobrses fox pupils an irans- 
• fee .from primary to secondary schools. The 

i! "'I* lhBt rhose * ho might 
nna most-difficulty In adapting in ■ new 

'SSw? i US!?* 11 from a resi. 

Ueimal course m the care 0 f those who UuM 

■ in future be respon^bW f or thri^ wM 

should tih'Ciitl.v lie e.v peri diced hill wjJ 
with « mil inii-ri-M in leading porilei M 
iliio ituutuuiius. After the initinl Munttml 
coiniidute is minimi iu log at leza 16 *1,' 
in mottimiinmis cmuni-y, half of vihich atiL 
involve ovL-rniylit ctmipiug. Thiiiy sabil 
peaks over 2.000 feet, selected from aef 
ihiiu one urea, must ulsu be scaled in os^ 
puny with someone move experienced. Kikl 
the log book is completed— this usually i A I 
more than a year — cun tli dates return if 
assessment Rucomiueiidittions are sem^K 
the assessing Centre to the MLTB, the infj 
ing body. | 

Malcolm Holmes, a member of BimqV 
lia-m's inspectorate specializing in ph)K?; 
education, was this year taking the Ilf 
introductory course himself. He helps n- 
udauiiister the Birin iny ham end of 0*«uf 
busy proKtitinine, urruuging pro course UF 
ings in the city ami liaising with David W 
«<i (he centre. "Oiiidour educution it i ttj: 
live henefir Tor city children, many of tab 
may never knmv the mil tuiimrvsidehtif 

n lures like (Viveii Coii.ipc he belltHiJU;; 
ite is impressed hv the iMittuisknmtwd'i 
May there gene rules among u-nrhtn. j 
Steve Mobley, who U.hIks bidqtt 
King's Norton m-ohuI.ii v m linul. conliiwiii 
view. Ho has ju*«l finished his wetk’itt. 1 * 
Hunt, mill reiorin to Itiiiiiiogham loanjaf 
with his weekend work ot helping >wipj 
1 liking pan in the Duke of Kdinhiirgb'iJai 
Scheme. J 

I’or Have I.oitpnint «•, a geugr.iph.iKj ; 
nt Bony Beeches sec <clioof, ^ • i 
btcomiiig with ihe moo- 1 
involved act i hi: pihu the nu«i» \ 

Pollies » .Steel flier case oil tin* \ul»c«Jw*: 
down n HHlft cliff face- -in a mccktdfi* 
Keith Ilelfield, who i cliches nul*l'*« i . e ' 
Bnimlwood Hccoiidaiv Mhuol, sums 14*.'. 
initial vdurso thus : ■ i ft-i-l umtli mort^L 
denf to take elilbli eii on e.sprditmM J j^^‘ 
Mointtiiin wall. ne; mill , mii|iiii:; wf •. 

I'll iik-iKs to nt v ,n I i vilies us i tW 4Wt ; 
i usl i nt Uu i. 

One of tin* three women bn the • 
M.ny him gun, • iv, Oie “tvtff 
‘lull bill}: lie i - ell Si i , .iutW»i»J! MP 

si i*e null r .iiii)iiiig nvt-i night sinid • 

intt ci , ius is a iiiii|i,o.| to leailiii# 

• awiui - * %<> , / • , *«r. ,, ■■ , . . 7; T * 

•• prove, tpbew-but this, KtebU^ 

-JSZSffflfiSgljfc ^ >. .SSSS5 

mg flags e. u i min. o.l in lianoni. : 

lit*, tit tin* city's Kiiij; l-ilwuiduvih ffjjk 
whire rhi« yi-ur she eil«H-il HMUimgli he “ r 

i- 1 l-'iliiiliiiiKh Aw.o d Si 1 1 cme to A 

Ci>|:iiil>tbilities. Fj 

I w mucli of the vear Ogwen CoM^c 
12 duy numm.uii uufi cuurMi fw 
ls.\h and girls. In u year. *>^ ul T “” 
will upend some time there. ^ 

cuius a variety of ‘idoic^frOiiJ l ( ;i 
t-raphy to rock i limbing, and n 2 a ^LJE* ftf 
pimts return laii-r in liu-ir sti ,w, i ^ 

<i M-ien-day exii-nsiim cnmse- •"T rIt s B jg 
MIX couisus ami the cw»> fi ,s 
;* high level— scmtciItiuK a»» ,,,n “ 
wi i Ks n ytiir. . „ . hat r^ 

Ihnid Jimt-s, tim warden. .anil 
rent stuff —Hob i’ojli-.ti r. K- C- C Qlll jlfitfl 
Ctccnull and l&n l-esbe * i,re «!.;f 
iiif.-iiiiudfiCi-ring iiisimciort. iu« |b 

* >t.i,idi*.m and i :nh.v » im.i c»n»">V"*"; R ai? | 

to hwh CM end jriinw 1 

l lotlllstlvci. l»1‘rtv ! t ;‘ d f|a " tn Ci^J? I 
When Iliiini'iiilriin l‘‘ ,u ' , in fl 

In 1*Wi4 it made an investing" 11 .. „ e isfiF K 
v.L.tfi is paving ilividends B 

fun* ten. It mast be 
to fti* a coniPaTfllneiv ^ vhfns P 

1 inning to yield letvards. en;irt f 

i i- .ii if its children m»d h«*Ipn»f - \ 

Jf the results »•/ I 

are k> significant P 

reririwuW e»f ^ 

Priced most highly* ,• llP on • 

however, may be &**'??*{ staffs , 

involvement of day Um a ’fji 

periods tririt 

reallMioifly cettsidvr t«r j eaceH*J2« 

! fcoeeUe number of centrt 0 

JW be tint there i* l€ wdto^ L 

*n« foe 'permanent *» a J ,s ^ technitd 
U> provide a aj \«r . •**$ 

Use dephMUe over ibe £ 1 oii-« 1 |^Ti 
" pIwnemedM required j[ s siud^ 

S.S’SSSK* ,hfiir &wn P 


Classified Advertisements 

Index to Appointments Vacant, Wanted and other classifications 

Toachera wlahlng to apply for a post In Scolland are 
advised to ask Ihe Roglstrar, The Qenaral Teaching 
Council for Scotland (5 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh k-H7 
5AF) for Information about eligibility for registration v/iih 
Ihe council. 



Nursery Education 
Headships 29 

Ocher Appointments 29 

Primary Education 
Headships 29 

Deputy Headships Senior 
Masters/ Mistresses 29 

Heads of Department 30 

Scale 2 Posts 30 

Scale 1 Posts 31 

Middle School Education 
Headships 31 

Deputy Headships Senior 
MaSters/Mi.stressos 31 

, Remedial Posts 31 

Art tmd Design 32 

Classics 32 

Domestic Subjeers 32 

■Engl ish 32 

Mathemuiic.s 32 

Modern Languages 32 

- Music 32 

rns toi'iil 32 

Physical Educaiimi 32 

Rellgi'mis Education 32 

Science 32 

Technical Studies 32 

Other than hy Subjects 32 

Secondary Education 
Headships 33 

Deputy Headships Senior 
Masters. ’Mistresses 33 

Remedial Posts 33 

Art and Design 33 

Careers 34 

Classics 34 

Commercial Subjects 34 

Domestic Subject* 34 

Economics 3f, 

English 35 

Geography 45 

History 45 

Humanities 46 

Mathematics 46 

Modern Languages 48 

Music 49 

Pastoral 50 

Physical Education 5(1 

Religious Education 50 

Rural Studies 51 

Science 51 

Social Studies 55 

Speech and Drama 55 

Technical Studies 55 

Other limn by Subjects 60 
Appointments' iu Scotland 

Sixth Form and Tertiary 

Heads of Department 61 

Scale 1 Posts 61 

Special Education 
Headships 61 

Deputy Headships Senior 
Masters/ Mistresses 61 

Scale 2 Posts 61 

Scale 1 Posts 61 

Independent Schools 
Headships 62 

Deputy Headships Senior 
Masters/Misuesses 62 

Remedial Posts 62 

Art and Design 62 

Classics 62 

Commercial Subjects 62 

Economics 62 

English 62 

Geography 62 

History 62 

Mathematics 62 

Modern Languages 63 

Music 63 

Pastoral 63 

Physicnl Education 63 

Religions Education 63 

Science 6.-1 

Technical Studies 6.4 

Other than by Subjects G3 

Preparatory Schools 
Headships 63 

Remedial Pasts 63 

Classics 63 

English 63 

Geography 63 

Mathematics 63 

Modern Languages 63 

Pastoral 64 

Religious Education 64 

Science 64 

Other than by Subjects 64 

Colleges or Ftirlhci- 

Directors and Principals 64 
Heads of Department 64 

Other Appointments 64 

Colleges and Departments 
of Art 6B 


Heads of Department 69 

Universities 69 

Studentships and 
Research Awards 69 

Colleges of Higher 
Education 70 

Colleges of Education 70 

Teacher's Centres 

Adult Education 

Community Homes and 
Associated Institutions 

Assessment Centres 

Youth and Community 

Overseas Appointments 

Loca-I Education 

CbUd Care 


Psychologist s 



Ancillary Services 

Mis cel ian eons 

Outdoor Education 

English os a Foreign 

wanted n 



Educational Courses 7G 

Announcements 77 

Exhibitions . .77 

Entertainments 77 

For Sale and Wanted 
and Postal Shopping '■ 77 

Holidays and 

Accommodation 77 

Home Exchange Holidays 77 

Properties for Sale 

and Wanted 77 

Typing and Duplicating 77 

K. i' ; .i! : 
'-!'■• *!; 

‘ ■ ■: r, 

Nursery Education 



|?. t, WluuFb n A Lojvcn aciinoi. 

Dunilablo n«tail, (.Jildlnylcili, iJnlli. 
HcddmuBl<'r: Ur..» . rf. Ci.irKO * 
ROQUlrod for Buiiluiutior, 1077, 
young forwnnl-llunklnn NUUSKUV 
TEACH EH iu work wllhln n now 
gurpMa-bulli 40-|>Uio Nunorr Unit. 

C ^ppilulion forms ohuin.ihin from 
and rctumahk- fo Hip Uca«limitli-r 
■ aiampoa aailrwi'il onvolotio, 

WMBMi? »™« 

AnpHcailoiM aro lisvlioal from Btlil- 
■bly uiuiincil Korttimh for itio uosl 
or ASSISI ANI TUACMI-.ll. AlHill- 
.‘■'•V..!* n ‘‘ ,sl l,n ntirsi'rr iraluo.l. 

•''•HUMus uu ndvaiil.ifio. 
Sculp 1 uu,l. 

-vSlS. "Pl'tlcpiU will, bo 

Sf« WSiwrT 

“ a" uowiliV iftoroafinr. 

AuullHtTpii rormv ininmpod so- 
dmvoii i*ii vniiiiu 1 , ulcasoj . from 
HcuUnusiroib, rlir.imii Avon up 
N urion - 9c in i ul. Miumiliii Avenue, 

UumiiiousD i ,inn. l.srmr. roium- 

aurff Bm.-ma-^-B3L 

WHnuptl lur.i iii iv.iiIiit Tor fin- 
IW«*. f>nn.|lntr v.urli v.-lih lirlnlil 

V! « 

weix nr/. 

Primary Education 



Si5 , {“f 7 °8«l» 1«.77. or 

. nrc IBVI|CJ <r 0'n sjJlt- 

HJt^ ua l'I J nd nncl fxiuricncoil TCA- 

'rEArircn 0r ^ lhn RP»l HEAD 

• . r ‘fouii O. 

HKnnS. I S2 B i. , J jr fwvmrAi of roninvsl 
in 1 2S5S!. fD rt nr-imroiion ollowunci-ii 

*»lll July. l'>77. 




llEAUSnil 1 K.ruup 3< of IhU niw 
In'ilor W ' n 1,11 ,,nl I»o»i for 

Annlltilluii foiii>» and I ,, ,-ihnr 
lixornmiion nvati.iiiir iron, ihn 
BPitlor Arrn C<iui.aiion Oidcor. 
np/oioy uoubg. Ihuuiiiiiiiun mumi. 
Jiod Hddrailirti unvrilon?. ulc.ibr). 
roluruniiip ii v mii. July. 1077 . 


COUNIY <:OI<Ni;ll. 

f.uliyvn Hu v 

( 1 1 • 1 inililli 1 

n,. A, !fl!Mfp ,, ;f «.s: 

uromi 4. 

V f.iiulfslt 1 111,11 hi- iiiii.iin.-ii 

from ll.i. nt i,. ivl.niu 


. Julm llowiinl Oavii-i. l»i, ... ■ 
J«JT|J»f Liliunllun. aiiln* II., «. 



I l liro _ 

(.11 on 11 n 
arm an rail 

107U t,,,,CV J|>1 

AiijiliruiiDii 1 1 , rin* mil runiu-r 

R 'lrt.ilr* front .iml ■ <-iin n.ibM in mo 
•■'I'olm’V lor I ifiiviHInn. Hoiniiv 
i.ill. iTiii-o. mi ro. <-uu ui .1 ki.iu,iiva 
atiixroitoil mv.-iiiin- 

Jaaiium 'i .'ji: LiiU- lui v. 1077 


irlioSV l, ' :AI,, I'lMMAl.V 

Uarrnw-in-1 urnn&s 
(AldMl. Mlxoil four io 11. roll 1 n r > i 
notiuirod for J.mpiiry. »V7H. a 
HEAD for 11,1s Cm up 4 srhonl. 

Furlnor a»ioii^ ,md uniillCdilon 
fora,i av.illpiiln from fT. D. Bishop. 
AmUmiu Dlruclur of r.dur.itinn. 
John Wlilimtr.Hi ln»illuic. Uarrow- 
ln-1 lirnon. In whom rnnipIcloU 
ap |.l leal Ion Iniini, tiinuld bo ro • 

lumfldJa_J.ii)v_ii, i'/77. 


^: n a«V°r3',: r. 

Icont»°u.i:di nniMAHv 

VoiminslVr. ni-jr Sherborne, nonol 
Group. 4 

( Provioijs siiblk.inu will bo ra- 
ronihicrort I 

llEADTKAf.Ur.n . from 
Jiiiiuarv. 1 07H. fr.r ihli r -™ rr'^ni 
ononod in apnlpinbrr. l*»7<5 noil 
17fl intlil'llnri I' ft N iM, clill.licn 
In llvo ipcrinl rl.iv.n«. 

Innor London Education Aulhont/ 

For teaching 
posts in 
Inner London 

See pages 56-57 

, Aisisianco wiili ri' ami 
loual oKiiunim. 

ror apiiUcailon form Ho bo rr- 
turnod nv 4lh Jiiiv> nncl lnrilivr 

rtoialli aanrt rooisrap ainnuicd mi- 
ll rowed onvoiooD la Uu< E dm. it Ion 
Planing Officer, Count v Hull, linr- 


(Molroiiolltan Huroiiijln 

h}[^ school from soi'l.'iiiTiir, 
HflOMf.EV I 1116 r SUIlinL 

IQ-M. -jAnan rolii 

tamlb. "RV, W'«i,.,,!f 5M 

ndllrriWi-il envoi. nil* l In whn,,. 
l r.n, |,l..l,-rl [in n. i r.1<o,llil t.o 

fllli unl, 



BtamiHXl aildrvseod vnyoloun In 

»S« o >°rte A.i& m* 


(lAKUciuf) i mar HLiinni. 

Humliilunr llonil, Houiliuiiiiiiuii 
Iloiiiurod for -l.inuiuy, l‘'7M. 

head i'i:Ai;iii:it — r.n 

. Blainpod ntiilrossoil i nvclopv for 
iloialla and nii|, ileal Ion lonu in iim 
Aroa imucotion ufiucr, Aiiii|ili>i 
row ora Norn I. iipni.uiu Tprt.icf., 
Roulliumplon BO'I 4X1.. 
plownhnnlo fi 

or unpllra Ilona: 1 st 



Aiipolmmonl of HEAD mACIIEI 


Croup 6, ItoU 334 

_ Appointment to lake clloct from 
Spring,, Torn* IV78. , , 

Appllcoilan form*, ami fur [tier 
onniculara from the Divisional 
Education _ orncor, Education 
QfflCDi. DOnrmpunl The Vale. 
Broadiulra CTIO 3VZ. to. whom 

iuly lW7 ** ^ rolurnei1 hy Blh 


ApoUcoiions aro intliori Tor 
Iho followlno poaia rouuircrit 
for tJoptembsf. IVTI. or n« 
aeon ui poasihio thurmrirr : 



Wooiion ^n^a^^Livpri’Oot 

K ApiiHcallati fornte rtUtotn.Mdo 
(ini (SlDinpad sddroj^oil rnio. 

Iioi unit rotiirnablo _ la . 
jyornnd K. TliorAlon. ChJIil- 

K nii vlcoraQo. cmiiiwall Abbov 
nail. Ltvonmal 1.16 OJW. noi 
ivr lhan 4tli July. 1477 
UUOl© rcfni.nco P. A M. 



mt uwi " 1 

Ariill.- niion h.ims •■>li- 
r«nu ihimiinnil 



■ Moiropellbm llorouuli nr. 


liMfulrod lor .InnunrV. 1M7H: 

HEAD TEACHKH. llrullp 7. 

ClaSlno ila lo 1 Of li July. 1977. 
Anpllrailnn forms and . lUTlhor 
Parllcuinra may, bo obUlnml by 
senillna . a . shininnil 
njdrvisod cavolauo ui urn principal 
llQcriiltmnni Orfin-r. Hduiailon 

g lllcni. Mimic liuii Oflicoi, Howard 
irooi. Tul. 2l2f, nxt. 

TUNUniDCIE WELLS division 



uroiip n. lioli SOS 

Appointment lo tako Olfor.t from 

Aiiplkation forma and, furiher 



nddririiad cnvolauo lu iho principal 
Itgcriiltmnni Off leer. Ilduiailon 

g fllces. Oflicoi, Howard 
iraoi. Tul. 2l2f. nxt. 

B. w. Ellis, Dirurior ot Per- 
■onnel Rcaoune}. 

Deputy Headships 
Senior Masters/ 



Konnsdlly Rond. Wlmlaar 
For Spplombor or January; a 
DEPim^HEAD fOraup f>< far line 
anon-plan achonl. which irom apu- 
lcmbar. 1077 . will boom Wo 7lni 
manes of. intuition Irom primary 
ifivn lo 111 to flrai school fllvo 
to nlno.- 

London Frlpgn Allowance fLIOOl. 
Lodging nfiowanco and romnvnl »*- 
ponsoa acnamno in oporailon. 

..ism? te 

Hoajl. Windsor iilamend pddrtMsmi 

Classified Advertisements 

Tfaa charge for advertising in all classifications is 66p per 
line (minimum 3 lines}. 

Display in classified advertisements £3.80 per single column 
cm (-minimum space 9.5 cm double column at £72.20). 

A charge of 50p is made. for Box Number facilities.' 

Advertisements published in the Scottish edition only will 
be subject to a 25 per cent discount on the above rates. -. 

Advertisements received by Monday will be published in the 

Senior Primary Posts 

The London Borough of Redbridge is a pleasant 
residential area In North East London with easy 
access to the West End and the Essex countryside. 
Help will be given In finding accommodation, with 
legal fees lor house purchase, removal and resettle- 
ment expenses where appropriate. Outer. London 
Allowance payable. 

Appll cations are invited from suitably qualified and 
experienced teachers for the following posts' which 
will be vacant from January, 1078. 


William T or bit l Junior School, 
No. on Roll 3B0. Group 6. 

South Park Infants' School. 
No. on Roll 270. ' Group 5. 

Advisory Teacher 

An advisory teacher for Primary Education. A casual 
oar user's allowance ia available. Scale 3 post avail- 
able for a buI table candidate. 

Application forma available from and returnable lo 
J. E. Ford ham, B.A., Chief Education Officer, Education 
Office, 256-269, High Road, Ilford, Essex IQ1 INN. 
Completed application forme should be returned by 
Tuesday, duly 5, 1677. 

London Borough 



i . . • 

• ' I r. ■ .' 

>'•!* :• 

•• ... ■ 


• " V 



• . . • ’’i • 

-f 1 * '. V 

" i.' 


. 'I * .*• . 

1 , • 

.V. '-fti, ' 

New Nupery School in t hi 

Maxilla Gardens, W.10 


Applications are invited from suitably qualified teachers for 

Westwi ay Nua'sery Association. TfiejWilreCTy School element 
wifi proyide accommodation for 60 full-time pupils. ' The 
Jlead off'.' the. school wtil be a member pf the I LEA's perma- 
nent tefc&Brfflg staf! -and will be. part of the Centre's senior 
management team; which will .db .jcqpiprisod also of the 
Nursery Offlcer-in-Chargfc .or tha Day Niiraerv and 'the Co- 
ordinator/Dlrector of the Parents* Centre, it is hoped to 
make, an, appointment early In the autumn term to enablo 
the successful candidate to take dp the post by January 3, 

Advertisements received ay Monaay mu as puDiisnea in tne me kb an , appointment early in cue autumn term to enatuo „■ j; ' 

folio wing Friday’s Issue ^uuject to Rvailabilif^F of space'.- the successful candidate to take dp the post by Januai? 1, 

rnmr should ba sent to . - ' . 1978. Burnhati Group 2, salary £4,3U-£4,839, plus £501 . 1 

suppfemeijt^pluSL £403- London Aifowfuwa,. „ . . 

Copy should be sent to i— . • 

The Advertisement Manager* 

The Times Educational Supplement ' .. 1 ‘ s • 

New Printing House Square, ‘Gray’s Inix • Hoad, London 
WCiX 8EZ, • ; .... '. 

by Monday for. the fbHoijylng .Fri^ay’s issue. ; . 

t{an forms, July S 

, ‘ r 1 1 

Deputy Headships 
emit limed 


• Loruirm itorounli on 

iii.nt in.n (junior mixed and 

1,11 lold llnad. N.W.10 
< Roll S' HI/ 

lliiquliv-j fnun BqolPfftbw or Janii- 
nry: DEPUTY lTl.AU 

1 1 Iron ii flj for this hauriTv 

vl fora t im?iyh linn opDoniuUUn 10 
tin* unucsMU canittaaia. 

London Airownnre of CAM, w 
annum la paynbla and them la a 
Mlioino fur owlstanco with rnnovnl 
rladlnn laoul rM», ate. 


lnu uinwuiT 

t Metropolitan. Borough of) 
WMioato, ribuid, HXO OUB 
(300 on i«U] 

0K% pf? 

ieii at ihia ftnmip 

U mcniM' 
Previous nppurants will bo r* 
roiuidtrsd wlmoni re* applies Hon. 

Appilrnilan forma uni , further 
details obtainable, on rccHpl of 11 
a lamped a (Meowed fools cup onvo- 
10IM Irani [ho llDUtdmastBr la whom 
coni nfoi oil farms Mould fa* return ad 
by in III July, 1077., 


couniv council 

mftMMr HSuttM 

ui« fciliuiibiR school*: 


ulruun G; aus pupils)' 

(Croup A; BUD pupUa) 

Ann) lea Hen roriiii (in, tfftalj 
or i.nniuii ■ may lm obtained 
r min llin undoralunna. to whom 

they thuiiiil Ito relumed by 

41 Juim V Stownnl Davies. Dmvg- 
loi' of ii jura lion, Hhlro Moil. 



(-Jiiipjmn Ilojd. law 

Toi. t (ij-oH4 4am 

rngMAT .wjSsBfe - 

sia* .??J?!ivrfe's“. w SnS! 

of varied inWNWia and ■ soil for 
iho modern nrliicIplM and P» 5 £j*« 
□1 primary oAucaUon. 
occur* Ihxoiifjh roUronttni of preaont 

h>Uir. - . _ 


•a Allowance 
■IQKMN Will 
bn rtilmlmrsod tdalajH on ramiat), 

mSSS r 

W d rninriinbio to iho Head Tajciior 
itio aiiovc addr»» ■« anon n * 



(!??lVy{ 1^ il'INl II TllLD PRIMARY 
3nwti K 'iiino. South Winn field. 
nflfclY^jiErtS TCACI1BR. Oroun 

3- IraUoh gnd ftYttiw 

a Mali a to hi* oWaipe* ftrun ih|J 
npadmaatw*. to whom coniDitlml 
Tonus (liontd bo i-atumeil. 


Croup • 
nor*, w 

•\ if, 




Required tor January, 197a. or earlier It possible : 

Brlndale Primary School, Brlntfale Road, Brlnnlngton 


Group 5 + 3.P.S. Allowance. 

Mellor Primary School, Church Road, Mellar 
Mar pie Bridge 


Group 4. . 

AH Saints C.E. (Controlled) Primary School 
Brlekbrldge Road, Morple 


Group 4. _ 

Appttoattona tor the above posts from suitably qualified 
Ond experienced teachers. Special inlorosta ahould be 

S awt ^ ^i id f i aNtefc 

Stockport (quoting re'erence), and return to the 
I Headteacher by Bth July, 1977. j 


“ Required for January : 

Application forma obtainable from and roturnabfo to 
Ufa Education Of been 50 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley, 
by ittfi July, 1977 (s.a.e. please). ~ * '>•« 1 •••:■ ’ 

Lawrence Briggs Infanl School ■ 

UndhursI Road, AHieraley, Barnsley 

Heaclteacher— Group; 4 .,. . 

SprlngwoOd School 

Carlton Road, Bemaley 

Headteacher-Group 6(S) of this ESN 
(M) school with 120 pupils. 

Wllthorpe Junior School 

Greentoot Lane, Bemaley 

Headteacher-Group Q 
Wombwelf Hlghf lelds Junior School 

Newsome Avenue, WombwelJ, Barnsley 

Headteacher — Group 5 

Member of Permanent Supply Staff 

(Sc^e,2or3y , 

I? J? 0 / 11 . m ^y' In the area' oI Engfteh" .aqji: 'General ' 
Studiei ^ In the: Authority ’a Secondary <^i \ 

Required for January ? - V. 1 

m by Zeller to the Headteacher giving hill currtcu- 
ae and two referee a) ' . . , 

Oaks School 

(11 -16 compreKensive) 

Cypress Road, Kendrey, Barnsley • 

Headteacher: ft Pe|KlH 


(Scale 9) with a particular Interest. In ICheml&tfy. 


(Scale 2). ' 


(Scale 2). 



EOWCA'IION commutcb 
Main tUrwi. Union, 
llurton cm Trout. Siam 

iimriY iLUAo iL-Adien «- 
uuired from Jnnuarv or u ,iooa 
■« iKutlbio fur nils uroup B Khaol, 

Appllt'nllon forma (obuiipul *dr 
dr eifioii wntitom, ptcaBo) *ro 
BVAJiaMo Irani . ana iliould ton, 
turn til lo tii o Area LUocnUon Offl- 
ifvr, in si. Mflry'i (Ma, Derby 
no! IniLT Ilian Uth July. I °77. 


ltplomia Avuiiuo. LUUodVW, 


ni.i'UTY hitad tkacii CR mauirad 
fivim .l.iiiuury ui* ua anon us pumJIUu 
Inr |hH firuii|j A acimot. 

A|>pllLuiion forms (slnmpnl art* 
arm s<>d cnvolcmo pleaae) amlbibt* 
•*«*"■ *»>* atumiA 1 *b i»nmv»d v> th« 
ucaiion Offloar, 10 SI, 

fn»m J»d atwu 

■Mary's Uah>. B«Tby. not lalH 
than Hill July, 1 077, 


Bt. Michael 'a ltoad, Illtchln 
iliroup 6) 

iinPiuv iiBADsiUP from 

lit juniuivy, L'/7H i or rerllir 
ii ihmsIIWd). RxiiMlancoit 

I -rlobtiv iMicfiar raqulmd who 
m* an nnihus'naUo ami ImoH* 

Tor fuiUior dr tolls of post 
■filly la Haul, In appronrisia 
nnalMuncn couM ba avail, 
dblo wllh mmnrar oxiKnuoa. 
‘Micro U a rxiasibUHy or help 
wllh nci-onimo'udiian. 





Hull; Vi) 

Nnqittrad Si‘ntninlicr nr JnniinrTt 
nrpniY hitad. iiraup a, An 

S ioi-loncFd Infant Trachor. afalo |a 
ur mu iic util ca^ll^ ,,, •■ , • ,n 
jLiudom iiiDiliada, raqulra 
jinall, lively sdionl. 

Aiipiicntion form and furihor 
(liHJlls from Iho UI visional I.'ducn- 
jlftn OificiT. Utlla (Mislobmy, 
UrtaiMlriiil llraiTT WaHurd. mil 
f«.Y, lu bo rtiiurncd aa aoou oa 
I >4 usi bTu. 


Nnrjliwkfc llond. U. Oxhoy, 

Aiiniir^iiuii* nro InvUad lor tint 
t:,i.,i ot uruiriv iiHAu oi till* 
tuiiiip n .luntnr Mly-oS nnd ln(«il 
Bi'imui rnr .i.iniiary. 1UTU. 


Uppor SaUtV Duia 

luncy. wnv onp 

Apallcail'ins orq JnvJiwU!S , 'J_?'?^_ 
4 I n r.i ui n * School for January ivio, 


Homo, 2 UlilBDlo. ^llurtdimfloia. 
HUi fiOW, ( iloMnd . rtaio_ ror com 



noonn:i.ix)M'S v.c.p. school 

i)i:pim’ iiuAn Tr.Acipni 

rnr .Taniiiiiy: Lepuiy llcnd 
In uui-h Jmiiora. , 

I'oriii* from llte Dlvlawnnl 
I alum t Ion Oiliccr, County I loll. 
Iloaian. I -Inca (mark anyokuia 
"rouursl lor opyiloaUnn ream'' 
and widow dumped adilroswd 

July L ' 0lkU ' n dMai 8 


i London Jlorourtfi of) 

lll/l'UI V Iliyuisilirs 
III titiilvi-r ltoad. I.oadun LlQ 1JY 
i mill .Vi'i’f 

Noniiu-i'd Heplombor or M soon at 
lioi-Ublo UuniLfwr>— 
nninriY iu-au TCAuaicib— aroup 

lUiniluim Scales idu* Jmdpn 
nllowatu-a £4CU plun Hodn] priority 
slMwatiio K'JOl or £276. _ 
Annll'Allmi forms piny M oh- 
taincii from . tho undcralRnod. to 
VliOin Uioy fliould ba return wl fay 

®|.. M.*.. ph.p., 

Ulici'KM- or Kiiurotten. Bducdtlon 
Ofllios, niui’dwny, Strut ford, un- 
dnn t.ia 41111. 


sell ( )U I. 

Xunfliullona aro Invflad froiil suit- 

aiM'MLimiiiie uiq invum 

iurn i ui upru i i ncdtu imufinii. 

Rond Mniupwl ailiirosood onvnlnpa 
fnr aiuilKutlun fonn and fun her 
nartli uluiu lo Uin County r.diimUnn 
tirriMT. county iinlT Npnhollmon, 
ig «v hum thny slioulrt bo rotnnioil 
iv 1 thin 14 ifaiya of Uia apDcarouco 
of ihia udviTUanmont- 

MAniiaii lliirounli ofi . . 

Airtilliuiluiut aro Invited fr 
ably iiualllfvd and oxj 
liiMvlIaUui iVUlioltc 
Ihn full* Winn post whim 
v.iiunt from January 1U7H; 

ivlteil from anil- 
nfl oxjwriniUTd 
. nTJUUILU#. lur 

t Ar n r r ar«%w ™«r 

lUtiliir t-'UiM. The sucre MI lit cqnill- HCII}M»t. „ 

luiuiir l-uim. mo success mi cqnitt- 
liJiO win La axuectad to ahum 
iviiwmsiwiltv for iho oovoionuont 
0 > (ho currlL-ulum, 

Wuhjnnrnva Rond. OnDOnham 

iiuV^riY^ilKAuaiilii. An Inlrrrst 
in curriculum development would 
ly an iiitvanimio. 

Dio . Luiulon Boniunli of . Iled- 
Irrhl'jo Is it nliusant rwildnnllal nn-a 
In NDrili-ouot Umiuni wlih , cosy 

Ilia , London naraunlv of , lled- 
Irrhl'jo Is ii nlisisant rwildnnllal nn-a 
In NDrili-onot Umiuni wMh , cosy 
ins ', hi la Hid, WobI Uni) und ilia 

‘•WW^olven fat frndlnn 
ncittiiuiiniLiilon, wllh Inofi f fur 
hull . >0 inirclinsn, romoVnl anu re- 
HnlimmoiH rxiii-nms when* aporn- 
nrime. Dinar 1-onilon At lo want a 
PUVJblR. . . . . . 


tSf#®* : 

«L.My «,r- U " ,fgrrt ' Uu#i,,n 


IlSHcX-. Till 
l-llll llllv. 


Hi. Uaijiiiund'a ii 

^COUNTY, Dover 


lluiluw.iy 1^1 Mdlluuabury. 

(Nor, V 10) 

Croup A 

Wh8R® 01= AND hlA, *<*w o 

f limit rfiniiln>d from January. 
V.ifi*. Ijc ,l{io DEPUTY I1CA0. 
ailil* nf tllla school. 

, Annlliiulon ..forma. and 
fiirilior. dplalls . (encloaa 
aiiiinund aduroisoil wivolonni 
avulMliin from and .rctunwiilo 
^i, ilin Ifciuinilalros* by iho nth 

SPpL* sMl 
JSB 1 «■-« * 


yP-HlKSgn?”* ap ‘ 8Cl ,Q 0^ 


TIJNUHIDOE wells division 

» ol 



UlnUnii if. >«, 


fiJOHoiinii couNrniA 
rmitM ipN OOMMiriTR 
itisiutrod for January, iu7B s 


I Croup 41 

oirrnRi- cuimr.H c.c, 

Ini ten hall Wood 

. i Group 4) 

Ann'iralion ftknni and fur- 

B u t ;t”ioiu av.itlabt* Irnm ihn 
■nitior of RdiKutlon, Ertuea- 

sjmfrt* U’olrorti « m Dt on, ‘VW'4 

IIJ’ BtvWlvinwil. IBlamped 
addreaaod envolopa, Dioaoo. ) 

Haada of Department 


• l.> n-i-in lloruu-ih ofi 
. ftlfi.'JLi.'P JUyjOll MIXED AND 

Oldfreld Noid, N.VLTb'*-' 

, i non, aoo) : 

n^ubwd. from Bopiamlwr or Janu- 
wan -» >nranl«' Dwxulmtnt rBcale 

r p - ‘ aaMkiR - 

djbv6n . 

. (not** Boo) •• 

- c.'' ■ • • ' *. ii .■'-I': 


Deputy Tioadshlpjl n 
newly oilobilahed 0 
scbool bOiL or Vrtv 


*td ^topr. 

si:u<to£ ,,05fl c ? s; VfrANf 

w>*.-. p«m th« Dbycior gi 



iMeiroiiuliuui Uorough or): UHAUNVON CAEN CP as 

It L' AH WOOD PHIMAHY 1 SSll. ..»'!? I „ ’* 8C0WJ l 

SCIIUOL AfatSIS l* NT IliACHEn (Bt. 1 . , 

qulrort Hoiiicnibor ip. 

R nii u tr>*il ror .Tuniiaty, 197He fop uuimr Junior* ' 

or eorllw if i»va»lbto : — _ , MHnHal. 

HEAD of inJoJil Dppartmont Anptaaiiun form 

SuplVni/uii ‘ farms nvullnbls irom ' P Vli i « l i VO 'lnaclior° ,, fff 
froui. unit roturnablo jo, Uio Utli .Hi i V i < , 7 7 cl,Pr ' *«Utm*lS* S; 
timid Imicher. IlminvoDd ltoiid, — L ~^ / 1 1 v 

Bin i'll iwlrfa, Waili-v, West Mlu- ni'unu — > 

l.iruta. CluJlnu data, -HIi july< ULyON 

J**77, ’ roxiiAYi:s i mer , nu , . 

visira I HClIOfJL ” 1 ” ‘Wi 

■ ■ — — ■ - ■ llxnii-r 

Other Posts on nro milted f«™, „ 

Scale 2 and above 


tl.indnu Itnroiigli nfi 

tluilHlrihl tor Hi-iilidibH, 1077 or 

ml kih ill ua iini-rtlbla I 

hh sin HI it* Ii 

ini] Tun. 1*1 

nn. l *ui iluii NWJl OVJ 

iuii.sli.liui, reNiinnstbllliy for ui-uani- 
/iillnn of wlitn ran no of muala 
arUvlty. Renta 2. 

lUj Kvimplnncnd TltACIIRn rnr 
liunrr .1 unifies i rrapoiislHlIiy far 

Rrhomoa fur p.iymnnt of twnoval 
n% non »os nnil anurotton ailowwwoa 
111 ui(|il-aviHl rusaa, 

A|i|*1lc'.illun forma (atampod ad. 
ilrriwiril envnluiiiu otilnluablo ItXJin 
“ ‘Ilia iHrr. iar of CiltuuMonal Her- 
liivi 'iimn lt.itl, l-Tinro narnnt 

» li r.Dl. ** to bo roiurned to Uia 
e.nt 'trucher I nil ii villa 1 nlv. 


I London DnrniMili of) 

nmniiK junhih mixbd school 

Ur lilg a, NW10 >UlX 
■ Holt : Ana. social Priority School) 
HaqiCrnil In Rotilombar: 

An oxnartenCDU .tlLASS TEACHER 
lo ba loom trader rasponaihlg for 
past oral mre und curriculum devat- 
upniunt at I'ourih year level, inter* 
eat In liupravlng lionia/Bchool rela- 
lliinshlpv would ho an pdvunlaoo 
Ihouiih not DHsnntlal. Bcaia 3 post 
twluwt, Vacnnuy tluo lo promo- 

Ileqiiirod In flriiitDmber: Two expert, 
meed CLASH TKAdlURB, SoUe 3, 
to t» rosponalbla for orpan til- 
ing either MUSIC or PHYSICAL 
EDUCAtlUN nnd (JAMES Dt un 
atirronr.Hta Year Omun lovet. 

t'nrk IjUiiu, Wunibley HAD 7RY 
(Uott .1(1-1 1 

linqulrml In HmlnmhrTt TEACHER 
lor Aril yuur lunlor claaa lo lio 
ivapunstliln for 11 Iris' Oamoe 
lliniuiiliuiit thn >Tnnloni. Swlmmmo 
(|iui 11 i ,Liit ton a would twi an ndvau- 

M o. urn In 2 avuttablo for auu- 
e mnillilatii. 

i-anilld.iitnii fnr Ihn hdovq nnata 
Klmuld aunly fay Initor in the /mail 
(if Iho Si'liiiul iv I Ui In 7 nays giving 
uuo. itroaoiii hum, ditaUftcnUona ox* 

1 ( 11 . m.ii.Niit:. r.xiimontQ STSS*' 

{Hun UUillcalA UnilWna •Daft 1 ’ 
fall", Hi '.I I" Jl Jinsl. 1* 

UlMtlli-.IlK Wilt (III OXW^gjTy^ 

“Stii. 0 ,l|,|lull,l,nim i m’juwSS 1 

. A i iplli-ii Nun rnrma (alBRiMd .< - 
ilrvsm-d nnvolopa, rtMjSr B rJ£ 
IIiMilniuBinr. i'f.xha V (, (Vife 
Hi hunt. I Ilnur nil nr Hoad. EaiSrS 
HirUn blP- by i.tli .liilv. 


VOXIIAYI S I 'HIST t five to |U| 
vmim UCHOOL 


AwilliuiTons nrn Invllcd from uit 1 

fewa 1 ?! 

llKnuriancn uf upim plan and t*n V. 
Irarlilnu nn iiilvanLine. f, 

n „Ku\.ri'n ajw[ 

up tho appolnnnont in Juun K 
lv7B. " R 

Appl.lcol'on .rorma dumped u- R 
ilrcBSPil DnvDlii|in, pirate) in. K 
lli-aduiaalrr, rkshayoa Cmwm ■ 
School, Ulnucuyliv ltoad, Kabr. | 
rrliinmhlo by (ilh July. 19)7. b 



HCIiflOL e 

food in,i «tor. Mr. R. W, UaitH 1 
louulnul He |, min her, 1077, * ■ 
aminry, U(7H. TKAGHnt In Aon F 
f Exlrn-riiiiiculnr nclivmca, K 
A collnnu-l.-iivi.r wltfa ■■ 

•Mprrlnnro nml or moliin 
ui aiiltnliln with n view to 
apiary Idler: oihnrwlae 
tonunnr rauld column iv 
onpnliiimrnt. * 

Anpil -alt" m foniit (la fa 

S lllllllnit without linlav) fro* It, 
rra Kiln col I on nrfkor. M WtS» 
pn UuamiuL - 

ClOlINlY c.l m NC.If. 

llcai^matjter^ Mr. II. W. UNWU, 

fliquirird" ' H.'iih inker 1177 n 
Jiinuary I "711 TIJArflEJi a 
riiArn'i'. i:NvinnNvtfXMi 

|ii'rtnnf.'ii nml rfforrni'ca. 
mm i.adv hk l.niiiincH n.c. 


WMtcy itn-id nit in hpp 

dloll : M7. Mruun «»i 

itegu iriii i mm Buiiiuiiibi-r or Junu- 


n 'A m I Ji A nr ii of iiio Junior Dp- 
n,irtnii nt. Si.iln I. to M re»|innslbln 
lo Ihn rnr tUn cn-oriUnailun of 
tho wnrh nf a loum of teacher* in 
a i urririiliuii Hut roinlilncp a but- 
uitr.n uf and mmlMn t<M- 
cliliui iih'IJiimIi, Thn Mnn.incra wlali 
In uii/ipini an i'ii1liiiat,i»llc oMirrf- 

t iireil tea* Imr i iirnrcr.ibly n Culliii- 
lrj la tlilv Nenhir iiu*|, Tlio arlmu) 
a n\ii.iiuliiMi |o lurm l'Jilry 
frorn H-'iiti inker. 

. Auidicuitnn fonn* ffilnmiiod nd- 

I'llhnui ilrliiyi fi«m Ike AT 
man < iffli'i-tf ho Wnimigiee 



I7\J)Nllf "lUIUtll iHIANnrdW* 

Wr« n nvv, Pm*|M>i't HaUHi 
IMnitinnnnih .... 
Niimh-r mi mil W. . 
li-niih rd fur Hi'Uieinfafrj. 


A.i.'f* r asr .mus °.*b 

iMY.tbl" nml ilu-n. lx ii pchemn fur 
niil.i.iiii'e will, riiiiinvul i>tiin)wi>q 
liv hi, Mini ties ulr., iravrttlnii 
iiiltl 1>,T'T|,|,| .■llmi.i ni'ca. 

/i.iiinlii,i . 1 1 1 , run -ill uf) 

Hutilcit in « i.ii.itii t'uniHHnnA, re. nml ->lur.i(,n riiHimi, ill*. 
liiriMiii « iiihiwum i'i nml li»- 

WWill ■•'(•-(I I'SI’-'IIM'JI urn iNiVUlllil 

l 1 '. Jfviil'.Hiu. »i iff .ifijititnit!«l from 


p. iid. ui Ni uAt- t.t'H ■ 

iitikm iu, ii-'v, •'lift; 

lii' lillnlli"!. I'llk .-i 'I'bfAW H 

m iif.-t*-, pin, i'i mo luji 'fif'BJSS 

.luiiiur uin- i-.iimo 11,1,1 ,ro CWWI 

le'llmila. . . . 1 . «tinu]l 

uiif fill],, llin I , i ii I ii 1 1 , ,. r . 
OM.1ANDH INI Ajrtll* Hf .111)01. 
Niirlii-.iiU fniie, iliiniin (I III. 
1T-M||'|'I|.II|I. Ki'ltl TNlfiAKII 
li'iliik-ril lur HriXPiulMr : 

.vpi rii'tii nil il’ACIIITi fur Bral" Q 
>oM ip imutnlxn niuMu Ihrouulioui 
tio w limit. 

•.kkkiirM Inni*. IVust WIlUfaam. 
i.i-ni 111 ; ‘ dill, 
li-qiilred fur Honlnnihnr I 
:vnnrieui-ea lj:A<:iIl'U for HOYR' 
meu ^ »;pi'',jvn4' , . i OYmNA- 

HIICH .i" 1 ; 1 HAMI'S. dcala u poet 
otjUah r fur aull.ikin ijndldnio. . 

, obhfjnahla 
from llin Chlnf f.ilurailon Officer, 
Hunnymi'yl. nrAtulcw l^nn, CtilMn- 
. UR' la wnom 
limy Bhdiild lie rutuiinid aa soon n> 

niuiili iMicv e'lnii’d ("I iJSrnlncH,. 
Hid |»vtn»n.H I.Tliiralhili unit"' 



if lull ll.i.ul. wt'iu'nnUin. 

IlurifniM IMO »!!,:* rmuirrtl 
! hlMri ll li"l ivepn ‘ 

uwni r iiriu-r •’JVnn D*f • D *' 
all<iwo"C(* m» J® nliJiKrD - * 

He a In !!. rrlnue i<: 

AopHi'.imin Ij^na 
rtr-i««ii (-nvi'-i-wi ftfliy »»• Ka, 
i.rtu-nii'in Officer, t-”** 

CasHe Point & Rochford Area 
Rawreth C, of E. Primary School 
Rawreih, Wlckford (Roll 60) Group 2 


For this Junior Mixed and Infants 1 School wilh e fl 
from January t, 1978 . i 
(fteadvartisemenl) / 

Norlh West Essex Area . 1 

S\. Andrew's C. of E* (Conlro^lj) . 

Junior School ■ ■ lnrtl 

Church Ftoad. I^atfleld 

(Roll 211) Group 5 f <iW. 1 

F^r^^unlor School with affecl from Januaty 1. 

Previous applicants need not reapply as iheir applic 
lions wlll jecalve consideration. 

; Closing date for these poata : July 1^ 10 ^- oUabM d 
Application forma and further detal/a mey oa ( 
from the County Education Officer, 90 Sox 47, M*"* 


Scale 2 Pusis 


j'.ducai ion m.i'Aiti mi:nt 
OBNT llAl. AltliA 

lloqutrrd for Bwuieiiitu-r , 107T, or 


Aupllcjlfoni an- invliod fnr llm 
unit qC l*i'»U>uli'llr li-uelmr of Uia 
Violin. An, d [1,11 Hy hi oifw aotiio 
echo would bo nn in) v.ihl.iuo. A 
Hcaio " . nii-ii J* ov.lii.ibic to iho 

B tlt-SSlul undlrt.ilq wlill would ho 
sprt in Norwich. Uimartunltlni 

J *ui la vomrthuu* towuriM iho 
cvolopiurni of ure.i orchestra*. 
Trnvullluii mid nubalHlentfa ex- 
pciuea will bn iMita In ucrardiiiLo 
with thn i.uunly ChunU's Htalo. 

Ajiniii .'ii (-ii form* and furihor 
drtalli ft inn. (he Anu Lducjilnn 
. oiliccr. f.ladiloiin Mouse. -JU Si. 
(illra Blfi-il; NqiwIlTi N1VJ no. 


iZHO mixed i 

Sulo u. noqutrcil for BBiitcnt- 
faor or Junuary. IMB. Lower 
juniors, mixed ability, - -anvon lo 
nmo venr* wllh responsibility for 
coordination or n-source*. 

Not auMubla for canrtldatos Book- 
Inq their first loaclilnu uPiioInK ' 
if.onis. ■ ' ■ 

r urlh «- do lu ils may only kd 
oblolnoit by sonrthtu a bt-n.ipod, 
BUarcssed fooIXL.ip rnvnloiio ■ tu U*o 
l-itm-utlnn "(Ik-y. • 91. Mnr- 
yi ® H'liin-. Iklnu'tt Lviiiw Nor- 

(Couniv oi ) 

AuPltCii lions i-if Invl till front *u|,-' 
ably pxih-i huii mi iv„iii,.j» iur u,o 
follow 1 1 iii huats. — 

BLDAu: Ki i U K, I 

Assliuiit Um-iT .fiii>l„r TKAr urn 
is will i iiTiionvILilliv lor 

MLllUOI. . 

Aaslst.mi , Lower Jiuilur ‘frAnifCTl 
—fir alo U wlili n-Miniisiuiniv fur ' 

Honit st-nmied 4i*liii rnvetor-o 
TOT ainitKut>nn i--rm in l.imniv 
EUurjIhiii Ollk'PI', Cnmilv Mull, 
NDrihallrrlun. t<t wnom u,i'V 
.ahoukl be .M iuriu rl tvittitu 14 lUva 
of nils aijvi-rtiBiiiieiii. 

Soirrii m lixnim i hil-n i y 


Soulli aillfnnl. Ii 

Henulroil for Hi,|i|i-iutiPi' If pnmlkle. 
TEAlVIlCH for Ton .fiinlni* who 
(an offer IHrYHK'Al. 1 lll)i:ATtnN 
and Itova' (tuuti i liflp with Maslc 
would be ( Jin tiilv.nii.ttio. Hi'.iid Q 

OmTiS.ltn. 1 rnnuix c Ai,nupe,| nri- 
dreHCd onvi-lrinc iili-.m- ■ Irrini the 
too. LduiuUuti UflUi-, nriKirtiui'iU 
A. 60 (iicr.iillltv. Yurli, YtU liny, 

S vrhom llirv Miuiilil lu- relurnou 
thin IU days n< tin- 
ihli cdvorttnomi-it l. 



to BDrauBit 1 * w li hin r-i.iv nrccsi 
fit Coairni 7*imlnu nu>l hai >(i-ri-,1 liv 
&i^&y Vjijm. Lottilun Aildltlon to 

RMNfaad for Rridi-mbcr 1**7/ or 
B* soon si iNis-itkir. 

BoKiioNr I'HIMAIIV Kf ill Of if, 

“srdwft Rud. I*,iiihm Kin 
SSlteWJRHi U- IliHHilnsoH 
EDU5fn(*AI. VIHtTOII. Hinlr u. 

ncuhi.iiY/ini ant 

Wn mrfi/nn o\|wrli»iu-p, h iy> 
h,2£p HK'M'W VwiKir Will ha 

5 Bjutnaikni VtxlKir will hn 
iXls 1 ' fVml vlilklreii 

.htnSf.i 1 ‘‘wnltal. Hia worts 



noquired for January, lfa'JII { 
Ukstio Hi 



“fPiJ?” 1 ! .available 
Dlrei-tor of l^lura- 
[JJlrot (Hfjm. Hi. 
■RK", ilnlvonumn- 
anil. to. wlio'ii ihrv 

ioiii Ihrv 

rlllilfl 111 

Scale 1 Posts 


(Lomlun Horounti nfi 
BCVlOOL li,,li 8 U <: ' UUI'IAIIY 
. (Holt a-,r,i 

Oaooolnno iioml, li.irhinu 

Ibl- 8i-nli-nilii,r, |077: — 
c lav, T l ,A« !r 1 1. it inr 

JsSito. T-io c i! ,drt ‘" u "' 1 
London Adctliliin li iaj ,ir-r tmnum, 
lielniburaenioni of rnnovnl ex, 
ponses in unproven etisus, 

Appllcallon form avaimixr laianw 
"jjy'dunu i from the 
n?isr» ‘‘“P* 1,0,1 Olflc-r. Tnwn Mull, 
Jufv 1 ^ 177 ^'"*' ft ’ l " lnu ' ,lu bv Ilk 


(London norounln 
noqulrrd for Heitirnilir-r. 1--77-— 
Crescent Homl. I rir-rn ii.imi-i. 

i Hull 2r,», 

TLAliMLIl lur llri|)-<r .1 fi- 
Iu-II'-Iili- %v hlli n.tvi i ..tinr-v nn 

uilVtiiiliiiiu. bc,iiu I . i.ui.iimiiii- 
tunl of iho ciiun.ii al i iiuiiinu 

UNUliniNI.I. INI AN IS HCIIillti. 

Mu va Lane, Uunic-i, li.Nf, ~vj. 

(Moll 206 j 

XU^JwlikM for Infunla. Scalo ■ 1 . 


(London norouqk aft 

B-l . llOHF.UT HDUlifUTl I. II I i 

prilooL M,XEU ANU inianih 1 

lfimulrod hi Santmnbrr: 
fl n .. "nUuiaiusije und cn-oiuiraiu-o 
*i*5J', nll K, IttwniB* Ti.ACiimi intpr- 
™ , sound nmdi-ni melliud*. 

Hosslwllly of n Scuii- a i,u«i jnr 

nmdkjalS" 11 nni ' V,B ' 1 bii-mnod 
Aptillcailon. forms (alainurd Qild- 
rrssod onvelopoi uvdiiuiile from 


ApnllMiioiu nro lnvilml from 

wou.imuu ior if ip for- 
Iwil'j lll.NLHAl. til )H- 

“{AnS In udtllllon to uny otlu-r 
quuliriM lions inrntlom-d Unlriss 
, ,c h ,' ,ol “ "dmli ilui 
full In (uni nnd Junior nou r.inua 
and nro iknuuy BUiutx, v u 
A pnlkuilons for anoclllc noils 
Should bo aulmillind on ronp'T.I 
|? *b" MmiI lint her ni iho address 

ndriross. ns soon na posslblr. 

London Allowum.i, of .iijt»u «rr 
annum U pav.ible mid lla-rc Is a 
schi-ma for BUlxi.inLo wllh 
exponsea incluUliin fcoa ok.. 


wr'' D ‘ ,c,,ii;it, i N 


noc^lM, T'oplow, Muldcnluad. 

lie, id, Mrs. If. CreilliT. m.A, 
i Nu in her nn Hull: i«y , 
llotiuli-oi for SrMPIIlIu;!'. l r -77. mull, 
or Tiijnnln T»;A* -11 J tl lo l„i v ll'i.s 
lam La, \i-f mnxvoiiK . i„„f |„ 

thn H]i|i»r Mlihlld Hi I, mil. ?1 ii ,!r mi 
ii-tvniiliitin. l.uiid-in frliiim lire* .ittuw. 
once of lil "ui |,.u. ill .i, Milieu in 
liiinihiiin HaLirv. 

Hoiimvnl oxpoiixi-s ui, to Li -tu 
pnyabln in approvua <.u.*',. 

MiJVjj Uwe, Uunic-i, li.Nii ilL/ pnyabln In approved i,n.j',. 

■LHS!l,9A | ii ... _ toller on soon an pos- 

1 ‘ alblo to tho licadniIXU-uss nt (hr 

J.M. bl.lidi,l. school (Llvlna currlcuiiini vliao and 

£2m^ ! ’i r LAa r oijV Uurn,t WMJLHL V-rftf jffmtg- 

■fkiMS 1 for Lower .turn or ri.. M ■ CAMBRIDGESHIRE 

TEAUlleR Tor Lower .funtm- filuas ' 
(seven to nine yi.irsi. tn.iio i. 
Borlal Prlbrllv ofiowinCe tuiaklo." 

ffclioinrs lur pa vine nt uf n- 
motnl on-tnux i-n-l 
tiliow.iiicra in unprovi-d caves. 

A(j|)l|,:utl 0 ii foriii-i i-.ininiieJ ml- 
droneil on velour > ubMin.ilite Irnm 
I hr Ulris.ii'.r m L,lu, uliurui uor- 
J &v -' 11 "a 1 *- i lien ilh mi. 
Nil ADI., in in- relllluLd Lu (lie 
Ht'jU I CM L hi- 1- IjHHii’fluHt ly; 


LniX'A'IluN h 1.1 IX- ll t. 


bchoul N * a V a - ,,,u,u 

Cllfl-.-n. IUuIn. 

Keuuhr-il lur S'.'|,ti-i„t,<-r 1--7 7. 

AMIS 1 AN'!' 'I I. At, lu. Ii, s, ile I Jo 

K orb win INI Art l IlM'AUT- 
LNr. Inii'ii-u in wuihiiio in 
roonurutlvu j ciai» xiituiiun. A null - 
rani* sliuuld hi.- In fcvuiiMiliy wlili 
uio oIiiim mid iiIi|<liIi ,-M uf tba 
l jiiirrh of r.niit.iiiit, 

APiillcitilnit fni ', ii nml furllit-r in r - 
llcuj.iri nln.i lii.ihh, |i,„n m n.V.j, 
ninsior ni i in- si huul. Mi „,,)■',( u-ni-' 
rnvsril unvi-lnne |i|i-,iie 


KuucAiiiiN t.i.iivn.i; 

8;*mill.UN AlfKA 

Sffl,Y. ;K t: - 4,1 

HfMi i oli I ltn.ul, l.uion, fii-ih. 

MrVi , :»:ili;vi , ;: H,u,p - J " 77 - •*- 

,IU ‘i«lx r -»ni.inii. 

' J l""*1 IlL'iHulile 

li»r sMIUbln r.mvjtc.ite. 

.. Alip lr.i|lun iniiiix iilil.thuibh- from 
Uip Houilijirn Ai,;.i j'.ilin .tiliiii nf iil«- 
35ft, l»Ml Ui"l f nr il, l.tilmi Lllii 
JNY. to kn rnliirm d , in Mr. K. 
Hiiminurnon. r:firn-,|,iiiiiipiii m iho 
MitTmurrs, M n.,«lvn rrosivni. 
I.uiim (Biainiiuil uiiiIix-km-iI unvi'lepn, 

plGJHOl i 

flom« nHNlnliini n vrlili siMfimiim. 
i l.nlon limy imhsIIiIh 


ii |' I i it/) ?. i 'if 1 a! 1 ha v 11 : 1 : 
wiirmiKAii v!i:. i.fiwi:n hcikku. 

"BJipiriiJlir ® l,F, i (»7T: 
Hwflo i TKACIIlifr lalrnwird In Ihn 
•don! tuna nun urnuu. 

AlmlU JU iiU ((HUM nkiatiuikla from 
ana mill nutiln, lo uin ifr.nlmlsirrss 
(MJitineJ onvolops, 
Wwwi . 

...Likla from 

iCounty of Cleveland 

■ PRIMARY school 

scale 2 post 

■JunQllon Farm Primary School, 

B ultcriield Dnvo, EaQlescMfe. Stockton, Gtovcland. 

*td? U M fid * or Jar, uary 1078, or as loon as possible, a 

■ r«!2? y Rualihed and experienced teacher lo bo 
W3 Pon5ibte fot MuLic ihrougltotrt ihe school. 

fe] a^assictonce with housshold rorrewa! eApencos 
■ available in approved cases. 

,nfl 7 wndo by fetter or on en appllcn- 
from Iho Head Teacher al the 

Incffi *^ a . wn above. (eUer ahould 
’ inttidiM 1 InformiuoR . I'egariRng l; education, 

■ ft* and experience, toselher wilh 

: v* rn ®» and addreitet of three referees, 

bSJSJ' 5* VWtoatfon and compfelsd appllcallon towns 
' WL , S! l,,,w d,r »« * «*• Haarf Teacher within 
rn PM appurence of Ihto advcittsedxnL 


CAMHIilDaE AHL'A Inn* nro liu'ilnd from oxnori- 

oncyd for tin- lalliiV.-lii U 

fipalo posts v.ic.iiit f i am hc. u . 


BpTfl.SU AM C.l*. SCIl'mi, 


r-ji riuav viiAn .ruuitMiM. 
jiOMiiiriTiN NKUSt'.ux acttuuL 



Tyimj. YKAn Jt'Nimn. 

BT. MATTltLW'fi c.l . i At 

(Ixkndon. iinraiiiilii 
Tlw AuUinrlty hm a «nmli fmnilirr 
iff. . .. It'r . 1‘lllMAliV 

TTIAINI'J) TliAfilllillN Irnm Bi>iitcni- 
BrJOT, .Ability iu ni for s/ilMli: 
W ItftYH* would bo an ad- 

“Kxljt. CU07. AmIiIuiica wilii ra- 
rnovul MpranM. Usi-il u-i-s and dl«- 
turtanca allowanco can bo conalu- 
(Nil. .. 

Mnillratlon fnrmi ov.ill.-ihlo from, 
qnd, fililnf Kdur-ilfoit 
OfniJpr Tar Hrtinnls r town 
llaU, Cray ford. Kohl. A aiampcd 
nddromerl onvcli,|si iloiilaupi 
should ba. MTtl wtlli Him roqum 
fur nn apyttoailon form. If aifanow- 
iMQCfnrnt . u rvnuirod . a furtlirr 
Munipan uddrcikcrf onvrloiio should 
ba rncinand. No iiirlhi-r c<it»iniini- 
r.itlnn will bo nuilo iinlnss niiiillt'anta 
are taltoil fnr mlHvltw. 

mostnH d* to fur H|i|>li(, iilutu u 
4U> July. 

r iimbritfoo 

Niii-scnr trjIrtmJ TrACIIl.Tl. 

S^TIttOI M,U IM, * ,N,,I,,N t: !*■ 

Firs* iiltd fn-ronil 
JNltlors. Musk nml - or Uhi slul 
Ld ura I tun nn nilvonldiit-. 

HIS TUN NUUSI'.IIV ytiitooi. 
NuraoPy ir.ilnciit TKACIIITt. 

Apiilliatlon fomin Irpi.i fionlnr 
lr ‘ ,r ; hhiru Hall.’fllin 0 ' * , n ' UAI' i slmti i-i'il 
addct-kaoil pnv-li-ii,-. iH'irti'i return- 
«l| o US anon js un^kil,,,. 

oi , ran iuih in iioii, Komiy 

AiM ldni-ailoii nu in-r.. si,i ru ll.iii 
rjA". ,l f!*in o - * ns oai* iximniu'i 


COUNTY CulINlill. 

PUN I'uuniN V.n. sukkii. 

_,QjVi * lfM * 11 .Assistant 71 -a. 


JYtnibJjbo un ailvanuou but nut 

K AuptlcMlnn fnrins mi \WI»H 
f—V'iH 1 ® 1 1 . In,iv bp ukuiipoii 
■oni trio uniloroiunoit. m whom 
Ju?y 4 BhOH, “ 140 (Yltimml by 
Job"' Upward l*irrt- 

MoltfI r l ‘ , * u, '«‘Uoii. rtlitro I (.ill. 


in Mi 'Mil : mto iiiiii 1 in 

H u illK.i!, 1 tsintlu-H-ijtlv. TI-I-. 

'»"« jspinaji;"" «"■ 
siBWUraL'K ■trtf.ft" 

uwu ' u,ui 

StiHOOL COL ’ N , ’ V ,N1 3 

llurlium. Hnchosior MI'.l 3sr 
Hoqutrod for bi-niunilinr, J-)77 ■ — 
LXnprlDncpil ro.u.]icr fnr sum II sihonl 
Snu nfuslc 1 / ,0r p ‘ iy “ UA ' ** due At tun 


Mel.isfi 4 ,b Kcu. ,,,,,r "' PH, 

„ I«»t f '« H ut Hi'lulli, mi. i *ii.j.|u ... 

nrjssst li ' , ■ "*'*»**•* 

Mupt ntrad, TanfarlJfii- 

ssr,„“.a-; „, l r i0 ” 


N-raS 01 ’- far n °“ L 
’rimraroSi 10 *' , r °‘ 

LLNilAxt C.p. 8CIIOOI, 

Near Maldsiaito 

HCMJIhO't SqiHciitbcr. TliAt.ItTft toC 
«iiii°^l . A , b|| Mv l" orujiiiiu I'i, v- 
S Brain 

dnlo* * " v,,lln,, ' 0 ,ur vutlulilo taiiuil, 


inV,«.. , Ml ;lltl ‘ ,°K M Willy. Toil 
■"‘-this 1 for ono or Uir-ic two uom-, 
"Mianis must ko a i,ia to oofii-i- 

(Uli 'j i'-ACIIlTl for i4iw„r Jtitiinr-*. 

piSv'aiiiauot " ' a u " M 

v!WfR.U ln Tun iniiin<* Wciia rcfauiroii Hem cm tier if 
iiosslUn but .Jantl.irv may at At. in 
10 rcsuansi Un for 1 omilAi.i, untl 
tofa® .MYfllCAf. lilUlliAl Him / 

{im^^SBUk 41 * { ori,ucQri '’ 


Inlnroali, anil nainlhn two nrnri-s- 
I'lpnni ref civ os. Iincln-.|. Muiuur-il 


ijNniM .HiNiQii HCiinni. 
JlraULuidlln.ul. Lolivalur 
Grata 1 

i4 ?*BSw. *«»«“■ ■» 

tUin.t'Y MAI IN A (1.1.. 

.. . PHIMAHV Mi Itltlll. 

PHIMAHV Mi lllilil. 

M. 1 I 11 Nirei-t, hlii-.-in Mum, 
nivir Atlu«*fliin<k VV-uwiikblilrn 



m.°° twr,r 

w. ukq nmffh; tlirounhuiil ilia 
. ’fhimiorory aiuiolituncnl in 

«3t®, ^MHUK-O, 

. AppUcniion farms (Mnninsd. art- 
onvtitafw, _ plnnaai front 
Urodinasior, 7 ha Oauniv Primary 

iowor |un| ° r » 

K "IfJlS: P^j%J 0, l±c£ny ffi 

aurnlion grab 1 / 13,007 lo 



.ST. SAVIOt’n-H ft 

&iM lA j 

0 antra. 

ATrollcdUon ft*Tus on rcrrtul 
Blampod nddrcsBcd cnvalopo 
Urn l lioaaintilresi at ilia 
. Plnarton. .Lincoln to 
jWISH*™ bo nrtarnad 


-PWn “ ..Wtnnras 

fin 'yfcnfiXSS. »n- (0™«e «■ you f 4r. 

member. Of Uia Church of I^iolnnd -rnsr-inm ,.1 1 


maslur fauuup 

iilon Cbroia. from, iicail- 
isUinpoa adiln.'xxnil i.iiynl- 
Iscupi roiiunublr by Juiv 


fl/iniK-n ll'irotiili (Ji 
I.niiriATTON HI IIVH :i: 

AUJ.NMY, IIHk'l HlilldOf. 

S ilnnby liOJil, Huulhdll, 
fddhiHni _ 

.ftCKiutrad from HtTil'iiilHT_J. r *«7 f _ 


• l*< nd'in iidfoutili ol i 
KnufiAjioN hPicvirr 
IlKACONSI in.O ,1 Illtfl AND 
MIDDI.P. K< ill'll it. _ ... „ 

lie*-. -insfli lil Suulhxll. 

■|l'A(Tii:H‘ rniiUrfrd Inr finpirinhrr 
lr,r iliroo.wssliuu per «mfa in uib 
M ldatu Silitiol, 

Am-ltoaihin funni fainniftod nad- 
r-ftsrd Bfiv®lopr) Irqiii llron rea- 
dier lo bo rriurnml . as soon at 
BiafWBi — — 


tfwfwj'h Avcmjr. flulxiin 1114 f-r / 

fefe iff rife® ctiU: 

'^.'ilili ini. must ha t-racliainn 
ll /tfi!fi?£SSii 0, Sir iciiiT . wuh pan 


aihiini. (PJt'eo otic In w a stamped 
ad-Iroaii'd cnrotoirt / , 


uTyiiooiine: c. of r. pitiMAUY 

%luot p hjw. JnsU 1 " fl 

. TRADinyi reqltln'd fur B»n- 
tMiibor. 1W77, for lower lumor 
WHK. Hcaa 1. BIbiiiiii-j addr»k- 
acd onrolonu, |o lirodmuslcr 
for apollctlton furnt. Clnthia 
data July 4. 1*177 

Cottnl Alan l(04d. Skconcsv 
« JW-BA ii*» : . 

{Group {S. Number on Holt : SWU 

ftwidiBin Hi 0 It'S,* jitns I mill an 
AMowunco fitfii*. 

Dotnlls or Hip itOM anil ,i|i|>IIeii- 
iion fornix nn, ton obiMlurd Irnm 
tho uml Praia n«ri 10 wliotii iik-v 
aiioulu bo roiunioil fay 1st July. 

. Jl M A.. Pli.D.. nirpr- 

lor of EduHltun. Ldutmion ouicim. 
Hj^Hntr. Btruirurd. l.uiiiion. Hid 

tiiounly of* 

SfiAimouniinii ahua 
iDMCA iinN 01 ) ir:i: 

‘lllMAilY BfillnOI. 
jroup >1 prUnary si hunt, f-mr rnllrs 
1 rum BrarlHiiYjuyli. 

A|*]iroviiuiitu iiumhrr cm lx, II t',n. 
tuqulriul fur finitii-iiihi r i-iJ7 
irtharti-iiccd ii.AcniiU lur iii.di:|i 
Skill a 1 1 „ixl. 

Ability lu olYr,r MPSIC liruill- 
llcnjl und (vc, und, aaspiiilul. 

SMiiinpii iiiiilrtih.xcd envclOfae tor 
npiillcailaiL forn, tu Arr-.i 
lloti Oflirrr, 1 diiciiilui, Oliici-s. 
Iluulrlsx Itow. Urn r hiii. mu h, |„ 1,0 
roturucil tliiTci coiu|>!rii'iJ t aoou 
iix unsalhlo. 


iliounly uli 

A|,pl1ixiKliii,x Ji't, tru-li'iil fr"ii' mu- 
nhiv i| u.i 1 1 u- ii i„r 11 >■- 1 ,>1 - 

lowutii piixla : — 
ll.xKTilN c.l:. SCHOOL 

1 ni'.u UUT||,I«II'1 1 

Axsl'.i.tiit l.owi-r .luiiiur ir.Ai.IIKU. 
hfjlo ±. An IniuruM in Mu-ti: iiuatr- 


i ncjtr Fled Ala) 

afltsiani Infant TELinilun, Sr.ita 1 . 
. Send atampod otldroaxc-ii (.'iiiMiuua 
for uiipiiiation fonn to tiuitiiti Litn- 
cailan Officer, Ciaiinly Hall. Norin- 
f H e r ion, to whom Ihcv bEioiiM br 
mu rn ltd xvltn la i-l days ol Utl* 



. EnULiATUtN DU'AltlMliNT 

MAliBYHIIANDIlt t : p. 

Horiiilrod for 1*1 Si-uipmiipr. 
1»>77 AU4ISTAN f IT-!ai UliU, 
infant ir.ttni-if : iihliiiy on ii,,, 

E tano osgonilnl. Bculu I. Htvi. 


Appllcnitnn farms rrotu the 
iinilerBlaned 1 slumped nclitd-xsort 
onvnloim,. tuul*i:atv 1 . 

LloMiiu tLilo fith July I ''77. 

.Hofaiiri W, it ui iiti. Dim lur 
of Kdui.ttlou, l.dui.itlnii 
Uixpnrliiirni, i*nt«vi fiouruy 
11 all, Lt. in drlu dud Wullx, 



(I*,ndon Hornutilt ori 
I’HlMAilY PCtftlH 

Ttia lAndoti Horoiluli or ItHhrUInn 
Ii a nlcxtiMUil rraiiioniVtl nr».i m 

Ttia Ijmdoti llarouuli of ItrdhrtJiin 
Ii a nlcxiaiml rraliionlVtl him In 
NorUi-Loat London. lloln will bn 
ill volt. In findlim ncKmimod.irion, 
With tonal fpM for lioiisc nuriiinxa 
unA nmewi and Tract iin pent ,•*- 

K d<im wli err a|i|dx>]irUi(,. Outer 
niton, uuow.inuo nova hie. 
AnnllCrfUanx arc mvlliMj frimi 

m e ■dpttdHffVTa: 

£» Mr®'*' v ‘ 11 '- ur 
u ®™*™ 11 ,f5, 

(Nitmbt-r. on roll Rilfti 
Cronbrooh lioud, uonta Hill, lirurtl, 

Ip?Mtt. TTIAftllEn. A faulty In play 

limed to 

- IRIWBI lit 
nfl an ailvnitlatin. 
fBlamnail art- 
anti (a hr 
nvaaiar OJ soun 

Middle School 


ewiNNWjoN lmddij: 
Avanuo Tload, Runtaton 


Avanuo Hoad. Nuntai 

Apisllra liana arc invtici 
suitably quaurjfiii and t 
nnt’M. TTiAClUiltB Inrjli 
rr Head of this On 

School {fV.5 on rolli 1 , 1 th 
oflircl front JamtaiY. l’<7ti. 

On receipt of a ntani|M-d 
aiMruiuril rnveloiie iip|>IJ(<ifiiiii 
form and further doialts m.iv 
lio DbtMnod from tlio dauniy 
f.UiiCJtloii OfftciT. lilt, Nnrtn- 

S ni; Hi rent, tvarwiui. cv.’.t 
Mil, in whom r mu plot i-ii fount 
gnnulil ini rvLiirnod by nil, Ju.y 

Prut-folia nppllraliona will 
ronialn under uunaldcrullun. 

Deputy Headships 
Senfor Masters/ 

1 iiiiifiiri'ON Aiir a, 

I vncliol Close. Itrlfililnn Hfjt 7! P 
ltni|itlt oil .Unuory, t -- 7 H, ur f.niwr 
t[ i-xaslt.U'. UI.PUlY IliiAli UI line 
('ix)Ut, fi actioul. 

ItOl'icaUon umnli s-.Urnm tn 

u 1,1,1 UVL'll C.IBI'9. 

A mil I t-o. i ion furi-ia nnd ditmia 
I'Yilxtnjtjla Irnm, nnd • |,,r reinrit 
in. Ilm Dc-mily Are* i:diii..,(>uii 
tllflror llovat York tin 11,11 u-,-.. 
Old btelnp. iliddhlan, UNI ) M*. 
by fttli July, * 

(HHlUMrON AflEA t ' . 

CP I Of) L 


CIlMnfiffiWT 0.1*. SCIIOOJ 


rroahfiold Place, Qrlnhipn' \ 
flcnulrod January ir»78: Ori>UTY 
I [BALI . TKAfillEli ur lhi» in-w 
f I roup A nctioat. 

lielorntlnrt cimn'to Echemo in 
api>ri3vi*il cj*os. 

. Application^ rtornts anti further 
deLilIs nvdUebto iron, iho livjiiny 
Area Education Officer. Hpval Yor& 
null dtp as. . 01,1 frtolne. B rlgi, mn 
1IN1 INF', for return to tliis oltho 
n nt liner thnn MU. July. , 

HAiVTPsumn . 

COim r LAf-IB middle settnot. 
Hilary Avenuo. Cmtiam, 

I'orlMfiouUi 1*00 “P|* 

Second hi ABTX.IL 1 Mltfmrftfl— 

Cl rout, 7. 

. SUunneil rddrww&d rnvolone to 
lt,Md for (totalis. 

tilQBlrtq date Cili July, i«>T7. 


I'erow-M Way, UumLown, 
lain of Wluki, 

Ana ranaa nlmi la IK years 
(4 114 oti roll* 

llonulrud for .Tanuitiy, 107ft. 
IJKMUTY TKA tilt fit Al tilts 

Croup a Mid die Hchoul. Primary or 
Middle School ovpmfonco preferred. 
. AnpUcavton _ forms und funder 
dotnlls avnUBhto rram tlio lfrad 
Teacher, lo wham |hev ahaUltl bo 
retumaa on or before July H, l-,i77. 

Remedial Posts 

Heads of Department 


aiewmolw Road. I'ttivrtck 
Ntuntwr on roll i 000 • 
IlntiUnaator, A. nanilerfoA 

DT Rnhiatili 
^urpOM bul 

( ahull po 

ind . frirfltcr 



Other Posts pn 
Seals 2 and above 



l ton con Road, narton-Ia-Clay* 
Dedford, MKAfl 4J* . 

Ibtulraaclar, Mr, A> J< Halati 


t* onjaniro nuns- 

fi SnJ nffi&jl- Ife&cdiS 

Nvnw by withdraw*, vto, 

.. AppHcaUan forma oblalnnWr hunt 
■[eadmaBtar. (Btaqipoa - uddrassed 
cnytimw, pleOBOfa 

jn^jSijnr^onn. cioBlna data 


llUllort. Alford LNIK OftH 
(Cifouii ji. Number an Hull r»ft) 

. INFANT TEACIIRR require d 
for tieuumber, l».*77. fliala Z, 
Stainped Bddnwd envetopo w 

wi I 

IliatUiusler lor. « puilrat Jnn 
fartn. Clailfta daio r juiy 4, 


Bowl Aliev Jjuin, iloriuaiitp : 
v. •. J- N ‘l W.H 
I Graup'l. Number an noli : luoj 


1 r-'qulrod for Boinr mbwr. . 
Ip77. m , mtHtom .a^mi-opDit 
pun achool sliiuti'd lr ptuunt 

Wi«A n A%a & 

the watiu. - Mari be wUHns e* 
leach auut me Utfpala' &a« 
ranee. DovrlDpuioni or Lmnu* 
pod. reading and writing alltii 
rasutiim,, art. and cyan, bo ■ 
advaiii*90- , . • - 

. Ktaninod addresiro cnvntaps , 
To llsoomlitirn for audtyaHutt . 
fonn, -ClaaUifl . lUto July -t; 


- art 


1^7 fr The . H' Clary, ^Uiunur. 

isrjswMjtenJiiI :! . 

• imderiB** - otr+xfcpAi jUwnf m 

Woald Middle School 

Robin Hood Drive^ Harrow Weald, Middx, 

01-954 2733 

Applications are invited for thn 


of Ihja Group 8. Middle School (8-12 year oldsj for 
appointment from January, 1978. 

Housing accommodation may bs available In; suitable 
oaBes, reasonable removal expenses (Ipwest lender) 
lodging allowance of up to £10 per week, and up lo 
£800 towe/dn Legal end Estate Agent lees may be 

Application form ■ from and lo be raturned id iho head • 
of. the School by «Uh July, 1977. (Please enclose 
elamped. jfcitJreWfld anVeioire}, - " ! 

‘ - ■- i' - * .il 

• : fU 


i •-•Ji; 


r M 

". i : ' a-- ill 

■ I '- . • U 1 




? , i .1 r . < 

* •«. 

.: r / •••• 

• ; ! . , t--i 



'■V j '.I 

V - r 1 ' «'•!■.!!• ■*'• 

' 1 * • r*’. k 1 ' S i 

• JT’j; l" : ' 

■ r,;fc f . y.. 

'- v "J 

nJos^rw. ficitU, 

• '.I 

i j; •.'? 

i ' ' * ^ ' ' '' ' I. \ * '■ 

^ \ \- 

'■* '• «■' / • . , If.,*’ 

!'*'•••> * 

\ : . i'i r 1 

I.:;/-:.: "v'J 

U s •' ( ■» « ' I’ 1 ' 

v. . 'a *' M?I S 




By Subject 

Art and Design 

Other Pasts on 
bcaie 2 and above 


Nllli'l ilLilN AULA 
u,si;iiUi- 1' ufuiiiJ. school 
ti-'Lii-y, Uudlora 

ti-'Lii-y, Uudlora 
lli.oilinasu.-r; t. <3,- H’. 
i.idii novs end gum 
Hcquircd Fnr Juiuoj 

Domi. H.A, 
y. 10711. 

_ nry. 107»l. nr 
r.i'nicr: “1HACH RH of Alir .Smii 
•ji ApaUvonti should t« InlWKidl 
hi cnupSi-ailnn with oUior mcmbria 
»r' Ihs D.-sinn' Doparinirnl and 
.ltaniil Imvq wdhTmico In ivacliiM 


. 1 unitor Information and anmica- 
Hon norms may bp had ironi ino 
ilo.utroaaier to whom fliov anou’d 
bv rottnngd tauniucd udilrmsod 
iimnlapn. qliiisai 



t>4 to 13 years i 


ArnifLJfuis aro Invltod front suii.ii»v 

A'vptiid ttnn aw Invited front .(iiii.ii>' i- 


iu labo jjii int Bppolnimt-ni m wnu- 
ary. !•.»?*. 

AppUciiiion form i tolamiiod ad- 
drtrmrd envelope, plwuei Irani 
liratlraaRlc-r. Fotuisyes f;onililncd 
BiTiOOl, HlOUC?910r HCiOd, I.Knier. 
r-lurjiablo l>y July 6- 107/. 

Scale 1 Pasts 



NOnVKfcitN An 
MAltllAltia UK 


■omn oilier Ita'mnfl ■ plraby si-iiv 
luurcvt or priirerL'Iiiii). ini'* « a 
i. ii<-. urn i no i>n mini via with Ihv mob- 
►III llli v Of uii p ftirliior loViti. . 

AniiltiHtlon ■ foriii and IiiiiIim* 
iliM.tlla nvmlaiDu foam . mo llr.xt- 
nlAMtr At Clip- arhtjol . 61<uiil'>''l 
#ti>iw#! iiuLiaw.uiiWj -nusv .u 



mk. flCinu,. 

in tiif .imitar (ntM to It > ll"»lt|n 

m r tut- .rnnhir '(nlrw toll' Hfjliin 
Air), Bute 1. Spiclal Interest In 

>‘&X PU K!SS fln .„T p, «,..ihr,- 
deiiiils avallablo. Irani ilia llend- 
nmidcr at mid ectmpl i stamped ad- 

... aflurmr council , 

, BuurrAffOM bk?t»AitH6iT4T, : 

, ZfiQ mi roll ill'll' 

. Apniwusions ar 

for mo ttualU1 * 

ihproo of 
psP J fn Pol l w wo 

'■tUin ram, • am oMalnata 



are nt 



Domestic Subjects 

ScaleJ Posts 



M'n i Hi.. I t Ai>> A 

MAII' 1 Alt fc T UKAl.'I UItl SCI ll 111 L 

hu— jf. noiia 

km tar ,-.!^ cn te r oNiM.cH 

I..-IO |1. I'll j.lbllliy ul Millie 
. ■ .■ KMchlnn int.aBo slnic 
|i-»'fiTv«ci>i. I uiiiiiorai v lor unn 

Aiuilli ullon form iiiul luilimr 
Ui Dili uvallnblu frm-1 int- Kim< 1- 
in.iati-r at Iho nrhaol iilniiiunl 



i*a hi. warm siIhuql, 

■ lawk Urlvp. itodrord 

(■■•14 M Hid la i . 

lloiiulivii (or Heotonibor, l'.>7 , 
IllAoHEll or IIONIEGHAF l . Sul- 

ApiillcaUan tonne obleinablo Irani 
llin itooatnobitr #1 ilia >tnoii. 
Slamicd oddreeied (rnvolopo. ptuosr. 


Heads of Department 




Sr, lie J. r>-i|UlU'(l foi Supl OnlUi’l- If 
i, .-■3htr»io ur l.i m mr i in mis Iniiv 

, J|II|1|CI1 "I|MVU MIiIuIl- HillODl. 

Tnv siliooi. ti fornmr evmnd.irv 
inuikm wlili .-M.llrnl iivi'oiiiinod.i- 
oi.ii mill - >iiiIi.iii<- ll. on d itrllalillnl 
io on III'.- ouliMrl* nt Unllorrt. 

UNCliriFT miBdlb SCHOOL 
UoVlty. IlCdlara _ ... „ 

llcadinoslor. E. □. W. Doan. Q.A. 
i tlUO lioy a and Airlll 
Ut'iiulrrd for January, 1070. or 
(v.rfliiv: — 

IIILAIl or HNQL.ISH iScalo Si. 

Tills U q senior poet. Appii- 
n ails inaitla Have wide oviiarlDPco 
.mu a keen uilorcst In Iho Llfarory. 

Kuiihoi* Inroimsdon and applica- 
tion for mi may be had from iho 
llraiimuaier la whom lltev should 
bn ri-iurncd islamnod . aUdressod 
ciLvalQnc ._mo.ueL, 


.'Illlll ill nill AHFA 

hie chi'iuiI ■■ i io in iii Ion lor liinh 
-.juii.iTiif, ii, work and li" ii minin'. 

A . ilk, mail i on n nnd luiihci 

i,.iri l ul. ire qbMinalili* irom Iho 

lloiiinMiici- .ii ilia schaal • sbiniii">i 
jiiiir. .Jtd cnvi-lupe. please '. 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 

i.uurtn cni'NCii. 
i:iiL> ion ijeimiitment 

Miniiu: aciintiL 
■ 'Jill ill! soil) 

Si.ilu "J — rt'qulrnd for tionu >hIjct. 
in- J.ipuurv, 1‘lTB, i.iini'r ll U'.iee 
I I'ACHl-.H. riiKNCil „n msc-i • >ili in ci-imiivo and i \|,i o 
nt ml 

Nr<i iiiii.iliie rut I'onrililaics xu -k- 
Iiin Ihi-lr oral u.-,iclitnn unpolul- 


r iirilmr dcinlie may only he oh- 
in ued by londlna a slam pad 
.ldih osseil laaiscnp ouva la no io itw 

u ilrt l ' * ‘iVfiu*xn 0W |C l ml* lr 'Lv on. ' ^ lllT ‘ 


SCI mni. 

(■runui- Homi. Norilianipion NN.l 


Huiiii |i*oil (or Stjiii-iiibor . 
i liACHHt to ho ri'*|,iiii'.llilo lor 
■Ik* nrnauisiiin unit (cticnmu 
i HLNi'll. Ac jin u nasi dvnTiable 
iur sult.ihly DL|iorIencrd and qudll- 
ikhI icurher 

A|i|iiy by lot tar In thfl first In- 
slance olvlno curriculum vitae and 
miniua and addrcuM ol two re- 
Itirios, io the Headmaster at Iho 
SciiiioI ironi whom luritmr dolalli 
■nay bo gbiaincit. _ 

siiitvrnnLD middle sciiluii. 
Himtlnblo Hood. Uoddinnlnn. l.uion 
llr-tium.Mlcr, Mr. A. H. ltoborla 
llcoulred for Sopiomber. l')77. 
I LACII Ell to arg anise and rtovrlop 
MUBfi: throunhoui the school, ibis 
la a new nurposo-bulll nine Io I A 
Mlridla School which opened In 
September, in 76. 

Aunllroma mut) bo able to tm- 
■b-rl.ika aonio (Ian oral Sublcci 
teaching. A Scale 3. pool may be 
.ii. l''ii bio for a suitably espcrloncod 

Annlkatlona obtainable rroni and 
rrinrndblo to iho Hwduiasu-r 
, .i, mined addrciacd onveiopo 


Scale 1 Posts 

t.hurch Lane. Dodtord 

viumc ihrquahaui tha school and 
lilc Io work with Uic school 
urctioiira nnd choirs. 

A int Ic nil oi i form oud furdior 
• l(-.,i]fs uyjllablu from tha lle.ul- 
iiijsier ni Ihe ichoal. Stamuod 
ddilrrsseil ouvclofio HWM. 

.muEv qhken middle; school 

■f IIbUs 

5,1 L 1 1 1 01*0 LITA N COUNCIL 
J.inuEV QHKEN middle; school 


Nfluuirf-d , ror Sopiomber. a TEA- 
IJI1EH able la accept reeponslblllly 
far MUSIC ihrouflnoui iha school 
and, loach (tenoral Subjects Io 
ihllilron saoa 9-10 years. Applies- 
tlbni Dam College Candida lea will 

>:oiinty council 
■ Mivcd coiiipi ehonnlvo nmo io I a 

tiont nem College 
bo wolcaniod. 
rtilaiy Benia One 

:<7l> on roll i 

lUnntrcil lor January. 1978. on 
•■iivisory TRAciiEn of rnnMc.H 
iMtslo 'd> wuh iha cxnoih nro. 

-i 'All IV nnd rnlhiinlDMin m ori|unl/e 
•b-.- dovnioiiinni or this nuhloct In 
siliooi and rail or links alreadv 

llrjniiiiin Hoad, npriford 
Iioiiuirrd rot- ftuainmbor. 1977. a 
wen naallliea and axgarti-m «rt 
hi ibis ntlvgil Middle Sibnol. Bc.ilo 
“ po*t avjlUbln for sullubla .iinill- 

i-iim . 

Iim i>au livvolvrs oiD-ml/inn 
Liipllnh ( iilufi Ihioiiuhaill Ilia 

wen uaaiinea and mmHfhi 
T(.A f:in:n to ti« head or English 
In ibis nilvoil Middle Sibnol. Bc.ilo 

t-iiisi . 

Ilia Irani luvolirt ..... 

Until i«h ti n iiinti ihioiiuhaill Ilia 
vi I ■ i ,ni .util rvnnonaiblTHv (or Ihi- 
iiui.ut: w-Uimanrii to tesuh same 
Hi-lighius Lilian i ion wan'd lie an 
iiiv.nitiiaf . I'lacilslr 

i ', 1 1 Holla iisw 

Ai'ialuitiuii (ami and Iiirthiir 
dvi-ilis obUinaMo Inmi tha ITiart- 
mlhirc-jn ni (lie ichaal. 

iUurliiii iirfiu- Lvi July. 1977 
• vlanipnil MtldfL-vHed ulii.-lona. 


Heads of Department 


i-tishlishi'j in Fiancu, 

luiilier (teinlls and applicaHaii 
iimuv nblolnnblu ■ itaiiiued jrt- 
ilri-xsi-d loofi.-jii onvomna, p'ri.m ■ 
Iruni ilio IiiMifiuasier. Slmvm. 
Middle ficiiOQi. Walnut Trap walk, 
fltovriniirkri. Siidulk. 

8 calo 1 Posts 


l.niJCAl'KIN HR ll VICE 

lii' v.t 1 ' 1 wiiiDi.i: gcihiol 

i.iiuich t.irii-. iicninw. Itvr.i-* 
itciiiiirL-.l foi belli enilicr. 1 ''7 /. 

If At Hi nil' L, to ncceui lolni 
i-eshanHinillty lor tho itovolujuii'-iu 
of lull' nulls within a yeur muu|i 
ib|ik-iiu>r wlili tncrialhl tnaclilnu In 
I lit NCIl. Hid clatUm end imoura- 
nan III thii lurrlculum aril I'lihu-J 
■it tills (clioal. An uitthuaLisnt, far 
. .i i uuuainllie te.i(Mnu djiiiru.ii.-h is 
nri'ierruil -Hio Teacher. i» 
■mil, iiri-nuri-jj to answer 
litbuiric» siiil will supply (unlicr 
m/onuminn for ilils nnsi. 

Aiudir-illon fiinn dvallabla Irom 
li,i> If i-Adni aster at iho uTiaoi. 

Ailary Scale One. 

ApnlRailon forms should bo ob- 
lolncd from iho Slurring and Train- 
ing Unit, Dirctioroio of Educriiionol 
Hcrvlcoj, dui Floor, Provincial 
Siren I, Bradford 
llUl tNP and rolurnod to thu 
Huridlfocher. Lldoot Croon Mlddlu 
v/.;l9°v , ...f- e ?'nior» Road. nraJJord 
MH7 2PY. by afti July J977. 

Hrfeicnco BT. 36577, FEB. 


Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


NOinilUIN nill.A 
woimr.AND aciinui. 

Htr piil hu ley Knjil. Mllwltk 
Nunil.ur on Hull otlti 

Religious Education 
Scale 1 Posts 


r.oucAT ion dhpaktm ent 
m.inncu, ar. iikde'B n.c. 

llalkuvny Lana. Itoddllch. 

Wiircs, 1198 71 1 A 
TiOO an roll 1 9-131 
Applications are Invited from 
siilldbly qunlldud R.C.TJTA- 
GlffcHS for Hip post af first 
vnor i"-ytnr-oldsi etnas , Jrn- 
imr ror General auuJBcrs. 
Aii ovnerlence or romudlal wnrk 
mid the ability to lake aomn 
licooronhy in ihe upper ago 
r.uiuo would ho uaorui. 

rurihor da lulls and applica- 
tion Tonne are oblulnablu from 
tho Clerk to tho Governor) at 
tho Bchoal and ihauld bo ro- 
t ti rood by Ml July, 1977. 


Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


■ London Uorouah on 
Canterbury Mood. Mordon SM4 GPX 
Headman tr : Mr. IV. J. Ii. Prlco 

■ Ago rango, u io 13 years ) 

liugulrod January, 1978, or earlier 
ir iiasstblc a 'ibA'XtER to telio 
v-liareo ul BCIUNCB Throunhoui me 
school. Scalp ii post available! lor 
*u nobly quallf lod and cyporlancvd 

(•vncnios up to BAOti and assleianca 
Inwards removal oxpensoB wiu all 
ho i'onst di-rod where appronnato. 

Aupiicaiion forms avalEbto Irom 
iim He.uJiuasior .at thu acliool. on 
(■". "ipi of n sinmped addrossed on- 
vniuiie, iu whom the fop ns should 
lin rului-noa bv .Inly 6, 1977, 

S cale 1 Posts 



l. uiii)llni-i 1(11.111, I'nok' 

'•i'll) un ml], ll io IU) 

ll> Mhlrod Hi-|,lcmliiT. 1177. ar 
■l.inu.irv, 1 ’*711. i-M.frien<.oU TEA- 
CltLh iur llin Mhldli- fichdal abfa 

m, lo.ii'li LhiiUruii uiuht Phis la 
id iihiit. Sr ,i in -j | mut far kiillnbta 


Parks ldo Campus, Pnrkshlo Drive. 
Dunstable. Sods 
Headmaster, Mr. J. P. Hmby 
lienulrcd for Sopitinbcr. j'177 
rnAcHtn ror gunt.iial 

10 wurk us pun of .1 Umin wlili Un- 
til plus aye jiroiin. Ability lu Imuii 
trench. ".Eii A vent Stugi, d ■ 
ossunllul. Benin 1. 

AppHcullon luruis nblalimblr from 
anil nniirnKhlii lu liie lli-.uluihnii.r 
isieiniiad uddrossnd iiiivihoix,. 
please 1 ■ 


Aldbuitka, Utintluijla, 


11 end mast or, Mr. T. Haln-llruwn 

Required lor Bepiemhnr. J*r»-|. u 
CUlSB n.ACIILIl lor the br.tieiu 
aye yrauii in tnis wuli-aiiuiiiin.i 
inlddla zcnoui. pupils I'l-l.'i. '1 lei 

ponun uppultitad will also bo ri- 

S uirod to un or French. Luul'si, or 
umantlios us s spoi'lrtllsi iuDhli 
in ulu uifior year gioillis. Beau- 1. 

Appllcalloit forms oblalnubk- Hum 
and lulurnshle 10 ilia llcudimiaii r 
1 stamped addrossud unionii,,-. 



blllfctl 1-ltLD MIDDLE SCHOOL 
Dunstabiu liourt, co'iitinnion. Luton, 

Headmaslar : Mr. A. II. Robert* 
Ranulrtd lor Boiilomlicr. X'-77 - 
for thu new purpose hulll nttio-lA 
Middle School which oponed In Seii- 
lomhor, l‘*7b. 

Applicants must be able to ofior 
asslHlupcc) wlili middle school Hliv st- 
eal Education and Gsmos 

Annllcuiion rornib obininuble Irani 
and roiuraihlo to Hie iieuilmasior. 


1 London Itorouuh ■ 
lducat/QN SERVICE . „ 


1 17* requlri-fl for Souloniimr 
for 9 srsaloiis jmr week 10 term 
part of the fourtli your toum Ip iliis 
proorcssK-o uitddlu srhnnl. 71io a ne- 
reis fill .uiplirnni will bo copabin 
or working in close Luonorntinn with 
tho other mi'iiibera pf (ho team Hint 
iliouid hv contmllloif to tltp conimu- 
nliy sclmai concept us donned by 

Russimmy af lull-time apiiolni- 
iiianL In fmiua. . „ . . 

London Alluwanco and Soils, 

,r A P|! Scn P l |on ' C fu f ms t aiantped oil- 
drubbed rnvplopo t or Dl A I* from 
Head rojchor lu bo roiumoU as soon 
a s pusjlulo, 


ilr.iiiliHi lloronalii 
LPUl.A I'll >N 3KRV1CII 

Nunil.ur up Hull Clin i« le.icli ilillUmii uiuht Phis la v niiV ATliiN Vh livin’ 

h-l'JPWM,- r- Cl'ndr-i Ion U WHn. Hrjlti j I'est Ipr fell It 11 bio /I Rr L N tc'OUD • MIDDLE SCIIOOI. 

11 1, All 111 J KAli—- Bole 3 i-jllJllliLil* WHO ivullfii lio reaiion- tyno'd F-nd way NonhOll. Mldnlo- 

lliMUtrod Ub from Junutirv. V.iVH. a'b o fur Ri-tcncn iHciiaols Council i\S°niiA .uin® 4 1 

ci rnnril inula -'.Hltianiuilc* iiiv.uiqii- 
1,111 ihv bciivul. 9*IA years s.M.l*. 
in llin 

. Apiilk.iiloii forma obtainable (1-0111 
iho lUMdn Lister iBtoiiipau ad<)r»s- 
aed wivi'lopo, pled 2,0. ) 

• (JIAVfl t;V MlllDlK SCHOOL 
I Ilium- mil. Il.ilcfeowi-n. 
W-SI MMt.'liili liul jliP 
i’(*|.l. »,7'i on rnlTi 

If-,|iHr-if fur Septcmhi-r. 1"77 ! 

' irAiRiuii (it rncNr.11 , 
Aiipiy by loRcr lu me Head* 
m.i hr tmiiioillqtoly dlvliiD 
■lu.iiiricaiiiins aiid cxiicrmnio. 

Other Poste oh 

•! Scale s and above 

Tir r-rnrrT--! 1 1 , 


Requtreif for 8cniunb«r l .l> r 


■ London D drought 

iluiiutrod un from Junutiry, 1WH. 
or carllrr t| pusitblo, on exiiru-i- 
L-iii-i'il I rut her (or Iho putt or ll'j-id 
yr 1 curat this purposo built Middle 
SLhuiil. Initially for the 9-10 onu 
ornup but mo succuuful unpllcant 
would ho expcciL-il Io (turn a 
vim ll nr role m uiher ago nrouus 
i>h nu I/l Ihe iiucostlty arise, Scale 3. - 
A i: idle .men fonna and funlier 
imrllcuura Irani ilie Hopflinanier. 
Wandiund flrhoal. Strpnlnaloy Ruail, 
i ui wick. nddWd M»«S ini' 
.■■lamped addressed ■ epvalopa. 

Physical Education 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


.VIA -Sclicnii-i und wlin Is utilo 
lu uffi-r unuihvr -nivcinlisiii In tho 

Avsi-it.nice with roiuoval and legal 


AnjilirdtliHig by letter wlili roi-oer 
dc-iaik to me Hrunlmaslor ■ ploasn 
«• iickmo Ml.t/nuiil addreaueu Wirt- 

ii uuw reim iv * ia i nuiinviii .hi—.iw- 

aux uuq 4 on . , , 

ASSISTANT TEACH EH roquircd for 
Sopieinbor for nlno aetkloiu per 

• ED Ull ATKIN and a AMES Would bu 
an ndvpniaoo. • 

AixillnillOn fomm 1 J Mnnippd ad- 
drosiinit elwolODOl or 9.I.A.P. front 
He. in Teuchor to bo ratuniotl at 

i tfr ssa; 

'. ' • • 1 for rbw traclilnu. or lU-mu- 

l, iiS«sarw , ^ 

ii, i,iiir.-d iur Si-iii' iiiijui J -»77 n i m- 'lb 1 :' — — — 

I l'A»;Hl.U (ll Ml.rAl.lMitlK Willi 

bDiu e tvuOnwORK anil maiulma- 

•III -s. S bociai priuriiy oUuwvnc# in.-n rrftni) AND 

Apu'IcsTiun foiiiu, islriiiuiiil •i'l- 
■Iri-Med '-nv<-li*l**-> irnru J fi-.i-t '-••* 
. lu r, in Ii" rrluiiu-rt .is »u"M an 

««L c i:?& 


A well OkiabUshcit courao exists In 


fe'ssv p!®® Dou: 

UDCi. OHW . Warren Knud. Wopdlngdoa 


; Soaiq 1 Post ■ 


us toon os 
rhtf Hputjlnied WUI, us 
oraaniia and co-pnUnuie 

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lr *^^iraSoiPforms oblMnaWS-from 
and jviwngbia .to the HoaStiwhflr 
tsiempod addrMffd 

, Anbljcalton forma (atomned _ad- 
drossod envolnpoi front Hoad T fa- 
ther'. to - bo rnurnod pa soon aa 
oomlbli, . 

Modern Languages Mu^ic •■ ••••• '• 
Heads of Department Haade of Department 

ana. lodging 
tins to . iho 






.Education pApartmenl 

Ippchrttftidiif olF y 


Big Wood (New). Comprehensive. School 
Top Valley, Nottingham • f - 

dualltie'd teBeh'sra are Invited to Bpply tor. appoint*; 
merit as Head Teiaoher.ol tha above Sotiool. t 
"Number 'on roH : 760 (11-16). '8ftlafy Group i 9 . . 
jV«oa|l)'t itarttfary, . 1&7B, for September,' 1978 
! .forme and further dstalla: may -Be 06* 

i Upned t^ torVvardlno a atantped addreeeod; tdofeoap 
’ ervetopa to the DEteotor of Edtioatlom County Hall, 
West BUdg'ford. Nottingham; NQ2. 7QP. ‘ 

QiosWfl WM'i fith' July, 1977, ; ' ■ 

Warn’d Kiud. Woodingdoan 
iirlghion llfia blin 
Kcqulrud SojilombBr 1877. - Jlliiuory 
tu7B: TEACHER, Uealo .2. able la 
riON. and. games. . • 

Rctocailon • Urania SOliamo in 

■ AniiUcaioq'mnni oblainaMo .from 
■flip Grouty Area Edutm lion Officar, 
Rbyal York Uuitdlnos, Old Blblnfl, 
Snohion, dni iNP. for rsium to 
Iho school by. 4th July. 

8cale 1 Posts 




UUi Eonn, Pollan, Dads. 

1 Required fop . Bontomhw. : 1977. 

. sf u v r psssfo^ar^ddtl 

Is i.iy.iUd. 

A lui i tr.H t on fuiuis jitay bo 

Mji.iiiuiii irom the Hlafflng and 
Tr.ilnlnu Unit. Direr local u gf Ldu- 
■ ril'unal Sorvirei. JIU .Floor, Pfq- 
v III*. I«il House 1 vrTuI btrool. Drnd- 
luni lint ink. nnd should lv ro- 
tiiriu-d in thu Head I cav tier. Hlgh- 
imlil MJditlr tklmol Hninccr StruM. 

ke Kill try ud-ji ikjij, 1 by nth inly 
'itefnn-nv n K'l -J7(i77/TK8. 

Other than by Subject 

Scale 1 Posts 


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ncbDiTtui. .ti|ft?JiJSKMUt 

1 v^ u,rp ihmS op jenmwsfr 

:AC!tEiia. Bcalo 1, fur 
oendd and 'Jlilrd Yu HP leam- 

Mffiifi L “ n r or H «* 

*>ru-r a -sound luiowtortg" of 
■nd acmes In nrtdl 
IliO abovu. sun 

w .At 

London Addition C409 p.g. 
Rplrnnur_oinenl of removal export- 
■Q«. Mouiiravod cafeos. 

. Application . form available 

(slain pod addressed onvoJopqt 

rroni Iho Hood leather, ro l urn a bio 

D«kn, B.Af 


Other Posts on \ 
30610 2 and above 


- W« la a tottiporery .appi 
foe one year oWtno to. tho 
monl of iho proaml holder. 

M at this sgh on 
s«4 - . onvglopa. 


B npN bervkSb 

thaoheBh rfliuS^i for ttio IblldWi' ■ 
Ino posli Tor sopiotnber, 197.7, . 

MA ' 


NEEDLEWORK, Bcalo 1. . 

•’ ‘orm and furtHor da- 

STyMoI? t*S«nP^^W£??d 




...... t • . . - • i . • 

County Council 

: '.TfflE'Tli'4J!BilJ!Dt^VT«W(<K SUrPLERUGNI 1 EUi.77 





sr.’ MAi’c.Artrr r.i.iniLtioiv 

H C BLClNDAitl B<:ii<J’JL 

n-yiulr-.»l for R»|t(Miibnr 
19 M -»r as sa-m »i iiusLllilr.*r : IILAIlfKAi.lll.U 

Gn-jii JI. Numinr on roll: >1113 


Ao[i(<'.- lt'-sfl firnii ohtnln.iJitr, 
f«*iiu i*l-uu,n.t .iddr^surt rn* 
v-+i:»u lllr-j-.-tor nf t:>luLatlnn, 
14 Sir lli un vt 9iru -l. I.lvcr- 
1 1- i'ii l.l util, .mil r.’tiiriuliic 
to ii.u tt.>v IJ'im Mnnuan. hi. 
t.t- id--* i :>r *»liylL-r>- Alithiirlh 
IJ-ii-l. Llv-r.i'i'il 17, nut lutr-r 
linn -till July. 1977. I'revl.mi 
Ji>i>I(>i.l .1 wilt ljj jut'-.iuultc.illy 
C-JII fe.-J-.'C'.-l 

PI-»m» -I’l-its itt>u-ronco j« 
A M 191 -b 



Anul' ^it'iuis ar.i invtlod from sult- 

alXy 'lanvfl-Jd and rxth-rl, >> i|C'>il TLA- 

Cilttta ror Uw fiHi'jwmn JkNl« .— 

hi:a DM. ta run, iuiadmib tnnsg 


fiuw a>:ii'iul . ki on-sn In 

Siftobun tMf. 1 97H , 

l (Imuii IQ : jqo tvinqu 13 fo IB 


AniiitcKlun forms amt furtlior do- 
lalli »*it i in a 1)1.' irom Un* Onuni? 

rtitlciij-. iMucdttnn tiffieo. 

Gran v. j J ■ 4(r-L-l. Iiiswl. ll ( sI.ikmi. iI. 

a-kkcrfet-hl 'inv..i.ii*i. iiti-is’i. to bo 
nrturnua >u 1st July, ii'77. 

Deputy Headships 
Sentor Masters/ 

i G»n t in lt-,r>'ju,jii i 



llriiu.jnt'i Gt->M. Eiluwaro. Mhl'llc- 


Ol-x.lA -!^>t 

tOi-MtuiH'.m >1: Couiiircliontlrn: 11 
to 14: rail QM, 

li-quu-M JJriiibiry. 1978. or oorlk-r 
ir (►Mlfo'j. DLI'L'TV II CAD IT A- 
GtIKtl idrauv 4 • . PABtORAL rn- 
ponj Kit lliy fir imvi. 

Buli'Mii'ti for iisynu-nl ol rruioi'.il 
OKrt-irU'N and auivirttlon allows ne-.s 
la JiiwviN'l cases. 

Full furUculsc-i and a noil canon 
fUntii from tho Director or Kilurs- 
tUinul S-.rvk-oi. Frtorn U.irnot, N.1J 
ibCJsiKKnl iddri'iird gni-olai'" i . 

ibrauuisd lddri’iird ».ni-oloii« i . 
ci.'.lnj dais fur appllcsllan. iilih 


<R,Mi l.SiWi (imtiu II 
Tundcto-j llojMt.^t, I IjC mu . 

T,H. ; i|J7*J Ji"U4 
DI'I'U I Y 1 1 KAI) 

D-*<i.ur,.J fur iJiiu-irv. V»7H. 
tlui M iK.nitu'lon .ol Hr, 
■■■'•Hint Dctiulv hi a ll>--SiUliii, 
third M in autw.iiiiMnn onnur* 
t witty f Or a forward lOoklnn 
apni& . tnonibor Of lh« lirofas- 
liiin Tnt Depuiy.'i roto, covers 


havo a com* 

felon Hia DsMily's roio. rovers 
git icu (if school Ufa. and 
anoticanti should havo a com* 
nrsilctiMV* background nnd a 
root aympaUiy an I undnrsUTirt- 
lag of ilia ivwds at boih nuniis 
and ttarhars In tha cumorohon- 
BlVO »ChOOl. 

AmttkvinM muil b« ttrcnardl 
touch within • tha achoal'a 
BOOM - ' Education Program mn 
ap^ctaVSm . Ufrtfr aubioci 

A/KUtroGon torors and funhrr 
nurtKuura »wv no oliiulnoi* 
romi IhJ II--.ul af Iho Eellfiol n 
wlfeim huniiinrtfd annl'catlnn 
fluniia flmuid bo rollin’ nd. 

• Tm ‘ M W s ^Sf amtu 

Durnham niMd. Sfirlnflfloid. 


Tol. ! Chiiimaiord .6441)1 
Clrouo tl Bcalo. .Talented 

wmi quilt fiud TPACriens m- 

vttod t»i Afinlv for anpolnrmnht 
tn »htri lrni»grtjnt mist in Janu- 
ary, 1*173. Elijht-fnnir oniry 
acliQol with flnu f.u’IIIUns In 
fovowohlu pnvlrminnnt. Sl::1li 
hitm lud. oufowndlng n ppnr* 
tnntiy r-ir j’jlo a.'nilpUIM'nr 
wuti firm obt-icHvns and knen 
I. liuto t-J cxt.-ivl *lio sylionl s 
ncluaircuinni in win. ,ind oilirr 
ft. (Kit. • I'ni'ill accanxm of 
PMC taking un i H".v1feli’n . 
Ol4sina (MM : lit .lull*. 

• ihm l.>j-( 

F'r .1 Av -nit tiirii— 

1-1:1.: II Jll-J-..- -JI1 j 4 

I'Jrj-jn 1J. 

Ilraulrod f'>c Jin-nr-, . 4-17,1. 
fur ll,l-i w-.-ll .-..■■)!. i„ . I ni. I 
Bi-cnudarv j.Iiu ,t i - • i ui'u,.! 
front ilio tutt iijutiy rm-i- ..mi 

1AU III til Mli \ mi . -i i, 

InvKidii Gurrl'.-’il'iin U. iu- 
mein unit jti-(.t-tiii oi lui* 1 

Anijllc.iii'in f-jrint md litr’li -r 
lurUciitirs i'ut b.- "i»i rn, u 
Irulll Ilio Ilea J Jt tin- Vi-J >' 
in tvlium c mini it.- 1 uinii. ,i, »■ 
lunua slum i -J ic nmiri-j.i 

Remedial Posts 
Heads of Department 


EDiiCArioN uiMMim.r 
IlIDDINaa CO.*U'lti:ifL-YS't F 

EmU-rbv Hoad. S.:-jnili ini i 
llradmasUir, ’I run 
■ Nuiiibor un pill I.ju-i- 
Kcqulrnil fur J.iiiiuri-, 1<«7N, 
DEPtnY Hi;, ID II. U 1(1.11 ul tills 

Mixed 11 13 lo 


Auiillcailoii f-ji in i niui turii'-.r 

rt'-iMlK mm- ii-- ,1’tiiin j irum iii-- 

tlaadlii.isICT *(> I ii,-' -il iuiiiii 

yn,, uid li-> r.."iin."J i-i il,.., Du i- Kd-Mllon fiitk'-r, t l-,k 
Cunirc. Sruiilluirii,*. bjn’ii hiiiu- 
brrfelilr. by lJHi July. 1-1.7 7 

I- -mi NEWHAM 

, |„! i l.ur-lnn Horuiiuh or» 


. I'rlnru Itogont Lanu. 

i.i i-n'. u l-Mriun Ei^MSci 

bclio >i It nil : 1 . 7 ^j 6 

lliMHlxat Imr : Mr. J. A, MrDannld, 


lt<n|Ulr(*d Eoplombrr 1977 or as aoon 
u» iiotsibjo Uic-rcrifiiT : 

biolu 3. , 

' F A wull (itinllflc-J and oxpnrlcnci'd 

FEACHCin la ruquiri-d to uruuiil u 
ri-mndial I'.-achlno ll.iuuuUout the 
feuliool, working closuiy wlili nil 
.. doiKirimuiiife. i*iii,i ih with ruailmj 

■ and lojrulng 0 1 Ii Ic ul 1 1 vs urn wllll- 

■ ui inife itiMivn iroiu oihcr lutsoni oud aru 

i aii, ni few <i i.iuolit In sin. ill urauiis. 

t i,riii-r lliirnliom Scatt-s iiiui i.ondnn 

IrJili ni" AlluV.-JliCi, £402. PlU* Suillil Htto- 

■,i ruy Alluwanco tuoi ur J.U7,i. 

lia Dill- Ai.nllcallnn [nrnii (i.jv h., olj- 

t I l.ilimd from Ihr, un,Kral H iiud lu 

<J< limn- whom Ihov ol multi lio ruiuru,i,l by 

iT nlh July. 1**77. 


ApptlcallufLt aro , Invlid 
rroni niiiabfy nuairri.-d jla 
C. 1IEHB (or Ilio following ipjsti 

HucUnOII l-lil-.-, Ruin ill, 
Nottingham N(.„ B UJ'i-r: 

E, R. Tnrram M E l 
MlKrd I .•i!H 

Pur Sont-iiiibjr. UUI*L I Y 
Hirihor dviallj Im Ui.lniy Job 
ai.i-rllk-utlan oblahijoh 1 un i*. 

cc:m of adtruj 


Annl'caliun-i mo lorinj, to 
tin Hoadmcu-r wuh u.iiu ■» of 
two rult-rti't, at sumt ai uo». 
itbl n. 


(.AHDInAI. null 1 IM 
COMPnEf lENSIVti Si'IKifll. 

BtMfurd Hoad. L'jimu' '... Wail UMV 

■ I < r, 1 1 77 Ij | 

Tirol DEPUTY III. AD 'Group Is 
rrqufruri for January. (•■')(, In this 
1 l-l H COttiulIc tluliil.ri-lit-llfellu 

Echool acrvlng tin- •>< 

rontlios of mil nroi of tin- i.uiihlv. 
Iho Urst comiiri'liciiilvi- acluoii in- 
,nkn la In Un mill ycui. Tin- i-i-r - 
liin appolnlnd Should ba 4 III ai ll-lhD 
Gnihoifc aliln io i,ioi.i> a a it, i.n icui, ■ 
Cbnlrlbullon lo tin- next m -riuil of 
Iho schoul's dovoluiiiftonl tli- lIip 
W ill DU OKKOCtod lU .IfefeUllU' i'll- |»,n 
of Dlrcclur of Biudu-s and n iimu- 
hpr of adnilniOir.iHVL- iiuilis InLiuii- 
fng rcanonslbillty fur <si>iii>nw m,.| 
Internal Examinailoni. Iim v.wonLy 
anins through ilio i.ruhiuilun ■■■ iho 
prg«cnt Drnuly to lliu lluaUilmi Of 
a Caihollc School. 

Application forms favulldtji,- from 
tli b school > should bn ri | >iini, (t lo 
iim t:nrk to Iho Uuvernur* at lliu 



il-j3 pi i bits: fivu io sun j Viurii 
HcndniAsior, Mr. I). Ini'* 
Applications from Mlli.ihlv .*|m(i I if 1"<I 
anil pxix-i'lunriMl li.irlllliH ar-i 
thylinl for the folMwinu i'u>i Vriiunl 

IJlIU " I "v'YHiX'l .MAS I l.H ’'US 1 1 1 1 lt*t. 

!; 0 rn ^p?h..^7,n\^ 

Ihrounhoul ilio bchuol. 


6 TA^LEY H pAnft h H%N SCHOOL 
Stantoy Park Road. C.trihaltuit 

AoDilcriiidna aro .mvli-d for tho 
tost pf Second Maiiar '•llalroo of 
thla four-form aplfl’ High Bchuol 
wllh approxlmaloti' 61A bo vs nn-l 
dlrla anod ll to Uj un roll, 
vacancy duo to promotion. 

Furlimr paM'cular* (ulil a*u*licn> 
tton farm from. Dln-Clor .01 I.iIuch- 
linn. . Tho t.ravo, l.aruhnllnn, 
Surrey SMB 3AL fstonii»-,l ,nl- 
drcsied onvclani nlafeivi. Closing 
dillf 7 ,-Juty. . Wit, 



Dirf^CTOR 1 of BlIfDll.B -Brah- 41 
ronulrod for January. 197U. ;ii this 
mixed 11 Id IM, yuni nrht-n dvi- 
•cltiinl tn n idwaann; tiorili Ultiihlri* 
mnrkot town. Apdl'cnnts sliuu’ri b° 
well qunliriod mnciiM-s with a 
capnclty for motlmilnus ndmini-irn- 
llvo work und an lnler.*1 In iiir- 
rirulum doviilopnn>ni riinl i-v.i'Uhlinn.- 
Tho abUlty to 'mM, (.iiiiiiiHtrv at 
n'i level* would bu o ibluiderabia 

AnpticatlQR forms anil rur'her 
dnlallB fruin The; 

Flaroonhiilah p^hol. ((itrii.-nj-nisli 
lJino, Clilppenfiani, wtlifeHln*. BN l I 
(,Hlv. on rgei, tn' «f a si.iiiii"'u 
ndilrussod fmvMqnr. 

Cloaluu ilalit July 4th, l'J7T. , 


v Royal Lana,; HIlHnftdb^. UHbridge, Middlesex UBB 8RP 
.’ {^urrlber on Boll 882— *178 Ih Sikth Fo+fn) - . ’ 

; Headteacher : Dr. L. Balher, B.A., Ph.D. 

Required for January, 1078, 


at Hite ai^teWno Grammar School due to Be reorgAnlsed. 
as a Comprehensive t, Group XI). In September, 1077, at 
: wh»ch time the School will admit Its first all-ability in* 
take. The duties Will include particular reeponsibUHy 
for Hie day to day running of the School, for standards 
erf discipline and behaviour, aa well as a general Invol* 
vement : In policy and planning. . 1 . 

Application forma and further particulars from and , 
returnable to the Director of Education, CMo Cep^e, 

- UXbrWge. Cfosing date 18 Jufy, 1077. ' 

; London AHoWanca payable. • •* 


[ ITIIBnB szsr*-?-zr+: 

J. a. Wllklb. M.A.. Hh I).. Direc- 
tor of Edncallun. I'.ducullon Ulllii-fe. 
ItiVriilwjy, Sirallord, London Lid 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


Required for Bopicmber : 

hi:ad or general studu.s 

■ Nowsoini Duporum-nl. Bijle U-, 
iur this 11 - If*. H20 pupil Cuiui.rv- 
iiL'Pktvu School. 

l)>'(. ills and auplli-ailan I'-unis 
i stamped aiidrosicn cmolnpo • irom 
tl.o \\ rirJun. Thu VUl.igo Colli-gi-. 
■Mi-ibuiirn, Hussion, liens, 


bkOlli 3 

Appllcnllons aro invilert rroni cx- 
pi-rk-ni eil leiciiers lor tin* above 
iiufel. Tito perfOn a|,ja .inii-i I wi.iihl 
bi, hast-,1 ni K mil's Linn In covi-i 
h SL-cMon ol the \\ifeuru EdUL.iiiup 

iWipdlrialcs should lirfvn Appro- 

f i lull, succpjs in nwrcomhiu ii-.irn- 
Iiu 'HfllrulUi-fe. Ablllll lu pilvlsu 
U'->chi-ra un ro:m ci',il pin Kadi ami 
inulurUls will bo a \ani.*bla asset. 

Aupikailon forms nnd luniur 
■ loulls nro obiainjbio only by send- 
ing a Siam pod oderr-ssed luuisinu 
L-iivt-lopo to Iha Aria K-lucaiiun 
niriL-or. EducNllan Olflre, Si. klar- 
pari-ls Houso. King's Linn, lo whimi 
cumpUMe.t farms should bo rulurneJ 
by iho Ulil July, 1977. 




H lckfL-IJ Av-KlUd, 

S-jiKliiviy- I'lvmaiHii 
■ C'jinpruli jiialva. co-ndurotlonal, 

on p>ii, 

ill ItU'Jllll'ad for Snut-mibur a TEA- 

Ills ion Y . . MA n< EM A riLB ami 

t, Luf, ll.\ PH Y, l ir.i and saLonil 

J'Mf II Ulil I y Scjlo Ir 

(‘Ji itO'iuir^J fjr Ssp'iinihor. 1977. 
a 'I IMUII EK. Scale 1, far Uiy HFML- 
DIAL Ui'pJ run a<il, Hrai and so-.ond 
vujr pi.iluly. 

Alipllcailun run us (felaniiiud ad- 
drvsii-d uii-.alU'K' > imih riv.utmasivr 
r-nutnahlu lu Mm u-uuin h iJjvs. 


I nil', Oxhi.y Lano. Baum n\iu>y 
Hull : 7.1li mis— I all ability 
liiiiiulr.-d Si-ui. mbfe-r : 

Tiuiiji'ji.iry Iioliuf IT. \CIIEH (or 
IIL.vII.niAI. Vv UltK— -iiPJillilllly of 
vM'-ndi-il Lonirai.1. 

Apply Ijy lunar la Hid llead- 
iiidM'ir, wlili i un-lLUluni vllau and 
n.ii iilmt iw r , r.-iiTji-t, 


B-..|iNTflOltl>|- DIVISION 
Hurra-., idjid, ll«r'aii-oii-Hiiml,iir 

Il'iaJhiiifeiur: II :l. SiuIiIismii 
I li-qijln-'J Iur .'.111 August r>77. 
II.Ai.Hi;il fur Ilk'MLDIAL bill 'All I', 
MLffl. Si ah- 1. 

ApplUall-iii [',( Hit Tii -fe v |m r,b- 
tniiU'il front 'h-* Ih.i'lniasiur mid 
should bu rr-Uirnvd by -ith July. 
;u7. . 


Jllrhiiuind Hoad. Cusli-ssey, 

L Hull H4Ui 

lii-gutred fur 5'*pU>mlinr. 1977 

Tor anndcdliuii fonui and duiatls 
plnosu apply iu Hu- lload ’ 
ni (liu S'Ti'jol unclosing a suintu- >1 
aolf ailJrosxod lauisrap envelope, ll 
on DC(.nowli)duuhi>'lit ol Iho cotnhlu- 
lod Uhiillcallan fonn la required 
limn Ihlfe (nUfel be ric,niii|<unicd by 
a I'urlhar sill addrosjrd slsinpi'd 

maaaaa. ! 


iLundou lloraiigh nf> 

jlBjtiuiLrur ilujJ. Il.iliuuii, niurd 

To In r!li one No ? 60U 4JM 

lie '.nii'.-aclii-r: Mr, J, 1. Wosihufy, 

M.I.d., ul|i. Til, 

Sullribki qualified TCACIIKII 111 
KI.MI-.niAI. f Dl I i;AT[ON iS-.aln ll 
rti'iulrud (ur Scpleriincr, J'i77, in 
lhl« nilxud 11 -\B igmiTi'lienBIvD 
ki-hnol wllh a wall nriirinlmd Hunt*, 
dlnl 1'ducall'jn D.'iKirlmen' , A wll- 
II hums, lu hi'lu wllh clubs and 
tocjullp* wnulil h.» an rsidi. 

uul„r London Allowanrc U env- 

, 1 unlicr doialla snd anplicahon 
forms avallablo Irom tlio llir-athiia s- 
I'T. To ba roluiToit as anon as 

■ London It (trough nr 
BiniHDV Parh Road. 


Coraholion, Surrey, sm.t .hip 
i Co- bduca I lun j I : Hull bio: ainnll 

dovii loping Sixth Form) 


roQuirod Tor Boiih'niber. 1977. 
Applicants should jisvo on inmrost 
In iho laachlna of the subliit id 
pupils or below overagg n bill ly and 

COUNTY COUNCIL pupils of below BVrMgg Kbimy nnd 

THE CHERWELL SCHOOL t\TiZ°ll Kffil? Ferry Ho.wl Inn npeclal help. Ahave Sinlu 1 

ifil 6UUJ un r* j U ro!id?dii le!’' 11 00,1 **•«*• 

!1i-i|Ulred for Snploinbcr i,r 
jAiiuaJv III ihlh felx-lnrni 1-1,11 
Gp|,»r E*nuol ,iiip- rang,- i’, p. 

■ bur apolk:* lions wNcoine for a 

Apply aa soon aa possiMn bv 
- Jailor to ih» Headmaster. olvinu 
lull currlciiiuin vitas and nam- 
ing iwa sducsilDpsl ro(orooa. 


F D°U ON°^M ?lV] TE E 

(he Borough la wffhtn easy ncc-hsi 
ut Central Lonilqn and bordOrrif by 
Lpping Forobl, London aadlllon in 
salary pay a bio. 

Huii ni rod ns soon as poaaiblo. 


Markhousu Hoad. Leiidon, E.17 
TEAM LEADER ‘Bcalo 3 Pom 
UuJimod SUCCM&IU1 teacher ro- 
■iiilred lo lead a leani ol S oih*-r 
imcliors in ihia npwly • opened 
Con ire run joint ly by F.ducntioil 
□ riHirimcni , ■ Brhool PayrhDleqlLfli 
uervlcoi and Social Serilce* Dei<orl- 
iiioul. work wllh siuall promts el 
chltdron i.*ged Jll+.; io implement 
iho I'rovt-nisilvo nhlloroptiy under- 
lying ihe Chililren's and Younu Por- 
son-T Acl 1969. lo voting nnd 
huienIMl offondors and oilitri. 
HemcdiSl oxpcrjcnco aeMrahi*- but 
not vssuiillal. lhler-dlY-iplinaty cun- 1 
fculiaiion on school and family 


Closing rt3lc July R..1977, . 
Aiipllcstlnn forms. obiHlnanlr. on 
recofof at a J lamped addrvssed on- 
volopo, from mo Lfilef Eilucauon 

fur Sulla lily qu.illflod anil uxppri- 
vnr*d i undid, He. 

A ppi lea lions In (Im first Inilnn n 
III- Inllnr iu Hu- Ileadinafeh.'r Ki-uin-^nfepuliSRI and IximUuii M" 1ahlll"J 


Ejjgmg FurML London a«|dlllon lo 
Mji+.liousa Hosd, London; E.17- 

Quallflod i 

nioni. work wllh. small ora uni or 
children (Bggd J0+ i lo Implo- 
mnni Ilia prvvanfaifvo , philosophy 
underlying tha Chlldroh'a and 
Yuung Porsons* Acl 1969. that Is 
yuung and palonilBl ortenders and 
Dihc-rs- -Roincdlol oxdorlencs . do- 
alhoblo bul Jiol euonllnl. Inler-dlacl* 
nllriDi-i- coiisullalleii on School nnd 
fnnilly problems. 

thrm Forvai. Mwiklnaf offices, 
HHjJi Rund. .Leyton, London EJO 


By Subject 

volopo, from, mo Chief, Eilucalto.n Auk nnJ lYnemn 

Dfitrur. ixmdon Borough of JYal- All CUlu UQSIGfl 

■ hum I'nml Miinldual n in. ■ ** 

ihuiii Forest. Municipal Oflke*. 
1 1 1 gli, Lay Ion. London Liu 

Scale 1 Posts 

BARNET . . - ' 

(London Horouph "fj 

if:o-odiicjiUannl. Comia-ulirriifelvo. 

1 loll 1.0. Il>. Sixth Irani 1-Hll 
rijquirafl Sehlfeiiibrr 1977. TI- A- 
ClibR for ItUMI'.DIAL lynllu In 
LNGI.IHH wllh .xr* i*ll clashes or In- 
■llvlJual pupil. A ico'.lior wllh soiun 
syjnjMihy for snd Insiphi into ihu 

( irableins nf Iho loss. Able Is wanled 
a. loin Uils. woil-osMMIaHtd dopnrt- 
ilioni. SoaIo 1, 

Hu-hemot for nnj-nienl or removal 
PKiienscd and Sc-parnilon allowances 
III Ilpliloved caie-i, i • . 

. AiipHcoil jn (arms and .fUnlicr nsr- 
llculars from Hsadniasier, in whom 
(onus aluiuid be reluroqd islamped 

ra from HsAdmasior, iu 
alinuid be reluiiwd ist 
ssed senvoiiipoi. 

Heads of Department 


.^mp^«nTMmr.'* ... 


ciu?(H%m Dnwn;/nihbhig6 Veils 1 
IH4II (iu nils of all sbillilusi 
IlunuiruJ Tor S'-piunibi-r II uostlhlo, 
j C S.E., " O. and " A ■* love} 
riuiracrs. A Art Studios. 2 and A 
iiiruonslonsl work Including com* • 

A pi if y. In wrlUntl Iff A# HmsiJmls*. ; 
irc-ss, ' Btvmg full currlttilnrti vilno 
end naming rwo, pi-qiotslpiuil .rol* 
eryvki.. ■ : — • 



■KHIN' HUNT BCHOOL 5 "■.-... 

flfiJlfc 1 ' 1 Of ART fBdal" A\, Tn*m 


Till, No.! 'Crllh Ai 


Iioani la psiablls 
Talnod unil. ol. 

I oa i- her* and very 

' atlon forms avsKable from 

•to loin thn 
liirVl . from 
TlMI llDPL”Uai 
OS a S»ll~<:nn- 
nt auficisiisi 
Il equipped. . 
ssLuanre with 

a 1 Con- 

or llilfew: ' woll equlppail rdomfei 
Foundailon course, options- 
Housing assistance 
Auniy inr-Mar-wMi curriculum 
vlun .iiwo'- rorcreosj. io. iho' Hc«d- 
hMsior. Ufbbona Howl, Tnjncfti Tol* 
lord. - 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


i London Borough -ol)^. . 


Hda^ton Blfonl, c . 

WEYMOUTH (1130— Mixed) 

Required from January 1978 

(Group II) 

Assistance with removal and incidental 

For application form (to be returned by 6 
July) and further details send stamped 
addressed envelope to Staffing Officer, Edu* 
cation Department) County Half, Dorchester. 
Dorset DTI 1XJ. . 

Impington Village College 

The Post of 


of this Village College becomes vacant 90 1st January, 
1978, on the retirement of ihe present Warden. 

The Village College provides a Community Centre for the 
surrounding area, as well as a Comprehensive School lor 
pupils aged 11-18. The Warden, in addition to having 
responsibilities as Head of Ihe School, will be In charge of 
Community activities within the College, a responsibility 
recognised by an allowance ol £1,248 a year at present. 

The School (Burnham Group 11) Is in pleasant rural 
surroundlnga 3 miles North ol Cambridge. 

Further details and forms of application may be obtained 
Irom the Senior Area Education 0 Ulcer, Shire Hell, Cam- 
bridge, CBS OAF (8.A.E.) lo whom they should be re- 
turned by 41 h July, 1977. 



Required for January, 1978 : — 


for this Group ID Mixed Comprehevv 
slve Sdhool for pupils aged 11 -IB. / 

Application forms and details from the 
Chief Education Officer, P.O. Box 4, 
County Hall, Lewes,' on receipt of. a 
foolscap self-addressed envelope. 
Closing date 15th’ July. ' 


HiKmirKt rib- SujrtPfnbar, . . ■ ■ I 


Awr iteaguLr. wlw wind affar I 

some wn'aBV would Hava an I 

sdinirtsigd. . 1 j 

^ i'H! luruiir infortnqSbn m unrtor si 
B'/foiv^ur,c|suyiUui(.- oifoi-iv..a»in . | 


Odlham Road,' Alton: , < v 

(Post 5th Year Mixed)' ' . ' •' • 


required loth April, 1978. • ■ * -. i .. 

New appointment f of 6ti) Fqrm College achedule^ to, - 
be opened September, 1978. Group 10.. . ^ • lS « 

eggar;s school 

London Road. Alton. ■; ; -‘ 'V 

11-18 Comp. Mixed; 

HEADTEACHER ; . ■:?'[ .^ ! 

required for thla Group 10 School, laF Jwiuarly,; 19? ; > 
Applioet ion forme and pariiCularsT obtained from Artift 
Education Office, Southgate House, 81. swlhfn Stre^i: . 
Wlnoheater (foolaa&p e.aa. pjeeWj Yetiiitte^ Jiv 8|fP ' 
July. 1977. 



Ar* Atul Design 

Scale 1 Posts 

TIIL < -AM 1.1. fCCHOQI. 

|v. t. Uimi, I iiui-ntniry imu nil 
SII-.i'J. 11 lu IH C&m i-ri-hun- 

Pit «'*J 

Ifi-iii 1 'n-il fin. ion ibcr. iu77 — „ 

a n:n<:nmi r<.i"iino m machino aht 

lu ■■ A l< vfll. .Hid, II {iuiaILiIu, 
(unit- .niniar Mtiflic itoiclilng. 

i.-mr* 01 uiipiicaiirn 10 H«n«- 
liMVIiir llilillr'di* Inly ivllh lull ito-lullft 
niiallllCBlIQPft and rvperlriue- 
■iv.-rt ilii ii-oi Kjiciiiid fr,.- nuiiivd mil 
■ A1nil,,K-fL AdillvSMd ©JIVulOpO Ml- 

(JIUULk ■- 

Tin: iH i.Mciiaiin. sqjioor. 
iJicquws Way. ttoodlriv. HftidlflB 
j I>r Vopirmbrr. ■* TEACFihit lo, -V 
. rtlmeiiMiiniil -nurtlo*. A lemporurv 
NPi>ufn(ni«nl in iho rirai Iniinnco 
nuh lo Bpcond.noni. Wb ar* 

£ n ’d“'£f ArWT 

1.110 will join a young and ©niliu- 
bM iiif sIpTk of [ourUnm luiora In Ilia 
lib Jim r.jsiHa an* haw ovary 
c-MiOrlupiib 10 coutrlbuto to riyfl- 
1 ilium ilovLlopmoni ui this area, The 
'ririf'wim flair, ©d wllL undaubioolv 
bo Invaluable lor futuro earner 

•‘Wi' cc.. from Ilia Hca-Jmaaior 
IMMftO quolo KSA 3‘>7. Cluftinn 


Tin: I.MMII IIOilA StTllOi'L 
l.i.dubumi (toad. VinuufiMni 
Ilu, Hired for SeiU ember. n IT.A- 
dftll of ART ui tills o. 7 »un|i 
miry cuiiiproliwiilvo school. r ulJ 
l.utiO 1 Goniprohcnftlve yean 1-4 
fioiii flODiumbarJ. Course* lollowe a 
In C.H.C. arid 11-O.E. "O'* .'nil 
••'A ■■ Icvcfi. (load fdcinilN and 
wldn mnur of aspects covered. 

HimiP stole any apaciallkl sub- 
ject jyiihln ilia I oral runya or 

forma etc From lit© ilca.lniaftirr 
yiQUiy ^WSAtilT- Uloalnp thiio 


ur Ai;n,vsr ield. iin 

B j vision 

IHiki/vjyi, Blongli. SLt 7llM 
I Trad. T. Sounder*. M.A. 
iNumhcr mi roll 357 niisedt , 

Ilniiiiml fnr Roiifcmbcr. 1077. n 
MrtsTFJI MUSTHt-iiB lo iNt-li (\ll IK 
sublct-la lo Junior fonna: onv 1 >m- 
bliHiiloii or Grooraphy, lllilory. 
I’nnllih . Itt-Hglou* Kiiu ml I011 icmlil 
r«rove doccptablo. Somcono ubie 
10 oUor flames would be welcome. 

I ondon frinwo nrou nliawonce or 
UTiU Ln addition (0 Iliu-nMwt sa'arv 
ami rent mo I nptiUM up lo UJio 
pwA'dtrlo In onpmvoil cases. 

Ajmty by loner wltli -iuine« and 
aildrraacvi or ino reten.01 M ti,n 
linidmasUT. from whom lurilirr 
itettUl SMI fao obtained. 


l/oAkS* life 1 1 ft 11 fi f School 

Fambarounh Avniulp 

vssk HttalffifVTHT v«,u 

Dili. A. D. or qauhmlcni la rrqnlrcd 


■ l.uiiiliiii lloroiiuli at* 
hUinjrtiluN IIUJ'AK IMIN p 
rirufiAiioN no.MMi riKL 
llruiiilsionci (furi'i. 

llloll 71J: fiva-rono i-nlrv Cainiir#. 
Iivnnvu siciiiilud In iiKidcTii unlldlnm 

Oil Ol I L 1 tlll'l 

iiKimrca ariiiembri- i»>77 : mas run 
ur Mlb{IIH»S for AIM' and CltAfl 
id sii.iro Hie ira^ |ii nil of Hit lublact 
il.ruuriiioiii Hie svlioot. A uu-vr. 

ivplt-vt|iil|ii>cd ovinn- iilan drDan 

ii-niri* 0 i-u liable. Uork Includoa 
I wo - Jliri-n- U In icnalolial f» rainn . 
Mol wry. 1 r villas arid Joweiiarv 
Mill In rr . Mi. NiiV.'ly qiliiltm-il ICrat.ll- 
i>M uric iiiiio lo ttMjtltf. 

i'h>-rit Is u wh vnia i«>r muovul 
(•> iiensna. 

I.nir mu n f uuullrab'on la I litJ I lead 
Ti-jt-ln-r nltlnn full rurrlciiluui vllao 


ciid ■ v COUNCIL 
Non ii( 1 11. ms DIVISION 

I hi chin school 

(111! II. tin U'n.V 

IJII1.I1I.1. ilcrts 8(1.1 IX I* 

Tul. ri'lrtiln AH'NKi A 

»:n-r»lw» allunol; roll. bQt>: qmnp IO 

II to i*> nil abliliv 

J CACIIF.ll or AHV required Tor 
iPtiLomboi-. Tlir (IbliartitieiU hits 
bren oninfand and ro-equiiipeil in 
rt-conl years lo pnivIcUi (taod raclll- 
lit-a tor a very wide ran# a of ociwu 
lira Including pholonrajihLc. aoursoa 
fire well etuibllabqd cor all' lavola 
<ji nubllr exam Ina linn. 

lit* toe a vtrj wide range of oclWl- 
llrs Including ldiatograjifilc. aoursos 
fire well eitaDllabqd cor ill' la vale 
ui nubllr examination. 

Applicants innurt wrlio to lb a 
I Itudninalbr ulvlnn Tull personal and 
iii-ofe.ssipn-'if tlrialls and nroiliilnq 
lii v nirjura. aiutus end adilrrHaes of 

nforees tucliidlnsi 

110 UNSF.01Y 
iJunilou Fiornuuh nfi 
rniVcmioN mMMn'ien 
llm Civil Centra. I.unnlon Du.idi 
Hoiinsimv 'UiM ODN 
hvon rcijiiol rc in not s 
I.CHlilOn HohJ. J slew ari|i l\V7 A A It 
In idirtiiair-r: Mr O. C. J. Unidiuu 
(Number an roll Rxn. rising 10 ■Mu. 
age ranfia il to IH years, toinpro- 

t mnsUfl school 1 
! Mini rod for Sriiirinher l'>7T. 

a -iCAcnnn or A nr mi 10 ■■ o 

Inrl lu b-j<onic* .1 fourth mninlif-r t<r 
1I10 Arl I'cuni in .1 fiourlaliinn Dc- 
r tHni'-ni . 

Appllinllnns nrn Invllnd front 01- 

I i'-tlrnreii irpc tiers of 1I1010 sepkintr 
In ir Him Hnp-jl M111 011I. 

liiixlou aitavjancn Kiff iwivablo 

If vail era tor 'k Ini 1 your lint 
Beiialn liuonl . fricnia alatr. no Oi.u 
ilu iinr<rn|irl.iiii ronn may ha sent 
Closini) if a id : Mund.iv. 4lh July. 

'I be IMtiCAtlnn CoiniwlUre L.i« 
IMWrr In <-on«.li1nr <i|i|illciillon« limn 
orporinncrd lie rs fnr nsjtisi.iucn 
tr.ivunlt romaval. rilsl urluncu ur Inn nt-iii-n&ca. 

I.» tiers or a pi 1 lira Hun In llie Ilru 
I n He 11c a In mo tfc-nd Tnai Uc.r id 
I bn Hclionl. ulvlnn ili-l.-itlt nl 1111.111. 

I it a 1 tons mill 11. 1 111 ci nf Kivu relriec*. 
fsi.iinpad mldrusscil cmrltuui 
n’r.isni , 


liDucA noN committim: 

SCI IN 111 

1 sniiooi. 

oail. limb nr 

CR of Altr. 8vu 

A pi ill rati on forma may be r.b. 
lalncyl from |hu llr.-uhonairr mid 
ib'iuld bo reliirnril |>y -1111 jmv. 



vs' «° n - ■ 

^R^aCis •; 

Vi'm tiMliIoei Ama Anownnca. ' 
RonsoriiWq rotnoval ovoenacs will 
he tDlmburaad idanlls on request 1. 

Ulcus* sullll elainnod dddraisaif 

rniWonj for amlicailoji form iron* 
lend returnable idj rfin I lead 
Tinihin* bi 11 10 above address ji 
M inn o» Pinslhle. 


Mooriafid Itead. I'iynipian. 

- muMlli 

SsihH. 1917 ' * it.a. 

^) ,T f 9 r v°unnfr_r»upiii 

-■vowndaN- Ua*d, 7 a vl slock. Devon 
fQwiutim oK ilvo. eo-cducnilorui : 

or MISI'U 

2f‘T liaparunaiw. loacwna Uirguiiti- 
P'J* 1 Wg, wpw. includinn “a ” 
level and lake over an esiablutigd 

c, ;« 1 u« l ‘diui; 

B!3V* rD 'l ftunV nooieoibDi’, « TCAj' 

HCilVO i, Cjm|Ivo AHll ('urtdllla 

K raan P«\ulrcj lo loath a cSSff 
Ml limolah)^ of irtoio* tuhlocis. 
IWm 0r i«5S!S*’ WBI". BOTH ICO- 

«ja 1 " h'n 1 e, I) h* n j . p d au i . " ' 


^W.v»iaiiwJni. w : 


Jor ART pEPAflTMENT"n "fils 
^tilcHntla 1 comprolienslvo 
►-■iikiJ. lytrijc dricAiiinnnt ■ 

non innrjo Ariowanco of 1100 
per jiinuoi iNivdblo. 

1.,. ,n . Iho arliool 

■ Isiior. enclosing iwo 

. ■ atj ' 'f " :■ 

ART ' 

-yilBfe , 5riixrWnS n, Lss: 

■ Appllratlon forms and rur* 
Wf .pariiciiiara may ho ob- 
latned , front- urn If nad of 1I10 ' 
aeliool to U'ltoid cojniiiiiiNd an- 
|t)lcatbMi forms sliauld be re- -. 


1IAV lint'r.E. SCHOOL 
Conirr Lsnr. Alvi-1 slake, .Cot port 
i.Miinriiienslv* mlvcd, 11 to id. 
Numbor oj» lloH l.flbo. 

Reuinrcd .Penienibor 

Ernie I* All T 1 [MfHcularlv Holl'ryb 

won; anil McuiiwnrAi for un<> Irim 

?u , ^ 10 '‘'d, 1 * M Art tux nrs 

ail one rung.. a. wliiisi in lip. 
il 1 ? 'irfi.iub’.iv Is r,ir the Ui .1 
llir. rt .. years, rl.uiidaii I'rinn* Aiiovv- 

mnirTwav* J,,U h ° Kt ''“ toJ ‘' 
Aii-rlltojlnna bv lullrr, wlili n 

maids roNi: mvistoN 

ffljoii or iii-VTit sc mm 1. 
yAbwooii nnnd. Muiilsiono 

'tjf'O fmi.ii ' ' 

1 J? 1 ' 0 Rfqonl hllh ilaninr.-ht n»lv» 
'■“WDfSrhool. iiiutilril in Ilu- pliii- 
i!U! ..i ,jhwul ' t:nni|Hi.y nnw 

tauMUinut wilfi gnuJ j.u 11111.1. 
1. R.L.. Inirmal nnd a.C.n. ■■ ()■■ 
'bVfli ekaminiilon courses. 

7-par>irc.» Bu 7 ,Pn, tlf4. J 1 ' 77 . : 

■ J^AnilPtt III Arir nnd GI1AI T 
Doiarunnm 1 Arl. Pollriv. MdM 
■iM.rCV . A" ■‘•dJjl* W* un>Jld.uij h 
iou(iht . ono who will lio alilc 10 

iiusw Road umb it r rlcq 

lli-adnio.ier: fl. N. Bmlllisnn A 

>il«iuifril for .Tim Aiinuit, 1V77, Ton 


bl I'Al'I.S Ijlli f Ji* SCHOOL 
Vi -ml Ill-cu n. Hntvtniei smith, hfi 

Hi from the Ueulnnmn o» in" 

A ill limn I i-rm. Hojilcmhae 7. lar 
U'-ILllJiiD permits per li.tak— 10 ba 
fciirtn.l over Hired or four days— a 
■AM Wit'll UHAJlUAIi: lu bn IJWll- 
fcihle iw th-> tvarhltiii of AMI IMS' 
idllY ill AtlvencDd and Ordiiwry 
1-cvpl. An IliHtory is ofi.-rnil al 
" A ■■ litVAl m. .1 main 111 bl eel <As- 
AmUi-'il CMiniinlpg lluartlt anil ai a 
ml -Miliary mibjitci 1 l.omloK Hoard'. 
II li ,i|so el lin'd as -1 MiUilillary 
aubjc-fl ut "O " li-iol > IaiiiiIuh 
110.1 nil. 

SiilorV ei|iily.ilenl lu IIiiiiiIijiii 
iflralc I or lilDlu-ri. 

Ajiullt -.iil'iua In wrilliig m tl>o lllgli 
Mi.- .russ lilUiiy •' <■'»'! ciin-.i uium 
viiao anil lho nail'd iinrt mli'romea 
oi ihii refur-.-n 


l-ltl.V COAI 11081*1 1 Al. 
f. rcvLoat I’lticu, \i iisliiilnslt-r 

l -iliiniaiY-.ililcU Cliunti 01 K no In mi 
hi lioul 1 H j(l Birin t 
Kciiulri-d lor Ht-filomber, uiliilmoil 
ASjdfSrrtN'l lo elur-j l.-ailiino of 
Aid' iiimiiiihoui ilia sthuol lo A L. 

( luiiilliLuuti Miuufil ha vo fiuod 
ei't'Cinllil qiullllcalioni uf unuliioiB 
Nlpius. oliporiuiililDi lor tirlnl- 
uuiilng, ii[\oiofira|tliy and pulling, 

11m School will bo roorganliisil 
an a -’j-forni onirv comprebc-nilve, 
i»llno Hn tlrav .tV-ablllly 1st year 
IniiiLo In Snpioinljrr. 

A|tply by IMior lo lho Hoad. 
inlMi fas oncloilnn t'nrrlf uluin vllau 
an-l naim'itt of iwu ii-fr-recs ai soon 
.!?■ umsIblD. 




Aniiilcaltous nre luvllod from 
amiably <111.1(11 w itiaciiuis 
lor iho fiillow'-Au noil ; 

Ill'l l.' lull lu Komi. Asiiirv, 
Nodinaham ni;h Scz 
1 1 ■'Ud master: A. Muruliy . O .A. 
Mltctl; 11.10 >11 la 1H1 
j'or Hr-nmmber. 'ITACIll.ll 
'Seals Xi In teach AIM «nd 
10 offer subsIdMi y mblccl foe 
niii<foxlinai((y hair Umuiaiiii — 
Krill uloua li ducat lull .in aoian- 

Ann' 1 i 41 Ion* . no fanuSi lo 
lho I lc,i ill iiasior. wnh no ui m of 
ive rrfuruus. us soon ji iio>. 


1.11 Ul'ai ion t,n\iMlTrrb 


IVuiiitii.irv AIM MOAT. Inin ii-.un 
of roiir. wall rqu]|t|)uil ruonii. I oun- 
ilAi'un loiirsu anil boh lor ouMun 

Apply liy leili-r vvlih riirrlriilum 
vllnc 1 tiro iTfori-eS > lu ilm 
iiiailrr. Gibbons llunil, rruiKh. l ul- 

lli ■rnthlll lane, Hiinulev. VS 1-7 VI IZ 
I I.AGIII-iH Of All r .mil CIIAI'I 1 
'Si 1 no It roqulrnt for Replomhur. 

l«1o.*Mv a 9DCUn>lil In lab- 

_ Aiinlv bv lullr-r la llio Ilnuil 
lruiivr ai tin* sclianl ulvlnn rurri* 
uiliuu vliau and nunius 01 ivm 

if n-T-e. 


liouiSiiiii. flr.iinm. 

1 .uvenlrv llu.ul. 

. CnluatilM 

' 1.170 tut rail 

E IH . 

jst 1 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


il.oinloii llorouali of 1 
Oiiuhiltin Street. N.U'.lil 
1 Mlvlxnii olilrv 1 L-1H. Hull al 
uiTM-ni i.-.u. li-JV. New uiliuul . 
ri 1 tun i'll i'»7-7 : -Siuuu u now bclnn 

I niniili-li-il. Fxnllonl fill llllle-t. 'I hn 
>• Imol I m* had nood aimiiliinl* t>> 
lu r uilrt liopev It) luullil.lln IHcm us 

II urous lo lull nl/it.i 
u-tmiriti in bopiembcr : 

CAIID'ltS TliACIILII 'Sr-iln Al. An 
AMT SUrCIAI-IHI' who lould ulfcr 
i-niiiD I'UriLIIY would ilUYu ail 

l.onilnit AlUxynnce or R-HKl per 
-Minunt is p.tyoblo unit llu-re It 11 

Ml lur .iisIMuncn vvllll remuval 

r-;iunso» Jncluillnn lnqul fees, ole-, 
Ir.ivelllnn anil induing nllowuncua. 
liamlldams -hmihl iipnly by lull or 
lo Ilm llrail of llio Sumul within 
seven riiiya ulvilig nuo, nri-uenl post, 
qiuilliu-tillona. rxnerfeiicn unu 


(MetrauolUan Uorough on 

HMr.niwic.K liAi.r, oiklS' 
ill-in Coniprihcnslvol 

Itr-llllrr-il for I 1"7H 

nr i-ui'ller. If iioaslhln : 11 
1‘AllGliMH HiAi:ili:il. tic.ilo 
i"i*l i>l us S.P.S. flllowante. 

i'u he roa 1 hhmI hie (ur the 
niriiorA ethuaihin of I onriii 
-in-1 1 inn yi-iir niris. A full 
iMidilun com 1 nit men l la re- 
■iiMri'd. as wr-'l na MhIsok ivllh 
dtn io*-ji raiwn crriLo. Sccon- 
■hrv Collcfios, lnduairy and 
1 'li n 11 ten: n. 

Apnltiallon I nrina evil liable 
from, nnd refurlubie lo. ilm 
Ihid Teiichor. Aucki.iinl Mo ad, 
HuiainurlcK. It arl ay. tint Mlt|. 
Pimu cio-.iun duio : 4ih July, 


Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


uimnuNR coNviiN r high . 
I Kuril 

■ Itoll 4.10 Direct Uruni) 
llniiuirrd for Keu I mii I n- r:— 
'•.iAsuicm (.iiAnuA rii to o •* 

mul ’■ A 1 tevul. Put limy. 

Hi'.iry accor.llnq ip Qiiglllh-adona 
mill I'xporloncn 1 l.uiulnn nllouunrtt 1 . 

Apply with rurrtiulmn vllao .md 
iinmu* tin, | .vlilreulna of iwu refer 
•■■■h lo HradmlaireM. 

Scale 1 Posts 


HK|N W COMPANY H Siillllni. 

U7 (Uamfonl UIH. London 
Nia on a 

nVo oh? uw - UnjQ '' 

o Ji «F». KrJsJ; w,a'L 

W-Y' Si: bU> ' :■!& f w TraSarfflft,J* 

r^iill^BnieiB ** 

thumped ad- 



WM"i Mur'.icu »4e«r SouIbBmpion 

Number oil Hnlf: H7-Y 

Scale 1 Aft I' SfXOND In DOPAnT- 


A r-iiHca Uoa and rurr>uliiM vi|fie 
Wv Afiu/Jt'd addnsiul vnytiOpn. 
w IK-fl, . . . . > 

poiarlinnnt 1 Arl, Poll rl- v LlgW 
‘ B^dhUW* nndld.uu 11 Is 

.' vhl ? wll) Uo al'la lo 

IK f'y.,A pi ; c, Ml , /a£iian team/ 

i di'nlltairona. oIvIhb ciiiti- 
fn ,U iH«* -JSSi "nmitiij roferi'CS. 

•Jf' Huartpidatw, Irriin whom 
I'rr.&J 0 '* * * Ihft School are 

‘fnXr af 4 ««»- 

?-S#5y ,iD * acHoot * • 

(■10Q Mlxodi 

Tfi , e.S , » ln A Kil-Anv!""' 

lwq’*r)>rn{5oi h0 Mmlng 

viN-pina npya- scirooL 

f «TO on roll,, comprohcnslvo liuakoi 
. Rrqulrod SepUanbiw 1P77 ; 
pro'll ' ,'*a ART -ITArjICR in 

'■* -“."Jj ..'VnVS 

t fn ACIHlOl drllpfit- 

, r, iJ'v ant In forty ,vn>» at v.rtod- 
innd and 1.1,1 y-lnn fic-Idt. I'arllfllra 
'•IT . ■''* dark room w-iili i.hnio- 
iiRinhk- eiiiiiiunc-ni for the rfeielnn- 
nii-m of phoio ■llhscrron niinling 

; . Leicestershire •" ,;; 


; OoffiK ^L lBP .1/ 

lho eSridhS 

PAuca I lop • 

JIwpw V s - 18. Roll SOT . • ■ -I 
Anr. ffcal# according to . 

■ »oe and. ctiparfqnco _ 

Tlchulred Aunuii or as soArt ‘ 

. B9 iwssibi*. ART eMChilin with 
iui*»lblo Inlrrnst In fTiljHc wijric 
in pBUgn are* and *1nn lo Wont 
•S3 Tutor ' m»nanBlblo ior 

:> IllUdonlllou work pf a. imflll ' 
?eVm? ,n art ^Idr-dUcIplinary 

_ Apuly ■ Immodla'ely tna 

rapiixi. with mil ■ narljrulan 
sinj iho n»mn« and addtnisivt 
nl two. refor«i-a. 'ifiiamnnd- oil* 
tire* sed oinchjjie . ) Mo fYiriiior 

LONDON, S.E.1S L .. 



neinford Rnad 


A ■•arl-thiiA. ITAClieri iQfll el 
AIM' I* renu j-td fnr s?ni(«nbcr ln- 
iMv Ms • form- mini mitred • yom- 
pr.-hwwai-n « r honi. The 'Chr-nl nin'i- 
nlnx high Mondarda 01 boh jv lour 
.in-1 iiAae.-'raneir. 

Apa'v in inn Kc-ulm.Y'icr at lho 
si Lon* m-.wrlJlnp. ..nlvlAA. lull itc-i 
iwlii. ;rw n^ineb'uf two- loiutu.i . 

.. i A ,';v v “ ,r :> ' > n -ii Mi.* 

i. honi ‘ in Invinu .-urn. 

Jll.if Iiltiutiitil .Iil.lrr-iat'd',1. 
Iripit. pP.ivni. 


1 1 .ficl.j oil r-.lli 

i'll \ NpHU'iahrr, IT A- 

LIU -I I of AR I'. Me* le |. Ail 
nj) ;-'f || ilt , ni requires npi-el.illsi 
VLlSSt. y 1 * 1 ‘HHuMwle 
D ' her work in well otiuipnnl 
MW- . « f !lOO| li.ichri 
rC, ." ' A ' U*vol and mini s 

riinniVutiiM r *'' ,bl '- h arr -iHplonie 
1 mm ilu ilnn course. 

'iv.,vV-!2 S a U.1 n l , F | " nnd di'Mlis 

"V Mead tvrnn,- 
Jncauri I'nvelnjie. 



'J Mil I I nr 1 .1. A SHIGA I. HIUI1 II :h m< 
!v *:-H.l. .mil 11 pnmltilii l.iiin 
a .1 bi lint Hlvlli I in in 

A|i|ily 1.1 1.-11. r in ill" 1 1.. ..I- 

' "*YIh«j hill ilH.ilIh nl 

•pi.iIIIii,iM(»in .m*l 411,1 

Ilu in! 'J uf live rcl.-r.-. i. 


i.riyr im| 1*1.11 e. wvsiiuiiisii-r 
Iti'iPlijrv A lilt'll Gliiinh Ilf liiiqliuui 
ft* l ,, i*ii 1 il.ui ijh-l-i, 11 in i 11 vi .iru 1 

11 . ii i'. - ,0 V ,M " l hn •S'l'iliHill 
t>r IJ\||N ihrnualiaui (hr vlimil in 
9 ,, Univi/islly >:mi tiiir-i- 
AliUlly in nlfiir ANGICNI' ijlS'lflKV 
i""i ur UHl.l.k ami « vltiinonrs-i 
Y» V." r '' r irft ". ,n ••M/fl-.iirriniiar 
iiiiiilMra Will be un 11 ill. ullage, 

... ■a u ( ilIiiiui riurii.mi- ei 
"i Hi-iii.-niber hy inUnn Hu rir k | 
■ill.abiniy lut year hillikn. 


S^'lsbnry SI 
Tul pi-*i one ; 

p-TOcr S. 1 l) A.. 

S'fW. Hc^TliAGI irn 01 

l , p«l d *-7^7niS,:: »?ver^ 

ami -A- IhyoI.. The wouiA 

• ubffcer^ Mhcallon or analher 

"A Hipi-mber hy ml. inu Hu first 
.ill.ubl'liy lui year hiliikn. 

Apply hy Inili'r In Iho IHsidiniB. 
Ut-vq. vvlihuut tliti.vy. rnciminu 
• uriii uium vii.10 and mime* ur Iwu 

i i ii*r^ 

NEWCASTLE upon Tyne 

■1 10 huyv-— 11., SIS I h f orm 1 

' 8 *-££ 

raviteiii?w»-„r!!,"s M is 
Kfc®r» W*"* »"K, 

® fou l* UP Udine* an Jil- 

nn"i' r YY; , w unpllra- 

» '.i c J co, " c , ,n,n .land honours 

SfiTO’SIk hKWdnSS Wi 

**121 ’W TCu* - kliould hn sdnl Imi- 
n M Haler. 

Commercial Subjects 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above' 


i.ih'ga 1 111N m.iivici: 

HllU I'lU'.UN AIU'.A 
iii;i:t:i( 1111.1- (nun sciiuoi. 
nmivl.ihln Hiiail. I.iilijn 
lliMiluiUlri-ii: Mrs. V MHclir-H- 

ll.iwli-9. I».i:il. 

It. ijuh-.-il |,ir Mi'piniiilit-r. 1'T7: l.s- 
l«,r(fUi e.l li:A(-.Ut:il of IMMMIJI- 
c.IAf. HUM IIP ! I N lu inl.n I'lmriin uf 

Gin -lul liijhiriiiH-m nl I nun li 

.■ml Tiiili vi-itr iiui-ii*. wurkitiu 
inv.-tirili C.Si:., If. HA. nml I'M- 

f:\uiiiinultonH. Hi'.ilo -J. 

Ap\iMt.>itlurv. (iirttiN iililuln-ililo frnm 
nml niliirn.iblt- lu Miu Ifi-mlmHiri-sa 
1 .Hum ill'll aililrnsHi-(l i<nvi-l'J|>n 


Hiiim- .iilil ni'-i- w 11 Ii iiiviiiunirula- 

I nyi, muv he 1 ■ui iliilH. 


ll'lMlNRbJv " hGIIOOI. TOn J11H1A 
Inilerwkt. llotiil. l.iimlon Nil 
1 1 .4-1S> pup Ilu. UM1 In llio 
lil.Ntli l orin 1 , .... 

I'lio hi lu, nl moved Into new Lull il- 
Iiiijh in l'*7l. 

Ilmiilroil for SeiilrmljtT : — 

\1v1t ii ii.t iirixit ii: A rl ikk to p**i*i 
u llh Hie leuclilliu uf HI.GHiri AmAL 
nuiilGciH in uvi- Si Kill l miu. 

inis is a wi-ii uiniiiiBhrii i-nurko 
witii i-:.ciillciii tiicofliiiioilallon nml 

Kcnlo U non nviilluliln for Bull- 
•ii.iv dujlifl. d anil o\iirrlonLeil t.ui- 
illilalo. I'leusa slain If Inlen-ilcil 
In aliv pdrlli'Ulnr -uhoal iil-UvIiIos. 

PIpiisq npiily dim t lo Ilia Head- 
iiiliireiy .11 ihn acliool. auullng 
Ikii iMi'rrcii. evnonnos. 100 per rent 
oiiuwr-l. i.omlun allowuiico i.'MOKi 
ii iv.ible. 

CPl.-f Ttliii nllon Officer. C'Iik.i- 
ilon Olilres. Homr-rset Nojd. NI7 


Scale 1 Posts 

UfrtJ: mTAi'if 
1 mii; 1 1 u:i Mi Ku.iil. riii jiurat, 

if i-.ittljiif 

l nr Si-jileiubi-r : 

ftA»V: u ‘^rvW ,u V f WHS 

l*lfA<:i'IGi:, wilh COMMT.HGH mill 

I. GONOMIGH iiviillilblii. Ill loin .111 
i-.vp.iiuMiil) Ituvini's* aunUim ll(-|)iirl- 
nii-ni. Kvaniiiiiiilima ,irn wlili 

II. H A. anil UMiiiuu auil uho (Lti-IL 
■Hill li.C.i:. TXvellonl I.hIIIIIm Willi 
Miri-n ipoi liillst iiiums. lanlultiil nl- 
hiu.Miiiu ninl ri-iuuviil ukppiiiea 
si In ii«i-H In uper.iilon. 

Apply with iletdllH In Ilm lliMil- 
in.iMri'. l\vn rcfi-rera 
jMa'-i, G1 11 "In ii 1I.1I1- 4t|i Julv. 


1 l.cmlnu Ilm. iiinli un 
Kl Alll.nitUUK (lilt II .MlSLIYl 
x< nmol. 

lln.iil. NW10 Hill' 

1 Mull I.KO11. II lu 111, 81Kt.1l 

lli diiiii'ii in 8r|iii'-iiiber 
I'lliirliv Sr him) 1 
Irriiiilri-il lu Hvi'lrmlirr: 
ll.AClIGIt Inf IVI'INil 1 Sr ale li 
wliu iimlil ulen uifi-i- sgun- li- 

■•••1 m Giin-rrt. ilu- Com 

il- pin 1 ui iii 1 is .1 Mii-lvliiu uni- wlili 
I-Mrlintl I.uiipli-q GolN-ke* rilfi-n-l 

mi- hi i: H.r.. In [vpiiiii. Gum 

FlinrllMiitl and Aituuniii lint m-w 
lunrtva bey nnd Mil* jru in piupurn- 

l.'imlon A Kuwaiti- p uf r un* pi-r 
minlim Ik p.iyalili- a ml III -re In u 

mil Ini- .msfsfiiiii i* ivllh n-ini.iiil 

v:.|iM}» In. l\>'ll ini 1t-ii.i1 Ires ill. 
ii.iii-HHmi .uni !"ihHii 11 alluiviihi 

( .uiiliikii'-s -iimal.l aiip'i- hv h-l lu- 
lu Pm 1 1 * uf ilm '.' liiini ulMilii 
• il.ii'i ijtv in it am- jii-.--.i-ih pi, si , 
■in.irn n iiitiiii-,, r-spt-t |,-m p ami ri-U-r- 
1*1. _ 


wvcmHii: iiivi!ii<iN 
IVUI-KHItilUMNi: Ml MU mi. 
n-iru-ri. Ill, ji ii irmuii" 
lli-.iihii.ntl.-r. I. H. Mii. 1I11. H A 

■ Hull II, .11 ml. ml MiMh inn., <ai> 

II.ii.Ukf.-il I nr, n<.l. 
U .A ,,f <kimMi.ii(:t ail. 1 

n in ta ill 1 ini. lur mis iiim-snii'i • 
llln V tin'll 1111 Ilu- ulilnhlrlt nl Ifpili 
JM; iMUh". in if .11 11 Hu- Mihj 1 1 1.. Vi 
G.H I.. .uni - 0 ■■ li-wia. eipmsi-s 11)1 in ft I V • 
nml linpsliui .tlluiv.mi.i pinilhiu 
nnioval aru payable In appruv e<l 

Aliplli alloiK. bv li-ll.rr In Hit. 
Omliumsi npi mng IW U __ 


stjinmvAY' skhoqi. 

if oil. Held Ai.-nuu. SuuillWHV. 


■ l ai inpii-rnsiyLio. lo-i-diir 11111,11.11. 

1 . ,tPi mi roll 1 

!!f!l u . l . ,r 7 inun . BnjMisnbr-r a 1 r A- 
Glfkll l'ir i:tiMMi:ni;i: n, 1 
f IM J v ' '* '■■vvj. lypi-uriiinu. 

Hr 1 lu ' I " ,n " H.h A. ■ lunihiaip/ii-.. 

Api-ili. iitlup fnrnis 1 sl.minril .iil- 
iiri-Mi-il nnv.-luiini Irnru Ifr.itlriiuM'T 
fglllOfclBtJB bkfl wiiiilp 1 1 iL vs. 


•d-gn i.vjii: school 

. t 1 .- K'tuihnuijilon Wii V'lJ 
‘14-10 Mi\e,i i-tjuiiiri-lmnslin. 

...m. . puuwnon or Anaiiior 

« *°°l U 80V aro aftF 

of'IPht of All in all it* awwVw 
'vliolo ahilliy range Uli? 
*‘'7* I" Mi" rurrlcnllim .inri* a« .!» 

U PPoforrud. “ "8" 

H . ""'I 1 aiHSier. t.u-iu iium i.mniir.-JiunsUo 
reniuim hilt?,?...- n ° V * BcIlObl. Nuinlipr (ill I .i'jrni 

f enliam. Newcasilo upon Him HIM llegnlr.;il lor h.-iii. I.TuVr ur I.11111- 

— 1 vp y. in, ui- 





iff 'ill OHO aciinrjf. 

««“.»• oWblfl enctoXft' fAt 

tjeiaiia amt narulnB two^ ror- 

NlSfi HllJniKfl. — " ' 

j dppfv by li-ittr to lli'-id hy July 


1 lli-riiiinh nl 1 

IlflUNlif.Y VUIOfll. I OH OIHIJ} 
InihrnM. I -.inii.ji Nil 

WPHW, 1 ’' • i,,u *« «* 


1 1-uUdon Mciroiiuh of, 


MhHHnso^'ni}'., iij'h ! * End ' 

A&vr i'Sn.vr *■«,. „ 
v:^ ° vue**. 

H' I|1I IriKl |,ir apjiiemhrr 

thin- li-mpiir.iry I K Ac iiT ‘T 7 

mluciai. suft.n:tri8 ,lL * 01 cg'i 
tt.p- , 7?m^': il to ©,. 


—LlXUtlm n n^v. vi, 



l.lil ', ; A I'JKN Un*AH7ME NT 



Iii||li-i>ilri, l^i un, | pin 

llP-,.1. Mias M. Dnni. n.A. 

jlvo^i-houl for OHIJ Din's SB^TsJTi 
AjmlluiMun fnrilll HVillibla hA« 
July » }?" VlUUl>1 W j 


liODNl-Y I'lllINCII. 

WiC' awjn,twi1 ". 

(jualiriril TCACIIClt roquhtd Im 
hwilo 1 Tringo Allov/nnco. w 
A ions by IvUer lo m 
ili-adinasii-r ivlm cumcuiura tiul 
and Hie 1 1. lines J ml uddieiitt *. 
two rcturrt-i. s * " 


Mi'oi'linm, iliuvisi-na w 

llrgnlruil I nr Ri-piomber. laiubi 
uu.i l Moil Tl.'ACIIKlt of i:6xiMEAj 
to C.H.K. .md ■■ II I oval, inicE 
ina Hulun lypewi'Mlpg 
, I'M* M-Inrni cillJ-y hi bod 1|W uiKn'-ii In nii-aranl neS 
surrimmlMi'i't In l‘G-7 ikiTnurftp, 
>'Vi* in Lil. u into I.owpi- Kchuoi. 

1.,-llrls nf apiilkaiioq. rmSi 
twit n-li rm s. -nul iiirrkuluui him 
shuiilil lie sent lu Ihe Hr aJnjfio 
al Ilm ps until, i I'nluphbiie Mmclin 


i lillll.H, 

Prlury Hnuil, pool L4 X9L 

lli-iiiiln-il iitr firpitmhr 
hl.tlo I. 

Atiplli .'Him InfniH ubMLniM 
I ol.llliiiPil aililli-iM-d i-lllllOfn 

I r. luni.iiiiu lu the R.ii 

• ■■ai her ui Ilm mlinnl. QWM 
lli l t-r fill il i* A M .YTliki, 

i.iiuNrv couNrn. 

AiiiiH'aibins .ire Inyltcd (><■ 

Mil Mill V i|li.illTi-il Iv.llhlXI 11* 
Urn IllJIIItVIliil liusl* 

I ur ib-iH.mhi-r irAijWJJ 
■ *... il.- X. ui nl!i:illi1AlflA% 
••Ull. t.'i. .is llilrtl mt-PiBer “i 
., ■1»|i.ii |Ni»rl( ulihli Is 
mu in Iih unit- Hisiii f eri'i hflrt 
•mil ,-m i-Mi nt hicli'Y „« 
Miiiiv hi H. -.It "mu" »r ail 

inn In hit lililt- HislH fH rl I , .iC«. 
■mil i-\i i-tti nt htcH'Y 
Alilllv in H-. h smiiP nr *N a* 

I vi '-wr 111 mi. HhiM'liiand. «-w?: 
jin un. A- 1 ill, Ills 4l*d 

' A mil'll a I "Hi* i "•• . JS 

tin* lli aibitasit r. wMli O-nft*.? 
ii i i"ii f""» as iuuii u( Rv 1 

siAirmiDsiiitti*: . tri . 
i-.mlat wyhij:y nm.h . 

II. 'I I- iih. in, -at Mirhv. 
ilH.'l I .IbU i „ , ., w 

Ili 'iHir.-.) i«r Si plf iiihrr. X . r „ 
II, > I A Hi IM llhlli S^llJ'.-lltH d 
ir.'ir v.'laO'pt. 1 iv rS 

, IIMMMIClAL s wd 

win. Hu ,, l ,..jr.iiiiiiy «or u tl D w ii- 
• iiiur w ui h .'‘iii IlYi .i, 01 . 

lur a first e"IPJ r,, - lh . iirjd- UV IPj'Tf* lh# 

' .'■‘Ml r AI Ifto 

. I ..uil'.n iir.iuiiqh , “J.'.-.-r 

l unc.lijriN ,7 rjsv iecf*i 

IP- linimiuli ls 

nl i .i iiiral I iinnnn ■}*''» a du- 
ll v I'l.nlnij Inrr.l. L-inflon 

■ iu:i 10 ».,hirv PJV.IU e- . ,o?7 — 

SGIMMJI. roll i'-Vig nnz 

jjVVJ' V'<-jVp"r! 'sir*. 1 ' if/htaun'OTiL 

lit JilNI-HH ^ 1 , i -P!'. 2 m- 1 K2S» 
r- iimri rt lor ini* '■JP'lJ.ifcbo «P 
slvo fbMWr Hhfh I© tritn 

mil. IA Hi, ■'* ,S/ a M s A. OlfiR 
Ill-Mill lu si igp M 1 nir'rJtni 
I'miiiii ia ‘-Si, S»®* 

r -Ka. Vj n , { nr A ffA 

ir'i Smiled 

Dome stic Sub\ eC<s _ 

Heada of Pep»rtm»nt 

';BRENT'' i.- : 

gWffinniWP BHaJi ’pannlnoh. 'B A. 
RequlHia iropi Soplomher . or. Jajiii^ . 


“ V,Wk B * nt ^ - 

. ApfJllcaiton forms ’ iuamn«d *h. 


'll'" Head of Iho ScllObl wlUiln 10" 
dJV*- 1 

London ADawanc© of '£-100 per, 
urn uni lu |,4Y4bin and rhero Is.*,: 
ri lHSHi lor aiBUinnro v.-llli removul 
iMi-nm id Liu, [Inn legal foe*. Wc 

ffoadttiJSIord- .fjpH 
iP»K Bnd_Haarding; 

"""'jnc I ces Y e ns ' f ilm 

MM 0 , 

RW{hiaf rthw • Cto *'»»od4Hon° and 
rarorcia 7^ **»*. 

ST. 'HELENS ' ; ; ?. 


ir a .uiiir>tf dim lodging a now ani ■*«. • 

' ’’-si 

,.B Ul t 'ta‘ 1 ’-*['*$: 


Al0l0 ‘ 

I.tu.i »it-r 


, . luriitor • 

jilts od S'KQPhji-v Urainffl^f 
rriln-jtoii He.l H-'- us « 
H .llOll f*1P BY'Vjti pupil* •' 
SAib Turin uf If”, ’^ul d* 1 * 
"tiesrut. e’-iln y O' °“ w a 
- (%KI Bfjdllili'V U'ailBS 

I nerd 8. Mi» lorel- fuD 

Apply i*’v form*' • ^.'la ad- 
1-enicuMi * and *K£L' "r_ 
d Wu aso of *W'» if'T’I lain 
%T- J . <» 'ntnineif 2 * , 'V.v.en- 

-^.r, i f . 

.dilis f(u»d. Im t-siir li 



Doineslk Subjecis 



ar TKiicbA'R n r., 

Biurrintflou Avpnue. LHorpool 
1*1 L i»AU 

1 A' wl, ,5ii*D , "oi ‘WSSSSSf 

r.rNi'. sen iv a Tor DOMESTIC 
SCff.NCi: Brtrt NMEDLEWOHjf, 
Scalo A nosl .-ivullnblo tn ault- 
ubiy qualHiDtl tmtl cxpononcoa 

* P /tu < p 1 |?oillon forms obtolnahlo 
frooi ((taiiipml adaroSiod onvo- 
Kia, oml rcturnubio lo Ilia 
IliadlHrhor nl the whoolr 
Pltaio quote ryfemico PAM 
*£lu»»» • ■ 

Other Posts on 
Sctlo 2 and above' 



gSrenco Road, Windsor 
Requiron for Saptomber, or M ipon 

wdaiy mod am school, roll 870, 
jtuxod, •ntortna Uio rtrsl ras«t of 
nnaTflon from mo dorr to middles 
knool In uopiombtr. 

Taiin*. otc. from iho itoadmaator 
fatampod adiirnMQii onvolopaj a Clm. 

July 11. 1077. 



fllB PBMIIHOKC 8G1100I. 

Spring . Uine l lackwell HmtU. 

?shso"\. D yi 8 *■ 

HMUixod tor SoptombOT. fuil-ilmo. 

IhSi mostly cool'cry (with aomo 
NiidlewoDt t In thta woll-aniiippad 
and modern litiHBrimont. Uoth sub- 

milUl'Nl UUIllil IIIIVIIl. uuui D|*U- 

l am - taught la all «ooq and 
iltli up to nnd Includinn 
E. and " D " luvol, 8 cb 1 o fl 

Hi{ mol' bo ovalhiblo nceording 
to aKponento and Hbiliiy. but now 
Mlinnl lo llio iitufonloii wltllngly 

,.„..oynl okpriiBoa up to EinO and 
haudno allow,, ore pcndHMi removal 
■rfl payablo in nmi t oved caaos. 

Anw by l*'|®r I# llio Hoad- 
inutaf ialatii|i"d addressed oni'o- 
low pints,. 


to d0 UK ,l ..°tl:.. SCHOOL 
son urn us 

r-. Jwi. fSL’ l | l0 "- 8 E.u;i 

aiaka 1 ; lit Sejurmber, 1U77 : 

tflxdrtd. * TGAUir.H of HOMO 

40^IC8 lor one' ynr. 
i* aonoipintoni la. durlr 

ThU tmMlnudDnl la during lho 
ItOTMtoKVr of Uio Head Of llio 
brafUnenl and could bo un oprxu-- 
iwuif ror an eiprrlenrod tejrhrr 
reoffca In lo llio an-.i. oliliounb Iho 
©on vreuld not bo ux Ac linn ilrari 
•lit. A pnil at Real* U 

of tHNrtmMt. A pnil al Brain U 
U BisublB and * niantiinonl posi 
m»j .Oorom« Viiiaul. _ 

inn Sr.ilo a with 

■lauipoil ailtlraasoil 


few ^ 



iu<vfi5^ ,llon !,.? r S lovilsd from 

tfW,X5Kr w 3S^2 ,, -" B 

& 5 BWBF* 

hsw nKSP.?.... wlihin ii,a 

gA{K^«"on! mo forms) to 
Mlih nimbi of 
gjfrWwers. as a,,nn aa i>m- 


*°WjAT 1 on bfcp.Ylii MENT 

« AD "y ta U?.W..i ,, i I**i|(p*l Jiorn 

?"w. p.d. cr amber* 

^hHi'wlu f 11-1B , 

form* i M 
«!«♦, "W*. *• MM 1 M, P0f 

7^ DEPAltr-AENT 

■SSe 'IS^rmft. to 


(Motropolltun Hoioupli at} 

fix to XH Mixed 



SMS' a K,loai - 

I5*»mp^ h0nslv dt 11 IS 

Roqulrod for January, if, 78, 
or oorlior If {losstiilc- — 

WOriK/CIIII.D DAIIE aft accond 
In DopnrlniPM — bi-uln 2 post, 
^.Trjp ilUMF EiMIOUlca 4,1,1 


Prindpally NliEDLUWOHK , Stejl.- i . 
nf™-S u ’«J!S h ¥. i * 1 taterlnq lor u„- 


A|ijtll, a lions a,n lnvile'l Ur.ii, 
suitably nuailflDd Ti.ACMEliS 
fur Uio Joilowinu post >— 

SOUTH wfit.oa 

Trip Hume HioiiomLca atul 
Noodiowork Doitartiuenla are 

I 'oIX cquluitoii and iiolli auL- 
bcJ* . , aro inuglii to c.S.i:. , 
‘ O mid A " level. 
OhUd Caro la tauuht la r.,8 I'. 

'fltoii, Maiypon nnd coikemouii,. 
., 0 .*' appuoi.uun wiihiu m 
|&V, 1 1 h ^ouvoflisemoni jg 


„^P 1 mid ■■ A ■* ’level ! 
OhUd Caro la taught to r..8 K, 

Laiior^ or apitilc.iiion, lo- 

issfla.ogf iMwi ' 

For September : — 

Teacher i Bcaie i , to tench 

OjUttr ividi Hie names and 
ftp Oral s &s of two rn farces. 

«AWW‘a W.‘ 


npcknold Avenue. Eon lit wav 

Co- , ii'caMoiu,l 

Ajwuyed from Santembor. a TEA- 
f" AMT and tnAiT. home 

home VXiONnMIc:S ami 
ffir »ri' throughout the 

. Anpl'lcaHon* fno for, mi m 
tile NcauniHBlor. will, names nf 

Scale 1 Posts 

HH&m issmrrjfte 

'P 'often ft coni- 
Wived ttaiaiflhla of Uioae auMocta. 
. Ap pUbatinn romt* (*unippd nd- 
droned anvoionm from Mcadntailer 



aducotiormi Comprsheniiva 
JO irunlU 

To A S 

ira'n 1 to a In a Lower Etiiooi 
on a aanantlo silo. Scalo 1 pin* 
fcP.A. Good rarimiea avalUtUla. 

. Apply . t o _ Hoaflmaator by latter 

* Bd 

^reforcDB, os soon ai jiob- 

(London Borough of. 

London Hoad, Hack bridge. Surrey 
□ Mb 7L£ 

nequtrod for Bontcmbor. 1T77. n 
In ttal9 amall mlxad fix To IS 
yaara) oNiooi PunlJa cue prenan-d 
for c.B.lL and O.c.c. ■■ 0 ■* lovei 


(MalropoUian Ho tough t 

OMMLiNlIV (JUJ.[,Ki;| 


1 co 'educational 
to. BOO on roll; 

voaraY ufliODl. PunU* cue prenan-d 
for c.B.lL and O.c.c. ■■ 0 ■* lovei 

. A post bJidvo Benin 1 U avallnbln 
for a suitably qualified nnd ax- 
nerlancad cindldaio, but Ihn 
vacancy also provides good proi- 
Ijama for Ural np|,ol,urneni caiicll- 

dBIO. , 

Annucailona ia Uio 1 1 c-odin as tor hi 
Uia If rat Ina twice ' 

li b© given to candu 
a oounty of Avon. 



THE BULMlitlftltR 9EHOOT. 

y by leitor to the Hoad- 
.n'fctmeaUioly glvlit* 
Mlmi ana expcrioneo. 

chequers Way. Uoodlsv. M catling 
For Jiaptonibor. 4 TEACIinR of 
ilOMC P.CONOMJcb This post la 
baaed tn me Fund unit rubric 8 k- 
lion of tho Dr.iinn Cenirn and In- 
pluaos ovorslutn of ihn C.S^. 



Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 

oluqoa over Mu hi of lho U.SJt. 
Mode Ilf Design for Living (Journo. 
Tho fnrMltlos aru nf a Jitgh standard 
and it la antlclpiMoil that lho 
successful candldaie will toaclt 

Roaa. wiiiohieBtor 

X^lB Comgrahotulv© Olrli* 

IX -16 Comprshqn 


Currleulum yit 

wr bco - 

Curriculum yimo tiyn rofereos 
nd stantpod addresaod envelope to 

ras # » !S‘r w. ln vtom 

. *1710 baalgn Centra is iltuated on 
Jtta.aamn ouiiiua art lho Cotlaun or 
Higher Edticufion nnd within oasy 

dlstunco of ilm univoraUy nnd Col- 
loge of Taclmoluqv nml provides .1 
good environment for dcvolor-mertt 
of professional skills. 


BAST KBniS Division) 



Homan^ RobiI. London ECi 3SQ 

K ’ aad'uubltv/ Mr D. R. A. Will him* 
oquirad Scritombor. 1W7 T. 
teA/uicr to na roanonslblo for 
toacMno ECONOMICS in (ourtii. 
nm, and sixth yean at appropriain 
iBvala.. Pioaao aiata second lubjcci 
offered. Scalo 2 post for on exporl- 

offerpd. Seals a post Tor an exporl- 
anoad oondldato. but applications 

Applicants with "iitliuatoam. 
imaginnUon nnd an inloraai tn odu- 

Gallon generally nru snuultL. 

Farm*, me., from ihe fleuclinaBior 
(st-impou Adil,-ss-<t eitvplupo ■■ 
Quote VfflAr.77. 

W I n dmfl ! l SnoV UTM^IN H "A I 

Clotlng chit© 411, July, l't77. 


f London iHHnuul, t 

Emm Hciioui. 

T AvnntiD nniMl, Eiilli 
□IciiiftDnn Ci lit, AU"74 
Itoli mixed. 

NI3iDU:ivnHK TEACHI.H r.iqulrrit 
Tor BnntembiT. l‘»77 Hnblvi t laugln 
' 1 It bin Uio Brhtiul lo OCK 

HEH required 8ei>ioti>hor. Tull 
mo or nearly rull-tlme. Liwiv 
oraon with hu-aa, ancrUlIrlui, 
Y^Neodlowork. to toad, to 
■‘O'! , lover Noodk-ivorh 
taught to boys and girls In 
Lftwcr ScJiooi- Weti-oi,„l|j|iDii 
aopartmom : nir-nlty "ilantu'l 
raojua. loin, ton oulor frln,|,- 

from nowly qualified teachers 

would bo con si aired. 

uurnham Scales plus London 
Allowance £401 

Anpllcoilon farms may bo 

obtained, from tho uudonlgned lu 
whom ^thtj^il lould bo rolurnetl by 

J. 6. 1 Wifcle. M.A.. Wh D . 
Director of CiiwnUnu. EHuvotlon 

Office*. nr>,i-Dy. Blrniloni. Lon- 
don EX8 4 IIII. 

Scale 1 Posts 

hImbo utt ply Itnadniailer ,u„ 
fomisi witii Giiriii-iiiiui, v-ua,-. 
naiitlitg iwu ruJcrou* ami ,i«i- 

n levol u-.. intin nil, m. 
andon Area Aliowuncc £U'>7. At- 

e mlng two ruferuus ai„l iui- 
B acttvlUus 



. Lonoon nrr.i Aiiouuncc tn'ii. *i- 
■lalanca wlili rer„nv„i exn-itmo*. legal 
foe* and dlftlixbame iilLnv/nice run 

bo ronftidcn-rl. 

ApuUcMlnti fnnit* uvahuMo from 


fMolropolllan borough of. 


lho Ulvlo Centro. Laiiiptun 

rcWi iuiyv 

London Road, falAWOrili . IT 

,„|,tun Road. 

nnd (Vlnriuhle to Glil.-r Etnirjlloi, 
Officer tor Hi hnnl-i < 17 1 . Tow,, 
Hall. Cravfi'r,l. A * ramped 
a,ldre*s"d riuil-rap envoi miu aliotiiil 
bo sent will, II, i- r«aui-si (or u,t 

a,ldre*s"d fuul--, .ip oitvelopu aliotiM 
bo sent wilh il,,- ranut-si (or ait 
ftppUG,\tK'i\ {.inn U AkKnuWleuttmont 
U required u nii-Uier mauiiipu acl- 
rirriaril envelope ahmilil be en,-l»seri. 
No furliti-r I'uiiMiiiiitli .illijii will br 

N x or.hwoo,t 


S-.1LA. payable , 

l.ondun Hoad, falnworili . IV.’ 8AM 
Moj.'iidHftlar -. Mr. ti. i:, J. (luTdlnu 
Niunber. on Hall ; H»i>. rlslnn lu 
*J00. Ago range l\- 111 year*. 
I'omnrohtnslvp Brltnol. 

Plus mm al-iinnoit ailureaieil X".,, 
wtwiose rar agmiratlon fur," front 
•ni rrlpraibl* 10 the Heart Tracin'? ■ — 

rnnd* tinin<* .i|,|>u- .int> nr* e.illed 
fill' liilcrvlew. 

pBB®M!*SS.A l> C-X!ra; 

* n , Hr 1 ‘V ro or ,n < •? i*i • 

leroat in i.hlid care or 'in ,-jtn • 
Inu would be niry.iiil.ii>"„ii,. 
„lnr Mm infi'Tiu.ilV.o, v.-,..t 

Wo i a up 

lu ■■ A. " Tovol , , . 

AppMcaHoiu ora Invite* 1 Hon, n\- 

K -rlpitcod UdUvra or aot-l.lnti 

idr llnil 4pi>olitlm,-itl. 

London Allowance K-JM7 laiyuhle. 
If ynu am aci'kliin vuiir ur-a uu- 


J 1 autl.e'l i-iilr- -si->, ,.„vel„,-r , . . 

U„< . Ili a ,11.1.1,1, r. |„ 

ftpnllL-dtlMM. ulvlnn rtrlalli m 


ia.ia.Wi.. s».‘s As*, is.* *• 

linliitimutl, plea m> Mat-. Hint (I— 
.lllX'lliUi' Inin *.'tu 

, ^t U..I.I,,', ,1 i|m : kl ill, ini'. . 

‘Ilia Eiilli aMpii l .nn,„,|ll,-ii I, an 
power iq t onsliliT .ai,|,]i,-.illc*np from 
i-filT, . ipr ainfft 



SuTi-j.K; srsfi: 

5] m loach ouutn otlirr aubiect 



(inalfoM and nomas nf. iwo romaai,. 

^jftOmpocl d“ Jr ®»st , d invafopa 

apoelaHriftvi «v «tiA tlousu- 
<■•*(<, lu iruili up In «. anil 
■* l» ' level Hi ., *i,|, •tj-.yIiiI UeiiaM- 

P ent fur tiri-inti mu olinlen,-. in ’■A” 
yal. Huod modern f.u mti.-a. Scale 

/fctdicQtlofl forth! frmit the IImcI- 
3 PTj. J - Dawson r>q (Mumped 
oiMreVopa . lo whom tlioy 
PWWd ba raturned by H July. 




jdCAMiRN Id* ill <MIKI.fl, 

StUlnton Hireel. lanubin N W.IO . 
(Sixth form Ininj li- lh. lloll at 
nW H ItlMU, 11-17' _ . 

boy* add glrU — fjoitiimihnnyiva 
ilMufepjalpp i 

W # i®-?- 8c ' ri:c#n ' ,r 

I. 1 UoniiiQMry fci.poJntmniii fur 
in. ’no mi. WIT. wui, the 


tho Auljunn i'.'f f.' wllJi the 

uf ft pwnuinepcy fur a 

*“11waU ftquitnShl 'dapaclmenl which 

irw M U.Mu. ii-iy, , noMui 

Naw aUiout a pen r 4 H7-t : Bi«no U auttubk 
now HMurj. , omr-leii 4 . IWbUmij . WM 1 

MrUltlA*. I lu* Ml ha* hail noon i* part 

Ulan dams bo far and hope! tn main- diqa ui 
UUfl them ftft. it uiuftft III tul »uo. 

flSRftnp ■■.LAn.EH 
IWCftlO It. aliD, lid bl' able 10 OirOT 
ft BCLbnd aub)ri l 

For. the ifluva imsift • 

London Allowance of .1. 10H pff an- 
num la payabh- ami Ihc-re I* a 
•chop ip for a Md stamp will, rt-movai 
axpensaa inrluoutg legal foe* etc., 
lr«v*IMno nnd Itntumv, 
WEMBI4.Y f IK* f f rkllXFD i 

« "pK'noxvl dapartmenl which 

la paid of an Uuegraioil Homo HIU- 

SmUjS^oqTSliti rrain I f aa dm* » lor 

tOI-T~*P 67X «i. 

risqairod fur Bejiiqmbcr. 1*J77. a 

TLAClIpR of KtiliNCIM 1, -8 10, twill, 

V lie aubloel hi O *• IHirt ** A 
oval. Alt nblliiy in leaoh JiiudnOHi 
auidioi or Hgcioiqui’ would no an 


i'or**i pal*. . 

i tier at llio achool. 
djoftln^^ta for appliralloni 

J uly A, TC7 


Kifl , fi»n" Wambley 1IA0 ANT 
holt : x.uflo. ii-ih , 
fiequlred for KuMrml>er ■ 
hut-Mni of . HOMB 
E0DN7>MIC9 Iff, *1,* 1>. Evimlnu- 
tion wurfc available ,'lhe J»»U#- 
ilude* a>Hl»l.iiue will, N1.Klll.1-- 
WORK J-ou4on AlluHr.mce of RKTJ 

a.xrS HSffTfinAWfc.™*- 

, Apply in .wriiino giving two ra- 


x. ftMjIiumdon, 
l.VfYh. copoucnvti 
eaohor, Mr U. 

ax: ?«“'#•,«“.» 

m ■W'liui. YSSL 

Economic* la, ft ttronofeaiura of 

in tercet In ono .or tho following, as 
a ntWwnly . subject, would Bo a 

par annual IB puyible 

For ail tlw atibke »-U • f«indl- 
data, shirtlia HiHily bv letter lu lie 'i 
Head of. the Mclmol Within tevr-ti 
day* giving 180. jc-sent post quail- 
flcauorts, vkpixiMU'o *nu riJwi-Mi-i, 

( London Hormuth p/< 
tun»m;ttLANn »« iiiunt, 


H nad TivJLftOT Mr J. A Mi Donald 

niuwnfy . subject, would Bo ■ 
contmeudatlgri : HrlttoA Covnm- 

ent. Sortal Btudlea. .Commerco 
Mu. ancillary auffnd 

(dip- visual, . video and rypro- 
runhic fit I Iltli"*. , 

dio school lb a mined rompre- 


ST. HP.Nl'.DH.'l b It (:. 

„ llloll 4TO, 

Norman Way. tJoKhost-r 
ITH.i Colflmiler Mi; 


. Seals 4. Hen Hired fur Sen- 
tfnrilM*-. or rarllni- ol postlblu. 
fhQ pool ruqulro* n well utiaii- 

eandldaig as Second in Hharae of 
jJoiMrtmftnt wTni roinonaiblilu, iur 
lha Library, YVllllnantas to aasist 

Klt , m°S3onltSj n . U “"** 4«fwh,u 

LoX^ArS^ten®? 10 a * UI * 

Lho post ruqulro* n well utiali- 
P 1 !?. o*POrtontud loarlicr wlili 
InlUatlvo .and strive to cu- 
ordliuLiolho Work or tlie Drama 
and Library apeclaUsl wilh tul- 
duionaf raspciuihlHiy lor Ijji- 
guano .dev© Id pm© in across mo 

fiuBse aand sra rnijoti addrosn-d 


guano devolopmoitl across it 

. 81. DOnodlci’a la a tlei-oln 


Ol, (lononici'ft ia ft Uei’Olni,- 
utu lour-tonn entry Coll, oil. 
cpirtprchonaiv© aihoni. The 

SwVoOL^ tJOMPR, - | ftNSlVE 

honaiva aihooi. Tho 
past Ima been uporaUeil 

by our otciuniian. 

, Tlio Govomori will also on 
IqaUrrn for a wJulitonaja lo 
»>y u vital role in n,n m,, 


ro SKI 4 UDA 

u into 1 role in n, D nm 
aoMvlUoa ol UiLs CoUioIIl 

(scHia'af mTuni 1 
12n 1h «u2Hf T<mBn,, A 7 ‘ 1 « ,a ft grol 

Artplloaaon farm* and further 
pu-ucuhira ..snow .be obuinou 

R rrom iho Head of lho achpo, 
whom campl&ted applicuUou 
mia iliould ba returned. 

workTnn nlitt 


nsmtft of I 

rianar oundarda 
ana bob avia ur. 



Details front lload (alampeg 

master at 
whom further 

y— -v.'-ftjiur. 

by laUftr, givtsia 
exporlanca and u,,* 
Ibe Head- 
om. from 
... i also ir - 


echjqation Departs iE nt 


» 8 r i H oo 

ter 1 

1,000 PU||| S' 

qualiflgd aid bnsrnnnraa cun 

nsRrjPB » 

L An 

Haiti" ft Stfijn - 


with onenalva taco 
— orttnibo 

i on.. . 

Head of Engllah aliDurd havo slip 
capacity to load a largo .dim run on I 

Tctoea ■■ hmvuiiu two 

S onora l i Ho o: 
IP senior 

nun siiduio nova uio * nJ 

non! Icjm. 
otter Iminodieicl 





ifoqiura? jtsr 1st January 1«>7B 
1IEAD or ENOIJ8II, Scale .1. I'ar 
thlt aonlor pool wo aaeh an oxperi- 
oncoa Clradiiait' who la obio la lead 
and organiao Ilia tvpik or ihib larno 
dopartmont, lit which mere arn 
coursoa al nil loyela u|t to Unlvor-ilty 
Opart Scholarship. ITiu i.icnncy 
Brim because of thB iHomallott ar 
llio proion t Holder to a Uopniy 


lftl.‘. Jftnu 

HeadahLp qtsowliorc. 

.. Amillnulon farina anil fur, her par- 
ti cub, r* avallablo from lho It'-ail- 
n, nater at tho School intomnud add- 
T»»fto4 onvoWo plows©? eiiould 1,« 
returned wlUiln ,pn. duy« ol u,© 



U “VSln . Tho schuoj 

i. twin ciflnl-rorm oMry. 

aas is u-fi-f f8";s.s"W 


uknav 0, 

Appiicaiion rorms ntay bo oti- 
lalnnrt from Uio l[?<adr, taster unJ 
^houW ba routined by 7 th July. 

|iii» fulVPetWnii?iil 

< MotropoUian Uuiuuuti of. 


lti,llUl«tvr,n,l llriy,.. 'Noi ilu. u-i-l 
Kir k by, 1.7*. Ii\i 

Metropolitan Uoranui, of 

compeiEiTenuivk Bt iiiur , l 
L ordunn Hoad. U\.-r|, u .,t 

ft i. Of. i bnvs amt u>i>«. 
. 1Y. ft'* lift, 

ft, l*. A- iKiv--ft,i— 

• 1 .'KH, I,*.-.- . lu, it lllll-. 

In hftvilt I glut, s l* A. i i.i 

nwer lo l onslUi-r .i|i|ilir.,th,na from 
kpoNpntod KM,Ium for jta4si«n>'0 
aw«r4f removal, dlaturtwnco or 

1!;7B for. .So 

X'itit for bn. 


ff (11,(1 


ip va is' and ah ora 


¥?A SfflC. aanJ. 

> in 




Bssa -te nenrut w.. 

18 year*. A ”, 7 o ■■ and O.t.e. 

° X fo» n jL^u^ 0,l t4C« , Legal 
nxponsna un to iwoo and naalsiancp 
Inwards rortaval nxponara will all 
bo omUwm whtro apttnmnftta. 

. AttpUcftUoh forms ay.niabir from 
Iho HaadnilfiroM, efl iwcqipl of a 
ainmpod addronod "lYvotone. ' 10 
wIKHn lha forma should bo rofumed 

hy fwurtli ami ftftSi youTO 
Ability In graphics and display leett 
|uh an advanlcgo pul not essen 

Acs domic work awllahlo Jo a 
ftUHnlilg apriUconlarid a Bcalo 3 jkmh 

For appffesHfan Tomia and do 
alia plnuo . ftMur t*, lho nradmla- 
raai at (ho .Bctiool oncloalng a 
*u raped Mil • adareuod rgolacap ar- 
an ocujowlDdDflmonl 


g lower 

L Vw*l“- 




ThCor'a La no, nugaleir 
Rail : t.bSa IMKodft 

Dii - complotad i; 
raqulrqd. ihon thl 


ponlad ay a fun 
stampoa onvawpg 

Wj itiuM__b© bwam- 
funhor oetr-aadrosMd 

for Jaiutrtry . T r -7R. or 
uouibin 1 




. .ItucnUaiu. ,Wrt{ft j.luft . London 

lie school li. ft Rilaod reraNJ: 'Bco In 41 in this 1 1-1H fullv Cnni- 

II ve, occupying iiiodoirt buildings nretu-nalvo School. A wall quail. 

* .. blf*?. fjlrwliA Ji' fled, axpraienccd t rather 1© aonghf 

‘ Viyl£'0 IhR to tram thraughaut tho BcUont. . 

ssh vssfcnr. 


U fthraughn 

mifan roi 


1UI tho action!, 
tins . ond funlier 
hRMh from u*o 
inop oddrowep. eh* 

I. Aston, B.A.. -Dtp 


or • if 

“’ v lfi7F«" urn two weli-rqnlriprd 

fjblu* and ,«ii" i- U. -I|,,t'-,l and fttr- 

LnN, iitiJN rf,H ii|(;ll Hf .in,f ,1. 


faun.-- .inn 

nlslird lor d .wru^rt anil inn gi ■■■•rt 
•r.i-roj' h lu il,- snbi'ci An mmu- 

B iot n loath « l* Tctrcd for. 
fi'iTU licw in Mils approjiii -„>'i 

t rho ftvu, ai-*** »li«n r,iflonuWi,if 
or f! s ). cb ,{?-., ■. 

T« P pfi-,n>- tn, ;,pi»<'*,n I "hi,". 

t ffttf wdl ais', sixn r< kpofiMbRitV 
ur C S ). cb ,{? -., -, 

T« P pfi-in- in, :ipi.ii(.,ti'>n i"r,"s. 

§ >i kL'.tiJrt l>f r-iuri,,>l i<< 11,0 
'.ina > 4, Ginifw bv inly 

IVH/Up NANrtiK.ll 

VfNfS'fnN RCHtlfd 
f lAni . Rf, j.-., 

JiCii' 0 */ Nr r nit . work re- 
qiurvd /row fserUcmftftf. I' 1 , 1 ,,,... 

ApoiVrailqn f'rtft"'- , ftRd-tOJjJjtS 
rtcwri* are qYal»b!" Ifjifp' Jhf. ■Jra.'* 
pjfviqootL- (Jvyi.ei dan-' July |, '« T - 

ati5h.ini Avenue . Ij&nabrnfo,'. .. 
ewe a ?. ilu upon ryne NKi‘4 hi.l 
..tMifm.iiltr. Mr f* n w*Hj, H A 
io nnltod far HMiomtwr i, WW. 

Sr .An 1. TKAClitH or.COljATIVL 
Nrr.DU'-VftTHIK afl4 IABHJON. 10 
Advanced (iwl wllh f Wllly lp Hure 

Ar - 


lo l.-ath r.t 


. Re© under 
— liconomiM 

pmg Koreftt. 

Llh easi- jniMi 
id bordorrd by 


Rfo von nUlty. omrfoncO and en- 
IhUaLuni » loo Tied tat 10 dovelop 
lho lubloet through oul iho school, 
Oulor London Allowance la psyubia. 

InduDonUi-ni Schooii 

Outer London Al 
. Funhur dotal 
forma avail* 

of b^W. 1W7.. uf grm. flglgnoj, 

TeOl/lTrt HIGH soon as rouble. 


its and anmlciiqp 
fpm .the Kwcmai- 
4 to bo returned as 



othdon £17 6QR 


and (Tpuiivo tea- 
to lead b |,«m of 


or to 


appesiMfKO Of Uiift 

Heads of Department 


CJlEH mufaori to lead u leant of 
four. »rmclaii(ts in a.moal buccom- 
(ui dnpanwont fa ihi* mltcoti tan* 

Bl otedte JfffOU’ 

end rauin-cuiciuftl appro a efts* cum- 


JMctrgppUjsn Borqiub oft . 


C,, " 7AL 

lisbio Janiiao' l. IV7B. ur wntor 

[wh»M?* _ ' 

r. or aa ooen 


to ■ Depart - 

Ift of ata. 

1 mponip 


wW* v 

Mllri'f'n l,q« •>.,.*?((» A", ' * ■>** 1 

^«BW'SSK».' 1 TS 

Die fallowing do"-- 
FAfRHAM ^(milENWb t 



Of ENOU8K - DbparUncni 
1 u eo-ordinafo work in 
. . Diurna aiw corrtpetiftftlprjJ 
,41. . IM, mvnlvo* |hi‘ 

Onifor... Lon due Borough of. U‘aT- 
lhftni f Orpal. Municipal Ofliera. 
pigh Rada. Leyion. London CIO 

bimies. . t ■ 

CiDiing dare Blh Jnly. 1977. . 
ApplicSilDr 1 Conn* may ba ub> 
talnod by antdlng a foolscap 
siamped oddratacd onveioH to Ihe 

. ....(» m ralvoi ... 

doulovuiMl ol a iarqo ft, unbar, ol 
staff and . many moutroa, lh* 





wnr* torsi 

on sics. 

ir Ml Jll> _ WhIT., 

ssrwr*. ma. 

•Ull I Mfiu . rranv inmuiiv/i »■■*' 

auccoiftiul oandidota win /lll « kiy 
role yrlUftln Bio ftlnKlur# nl the 

clfariy eMiod 3n ifi© arptkailon 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 end above 

•ohrim RftMuraea. 


otivplnu*. lot anri.rui ';**. h *!! 1 
»nd rrnfTp»ti> »n fth" IimV ' 1 
at »*>" r.fci , -■ •n il, 4-- ftpir- »•- 
l-»ft*xy>. 1 

■fj-a as>Rs Taww-ww 

AulicaiiM mo fanr-g, to 

s*. rf 3 CT( , «-1. IS f"i* ;*'■ -fth»V 

djiiw, BufTthso? Scale 4, will, 
Ujp«v Area Aiiowanco. ■ . ! 

- ■- RoMOftabl# mrwvut expenses will 
be MlawM tdeians on soqautft. i 
. Pint* Band Mmevd jdifreBM -i' 


mi the aiiove. a*- as 

IHUjgle • Il i ■ ,' • 

(London DaroVnh of. 

^ . 3 | W|1 gcuptj,. 

ionium fiunai 





, „ll U Haft!" Bf ho rH «*|(l>. ft 
•Hn 1 *? -poot fti-.Hlaiile for auli.ibio 

BfiUBp 'rtOTfii 

in Junior Docurtnu-n 
hma an advantaso- 

00, Hi 

pgMMie fat 

; initnM hi 

fsiampiFd addr»&<-d onvcioi*© 

' ir :-"'. 

:• '!• 1 :: il 

‘ 1 * i! 

, 1 > |- ■ * i» 

: . •! 


• . • \; : X 

:*■ • mV 

. }V- r.ji 

.- li 

• • ■ ■ ■ , 

1 • 

• ■*. 1 

i 'ii 

'. - ‘-'iii 

\X: : t: ! I 

■- • *M 

• • r , "r : - 

.: 'b. -ii 

} Mi 

■ .-: • ii-'f,- : ;.,.r{ 


>. Px-;. 1 \\ 

f-.'li -y ': c ■ I 1 • ? j 


>; ihi-Krl’ >*; ■*, r s 

/ jiff;- 


f- *< • :' 

; ; . , 'y.- . Jft 


- vrwr.^ : 

, t- = 3 - \\ 

1 . v i- . . • 








Scale 1 Posts 


i IjQwton ItomUHk oil 

K .IIIJOL . _ • 

ImIl'UQjh* La 110 Nni**j. 
r.naJwnll Hulk, Romford 

Itnqillrmt 'for SHilwnW, l** 77 :— 
FMCLISII— Id iruih Ilia lull a(|B and 
■hkinv ruiiQCi ihn dppu! mini'll I li 
Jop one torn* in lb llral liMiftrrp 
during niiilrrnlly Ihii« uf |i«imuiivjil 
holder or Iho im*l. Hi* I* *■ 

Ijindon Addition ^40* per 
•on uni. Holm bumoinoni at rcnioi j 1 
ik|ip«&ei In improved cases. 

,.dEr,:i!T Ud ".d^» 

from iho HrjU leather rsiuruahic by 
7ih July, tin?. - 



ii leu nicy 

iMlM-d ikminnlinulie, , , 

hmh uxbiidK'lv l .not) buys end ulrls 
u.l roll.' 



Hamloivn Hoad , LMUlon. SL.Jj 

IrJ. : OI-6C6 0U08 

Tunable : 1st flcpimibw.l‘>77 

A THAiaiER of ENOmSH 'A *»■ 
niiiivii ror hub nis-fomi enirv. • *>- 

i London Borounl'1 . 

Mr 1 ’ , 

c men 

nctiluy. N. 12 

helb with ii.iimis ue- mule, hut nni 
tJsonllal V'r.irllslnii Catlioliu pro- 

,M Srt!rmw» B f5r l itayrn jni t«f removal 
ropunie* anil irlJdi.111011 «iHow..i*Kf « 

,n ySnhPr^ doin ' !«" anil snpllc^lloii 

ipumn mill v - ■ 

1 VuffSHr^ iic\n< hi ami snpllc^lloii 
inn frmn Jli'.nlt»t.i-il« , r iMnnirH.-n 
ildroiur-d MivulO|lf>) . . „ 

nlrriitor Of l.'Jiunllnml dwt'lrm. 




(inquired from Si-nlcntfjjr nr as 
soon as posilblii ihriiMfirr: — 
SIA3TER OP MISTIIEflS 10 attlat 
Iri. Ilia iKicLiInn Of LNOLJSJl to 
aU jjiM and dull! I l«s. up lu -ml 
Ihcludlng O r ' lovol work. ,1 lio 
aiiccMsiTil Lflnillriniu would bn Inin- 

■ allow "**««_ rM'iiu- 

cauiM In t.uulUh — C.8.K. ■ mailt i, 
IS.C.U. ■* 0 lovM hinoujun and 
Un i j l urp. o.C.E. *■ A " luii-T lllrra- 
ture. 'Uinro la a pobalblllly of soiiiq 
6Uin I orm work if UoalmJ. 

Iho Lnollali department Also run 
cvuiocs In cuonc-inllon wltli olliur 
diiMirinienls. wnlcii Inti lid. a Uuatro 
anil film work, llUvirtanMilm. etc. 

lllr-Ccnlry la nliujlud In Uid iloilfl- 
l>ali-il Arid or llip new tHiy ui Mil- 
ion Ki-ym a. and (lie DuioloiNiti-nl 
CoriaoMdoii Is uiali I no a mini her 
of iirauai'i idt r*m available 10 
IrvulirM ain-oliili-i) , lo j; huol* 
ivhliin die drMonjieU area. Hulijecl 
lu ihc iloumy tTuuncll'a regulations, 
r. mo vat ukprnscs Up lo £1.1(1 anil 
buaril anil lodging alio wane os will 
be iiayalilo. 

AppIlLStlon by loller. ntvlng lull 
nt-nonal iletalia, rnrriciiTuin vliao 
and Uio names And addrasses of 
iw iMerres. lo Mr. H. J. con in. 
M.A.. Head. DonbiDli tfcliool. i»rn- 
V sll lira to. Uletcliloy, Mil Ion 
Kuynes me j >11 U. 

mWWm u in * \d l lag n norj-eon 

,h S WmnAM 

Tl.Ai-lirn or HNriLigil I Srair li 
III (Ills LI 10 lo. ML'i-imjdl com- 
pnlienalit' Krhuol. 

UfMIVt .mil niinH.ii llan foiins 
i sinimwJ adiln-SKPil imi-loi'iit (rain 
Hi# W.irJ«n. The YllUuu ilnlirwr. 
Melboum. Mays ion. llariiwritshiro. 


liTAlKS or* lerjSLV 
I DMCAitaN CO MM inn E 

jr.iiflrv i'oi,lj;ce Foir i.ihu 
< HBI) pupils fits lo 1H) 

siicciwsnil tflnnlnB'u woum ar- loin- 
mn a Iwurfalilnii and, flvelv iien.iri- 
innnt vnilt well dovrilapnif ■ oni-.ns . 
AooucsihU should also slate sub- 

AopUoinU should also slate sub- 
otdlarv aublrcM. 

London Allowance or L4D2 par 
annum La pnvabio and there Is a 
atheme for aaalsUmco with removal 
mwiiim tnctudlnn loaai roes. nit., 
travelling and iodfilno allowances. 

Candlilntoa khaufU apply hv 
Iniior to Ihn Head of Hie school 
within seven davp nlvtna ann. 
nnnu post, quuiiili-nilons. evp»ri- 
erice md referent- os. 

muses Incfurilnn loaal foes. nit.. 
iVDllInq and ladnlns allowances. 
CandlJatlM shautU apply hv 

tteco'i'Liiv □•'Itniiiuant ta.Khlna tie un udt-jnlnao. 6 

lo n.n IT. and “ O level KOIJ MIU AV SfiltOOL 

lulllnsiy with tna pussibllltv or If ot-kl li-id Avenue, Ho 

" A " and " a ’’ lovol work I’lvniulilll 

loler , t'oiniuvlionslve. Condi 

Application rnnns and liirlhpr i I.7I1U on roll i ^ 

it, i Mil i front iho nirrrlur Of iiiniilred lor Spuirutbrr. it TEA- 

Fitucallan. IllgtiUnds. Bl. i.HKR for r.NCLUIl up to C.H I.. lour. Jersey, tl.i. li-vM- IniereM tn Dnuua an «d- 

uTT4 7 1 iiitu. uMrnMon am ; vjntugn. Tontnuiurv 

vilui atluital. Couipiy h ijwnvs >. « ooi 
for cliiltlrm In iho 11>\4 
liMtorlenca of U»o IMchtal of rn«- 
tKh os a second lamruaflo would bo 
on added BualirjcaUop lor llils post 
Sit'arv— llurnhara Scnlo 1 uiiin 
laaniion Area Aliowancn. 

nnuoiuibto i rcmovol wpwjJJJk'J'Jt 
bn reimbursed islcialiaon J«|Uo«ii. 
UfosB send Atam^ kd'UY,^ 

X?5 D P t fSn. a^flA-bTS 

ihVib^l ffl,4 n ^ above 
pii iiress as soon m rut^'iite. 


l D I r« VATION COM M i;l I F.E 

Ililii- SlrnM. n.trrow b» Him"W 
fll-lrt. Holt : hllli . 

HrnuTed for flo|t , f. a !^!T ‘ Z* 

Ii AciiMH of l-Ntll.lfllf with souto 
Inlen-St III niLNUlI. Sfjjji' l- 
Aoi'll'.-nltons by lnlMr .Bl kjflA J 1 . 1 . 11 
t1<i lulls of education and ouajiri. ii- 
llnua to, Iho Iteailmlslre?*. un or 
beforo Bth July. 1“77. 


Mill Uond. OkfU.iiunton. Devon 

IllMSMIlkSMlVD, (MUtullsNl 

Aifliilreif” B^ptianber. a TUAClirR 
to leech j:N<]Lllil{, Si ale I. lu 
teach ihrountiuut ihc m.nn siliuui 
fa • ■ (J ■ ■ level. 

Ai'PJU-onis fur a rc'i-iii 
oust iile-ike Inillcete II Hie* \%l»h 

in bn rccaiiMlilcreU. , 

■ii'iu-i.inil ll-wd. Itlyiuiilon. 

Urn i! Pi'll' flopirtitbi.r. I 11 ??. S 
LIB II In Ihc Lotvor flrliool with 
list Year Inlenraied bturtlcS in 

ItiuinnlUc-a. Bralo 1- ... 


ciSSjurfl^Mreel, Plymouth 
Selacilve ■ 4>>3 on rulll 
ninulrod for Baidcnibnr 0 1TA- 
CilER or liNOLisH ror c.S.e. onu 
*' U ’■ level work ihiautthriul Iho 
school. An Interest in nrunia ntui 
iho ablltty to assist wiilt siltuui 
uunui. rtitib.v in lurtlcular. wouiil 
lie un udvjntnao. Stela 1 . 
huh riiu'AY aciltooL 
Mot klli ld Avenue, BoUlhwav 

Coln'iirvllanslve. Coeducational 
i I.7HU on rolli 

and relume if as noon as pos- 
xibKi to Hie IlMdicosher ol ihs 

t'ornpuiury lor juiuuiii 


Imn only. 

CrownU-ilo Hoad, ijylst'trii. Devon 
Cciinurohonslvo, CNit'diicullonal 
1 1.700 on roll\ 

IVniilred Bepu inber, 1U77 MAS- 
liLt’AHIMI.NV to slutro walk 
Ihrnunnoui Iho srhuol tnrliiilien 
Bh.m 1‘ornt ror suitabip amtlitani 
but this not Ht-aln i. 
lltUK Et'AiaOL l OH 

lirginl Hlroet, Plymouth 
IlMlulp'd far Baptrmtmr. (in A 1 Jll - 
A IK AbSIHTAN f TLACtlEH ihrdlo 

1) fbr ENm.iatl at Ihls tltrse-lorm 
rtitry Orummor School ibdO iiovsi 
Cnmllikilra should bo nbls lo h 
lu n.n.i:, '■ A ■■ level. An In- 

H-rrsl In Diuntd or ollirr ocilvlilM 
■et odvanuino. 

Oouniy WL Ooundl 

! education department ' 

Applications are invited from qualified tea- 
chers for the following vacancies : 

(11 to 18) 

ENGLISH.. Opportunities for well qualified tea- 
chers to teach wide range of classes anti to 
contribute fully to gonernl school life. Please 
state special Interests. 

SCHOOL (11 to 18) 

(a) PHYSICAL EDUCATION. To be respon- 
sible for the department and the teaching 
of girls throughout the school, Applicants 
from a recognised Physical Education Col- 
lege iuid advanced stage essential. Scale 2 
for suitably qualified candidate. 

(b) PHYSICAL EDUCATION. To assist with 
the teaching of girls throughout the school. 
Applicants from a recognised Physical Edu- 
cation College and advanced stage prefer- 

SCHOOL (11 to 18) 



Required for 1st September or as soon as pos- 
sible : 

(a) A teacher to help with PASTORAL CARE 
• and the academic development of the 

*&£ 5 S£j!S"s> * his- 

. A trm uorarv Di’iMilnlnipnl tor 
A«.Wl,iiit M.mtpr Mlncroks iii.'v bo 
conslilcmi lor lower siltuol wink. 

. I’or about sik oasis, aniill'-.itlnn 
lunuk ■ slam iii-il itililraksnl nn- 
vr onqi from iinaiimasiiT. rctum- 
»Ms In hint within %4 daw. 


koomAlluiis ms luvm-il Imnt mill- 

,; “ Vj ^ ,o K ' , "”" 5 

MailMIrs in mmlrni UuiMinas. 
Btijlu I MINI. 

■Vhu ■jin « -nsslul ,i|i|il Irani will b« 
#N|wn-|ril in inke iiii Ihc annoint* 
mant lit Himinubur l‘J77 or as boon 
SB r<ait«lbn< Ihitrcaltcr. . li-itar with currtcsiliini 


ii a up vc a SCI tom. 

(VoIBklifir Aldnd Oiulnntar Rrbool. 

boya. I l-l'i. 11.1 boarders: on 
fur r flfiO , bo °j UBB#r 8l ' 1o0> »S- 10 

woi-k for mi I la trio i-andldato. Non- 
bofl ™ l, ‘ 0 hoU4e latorshlu 

J.HI1 J Mall* fslamucd addressed 

•nvi-lopoi from, and attpllratians 



ie n 

wS2 , *Mid 
f li id IB ca 

to I^Iudsjwii^Tl.cTE; * Q '» 
work. . 

w wstw III mv touuiiiia ut mo- 

■wMVjbe glven to pi^ctising tn^hbera 
/■•ol- me Roman.' Catholic Church. 1 Up t6 - Scale : 4 
available fdr. suitable candidate. ' 

(“) A. teacher to help with the less able pupils. 

assist with the teaching of either 
he a further' recommendation. . 
FRENCH, with some general subjects in the 
junior forms. , . 



Application forms arid further information for 1 
the above appointments in the Education 
Vepartinent, -map be obtained , on receipt of a ' 

- »- J J 1 - f.. ' . .1 w a * • 



stamped addressed. envelope from the birector 
of Education, ■ Gioent County Council, County 
Hall, Cwmbran , Gwent NP4 2XG; To be 
returned to the Headmaster of the ScftooZ con- 
cerned by 8th July, 1977. 

The successful applicants will be required to ' 
submit a satisfactory medical report on appoint ’ 

juft +-^Sjrtii nScmv 
Brfool Rwa. 'BliMnct 
Tat. s 02.774 (17191 1 

BuSHcay , 


Step - alt 

AMW, 'iftWHidhi 

J« Hpadniasiar wlm M 
Hiiilan and Iho nsmoa 

udrlrnMta of two roiosefar IWU 
Mam nod addroMBd 1 envtlan# 

, ; 1 1 ¥ i <t ktl-iflM M 


iRoU: 1.500) 

< Mlxc J Comirfiihonalvsj 
Blionriold Coiuuton. n enlwaod 
i>|; 0277 *226462 

Dequlrad In Soiitcnibor. pr*- 
/nabty gmdUBlo. 

Aontlcdltau by lallM 111 Oral 
ItiBlanfO enulDSIna Rtaiiipid uo- 
LbTFued nnyvlorw. Mr rot>ly ami 

nantM ana addressed or twu 


ijiy tn* i*oiirSMOUTii nnifi' 

Lou. Ion I load, llllsefl. Portwitoulli 
1*02 UlIJ 

<UHuinlmid*f Mlaed J -• 1 6 
Nuutbi-r on Hill :* 1.029 
llLHiuircd I rout tii-tiiLtnber, U‘77 
Ht ale I — liluilllilte TEACIIEH of 
TNULiait m work mainly with llie 
v>|t|)or Sktiaot. 

Apply by k-tter la the I ti-dit- 
ii .liner us taun ns (Kissili'e 
i h mm pod .iiUlriKSCsl envoioiii- lur 
ai'knawicdscitieni ami * ltinln-r 

M.iralt La no, Balt India pi on 
SOI 1I-.X 

i-2 to Lb iitlsod Comcmliritalve 
■ Number un roll d'.'O) 

Kciiiilrml lor BiTtPuibt-r 
b, die I — CNUl.lBIt And KNiil.IRlI 
ullh Hi: 12(110 US LDUUATKiN. 
Bacial Hilarity allowance luuibin 
Apply by loiter fa I livid by T-l 
Jul y. _ 


I riivkult Rood, bouthsoa, llumpslilre 
1*0-1 DDL 

t.i'iupii'livntiivo MLsod 12- it) 
Niaubor on rull L.23B 
Hcquirod (ram flcplvittbmr. 1977 
Apply by letter lo the 
InUiivr do *uan uo poixtilu 

i s. jin (ted ditariuisni) unvi'ioiHi |u- 

diiviujwiodaaiiioni and {unitor Uv- 
U IIS ), 

illuruutih of) 

Kvquuvil tor flrnlnnht-i — 



(iVniiDrohitiStvo School: 11 to IS 
vi. in; 1,400 ttuplia. 220 in ino 
sixth form i 



C*trr Cine. WIlTorby. Hull. 

LNtiMHli — Scale I. 

i livo pu-alB nv.iltublo) 

lli '111111-4 tor Sfi'timibir. 1 977.*. 

(at A uraduato lLAcltLR ol 
i'NCMSII In llie Upper School in- 


12'iirr Siluial ilL to 14). 

Anidtv.dtim (i»n«H *ro avtlUMt 
fiotn. ami rvlumublo to. Utu llvail- 
iii.utli-r at the wlioul. 

(.loMitii iimo lor duplication*: 4ih 
jmv. iv* 7. 


I J III.. A IIUN IH.I'AliT»inNT , 
iiiika rrit.i.u ills in sciiuoL 
ili-iii t.wi-11 Avenue, Hull 
1 1*, id: N II. niritliiiMiV, n. A. .Id 
IlMiUllTil for B.-ulitubi'f. 1*W7. a 
n.Acill.ll uf i:nmi.isji wimwtii 
i.iXit a auccoMlul and ensliunl.ieUc 
lioiMi'liitr-nt at Tho ueii.un 

ul'l'ir'nli'il will Uu uxi'cclvd 10 IcsirH 
1A an Ii-viii ui .ub'hiv wort to bo 

I.IjMblF ul ■■ A " IfV'll VVIITK. till' 

M liiiol Idki-S Modes 1 and 
5. *■ O M lovol, Mid Otero is, a aiib- 
Mi.iitiutl ainuiint or work In rato 
Blvii | onu. 

Thla U a ntivril comprobrnstvo 
b< hoaT wllh l.lllii iiinJIa .101:11 15* 
IS wan. 

AmjiII* at Jon lb rips, jv.til.ibie froirt 


btsili I onu. 

Ttita U a niivnl comproltrnatvo 
w I.wir wllh 1.1 2ii itui'lla .to oil 15* 
1H wan. 

AmiiII* ailon rortps. jv.Ht.ibie from 
On (lead, should bo n turned by 
411. .luiy, 1**17. 


L'Ul'CArlllN CU.M Ml t'lTB 



New WJlIhaui, Crim.bV 

i Mu un roll l.ttfiov 

lli .iiliu.isli-r, I. K. Drake, M A., 

I . 

H'-iitilrnH (nr 3L6L August, 1077: 
Mi.'iV and t-nlliuM.iellc LNOLIBH 
(illAUUAlU n bio To loach tltn sub- 
t».l tip to “ A “ Invcl and tlirouuh- 
ihii the ability range. 

LiiHiiMlcsm jpiI a willingness iq 
play a lull part in a lurgu wliool 

a coanprahtnalye school 
Ui v.-rv modem iiunmso-buiU wo- 
niiscs In a rural area surra mi dr d 

S V u pen Holds. It hci-vpm Iho 
riigniiul jn-a iroin Iho Lln.oln- 
nltlro Uolds lu thu bast Coast. 

0RAH ^ 

«i^¥s* ap ‘ tn 

ft-wi. 10 ,,:nch vAadStird £&£;• 

jlei'aBsl^tbUbihv *gte- SJJIPi fo. 
l/htiinnniuls, Hunt os «nd u 

s-mSs, “ 



.111(1 /.IT hCOOM SOvIMIvi 

f fp ,, 1 r ' ri ,"‘ , u miry VoluhtaJ 6 ^ ^ 1 
linilisl lUai.u.iiir HihMr.uVto,'’ 
kilo an Ai''iiilc 
ii vt i-m.-r m is mhi TttnXJY 

\ixi ^ ,o o 

Kitiinubuiintn Is set m u, k „ 
i iiiimiy IH'iwi-i-n in# NlcdwaJm?" ( Mtiii'flmrv wllh 2}£\ 

Jeji^ljunuutt .mil iht Nwih km 

Atu’.lli iitlons, looti her with ik, i 
H-n.ii-a m two ri'ima. ji(.| U ? ' 

I her llrA4tlllalKlf*r Jl Iho 8cn&CH * 
lilC I.UlinoN BCIIOOL 
lanver Ululiaiu Head, (Jrateund 

M^sivr,,^: D - ll - 

iNiii.ib'T mi Hnli; 1,2-V)i 
liniiilieit lor Sviilrinbsr. lEirw. . 
«■( I.Ntll.IHlI PnsHlblUly of 

1*1. nu., ni.l.llllll. 

i Nliiiib'T nil Hnlli 1,2.50) 
llri|iilieil lor Hviilrinber. TEariiio 
nr J.NllLIHH I'lisxlblllly 0 ( 

fi'lesi ** WIWk ,l,r ln ' or * HM 
Apply by le tter to the lliMDe,. 
let, (ill I iiii rurrkulum viiiTjri 
naming two pmn-vuuiui nifn H 
•uid In tlin . asu ol lallras 
the name and address of [i. J™ 



Uuiinhion Latiu. Maldilons ^ 
• l.-.ut) inlxmli 

nlilro \volds tu Ihu Last Coa*-l. 
Application anil lurtlirr 

K iitk-ul.irs obtainable train flic* 
-siduiustor al llio Hilinul u.r 
H.r.Al'i. lo whom Kiev hIiouIU Uu 
returned wUhlli leu days ol 111 o 
M'lN'ainilW u of tills i-rllseniePt. 

AHSI'i TAN r in leach across ft, ui 
ranoo ill lu 17i. Wtliousuiaa 
cuureea iraUInn lo Ci.t 

1 u .l|- j' ° " AMhM Li 

mIiuu! do. a not al preunT liT, 
‘ A level voursi'S. cxocrtew# g 
t<-u>.iitnu to ,a A" lyvsivMMh 
an .nUriiil.iuo 


1-1)1 II : A llllN COM Ml TITO 



Wcelsliv Aienui). Urhusby 

■ Hull 1.4IKII 

tliMiliii.iilrr Dr. C. Il.ilnll. It flr 

ViHiiuorury ‘II^ACIILH of I'NULIBII. IKiMilr'-'l Inr Mill AuiilIM L‘*77: 

Wurfc Up lu "A" lovol could tio li''U Mil.) I 111 ir.l n:ACIll:il uf I.NI>- 

avalloblo for a aulltibly giiullilc.l I.1SII lu lulu l.iruu anil suiti-.-niiU 

undid.ila. Possibility at a uonna- dris.rluienl, An opieiriuiiliy lil.iy 

non I oost Liter. 

The school Is housud In two mauem Uull.lliiuo an « 
ld-jiro situ and uliera ckcelloiil 

Lamia of appltcailon laiamnod 
jddi rosed epviiluuoi dvalliibiu Iroin 

H i a undcndiinori lo bo n-turiieri lo 
• ad or m hoal .is aoun as uusslblv. 
Cloklnu Wednesday, bth July. 

Imlvrwlvk Houd, Lonilon. N.H 
1 1.4.10 pupils. 260 In llie Sixth 

I unit; rfio 6* i .oa l movud Into new 
uildlmis in 1071) 

well uualinoit (IhaduA'ii; ii:a. 
i;iii.ii nr i:nui.ibii lo sli.iro iho 
work llirounhaui iho aclmol. An 
inieroat or miDbNonrp in Drnniii 
a airona rceqmniciidotiou. wllh 

awl's ^ ,5B,ec ' ' n 

Ploano apply direct lo iho llruil- 
iiilslrisa Uio aiiiuul. niiotlnu two 

ilL'iuuval eMiiswem il(M) i*er i mii 
■ lluto.'.l). I Jill, lull AllowilllCO iKAIKJi 

Chief CdlliMHun OH lr it. lallM'.- 
Ill'll Dili Muniuru-I, NI7 

t iris.riiiiehi. All I'Pixirtiinliy id.iy 
ip .ii .illtible lur siillably uinilHlril 
ijiidl'Luo lu ali.ire ■ ‘A ,r level work. 
An tui.-rosi In Urania would be 


Apeieuikm runns and ninhrr 
rit-Lill*. obialnabie Irani the Hrad 
Trailer at list- Mhuol to whom iln v 
s lluill • I lie r. liirnrd within 1U dais 
uf the .ii>M«jr.iiu« ol this ailiivllw- 

lllO Hl. 


Otll.'Nl V Clll'NCIL 
HANlimi’N lllll|l HCIIOOL 
1 he I. ih wav. hand own. 

IN" or iv hiiii 

Ayr j-.imii- 15. | It viari 

(1.102 UII rulll 
group I'J Mix.-d Coiupirhi-nslva 
rimuilred toe Huplrnitiel'. I'*/?, nr 
laniiiirv. 1V7H. Well uu, Hilled "I.d 

thiouiihuiit I lie ai'lioo] and »o UMu 
with r\'iiulnaUon ami iieisiumunijl 
organ miluii. Hi-spuni.ititliiv ler 
rwiiool l luma d»Mr.iblu but uni 

(lullin'' .ipplK.illiiiin hv Irili-r 
wllh li.uues ol twu I I'lrl ci-s to Ihn I'.,.. Iiit. Mr. II. I. 

M MM>n JS IHlsSlIllo. 

Illiltlaiii.iu Lane. M.iliMous 
■ un lull: luiMjirrliMulis inuitt 
llniiilrrd tor nr lit Otu brr tvn 

t.iiADiJAii: n:Ai:ili:n or eniiuL 
(It This new H(.ll»Ol dbllflhUUlF si 
III 41) acres ut ivuuilljnd end oUjji 
lle'ds C.iiII-m'n to C.B E., U£ 
a lul "II" h or.- undKUbi 
Ail rilll lull Ml lull -II L lust COVtfildEj 
a iiiislura.liuti- Ci-r.lll' jio Inldtr 

S w.niiil bi< at . r idable, and in 
tv in nit.s.k 1 reitcn an iftu 

l.-lli-r nl a pidl. -illan. n«mw si 
r.-lrn-rs. lu iin> lle.idawstir. 

n'NHiiinni: wi.ns diviikm 


• linll l.irui: Kent ItumniA 

Hi Ill'll. P I (lull HrllUUll 

it. -null "d (nun M"idniib*r hrri 
linn .inly: AHHIHVANf JWOW 
fur I’fuirrt-sviie CNUllstl fis* 

""AWpllr all. ms bV lolly * 4* 

II* atli'i.i-.iiT nil lull ili-l.iln s (iLn 
ll. *.il lul is .nut evpwleiir*. »,«• 
(it.. I nanti'S anil aililrrsM* v ■* 
l-t "(■ n-HTf « s (*UPe*A 


sv. i .ai; i Mrif. ti liwrJ W 

I liiiiiwali". Huddersfield. 

1 -I.I1HS Of iipiilir.'lien and 
t'.trtli Utars alKiili U.p Kl'M W, 
oM'IIu.iT mint llie IhaMW 
■ - i.ii.ii'i .1 addreuta r 

^•ll .IS" i k _ - 


tcuuntv (kiitnull ol) 

IILI»niQHOj |( fYp:8rONB^ 

nroadiaiidB Lane *“ 

A> Icstoiio^y ll^^lororurd 

nulro.1 for Sepientlier to tea* h 

S ILtsh to iiuplis nr all 
ilea. .Tho Ruiccjurul can* 
lo Will lr-ln a deiurtnteni 
Which It, closely assoc I j led 
with, iho 'Library, Drama, tho 
devi’loimienl or resourcos and 
the esiabllshmont or chaileng- 
Ing now course*. 

AooUcailon forms and fur- 
Utw partlruum can be ub> 
tainod from . Iho Headmaster 

3 it receipt of a shunned ad* 
ressed envolopo (Fool see 01, 



(London Hurough oft 


lUwees Bond. Ilsyos, 

atlddlqux UD4 H P 

(Number ott roll l.OSt — ISO In 

ilaln Tormi 

Headmaster: O. D. Watters, J P,, 

Required for Sepiotnber: 

popular sixth (arm option. Applica- 
tions irom newly qujhfled lejihors 
will bo wolcome. 

An Plication, forms Irani anil rs- 
lurn.iblo lo Ihp Head Tigi her. 





. Ap pHci 
Irani, an 

cve"f fsa 

hw appUcMtoMs 




•. •• 


Required Autumn Term 
Assistant Teachers at* 

Caludon Cattle Boys' Comprehensive School 
Axhoima Road 0.570 on roll) 

(1) PHYSICS, Scale 1. 

12) CHEMISTRY. Scale 1. 

Tho Science Department enjoys good facilities and n» 
a high reputation. 

Coundon Court Mixed Comprehensive School 
Northbrook Road (1,830 on roll) ^ 

ENGLISH in a large and strong deportment. prel*®|J ,r 
with an Interest in lees eWe pupils lor a proportion *>■ 
a timetable. Scale 1. 

Lyng Hall Girls' Comprehensive School 
Blackberry Lane 1 1.630 on roll) 

BIOLOGY. Scale 1. 

Newly qualified candidates welcome lo apply* 

Stoke Park Mixed Comprehensive School 
Oaine Road (860 on roll) "-/joy. 

LATIN to-* A* level and/or Lower School HIS 
Experienced teacher for full or part-ttme iejnp" 
one-term appointment lo cover seoondmeni,*” . 

. Permanent staff. . ■ 

Tile Hill Wood Qirls' Comprehen*** Bc, * t>6f 
Nutorook Avenue (1,&40 on roW 
(H FRENCH. Scale 1. _ r/v , 

(21 Teacher of OFFICE SKILLS ifli i *W l “ s 

department and loorg&nlsa the sctioolrewu 
oentre. Scale 2 posl for suitable aPP l,ca '' 

•the Woodlands Roy*' Comprehensive School 
. Broad Lane f 1.630 on roll) J . no . 

Genuinely unstteamed mid well sl ruciured sc nou* 
PHYSICS to C.S.E. and -O levels with science -n 
, Junior Forme, Scale 1. 

-■.-SSSSP de i®TO days after appearance ot 
. , 8 rtvafilsemetrt. Canvassing disqualifies __ 

• ■ i i B • "* 

•??? *? .*? ** *** »■**( ****** u* ++ 

. iaoa immin «i | H imimi 

- OB—i-nali j^wvhw*4»a ****4. 

, % . ^f. v * '■ 1 • : . . tv ■« H ■ ‘ V i> ; »r .- - r g u- 1 • i ii,f 

«! 1 ■ | 

THli IIRIIva LUUy^JLjjUiNAL SuPPLEMI^NT .%4 f Q.77 ' ’ 

t ; 

■ : . [ 



J ' Coyote 
. 8 Boboal 
4 Myladaor 
8 Jact 1 . rabbit 

8 Burrowing owl 

B Lannarfalcon 

10 CrAstedlark 

11 Kaogaroo-fBt 

12 CorpBO 

Environmental expressions 

90 VOUMPUUtk A*, uyipan 

d Ground -oqulrrol 13 Turkey vultUfO 
7 Pralrla-dog 

• 'r o«u, 

V ?*•>' 

w.,.7 , ■ , „ W/ _ ' 

Balancing Nature 

• William Ckghom ^ 

InU'odUcilon io |{cOloay. By K. 
Dajoi, trsnsliilcil by A. Smith- 
Hodder and Stn ii |>I i (on 1L7.W. 340 
JOS4 «. £4.45. .14(1 l‘»5f.9 2. 
no «* Rwedfccs 1 i Jiiirmy. By 

Wheaton Eli60. ns 0 idris X- 

Mh? r,min ? r echiiols of thu fifties, 
n 5., ra study was apt to bu a puny 
wtur, in mine { t rated one period 
■ woex, We- shared hii easy-going 
™ nut ®s with b relaxed history 
t ** cln R time off from sterner 
SW«Si with the upper school, 
h!>n?.i re «i n . to suc h nj a iters as the 
ihL^uti f? a,PS . °f chrysalises and 
5L , !& I| " IW ? W of «■***• After a 
tnr» j 8 examination system closed 
thoiflf!!?! “* lo Form 2 and 
■learn?oS n i ess - disciplines of higher 
lir ui !.^ 1 . 1 ! 8 .behind our .sprom- 

F ®rtn 1 shelf/" 0 " J “'" ^■ r * w " u,e 

Mm f®? j* u ddi ng doctors and eccen- 

«Smtd U Ki 6 , d 10 l, ! e ««Wect- 
soSj 1 loIo 8 y “-an , lfl dissected 

^moi?i BUSlS i. of - f orm " Un * bul 
as a iuki of . u * dio idea of nature 

f ni dyW t L fo 1 r J se 7 bus M,,d - V fa,lcd 
*uth fir* rile more popular 

SJ&S s P eci «i^ms. Science was 
E,“ lar .t fashionable. The 

il! was cl ^ng out 

rifi r«in t5 v (l J»ey nieant tecltnolo- 
We simply courdn't 

sixtiev it was liecoin- 
>«nisf! rent that . scientists or no 
hittBp' ii 1 * 1 ?. C0 H !d -teriously 
^«ftn°i utlDn . be «™e a watch- 

nml-sixiicx will iiiolmldy grow up 
taking iis importance for grim tod, 
though they may .mill call it nature 
si tidy if they leave school early. 
Those who pursue it to sixth form 
level und beyond will he foitunntc 
if they eiicoimin- Mr I ) ajax's text- 

/w» Ot/ifi’riilN tn licolnmi may at 
fhst appal i lirni wltli the realiza- 
tion thin null hematics and hard* 
nosed nouniiimivu science invade 1 
tho higher realms uf dear uid nature 
study, though it still retains its anec- 
dotal cliurm. Perseverance) will re- 
ward them with an elementary 
understanding of the world’s great 
Jiving systems. The text is orga- 
nized logically, beginning, with .the. 
idea of environmental factors, dis- 
tinguishing the biotic front the 
abiotic, introducing the study of 
populations, proceeding to concepts 

or community ana eco system, ana 
finally arriving — via material and 
energy Hows, productivities of eco- 
‘ systems, and (he evolution of life 
on earth — at a solid basis in dis- 
ciplined observation for the respect 
that nature presently asks but will 
one day do maud ot humanity. 

First published in Prdnce in 1969, 
the book ran to three editions in 
six years. This expanded edition is. 
well served by its transistor and,' 
with its comprehensive references, 
useful reading list and succinct in- 
dex, amply supports its author's 
conviction that ecology should be a 
part of every person’s education. 

My 14 -year-old test market ex- 
pressed reservations about the 


John Gribbin 

. i 

Forces or Nnturci Edited liy Sic 
Vivlnn Fuchs, 

Thames und Hudson. £9.50. 500 
01153 l. | 

This book is a glossy, lavishly pro- 
duced itiempL to i ncreuKe gonccoi 
awnroncs* about llie tenuous nature 
of mankind's grin an planet earrti, 
computed with the awesome power 
of natural forces. Chunters on such 
topics as “Deserts, Droughts and 
Fainino ”, ■ “ Volcanoes ”, Earth- 
quakes and Drifting Continents ” 
and “Glaciers and Ice Ages” are 
written by experts and each is 
followed by a section of illustr* 
tion$, including many colour photo- 
graphs,: Tlie editor's role seems to 
have been minimal, and the whole 
book sits unhappily between the 
coffee table market of its overall 
for in at and price and the more edu- 
cational sobriety of the text. 

Tills is unfommato, especially 
where the economically stretched 
school library Is concerned. The 
bulk of the book is about climate 
end • the geophysical processes 
which mould the solid earth, and 

ffliltc xH prflSflntfl rion wmdd , 

young people in those arete 
of science which are of practical 
relevance to survival on the surface 
of an overcrowded, active planet; 

But the price really is prohibitive ; 
for the same money you could buy 
(dr may already have) both of the 
splendid Nigel Calder/BBC specials 
Restless Earth and The weather 
Machine — and just recently Michael 
Bradshaw's Earth the Living Planet 
(Hodder and Stoughton} has covered 
twice as much ground at half tbs 
price In on equally readable form. 

‘Nevertheless, for those with large 
coffee table* and deep pockets 
Forces of Nature is likely tn pro- 
vide both information and entertain- 
ment. The stories of continental 
drift, fee egte and so on have been 
told elsewhere, but this Is e handy 
package tio dip into and i may whe* 
the appetite for more meaty thing*, 
llie ootour illustrations are certain# 
attractive 'and. worth "the .price ' ft. 
that It what you tee after— but 
they \ are 1 largely ' irrelevant :fd; 
aceoefn& terms. 

Dictionary of Unvlroniuentul Terms. 
By Alan Gilpin, 

Routledge uml Kogan Paul £3.50, 
7100 848 3 8. 

He -Iite to he a very brave men 
uriuf aepirea to contpile a book aucli 
as this for “there are few words in 
the Engfliah iangiuage qtaoe so all 
etmbredng as tihe word environ- 
ment”. How long rfiould the book 
be, and on what basis should the 
selection be made ? Any answers 
to these fundamental questions are 
unlikely to satdefy ati readers. 

In a very short introduction, Mr 
Gilpin explains that his sdeciion Is 
*' somewhat pragmatic "j it is based 
on his own espeideiice in terms of 
eiiviroumeiiiml pollution and its 
coutrol as well as terminology used 
at the first United Nations ■Confer- 
ence on die Hiunan* Environment 
hold in Stockholm in 1S72. Even' 
nxdli such a narrow selection it is 
unllikely that a book of 174 pages 
tan begin to do justice to such an 
Immense field. 

Indeed, dititial doubts prove to be 

A Beginner s Guide to Freshwater 
Algae. By Hilary Belcher and Erica 

MITS* SLUlioneiy offIce 8 S p- 

Tliii is u practical little' book for 
uiiviura wtiiTLi; work or imcrcsi re- 

only too well founded. The^e i.i 
greater need for a full, explanatory 
preface which draws more carefully 
the scope oE die dictionary ■ and 
tries to define more clearly- an 
organized approach. 

Second, it is quite evident'. to tiia 
reader that sub-division is not -.only 
necessary but wtould be' helpful. 
Instead of a straightforward alpha- 
betical listing there is a need for 
sub-scctions such os natural - copser- 
vaititHi, die butlt environment, on- 
vlnonmental pollution and coitcrol, 
euvironmentai education, etc. Terms 
within such sections could then bo 
arranged alphabetically. 

Third, because of the compiler's 
stated experience, there Is too touch 
on pollution and Its control, and 
hardly anything on tho built en- 
vironment. Townscape and' : land- 
scape. an area' of manifest Concern 
to all people, surely requires 
gi'eatec attention. 

The book has an AustmtiMi 
emphasis which 1* not entirely mill- 
able for British studies. Many 
" ordinary ” words, sudi os erosion, 
family, flood plalu and manhole, eve 
unnecessarily defined- 

Bryan Waites 

quires identification of tho fresh- 
water algae, down to' about genus 
level. The dvawings (mostly from 
living specimens) ate supported bv 
cleanly- written notes glviug us much 
detail us space allows. 

It, C. Vernon 

Structured Questions 
in Chemistry •; i 

C\ NJcliolls, F. O. Ifarrlss, I*. ^f P Ingrmn j 

More than 60 sir tic lured questions, grouped by topics, 
designed to meet the requirements of pupils preparing 
for O-lcvel and C.S.E. examinations, especially those r 
.following Nuffield or similar courses. The structured I- 
format, similar to those used In examinations, should in 1 
many Instances lead pupils step by step to answers they i 
might otherwise be Incapable of reaching. i- 

Publication July 48 pages 65p 

Set of 5 copies £2.00 ; 

... ■ j 

Focus on Physics , ; 

k i 

Second Edition 

Sylvia Chaplin anti H. J. P. Keighley ! . , 

. . . i • 

• ■ t • 

. A aew and fully' revised edition of this highly successful -. 

PbyjjiCa .oOvMo ifor C.fl.E. students. The use ■ 
or roraur and the many photographs of everyday and 

frTiin7ran»:i*i»irf7rnT.r.L«*iBjii.K^j| f HPirTy(<TtitFnrrtFi , ^«i<^i 

book attractive and easily readable. Important additions 
are new chapters on motion and energy, a table giving 
the names of units and their values, and a wider range .of 
questions at the end of eaeh chapter, . 

464 pages • £ 2,60 

Hocus on Biology 

C. D. Gould 

An illustrated course for C.S.E. or 0-level students. The 
integral practical work, which is an important feature .of 
tlie book, , requires only simple and readily, available 
materials. Relevant instructions are clearly distinguished 
from the rest of the text. A glossary of important terms 
has peen included to help the reader. 

•3S2 pages ^ 

' f 

. I f . ■' 

j’ .. . 

WHEATON Hennock Road, Exeter BX2 8 HP 


Mechanisms of reaction 


Peter Haw Morgan on chemistry for A level and CSE 

cr r.i. --=r-\— s'— r-r..r— n f enthalpy Cycles (UUl includes Well 

bles of 

A. Hoskyns 

Structural nnd Comparative Inor- over J00 ia 

data, the cliap- 

gunk Chemistry. By P, It. S. Mur- u>r on periodicity being especially 

ray and P. R. Dawson 

well favoured In this respect. The 

Heinemoim Educational £3.60. 435 section on complexes introduces the 
65644 9. various ligand configuraiiions about 

Chemistry— A Modern Jnliroducllon the mewl centre »id gives a 
for Sixth Forms nnd Colleges. Part rtiproiifh account of isomerism. 
1 : General and Inorganic Chernfe- There is all so a brief ttoursion Mo 

George Alien ana uninn, rare *. “*•> ■■ 

£2.9x Part 2 £2.95. Part 3 £3.50. The nomenclature Is systematic 
Studying Chemistry,. By W. E. without being fussy, and the SI is 

Studying Chemistry,. By w. E. 

Iiatcnem • „ 

Hutchinso n £2,25. 09 1 27451 6 . ^ 

Inorganic chemistry has benefited 

inorganic cnemisiry mis dbubiucu f j,i,. ei .c.i tv D f i 
greatly from the systematic studies y 

of trends in physico-chemical pro- This secom 
parties. The authors of Structural wick's three-v 

adhered to. Tlie text Is surprisingly 
not provided with a bibliography 
but has dear diagrams and gives 
HU Interesting introduction to the 
diversity of the periodic table. 

parties. The authors of Structure, 
and Comparative Inorganic Che mis 

This second edlrioit of Mr 'Chad- 
wick's three-volume text is intended 
for A, S and ONC Jevel students. 

try have made full use of the perio- Part one is devuicd to general and 
die classification in writing this text inorgmiic chemistry, anid begins with 
nnd intend it for A, S, ONC nnd fundamental nLGinic structure, bond- 
OND candidates and as introduc* jng and thermodynamics and then 
lory reading for first year under- divides the periodic table into s-,- 
grnduates. The box notation for p-, and d- block elements with empha- 
electronic structure is quickly estab- sis on metallic/ mm- metallic be- 
lislied and combined with (lie con- Jiaviour. Important or represen ta- 
cept of hybridization (quite well live elements tire discussed In de- 

illustrated) to provide a basis for tail and aluminium and the zinc 
the discussion of molecular struc- group are discussed separately, 
tune.. Molecular orbital theory is Covnlent molecular structure and 
mentioned though such topics us complex formation are described as 
lhe paramagnetism of oxygen are the need arises. Part two covers 

not included. organic chemistry and, spurt from 

Hie' first six chapters deal with discussing the various functional 
the general considerations of elec- groupings, includes chapters on tire 
ironic and molecular structure, identification of organics (though 
energetics, redox potentials and tlie very little on the mass snectro- 
periodic classification. The remain- meter), isomerism, biologically and 
tier of the book is then devoted to industrially important chemicals, 
the periodic groups, complexes and Mechanisms of reaction and IUPAC 
the d-biodt elements; 130 multiple nomenclature are introduced at 

appropriate points ami a summary 

choice questions (with answers) and 

100 essay questions bring the book of reaction concludes the book. The 
to a close. The text makes good use last part introduces physical cheni- 





This HANDBOOK Is Intended to provide a comprehensive Inlroduellon 
to the study of plants, with considerable emphasis being placed on the 
Importance of applied aspects of botany. It should be useful as a 
comprehensive revision aid for "O" Level*. while serving as a revision 
source for "A" Level studies In Biology, Botany, Environmental Studies 
end Socle! Biology, It will also provide background Information for such 
studies as agriculture and horticulture. 



This HANDBOOK has been written for the purpose of providing a 
concise treatment of genetics for the student studying for "O'*, "A" and 
Sr Level exams. Aa thorough a framework at Is possible Is provided by 
the book, including a simple treatment of the chemistry Involved In 
genetics. Solved problems and a selection of sample exam questions are 
also Included. 


Of board*. \ Relevant sebfl tjns havi» been 
i*'TVMBMBtr*rio Include the itfatefid required for 
ina Health Science syllabuses used by many over* 
. leas candidate* 

i.stry in a fairly traditional manner 
with SI units and contains both 
worked examples and problems fur 
solution. Hess's Law is well des- 
cribed and tables of data nre 
appended. The diagrams in these 
volumes ere often black on 
grey which dues not make for 
clarity, but the three parts are fairly 
self-contained and cross- reference 
between them is only occasional, j 

Studying Chemistry is a single 
volume text for CSE candidates 
from 13 to 16 years. The author 
rakes little for granted and com- 
mences with the anatomy of the 
Bunsen burner, purity and separa- 
tion. This book is very much con- 
cerned with applications and many 
Chapters contain a detailed study 
of the impact of chemistry upon 
some aspect of everyday lire (and 
vice versa). The text is straight- 
forward, tlie diagrams clear and the 
monochrome plates plentiful. 
Worked sample results are given 
with experiments and the author 
includes a section oil careers in 
chemistry. The factors affecting 
reaction rates are introduced via 
simple collision theory though the , 
reaction between hydrogen and : 
chlorine is perhaps not rite best 
example to choose. 

The experiments for demonslra- 1 
tion by the tencher only me 
marked with an asterisk and some 
safety advice is given both in the 
preface and In the text. Since such 
substances as lend nitrate, barium 
chloride mid carbon disulphide are 
used by pupils, some specific 
tnxicaliy warnings are needed. The 
text is sometimes prone to over- 
simplification — it is probably an 
exaggeration to say that no one 
lias scurvy any more — but this is 
a lively course mid Mr Latchcm 
takes every opportunity to make 
it relevant to the work! about us. 

Physics I n veal ig al ions. By V. W. 

Wheaton £1.15. 08 1)20*181 3. 
Certificate Physical Science. Hook 
One. By A. J. Mce nnd A. C. K. 

J arvis. 

Icinemaiiu LI. 80. -I.t.i 
57581 3. 

A Dictionary of Physical Sciences. 
By John Duintitli. 

Mamillun £5.95. 333 19434 9. 

Physics Investigations was designed 
to encourage A level students to 
plan their own experiments, mid is 
based on u five-volume set of labora- 
tory ex peri mums uml pm jeers which 
V. W. Bolton wrote when lie was 
involved with the development of 
Nuffield Physics in lhe sixties. He 
enumerates 200 ideas for generating 
investigations and lie advises tho 
teacher how to help when the pupil 
has reached a standstill. He provides 
specimen reports — but they tend to 
be more concise mid formal than 
those a pupil actually produces ; 
they, in fact, often show ; more 
insight into the methods of scientific 
research than has come through in 
these exemplars. 

Genuine experiment is the pro- 
duct nf interest ami confidence, and 
it proceeds on the feed-buck 
principle and not thin of working 
backwards from nil ascertained con- 
clusion. Ideally, uric would hope 
that the yeurs spent at O level doing 
a modern course would provide con- 
fidence to work experimentally in 
the context of mi individual's own 
ideas and strategics. 

Grub, guts and spit 

John K. Williams on general and combined science 

General Science (Third edition). By 
Charles Windrlilge, 

Schofield mid Sims, nooks 1, 2, nml 
3 95n each. 

Combined Science. Uv O. Green, 
S. K. C. Pclford, A. J. Short mid 
D. I.. Walker 

John Murray. Bunk 1 £1.25. Hook 2 
£1.95. Teachers Guides 1 mid 1 
£1.95 each. 

Integrated Science. Edited by D. 
Tinbergen and P. Tliorbiirn. 

Edward Arnold. Rook 1 £1.50. Bonk 
2J1.75. Book 3 £2.25. 

Curriculum development is a con- 
tinuing process and the method of 
exploring a subject will depend on 
the needs of particular pupils and 
the amount of collaboration between 
a teacher and hi s class. It is there- 
fore not surprising to find, at this 
time of considerable curriculum 
change, science books on the market 
wtii quite different approaches to 
the subject, especially m the wav 
they demonstrate tho inter-relation- 
ship between the various scientific 
fields. The three series of books 
described here are all suitable for 
tlie early years in secondary school. 

The Charles Windridge General 
.Science books were first published 
about 20 years ago, and most science 
teachers will be familiar with them. 
Further revised editions of books 1, 
2 anj 3 have recently been pub- 

lished and revised editions of bunks 
4 and 5 will lie uv.iihihle sunn, 

Tlie style of tile male rial is pre- 
Nuflii'lii.'h iiipu- is in-.ited as 
a complete unit mid i lu- l.ijmit uf 
the blinks is .such eaeli topic 
lakes upturn pages, the leM an une 
page being fared by evplau.iiniy 
diagrams mill illiitiriiiinns mi tiic 
opposite page. Kuiue topics, e g, 
hmiiun sexual irpniductiim, and 
(hrnininogiapliy, nre im table tin 
t heir absence ur lack uf detail, ami 
some nf the text mips. especially 
fur the inure them ciicul cniucpis 
nre loo brief. 

Tho course is insufficient to give 
a thorough background knowledge 
to pupils, and it will require a great 
deal of work oil the part of tho 
teacher to make up fur ibis. How- 
ever, despite these drawbacks, and 
in spite of the books' unassuming 
title, they do .successfully relate the 
different science disciplines hv pre- 
senting tile topic-, in u log i cul well- 
Jinked sequence. 

The Combined Science scries is 
in its method of approach at the 
other end of the spectrum from the 
General Science scries, and the con- 
tent of the books is imeiieciualiy 
much more demanding. The authors 
took part in the triuls for Nuffield 
Combined Science and. as would be 
expected, their method is investiga- 
tional. The two student volumes ure 
complemented by cor res pun ding tea- 


. TIT|.ES flEQlHRFn___ . 'T l \ ' Vlv ■ •- ^ 1 . 

j Please tick here ( ) If you would like a FREE Educational hooka . 

: catalogue, , . ■ ■ i ■ ■■>!' ■ • 

I Send this completed coupon to Macdonald & Evans Ltd.. FREEPOST. 

| Plymouth PLB2BR (No postage stamp necessary If posted Inthe UiK.l 

T. H. Price . v:/ : 

Ftefc Response Questions hT Aleve! 
Chemistry. By It. A. H. Hillman 
and. A. C. Pennington. 

^dison -Wes[ey_£ L2Qj 201 02954' 5. 

•SlPJ* * new topic, claimed to he 
first to give guidance .on the 
response auestlons being . intro- 
.auced to the Nuffield course exam- 
inktfdns at! A level. , ' 

- The pendulum - is obviously on. the 
move agun. away &bm those crystal 

i*lean .L.ll - . _1 ... PI 

'2SH5* , tf ,ai st 4' ,e , and content 
SBS* „ be accurately predicted. 
Hatxily an enctrely new dlscoverv 
one might think. So it mu* t* 
freedom is limited, 
if ( '" 1 

are id v*sed that nre- 
!S2S“Ji "“torial -can be varied. 
SjjS dlugrants. 

Sn _ data t even notes 

ap.jy precwe ah^yvers. But tile aUth- 
!rtrratfe quick> warn the pjudmt 
ttM-thls.Js not itecessarlly a. move' 
haok to the Old , style question, 

• By its very natupe, they SaV, a good 
nee restxSnse question will receive 

canh»i.«a T.i ' ■ ' even ««es 

S? 18 necessary to deve- 

m a«rial tele- 
vam; to tho question, to orgartiee 

ng & canicd fey 

Soswer ahd then giyhig a. grading 

Bolton’s real concent is with ih. 
student who 1ms no ideas a t a 
this is n and comment on the r»«i 
of much O level leaching which CS n 
only bo depressed furthw 
courses like that of Mee nt 
Jjirvi.s’ s Certificate Physical ScieS 
llns is u catalogue of experitSS 

to bo performed by rate, desiEmS 
to show how groups 0 f faCts “J 
one law, which is easier to rem,- 
bor I hau the facts that combined b 
form it. D 

It is a series of experiment!, i 
comments, luws, tliuorios and suit 
nuti les punctuated with paragraoh. 1 
of suggest i on a for background read! ' 
ing. Every experiment must bt 
done in order or the argument t>\ 
the chapter is interrupted and be 
comes meaningless. 

Only five past examination 
questions (1971, 1972) are quoted 
Tills is an approved textbook (m 
the Ministry of Education at Sins* 
pore, and therefore largely affecu 
only the 22,000 overseas studesa 
who take Cambridge rhyjinj 
Science “ O ” level. If it hopes « 
attract those teaching geoeri 
science courses in the United Kiq 
dom, it is worth noting that m 
biological topic is touched upon. 

John Dal m it It's hook is designed 
for students, teachers and r» 
scurcltcrs ns a personal didionah: 

It is useful, but not flawless, lit 
definition nf " ucculcraiioti of fib 
full", symbol g, for exam pie, is pu- 
hops tuuiolognits and tun vorvhe^ 
fill. The description of the coa 

C uter term " llvir " u s equal to eight 
its is surely an error ; it is m|j 
cmiven linn ally eight bits in m 
in ocb ines (eg. HIM 360), cermili 
not in nil, ami the impmtont noiiu 
of a byte being the minimum m 
her of hit.-; nece.ssury to reprew 
a character does nut appear at ill 

chcrx* guides i-nniaiuiun atiswns » V 
questions, .supplementary iiifor™*' R 
lion and ad vice. The various fciW-L 
til ic fields are neatly and effectively c 
runiliiueil and tile eliupiers ate 
-irranr.ed around inicr-disciplhiary 
i hemes, eg, supporting 
water, air. , . 

The 10 .i ml ii u s of the inietraitl 
Science wuet, teachers at. 
Wr.Mku Valley School So** 
Depart men t, have set out to P rotl ^? 
iiuncriul ciiiitpt’ised of piovcn te» 
it iq ties and ex i »er intents, nnd M® 
afford ;i slut ling point for ,Mcntn 
in devise tlielr uun courses. . 

Tho prescii tut ion of die matentu 
is clear mid precise «»d 
In pupils oil what to record in ui« 
notebooks is given by means iw , 
series nf questiuns. In the ",^ r “ 5 ■ 
the authors, "...tiic detailed 
st ructions given to puphs m , , r 

that they cun gut "» ‘ n rf j. 

work wit limit putting undue P 
sure on the teacher ; D 

The Integrated Sconce , 
the main, employs invtti gWJ 
methods ‘.imilur to the Cow „ ^ 
Science series hut titer* !** ._* 
emphasis on tlie h 0W ever, 

lure of science. Its style, h 
allliotigli still 
ifglitheartcd. Many of »lj "JJV 
lions arc quite funny. ' 

the unusual chapter iteadffle^t- | 
as “Grub. Guts and Spft ^ 
bound i<i arouse interest* 

on a six IJf lr 55'^*fll V nte^"' S 
excellent t®. numerical 
longer arc P , ’ t ’^ ific points in jjj 
awarded for speed c } tlll|S soate 
answer. -The ‘hie ataryfl 

what subjective. with * 

using a second exum‘ 1 en4uti 
thirl id reserve, /* 
fairness and consistency Jg M 
The purpose of this CI j ce id 
provide students r « llh ^ re*&£L 
answering Subdivided g 

questions, »8 in “»*‘p flr iodUity, C *V 
il.SBCtiOtH such « J aud.Bo^ 
bon ChanlftrK Structure an ^ g 
rag. Most' important ' {act 
Student’s yiewpoint ib th^ w ^ 
answer guides asajjO ' H 
of them— not model wha t * 
brief pointers -md J** 1 *!?™*. 

: essential ' in ■ good °" swe ^ 


Combined Science 

G. Green, K. reilurtl, A. Siiort, 

D.W«lknr ' 

Already very widely adopted 
Within o ynnr of publication, this 
COUfSD provides a core of work for 
the first two years of socondar/ 
school science. Though Indebtad to 
Iha Nuffield Combined Science 
Scheme, u frosh approach has bean 
. used and many of the methods end 
experiments ure tha authors' own 
-tried and tested in thoir own 

, “The pupils' book has plenty of 
experiments, claarly explained, 
ivfth warnings where necessary, 1 
Information, good pictures and 
extra things to do." School Science 
RmIow on Book 1, 

''Thera Is a Judicious mix Of 
background reading, experimental 
detail end questions. There Is a 
useful list of additional activities at 
Ilia end of each chapter and a • 
summary of the basic points." 
Journal of Biological Education on 
Book 2 

Book 1 £1.26 □ 

Teachers’ Guido £1 gg □ 

Book 2 £1 .95 □ 

Teachers’ Guido £1.95 □ 

Beginning Physical Science 
M. Atherton. P. Namasaka, D. Sloan 
Tills ono volume course provides 
two or moro years' work in physical 
science at early secondary level. To 
encourage an Integrated approach 
to the teaching oF physical science 
the book is arranged thomatlcally 
under three headings — Matter, 
Energy and the Environment - but 
within each broad theme the Units 
of work can generally be fdontiflBd 
os ’physics' or 'chomElrv** Thus, 
while there Is a logical arrangement 
of materiel within each theme, tho 
book es a whole allows great 
freedom to lltn Individual teacher 
to plan his own course, Tho authors 
have taught widely in Nuffield 
courses, and In courses based an 
Nuffield Idoas in Kenya and the 

'"The product oF oxperlonco ontl 
hwhuIbstti ... this course is 
tintousiy well laid out and usos 

i fisgramsand texts In pleasing 
wntoraiion. Tho stylo Is Blmplo ns 
the book* were dcslgnad for pupils 
who have Eiigllili ns n second 
mQuago, Equal Ions arc Introduced 
In word form nnd itso Is made of 
flowdlsgmms to lllut-trato chamic&I 
proceKis. The equipment used la 
fMJfMnslvo and now concepta 
handled In a lively manner." 

£t.DO □ 

Teachers' Guido £2.00 U 

Junior Science Project 
gAMffUw hexlblo mstorlal) 
Wawlde ability ranga In theflr&t 
w«* of secondury Inmaratod 
^tiling, developed and 
1 *® m, 5P JcBS of tbe 
.gJJJn Council Por Educational 

a 0ood wine. Its material 
wall end Us antipodean 

SSIS* 7 7 8| l bring an added 
tWhness and interest to the work." 

HSSfcS Edu , cal,onal Supplement 
}{^«llon packs conialnlng one 
qJJJJ. Bo °H ontl ono.Toacherti' 

ftgW* o f the Universe £2.10 t 

{fokwg for Patterns £2.10 E 

newGoei It sound? £2.40 E 

S^lMmcdom £2.40 C 

,n Soluli on £2.10 E 

"“send Energy £2.40 E 


J'^nce of Life 

Biology Group 

^ovarl, 000 student*, this 

S^ , n" P€f r nBntB!r v bQ:s J 

SsltofSP B f *de and O level 
UtoSJ,”" 1 '* 1 * °f five attractive, 
SSwt^ s * u,,,nt *' Units 
2BSfS!!2 fix Pw |fr >onW Guide, 
i^J^ti^nt^and detailed 

g*ooSs for both teacheriend 

■aSgasaer^ ; 

form - “ ,l1 ^ u «b f > 

^ ,rom routine, * 



|®5§^0ontiol 7Gp j 

TnS ?r? ' R ?M Urce . Book £4 BB Q Tha Locust ns a Typical Insect 

SSSESS^i. ° W.M. Ciarl.o one! F33.L Rkbardg 

Published Jointly with BlockioSc 

Rosph alien and Gaseous Exchanga 
D,G. Mad run 

Tho cav.’iith title In tho widrly- 
l«™ Experimental Work in Biology 

sorics of tosi-'d bi.i&i .itury manuals 
for the yoais iKiilirvq to CSE nnd 0 
Ifvel ludmf-s 1G c-.-.puriiiiuiits. 

Pupils’ Book COp O 

Tnachers' Notes 45j> p 

Otnor titlf-i in w^B ^perimcntal 

Work in Biology ia ici; 
rood Tests 

Pupils' COp □ Teachers’ 45p □ 
Enrym*? _ 

Pupils' top n TM.-hers’ /15p D 


Pupils' r.Op □ Toad lets’ 45 p □ 

. Pupils' UOp □ Teachers' 45p □ 
Germination end Trap Isms 
Pupils* 50p □ Teachers* 4Bp □ 
Diffusion and Osmosis 
Pupils' COp D Teachers' 45p □ 

Success In Biology 
Edited by J. M.v.qiiof'n 
This nvi-iil odditioii to tho 
Success Studybaaks s^rii-s is 
adopted from U.G. M.ickeop's 
Introduction to Biology. 1 1 uses 
Virtually the same mmerlal end 
Illustrations but ihn tnv.t has been 
expanded to suit tho needs of O 
level stud-sms in l : E colleges and. 
adult leaders gen^idlly, who cannot 
always turn to u' teacher for 
detailed lielp and guidance. 

A coi iip, ' hi ion to tin' widely iimcI 
book, The Rut as o Small Mammal, 
fills now book is u ijuido to 
c*:: tensive vv.-i I: on tha 
locust brionin;i out tha typical 
■features of which it 
oxomplifics. Tlie line illustrations 
Bre a major f-uunc'uf the hook, 
and there uio also maps, tables and 


"A baai i lift illy produced bool: 
on on liiintMing subject... Each ■ 
topic Is lre-ilnd ot two In.'cN; tha 
first few pa«rs of tv h chapt<>r 
being aimed ,it o Invel students and 
tho conclndiivi ones inutaiuing 
'extension vvoi k* 'y iit.rf,!., lor A level 
Sludenls.'' ILEA Contact 

".rills buiil: ceilr.iuly my 
rcqniruithml'. fr«r a gouj i.*%t on 
Insects in qcilui.iI o-, well nin 
specific account of one type oF 
Insect, and I shall be equipping my 
classes with it." School Sctome 

"Till; Is lire l>e;t bool: that I 
Ii.ive ser.ri v.-hh. h aim', at unifying 
Physics by field ili. i.ry, wave 
tiicorv £ii,cl h/ aiDini.. ..nd nncloar 
behaviour." School Sciatica Review 
on Fields, Waves and Atoms 

v:lth experiments that show tho 
rclccancit of school cheniistry to 
flio cliemic&l Industry’;" 

Chemistry Newsletter £1.50 □ 
-Though ai..h of these hooks can 

bo H-rid rnlir.jly indspondently. 

Fiolds, Wave: :md Alums fAlC □ 

Tho Rstr.s a Entail 


and Tomorrow 

“ nnM , “ •¥«*««. sift 
d, lS ileO help a „d uui d a „„ aWaSEJSJSKS" 

io.^0 U Which gives complBifl covei age of O 

“ !0n *" Social SSWSffSKSJa W 
D.G. M.vf eon and n. Joncts S|J B,flS r ° r . ei dlcr examination. 

publication, this main t^V^unr. “u"™ “ e P ot f! ~ . 

.inok. Essential Principlot or Physics 
blcj and » *M- Wlt.-1.-*n nnd M. I. l-l.ndgjon 
The n'ltlioi 5‘ Essential Pre- 
d bonl: University Physics has j' hi-ivccJ 

, E.noli . iiy o' an a level text 
Is; tho “W. despitn its till,?, has also been 
fi 1, , r ft »in id ft f value in tl if early s tnqes of 

louts and university cdu> ..lion: I .erica, tho 
uing adopt jon of a I r.-?i.rh ti-.-o tiiiu 

or A level J i >r thh n.-w edition. Tho text has 

Ivon l .| ll i,. ( { |,,, 

my in-" crj >oi .■ i-r in. my <.ii l |ii>i**'. and 

Oil fulfil ll Jli'.. |>;,| 1 1- III ,||y on 
in iiiod-riipliym..,', 

is oF .. ( ,, ^ or “ll physics feadiei s and » 
ping my Iftwr pupils this book will almust 
emg certainly becoi ne thoir bible." 

PhY slcs Education on Essential 
£1.50 D Pre-University Physics 
Publication; November 

probably £4.00 □ 

£ t 3G EZI 

Questions and Probloms in Pra- 
Uliivorsity Physics 

"A book which ovary teach or of 
advanced physics ought to have on 
Ins desk to provide inspiration. end 
- i him guidance In his lAidiinq, ns wall as 

inrrnui I' j 3 !. 3 !’ 19 SCiU[i:0 ^UOS liona." 

torrow ThoA.M.A. £2.10 □ 

publication, this tn.iin toxt coven 
IhocaiUaiUof tlm Oand AO 
tyllobusot in luimon tilolnuy os well 
ns tliQ iiuiii:iFi and racial biology 
syllabuses of the Cambridgoand 
London Ovrrsj?.r; syllabuses find 
numnrous oihor local iixamlnotlon 
rcquirci ntjiit-:. Lll.o Introduction to 
Biology -thn bool: is in l.vgo format 
ond nw?i,ivuly illustrated with 
photographs and line drawings 
propnrrjtl py dm authors. 

. "Tl'ta 1^ «'» •’Kc.'lknt book. It Is 
VQincildtr.i .ly q.-.yd v.ilnq with 
A-lpav.ii h in I-- .t.imi 

lllustr.itlons ... /;Ul.mi«rli half the 
bool; Is fllvt*n over in somo suparb 
linedrowiivi; (n.d rolovant 
photographs, (hu text novcrlhelMS 
rdnstci ohout fin.aou readable 
words — tin c -.cciiciiL ochiowmont." 
We tv Scientist 

photographs, diagrams, practical 
work and questions. 

Applications of physics In 
Industry ond everyday life are 
continually referred to throughout 
the book and are dealt with 
specifically in cortoln chapters; 
there ora over 600 questions, 
mostly token from recent O [oval 
nnd CSE papers; ond an easily 
consulted roferunce section, 
'Mathematics for Physics', 
Publication: November £2.45 □ 

Exploring l’liy.i. ■, 

1'. Duncan 

With well ovnr hnlf n million 
copies sold in Its English oditlon, . 
this live volume course leading 
from early secondary to O love! Is 
olrcady In use In hundreds of 
schools. Einnlittsisliifi dlscovarv. • 

Anatomy, Physiology anil Hygiene 
Fourth Edition 
J,K.nnd II. A. Fljnlitnn 

Siiljitfluiiuliy inviicd to moot 
llift nttccla of current O and O/A 
tyllobuse; In him.t.n biology, this 
standard lex tbtiul: nuv; covers such 
additional topics oj storing anti 
releasing of energy (ATPJ, noise, 
birth control and f.irnlly planning, 
mutations a«,ti genetic counselling. 
The hygiene section in particular 
has baou expanded and there are 
numerous ns-.v dioj r uin5 and 
pliOlcgr.q.hj. £1,90 L 

__ schools. Emplmslslng discovary, 1 

£2.80 U Investigation ond undoi standing 
rothor than ntamorhalinn of fuels, 
uyglsns It still provhlus idmuy of readable 
information uud guidanto fop tho 


t "Fosolnallnriiy llliislroloil with 

O/A colour used to odvantaga ... • 

/.this Mr. Duncan acknowledges the 

era such relationship of Ills work to ilia 
anti Nuffield physics scheme, but lib 


Discovering Chemistry 
M. A, Atherton and J.K. Lawrence 
This highly successful series for 
O level and CSE is written with zest 
and clarity amply illustrated by 
photographs, diagrams nnd cartoons 
and printed in two colours 
throughout. Each new chemical 
concept is prose n led on the basis of 
experimental results which, 
wherever possible; pupils are 
required to obtain for themselves. 

"A pupil fortunate enough to 
possess those texts would acquire 
s thorough understanding of basio 
chemistry and qlsn ha siiiruiletad 
lb think,*' Education in Chemistry 
Bookl £1.25 □ 

Book2 £1,30 □ 

Book 3 f.l.O) □ 

■tool; 4 ill .go Cl 

'I L-jchars' Giikln *;i Q 

Two hookk'ts of fully-vnlkitiwd 
objective tens covering ilia on lire 
course hnvo boon compiled by 
M.A, Athnrton: 

Elementary Objective Toils In 

Pupils 1 OOp □ Tcacliers' 7Gp P 
O Level Objective Tests In 

Pupils* OOp □ Toddiers' 70p □ 

lhe highly pv.usorJ 'arias of A Laval 

Ijacl.ijr in i nj bin'll. 3 i,y sama 

oi ! th or, Chomisuy in Industry: 

High Polymore £2.00 O 

Fats, Oils and Wnxos +1.7(5 n 

Fuels, Explosives and 

Dyestuffs £2.25 □ 

Food and Drugs £2^25 Q 

Systematic Physical Chemistry 
L.C. fWlaor 7 . 

Cuv:-r iiL<| il-.o 11-V.7 A I ova! 
RVU.ilj'iu's in clmrniitiy nnd the rclaiKi'S, tiiis bool; 

presents tlii'* .aspects of 
physical c \ ministry in mi 
Iiitagrrued manner. PI easing ly 
presort ted witlt clear d Ingrams anti 
plates, It moy also Interest 
undergraduates who need to 
brush up their sixth form work. 

"Many attempts have been 
mods In the past at rationalisation 
nnd systematic organisation of 
chemistry material at all levels. 

Tills latest attempt meets with 
some rare dogma of success." 
Chemistry and Industry £3.10 □ 

Modern Chemistry Background 

Edited by J.G. Stark 

This continuing series of 
paporbocks provides supplementary 
material on topics which A level 
end ONC students ofteh find 
difficult. Designed os a bridge to 
first year university nnd other 
degree coursos, experimental work 
(using ordinary school apparatus) 
ond study problems are an Intogral 
part of the tBxia where possible. 

Tl' a Shapes of Organic MoEacuIsi 
N.G. Clark 

In this new addition to the 
series the author starts with the 
tmthano mohicule end logicnlly 
develops the three-dimensional 
ImplicailQj is of 1l*o ‘ tetrahedral 
caibOn atom* leading to such 
concrnts as conformation, optical 
nnd cls-trans Isomorism. Tlila lively 
nlroduntory treatment concludes 
by Uoscrltiing how Om globular 
pi 0 loin ly:ij.:yuir- tiriii.p uboul Its 
liiqlily Lp-:itli: »u/viniu livdrolytis 
Pi Q iMPhiciiliir li'vnl. 

. Cbbliciitlon: September 

probably £t.8B □ 

Cltemloal Periodicity 
D.G, Cooper 
.. P.D. Groves 
Inorganic Complexes 
D. Nidi oils 


£1.20 P 
SOp □ 

lias put much originality end . 
initiative into Ills programme." 

Introduction to Genetics 
Third Edition 
D.G. f/jU.Fu:l 

This n<v/ rdlllun Includes a more 
detailed a’.'^ouiii t»l Di-iA replication 
end Irene jriptiuii.uiici other topics 
such os 'ixijk-iro.isiiid'and 
'contiiiiiou; and discontinuous 
Variation 1 J;.-: :« introduced. 

The cr*r>cri:(i,ily t>ud also been 
taken to r, «»i:e nuir.^rous minor ■ 
butsignif icar.t clunges to both text 

mi puun u 

£1.9C □ Book 4 
Book 5 

initf&tlvB into Ills programme." 

The Times Educational Supplement 
Book 1 £1.20 C 

Book 2 £1.28 C 

Book 3 £1.60 L 

Book 4 £1.50 L 

Book 5 . £1.55 L 

Graded Examples for 0 Level 
Physics New Edition 
C.B. Follend 

The new edition of this very 
popular book has been thoroughly 
revised both in approach and detail 
to meat current '16*' examination 
neada and an entire section on 'nav/ 
physics' lias been nddnd, on titled 
Electronics, Radioactivity and 
Nuclear Physics , While arithmetic . 

J.a' s£? ,,lrV DUla B ° 0k TEACHERS' BOOKS ' 

KSK 11,0 °M S of ‘i 3 A Safaiy Hnklhook for Science 

■ful A level companion. Chemistry Taocherj New Edition * 

Pete Book Si, In prnvlding a basis k! Ewreit end ™i J?nklns- 

W™.S a °;,SSS™rlc. u „i q ?ffili l S^ 1 Si hr * 

£!Raa ,w ' £S3. 

certainly contains all tho date one "a copy should ha B vails hi n In 

might want at O level." Tha Time, ' n 

Educational Supplement 55p □ country," School Science Review 
Chemistry Data Hook SJ £1.20 □ on lhfl ,irBl edition £2.60 O 

ivwwvmr rpyiiff, xv 

«nd lhast rations. The book remain* has ban kep&fido 

lUilah afnmrhrtn! i 

suitable for school anticotiggpi ■ 
iludenfo who are following or have 

coo. pi? fed O If.--*! bioluny.and for 
bur.Vi'. b!j!r. 1/ cr,u. atomy, 

in. a h/gl'jt.e sypabuns. 

problf re: in Animal Physiol ng*/ 

I. .1*. L.wis 

Acu.-r(,.v4c -i t*j lhe author** 
V. r ;'I'kr'. a.) Problems In Plant 
Physiology v3»m.i» pio/das a source 
of ssignd-’iJnd dutj on a variety of 
Icpic: deigned 10 complement Ih* 
A level st'idcr.i's own 
e> oe.'! ation. Ti;e Teachers 
Fdit cn 8‘vea tF-e pre bbms In full likely wisvrerr. 

"Fv-ry kr-j’cjy fes’.ker should 
^v»ih«-jv , ..'‘.:m«»iti»ls 
flngerzip:.'' School Stienca Revieyr 
Studfrisb 1 Brtok £1.20 L 

Teschers* Edition £1.60, U 

Problems Tn PIrtM Piiysloloy/ _ 
Students' Boti: OOP £ 

Teacher/ Ed.:it..n £1.45 L 

or have designed to teitakms of analysis ' 

end for end appiicjtion, have bwn 

■ Introduced. Updating of d&iall 
ijbuMJ. lr eludes tho u:o of Hut nascal as 
£1.40 □ iha unit of pres'.ureontl die 
omlstion of the kgf. 

Ins/ Publication: September BSp u 

Advanced Physios 
T. Duncan 

These uvb books proWtfa , 

, complete and thoroughly up to An Introduction to Chemical 0 f Matter 

• date towage of currant A level Tachniques , •* Catalysis 

eyUabmes excluding soma parts of p.TooIay ■ . ~ 

flufOeld, Supporting the lucid Text . f'Aq excellent Tntroductlan to . inspection Copies: 

. ere many diagramsfcpliotoflr^ns tha principal techniques llkel y to FI ease indkatu which till 

end references to tectmologfcal 1 ba used In experiments! organic would Ilka to &ue and tot 

applications, anti there are numerous dierttistry In the school laboratory, advertisement, 
worked examples, questions from . Experiments ere of refreshing. Name; 

re-»nt examination papers end. ; originality lhotigit employing 

objsttk'a quBLtiaiis for revision. •: familiar materials. 1 ' ’ Auu/esfi 

4< Tom Dunwn has writ ten d . . . Chemistry Newsletter £1.00 D 

trwHse 6f sre?i thoughtfulness, 

wide appeal, aqd lack of traditional ' Expsrln/iems Iri Applied Chbniiitr^ ' “ 1 ■ ! 

restriction which every sclertca ' P.Tooley ■ ; 

teacher should buy." Education ;i - * ■ ; "Dr. Tottloy has rendared grtof Etitwnt!ort:.l Dep&rtrricnt 

Equipment &;i Materials and ; . eerwee to tiio liuiti' pmKd taaihtr , John Murray 

Mechanics , ' ivibb Is kceh'td full tcii lib courie tiOAlbeuu,rfe Siren t 

. . , / . London W1X4RD 

Chemistry Data Hook S| £1.20 ] 

Buccei* In Chemistry 
J. Band lock and P. Hanson 
A thoroughly up-to-date, sejf- 
.axplenatory courts glviiM^^^d 

Guilds Gonsral Coursa inSefanca 
<0B5). At each stage there ere : ■ ■ : 
worked examples, practical - • 
experiments, sol Masting question* 
end questions from recent 
examination papers, 

■ "An excalWiit coverage of O 
lave! requiratrents for all = . . 
exanunirig boerds." School Scfanie 
Review . £2.26 L 

A.S.E. Lob Books 

, General Editor A. A. Bishop __ 

Plant Physiology fidp U 

' Bbp □ 

Chemical Equilibrium, 

Acids and Bases '. 80p □ 

Chromatogrepliy Opp P 

' Fhyafcs and tha Earth ScleflcM 

for Middle Schools 
ofO Heat , 

• Light . 

' Scfrnde Energy end Chemistry 
£2.25 P Electronics and A.C, . 

. . Mechanics end Properties 
:al _ or Matter 


SOp □ 
66p □ 

86p g 

sop g 

B5p P 

BGp a 

85p □ 

inspection Copies: 

FlaSco in die at*) which tltfas you 
would like to we and return this 
reiver tlcemunt. 

Mams ; \ 






S€IIM 1 

Bol> McDuell 

A very simple chemistry course for CSE. The tn/i is 
kept to a minimum with a gi eat deal of factual 
Information presented by means of tables and 

- i 

To encourage rhe snider u who finds diflicul ty with 
chemical calculations and the more absiraoTaspncM 
of the subject, all calculations have been inmovft! 
to the appendix. 

The impoi tanco of chemistry in industry and its 
relevance to everyday life is emphasized with 
photographs and text references in ovoiy chapter. 

Each chapter ends with questions which can lie 
used bs discussion points 01 as homework ©>&ioisev 

0174383010 £1.96 

John Sumrherf ield 

A combined science course for ages 11-13. 
particularly well suited lo mixed ability giwups lha 
material, combining physics, biology and chemistry. 
Is full of ideas, experiments and background 

Science 1 1*13 is presented in the form of Pupils’ 
Books, spirit-master wdksheets end a Tend mi s 

Stage One Pupils' Book 
Stage One Worksheets 



017.438311 8 Clin ' 
017430317H £700 

To be published in the Autumn: 

Stage TWo Pupils' Book 017 4383134 about £1 ,3b 
Stafejy^iNotkabeB^ ,-jj 1 7. 43831 4 2 abous £7.00. 
T BQCTW5 otioV: 017 4383Tb O about 'll .26 

.'■-I •: 

FhHUsnon trow Science IT- f.1 ' 1 

Further Information & Inspection Copies 

Full details of these books and all Nelson Secondary 
Science material is given in the 1 977 Nelson Scienbe 
catalogue. Pjease tick below if you would like to be 

^i|^r^ pi08 ^ 

Suqbury-oW^Tharhea. Middlesex^ 

Please Sent} me the following: 

P Secondaiy Science catalogue y- ,* • 

D 430301 0 Foundation Chemistry 
O 43031 1 8 Science 11-13 Stage One Pupils' y. 

iNamaL 2 l 

t boo* 








Hi i nr pii as p u y fpwp 

The sub-atomic world 

Frank Anstis 



Asking questions 

Light and Life. . , 

By Antony McB Coll lew. 1 - 1 . 20 . 

ON 0198 7 4. 

\VIiut is Energy. 

By A. IV. Wit sun. CI.IO. 

Whom on. 1984!) X • • 

Front Quarks to Qiuwunk 
By Edward Thomas. 

Aililoin.' Press 495 12024 0 

He cent changes ill the content of 
A level physics courses have been 
accompanied by equally significant 
changes in the style of examining. 
Judicious cramming is now less 
likely io serve as a satisfactory sub- 
stitute for serious study, and a cre- 
ditable puss is more uidiculive of 
genuine uiiilerstiiiiilliifC. 

Those dniiiges, wliicli make (he 
sixth form course more interesting 
mid satisfying, make it more 
exacting. It is, fnrtiuiute dint a new 
genera tion of i ex I books of Impres- 
sively high standard is now being 
further reinforced by .several scries 
uf background hooks which extend 
both the depth mid the scope of 
study in selected topics 
The new scries “Selected Topics 
in Physics” from Wheaton serves 
ns n paradigm of such background 
material. Firmly rooted in topics 
directly related to the sixth form 
nirrlcnliim, they nevertheless 
extend ihelr accounts beyond 
ihu customnry limits. They 
underplay the mathematical 
aspect of the subject but dn 
no disservice to readers who should 
lie sufficiently encouraged by what 
they read to follow up more rigor- 
ous mathematical analysis In other 

texts. They successfully provide a description of modern nfc.i 

' ' " ■' principal ide.i a und diflVff 

wuy nf working, 
author achieves a high j 
.success in a tusk winch 
mhuits is almost linposslbhf 4 
Beginning with the clecJJ 
the nucleus the author 
the wide range af elen J 
titles which have been i 
or poslu luted d url hr hives,, m* 
the complex suh aiomic wnTtil 
shows Imw these Particle* »1 
elegantly explained In tenn s S 
fumlwmeiuul quark and, 
cmirso of this survey, tnanU 
IntruiUicc the uoilon? ol qdrj 
mechanics, the Uncertainly |? 
ciplo uud wave function! Thh, 
leads to a discussion of the 
ties of solids, liquids, X 
plusmus which aro expUbedl 
terms of the predictable bebuj 
of lurge co I lect ions of atomvt 
final chapter Is concerned vlthl 
wider application of ph^cm] 
universe uud acquaints the i 
with tlic quasars. 

Witliin a brief and 
book the author encor 

most fundamental of * 

quiries- By carefully avolt^f 
necessary jargon and by p 
ingly explaining each nw.i 
the author builds up an hq 
picture of modern physics, hj 
his self-imposed uvoi dance oil 
mulicnl fonnulminn liraluhhi 
of description, but ha stDll, 
his readers with a conrlacaji 

clear exp hi n at if in of underlying 
principles and, despite their quail- 
rutivu iippi'iHicli, the lmoks have u 
distinctly scientific flavour which 
is well ‘ matched lu the needs uf 
sixth form pupils. 

The spectrum af elect rout agnatic 
rad hit ion is a common feature uf 
sixth form physics. Inn it would be 
quite possible to complete a course 
without reference in either the 
laser, holograms nr photography ; 
It' is even less likely that there 
would he any reference in photo- 
blology. It is topics such us these 
which have boon chosen by A. McH. 
CoIHlmi to Illustrate ways lu which 
the study of light impinges upon 
our cveryduv life. Ills hook is in ter* 
eMiii'g, lucidly written uud particu- 
larly useful. 

Jlr Wilson's What is Energy Is 
undlher excelileut background reader 
with chapters devoted to such topics 
as “ Hie Physics of Energy", 
" Chemical Energy and Life", 
" Thermodynamics mid the Uni- 
verse” und "Energy in Society". 
The style of both these books, ns 
will ns the - caveful selection of 
material, helps to ensure that they 
iviill stimulate the render and pro- 
vide more satisfactory rending than 
that -commonly found in the stan- 
dard texts. Kuril author offers 
suggested rending from n selected 
bibliography and gives n lust of in- 
vestigations mid projects. 

From Quarks to Quasars is of 
interest to rhe general reader ns 
well us to the under graduate und 
sixth form physicist. It Is n remark- 
able hook which .sets out to provide 
a completely mm -mathematical 

exciting picture which is rod 
able and honest than any rak 
available elsewhere. It U ad 
lent book tit give to embryo iq 

Fay Humphreys on testers 

Science Testers. By Mike Lyth, 
Energy and Man : Materials and 
Man : Biology of Man : An Item 
Writer's Handbook: Man and 


Hart-Ddris Educational £1.35 each. 

This collection of four books of 
coded-answer type questions aimed 
at pupils la the 13 to 1G age group 
folio wing integrated / combined 
science courses is influenced with 
regard to philosophy and subject 
material by the Nuffield Secondary 
Science Project. • 

Accompanying the four books h 
an Item writers handbook wliich 
gets out very clearly a plan of 
action for writing good, menningful 
objectivo items. It is a pity that it 
is not proscribed reading for every- 
one who has to assess attainment 
using this form of testing. It shows 
how varied the format of items with- 
in an bbject-lvo test can be, and 
there Is a useful linear program in o 
treeing the history of ono item in a 
test from its conception to its 
" polished " end form. There is also 
. & straightforward account of what is 
involved in the analysis of results. 
Statistical analysis of the results, as 
- presented by this author, is rela- 
tively painless, even to nan-mathe- 
maticians who tund to look askance, 
at whet happens to their classes’ 
row scores after process jug. 

A section of tho book is devoted 
to scaling nml comparing marks 

achieved in different subjects— 
frequently a hone of contention 
uniotig different departments in 
schools. This book is designed for 
the complete novice; (hero is even 
u sample answer grid with instruc- 
tions to candidates. 

Tiie four books of tests cover 
areas of the Nuffield Secondary 
Science Project. They were not, in 
the first instance, designed as com- 
plete tests on particular sections of 
the work, but wero rather a list of 
questions to prompt useful discus- 
sion or to precipitate further experi- 
mental investigation. Tho presenta- 
tion is clear, and the author prac- 
tises what lie preaches In terms of 
variety within the framework of 
coded-answer questions. 

I find myself wondering, however,, 
how these books are to be used in 
class, other than as teachers’ ro- 
sourco hooks. If they nre distributed 
to the pupils, they will contain too 
much nt one time on any one topic, 
and yet much of the material 
depends on the children’s looking 
at photographs, complex diagrams, 
data lists, press cuttings. As there 
are no answers at the back of the 
science testers you will hove to buy 
the “how to do it” item writer's 
bunk to get nil the answers. 

On tho whole, though, these will 
be nf great value to anyone Involved 
with integrated science courses both 
south of the border and in Scotland 
whore many of iheso items could 
well cull von parts of tile Scottish 
Integrated Science Course. 

Navigable Black Holes? 

Patrick Moore on astronomy books for the library 

The Structure of the Universe, By 
ay ant Nurllknr. 

Uxfurd University IVeiM £4.25. 19 
2176536. £1.95. 192B9QBT 4. 

Spare nml Time in the Modern 
Universe. By P. C. VV. Davies, 
fa m In J line University Press £6.50. 
521 21445 9. £2.95. 521 29151 8. 
The Iron Sun. By Adrian Berry. 
,|nmi than Cape 13.95. 224 01357 2. 

All these throe honks deal . with 
scientific tuples which nre very 
much in ihu uuws. although the first 
two are quite different from tin* 

Juyatu Nurlikur, .now currying out 
his u-strophysical research from 
Bombay, la probably best known for 
his theoretical work hi conjunction 
with Sir Fred Hoyle, but The Struc- 
ture of tho Universe U uimed chiefly 
at the reader with limited know- 
ledge. The title of tile book is self- 
explanatory, and tho subjects cov- 
ered range From stellar evolution 
through galuctic structure, Black 
Holes, the nature of gravitation, and 
theories of cosmology. Mora tech- 
nical sections nre . separated out in 

There Is much to be said in 
favour of this method, even though 
it doev lend ro break up the smooth 
reading of ihc mgin text ; the main 
oa in ., this, tfartitaijar auto 

... .dinthfl" 

for instance iho distance of the 
Amlronu-du is 2.2 milium 
light-years, iinL 1J.) 

Both these books arc wrllien by 
eminent scientists who have them- 
selves undertaken much original 
research, and have made major con- 
iri hiniiiiu in sviriicr. By coin rust 
The Iron S<{\ comes from the pen 
of a science who is by 
no means afraid in spec u hue. TIii> 
main theme is ili:«t of Black Holes 
—those remarkable objects which 
have been so widely discussed dur- 
ing the past few years, mid yet 
whose existence lias never been defi- 
nitely proved. Essentially, 1c in 
thought that n very old, collapsed 
star surrounds iiralf with a region 
from which nothing— not even light 
—can escape, because n< the trenutv 
dous gravitational pull of the con- 
tra! war. Inside a Black Hole, all 
conventional laws of science break 
down; It bus even been suggested 
tint the collapsed star may eventu- 
ally crush Itself out of existence. 

The first part of Adrian Berry’s 
hook, consists of a general account 
nf modern ideas about Black Holes. 
It is extremely lucid, and may be 
recommended as a first-claw intro- 
duction to the subject. The second 
port enters the realm of specula- 
tion; will it be possible to transfer 
matter instantaneously by using a 
Black Hole as h kind of “tunnel", 
ft? . tyrwj , will it even be 
— ' rimWtiuct R Bbck Hole 

Jsen position, by using 

e b&^Wivittuct r Bbck Hole 

mafei e ri? 1 Bc^s^conLmm? 
RH-ujtar 4» uountMo be prejudiced g* matter wbicfc is spreS^SSeh 
In favour of . .the particular theories' 1 — — — - 

whl<h. he . has done sq much tlo 
develop, ' but’ hi^ book Is admirably 
fair hi Us summing-up, qnd serious 
■tudonts will welcome it. ' 

ri e GWsxy, between" > the stan 7 
‘rf- thls kUtd sound like wild 
science-fiction ■ In ad, 1977 ! Wid 

ftWjSfc ls whether they 

wn renmin so : In, say, ad 2977 (a 
cor^pj u U4tvirf 0n 

. Space and Time. in. the ] Modern 
Wtierst-U • ihorter, , Cantons; 
photographs and , la. mucit itidtie 5SS^ ** 


written, r.^e subJeca dealt BkSt : Hole?? %&S SroiS 

we t necessarily . abatxUsB,: . v and In our: ■ - a,nW8t 

nothing — 1 ^ "■ — * - 



uriie «"* 

vy*w» one ws boot' hUo-wUl 
bo wblcetn^; by those reed^-a.-wbo" 
a!re propat-ed for 



Social arithmetic 

Joyce Linfoot 

This Inulger is one at the 
skvh hrs unit ii'itfi ‘r 
decorate a nen> 
too n’s dXaiurahst s ,s { l ' etf wX 

ireint/y yuhlishcd /n> £ 
Joseph at 16.S0 irig «'. ml 
tian by Hubert 
hflW Thorhurn s ’ Ajm 
Sketchbook ” u'<« / ,rar JL 
itt m 9 and he has ii*f e 
recognized as an oinswW* 
tratnr of hjrds tindjn ^ J 
billing scientific acwrW ^ 

artistic flmr. ^^SJSSmi . 

artist’s work are represen^^. 
examples range /row .Jg - T| 
ches to detailed ptnr uuts* ^ 

A World of Mathematics 1 Maths 
on Tttget 2. By G. Mnrxbnll. 

Helsoa £2.00 (Teacher's book), 
• ti. 30 (Pupil’ s book). 

Like the earlier volume (reviewed 
in TES on April 11, 1975) Buck 2 
of uiij scries Is cnncenied with 
Soclsl Arithmetic ; hut here, 
while die arithmetic renuihis ex- 
/iMjoly simple, the siihjei't-miittci* Is 
much more .sophist iemed. 

The topics have been chosen with 
an qts to 15 and 16 year olds about 
10 leavo school mid ready, it is 
hoped, to learn about the calcula- 
tions they will need to under si. ind 
10 run their own (Uumctul uffuivs. 
inore nre soctions on wages, shop- 
pm? Md hire-purchase, rent and 
™ r lKages,‘ insunmeo, taxes, bank- 
■i W1 “ investment, end, to make 
'" 0 5»wse more attractive, also on 
wmo leisure pursuits. 

Jjw. mat ihc author's nmfn 
oMumpllons are correct (tliai Is, 
topics can hold tho in- 
of 15 year olds uud that tho 

Ills work efficiently. There ore 
plenty of ex mu pi os, and plenty of 
wc)l-riio.sen diagrams, sketches and 
photographs. Unfortunately many 
photographic details have boon lost, 
owing in the darkness of the print 
lug. The ui-riii points are well put 
across, and the Ini sic. wink mi 

A fow mistakes nre to be found, 
hut iwt ever vo lie will think them 
Imimnant. For instance, Itigh-tide 
at a given place lx SO, not 40, 
inimuc.s later every 24 hours. This 
might pass in Doncaster, but tho 
I look may ho used in, say, Jdver- 
Then again, ahbough broker- 
agu on the buying and selling of 
shares Is explained, examples are 
set on the next page in which it is 
noglccHed in the calculation of 
profit. This, for a small trans- 
action, can lie very misleading. 

Opinions will differ on the 
desirability of including a section 
on football pools. The author 
suggests that “acquaintance with 
tho mathematical aspects of 


„ iPU gambling should promoto — — 

amplification of all the calculations standing of the subjects’*. But this 
• & not toe unrealistic), he has done is hardly a mathematical question. 

First aid 

A Bafcty Ilandbook 
Teachers (Second Wg* 1 - I 
Rvcrclt und B. 

John Murray £2.60. 719 

Maths methods 

fcVV. Kellaway 

The Health and Safety ** 

1974 ha* had 

fur science L® asfe* 

of which Is the 

teachers (as **“!** • - Art - 1 *® 

^opniebis In Mathematics 
By F. H. Watson 
^ Books EJ.75. 7291 0080 4. 

on of wliat 2s going 

JP. ferment of rnathoniatics 
•uaciiijig could woll remove somo 

"» Sis JSS? 1 *. When It is presented by 


Into acceunc, 

mental and. 


■o IS , 


iiu^uuS lHat h a rfauiew. 

School, Science Reiuw 

< eg ' 


■ ^ubfedli 

tw 7 »*nen it is prcsenieu ny 

- ■■] — , tai' V/aison’s experience 

a,s0 huve a 


a laboratunt .K ^?.. ga i 0ra <Mr Watson reviews 

ij f, ?nd a detailed. 
teachers, o«“ n Js . adtriai^fl 

' Cf fj.^d/f^hloned and out- 
• , i c _ a most iotietv & *,!* ■*!»* ^eeds of modern 

There lirtinu i®?fjB. bue 1 few have queried 

cSKgy . unpact 011 future 

Sf.kf“2l ,e r diingei there will 
on- There have been 

jnost Imt 

.. tymnattL ra .P° ft a, i t, critically hue 

SM:5BS^5S=i. & 

whether to be old-fashioned Is neces- 
sarily to he wrong j or whether 
education is nnly acceptable if it Is 
useful. Examinations, the quality 
of the teachers of mathematics, and 
the attainment (or lack of attain* 
meat) of school leaver* fcavp gJI. 
co hid undei 1 Art. . ' 

Mr Watson covers all those facets. 
He considers how the present situa- 
tion has come about, how the 
“new” ideas were disseminated in 
a host nf reports, how “ Die em- 
phasis on understanding, discovery, 
pattern, structure " piay have had 
un adverse effect on "manipulative 
and computational facility > and 
much more. He does not pretend 
to offer a blue-print solution.. but 
ha has gone further than perbaM 
even he realizes to put the prob- 
lems In perspective and to stimulate 
fresh thinking towards their solu- 


prehensive Mathe- 
already bean com- 
T in these pages, 
bd by Book. 5 for 
CSE com see 
Fry. i«*e ttnresponding 

Teediei’e Book* (eech £3.50). The 
quality of the work As tborougbly 
mosn rained and the Oxford Unfe- 
slty Prew ctn take pnde. with the 
airthuTi, |h till* ac ^ evemettt *p^rn 


Everything, Everywhere, 

A modern course in integrated science for 11-14 year olds 

BUI Buckie, Robin Slnton and Les Young 

Everything, Everywhere , Everyone is a new Integrated science course 
designed to make science an interesting and relevant experience. The 
clear, simple language, and the stimulating approach make these books 
not merely reference fools, but books to read, to use- constantly, and 
above all, to enjoy, ■ ■ > 

The children discover and explore the principles and facts by following a 
series of structured activities^ They can then fully understand the relevance 
of the background Information and stories - the causes of lightning, the 
effects of pollution - which bring these scientific principles to life. 

The concise, practical Teacher’s Book gives detailed advice on the 
presentation and organization of the course. 

Pupils’ Book 1 £1,95 

Pupils’ Book 2 about £1.95 Forthcoming lale 1977 
Each 192 pages, Illustrated In two colours 
Teacher’s Book about £2.50 Forthcoming late 1977 
192 pages 

Biology: A modern 

The most modern, comprehensive and 
attractive book on the market for ‘O’ level 
B. S. Beckett 

A White dead-no(tU» 

|1 li-.V' it 

Biology: A modern Introduction Is already 
proving a highly popular book for ‘O' level 
biology. It covers most modern syllabuses. 

The chapters are arranged by topics, and plant and 
animal biology are discussed together to emphasize 
common concepts and principles. Numerous 
excellent Illustrations by the author complement the 
lucid textual style which makes reading refreshing 
and enjoyable, and information clear and easy 
to assimilate. 

320 pages, Illustrated £2.50 

Illustrated Biology 

Forthcoming late 1977, a new book for C.S.& 

B. S. Beckett 

Illustrated Biology maintains the high standard of text and illustration set 
by Biology j A modern Introduction* Spdol/jtia/ly designed io pater for the . 

afmdst ftlfthe 
doilbfe-page spreads 

covering one topic. Each unit contains a maximum of 400 words of 
explanatory text, with realistic and simplified drawings by the author. In 
addition, there Is a section of revision questions and vocabulary tests to 
consolidate the pupils* Understanding, 

224 pages, Illustrated £2.6b 
please send me an Inspection copy of 

Everything, Everywhere, Everyone 
PMpl|s' Book 1 □ Pupils’ Book 2 p Teacher’s BookP 

Biology: A modern Introduction D , 

Illustrated Biology □ • > 

Name . . . .... . . ... . . . • f * v ■ - ■ ■■■ 

Address!. ■ » « .Y. ! ■> « t •!■• » « ■ * ...»>• s * ■ * . *■* »vv* m * • » 

, ■ M t >1 l!),l f « • I III (»*<•«»■ I •(»<•, n • ... * nil » 

Oxford University Praia, Education Walton Slrdel, Oxford Oxi SDF 

^ T E » aM 4 ul y i ' ll I / »> p ' .i^iu i. 'qj n' I 


!-..»• r 



Planet Earth - 

R. C. L. Wilson on geology 

. ■ 3 clusively in piles of delink- sedi- 

Continents " in ~ Motion : the . New »“f 

Way the wind blows 

P. A. Smithson reviews books for the library 

Chemistry in perspective 

? TK.r«»» Rv TVnltor Sullivan. —an unnecessarily siiumhmiv. 

Enrihpebnte. By Waller bill Jit an. ^ ^ evcfl aUowillJi j foriJie brevity 

Macmillan E6.9j. 333 ZltiHS u. of , !ie w }, 0 ] e book. Reserves of 

4)in a Changing Planet. By Jolin , ucu .| ores nre discussed too, but 
Gribliin. „ „ - n4 - only those found on the deep sea 

Wildwood House £5.95. 0 704. » 0-4/ fi 0l »s, either as nodules, or pre-. 
X. dpi uited from Red Sea hot brine*!. 

r _— =r— - - T-licre j s no mention of tiio value nt 

Thoup bonlci examine t3ie “new geo- considering other typos. o€ ores in 
3Sl“ heralded by one of its arclii- rdmion to the plate tec tome thorny 
Kgl GmnUn J. Tuzo Wiisoii —a debate that is current among 
Quoted inbotl of diem), as a ravo- economic geologists, and that is 
Bfi in the earth sciences. Both relevant to many more lesomces 
anihors ave at twins to emphasize than tliose discussed by Dr Gilbbin. 

sigi liUMn ce wie new order has At die end of diapter tore* John 
for the search for raw materials. Gnbbm poses tiio Ones non Why 
Tlunkfulllv neither book is yet did it take so long for earth scien- 
another massive tome dreamed up lists, to accept the now ideas of 
bv an AmerJcait professor for In* comm en ml dr hr ? bur m fatcr 
introductory geology classes, chapters he fails to. convey u»i> in- 
ahlunigh Continents in Motion, with credible sequence of events— mid 
its huge format and 39 9 pnges, gives cojinmleiice.*— tiiat provided new 
the appenrauue that it ought hoc information about Cl to oceans, the 
Neither author is a conventional earth's magnetic field, and earth' 
ncadumic Walter Sitillvuu is quake patterns. Kawever, the way 
science editor of the New York Walter Sullivan recounts these 
'/tines and Joint Gribbln spent five events is both detailed and fasd- 
years on rite editorial staff of Not lire 

tuid was responsible for the daily Coin/nen/s in Motion lives up to 
science reports for The Tunes. the expectations raised by the dust* 
Our Changing Planet ainw to give cover description that “ the dlscov- 
a kiinwledee of tho workings of our tfrles that led to die revolution are. 

project, the results o! which finally 
converted all but file most extreme 
doubters. But there arc some red 

—an unnecessarily simplistic pic* doubters. . But there are some lea 
Hue. evcoi allowing for ulio brevity herrings in 'the narrative, such as 
of the whole book. Reserves of a discussion of the .signmeunte of 
mewl ones nre discussed too, but frozen manunoihs wuh funih 
only tliose found on the deep sea luiitmcupx m uitftr mmulis, 
floors, either as nodules, or nre*. ciianicr six, Magnetic Foot’ 
cipitnted from Red Sea hot brine*!. g ;., c . s Jn excellent summary. 

frozen lnartnnmhs with fresh 
luitteicup.<i in their mmiihs. 

Chapter six, Magnetic Foot - 
prints, gives an excellent summary, 
laced with persmuil quolaiinn.i 
from the pamciiwnis. of the way 
tho changing polarity of tflio eurtlis 
magnetic field was linked to the 
magnetic properties of the ocean 
floors. The remaining 12 chapters 
develop the implications o£ .the 
new concepts, discussing various 

forecasts, famines and freezes. By 
John Gribliin. 

Wildwood Ifouse C4.95. 70*15 0105 7. 
Applied niiuiKiiIoj’V ; an introduc- 
tion (Second edition J. By J. I 1 ’- 

Oxford IFni ver.-vi ly I’rvxs £-1.00. 

19 859925 0, 

i>in dots qn.iiir y many of ht* «- 1 Frederick Aicken 

mtMii.-i by .saying that disaxre^i 

exists, hut frequently onlyS - ■ — a 

ot iiliu controversy is liresented m riiemlstry Todoy. By Euan S. Hon- 
as ..u is provid^ SS 

miy of the wuri: quoted, i t J* K lail Educational £2.25 and 
he -iitiipossihli! fur most rmXi { 95 

«. icrk eiilu-r Mde of the argiaJ f.nnskion Element Chemistry. By 

In this respect Chemistry Today 
does nor quite live up to its title ; 

This book now appears in an 
economy edition (at h saving of 

Structure of the transit ion elements, 
that is, of the model devised in 

ho iniiposslhli: _f m * most re^l {fig 

< link fii'IiiT side of the a»i»L'E K‘S.1 

■ I lie l.e\L also abounds in fcfc t n King and P. McM riirrelulioitt, for eamrif ftelneinann Experimental 
J •*«■* 'level *i of lakes m AfricS! Series £1 - 25 < Te . acher . s 8 l 


r i«^ e r S i 11 im . e ™ us . exam P l_ es °f rlio 30p per copy) which, although explain the very properties which 
fit* ® h ®J n j str y j, n our 'day-to-day slightly less attractive to look at the student is about to discover, 
mes but comparatively little about ana to handle, is equally easy to It would have been preferable to 
r utunt . e ' fect . s of certain read and apparently just as robust lead the student to this model as 

a Chpmkrrv cbemiculs or the undesirable side- as the standard edition. 

uiden.'go," 5?^eS?s. USeCClCldea,a drU8S ° r even T he l«^5? to tin 
ilstry. By This is not so much a reflection which Transition E/em 
2 on tile aurhor as an the examination ri< y is a recent addition 

— - — syllabuses to which his book is so that the aim of pracni 

admirably geared: it has been to discover somethin 

listry would described as a best-selling CRE merely to copy whn 
of a good textbook and it is easy to see why done before. Each ex 
h reminders — the topics nre well arranged, the new book is i 

the result of early investigatory 
The preface lo the series of JfxporJments mid to confirm the 
which Transition Element Chentis- JJSk “ V subs0,|lienc ,lr “ cticdl 
try is a recent addition emphasizes -f^g g reflt importance of ihese 
that rlie nun ot practical work is me tails in nature und in the ccnuoinv 
to discover something and not of industrialized society is iiie.i- 
iil e rely to copy what lias been tinned but not Illustrated i the eu- 

ateo produced a book which can 
be dipped Into fur ideas; u first 
HUOinpt yielded Bernal’s dot ini lion 
ot life as "* partial, continuous, 
progressive, multiform and condi. 
tionally interactive, sclf-rcnli/mion 
nf the potentialities of atomic elec- 
tion states”; a second exposed ihu 
flow-sheet af a possihle schomu 
for the synthesis of " biologicul H 

Neither author is 1 a conventional 
academic. Walter Sullivan is 

srienco edUor of the ATew k 

Times and Joint Gribbln spent five 
vears on rite editorial staff of Nature 
tutd was responsible for tlifl daily 
scieiice reports for The Times. 

Our Changing Planet ainu to give 
a knowledge or tho workings or our 

system, the early History or in a 
earth, the revolution of pi nre tecto- 
nics ail'd its effect on locating 
energy and metal resources, the 
reQ at ion si iip between the earths 
otmospliero, tlie solar lrind and 
earthquakes, ail'd finally tries to 
place our home planet into perspec- 
tive by considering the geophysics 
of the other planets. 

crediiMc sequence ot events— 011a «| ate iccwnics for imm’s search for 
coincidence*— phat provided new * , ,* 1 ..„, QU ,. ce< . 
information about tho oceans, the laical le saw ices, 
earrii's magnetic field, and earth- Walter SuUi.v«is book is well 
quake patterns. However, the way (but not over-) Illustrated, and nt- 
Wuher Sullivan recounts these eludes 27 pages oF references— ■iiesw- 
evetiM is both detailed and fasd- went, to the authors 1 thoroughness 
noting. — ((although die text is free of cross 

Continents in Motion lives up to references ,to diem); in contrast, 
the expectations raised by the dust- ° w ' C/io»igI«g P/nnef lias but one 
cover description that "the disco v- vegs of references (and tho ie- 
tfries that led to die revolution are, V |®' V0I ‘®. nanie omitted the 

in many cases, told in terms o£ editorship of the first entry), 
those who made them— their hopes, Continents in Motion provides a 
adventures, pursuits of false leads, good introduction to the “ new 

point ot the iiutiinr, who sols him- 
self Lhe task of providing this over- 
view in tevm$ umlevsiauduble lo tho 
general public. 

The book opens with n discus- 
sion of climatic “ disasters *’ of the 
last decade, priinarilyr in terms 
of iheir effccu on agriculture and 
the resulting increases in produc- 
tion costs and decreased yields, but 

The great importance of ilmse molecules from hydrngrn cvniiiile. 

Wet-ails in nature und ui the economy i, , 

of indusQ-ialized socieLy is meii- . lv ‘ ,s ll ? ^ ou f*. ^ c hom. 

- . .. untied but not 1 UhiSLrated : the cu- | sl,- y ot life is followed by the chum- 

done before. Each experiment in icv prising suulcm muM ibcreSore «u-y of deulh; tlie-rc is a purlieu- 
the new book is designed to seek appropriate background read- Inrly good section on “ indusiriiius 
conform with this laudable view of ilia in order to put his discoveries chemists** and ilie book ends on 
laboratory practice the wvestiijn- into perspective. He could do the whole optimistically. a 

worse than start with New Worlds look into the future. As one clinp- 
in Chemistry which will give him ter heading puts if, chemistry is 

worse than start with New Worlds 

between flue illations and 
of climate. 

iitree-dimensionnl jigsaw clue to the the book could form tile basis 0 

. Mutecular Composition of U lien’ *» W-.U iuuiw I iv^ua oukii h, 

APP'Hd Cnnnuoiojn) a wwrwinnDimd, may overlook the con- homoloeous series and the deriva- 
tliftereiit. rirst publisned ia UUK^jEoltant responsibility to society, tion of the structure of ethanol 

topics such 

taooratovy practices, me investigo- into perspective. He could do the whole optimistically, with a 
tion or problem is stated, the worse lhan start with Aeio Worlds look into the future. As one clwp- 
procedure clearly described and a in CAemisfry which will give him tor heeding puts ir, chemistry is 
framework for subsequent discus- a lively and! stimulating background ubiquity mid New Worlds in Cheiw 
sion supplied. (The teachers guide to his subject as well ns a convinc- istry provides an entertaining and 
is helpful both as a reminder of log justification for studying It. informative guide. Not only for 

iierraiti nrartim nniiifK n*nrl no n TV/fai-Hit Ghapumn/V tiu« i . 

it has been revised by the inchda 

nnitant responsibility to society, 
.glhe student muy be cducatiouulfy 

which are absent from tihe text 

certain practical points and as a Martiii Sherwood has succeeded In 
furthar stimulus for discussion.) blending, particularly but not ex- 
it U therefore strange thet the clusively for the layman, the Intel- 
introduction to ilie volume gives lectual appeal of chemistry with 

of two new chapters, on nrlnaebff blinkered by the exam inui ion- could provide useful supplementary 

also in ter nix' of their implications 
for world food supply and popula- 
tion growth, As nils was written 

ad ventures, pursuits of false leads, 
tind final triumphs' 1 . W niter Sulli- 
van’s experience of seeing at first 

geology ’*, but its particular morit 
is the back ground dt gives to the 

Intttd the stei’y unfold comes revolution. Unfortunately geology 
through with conviction. The first lias not had a Frauds Crick to write 
part of ConiiMdifs in Motion re- a ‘'Double Helix"— but Walter Sul- 
counts the developments that led llvan provides an historical account 
to plate tectonics in approximate that teachers and sixth form pupils 
clironolugical order, starting with will find valuable. Regrettably, one 
a chapter about Alfred Wegener, cannot recommend Our Changing 

gas reserves ere discussed without 

nf geophysical evidence that led to 
the development of the concepts 

any diagrams at ail, and. Wfovtu- of seafloor eprejadUig, end fin 
nai&ly the ittinresaloai Ta given of lug in oliawter time with an 
oil deposits forming almost ex- account of rite deep sea drilling 

a good biur. Neither does Its style; 
indeed it is impossible to say what 
kind of audience the author had ill 
mind when writing die book. 

before the European droughts of 
1975 and 197G end the severe winter 
oE 1976/77 in north-east America* 
these comments about the increus- 
ing variability of our cllmuto arc 
singularly relevant. Details of the 
world pattern of change in climutu 
are included together with histori- 
cal evidence of earlier changes. The 
remainder of tho book is do voted 
to a consider at ion of possible causes 
of change and their climatic impli- 
cations for the near future. 

The information is presented in 
an interesting manner, hut there is 
a danger that the reader will accept 
these ideas as the fine! anil autho- 
ritative word on the subject. Grib- 

1/1 l.»iw h«ii iunfiiciyi uil Ul 1 /dO (j| 

dies and climatic change, grip 
rial revision of otlrirs. 
the hasii! criticisms of the lints 
tion must remain. 

Despite its title, much of thek 
is about climate which hu ft 
tical implications rathqr thufe 
npplicutinus nf climatology. 1 In 
over, the first third of the 3&ik 
devoted to pure climatoloB l«H 
iug 111 pages of clinintic tatienU 
could well he used to upty 
aspects which the title leads mi 
expect. Hut the author does n 
that “this is meant ns an to 
ductnry text and one around nbb | 
with the help of tho reference, 4 ! 
lecturer ran weave Ms cm pi' 
of special i/ulion or geueraltoto 11 . 
If one accents fills, tho booka^B 
useful lmt it leaves the texte* 
do much of 1 he llternturese«d*i;. 
butter books oil this topic nmM 
published since the first tto 

'conscious textbook. 

exercises in individual notebooks. a detailed account of the atomic its sociological importance. He lms 

its intrinsic merits but as n supple, 
ment tp the more academic text- 
book it is highly recommended 
for the chemistry department lib- 

Testing, testing 

• Life on earth 

2 ] Harold W. Appleton 



Peter Huw Morgan 

Suuctutcd Questions in A level 
Chemistry. By J. K. I.. Swain und 
• T s. Clarke 

. Rodder and Siouglumi £1-75. .VIO 
20631 7. 

Multiple Choice Chemistry (Second 
edition). By 0. J. Simps on 
Edward Arnold £1.70. 7131 0130 X. 

At A level, questions which involve 
; the student In exploration of a topic 
| and Combine both an eiumuiu of 
I training with one of test iug are most 
valuable. Science is coucurnut) with 
! asking the right quest Ions, mnl good 

quest ions, like crossword puxzles, 
nru harder to compile than to 

Messrs Swnin und Clarice appear 
to have pul a deni of thought into 
these 100 structured questions in A 
level chemistry. Each question con- 
sists of about nine subsidiary ques- 
tions grouped about a central* theme. 
The topics chosen vary from the 
familiar rtullouctlvlty in the less 
understood chemical constitution of 

chemistry und this is reflected in 
the whole text. Energetics, for 

rigorous. The uonieitclHture in tit is 
wall-produced book is systematic 

example, is well treated. Plenty nf and the units are those of the SI. 

numerical data is included and used. 
The inorganic section Includes sev- 
eral items on periodicity, three ques- 
tions on each of the periodic grottos 
and several on coordination chemis- 

Mr Simpson intends that this 
second edition of his book should 
be for use by O level and CSE can- 
didates. There are over 1.000 mul- 
tiple choice questions varying in 

cerned with Lestiiig for specific 
factual knowledge. 

The multiple completion, classi- 
fication mud as 5 er tion /res son ques- 
tions are not grouped in any way. 
The bonk concludes with a short 
section based on several laboratory 
situations and answers are available 

«■>;- , wpie cnoice questions varying in upon request. There are some errors 

Hie organic section — apart from type from tike simple single sclcc- and misleading questions. The mass 
more classical examples— 1ms items tion item to the more structured numbers nnd atomic number of tits 

muleiMuod chemical constitution or m polymers und physical methods, assertion,’ reason question. The 
the Jovian atmosphere nnu a third The iimbois include u mark scheme single selection questions, which 
Hie Imuk is devoted to each oi and same mintcricnl un.swers nnd form the bulk of tiia hook, me 

tin* three main areas i»f chemistry. 

The authors recognize the import- 
ance of a sound base in physical 

and same ntintcricni uu.swers nnd form the bulk of tiio book, me 
griule the questions according to tiio grouped under brood headings such 
level of inemiil process required, as " The Fundamental Laws of 
a Mb migli this classification is nor Chemistry’* nnd are muirtlv con- 

The chlorine isotopes are the wrong way 
Inch round, tiiie reactivity of Iron is not 
«va due 10 its variable vnleucv nml 
such Al*+ is not incorrectly written hut 
of is unstable. The nomenclature is up 
con- 10 date with a few exceptions. 

A magazine of science, technology and your environment 


Body dock* * 


These are just some of the fascinating topics which \riU he coVered ' 
inMGP’s new Magazine - QUEST - due to he published this 

Designed for 12-1 4 -year-olds stu dying science In secondary ■ 
schools, QUEST provides up-to date 'material Whlrix helps to 
make science oorae alive. Using school science aa abase, QUEST 

ofj ^^d^OHcer^^itl^the eariroa- l 

CimprtheiislYe teaCherihetes acdoApuiviaoirlssue. : : . 

Human and Social Biology. By 
George \Jshnr. 

Macdonald und Kvnns £1.95. 7121 
Q8Q8 4. 

Tito author of this well-produced 
paperback states riiat its 14 chapters 
are grouped into three main sec- 
tions : Matt, the individual, Man In 
relation to other organisms, nnd 
I Man and the community. The first 
of these sections occupies two thirds 
ot tho book, and is traditional 
human biology. - The remainder 
covers such topics as die depend- 
ence of man on plants, and details 
of bacteria and viruses, fungi, etc, 
particularly those associated with 
man. Other topics include water, 
sewage, housing, air-pollution and 
finally community responsibility and 

Each chapter has its "progress 
tests 11 and examination quest lone 
and there is an appendix . dealing 
with multiple choice questions. 
Other appendices contain brief 
notes on important people In tiio 
history of biology, mid a glossary of 





fm the teacher \tho Mew Class Textbooks Hew editions ot these 

technician end the library Fundamental Chemistry world* famous tenths 


A detail from Dudley Adams’s trade card. This and 

graphs nr early scientific instruments appear in R. n. yjfjjj jopF; 

Scientific Instruments” (Arthur Frank I man Collection’* 

.flJOj. Originally puhhshedjTfi^m^ 8 
yims prouM^ mu<th< information to throw light on the / 1 * 1 *' — — " 

ijUE^T, fa w&if a by txpwfs 3n Integrated and e&itiroiUAbittiBt ' . . i 

gcfance gnd pact magariAM have been thoroligUy tested In many - ! 
adwotg,Tt fa edited by Mike Lytit (SCISP) and leg^ar coairifeu-v ' '. 1 
ton Mudes SBC Science Producer-— Petei Baker; Sriedce r v 

Advfaers - Jobn MiUjovro;diila EUfott and Barry j . . 

. Teo&ets-To^ - T- " 

What is science ? 

save the studenta the -time of ptij- if.vy VallAW#,., 
tractied hotfrtaklng.^ ^ The- matarid ■ W.* ACURiyay 

Txlcei £1.25p«sub»riptiotL(^ mto)* £t .00 ptt 8uT?swMon' 

forlO or rntfg nibitf^ ordered. . ™ l 

^ aFBBE my o£* jttift MUiott and dttaBi'or future' 

topics tos . i A-' 


metotbVTMfidsCV&M. ' -- 

save flie' student* file ■ time of prij- . « 
tracied note-taking. Tfc& material v 
covers mast O ievri and CSE sylkj- ~ 
buses and would H valuable as tj ™ J 
support to normal teaching.! Lina a2Xj 
aUgrarw are dear and there ar& Anw * 

excellent; ' drawings of, the louse, rfrf- 
hed-bug and flea. . : . . : 

• ] geolngkal . per ibda mint 

and Ufe dn eartfi—ls somewhet lft^ -ttiici 

accurate-iiit. die "first ampebcahci V whan 

colunuvand the -rtltnOgen cycle dia- flouA 
gram • snows -lightning j converting pect 
hitcegOT. .to .nffaate^ and' OjitriteS~ voi 

.SeBeSrt W poftira.fc ySft 

popk wJV prove. .valuaoio for elWe sdtoi 
puctiq.sw. for;. those tettchera vdib' Rtert 
prefertpiMe aboqkto sitpp&rf theh- cotol 
pwn ol^MaacWnfeirertier ihan-.fpr. 
general refetehoe. - S 

and the ^ienceb^®^ 

c«r.kintios within ^ i . 

3SLhJ.* l " r *i oE Scl ***‘ B r ^ 'SStSlwi ST!?® the 

A0*6 Dttit^ch E4.9S. 233 96814 8. F r0V,dfl * 



.provide * 


^e^r he prof ? «lonal 


Me»wWe, * 

ma S^StelT. teacbeW; . 

Laboratory Safety 

A Science Teachers" Source Boole 
A practical manual for iho overage school laboratory. 
Provides detailed safely advice on all laboratory 
procedures, summaries of the latest D.E.S., R.o.S.P.A. 
ond other official publications, lists of restricted end 
danflerous chemicals, facsimiles of 'hazard cards' for 
use in the labomtory, and other essential information. 

Ju| y £1.20 

A Laboratory Manual for 
Schools and Colleges 


A mine of information and advice on every aspect of 
aoojatory management; organization, apparatus 
epairand maintenance, animal care, electronics/ 
Moratory solutions, educational technology, sources 
of equipment, materials ond information, and safety. 
Any ambitious science department ought lo provide 
wen and everyone of its staff with their own 
ndiytdua) copy of this book. The increase in staff 
«.!!f ien . cy wil1 800n defray the initial financial 
Now Scientist 

Wov/avaifab/e £8,76 

focus on the Stars 

Jilted by H. MESSELand S.T. BUTLER 
survey, for the non-specialist, of the 
^Wusauth* 5 “ 6n * 8 * n space resea,c ^ by world 
^available 1 ***' £4,B0 

}nT D M?- 0ie these titles are not available on 

recein/Hr 1, Wouf d be pleased to supply copies on 

°'your lemittance, or via your bookseller. 

A revision book for first certificate 
M. J. LONG and J. H. WHITE 

Summarizes all the information required for ‘O' level 
Chemislty and similar examinations, 

September about £1.50 

Organic Chemistry: 

A conceptual approach 


A now treatment for 'A' level. In line with the London 
Board and other recently revised syllabuses. 

July £3.50 

world-famous textbooks 

Holderness and Lambert's 

New Certificate Chemistry 

Fifth edition 

Revised in collaboration with J.J. Thompson 
Now a vai/ab/o £2. 20 


Ordinary Level Physics 

3rd edition 


Energy, Chaos, and 

Chemical Change 

A. H. JOHNSON and (3- WEBB 

thermodynamics at 'A' level, 

Nov/ available 

Nelkon and Parker's 

Advanced Level Physics 


Certificate Physical Science 

A. J. MEE and A. C. E. JARVIS 
A two-book series in Physical artd General Science 
for C.S.E.Bnd 'O' level, 

Npw available Vof 1 £2.20 Vol 2 £1 ,90 

An Atlas of Chordate 

The latest in this superb series for 'A' level first (leprae 
Zoology and Biology. 1 . , 

October ■ "bout £4.50 

mm#* ;S: 

N available 

Order Inspection Copy Form 

To Heinemann Education Books 
From ; (Name and address} 


| iBMiiiiviiMBHiiafiuiaiuieiiiiJiiaaiiKMifiiiniaaipMiiiifiiffiriiijaliiirHfiaMaiflMiimrJiriiiifaiiiui.inrMi 

J |aii|>MiiiaiilB>ii(utfaMMifrMiii>af,.|B|p l |iuai l i|i(B|iaHiii|niiiriBi|aBfslllmiir | ifui ■■hiMKiiKiuiilit 

t Plaasa sand me Inspection copies of lhe titles rintM 
1 Please send me lhe following (Hies (not available on 
[ inspection} for which I enclose mv remittance for the total 
I sum plus 36p postage and pecking for a single book plus 1 0p 
I for each additional copy) 

| - copies Laboratory Safety (£1.20) . 

1 copies A Laboratory Manual (£8.79) 

[ copies' Fooua on the Stars (£4.50) 

[ Hoineman Educational Books 

I 48 Charles Street, London W1X8AB 

** t *^*^**— 1,1 Jl ' 'f' r. 1 A 

*• , ■ • , ‘.- 


i f**i 

; 4 

r *. 4] 

1 : . ; , ! 'J.' :i! 

ji- ; 1 • jl j 

•• >i 


•. I h' 

; . .• : 

.*. ; ... i{ 

t . > : l'. • •' : f . 

f; . 

. ;f ■. > il 




, : 4 i.-i'i t 1 I I-* i ‘ »1IH I ft ! ‘I’l;- • •’Id . ■;Wi* 

" 'i fiLE' IfMES' fibUcATIONAf. 'SUPPLEMENT ’ 24.6)77 

Science from Scot! 

Harold Appleton on a new biological sciences project 

Birdwatcher’s guide 

Frank J. Thompson 

The Science of Life, By the Slrttk 
Clyde Biology. Group. 

John Murray and. BlackJe and Sons. 
.Units 1 and 4 75p eaoJi. 2, 3, 5 70p 
each. Experimental Guitfe £1-10. 
XcHciicrs-’ Resources" Book £4.95. 
. Technician's Manual £135. 

Xfie Sira nU Clyde Project appears to 
be- Scot! anas • answer Co Nuffield, 


.200 pages, pupLTs wits' iof 
pages each, on exp^rimeretsal guide 
'cuid a technician, 1 * manual of g u t iH s c , 
iengdi. .. (A history olf Ihe develop ■ 
ment of the project was given pro- 
minence In a recent edition of The. 

3TGS.) The material is based on the 
syllabus of die ScoM&li Certificate 
of Kdiicatiotii die full content of 
which I, os a more Sadsettadi, must 
; admit ignorance. For publication 
■the material le claimed tx> ba ex- 
panded to "take into account CSS 
tuid GCE courses ", ■ . 

Tlie Teneiiers* Resources Book is 
said to provide material ... 
particularly considering the needs 
of site non-specialist biologist who 
11 may be in the position of baring 
to teach a Ixiology course ”. In places 
1 would consider It as notes for the 
Honours graduate in Ufology— a list 
of 21 of the amino acids that occur 
iiV -proteins; complete with their 
recognized ahbrevMt&uis and their 
sh iidtunal formulae. This. is followed 
■by M notes on nuclooiWeS ”, 

\ Before we have time U>: recover 
we are faced with throe full pages 
of . oflua^oiM of,, a {fettled break- 
down -of nte path of glycolysis; 
details of the oltric aedd cycle; and 

vein. ' Some sections contain quite 
a useful amount of information— 
others ure very skottoliy. 

The' bibliographies are useful, but 


from Addison-Wesley 

R Hillman and' A Pennington 

This, unique new book Is the ilrfct to cover the free-response 
questions now included Tn the A-ievel examination? set by the 
■NuJIield, London, Associated, and Northern Ireland examining 
boards. There are U.major topic areas covering 88 questions, 

■ .hall .with’ brief answering guides. The Introduction outlines the 
'Strategy behind setting and answering free response 

■ questions.": '■ : !.-■ 

• 'G4pp/1977/0 20i 02954 5/paper /£ 1.20 ■ 

CHfeMISTRY:' Facts, Patterns and Principles . 

W R Knedn, M J W Rogers and- P Simpson .' 

Contributing Editors:; D J M.illen and Sir' Ronald Nyholm 

This widely-acclaimed integrated chemisiry. course has been 
written to reflect the content and approach of the A-level 
pyllabi’pf.thfli seventies.'. •■. 

f'th'Orbughiy recommend this bo6V' -;Educattpn In Chemistry 
''■'A rribat impressive pdjilavernent" - School Science Review 
.$61 pp/286 lllus/1972/Q 201 03778 5/paper/S5.^0 , 

: PHYSICS.- Concepts and Models ■ 

- ^ J- W^nhani, Q W Dorling, J A N Snell and B Taylor 

^A'i&^&ier'j^elaWc fdifecta the-neeefe of the new Alevel 
, ?yllabi; Aseutoinft Oply.B knowledge of>Lfiebre and cefdulus and 

• A fc*$8 r P]J ee HUfffeld o-leveTphyslcs, the authors ‘ •' 

devsfep bir ^prtafft Concepts from first principles. 1 . . 

i .•.'.'Asn^wiiigh : water mart* of excellence” 7-* TES . ;• *• 

• $95pplfi80 lrtusa.97l!/Q 201 09607 %periS4.25 V- 

“ "Third • * : '• •'*•* * V • 

"v- • 

'r:Jhe latest edition' of thfe populat text has been updated to : • 
Include all the latest research findings, end the sections on > 

• epoio^ and the.eqvinohmenthBVB been considerably " 
expanded. As lit earlieh editions, the aqthor retains the 

. , -functional .approach whlfcb | empha8i«& the unity d! life? ■■ . 

die book would have bean more 
valuable had each section given a . 
straightforward explanation of die 
objects of tlie work, together with 
practical ri'otes on' liow bo achieve 

■ The technician's manual is cer- 
tainly die best port of die whole 
project. There is a list of equipment 
required for eaali aiwestigation, to- 
gether witli diagrams where neces-. 
sai-y. This will save teachers much ' 
dine usually spent writing out erid- ' 
lose lists for die laboratory. &9aiqt- 
.«n.W; R is' easy to Corset that a 
thermometer or the ,odd extra bea- 
ker may ' be needed, end. es many' 
schools sean to find it difficult to 
obtain really qualified laboratory 
staff, this book will prove invalu- 

The only confusing point is tliat- 
. some apparatus is listed (0 be put 
out in tne laboratory, while the rest 
is left hidden, but at the ready, lu 
the . “ central store This, one 
assumes, is whisked out with the 
It;, rdeinain of a conjuror at the 
jnonibi . of impact. Were these 
Items eft. .. ■ especially delicate or 
dangerous I could understand it. 
In. this case dciicate and expensive 
microscopes and ' equipment for 
their use are freely available in the 
laboratory, while in some cases, 
trowels, seeds or compost are to be 
kept hidden. 

. It would be helpful If, where 
applicable, warnings had been given 
for use of the technlclart concern- 
ing possiblo dangers and apparatus 
to be checked at the end of the 
lesson before the class leaves so 
that possible discrepancies can be 
dealt with ipmiod lately. A few first- 
aid hints would also be useful. 

- I am not at all clear why the 
experimental manual was ever writ- 
ten as a separate book. There is 
much duplication of information 
and of diagrams. Surely the appro- 

f irlatc instructions could have been 
ndnded in the student's units. As 
it Is, there Is yet one more book 

ecology ana the.wvirahment hflv» been considerably " 
expanded. As lit earlieh editions, the aqttiOr retains the 
.luntjtion^i .approach Wplfchie|pp^3h|e^ Jhia unitycf life? ■■ . 

; ' t, A'{orW3i'd'-i6oking r^0renUtWk'- v/JSchtiol Science Review 
.,S98pp/li1u,^1974P^0i40361S'9/Ra|5ei:/2Bi9B .. l l : :. . 

o 1 jtj- y. ; -• •. ii-".* 1 - . *. i- .j-'.j; J;. : • • • > 

; : Fdr.a©^'sctiwl sMceiexU publlsHed by' . ■ ' ■ 
L Addjsqn-W^ley. iJleage WrltOyjq^atlJig Tefet'ence TESid, (o: .' 

!«■’ - Arfrfle API J jlldcifiailp biihtlehBt>0' ‘1 -Inill'ail 

for die pujdl to carry mound and 
possibJy Jose, while two books open 
on a bench use more .space than 
one. It fa more likely dint, ques- 
tions or instructions may be missed 
switching from one book to another 
while -working. 

There are five student's units: 
Maintaining the specios ; Energy and 
life Exchanging materials ; Move- 
ment mid control ; and Interactions. 
There is nothing original in the 
selection of these topics. For a long 

biology k i this wav,' 'using living 
tilings as examples of the principles. 
As a result no complete individual 
is ever studied. The study of indi- 
vidual], representative, Jiving things, 
particularly in relation to the habi- 
tat) is perhaps a more logical 
approach at this level. By careful 
teaching the important features of 
each oan be emphasized, and drawn 
together as topics during the' revi- 
sion period at the end of the course.- 
The -style of die student's texts k 
brief and ’.abrupt, using words which 
could well be lost on .average or 
less able puplis ; it would be more 
suitable at A level. The text is a 
cross between a questionnaire aud 
a work-sheet, often with little or no 
explanatory paragraphs. They co'iild 
be used as homework books, as 
structured questions, after carefully 
planned teaching or experimental 
periods. The diagrams are generally 
good, though one chart, “Summary 
of digestion ", is ranilniscent of the 
wiring diagram for a modern car, 
thus making a difficult subject 
almost incomprehensible. 

Wd arc not toid whether there are 
special courses In Scotland for 
teachers (as were common during 
the early days of Nuffield) so that 
nil might be modo dear. Certainly, 
faced with this material and a class 
of average children In an average 
comprehensive school, I would need 
very careful preparation to design 
lessons which would enable pupils 
to use’ tlie unit books adequately, 
“A non-specialist, biologist ", re- 
ferred to In tlio group's preamble, 
ld< find the task insuperable,- 

Bird Count. A practical guide to 
bird'surveyi. By H. M. Dobinson. 
Kestrel Books . £2-75. 7226 9153 8. ^ 

Til is book, the introduction Informs 
ufl, is intended «o help anyone who 
is interested in finding out more 
about wild birds “in a methodical 
and. thorough way *' and this it does-. 
It opens with ft lengthy chapter on 
identification with drawings and 
.simple- -notes on ^le GQ common 
'spades. - Most of these drawings are 
good, but an' indication of scale 
would have been useful. 

Further chapters deal with ways 
in which birds oan be studied — 
counting birds in on area or areas, 
census work, nest surveys (here tlie 
book . treads on dangerous ground 

and children using, tin's . section 
should be informed of die Protec 

-suitable locality- on land), check* 
-;at roosts, recording migration, ring- 
ring, sky watching, dally record 
sheets etc. 

This useful guide to birdwatcliiiig 
projects and census work is 
strongly recommended for use in 
the secondary school j each chapter 
is clearly . -written and- well 
- illustrated with black and white 
sketches of birds, . scenic views, 
. graphs and diagrams, The book is 
completed by an extensive bibliog- 
raphy, a reading list of papers, and 
journals, end details of national 
societies concerned with bird 

The living world 

striping of the zebra would seem- 
ingly render (lie animal' very, con- 
spicuous yet- experienced fiuhters 
have .readily spotted other game but 
failed to; see • zebras which were 

much dlhser. One has only to watch 
a tabby .cat "disappear into tfye 
Shadow qf a bush to understand 
that conspicuous mo (kings are. not 
always what they seem to be. Warn- 
ing coloration exhibited, ' by some 
dmmals carries the simple message, 
“don't try to eat me; I taste ter- 

rible “. These are but two examples 
taken from the many with which 
tjtia book Is .filled. . ., . . 

w«w»» -ip .iuivui •» • v / -p . . 

Tbe text and illusttatioiTs^are first 
class; and,- despite the surprising 
lack of an .index, it -could provide 
useful’ student fading ■ this subject 
Studied fot more than' a century $nd 
with a formidable, qcdumuleted 
literature. Is i, usually only briefly 
dealt with {n textbooks-. 

' ■ * •* r • . 'S 1 1 *' 

Jhe 'E^ra 

'William Clcghorn 1 


tfl : ’ 


rtq at th$<, 



ltq of 1 Over- 1 
ies,at riia 

Unlvgralty.'Ol. Suiirii 
John K; ri^inlaWs ia 
asalstartt With the Ed 




rioo Debattr 

Focus on Biology. Edited by C. D. 
Gould. - 

Wheaton £1.60. -8020592 9 

Focus on Biology joins many 
other texts .for CSE aud O level, 
at>d claims no cover “ the largo core 
of material common to all sylla- 
.buses It is prepared in the Bame 
large sized, soft-covered form made - 
•popular some years ago, with large, 
clear type and few pages without 
at least one diagram. 

Thorp is a superb full page colour 
photograph of « dissected rat, with 
a smaller black-and-white photo of 
a reasonably similar dissection fac- 
ing it, to which labels have been 
added. This latter is rather less 
dear , as highlights and shadows 
make the detail harder to distin- 

guish. Brockleliurst and Ward, 
Maud Jepson, Frltijcji and Salisbury 
and several! other well-known 
authors are , acknowledged for the 
use of some of tiheir bettor apd well 
recognized diagrams. ■ - 
Tlie contents follow .a. traditional 
pattern; The Bring world, cells, 
tissues and organs, rood and nutri- 
tion in animals, now plants feed, 
etc, and there is a useful glossary 
at the end. The Chapter on evolu- 
tion Is rather disappaintina-^-ihere 
is a distinct lack of explanation. The 
traditional ■ picture of Darwin’s 
finches could have been used- to 
illustrate adaptive radiation, but 
the auditor merely states that ** they 
differ In sizes and shapes of beaks 
and feed on different food". Tlie 
cnapter rambles on, but gets 
nowhere. Tlie study as h whole, 
however, is wortii caref id considera- 
tion among the vast array of text- 
books available lit : this field. 

H. W. A. 

rc . » - • -tv - - 

The author of this interesting book, 
realizing that man orientates him- 
self in a world of colours and forms 
by' visual impressions, sets ornt. to 
explain in straightforward language 
the 'function of coloration in the 
animal world; admitting nt the same 
timo that there arc wide gaps in 
our knowledge. 

Two bitsic functions of colour ahe 
camouflage and warning. The 

in 'A Level Chemistry 

J: Gunnell and E, Jenkins .’ 

This book provides a set of objective tesl papers in “A 1 ’ level chemistry. 
There are over 500 questions covering the syllabuses of the 
Examination Boards. Four different item types are used: Multiple 
. choice, multiple complclion, matching pairs and assertion-reason. 

AH the questions have been designed io lest more sophisticated tiudkitig 
•skills thaitllip ability to recall information, ... .' 

. Question Book £1 .05 Answer Book 85p , , . . y .. 

Structured Questions 
|n A Level Chemistry 

J, Gunnell gild E; Jenkins yp 

. .• . Over 1 50- questions are skilfully, employed iu testing tlie si udCritM - ( 

. • understand I ng of tlie subject raiher tliftn Just his recall of information. ' 
'The text lias been arranged with bpth the teacher and student In nmid; 
dud its 1 5 sections deal with topics based on the principles underlying ' 

' ail * ‘A” level syllabuses. SI units are used throughout and nomenclature 
•foUows lhe recommendations of both the ASE publication 'Chemical 
Nomenclature, Syinbols aud Terminology’ and the 1UPAC 
conventions. • - ‘ ' . ’ . ' - i 

Question Book £J .00 Answer Book £1.1 5 ■ •" ' • 

. . ’ . . .... . I 

" ■ ’ , , .* i 

Selected Experiments : iv gj : : J] 
Jr A Level Chemistry ' 

V. Gunnell and, E. Jenkins. •' .• . ■ ■-.- ■- *"■. 

./.l leYfl by [lie same authors, this book provides abundant tlieoreticuU . 1 
[ . • ' add practical chemistry to supplement any, textbook course, ' 

'**’ * Hit Ji't-n nVfA'Ap AiiKdvImdirifl )a tmam tlifm'aflBrlHoIji Tap it-. 

„ 'AdyanooJTvevfel courses and each 'experfment or group of experiments, '•' . 
‘cpji^alnsa mmibcr of questions designed to prpvoke thought and 't * 

; ^dl$pussioi\. •; 


’ •ri' I,-- i' 

.<1 - -i- m i i 

' I- - , -ill- Ki’l 

rHuriiphceys'tfeHchis at Jo 
Cplfege. of; Education, G)s 

L - Jlnspsaion coplesdYaHablcfromir 

‘ !,Croyt horn Housp . <ti . 

■ '"'-J^avelston^erriice' ' ' V ^T 

E,dmburghBH4?tj. ; ' ';: .-l f -v j y . . ■ 
A Divklori o/Lottgmat} Ofoup ttd* ■ : 

■' ■T' 





continued from page 36 

I Metropolitan Boron oh ol) 
« EY cosmnguENaivB 

,i Bout Hoad. Iluyion. 

Uvvrpool. L30 CD b 

13.100 bova ana atria, 

, 11 ui IB, 

Tr/r Br-plembrr 1077: ENTJ- 
Li-’tf . Biiile 1. Opiior:i:»;-.t rf _io 
li. n d IrfriJP unit lU Ht.lllI 
iti-rwlmmi, and to work at a 
v.irlfiv m lovf-ls. 

Airily by ittti-r to thn llr.iri- otvlnq il«-iott» nf-i-'r’, 
i.sriTlnnro, i|ilallflr olLons .inrt 
vflra-iutt Ic ulttl- actlvUlua Biul 
Kdiiitnn two reTi-reoa. 

tMi-tropulltan Dorou(,h oft 


• huunhHOOil Drlvn, NDlIhlviail 
Kirk by, IJV* HXI 
‘ n.’XHJ bnyi nml >#)rla. 1-53 in 
SIMh I'omu 
B.H.A pjydble 

‘ for arnlpmbor. 1077. ENO- 
Eialo 1 . RjuiinlnnUon 
wi,rk, at In«I to ** O " lotnl, 
uw'idblB. - An tnteroal In 
.■'■•iiifl, tho library or tna. 
p- hnnl nowiiMOer would be 
wl-’onti'. ' 

tor fuiihpr Inrormailnn. 
i'-id. el.unnod addrreaoil im- 
vr-noo lo ' tho - lira Jn in, or. to 
w.ioni diiplRvtlone, alvlnn de- 
in'ti or naa. tiiMllflCittloni inrt 
wiKrlonco. end nojnlnn iho 
i- ttnvrr, sliaiiid bo ion! di 

*-■ « -*I B4 DOMlbtO. 



.lIomiL-ba Avonun 
I.Kf-rpuor tl*J nt*P ■ 

ri> ii'itp-.! nor SPniomb-r. 
'■77. AflfllfllANr for l:NO- 

p'liiitn'ii (Tor Soniomb'-r. 
l*-77. AAfirai-ANr for l-NOl 
u.Hlf. St a to l. 

AiettlcMlton rornit obla'n.ibto 
frc-iu i alum mid mlilrnisr-d 
.—■•■lopri nn«l rriumiibio lo 
t» #i [trorl 1 r,irlii<r nl the trhuol. 
I-M-.n mioto reloronLO 1 * + M 


«I.nni!on nnrounlt of, 

. uMiirry <<i:ManL 
, London CIS 4DD 
1.040 bova, 

- Hre.lmakler. Mr. D. I.. JDlinion. 

• R J.’c.tUron. t 

- Rpniilred Ri-litMlllM. l»/77>— 

* iMiiiHirury TEACHER nr CNC- 
1 -ISII lor nnn tr-rnt lo dll a i.itnncy 
In me CninmuntodUon l-'eruiu-. 
8 i.»'n l poal. 

Hum horn Scalea ntna f^mrton 
■ alto wo nee £402 plus “nrial Priori ly 
ellnwnnco £ 2 pl or £270. 

Anntlrailon forma nov bn ob- 

IMn-rf from tlio ac 

01-470 'Ifliaj. VH 

•halt’d be 

t.v nth Jin 

S >l1cd nit wolL-on,od. 
Mod ajinUcuilon 
ne rfitujjnyl to Ui 

may bn ob- 
ol . i ictrnhone 
i by proaooc- 

- form* 
e achool 



* ♦(Jo can a too ottw- MiUle 

. .Tbeiicarton form* and rurUior de> 
upon receipt of a . atamped 
■eikWBgd onvotrypn from tho IIt«U- 
.. ■after, at Vto.Mhool. 

flonllcnriqm win only br artmny- 
1 Kv 1 ' 11 recrtiM of a alamood 

■ aow«»rd pnirlnno 


®m o r N OU »r 

! ..i>i’rher DtywimTo at iha Tliornii 
Hrxnmar BctiOol, LaunUry Larfr. 
riorwhsi, ano’onrhn ■ alamprd ad- 
foolscap nnyolone. If an 





for the fallnwlnp poiat:. ^ . 

-. pwicant will tonnh In nn 
! annrxn arwinvimnlPty four 
r ijiI'p* frqni Ihe arfoot until the 
hn low School has boon rn« 
w mwlpt’nd rdur for rrocctton. 
t Hon Jnnom-v. 107R>. Thn no*U 
E? mnv bn aulfoldo Tor a reeourco- 
K hi. o n,, nnn mayor, 
tf Aon>imiinne fnn rnrmai to 
|h Iha HeadnnKlnr, with nnmm 
7 of two roforou. aa toon aa 
fc ( ’ r.paMMn. 

r ' ; county COUNCIL 

PtMylo.lllinn* urn 

. au'<rt’i’v .niifl'tnra-. -FTACIfrinB 
-.i. fm- iho_ following post - — 

. ; [FAIRIIAM •nnvmtjRHI-NSiVB 
■ .of^WOOT* 

P«r"hornO''h nrwd, 

. ■: .r'lrion r«'oin, 

< NMlInnham NfHl OAR 

. HmtaiaMnr. M. ' C.- T’avry. 
n.A..- tt A, 

■?. . M.XPd: 1 flOQ lil-lBV 

For' SmiMnihnp, i iii»n.r>in. 
V. IP'fH. T«Ar,|C-n „f. RMOt^Oti. 

l, nr "hwirhn»q- 

■l PWP,s - iPfladlSB N*ih 

'*•’ 1 rt ' , n*’0>tb .odoa 

A»— .or-Hnne ion- formal lo' 
. I*. n %. > , h.!h»mnt of 

V i- ' i.? r rV«fT4oa.- >■ atton- aa poi- 

Mbie. ; • ,( r .- • 




om MJIlably 

he foilawins 


Carlton Road, NuiUnnlwm 
NttS UN R 

llieulmaalLT. J. I'. Honcox 

Mdxed i4QU, 

Tm* Autumn Trnn. tem- 
poidi-v Tt.A(;HER .Scale 1 . — 

? <-ud Uonoiira unicliwie— to 
i-UL-h LnullBli to f * O ■" and 
• A ” li-vM pemJtno Srole A 

Api.lli aim na ino frinna ■ lo 
Uim liiMilm.uii>r. with liiinma 
of twu roii-rert <i> won an 




AunliCdtloua dm invlln.) iroin 
‘■lUl.lblv liuflllllod niA’-HLKS 
to. the to) lull tun r~>t . 


A Scale 1 poet la available 
In the ffiwi Inelance, but thia 
may be reviewed, with . an 
additional non-aupMermuble 
allowance of "K07A per" uiiuum 
for out of claeeiooin rrsiipnel- 
Mllttw. l-reo board anti lodg 
Ins BvatlaMo For a atnoia man 
and (roe accommodation lor 
a plumed mon. 

Appl lent Ion romis and fur- 
ther pardcuior* otsy be ob- 
d from tho IImiI at, the 
at to whom coirn-h-i 
fomta shun Id 

IJouniUcy Hojd 
Ui'rttilord. Nuill 
NC2 7UW 

. Nuillnuhatn. 

P. D. Mimilvin, 8 . Be 
(Mixed. 1.4RU .11 lo IS) . 
i Sixth l-;onn 170, . 


wm h throiinliDut tnn itliool " 
Anplliailktns mo lormei, to 
lli* lieartmotli-r. wllh namrs of 
two rr li-rra. Ctoslns date ; 

1st Jillv. Jf>77. 


il.iXHinn lluniiiiih of) 
rrtTI-llilAM HI«1U HCHOOI. 
r.tti-rlinm Avcmio. CIhvI'aM. Ilford 
H -n now 

'is l.-nhoh., - OI-n.TL 4-1 IS 
II> ail: Mr. P. E. A. Illr Mnnl. tl A. 
Ilniulrrd Sniuembi-r 1077.- )n Iht* 
It in 1 H i nmnr.-li. nslve ecnool. a 
irmniin of t:N<.i.l^H .Rrato n. 

’ITi'-re le .in .icllvi- d.-ii.iriiijc-nt 
wtili work In llm aulijncl >o C.S It, 
.mil ajf.i:. O ’• and " A ■* 
Ir-.-nls. Tho |inet. u cicil.l bo nullable 
for a first aimolniiiii-nt. 


il.ondoii Do rough of) 

WlnchcomUo Road. Carsuniion 

hill 1 RW 

Tel.: U l-ii44 7-sUS 

t niuircd aDninnuer. 1 ^ 77 — HshIb 1 . 
oil quo II Mod I LACII I If uf 
1 ULISH tor I We etx-tnnu oimv 
1 1 - IS school. Squid nsjniinailuu 

S urk .ivdllobte. Sldio extra cutiImi- 
i- Intcroils. Vary sntloalo puil |nr 
a Hi st aiipolmmc-ni. 

AppIlciitiQLis io tivaduieatcr in 
tlrat insuncn. 


• London Horauqh of) 

•lltl.KNSHAW fll'-.ll SCHOOL 
Umnnell Ho, id, Kjiumi. Him-rY 
liraibnasli-r: Mr n. I). IV 01 lock. 

II. Hr.. M.A. t-llllol 
ItnciuUvd for Octubnr 1 st. a lull- 
lluio TI!At(llCIL nr .I 1 NULISH IP 
Ihls flourishing ml\ril cnini>r.h.-ii- 
slvo sc houl 1 1 . ln() on rolo. lfl’> 
In HtMh formi. Lnallen Is touiiht 
up lo and Including " A " lovnl. 
In Iho first Kielenco U’la poet will 
bo tentporunr ror a term . will) a 

-W.™ Sc4 1 or 0 P fo ' "mSdn.nelor 
glvlna ciimculuin vluo end namrs 

hue vllai and referees to the llred- 
■nsblor. Sheldon School, llardon- 
hulsh. Lane, failpponhani, Wiltshire 
^Nj4 otlJ. by Friday. 24lh June. 

Applic ai i» who have nm boon 
tellPtf ror IntM-vlbw by 1 st July. 
l'.>77. should assume that ilio poet 
has been filled. 


Heads of Department 





QLnnonouun manor school 
H uipililon l 4 )iie, Muldsione 
1 1 .41)0 mist'll i 

lCACIll.14 lo (nke chnnio of UhO- 
CHAi'llY llirauiihnut me school. 
Vvr-ll imlabllslic-if i uiirtoa lead io 
l. S K. dnd U " O " Isvol. 
llrqiilrod for Hpplnnlxr. 

Ani'lliallon Pum and fiirlhnr dr- 
Luis atulloDln front Ills Ilrndmss- 
H ■ M am i n iil ail. lr t-ssyp mi cola nil. 


1 LIJXbltlUR (-.OIJ.EOE 
Suliolk IPlL 7NU ' 

■ Public horirillnu echool: 330 glria: 




(Roll. Iiil'.l 

AnpUcallons ere muled from auli- 
bblt UIIUlIHrd |n-rsb>lk loc Hie bOBI 

■ iCOURA 1*11 V, wllh subalitlary 
I IUN. Ills pr-rson aiiiolnuil will be 
oiwput.icd to Ii-jcIi to *■ o " lucel. 
lic.ilo 1 poal. 

The sin t.-esf ul npirticani will be 
esiM^u-d Lo bike up ennui nun on i In 
Bt-r-iember l'.77. 

Applic.iUun forms tskuiipvd ad- 
dnuM'd .-nvi-lnyn plnosui (rum 
li. jibuasii-r. i JvhI Vtflo I mmni unity 
C.iillKI.-, Hi til Inn lln.iil. Hm.iiU.lllt. 
■ Tv nor. Ui'io.i. n-iumabio by Blh 
JU'-Vj T'77 



(Lomlwv Horwiiih .pr» 

IflliM RoniE Lonilun I'.ln > 

<Ui)d: l/jhi. Lo-idiicaiio'i, 

Head Teacher: Mr D. T. Taltu 
lloiiilrod Sfnpsusrr. l-' 7 V 
Ttsnponiry 'IhAliHUl uf •■!.' 
IIIIAPMY for ofio ly. ni. S' el. 

Bumham Sralra irius L"-i. ■ 
Aljowanca £4i'4 pus hiu 4.1 IHi, 

A I low an co £201 ur ii27o. 

ApullraDon f-nrma ni.iy bi • 
talncd from U 10 lirsid -n-n.liir ■ l. 


fl IFAD 11 All' as HEAD of OROOllA- 
PflV . DEPARTMENT. Noit-reeldnnt 
uiim. Burnlinm Bc.ilo II. Uovsmnioni 

. Ani'llcHlIons, sa sodn as poHlbir, 

I addrocson or two rtierniMi aa 
n os notcdble. London wolohHng 

(London Dorounh 

immyiLW mon school 

Tin- Cli.iao, W.illlnaion 
TKACI1ER ri-iiulred tor Santenibfr 
m siirire In rno tco.ihlnn . of I N« .- 

bv U.ii-r. 1 i-o formal, lu Ibi 
iiiiMti is. wiving nirriculiiiT 
end iiiimus ol (wo rofcrcoa. 

as sodn as poulblc, 
farmsl. lu Km ll.p.l- 
ng diiTlculiiin vitas 

entry !1 »o lo yesir mixed whom, 
main arcond sublrct If Birred. 

year mixed whom. 
Ublrri If Birred- 

tpply by letter will) ruirlcuiiun “«riUOT»s 
in and UvQ rulorous to die iU-ad- fiVtiiil r *f 

Other Poets on 
Scale 2 and above 


iLtodou Borough 1 
DuRMl'IlO WELLS fliull BC1K 
Uoriuun Walls Lanq. Soulliull 

Ai-iillrniion Fund* available from 
tlio llnnilmnsler nr R.'T.A.P., to t>» 
rfinmi ' U ,ih sunn as iio-slbm. ■ 

1 Londun Ooroimh nil 
Lovfocd Lane, iirqrd. ir.i 2 it 
T» l. Na.: aj-IUl 2424 
flejil. fir. li. If. M. klarhorian, 
1 : H D.. M.A.. I O.C.A. 
neniilrod Scmemhi'r. 1077, TEA- 
r:nnn Vpr enulibiI humAmitilb 
iBraio it 

AnniicH lion . forms available from 

a to Iliad Tnailier nl Ihe echool. or 
■T.A.P.. to be returned ai soon 


■ London noraunlt nr) 

won d on ino e iniiii hciioot, • 

St. Dornnbn* Rond. Woodford ureen. 

WAKEFIELD (Clly of) 

1 Mtlrounl/un nuirl'l I'-mim lll 
(Mixed coninreheitalvt 1 .'flu 

K»d for Beptoniber. MAS I Tilt • 

numlfli trvn nxeamnaniiin 

Iti-iiulrod for Beptoniber. ItoBimF A 5 C ®’° 

I.I 1 S I RUSS for IsNULIUll. I lly Mil); »Ul'hb|) ritWl'iSh 

loot to Inunht Ui irnnis cuMpokml peiwon. but ni-wl; 

a into it cull rely of English apeJiiU "MJf a 'Wjv- . . 

toia. All in tubers or tin dipan- ^nrton \veia 
ment nro f-ncoinword lu pluv en ' jCT^^iio 

"' anR ' na un, ‘ * vMa * m rondi li* Sfic . o is! 

KlBu school m 
Uoriliun Walls Lang. SoulTmll r>ltn 

.Ml'ldloagx tiUl 3 h2 tnr ,^ .clinl 

feriffn .r.'iisafflirf- ,.‘3a m 

rac viafra^sris <*& 

pi-diunns are fl r.igular f^-^jjro -of , t *,o 
levrl nxaminnllnns. , .. . Jimv 

Vn’SVU?.! . iiu 

p4r«an. bill newly •lualllleu 1 eschars rrji , 

l-lli: IIENKV III-' A I 'I (lllf SCHOOL 
II a real licit. Willi lifiiiifl- 
1 1 10 Lu Coini>rrlmn>l\A MlM-d 
1*11111 un u.Ui 

uiKimtMuiv to c..H t : . nut ■■ n 
Incel. muinmaiv imill Auuui- 1 . 31. 
1**711 In Ihsl In 1 . la in 0 
Bwlr, 2 11 V. 1 ll.lblD. 

Currlriilillii vllue. lwo rrlrrene. 
stanmeil uildrva- i-il i.ivruua to 
l losd. 


□ UltllANlH UCIIillil. . 

Manor Way. Cravii-y Oewn, 


J Flull "An. iiiKCil, all ability. 

, 2 <i In Slain I iniiii 
lixiulrt-d Hi-eieiiibi-r. iF.Ar.lirn ol 
UcnUH.'UHtV lu -li-.rt* lu tin- W .Ik 
of the d<-|i.ii-tniPiil lu t: B I... "■ O '■ 
and " A " h-vel. (Jfuniviphy Is 
lAuuht . ui nun of an mtogiulad 
liiniuuiili s -.uurse in Uni Innlor 
. hi Jioul 2 nd UiL-n d« a aejMiwte dlsri- 
jillno. Arils e Inlnresl In fU-Ul work 
(• rd’Piithil. 

- Aeply to lleadtiiaslor wllh briar 
details ol iiif.illfl'-iilluns Hiid etnarl- 
onLf. glvlnn names • uAil- lUiirraaM 
or i wo t ufwryea . ■ . 


HI A liHLI.V llllill SCHOOL 
mu niiiiJt 

Norwiiii'l. Beverlry IIU 17 "EX 
nrauii in. Niuulii-r un Roll nno 
Veurs 1 10 .1 1 oiiipri'lientlve: u end 
7 spii-iiiin. 'li-si'iniiinn Into an 1 1 
lo 111 (oiu-ioiiii miry glria' coni- 

nunniiAHiiv. stale l. 

RriiUlnnl For lii-i'lci.ibi*. l f '77. s 
fillAnilATE 10 I filth UEO- 
CRAPIIV ihrniinlioul the acliool. In- 
.clinlmn AilimiK-d levui work. An 
Interest In Rronoinhs would br an 

fiuut-x Rood. LuhiIpo Ro 2 <iS 
(Holt: i"Qi). Lo-»iiiiiaijiiiiiil . 

Tli'jd Tcactitr: Mr. •». C H.idunan. 

I^Jgulisd Seplfiuh'r. 1!*77;. _ 
ICAi -Jttn uf HbiJiinAFIIV. iu-le 
1 . To team Inlihiily mnnl' Hi 
liuvur Kotiuol 'll 10 14 1 will' amne 
opnuKunliy >or exuuilnonen uorf.. 
Ihrro are lnnm flcogtviphv roui-n 
and aids Incltido nncltlAry stofn-d 
auilio-vlsuil, ildi-g snil renrouruniilc 

n cllittoa. The Auihoriiy him lla tavii 

rid Bludtes Centre near ihn t»-in 

Tho sdinol Is a mixed roniprrl'tn- 
•tve occupying uioilcm buliiluigt on 

a single a'A-ncra ills wllh 11 *, own 
uhuAng fields. Suih rurm mu 
nurnham Scale pais Ixiuion 

Alluwance Baui. 

I till •iniails and api'lleaUf .,1 lon»» 
bed aitUloblo from iho Head Ti,(li«» 
nbT! 01-471 3411 •. 

Appllralloni should be. relumed 
to ah -acl ioul 6 » Hu July. 1 *j7L 



Tnp f « oBWJhaVIiy 1 l'i| 1 * 

Vi. DiHiluiilO If PO'slbla. Jh ih to 
njlneif eomprj-imnwwi whom hqii 
1,040). Ability and wllllnnneis lo 
fr«rh . Ihrounbout IRO Jl-16 S'ja 
rsngo, Imuid'nB C.S.E. groin-s. 
r«rn(ial. Ability tp iisip v|Th ffrri 
yror Utolofy would M useful but 

n °The > BCho^ look In ila llrsi folly 



lake in Bef.lwn- 

ment nro t-ncouiwgi'u w 

uliIvo rolo In iil.-mnlng uml evalus- 

A?REDAIJi°friOR flClIDOI. „ . 
t Mixed 12-18 Coirtprt.hi-nilve l.ViO 

flcnuiroJl for Beptsfiibqr. AHBISTAN I" 
Ti-Ai-nrR idea In li to is -.11 It 
DRAMA !tNi! USIJ at C.B.n, and 
non-oxaniltiaiton Intel. 

Roqucsu for nppiicullott lorni* 


■ss rtiajssrt non’/ tSsi: 

Vi'nfecflelJ. to be returned aa soon 
e a uo sal bi n- 


welohltno £403 plus 
Iky Xllowanca. 
irl.ito cosan, anblaci to 
aaalsidnco nmy be 
Irual teoe for hoiite niir- 

tir.inted Tor legal teoe for house nur- 
rhasi*. removal expenses, lodgiuu. 
MibsKieur.ri and Irnviil expgnses 
wliMsl looklnn for arcomniodBUgn. . 

.cliulinn Allium '-d levui work. An 
Interest In Rronoinhn would br an 

AnpUi-silon, forms ore svaltoble 
Irani the Tloaninieirrea si Inn 
srhonl 1 aomi si. imped mlilreNod 
r-ni-n'uW ) . la nlmm lonipleleil 
forms should bo reliinieii by 4th 
Jiliv. f i77. 


anur.vnpN ulpa.u i ment . 

« 1 jlbl.ANnft ftOIIOllj. 

nv/rphy nonil. Hi-idlmgion . 
(liadlfAl'IIV — Hffllo 1 post, 
Rnnulroit for Hrpttwber, 1077, ■ 
rr:Ar:hui» or nrmifiAtMiY to, loin 
a irsir nf rive lentlu-rs. In this 11 
to II) iniiiprelienHivp sihoal lo wnik 

E pfnly In 11 lo 14 .ino r.inne. An 
Inresi In neolonv will be an aridl- 
llonnl reroinmemtolton. 

A'lpni'-iiiinii 1 unis ore nvnl'iihle 
froui, nod rot u run bln to. line Ifcnd- 
1 ml tlr r .11 the si I mol. . 

or' details and Bp|iUcali(nl 
iron) lh adniBsier ■ stomitd 



a&M'SKrnrh. aid eon 
• 11 In IB Coniprenr.nslvB 1 

i^uoho^ .h«oo, 

lovol. Mcongtiilci as > subsidiary 

xnbjnc^ would be an adventMe. 

B ‘ AKhlcatlon forma are avMtobl* 
from ihe iirudniaam. to wmi'i 

a iry should be relumed within )4 
sya of Iho aptfOiimiice of Ihla id- 

forma are avMIsbl* 
endmaain 1 . to. wnr. 1.1 
r ._ 60 relumed within 14 
fho aiitwsiranco of Ihla id- 



loleplignoi DI-B04 'IfilB [London, ngnmlth of) __ 


i.ngllsh Deponinr-nt of this 1L lo Eopina loroM. fsimlon Adi 
10 inlxoil rornpri'llenslve athool, salary pcvohlo. . 
I.Htabilsherl fours, -s In Ine Deonri- nwiuired For Hupii-Jiiher. I ' 1 

lVi.« f P oTrs P ,r;' 1 ’rn na r ffiSSI: Ri«?orS;.pK.u.hor. urn — 

«5S.n. UBS& rt7 ... 

won lil bn rxiu'rlnri lo irucli acrons RuvrnlMll Londun. r. 1 " l 

thn rami* of nblilllng In ihn kcliool. lUjMmiiMii 1 *. Mr. A*_>nnu*. m,hl. 

TO® E ffiHOOL 

fe s si n _ kn T ew - 

• .torgo and -Uvoly dnnavt- 

, AnuHcstlon forms nvsilntilo rror 
Ihn Ile.iHmssler, or S.T '.A.P., to b 

felmaa. aLs&auu. aadtiL 




fflno pupil*. 11 .. io. lfl . ymrat. 
comprolienalvo; drslpnalcd 11 

.. SW.‘°& d 4ND ' 


C.K.E. ami * • O *• level (-ouroro 
well eatabilslind. ** A ’ level 
work bonlntimfl In 1979. 

/ Apnilcnilgn TOiin* am , avail- 
• ablo mun Biq Head TYerher 10 
whom. .they, should be rwurpod 

ImmodJaleiy, - 



hsm niqukfod [PfJhli .Wl?**!. 5£i 

Scale 1 Posts 


I l.anduti Roraugh of 1 

VVn.Vfbnno I a lie _ Norlh. 

Cl) ail well Ijeatn. Romford 

Ueuu 1 rod Vnr Hep Icinbnr . l‘'77 
I h:ui IDAI'IIY . well iiuatllleil fll.D- 
r.iroiuiv si' 1 . ci alibi; iq ie«ih ihe 
sub] iu I in ;* A level. Brule l- 
- it Adi 111 Ion C40Q npr »nnom. 

riu*in<i lime fur 1 
July. I '-'77. 

cm :nty council 
E nncA-nnN ni-PA 

■inie 1 tOr umillca Ilona: SUt Heads of Department 

fenncvnnN nrp.MiTMi:NT 

Pw MARVmi. • . 

P*rtuiiS) uluiii. Kingston unon. Hull 

Mj. a 

l i Ainrii- i,r I.Nill.lAII with some 
OKOllllAI'IIV. . 'R-norlnii-nia 

S re wi-tl ,.^tel>*l«)"-'l .*«■) t'-.»'ll.lO 
C.H li , " O ■■ uml '• A level- 'nil 


louoi fi on ^ cot 1 ntv limb 


line . mixed- 

ro®^°* n a sumP?3 ,n NiV«a*td ' gCJtOOL 

M*f Sfi'caflon blSA’tljTllF 

a^roW " M»f , # iir & RKW M- be 

ttlaji noad. l.ey tut) 1 London. Bid rfcniurod for- Seolem 

admaotcr, Mr. 

’ school fof l.onn pUDlla aged to 

; : i!SSJ"B, 

• IfPNT 

ns NR count TECHNICAL IllOH 

Broadslairs Rosil. tlpjadslntps- _Kent 1 

Tylephonc: QlwWB 117* 

infii oiiv 1 ’^!^ "oi-.tot/im# 

nmulrod lor Remember ) n 77 
tu7H tfl orasniiw 
n IhUThrrn.njrm 

BCSttP 1 

fii eniwo' 4U, ° 


pdvllle Flood Routh, Klnvrd*. 

RSJ\ r : B ^r rtd9 ° 

RNO LIB H n RAD DATE requlf 

( lito rural fannprohcrpaiva Set 
out n iloparimoni of four |n 
no English to ell lovela 
'! O ■■. " A '• and Cjfl.E. 1 

B dror extiorlenco In Drama 
on.ndvnntnqo. . 

Apply by lollpr lo Iha IImi 
at Iho achool giving ncEmoa a 

ilrod for 

chnol La 


- (London Borough off-- • 

m u ra. 'fwfe,sri! 

of Ceniral London and bonlerod by 
Lpptno ro root. London adiliilon to 


A '^Svet lh ^U Ul 'lsKe S 

hive Slenlor High School iBW) on 

TO jvritU:ailori 0 l f'Sn»i» ohtalneble from 
the Cnad Teacher on receipt ol a 
nlnmnod- addressiid onyelopej. 

1 Uyidg 
itimi iM 

ugh of 

GUj Mi... 

nryno.y) rjwti _wp_ 


kirki.kf.r • „ ' 

Mtriunnnj n-AN cdiincil 
iionlilv litnii. rciiool 

Stnttnn RnS'l. Ilnnlny. . 

W » a . % n9«» 

— Iw.'Hfe 0 " u 3 'Tp 9 mia 

C.B.B. An oKperlencSd and iuccosa- 
"te.l’.'V^a. for r«nov«1 

II. . unt), 1 
ri Priori ly 

coniprehcnalve. . Vi'lm^nllmiaV’u 10 Id, ovw' 300. . 

10 a ond-nd- 



» Including Uto&X. 
ErqnDlnlf B. • . Bpc ™ 1 

the l 


In iKth fortnl 
n nniit rod Tor 


MUlhlu " n " 

osHlbly " O 
no soopfin 

n -oil m mi V- HirononiLCB.- o»k™i , apiwnd rormi. 
layo. "llu* la a n_®Rl“0» , "S\RL- Unad Trorhor ,wl|h 

1977: 1 

sroto . 


quoting 1 

to ref Drees , 

of oferiiiRAWn’ Jj Stoig 

s Avl S' 

Scalb T Posts 

ilu easy acres* 
id bordered by 

iBiltc. . for- 
wlihtn , 

’leimf lo. to* 
mimm of two 

ffis-t «.• fSssawTsa: 

s,vi j«s JavviJrvsnst 




jackians Lana, fiun* OrovB,. 


■ .1 

nllos from) .Bristol and 19 

I M 


RlnlChli'V _ ' . -: 



mx. wrafc-' v 

^For" i^I dotaAa 'aeB bKgAftiry j 

Fducal Ion ,. 1 History aiHlon, . «*!■ 1 

TRftCHETI fSraln 1 » lo ioorii ENO- iUtt^iSST 1 • n 
l.toif un lo Sixth. Form pwaL An " cl i^(*- hv 

as ' WlC ‘ l J V n ‘ S *' - * - Bn fllvtng 
* AupHnllAra bv loltor In Rrat 
to«lanro nlvtnn rurrirutnm vita# and w - O ., . HFXnyg ,. 
lh". nalnw and addre#»»« of Iwo 
refer dm. to tho Read at lh* School, WILTSHIRE 
. ewrioDlnn «upnii»c'! addroasod ofivo- , bheldON RCl 

1 1rWiA Prtf fiinfhni* ft n fills ' - -TiluwmIihm 


FOREST SCHOOL f OR 110 VB , BRHBi - ' -1 ■ - ■ - 

cpmntonitana, llorshnm. rHKftHIRF ' •• -V- • 

rf # jnu^A ■ "Ru 

Aomv’by ,IM1« to ^j&^otfw^rraa^an’d 

Iem:o . und th 

: . j.ivrrpOol 

doMP^g^inra) • 

-. Priory .^d^Uvsrpoo, 

ABSUjTANrS' . . for 0 B 0 - 
onAPHY, ,. BbAla ■ 1 . ,liwa . 
(> 0 ^ 11 . .Ren a i rod for 8 » 0 - 

1 ember. 1077, . ■ 

Application rormi obtntoaWj 



,. illBLnON SCHOOL , - 



Elm bridge Wkn^CcrantoiBh 
Teltplion* : Craniolgh S40B 

•uf, ia «t. . . , 

■KmulmptuiU to Initially a ismpotury 

0 '^« l a«V»fVftii' i-gptondld oaif- 
laiel soiling : Bath in mTlea, M4 

•p lJjIIH- pf -application -with nirrtcu-t 

flainryiiAuniharii^aie l Vi 

with [.on ft on Arm> Allowance, 
nr-aionahl" removal rsnatw 

Thu aitinof ti in a vi ton did paijt- 
*1 selling : Balb . IS mTlea, M4 

London Arro Allowance. . 

jxona hi » • removal rsnenaMtoUl 

br rolnihursad laetalls oh roquoati, 
Pieaio Hiul aiamnnd .madr<»eM 
.•nveluuo for apnlicaflnn form frotn 
returnable ■ Mi. the Head 
ro at the gbuvo afldreeo ee 

, envMuue Tor annlicallnn Iprm from 
(and returnable- ML the n**! 
Tcenrhro d( the abuvs addTW N 
et-gn aa.ooaaibla, 

a » -iVh'- f • VI '■ 

S » K \ * 4 >-■ 7 




cunt limed 



il?roup CU ll i Comprehensive Si 

- rrqiu persona j»l 



E shjn Bi.jioiii. 

Cl forgo Avonue. Ilkeston, 

y till Ire _ 

BOO iluys ana C.lrtj ■ 

Required tor Wiiiciiibw, .1.977 Of 
us so mi oiler si pwsIWg III8TOR1 
On AD 1 1 All. iimlIioc able to offor 
aomo tiroorjiihy aiid Girls (James. 

Apiily io JlMitouuier giving 
npnjwi of ii rofaww 


Moorland Rond. Plymplon 

8r« s .«?- 

In Urn Lower School will} First 
Year Intonroiod Studies In IfumtnU 
Has. Seals I. 

Application forma (a tamped aui 

dmud envelope > train Headmaster 


l London Borough i 

rrdm mug* ie*v«c 

•“i* w 14(11 

appUaUMtr ttiH} 
should Include age, quaflncaUon Ww 
Sis name and ad*r*» 0* Mia ao£; 

S Uorial referee, to be resumed to 
"“lead Teacher atlha i3ld 5I aa 
aoon a a possible. 'Bumped ads 
dpwad pn willin’. J. 

(Lonilon Borough o(>. 

Hio Green wav. Uxbridge, 

Middle sox USB 2PII 

(Number on roll 873. SO In pUrth 

Form ' . , 

jr^ud -^a^or: B. C, Firths 

The Ed net Eon Committee lias 
power lo consider applications from 
experienced loacliora for aasUianco 
Loweras removal. dlstuibonoa or 

tloru und turnon of two reforum 
(■tampon addressed onvetono. 



nffur “7“* 

™8od * ltoad. WaillM Slroet, 


•nils la sn rtnm-to. 
actradl wlih oxcollcnl Faclli 

S oncd In 19G9. Applloailona 
.u dents about to complete 
. minlno will bt welcome, 
low apply to ihe Headmaster 


%0 YS) 


Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 



Applications ■ are fart led ftom 
Bulla lily qiiuHfl»d lEAr.llbllh 
for llie followlno poal i — 



OS, D.A.I 

ilanspiu ltoad. M 
Nottingham i 


ploy s major rolo In, Ihe 

__ ttirffrtVH 

ottw km: rz 

Applications (no formal to 
Rio Headmaaior. With namee of 
i^p^rafereH. u soon aa pot. 

Scale 1 Posts ,•;// 



Tanboidoa. ctiMt. Basildon* 

W.t Basildon 6-33091 

1 ti}$OCI RAFH Y with HISTORY and/ 
or other HUMAN' If IBS subjects,) 



I nv ton's Lane. Sun bury -on •Then ms 

itoqulrort for January. HEAD of 
MATHEMATICS. Brule 4. 01 lhw 
□li -ability, li to in cooducatlonpi 

MaJliDmuilrt aulto. with computer 
nd teaching machines. 

Fringe London Aliowonco; ganer- 
« rofccalloii expanses tn approved 

Applicants should bo in, comp lorn 
synipaiKy with Ik* UuMlIan MHla 
or uio School. 

Details and •pdUraUiMi form from 
(ha Honduras lor. D n. Jones, M.A. 

(London Borough of) 

•nie Borough la wllhtii rosy access 
of Conlral Loiraap and bordered tav 
Egging Vpreeu 

London addHion to salary payable. 
Roberta Road, London, S17 4LS 
Headmaster: Mr. D, W. Browne 


MATKa (.Scale 8i lo .Hud a alroira 
depart merit fa Uila rnfanJ Coninre- 


AnplioaHon forma and^ further 

Tfsront bails, li 

(London Borough ori 

lorn, iubs 



la, London Blfl 4DD 
: m?*D, L. Johneon. 

jSwsva.rtT.ti si; 

vKhu 11 ' P ”’““" V " 

In an IpTprtJjacIpiLnarv approach (an 
mfeprated. .ilumanlUra Courao with 
l»iti teaching oneratas m MOM ona 
and two l would be an advent ago, 
Area AUowonco ClBO. 

Apply by letter ifuii riolalla In. 
oluiUnn roreroosi to the Hoad. 

muter..., ■ .. 



^^ml^Rion fAima avgljablb ffom 
the H«d Teach or. or 8.T.A.P., to 
ba ralumetl oa soon ae oosetble. 


Application fartris and further 
details oWaiiutblo from Ihe llumi 
Tnniar on receipt of a alum nod 


Ume KBn, Woolton Bassett 
Swindon. SNA 7I1D 

to 1 ?O0 1D UpSaj nPrOll0n * lVB ® ChDt>1 
Reauired for January 1B7BI HEAD 
of HArniEWWTCS (Scale *». to 
Uvle 11 to. 18 OojuprBjranilvo School ■ 

xsU oSll 


(MeirupalUan borough of) 

ST. nOMWICS «-f:. 

lordMis nwii. Uverinni 
LI I >|UU 

(1.07C boys and girls. 11-nii 
bTp.a. payable 

rpr January l r '7B for Rl-pj 
lemuor 1*177 _ If iHishlblo . 
SECOND In Donarnnrnl Of 
MAT! IE M ATIOS, Scale A. Ex- 
purienced n;A(;ll!:H requirod 
la leach lo ul| lavoie and aliaro 
the orgonUallon of Uiv n opart* 

For application forms send 
aiamnPd addrosaod envNoiiP to 
tho lit- Hov. Mgr. !•- will tty. 
St. Doiulnlr'B Hrrebytery. 
aouthdeun lloud, l.lvorpool, 
L14 RUT. to whom coniuleloJl 
forma should lie rnlumou. 

(London Borough of) 


'Ihe Borough la wlUtht rosy bccom 

w DwUiyi London and bordered by 

^ahvorti^RMd. London, Bll 1JQ 

Dr, A.- M v Black. B.Sc. 

id for January 1978 i 
IMATTUU TUAciiCn (Simla 
ell ouaiinud and oxjmrlancBj 
teacher required aa Socond, In Uia 
MaUiamaUOs Department ,ln . 

W'r'K,™" 1 

yntrai, Ae wall .as 

snylngad. botii fa MuUioinatlca an 
mutbly m Computer Education. 

using maioruu 
dspirtmenUl s 
revaiend Q.S, 

v m tf-F 


Vacancy due to promotion. 
Further details and anallcdtlon 
torn from thoflrodmasier ( uiampod 
adartsaed onvoraoe. Mouse)* 

Other Posts on . 

Scale 2 and above 

toas see 


Heads of Department jffig 


•ppblnlniaDl. 't 

u «CTsiV^^ V safe 


Yd (stigu cibja Midi Ilf 1917, 

VseOL PENBOYR V (A) P (Grwp 3) 

Alhrow/AthrifKi ( uiblTi BOful O dJoahorlli y BubanoJ. Rhald ft 
mulirid Uwydillanui * 11 4 dyi«u drwy gyltnag y cyranitft. Dydd y 
geiki | chweraa'r pfaiw ]n gyraUwj'Stor vdiKsoegol. re wnil r 
jrogeUwyc tod yS wamawyv o’r eglwy* AnaUeeneidd. Swydd GrtdJfs 

: jar ir anj Ajmew 

Caorfirddfa, a dylld H dycnwelrd atbyn lies Oorffonnil 1977, 

Yd flrteu etbyn Medl laf 19T7, 


, ‘ 

.Pel rbedl td ntyrtr oeMului addlffrili rat .if n imkdiel ar eot«|M 
am iWMWl ar raddfe uwch ni Oraddfa I. • ' 

, CW^Wlfurneo cajrsr dderiiro »«nlMi •[dlrtrMrM ■ JlHP 
ami ,pd* Srtfc . J ftcMdos Addna Rlunblrtbol. Bftoi II, *L 
Thorns' Qroatij Hnftordd, ; a dylld' « dydiaelyd ctbya llo* 
OerSenMl, ,L977 ( , ' 1 

lUqidtej ttx' lA labuac. 1971/ 

Head TeedHc (Group. 4^' Sgceaufa] . appllainl, mu« b« |borou«bly 
- . biuritajal la iba gcbodl b Itamljlloatly itraaMcd. ■. • . , • 

V'ArjS^lsy*. rwrass ara fttaUIbJe o« .itwcipt of_s sumptd sddreued 



WPCffi* SJiUrm 

-n»fva school. 



Yaba, Bristol. Avon 

rhool ojionlng In Saplembor. 1977. 

S V « 

k \0 school. 

ton .by leuar. - to, 

m ts uisas-oA—, 

Inpllmtlon forma obtainable on 
receipt l)f a .emmpnU in audrnseod 
envelope from lira Head Teacher 

Scale 1 Posts 


- 1 London Dorough of) 

(Roll 1.400) 

Para iota Avenue, Dnoonham. 
nogulrod for Bopiembor iVTYi 

Social prtorlly Schools Allowance, 
Relmbunomoni pr romoyat a«c( 
ponses In approved caws, 

faeltoadloocnor, rsiurrvabia. by 7Ui 

Cation Borough orj • • 
Woodeldo Avonuo. Flnclih*y, N.ig 
Tel, j OL-4-1S 2R01 . 

Voluntary AJ.ded " 

Roll : 1.1041 . 

Ron Hired September 1977 I ' 



m RPtrOYf 

t>r. or S.tXi* Bo be rot urn id 



I fi to 16 yean oomprohenetVeV 

020 ) 

Invited from 
raone for the 

Danners Welle Lane. 8oull«alL 

(SiTMm* X ia le 19 compivlmnalve, 
1 .380 on roll) 

idles; al "O" level Ui.,RSuio- 
ipca, AddlUonu Mhihomatlca and 
r ’ A "JO vo i In hfn Tha 
ifc £n Compuler SlijidlM la Unlnfl 
— dirt enu thore li ample opoor- 
tor innovation and dovolop- 
wllhln ThTi • largo forward. 

-of removal 

and . a police Uon 
imjler^ iBlamped 


HEADWAY uumi‘Ri:iii;nsivb 

Tlra Mead way, TUehural. Reading. 

For September to loacli MA'ltlBMA* 
TICS throughput thia retrod compte. 
nanelve achool. roll 1 . 000 . 

Lodging, allowance and removal 
expanse i eohomoa in operation. 
imiiMiim forme oMnfaable . 

ilo to Uie neadm 
tend envelope), i 



nymeatted. \ ■ 

>n receipt of^a *Urep«d addfaued 

- envdojM .irpao - Um- Dtreottf ol .Edtn*ribfi. Bducshon Dspartmeot 
H»ad<h*srtsxs, UtmHwyii, Qannkrifaeo, add should. 1 bf rattltped by. 
...'.IUl|- 1 lidy;. 19J7, 1 • . 

V Yp OyUu oTtdii I busty lei*, 197a ( ‘ 1 .. 

Yfl f ^%o/Atl«wee (QtwjP 1): RbaU Tr faigafiydd -Kivyddlaaiuu lad 
■ 9* drwj^ adwyleilhoa dd»yl»l|h^ iu tod ft yigdl ,wadl ai Erydlo 

,«tyn : UeC Gorffennal, 1977,’ 


T.^Addytii' Admit 

iWljrt eroyn Ilag 


Road, Maldslqne 

mortfCU, 4 " ** 


aa, removal expense*, la 
mum and tmvoi bx 

looVlng for accornmods 
llcatlons by letter 
rrlculura vitae, to J 
‘am pod ad 




(London Borough of) 
(Oroup Hr Roll 1,000) 


soMbr.'..-:* sju" 

>fflcer_ tot SchoqU .IT7) 
onL . I 
po t tool 
.wit*, (lie re- 
1 cell on form. If 

miu.rad u fuf- 
od. onvolopo 
or com- 

mon foima 

, MYilireSr 
retamad a 4 >‘MMi 



NlCHANlAtem CAWA8I0. • ' : 


■ 1 ?Oo fiio on rdi ‘ • 

; Ai,plON ifciuABE <J,P.*1NpANT8' i 


-sash *. 

I--'^A ■ ■•••■ - 

M >.b. *!•)» •» «!•••( I - . * T 


— » M .■ ' ■ a - 

Heads of Department 

.lantern 1 


(Borough .of) • 


1 N uf. « 

7%e Gciiaoi moved Into new build- 


1TMENT • . ..TTra ®S(faoqr-tollawa the S.M.F, 

bCHO OL' , . 



2 Maihcn utics 
•I cnntiniu d 

4 CilESUIKI'. 

EeducahuN I’OMMiriEC 
P’WADK DEACON 1(1011 5011001. 
KiBIrclillold If end. Whines WAH 77D 
.ill-lb Coni|>roiiPiiAivi>i 
Kenub-mt for BeiHOinlier 1977 : 

,’IIuru .in* niiiiorumiilus of Inachlng 
up to " 17 " und C.S U. lovcl : 
.khawk-dno uf S.M.P. would ho on 

' rurtlu-r dulalls mid 8 n pi Ira I lan 
Tonne tiro uvoilnblo from ina Head- 
am star. 


fSSmnm s« OOL 
ifiaiia l 4 mo. ShiivliiulQii, 

Nrar ( ;n-wn 


''Qiilred Irani Ho|ilnniD».'r. l')77. 

Aiiiillc.iilrui roruie and rurlhor 
drulu OTU .ii’.illabln from Ilia Hood 
OcMlplmlo. Cluslnu dulo ; Hlh July , 


;(tpndon norauyh of) 

1 - Kroilrn Hall Hand 
fi Soil ill Croydon. CHS ADT 
W Tel.: U1-9R1 1141 
|l-T«ndbla: 1st Scpiembor. 1977. 

P tull-llinc TEACHER or MATHCMA- 
(!' II'IS. grudualu [irolurrya, Hxcal. 
P- (ml deportment, mlxtura of reodom 
a, Ami irndlLlanal nialhods. " O " 
rMi'iot und c.S.B. Strong discipline 
:n iho school, 

. s^ary. .Burnham Scale I with 

lonidon Aron Allowance. 

L UiHiaunnbla removal expense! will 
po.rolmbunod (details an rcquMt), 
l’le.iso send eiamund adarouna 
roydoho tor jipunroiion form 
'J® 1 1** fruiu nud raluntabla to Iho 
llcud IcMila-r at ihu ubovo oddroi* 
as soon .i s _ possible; 


< Icndon llorough ofi 

rnfeiLti sm'sirsjffljai «. 

1 0 hired in Ihlx lt-li> MlM-d Com- 
prrhunsivo schoi.l, some com purer 
LSluiiles would bn an advemana 

!’iBTAi*i with 1^,(1 don An>a Allow- 

^ Reasonable removal exponsoi will 
I'be.r.riinbureod idmalie qn ronuesit, 
' - I'leaea send kiumuod addressod 

eaveiono for anullcailon form fitmi 
and returnable lo lha (load Tou- 
as° r "Lh 1 ' 0 °bovo address as soon 


pallon III rurneis, Cumbria 

•IJ.-IA! mixed; Coiiiprehonslva: 
noil i .unui 

hcjdiauaior. Mr. M. A. Tumor, 
Itrauircd Tar Snptombai-. JJI77, on 


y?»L, m sr%5hf'.A ruvi!: 

oapochtny In, lu pronramino 
MW suf laldl 0 ‘ lor a 

3a,fefran l C15Rcr or lD 0 X' r i¥?^: 

wUh namee ol iwa rotoroas and a 
Miiupcd ndilroskod onvolopo. sm 
WIL.^ nna.Ililo. 


wvmtvAY aciionr. 

. WS'A Avpnuo - a °" ,llw,,v - 

• co-oiiucailonal : 

*P l “nui Ir-rm only. 

Sr 1 wl8t8Sr£ 

r!5rn s .IO C.S.K. Scalo 1; Evpert- 
[*C0 m S.M.P. or a modern syllabus 
. aaentllal.- 

Aopiicoiion forms fslumticd nj- 
r.Tj! cd . onvalono i trom HoaUmssier. 
UJatnaliip in Mill w’^ln H wtf. 



P^ t iD , |fc AvwiUB ’ Souiltway. 

S^jIT^'^'onslvc. co-oducniionet : 
1.700 on roll) 


i London nerounh of) 

tvlibury Way. London N1R 1UX 
illroiip ll ; olglit-torin entry, mured 
«. oin iirohon vivo achool. Roll l.ulM) 

I’lslnn io > 

Tolophono: 01-B03 0TV4 
Konulrod tor Suplenibor. • 1977. an 
I'ninuxijisllc rLAullEH or MAIIIU- 
MA I ICS » loin u sirong duiwrl- 
utonl. Modem Mathematics is 
idiight ihrouniraut ihu school, 
iiiiilnly S.M.F. lo noth or with the 
rue c,n f miruducilon nr un Individual 
Ip.immn pioioci S.M.l 

The post Involves lonclilnn across 
llio whalo of Iho aiilitiv r.inuo to 

K uplls iiooil 14 .voars and upwards. 

□iho siMh I- onu work Is Hvallnblo 
«pr a roll ii l, la applicant Subslan- 
IKto-TOr ™ addldon lo ilia 

Touinorury hauxinfl • un io two 
Vnurs), IIB) per com ruinoval 
i‘.vi, oiiies UMOO innvliiiiim ■ . roloca- 
un , d lodulng aliowonco 
wlirro approminiv. 

Appilroilon rortiis laiompod sd- 
rnvulaoi obtainable 
J ram Inn lleiidniiiBJcr to wlioiii iliey 
Mioulci uo r«.Murnod a» aoon us i>oa- 

(■rren L.ino, Soiilhnninlon 509 .'.SB 
number ^‘'" 

Anplv bv loner la Heed by July 



Hodao End, South. minion 803 ILJ 

ill Jo »6 coniurchoobivo imxtd 

rmrrtculuui vltso am) iwo rrloreoi 
lo Head with alitmiied addrraied 


illorauah on 

Dnhrnlrh ltoad. London NH 
l.JSn nupiia. 200 In the BIMli form 
Tire AhaS ^niuvud Inlu now build* 

H.'iiiilrcri inr Srpi.'iubur- 


Thn School follows the S\IP 
syllnbu^ uim un. syb|oc| ^s jeuiili^ 

A *■ . lovnl. Tlirrn Is a inrnnuior 
link with MMiil.inx 1 ‘ulyirchmc. 

Fionsu <i|i|) 1 y dlrrrl lo Iho Ili.dil. 
iiilsirrsi in iho School, quoilnn 
Iwo referees. 

Removal N\p..nsra. IOO per ernl 
ollowcd, Lumlon Allowance liinu, 

.. UWrf Bducollon Offlr*-r. rdurs* 
Hnn OHIcea, Sonieroot R osu. N17 


y.Vsf r *5o..ina e 



. Boo under Slvtli I'orm and Tec- 
llartL Colle nosT SluI.- I. 


(London Uoraugh of) 

Required Snpiciub»r 1977 : 
Roll : 1 .114.1. 
I oril l^ino, lliunliuiu. Hat!'!, 

11-18 Caiiiprt'tiunslva alluulcd on 
onn sire. 

li: AC.lll.ll of MAIIIIIMAIK'JI. 
h^homua ipv. r H M l', io 
c.b-B.. • o ■’ and ’ A” Ivvel- 

Scolu Host .iv.illablc also suluibln 
fur ilrsi apiRiinliucnt. 

MA1TLB lo lake lira sub act 
Ihrauuhoul the school In n flourldi- 
Infi and .wall equipped pr-riai-iiiianl. 
Slxlh Form work lor suitable appli- 
cant. BcjIo past avails bio. Tills la 
a rapidly growing school wlih op- 
■ Itorlunltlos for lirofusslon.U udvance- 
nient, allualod on cdpp nr Uraen 
Unit mid-way bolwuon London and 

There la a achoine for . removal 

Loiters of application tn Hoad- 
irichor concern nil glvtna lull curri- 
uuliim vlto o and quoting two ro- 
fnitHiB. . 1 





Founded 16*4. . • - . •’« * J* ■ 


removal are peers bis ,in ; eporoveo^ 
^fSpUM tloru ■ by 1 leUor 1 to j 

"ini unmg ■ lua. ouiiv. j. 

ilrfiJ? 1 ' 1 . ,n S-M.P, or u modern 
'*1 MWHttlol. 

. Aopiwaiion forms islamnod Bd- 
"rnqieu envnio|io> from Hwidmasior 
rwurnauio to Thlin wlihln 14 duin 

qr ina ffltectuaaami-i ■mnontmica. 


fS^#‘S^W“T , |AraiER 

(w i.MATHEMA’llcd lo O.B.E. level, 
firtlo l. . piooso stare other 

.i.ApplIriitlow forms fatampnd ad- 
utoviod. envoi ono ) from. llpAilmeelor 
fA'qrn.hto (n~(ilnT w i’Mn 74 rf^.va. 

DEVON ... 

E »$S!I!S? 


in wHh (fa.moa an *d- 
t 1 torhis.' ’from Hoad- 

S6»® , §aa.e EcoNDA,,v " 


Boll ; 7-10, II -Id. no-oducailoiifll 
llr nulrod Boui ember : 
revols UiroiiDhnui iho school. Aails- 
lanco wlih . removal and legal ex- 

l Apply, wlih full curriculum vlloe. 
by iciuir to ItoudnraeHir. 

DURHAM 1 . ... J 






H 1.1 nil Call ltoad, lloddosdun 
• r:o -c ducal Iona I. H70 on roll) 

OuaUflnl TEACHER, lor 
MA rifCSlATICS required . Ben- 
Umbar. Cundldares sliauld 
huvo j found fnuwlo'iuo of 
H.M.l*. lo oxanilnallon lovrl 
A now rlMssrpoin block under 
roiu-lnicilon includes a suho 
of Maihuninllc* room*. Anpu- 

S.M.I*. la oxanilnallon lovrl. 
A now rlMssrpoiii block under 
roiu-lrucilon includes a suho 

W an anvanlnge. . , : *• ., 

- suimiHtir, adarMsod. PnVnlppetor 
•fflUcaUon 'ftnn lo Area nducalWn 
OfRcg. Sraaidn Lane, Lnslngton, 
Poiwloq, Co. Durham. ■ . . • 

• ryoilnn date far rpcnlnl of «P* 


!jqyB^n^ UNCIL 


.( 8*0 an rblf) 

TOl^oreliapt Rood, Hovn 1 

with . damns dr aiiomer ace- 
Ofihre subloci, would be usnrui. 
rtW-ffUona. frbni new enlranis lo 

,^rirft?'’r W 'i larVTciiUi r» n ?nj ' a ppllcai 


( Ixxulan Borough oft 


t/nioniton ouiiwifij 

Kurllnglan Lsno. Chiswick W4 SUN 
Hoeilnrasior. Mr D. 3. Ilurrell D.6c. 

■ Co-Dducellonal 11-1B ego ronge^ 
Croup 13 — io rorm Entry) 

Required from September 19T7 ; 


‘Scale 1 Poeil to Join a lively de- 
partment reaching C.8.E.. ■■ O ■' 

and '■ A level elundardfl. Ihera 
i also e Compuler Course. Tliere 
le a Mathematics Laboratory fa the 
Lower School and S.M.P. le 
taught throughout iho School. 

Applications from newly qualified 
reach ora ai d ihose with Middle 
School training would be welcomed. 
l.endon Allowance £307 payable. 
If , you nrs sacking your Nrot 
appoinimcni. plenss state, aa that 
tho appropriate form may ba sent. 
j^Oasing dates irtUoy, let July. 

Tito Education Commllleo 
power lo consluor applications .rum 
oxpcrlnncod toscliars for ssslstahce 
rewards removal, dlsturbonco or 
separation expenses. 

... '.-"Uors of annllc.ijlan in lira nrsl 
Insiance lo iho Head Teacher ai die 
school, giving details ot quAMrica- 
llons and netnoa of . iwo roforooi 
i stamped addressed envelope. 



uiiH [(.worth Place, Clcelltorpes 
.noil l.lldi 

largo and . aiiccussful deuarunont. 
A sliaru af ilia Sixth I pnu work 
could, be available to wolf nuoiiriad 

I tnndUljto. A modiflod form of lh 
Ivhool Matheniallcs Frolaci 
owotl throughout iho school. 

Application form* and further 
Imurmnllon obiqlnabis from Ihe 
Hbadui.ialLr a I Uta school lo whom 
Hiey shonlii be ro inroad within 10 
d.ivs of lha o ip too ro nee or this 



Now Waltham. Ortntsby 
■ lioll l.iintlj 
Headmaalcr: I. K. Drake 
M.A.. I ■ 

Reauired for 3lsr Aunuei V)77- a 
llvuly and onlliuilaatlc well quail- 
ispahle nf reaching all ages and 
nil ubtllllrs tn a large dunartment 
which Is based In Hu awn suite of 
rooms, one or which umlulns a 
cuuiiiutor terminal.. 

enthusiasm and a wllllnuness lo 
play u toll wart In a lerou school 
are sought, 

this Is s Com prelum* I vo School 
In vory ntunorn |iurnore-bulli 

E >ntlSOs In a rural jroa turrnund'td 
opoit flolds. it sorves iho. 
loliirul area .from Ihe Lincoln- 
eltiro woldx la Iho East Coast. 

Apnllcsllon forma und torfltor 
inrarninilon obtetnubla fro in tho 
IfcjJ I'aaclter at tho «.hool tor 
s.i.H.p. i iu whom they should bo 
rriurnod wltltln 10 days or this 
. nl vert Is omen t. 


iiAVBGAtmi sen ant. 

Il.nraw llnnd, ll.u-ton-i.n-lluiiili.jr 

Hi a.buaHli-r . II. N. Smlllison 

llet|Ulrod fur Auiiuun ITirnt 1U77. 




Muddorsnold ro 
H uridon ----- 

TilfeMATlCS . 

COounty of) 


Ability to toerli to^aJMeveti 

Il.nraw lined, II.Hion-i.ii-llutnW 
I lin.bnaHii-r . II. N. Smlllison 
1 required tor Autumn ran* 11)77, 

In I er cat In computing win ba an 

" rurlftB?' dplalU and hnpHcallon 
tornts may bo obtained from lh* 
jleadmo»rer end should bn returned 



Teletihono : rolheslono SI ill 


}mADuATn rQ re 

lies iliTouflUour. iho school to 
S.M.P. Ordin.iry level, with natal- 
iilltiy of aomo Slxih rorm work In 
llio fuluro. rhls la o Be ale 1 poal 
wl licit would bo auUahle lor aonll- 
i ants aeel.tnn * nrsl apimlnitnenl. 

Leuers of iiDnllcallon should ba 
sent io iho Hcsdinlsirrjs. onclcislng 
conic* ol Iwo roc an l tpsllinonmls 
and giving lira naiuos wf iwo rofor- 


or Maihuninllcs rooms. Anpu- 
lunlB should Uo willing to reach 
a IHllo Genpral 8 cloture. Lon- 
don Weighting £140 per an- 

. Plooio apply Imiuodiair.iy to 
Iho liNdmBiior. with curricu- 
lum vllaa. stating Intrreits and 
quoting two roloreos. with 



tub sm i nstwruc osborn % 

SOHODL' t ' , t. 


Scare 1. required for _3optomh»r 
In lhia aix-torni enliy Cqmprohen- 
"ivo Srltool wlih a largo 8lxth 
1 ortii. . 

„ AnnUrAUons In writing to ihe 
Kendinoaier ot lira rchonl, riling 
two roraroos and giving currlcu- 


(London Borough, of) , - 

■ , 

'Hio QLvrc ^Co^injj Lampion . Road, . 


iieadmailor : Mr., o. u. J. uolqlnd 
N amber, od roll 8B6. rising lo POO 
Ago ranoo J I-10_ yimr* 
Cooipfohoirairo School • . . 

O^h* l'XrVTE biAUCS up 
to ■'.■()■• level. ... 

Appltcsilona are In vl led from ex- 

f iarlenaod twchrrs or thosa seeking 
heir IJrat appolnunenl-.^ -.■ • 
London Allowance £807 payable, 
u. you are eoaking your first an* 
nnfntmont. ujoaia slate, so thst tna 
apnropriaie form may ba aenl. 
CJoalnB dato : Monday. 4lh July, 

Tits Edurntion Commtllaa •. has 
now or la conAldor annlicollons Irom 
experfracod loachora for asalsianca 
rewards removal, disturbance or 
separsHon expenses. 

Leilnrs- of apnllcollon. ’ fa lira 
Drot . faaianon lo iho Head Teacher 
ar Jho aciioolj blvfag deiatia of 
DiiaiiflNlfons. and , phtnes ol iwo 
rtTurm-s. i stor„)if u addroshdd en- 
vcloiKi. nlrtssej-. ' 

secondArv Bovs- school 

Klhvlborl Pojd Favorshimi 
Hcqulrcd Igr Boniqiubor. TP.ACIIBR 
of MAnllEMAT IcS suiiabto tor 
cul|ago leaver. 

Anpllrallons to Uie Hood master 
at lira school. 


y.Y ■ 


loti io bo slBieil. . 
wlih natnoi and ad- 
rprortKHj. to bo.eent 
_ Topchor. _ Chnrl ne in 
•jy ..School. flhaLnisToixl 
Chartham.' Capicrbtiry. Kent,. 


3»rMa oB Ms™ii6. w 

viirt comnrehonslvo Lower. School. 

..»I 1 t rorm. dailrubk). ' 

Tppiy by letter to the I lea dm astro 
the school giving not psniculara 
l tlie names and sddrosoes of 


I Metro poiltan Dorough oft 

nuirwooD com preh enbivb 

Houghwoojl^vo. NorUtwood, 

■ 1 .'.'UO boys Slid BIN,, 1M 
In 8lKlh l omt. S.P.A. payable)' 

jn^^lTmlirad oocnprchonalv,, 

1. 1* roqulrwl tor Bopiombw, 

atlca rouraoe are 

•rfWlsh^rou^tos“t3 w, • , Isvsi! 
16+ and C.STE. exist. The poll 
M suttabla for a new entrant. 

. ‘jra’V by totter giving detain or 
training, qualifications and axticrl- 
•nce and Uiu names of two rercroa* 
jo .the ltoad itut alec ,l the achool 
Lady Edith's Drive. Newby. Scar- 

For Sopictnher 1 D77: 
MATH EM All CS . Scale 1. share 
or " A " level work available 
for suitable condldaie. 

For further falonnetlon. send 
atniiiperf oddroasud euvulopa to 
lira lU-ailnitterer. to whom 
HpiilIcnlUms giving riotjli, ol 
Bite. <tuiillllcr>rionv end export- 
m«co. logi-Utor wlih the noim-a 
i,i iwo r off roc,, should be eonl 
aa s<iu it j( possible. 




I In the l.rtcceUfsIilro Plan 
tor Ihe nrganlraUon of 
Secnniian- Edumiioni 
Itlulh II lo iJ ; roll U07) 

MAlllEMAnCS— - Scale 1 

Imriesl In modern coureea and 

I'urlher dolatls from lira 
Hoad. Apply Immodlaii'ly inq 
fumis i wire fuH Mrilcuiers ana 
Iho names and addrrtat'i of 
Iwo reircees i slamoed ad- 
cti-MSi-d envelope i . 


8CC.ON n A H Y I Mixi-D ■ 

(jhcmib Drlvn, i.lvernool 
L13 DAP 1 

lli-qiilrnil lor Senlrutbrr 
V-77. ASSIST AN f for MAIIIEi 
HATICR. UCdlv 1. forms oblnluuble 
froiu itl.mipnil mldresseif onve- 
lupe i und returnable io the 
ll.-cd Troth nr al Iho aclranl.. 
niiuto rule rente P 4 M 3'J-1 
■ hi. 




bole lord Rond 

Required lii BoprembeiT a rull-ilma 
this aiv-lorm entry inlxod C. of E, 
rnnnir»lir>nal\D acliOOI. Illgl) 

lour irv mtilnluTned. 

Apply In welling to ihe I lead - 
musior si iho school nlvlng toll 
derails of uiiallrlCBlIona and nsinos 
□I two raforoos. 


i ' arm min s aciinm. , , , 

AiipMU. h lloud. Inn lion l.J 'll./. 
Ilf.'iltH AH 11, , . , , 

i Vnlmii.irv Aldc.l < .r.itmiinr s-.lmut 
b'.'.-'i bnv, ■ 

learn ihe sub)eel ot all lavofe . fa 
Um achool. 

Salary Scale 1.' pins full 'London 

'lira Sarretory or Sldla' hit* Juat 
approved . the Governors' Proposal 
tor iho Aclinqi la cam- out u pheiod 
move io uaraton , • nisi uorih of 
\Vulford i wnora 11 wlU bo flve- 
torni nii try., qll-Bblllii' and mixed. 
Tlie school will open In, Oaralon 
re Be pi ember this war With a flral 
Form only and Iho Lquilon School 
will finally close In July 1961. . 

Voluntary aided siqius wUI ba 

Tltp successful applicant will ba 
ba^ed lull-lime In London tor llio 
first ynor tiul may bo roqulrcri lo 
reorti part of lira time in Oamion 

Apply lo tho Headmoeinr nt the 
school glvtnq curriculum vltao and 
lira namng t.f iwo rotoron>. 



1vToK!uu Lane. Lomloti, BEvt OXX 
iTelephortO U1-SS4 AKtiBl 
i mo . _ 

Hnadmatrer. Mr A. E. Scanlon. 
Requirod ' for September a 1BA- 
r.HBS . Bra Is 1 . ^MATHEMATICS 
und JUNIOR SCIENCE. Opportunity 
nor en|hu*io»llc leather jo eon. 
linire already established standards 
In lhia doparlmeni. Ihe school h 
situated in * . pleaxsnt woodland 
area on iho borders of London 
end Korn. 

Pieasn loin phone or wrtto tor 
an siniiirnlton form and dels III. 

City pi 


ooaronrH iiiuiiBcHnoL^ 

M All IBM ATI CS TEA Cl! Bn ScalO l 
Hequlred. from im Soprani bcr. 
1977 .o MqlhoiiiBUc* Toamor. Brain 
1. lo tench ilirnunlioni lhia. mixed 
Comprohonalvo High School for lha 

J 15 lo IS age proup (Bixih form, 
U70: Advanced, level leach fag, ivall- 
3rrlale'° r 1 • ullt,b ' i ' 1 auauned cstv- 
fpplicnilon farm and further. do* 
* obiainnblo froth the lloaq- 
mastpr. (I oaf orth • lUgh^ .School • 
KnlghWbrldgo noiforih, Nnwcutlfa 
upon ,'ft'n*. >IE5 a.lH, on rqcetpj 
of .a . id a lump alSp'ped addressed 




mo# 'f rom ' w\iom U kir iVro 4*fa ^4 ' 
are (tbUDneble . • on .racelM. . ol; 

H °AW^^graoOL ■ 

food Hoed, Maidstone . ... 
ol with -comprehynsivo 

S?/frt?F.MATlba TuAcilEli ' faradu- 
•10) . for. devolODlng.' depanmen 
working largely within .lira Kent 
Mathematics Proleci.- Could suit, 
reacnor seeking nrsl appointment 
In Snqiomber..- ... . . .. 

. Appllcaifohs 1 with curriculum 

n .» r°tira rar ra: 
mqoier. (aunreed eddroMed on- 
yulooc). • _.j : 


Jiural 'snfifag, new bunding* 
MATHEMAI'iCa required for one 
veer untv ■ til the llrnl batanc*. 
I’ S F. and O.C.E. " O " level 
courses^ i 

Apnlv IICb ' h up sliy, naming two 

□a lump stamped address 



. tvondaido. Hoad. London DR bkx 


" . Hurnhsm '. SpslM otut. 

mssswtV'aS;. . 
oSVfc r"* m “ 


mncea, — 

^on. E 

NORFOLK . - . . 


nrryal ROild, Norwich NI17 «DP 

}' 6 ^ . .- • 
RMulr/d far Boptomber. 1977 : 
least to C.S.B. level, graduate 
profarad. , 



. Applications are favltau 

BUfert# 1 *. SZIK Sf": 


„ Nolllnghain NGS bNZ 
Headmaaior ■ E. m. Bpelnisn. 
M.A.. R.SC. 

Mixed : i.tiBU ill-mi 

, lor Sepremliro. GRADUATE 
fjVi 1 .®.* 1 1 lo ,nu rti MA ITIU- 
MATICS. SI Hrei. mainly fa 
Lowro school, weil calabtlahed 
B.M P. courses. 

Application, < no farms) to 
the IftodniBsicr. wlih namu of 
two referees, se toon as gosv 



..fffrafa 'iffls.i'ss 

for lha folio wing post:— 


Wood Lane, (ladling, 
NoHInghum NG4 4AA 
HcmOiiiaaior: r. t. Daiwiiin, 

Mixed: I.7M i.ll to IB) 

Tor Brut ember. □RADUAI'B 
(Sepia 1 . capable of tok 
" A " level. Luge Slxlli — uq 
sludyfag advanced Matliotunlics 
i Modern i . Mixed abllliy in 
lower school. 

Applies lions (no forms) la 
tho lfendniabiN'. wlih names 




Applications sro Inched from 
Suitably qUallKud TEAC.IILRB 
for lira following post: — ■ 


UouniLiry Road. West Urtdg- 
tord. Nol IlnohBiu NUJ 7UW V 
lJeadmasrer: )'. D. i Humbert. 
It. Sc. 

Mixed: l.sfld ill jq IB) 
(Slxih ronu 170) 

For September, TWO TEA- 
ci i Ena ■ score n far matiih- 

acros* lira full age and obllily 
range of Iho School. 

AnpHnitlon* me ronnn lo 
tlm H. iiiliiusii.r, wlih nuinea ol 
- ■ UoMiih lUlo: 

July I. I'i77. 



ror tho fonowfag poat.-^- 

. Mixed: SwAll to 1») • 

School to " A ,T level. 

AppHrailon* too fannei lo 
tho Rcadniosier. wlih names 
of Iwo roforeoa. a* aoon aa 



Drayion Rood. Banbury. Oxon, 

i September, 


ApPUoetloiu to ' lha ' Head- 
loeener as soon aa possible an- 
doitnfl full dolalia and naming 
two referees. 


liL- - 

Abllliy re • 
work woul 
re co mm end* lion 

tooener a«„ 
doling, fall 




Raqulred .fpom l 
bar o>.JMt.'4« ' 

of MAI 
dene to 






en adventog* 


Pll.D.. Dir. 
i\. Bducation 
Hnitord, Lon. 



U-y Blraol. lltonJ. IG'J 7lil 
TeTc-ubono No.: nd-V N'J.t-) 
Headteacher: Mm M. E. Lvana. 

3 ( ill Hlily qualified eradUHre ‘IUA- 
UlILIt at MATHLMAIIOi iSc.Uo li 
requirod for Soptainbor. I'i77. in 
this mixed 11 -18 eaiiinrojieniivo 
schoof to loach the suujuri up io 
" A " level. Moilurn Maihcui.illci 

sUllaMa randldalp. 

l.axfard Lino, lltorrl hi l JUT 
Telephone No.: All 

!**■ SHuIm 

iilincTOfi Avenue, Wniuioad t 1 1 
Iclonhon* No.: 9119 9UVJ 
llrod: Mr. M. J. Want leu. 0 Si . 
i- H.i.c., m. i moi 

.ausllllntt TCACiil.h of 
MATfleMATriH or MAllllAIATI' H 
wlih HCIbNCU i Beale li rmuin-il 
lor Beptomber. 1977. In an c-.<|. 
hill Uuparlnunt In .i (ln\ninn'nii 
iiuxail Jl-IH comprnliunvlvc trlionl 
A .newly conr.lrurtod Mimiriu.ulrt 


Hoad. HaJnault. Ilford. ICh 
Toiepliono No.: Qi-cpo An-16 . 

for^SepSm£r, mjJtI 0 In 1 iliKr 
Il-IH mixed com prohen'. I v«- schripl 

■ Iwo ntuiai. nicro are currenllv d 
anaclalltls In Ihe Depanmenl v/a-k- 
Ina a 11 blocked " Mmoiablo joJ lira 
RUto would provide* iwn proh.i- 
Uouers wlih iho ouportuiiliy ef |uln- 
ina s airong learn, 

/Dular London Allowance la pay- 
able In all cases. 

1 nr all pojls torlhrr derails mi.r 

■ troll an forma a villa bio irom 
llie ft cad at Ihe school, nr SI71P. 

Tii be returned oi soon si 

Tu be 


J^NST^Ao'^f fljH°^icil OOL 

r Ml U1 aM 

HBjdmUirMa: Mrs. P. M c. 

Tbvler, M.A. i Cento b i 
Builabfy ouelUlod rEAClli:il cl 
).rAT1IBMAT|CS (Stale II nuiulri-d 
tor Septembor. 1977, Iu Irnch lh« 
MUbJect ihnmnhoui tills uiphl'tonu 
ouiry mixed li re 1H comnrahcnaive 
achool, A rondldaio who couiil nffnr 
Mnthcmailcn io is.c.E. - u " lon-i 
Bnd Psychology to '■ A " luvrt 
would be considered. 

Ouior London Allowsnco ka iuv- 

I'urlhor dolalia and amillni litre 
forms are nvsiublo rrnnt Inn l|r,ii- 
■iiistrosa at lira school nr BTAF. m 
be. returned se soon ex ihimIMs. 


JlOY^L lioapn AL SCHOOL 

'(Irani Bearding Bcliont. 700 
i>oys— all sons of Hranirirs. ‘In e 
Grammar Bchool slrcaini roiiilnuliiq 
lo '■ A ” Jove] end jiirro Serondary 
Modern stresma. 

Iianidrcd ror Autumn re 
aislsl in the reaching uf Malhc- 
■italics In tho School. A rnu*>nnni)1v 
young person who wilt p.trllcimlo 
fully In an sspecia of lire lien and 
■ClIvIHes of Uie Bchool le roqulrcri. 
Di a Bcala 1 Will ba wild lor Will 
ablv qu.iUfled caualiLilti. 

For a married Teacher n Unprii 
lug Hrhool Al'nwan'-n or C'.l'l tits* 
■uuiiini le i Mild tor heardlnu ■liiiU-e . 

m aitucti 
quid . eat 
Ihe dudes n. 

Iho Toach 

a boys' [ 

present rent of 
tn'plus rales, cur- 

Ilmo. . 

nor furihor particulars, and forms 
or application plans* apply to ina 1 
UcaaniBSUr. Royal Hospllai School. 
Ipswich Ipd a fix fepriase sjantpi <1 . 
addroaeod , foolscap eitvolopb). in' 
“ I, am compjB|od aqpllcpllons should 


I! h ouKim W'. a MAT7IE- 
ACHEti lo loin a slroan 
-. r ...„.ont. .Modern MolhrniallfA 
(8.M.P.) , IDUaht to i C.8.S., ami 
■•O 1 ' lml. A I lovnl Pure , 

_ o I lend - 

nlvtng curriculum vliflc and 
Ifaa uddresjca,. of, hys . r»f ■ 


.sufr^i m°u school 

Sa^Jhcam Road. SllllqP RMl SAX - 

.'Site .-uiLtaSP :■ Pw ^‘^° . 

' AniRrallgiiivriih lwqHesillnanliii.> 
to ^Uio Heuamlsiroas as Mon as Ppa- 


lha suecai 

aUona* . 


its for application 

(London Borough on 

Harbour »r Rood, Hainauli. Ilford. 
IQ 6 3 TN ■ 

teM°OT«aU. M.BfLr 

Required TEA- 

caifen of MATllBMATIOl 1 Seals, 1 1 
fa tufa roorganlsgiT 11-16 plus cbm- 
p rehen slva school Mtualed on two 


D«ausie iiiii. :A'new msthywto depart- 

Ihe school enclosing a iiampea ISSi cffi» Landan AUmiks u 
addressed toolraap envelope. H an : wmoon Allowance is 

acknowledgement of Hi* completed ..... 1 ...... 

IttrihiT self .hddrvsswd, etemyadi en- ? 10 J* . .be gftm. 

M IHdsfblfl.' 




Mti licit i.tiicf 


iLlil '..I\ ill i : 

hi 1 1 1 .niTiiiN i ;• i m ?. i rmiF 
Tint IT-mmnh U wll It In rosy fiCMt 
,»t r..-M,vU I unilitn (mil ‘borJi'r."! by 
f . ■ imi'i l'irr «l . I Hind nil ail ill lion iti 

A I', I TV I tl VI 'll.* 

Hi in: Vi*. I f.jr >ii:(iU*nih<*r 1 077 . 
WAKlylGK S' tluOI. >Oll 

RjrV'i* (told, Inrnlon Kl? ANl) 
li ■ i-.i r Mcit.*r. Mr. n. n. null. 
f i in ml'ia rins sr.irNuK 
T' ,(li:n I. (V'llilc'il far ll«l> liny S’ 
i.-i.h|.mii.i.' thv* iHuh rttiiaai iii-i-l 

K >ir-t> j.M.I 1 . ’.Itllll'IiillUCl Mil 

(Hfl.'M Si-lrnr* L 1 U 0 U 1 Hi ra null am. 

> v i • i ■ u nr in f.iiius obis inn life, an 
ni-'int >il -i «.iuii»*<l Adrlrcssod en- 

VJIJII *. ffXM Ihn ilhlpf LdllCdlloll 

Onii.tT, I.ititdnn fWouah of 
VAi’.fliih r.trjti. Mumcuwt orticcs. 
High UnJd. L»i Inn , Lon don Ilia 


Sydvnnjiu Dp ve . Leamington 

• . t'jfifi * 1 on roll, fSia 
cjmprclt«nilve> : • 

Rwulnd Sopiainbor, TEA- 
C II 1211 uf MAIhUm A! HIS. Httlm 
I. duUtiUla for collage leavor. 
tl nulium iMtUTnia. 

A|i|iii- .ill oil I aim avAlljhlo 
from ihd |J«itd *»i ilio school 
mf addi-cued envolopo. 


SDUUI£liN 4lUdY 


iftDxisl t>«niiieoli<ni*lvo 
1.701 un mill - 

It'Mitifvil rtonimuber. Ounllflnd TEA- 
Cl li. a Ilf Hfiirilfi'.MTira. Seals I. 
VMM *i iii l[i| and •iiccrmul Uv- 

urntili.'llt Willi caiinpH 10 C.C.f. 

” ti an t ■■ A nnd C.H E. Icvrl* 

(in'Iiidtiu U S E. Modi* Ai. Worn 
will invilci* i.-.tcIl lug in oitli Lower 
an. I Unf-u Sell o ils 

L>'Mii* jtt'l form farm ■ Head- on rvroiit* rtf a ilaimind 
tilnr -a.*il faniicjtii jn-.e'inno 



f diij'trluimo I. mo. 
r'.rln liv'd d 

lidiiiin 4 , M min'd I HH fMjnr.rd- 
honiw.d School H.M.M. itiroiiQiioul. 
Omt-jrt willies 19 letch D ,n ami 
■■ A " l.'iirl, .mil i loniiiutiuu. 

<'-MG SiMh t'urnv t 

i .iii*' on ri'cniiti nr aiawnrit ad- 
(involniM Irani the IL-urf- 

VWJL — Li 

WAilMIN’imi. KlN'.llrjWN 
Ui^fiHir.iii^ivn sr.iiouii 

l(.tri'jirv<l riir Situh'inbar, TF.ACMILH 
of ' MMlnislATjrs. 

nut.* u 4 long record of euccs*- 
lul Maihinoufri u-ichlng In llm 
reln-rt. . and O l.wei and ,/i.S.H. 
couri'M ((mluiUniii Mode 111 ■ are 
wril-.*9l itillJiod. notirar* In Con<- 
liirior rttiulhia and Siaiisilca. ara 
nnithhil and thorn II some A Level 
uh*. .\ ♦nlliliK’ i-midldnlo may 
OJii'. irMp i*irly in vytlvi*incni in anv 
■ir ah of (he Di'iiailuiont • aciuilie*- 
iU>l>IV:alkjn rnrnia and lurllur 
drAiln name itamD«d adiuoivau 
MirsMas. idnaioi rmm ifio Hvnd- 
nwiior. Pum»(T roinm ip)*lKaUDa 
ftMnM u wi'iu n (Ktuibia. 

Modern Languages 

Heads of Department 

imiiMm ii a achooio for removal ox* 


a* mom. 

DhP/uriMENT <Scaln Jl 

srmWn{if"!SBiiJ™. ."^s. 

two tirmi iHd anctMiiul randldafo 
gill ijo in. Ilii* mlnMUhti deparl* 
muni In |ft« iiiaiiininr School, pro- 

C irri f.w Kio morfli' Sepioin* 

fh-» .ni^WjvfUl e will ho 

AMii.iiiMbto. for. welding Utqcilirr the 

Glut? Mr: hull -i-ji. vl.ll-irv I IlLNflll 
<ir I. Vi ill. L"..iiuui la (h<< main 
I in i*i "i.. ijiif ilia i.-.ith.'f anpoinLid 

t lT h-i r ">it-ii.illiL' iu Ihu lliud 
>r lit* i.'j., uni j irt .ill Hire l‘ Inn- 
guui'i it •• :i •’ jii.I ■■ S •' loviiia. 
.1 n -n Uin.iujuv i.iliuMiuiv la In 
uio an I ■ mi -. , I .lUllily ,r luncn- 

liiU u uul i-ii>i<|i>v-'>I Ih'i ua.-h. 

Itiii uf .i.i uij.'v . >»i'*i nnu wri iit'ii, 
l> a n-'i'.. aim ul Ihu Uii'i l imvltl. 

.lui'K". iiian iurtH«. ubFatriitbla 
fr.jni ill.. Held i .-ilIiit. un'rvtclni 
■if j alnnifil a iilri-»|.jil lunlfMc 
piiv-'I'Xm ij bi> ra>nr<i<).| lo him by 
lull Jill',. 1 '7 7 

Kunt'ji-iJ "Ni|i..iis.i and lcniuar- 
ory lujjinu .ii'^v.auc.. m-iy be 
graniu.l m .ni.iiuini.ilo cl. cum- 

I. A. iii.juiTi. ruiuf r\or uilvo. 
Tuiv n Ji.ili juj r.Uic vuiitro. Hun- 

ll.’l InlL'I. hUJ '■ UN 


|!.‘|||-|.J|| Uar*tut!i of. 

uumw tllt-H brnoOL 

i tin '..un y 

Suiioii l liiiinuii l load. Sullen, 

Taivni.oii'. Ol-iil «Mu7 
Hjihi'I iji luiui.iry. I'lTn, 
irjiii.'J uiMDUA 1 1. as HeaJ 91 
□niidrtiiiciu yjiiauik* u( ira.niiui 
I RfcNOH and I.UI--IAN IhrcuBhoul 


FnuC,\ni)N IXJMMl riLB 

LINDSF.Y Ert'.llOlM. . . ■ 
iiiinisr.y iVvnnuo, (:iUi<lhnri>o3 
iNurnlu-r on roll 1,61111 ■ 
lfwiiiiiaiipr ; Ml'. J. . w. Ilarroil 
Iloqu.reil for Slat Aiiqiisl. 1 i7 T : — 
•iF.i' -.11 hi I uf I Kt.Nc.ll an. i ■ II.R- 
M-LV. Hood liwiours graluaiu. n 
Frc-nch will i jiiltoMlary ilinnaii lo 
tf.ii.h IT'.nch Uirounhuut ihu arliubl 
un io and intmuing " A •' level, 
and Conuan In iliu fiMi llii'o* vivii. 
S.'.ilr. - nvutUblu tur mull- 

1.1- J cJndldulv. 

•\'.j',c.iMon forms und furih.-r 
iVi'ila obrsln-ibla Ir.tni the FIm.I 
|... ;>mr .H Ilia wliuul iu wliuin 

1.1- v fintu'rt be ruiurnvJ wiiliin m 

oi tho aoruMiuiua of tins 


■ London nuniitgh ofi 
MI'IIK ILttillU KUlIufil. 

Ill iiwnlna IF end. Ijimlon Mil 6L1‘ 

■ hull 1.? lid co-educaUiiiiili 

'Ir. li O. II. Andiitwa, H.A., M.F.d. 
i; caul i'il Hoptvnilior. l'jii: IHA- 

Ctltn^cif NhiDbRN LANr.UAllLS, 

in L.a.U. " U " mui " A " , lovtl bocond In Dcpanment. Beale id. 
attinJ-lftl _ A C.S.E. . Modn j n„rnh>m Mm I rm.l Siudici la • rsiobliihcd In 
thy sci'on. i'runcn u iba only 
Unoiubi ijLvhi si ihe munoni bui 
it la nunvd w Iniryduco Lonnan 
Irani fi'.<niMnnar. I'i'Ih. Whin Ute 
setiuol UHnanii froift llircu ' 10 Ilio 
farm i ul .ii.uv tlxclunga v lilts 
urn iiiodu uji.Ii vwir. 'Hill Is h 
schaul ivlivi .. la ulncid 
lan ,ic\ijuinic .■■'li i u 11*1 ui’ii t. uoud 
lli.llin-Ti a|i I q JU,I Ui*p. jl IIICC. 

Hun* J iur iiui.iUii- L-imll.l in*. 

AuitlY ji vjuu ui notv.i'lc lo 
Iliu H-'.idmUir. ». airs. J, t. 
Muu‘d. II. A 


il.iiuiun ituruuuli oi > 

LDl'i-AllilN i-llvIMiriCE 
'lor b-jrmijli U wilhln vusy access 
oi conirai I un ion 'and U irU .-r. d by 
L|i|"i<w i ol'.-ft Ion Jon adrtlliotl (u 

K iaft aayjlili- 
iguirud ur Sui/iuiubor, 1L-77 

S ll.I.IAM MDltlllH bllNlOll 1IKSII 

lijinft.vril ltaad. Lonitun F.17 ogD 
HOUllml all.j -s. .■!(«. J. UulYull, 

U Hum.. M.l'im. 

l it: At. til. II remtnod. with 
iuMu.jiy vi, -i ui. m If pufvlblu, (or 
Huy LiiKnii Luiihiruiieiislvu Bi-piur 
Hljh Kill uul i'jIIJ un ivill. 14- Id 
Years, i,i iv,ii.ii lu („s.n. mill 
'■ t> ’ levnl In ihu lourih anil llllh 

i rujis arid lu ■■ o rtnj " A *■ lovil 
li III" ahcilt tutiu Ability lu leach 
within II, r i.umaiiiih's ,<ii a .ul an- 
v.iniuj". bi.ul,- -d. |.ust rfVulMblu lor 
uxinTionCaJ c.inctlUule. 

Durnham Scales, jilux I omion 
Allowance Eoufl, puia Social Priority 
Ailuwonca fcSOJ. or Eii7i). 

Further details and Atipllcalian 
fount may ba oblainou Iiuiu Ihe 
IlcHrtujihor rrol. <n.,i7H H' XAi. 
Ai.plicaifans should iic r**nirn«->( 

lu^Ui* under*, Ign.' d by Ibl July, 

J. 9. Wilkie, M.A.. Mi l' . 
nirmor Of EUnratlun, L',l HC'i I J- »■ 
I'llln., Ilmadway. UirailuiM. l.un- 
don Lin -mil. 

nicmi’F. ST. ANDIILW Sl.III il)l. 
Liundiy Lino. 'Iliorua Hi. Aiun-w 
Nunyich. Nil? uxs 
■ I loll 1, 870i 

Iliad Tuocl'ur Duslunale: ' 

Dr. 17. J. Scolt 

Ilcuuired lor January l'*7a. 
TLACHER i Beall 2i lu a>l ns 
Second in lbs I llLN(:ll D.-iinriinuiii 
In mis newly- formed liomur^lnnMtn 
School. Modam LAnuiiaues c>,uisi'x 
villh a laboratory. li-.uljliin oi .ill 
itveia iipud oiipnriunily [or i,..xliiv>t 
c on ir ihu t ion lo ilio dovoiitbiuvni ul 
couraea in Ilio t-ariy amnes o( re- 
orauiiliaiion. (.Oniii,lii,i*tii tu (ureinn 
c.ciianen vlslla wulcomed. 

for {LpiUlcaMon lorm's und dcin'li 

C lraso m>ply in Uid FluJd l. iicti.r 
,'Monair ai llie Tlinrnv 

EchOiU. Laundry Lane. NuivMUi. 
in'lbtlnn a »!iniim:U xolf-.iddreb-.i J 
fuoisean envelope. If nu u<iiiit,i.-- 

I'li-ass apnly. bv IHtiT In Iho llm (uolsran envelope. If mi iiifaii(,w- 
niiuiivu. lu the I laud lijcln'r. ulv- j, lunitnl li ri-Qiilred lur Iliu com- 

iitu liuiiir-i aiul aildruisib ul Iwo p., Frit npii 1 Ion Fnnn than this 

lofctvt'* and vurluslnj a 

OtL lLk'jj jjl an yell , ,., 1 'j 


i Lull. I un it,,ruU',ili ini 
LUL'lf.VI |I1N t'.UM.MflTLi: 

iiie buruuuh ii wlililn nrceai 
ul ceiitisi I priiiun mill b’,i Q-'ml by 
Lp, i ii i u roi.-it lumiuii adiUitun ti 

s.iljry pav'i'ite 

(<au'ilr,, l ( rur Hupiviubor, !'• 77, or 

Nurltnulun IfuaJ, l.ainiun LIU AJZ 

ln™lKfc Mr - w ' WJ,r “- 

ill: ib of I iit.NCII. Scale 3. re. 
UUIrr.d lu |.ik,. i tiara" nl this ivcll- 
euidbliHli.-ii li.'bjj'ihietil Jh Ini- Unye' 
i:uiii|.r<.||i'iisltu Mluh Qdiool lO-lS 
cm roll, ii-ii years t. . 

A()iili. ittuii lufin* 'obiainatily bn 
roci-lp! ul a, »luiii|i.-il adilrcssi'd [>n- 
voloiiu l rum _ i up .chief b'lucai on 

renal bn Accomnanleii by ,i turilnr 
felf-uriiliets*rt aiani be d tuivi'loim. 


MOI LION 8(111.11 II. 

1 ‘eiind lime. M»tuiion. 

N jlllilliililOlt NNV IHil 
Required for Repleinbcr, l‘)77 (In 
this lulled Cumnroiiimtivi, il la 
•16. TOO on roll I . . Auaib'l ANT 
■ Scale *di for (ILltMAN iwltll 


Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


i Lujibuiirni' Ai.-ai 

■ B.E. ievHS. 'rtie School't second 
nguage (a itenni'-n and ) wraUns 
MJvfeiliio Is dc-alrabln but nnl 
tavrilioi. School la an 

cou-riliai. iie.iinnciJ school is an 
oxiiitntiinn n io 1 M laniirehcnsiio 
school dfii an i fully allusion in rural 

T.'nuuia>i pnlipy for,, ih* ,now 

* fiiipiieilion faitim unrt rur they tfq- 
iilli nmv nhtainod . nn rcL-nint 

* t 1 .4tr.uii|i-ihl hjjrtreatpd . nrtvefnre 
Win Flu JfiMdmQMor. I.lal.eard 
, f’.ruinmnr , srhnnl. 'Old • Road, 
lAtSuoftl ADpll^illnns lo bo ro* 

o*ly.»J liy hlnrifav 1 1 IFi July. 



ieo» rest nos d^pautmi-nt 

' . • 

hit l|io fglWuffnD.' • i 

• .'a.', jRnfAtrti anEF.N'. • . ■ 

• CjOwjpiFb'Fii.N'Wvi; sv.hcioL - *,- • 
•. . ■ .G0F«1 a 'J'''l , J AVUTIlld ■ ■ . . ' 

. ... : i souiii . vv ilfovn _ • • 

■ ri(;iF, 7AG ... . 

.... i tfi.pilrvi^ier : . • ., 

, wVo!! r Vi 5s S ift> . 

. ivy wfoaRdcixii. *«w:.q»i^da'.i 

• ' .if r- *:■ t 4 ..(/-j _• * 


^o^iV'lnTjY^ifiu sciionf,: 

® rS? 

HU'.M’X. . 

Hyluvottnn grunlf nvalUblD In 
anprui urt Lutici. , 

Aiuiiioaiiun (utrii from llm llrod- 
niaMbr iniaiiiui-ii n.f Jr.-xiud cnvxlopo 
I'leasu f . I 1 ( 1,111 U dale Hill dull. 

ijoaiion iiorough of > 


AI HANV Sf-HllOL . . 

Ilo'l I-m... LhlL-ld F.NA JP.V 

a a.-cund laiiou.iua ij nuplla v.'lio 
■fiov; I'r.yuiilik- ability. The miccmj- 
l ui a ppiu : mi will he r.ii|i«iroii. Ig 
ivaui in i. <i.iv ■■ n " m„i ■■ A 
li-vu, sf.iiid.ii j*. riii-ltlliei, incluilino 

J il.auifi.),.i;il',‘r lamnid'ih Hboraterj'. 
i«> ovciltjit on-J iho doparimunt ii 
A lively, one. ' . „„ _ 

London Aii.iv/.iii.o rayAbio £3b7 
. p«' .Apfuni. . • 

TfruH|iir.'ry liouslnu «np In, two 
. years >.' ifej par cem roninval i*-:- 

i iuiu,*»; l *: urj niAMnuimi, reiqcnilan 
oil* ih-L igdolrtg. jl m wane® whom 
ipiiMorlhln ■. . , 

Ai'iiiic.iiiiri aire.niy tvcoivod will 
he ciintiiU-reil. ' 

Ai.riTh.ifon forms isianipefl ari- 
ifr*svi*.i f,nl>,j|i envelope , obuln- 
ahi. fr-int ihv H.'u'J Tcachfr. io 
v.'iinn, -HirV il",i|l'i bi roiurna .1 as 
a gun -it i urn. Mu 1 . . 

WMl'TiiN sGilQOL ' . 

TlfV 1 4tV 1 ’ VPrt, ' ,! " 


Uarh-ri ll-Md, gynosbUtVc 

tlimfindd-HL , , 

Ernulr Selntol WAS openod bi 1671 
und will ei'AiUii-iily bn a lti-fonii 
•■■m n iTumni unity l^omiirohonilvo 
Sdi uul. Il hi fiaaort enUrely In 
lino now buiidinus und ts will 


UuuiiiiiKi for Sonteiiiber: 

A Shir. I ANT ILALHLII of miiNCH. 

J)^|4 l, 

1 uriher dol.uls and np|il 1 ca 1 k«n 
forms ovutluhio from iho fr'nc'un) 
ul ilio schoitl on riki-loi of alainouii 
lidclress."! enyulopu, io wF-.uin c )Fll- 
iil<-ii*,l loinis onould bu rulurncd 
as Mon os i>osaiiile, 

f ir. I VO SCHOOL 
Hull lev*. Si. I wt. Ilnntliiiidon^.. 
lii-qnlroil f.jr Simi"inb»r. it 'll.A- 
i.HLII of iniinul • Scnlo 11 . 
Lwiiiiluailun wort ovuilnhlo. Plonno 
iinllcaiu uny ai-cun,! aubluol. 

Aiu.ii by lunar limucitiBloly 
giving fall tltleUa unit iwnx-i ul 
iwu roies,".'«. la tlio lloudmuslcd' 
ul the s.huol. , 




iitaoManda Avonuo, MncdcsfiDid _ 
Required lor Seplombcr. l'J77( 
1LACHLR Of HERMAN iil'Q will 
rtavolap this aubleoi la '' O " nnd 
1 A " lovol. French as .a leconq 


ill-id Co n i prohjTwi vu , vOu inbeod) 
Roqulred Sqptsuiber 1977. a TEA* 
idlER oi FHLNCH. Soklo 1. 10 
leach lo all toiala of ainiiiy In thla 
rural ■chool. 

Possibility of *■ A luvol wort? 
for auliublo candi.Jd.ta hui non- 
gmduaiu ara »:»■■ in v Lied to 


Apply In wtlling to lloadmssler 
giving dotulls of uuiUiriv-dUuiia and 
names and addrvsac-a of two 
rcfuroui lavlf-adjiyisud unvolopou 


Con ii-ol Hoad, DraVion 
I’urlonioulli PUO lOV 
i Goiniircliomilvo nuv>*.| 12 to 111 
nuinhor un null, L,o*,7 i 
Required for Keiii ember. l'i77 ; — 
’IE Ailll Ell ft,r lit. KM AN hull si, i no 
IHENCH Scnlo 1 ,S. -i|.i \i i-.m 

Bvaffahlu for suiuibiy qnaiifiuj .,,ul 
c-xporloncod amiiicsiii ■ . 

Loner of UfirpLirdilon fainniuei) 
addrecood cnvoiuue. ulaasoi lu Ilio 
Hudinlairuas at suun as |itn»'l>|.' . 


education Committee 


Hauunaio oill 7PS 
Hvddinasiiir : ti. U, Drury, 

M.A., M.Ed, 

l7HU lejya, includhiu 14SD Such 
J urin i 

Kuqulrad for Soptunihur, CihtLHf* 
ATE io touch iitcNUH tuvi tr J-, ■ 
auod rt illllu UF.UMAN, Oi-'l- 
(JUAPUY or iiAmlu, liuoujli.iu: 
Iho udiaol. Wkllbiuiuavf an J aijll.iy 
lo cantrlbuio lu iliu ni,i.,rai i,.n... 
and oj.ira ciin kuiur mu u/ iii * 

t iiiuol ussoniuil. I'luasu ,.iin,ia ui- 
HUdiuaslur uliliir by (iji<r,,ii<uu> 
lOdl-'J lll075j or lMt.'r ,ts .,u«, ai 

1 1 ouiidod J07 (j : of.-i iiuvai 
I (mi m red fii'iit un her. a mi.VDIfAIii 
lu 1'iacli I III INCH 10 "A " luvul 
and iii.IIM.1N lu " O •* low!. Aom'I- 
Lailoiu li ,.iu iiuw’Iy Uuinud ik u.ii.jru 


London I riugn Aliowanc-t. 

. If," scli'.oi l,ua iiuuil sv:ui lo 
I mn u on and ilia Kuni u'Uuil bi 

A|i|illcuiJona by loller, wllh mm. 
mary of (auiiluicjlloiui, and ilio 
ndiuus of iwu Rudemic mji*).,,. 
tu Iha Hoadmuaior, Dunfurd Uraui- 
nior School, West Hill, Daufrird. 
Kunt, DAL 3HW. • 

rtavolap this aubleoi lo '' O " nnd 
"A 1 * lovol. French as a second 
language would be an aHvaniano. 

A ii plica II oil lorn,* nblninuule 

from and r<.-turn9bti> to mo Head 
oi Hi.* jKfiouf > si.nupi'ii adifreas-'d 

enVL'I.jop i ili as" > . 


un ’..iiio.n r.i'iviMini i: 
haiihuw in ri n.NLSb . 
llllAMMAR SCHOOL loll UOV:l 
Kequlreil (or tinpluiuhur. 1977, 
Somf Advanced hiol wml. la avail- 
able (or a auiuniy uualltlcd cunrti- 

Apply bif lolior. oncloalnn currlcu- 
Uim vliao' and llm nemos and 
addroaaM and buililona of at least 
iwo referees 

Apniicaiions should be emu lo 
Iho lio.irtiiiJJi'r. n.riow in t urnevs School Inr Hoys, Weil 
Avenue, Buitow In Furneai. LAIT 
"A/, to whom ilioy iliuiild rcjch 




i Coninretionslvo ; 11 to lrt 
mlMM : l.ntiCi an rulli 
ilcuuired far Sr, nl cm per. 1"77. a 
t'.KADUATU in FTlLNCIi (SculitT) 
(a lb, 'cu in Advafit'ul level. 

I'l.siav send riirr Iciilniii vllec mo 
formal and iliu nainui ur iv.’ti 
rei ureas to Ihe jloadniASIor ea noon 
ua i/M iibio. fl'iiclnae aMiminri ud- 
iirosaoj envvlono (or oci.nowioilni- 
mi-nl i 



Bunion Hoad- nation. DLA A 111 I 

II ACHEII for fHENCIl end fil II- 
MAN, scatn l. n<-i|iifro(l fnr buii- 
toinber. 1977. Tills pusl la hUUeblu 
Hr iH'Wly qualified camllilaies, 

Apuilcallons bi loilur suouid hi- 

ApiillcRttona are Invllod from Bull- *«“• "« ,M ra. 

uSi ,or 1119 jst BOVd 

Bout within aoven days uf thu 
aranro of (Ida odvcrlltameiit 

S :i la ilio Hoartii'aiUT lagoilivr 
Ilio naiuaa and aililresys ul 
iwp reforoes and a aiampi'd addrvs- 

AnniicJiion ronua and fnriiur 
deli I, s from Hoadrhaatur (ilmiiued 
adlr'iiert envelopei. • r 


iLtnrton Bomugh on ■ , 

•i ( 

nmi;{&M|r>sf. ■■nwinsi'iv... 
Required ,Wr Soniamiihr or - *# *mi» 
at jmMlblo inerouliiir, trained 
lilt \rn 'Air. iTAf.llCH in ho r.'kiion- 
aihlr (or BPANISH iScaio -/i In Uil 
nd'.rd toiui.ri'liviislvv achnul. Il )-• 
paa^lmponeni lo havu airunu 

Apnlirallon fornu available from 
iho iLadiwichar al ihe adiuul. iu 




rtochrii’id Avonuo.- , 

f oitiliway. Plymoiitli 
lininprenenalvo. cn-odu rational: 
1,700 nn rolli . . 

Hcdulrud Imin Senlomher an nnll'U- 

Applies lion Tarnis ■ 
ilrossan envolom?' frair 


(Moiropollum HorouHlii 

Gay ion Road, ilai-ruw 
TeT.: 01-427 3ad6 

Nequlred for HuiXei.ibur, ] 677, 'JIv’O 
MDilom Innaiipgu TCACKKIIS Id 
offur lietweuii [hum CDIIMAN, 
niENCII and SPANISH. C-iiuaii 
■mil I'runch jio oqu.iuv liiii.aii.ini 

I. inuu-iuv-j at Gaviun illuh rtci'Dal 
and Oernian is. ilier.-for-i, an e-iion- 

II. , 1 lar el Hi or ii u ,i. fin. acuooi 
has a vary slrong i.iiiijiiju"i dupjil- 
muni. oifarinii iivu'ian-B ia 
" O “ leva). Guv ion lllql, S'hool 
Il a 12 -lb Hava' iJoiuuridii'ii.Uit 
High School and a sincere Ui-uef m 
compruhonaive ciluc/ilon la an 
ssicnilal q i iallfii a Hon. 

Application to Ihe of tho 
school by lotier as ioon m pntMhlt 
i Please onclouj al.uuuud uud 
rnvalono' ■ 


• i ondon noiaunli oi • 

81. Mary’ I^ne. Unmlnsinr. Ksanx 
i Voluniary Aided: Sikiii farm tinny 
Mixed i 

Cl HA DL’ ATE In FliCNCH < Stale li 
required for Seuiemhor, ia much 
throughout ihu - . achaol. inclurfnin 
aoma Sixth Fiirni work If auulo- 

« ii cai ions from oniil-i I cnced ur 
onclirra welcoiii'j. 1 . 

. Tft'< liew school buildings width 
Include uxcelluni iv.iciiinq (.i-nmoa 
.ire ailueiod JA acres of amuiid 
In plojaiinl Oiean Belt cntiniryshlu 
yol wilhln uaev rearh of London 
by Iinuorqrounrt, 

. A Ion v wlili full curiU-iiluio 
vita e la iho Hciului.itiui' as soon ns 
nosslbln namliui |vmi ri'toi'iios. 

Loiiiinn Allowiiicq C2‘>7. llrln 
with oxp.insej in .i|>prov.'d 


8T * MA a 0 r L oNveNT . ■ 

W ihy dewluninu 
Hpit. Exit* rloitc o ■ m 

group* e Manila l 

, , h * Headmijir.ui • 
turrtcumm vhu.i aim 
namra or two ref ureas, 


cqnu*relien»lva. 99U on rolli SSKifiM ®vpjwnbw. Tj-.Ai.TIF 

art. for 

ra 7F. 

ts *nrt’*i7V SrtNrrtF.U jfes .Fwqufred Tor 
.her , • vm^ M Hi*nd of. Be. 
irflrtnspnT iar*|a'3i- In ihia raold'v , . 
Irtbv<ia*'!i»(t,rbls(*a >1 In IB txunurt- 
IfiilniMoir, ibTiopl. - TFi> nUUn iurldng 
»ulH"oi ihMM Trench.. Tha Da- , 
I«e,fi«si* -will motfo into n*w- 
■UrikrrtnnitaHop lnr|iiilinn'a langoaqe 
labbraforv tievi BppiWibrr. . 

nornr Lonann Annwpnco D pav- 
. ab"* . * , . ■ • . 

. r, inner aha Its anil appllcalmif 
foTffiv are i*»nnlii« from' iho H*atf-‘- 
owunr. i» SrAP. •. . >- • . , 

lltfJrt. Mli» M. Oqiillh.ird. M.A.- 
|| ki-ddi'; Ilia pupil* 
filslh ruls.jTrfii,.' 

Required t«t Sep1cinber,.1977, ' or 


towing io fxiianaion of.uti schonii, 
' mi' PoMonWnaiTiliFd lo lliia well- 

«i/tu.Ti l r?. h J.„ b 3 

forjn'.siiiry . Group ip, Cofui.rohtr- 
Imrppion 'Bchnol U a .five 'sex- 

'eUNDRW.A^D • ' 

v Are 

itiwln'i rtiHt:-*. 


Inviied I 

for ..Jha 1 

jui.'rinv fioiy w;nniiL.<fwoiJD io» 

® * red Trijiil . 1 Phi 'ad nip n la . _ 

iihtuswt-lo-SpfInii. rviio amt Wear 
mu o ri. . j — . . • ■* 

111, 'AD of T.ANOtf BflEB ORPAIETs ■. 
MUf iT ' i rtenie T • . for -BiplnniUff, , 


LrtKlgn Afiowinco ' Bao7 1 payable. 

. linn Education COmmliliiB hai 
paww lo cinaidhr nppucarton* from 
rxpnnjnciKt. loonier* far oasutanco' 
fuwiirib rooiuia). liLiurtainCA or 
(anor.iiivn uxii.insnr •• 

■ itan^y*. JrWv.^inY'dnS' 

pi qu*|HlcaiiM». . aspertoiic b and any 
apMial ini(T4*bi, 'KMeihBii'wHii' iha 
munia i an,i aitius-asas of toya refer* 
o«. , Oondidaiea ..shouil Biain my 

. '*J!2 | . |r om8 SP'+lna ■ • their ■ fft-ji 
aiiridmunqnj atiuuht > «t<n* • inis. *n 
lh«l -Uiu. • auuntpHaUi >. jpfiUoailcm 

form may bu aafn, , .i.i's. i',,. -i » -- 

|hBlt<i lyuForiumiy for French. 

Further detail*. ,/rgm Ilio Hend- 
mli'Ktt : Mias B. I!, llublnsun 

i wind aFampua adJri«aoil enveluuaj. 

Scalo 1 Posts 



Ruin Hill, ■ 

FRENi:i| TEACHER require, I fur 
fieriirniBor. If. |ina;l<ilB lu icaili 
French In lids woU-esinlilliheil 
11-1H boy*' com i>r eh uni I vo atliuol. 

rurihor iictail* un ri-ci-l lit uf a 
alanuwd addresjud t'nvDiuiio Irr-iu 
Hie Headmatlor. 

cioiing ifdiD, 1st July, 
ru.ferenca may. bo given la Avnn 


• Lohilon 1 pOrniiflh) 

HV. aifClMEL S X-VlN^TXr 

NellmjJ ggre I, N. noffhlvv. N.12 

Vuiuniory Aided. Roll 040. 

S'Mh Fonii J30 

Koquirad St>nlunHior 1977, niiill- 
fled part-iuua ' TEACHIili ■ il'/J 
riavat ■ to ho resiwnsluio fnr Iha 
lesrhlnn of SPANISH: or fuii-ilnie 
TK 4' .11 Ed nr Sl'ANlSH with >Pi»*’ 
FUF.Nflil nn.1 or f ATiN. lh- sihool 
has a iannuaao inPui.iiorv >uiil 
Sciinlsh Is r/uiiiil tu •• O ■V" A '■ 
lei el. fic.iio i. 

H.-Fii-nus Fill 1 |i.i Vlruiil of e'.pi-uA.'S 
nnd . a 0 n. 1 r.ji inn j»fjo w nu-f In 
ai^rovnd caBug. . 

■ -Apo[V --lo : llMilmisIreaa (living - 
napipa of 1 iwo; rnfbrdus (xiaitin<'a ' 
addFessad envelqpgj. . 

. ■ - Dtoiw. 9f .. ET'fhi!qM i., J}f . cj , r . gt i 



[]AL?A^p FHOii RCHODL ' 

“ign Btroni, • Lmotovii, •' Ldlbn • . • 

redpiBsior: Mr IT D. Ruiind. D.A, 

a| |iured fal- aopi , *|nh«r' 1971 : . - 

iimo^MIf. ,wA man r ,h .. 
: ai J'SclfooT .^‘V^e^-SSST^d. 

|MjaR wssaUs 

wnouafla, Kgmnuig . GT.Ihu . 'wcqnd 

-.nH^!^2i,^^V«Wn!riable rrem 
lo. mo-. 1 UomimaMer' 
" "'bla. i atam pad xd- 

w|!fi ^aCcommodB- 

BURY. ■ •! ' 1 ' 

Eto; 'i±.» .fjssS 

S&SS'i- ■'I™ 

- t . r ° r ?'i . . nnd niriher 
?3 aH L? b LW'" , J!* T 0 "? rand ret are - 

Puriher particular* ftsuri iho 
lleidmn jicfi 1 ° wiumi uppiicj 
I lona ahoutd bo. amu lininmlM 
iely gluing Tull doialia and nmn 
Inn iwo ntfiTuo*. 


■ I nnunn norouuh ol i 


Willi cur- 
n®} a ? al,d . hiiniu* and 
Bl i j UnilFft l-P r -iMfl_T-itofvws, 


i Loudon Borough or> 


tmxn&sar'- u ^°- 

178 ‘"n^aiini Wrn?J“ 
lluadmador j , 

L. Bflihar. O.A., pp D. 

Ai , n,\N¥ IO BCUoai! MI1TRE iioquirod fop "aupiuiiiUor. I'i77, 

H <11 Linn “Tnhold UN.Vni'l EACHER^ of SPA'JlSIl jii J 

K d „ , i!^ n %nif n V t Vf«n I, ‘ Kod t<,r,u,ro - - 

lull., Enliold. kNA.fini 

Fldlu-fomi emry. mixad vumuro- 

benaiva. Unit l.’JAO . _ 

llmiilrDd for tlio Aunimn. Turin 
nnly. TEACHER for OKltMAW 
Rannan is luiiqln as. a suronri inn- 
Ullage la pupllt wlw show lluouls- 
lie Milluy. ■flu* suctcvsliil anull- 
ijini will hn reiiuirod la leuch in' 
r-.S U.. •' O ” olid *' A '* loi'ol 
ti.iiulunl*, FacHHiPf.. Iniliidlnu an 
BUJIa aillvo la n nu -Hie . Inhur.iiaiv, 
are q-.-couent and Hip noimriiiieni is 
a llvoiv.. siahle nnn. . ' \ . 

London Altowsnco bkvabia CJOT 
per xnniim, 

.• Anniitaiion forma (shimur-l n*l- 
drnsfprf roohrtyi Prt'’«lo<vn nhfald* 
n*ile from |he Heart Tcncher in 
whom ihoy ibnuld bo reiurnurt ns 
lOPrt qs ranf.lhlo. 


COUNT V rOl’NClJ. , . 

‘BnirimOH AnKA I 

I AI-Mer HIGH HC»» n, Tf. 

I owns Rosa Tabiur, Uriah top 1!N1 

lOroup 11. 13 (n 1 H fiomprehenaive - 
School, 1.1 (h) implIBi 
1lei|i»lr,-il Senlemher ITiriHrlf In 
Hie ritKNf II -in,) KI'IMpL'AN 
■-.I'l'nfrrt. s. nle I. in flrsl f-.iniliM- 
ili>n level. rioSHibiv with seme 'lor* 
mail, io iihtl and . 1 rd_ Year pupils, 
nojocajlaj if refill 8m emq ,|n up- 

end (iEUMAN, (a join the viafT on 
a ncmianant luaK. HiU oxitiinu achoi will rocvlve u« itr.i 
allyiuilirv InhikC 111 SepieniiKT, 
l'J77. und a woll oqiilnpu'l Modern 
I iiii(iu.sqcd sulio is to be uruvidud In 
Iho luiniudUio future. 

Langiirtqo cuursos are well (level-, 
ppod . inrougliuut tho srp.i'ji and 
ipamr Minus taho yarl'ln. foTviqn 
exchange aoiiomos. 

it Is hoped tb' appoint a 'trainer 
who I* bean to mui.p a cunlrthu- 
llDn to Iho school'a, wido reiitm or 
exlre curricular /cflvifkt. 

Aqniicdilon forms, irum onl rr- 
turnalila to Uiu Hoad 'I •■.iclicr, 
— Lj iMiq .l l - A l. l q wjnca .. mvuUle. 


Lhaisworih Pisco. Cl-’.-'lmriijS 
i Number an rati r.17'3. 
lliiuulied for 1 lit Augtisi. 1*»77'. 
'il'Aiif.S. lsoil uu-illi'luJ qr.Kl'i J'e 
reqjjfrtfd IP liwth iiiviiMn w " A " 
level and aoma in ihu Mid, Ho 
bchool, OiifiOMunlLlcs exist to (lu- 
volou German add. French StudMa 
wiUiin. ihla luetossful dot*ariniei\T • . 

iu;namiPJ twn reffrePa lw July 4. 

'Aut ftnqawv . ... ... ,e Toacbbr at Uid achool, io whom 

CjiHs HlreOL H rolls held •• ;. *. 

Eaat SuaaSx TN'jl, HRI ' ' 

Far Sopi emhqr_ i977. or JneiiatT 
ijrrn TCACHER ■ 0* •jiENljH 
(Scale D in Iliis.pypnisrtinij.ll-IH- 
comnrohonslve school which la do*, 
ffufiiruffy aftuafed In rnMl'SufMX.- 

HI. ,M|U •LHU'JU IV nillMIl 

ujd ba.reiumod'WHMn .10. 


(fg/IiriU/y artuafed in rohll SuImk.. 
Ylalocailan grenbs aval labia . In 

a . P ff?P^tton , fc|^ from Uio Itrtsrt- 
mnaior .(atanipprt. oddrosAod envelope 

aasg .^i v v fliQpa 

• ; ; ■ ESSEX . • 'j 


. fur . Bovs , 

(Rd« dPOj • . ' . 

Hlgtilandn- Boulevard ; 

L*iqh-on-3*w' . ■'■ 

' 'paieplioiw^^SotiBieiicl , 

FREN0M('EUn0^pAN BIVplEfl [ 


pw. c.S.R.' offornd ; *-o •• 
iovefc lo wnu-tiuaUneif' csimU- » 
dttto. , lima uago hibopHorv.. ( 
MOWQnoe regular termly day 

•' ■'•iSWSik 

BUT _p*f* 

Now WaKham. near jRrinvtby 
» Number -on roil l.eapi; 

H paths isater : I. K. Dreko. M.A-r 

F.R fi.8 • • - 

ftoquirod for, list Augiwi, lJ37T' - :~*' 

pr«i^M™ a, n 

The modern .Lannuaqivi Dowrihijini 
h I yory .wot” eoiauuslsed m .Ui* •. 
•chool wliore •. (oeulilnq *» carried 

•chool where . hMulilno. *a carried 
out US , If* own surt 3 of I rocmia. 
wfiKrts Include in fanndaqe lalvore- 
lory aa woU m rooms . oqunmed 
.wllh tlio now xiductinn .toon, iho 
■ncooMmi ouidldalo could have Hio 

Kr a K ? 1 f^M ^ aa w. 

levels ua wait as French Uireugh- 
out tfra school, 

. HnihuMoont and i w«Rnqn«s to 
jiViy a . ruu pat* in a Urea school 
are nought. . ' 

Tlisa is a oonumhanaly'i school 
In wry modem , purnose-nutti nre- 
mlaes In a rural nr pa surrounded 

. fsebia. It oerv/a dio . de- 
ar oa from 11 w Lneolnshw 

1 1 loll A-jO ; &lxih Form luifi 
A well quallflort GI>ADtIATC to 
toads FHLNt.TI and UKRMrtN. 11.- 
Modem Lanniuao* Daparduucf -f< i, 
a qaO'l rncurd nl *■ A ■■ i„v..| mu 
uf I'nlvui'vUv including Uxlui.Jgu 
aniruuvv. 'Ilio aiiccuxai ul uuij.tcjui 
will be oflored ihu upper l uni tv to 
share In Uio teaching ol at win 
trench to this l>>vfl. hut will il . ■ 
b« required la Ivucli sjuio mbijiu 
school Enqllsii. 

This- Is an Unjicr Sellout pnividin-i 
voursH la " A '' level f<i r inyt 
ul goad academic ability auud ti- 
nt : tho rain uf Ulilvanmy eiiiri'icj 
la very high. ■ , 

A ii ulv l»v letter alvlnh a curricu- 
lum vkuo anil Ihn namci >>i 
rclcrP’ft io fho JU-.iil/>ieji<<r at lire 


Uuuiihion l.ane. MaldHione 
it.4nn Mlxad> 


across Ilio ago rannu 111 - 171 . W'dl 
aaiabllaliod couraoa loading to G.9.E. 
and G.C.K. ••O'* lovol. Hmiarl- 

•iicu In the uso of a laiiqiiaiia 
laboratory would he an advnuiaue. 

AiinllCHtlon form and f'lrtlier d>>- 
(alls available rroin the Iteartm isi.-r 
< a lamped addressed onvc4apoi , 


niacktiiirst lane. Tunbridge Weils 
Heranrtary Madam Mixed 
■ Roil 1.0971 

Required from Soil ember far one 

Annllcnllana by teller lo tin 
lloarti'iaaior. qlvinn duialla pf Quail- 
flcatiana and experience. If anv. 
and names and mldresaos of two 
iii'nfossiouni referees ■ atumpail u«t- 
di'Dsial onvolapos. nto/aa 1 . 



Park Farm Hood, taikoitann, Rent. 


ll-l<i veers . I.RIIQ pupils. Ca- 
einieailanal kecondary mortem 
Headmaster, il. b. LViiierinld, B Sc. 
Uimulrod for Boptombor. 1*>77. a 
TEACHER to shnro in Hi* hucliinq 
or TRENCH from tho accand pnr 
Id C.S.E. level. The achoal has 
a. now Language Laboratory. Tlio 

two r/Ktreiss. ' 



with EfL qualifications on -1 t>xf»ir(- 
onca ar boarding aduraiioo. Stngls 
aihiu* proforrod. 

, Further detain obtain a hie from 
on" July*' CTffr. ^k 111 " 1 ** C1, ,IJ 

KINGSTON upon Thnmea 


uian upon 

(HflO liny*' . 

h . GKrtMAN GHADUATK requir'd 
Sciilember lo teach to .ill lovslS' 
Inneilicr Wllh TRENCH lo **'0 " 
loyal. Interval In Biitiiea nr atnor 
evlr.i ■ curricula activity an 

mi FRENCH GRADUATR ruqiitrnl 
Sejileinbor Ig loqph 10 all lewl a. 
inivrest In riAMRS or MUSIC an 
jdvaningo In all abitiiy friva' 

Lon dim Allowance E297. 

AasIBiatico may bo provlrt-'.i wiifi 
removal Axoansea. Anplicsiloti f.iim 
nnd fiirtlier Inrormalfun obtalnjiiM 
Irani Ilia Ko.irtiunslor at llm vrhM-il 
to be relumed. In him as jjun 
ns ) 1 ns si ftp l Tel. Il -hlrt ■V.|T , n , 


AnttllnofiQiM are invited fnr . 

(lie Piiiawinn pnsts roquirua 

Hie Piiiawina pnsts tvquixed 

for Snplembar, 1 / 177 :— , 

. Annil.-Milnn • Tonus nbMin- 
nllle from I Shinnied Ildrtp- 
enVL-Iauei and reiuruiit'e 

. AnijlhMUnn • foniia " iibMIn- 
nllln from ishlnmed Ild'lr.;*ni 

Wolds M Iho Rest nuu»i. . ' 

AnrrtlHlwA fnrms. »nrt further 
paniiitiora obtainablo frmn thn.. 
H egdrogt* W at. .Uie. MdiMT, tor 
8.T.A Pi I In wtwun tH'v Should hn 
roturnnrt within 10 .. days of Iho 
♦irpwawco- or- itns- ■ndvqrtlnxnniT.*' 

Ihn tluad TvMclior al U 10 


Sana l , 

_ i MfKI'Di SCIIOwL 
Quaens □ rtv n.^^lv»riiool 

S ualn ifcPtruni'-i 
A M jtfl (hi 

' . Stole 1 


V, 'STiiWtgt'; . 

Fonitta ina^iaM ^Li ver pa ot 

> . / - r ; : : 

London, >’• : ■ 

scnStii. 8 C * cOMpHGHENa lVB 

P eiaford noad 

A jMrt-Hme TEACHER or 
FRIINCH . I* required far Snptemher. 
In thla six -form entry nilKi-d r.nm- 

ra hfl^<llve achnnl. Tlio school mains 
U lilhh ai.mderds of huhavluur 
and ippSaranca, - 

Apply In tlm Headmaster at .tho 
school in wrlunn givltiq mil dntaila 

nnd nflitiM ol-lwiT roi'TO'if . .. 


ST. MARK’S C.B. ■_ . 

tefipps A van no. London SV.'A 

nnwnwinni (no- tomij iu 

— rtreoma^ipr - ar mtr-Tiwwnr _ ~ 





zZFvvV Hi 


*PIay the game, Taylor! That’s the only 
copy of theTES weVe got.” 

- Every Friday go into your 
local newsagent, smile, 
produce 18p and ask for a 
copy of The Times . 
Educational Supplement. 
This is how to avoid 
■ argument, injury and be the 
first to read the TES. 

^ Q e; D 


Educational Supplement 

Modern Langnsges 



Ulihopj Avenue, Louilon, S.W.6 
iHoaflmoalor. Dr. 'I'. Harper amlihl 
PART-TIME TEAIRILU required for 
RUSSIAN Ul Sbiiiombor next. 

AnpUcaLlona mo form) to the 

NEWCASTLE upon Tyne 
kpufcXrjgN coMMiri'BE 


I.ANOUAIiBS i Scalo It 

(Ha-ad vgriiaanignl i 

Renulrad for Bonlombor, 1077. a 

won- qua I If 1011 TKACH ER nr FltllNCH 

With, If poaalblo. SPANISH, la 

B iaro In Ilio work of Uio Modem 
ingudOH Doportmonl Participa- 
tion In tho leaching programme uf 
p first year foundation counts will 
bo required, ua will a aymnailiriiu’ 
appreciation and knmvladpr uf iha 
Bpiicltfl upiiroacha* roquirnd In toach- 
tng io pupils ol all abtlliioa in ilia 
early ware, (irrumn la nlan inught 
to C.8.C.. •' Ci •• and ■■ A ” lovols. 
A ro i irngru ijIiIc uml rosnitrco ci-niro 
will bu fully iiicruhl',. llits 'niijro 
la aiippurlon wllh artoiiualn auillu- 
vieunt equipment. 

AppUcanu tar the prevloita 
Bdvrrilsoinoni will have ihctr .ipiiII- 
ratione roconaldercd In IA« normal 

Application forme. obtainable 
front Iho ptroctor or C ducal Ion, 
Civic Contro, NcwcaalTo unan TVno. 



Applications are hinted frmn 
suitably quaiirlod liiACHCftS 
for ilia following goal:— 


Bouh- ijine, W«rtiaop 
I*. Ila. Slit 700 
H rad ina si or. .1. M. Johnson r 

Mlxod: l.i.OO (11 to 18) 

1 or Soptomber, TGACtfBR 
(8caic 1 1 for (1EJUIAN and 
1 HENCH , ■■O’’ 7>V0l WOlll 

iinnioulfttoly avallnblo. 

Application* mo forme) to 
tlio Flondmaatsr, with luunna 
ul two rofcroM. os goon as 



■ Holt 1.400i 

Khilinqton. oxford 0X0 a NT 

nouiiirrrt for Scptouilior. 
1977. lot- this 11 lo in i»tob- 
liehurt Cqiuiircticnaiva Schpui. 



i Metropolitan Borough on 

^•SnS^^ Dflva M atack?ngfoi9. L RDUOATIQN COMMinci: 

“ra'MiSn ™ KING (IEorge V Sciinut. 

(764 on roll F SIXTH FORM COLLEIir 


Trochbig pngninnii covers ail 
■DOS nut abilities anil nppor- 
tunlfy »idsU fir succuefiil can- 
didato to teauh Drama in Spe- 
cialist drama aiudlo 

Phuu lninpLone tho iload 
nl iho School 'NuiiMion 

Required for January u>7n — 

Please wrilo for (iirilmr j-l.nis 
tp lloadmoeior. King Miurai' V 
School, Souihpon. Mcnyiidu PI(U 

Closing ilato -till July i-nv. 


Byiionhani Drive l.i.-aiiMnnton 
up* 7 oh 

100 an reu iu-ih comprclionslvoi 

Ragidrrd Souecinbee TEA- 
^.lEH of I'KENCH. Srelo 1. 
Su lift bio fur college limvcr. 
Abllliy to offur Misiori'. Gaa- 
grepliy ail ndvanLiyn. 

Application form avellphlo 
from the Head nl iliC KCliaol 
(sinninad addressed envelope 

Other Posts on 
Beale 2 and above 

DEsnonouoH cgiiniv 
bnopponhangore Rand. MuiUi-ui"-' 

Autumn Tonn lo .salat ill running 
iho liDparunanL until Iho .iiuuiin- 
uiont of a new PJi-l'.ioi' ul M«i.n: 


■■ A " lovol. BcjIi 
aultaWo for newly 

Apply by lotior to 

icadinnUor. ^ Siplyfqrff School, maM^ r .rih» achoJ 

Nowca silo upon. Tyn., K,1P ,cr c ^ C uiun. w 

(MetranoUlon itoraugh oft 

Nouihgato, Kllllnjiwortli. 

Newcnellu upon Tyne NF.1S OSA 
llradinnsUT: Mr. T. W. King. li.A. 

I Inquired for Sbplombor 1. 1077, for 
u temporary ana year apnoinUnctii 
Scalo 1. TEAriliLH of rliENCK 
ami. If pomtbio LJll IN to G .C.B. 
o " Level, 

Application forms nre avalUblo 
an rocuipl of b stnnipod adilrossoil 
vnvclopv f ram iho trrodmaiior to 
wliuin limy should hu roturnod wlili- 
in IO dnys or the .peraranco ol lilts 
udvcrliscin L' ni. 


(Couuiy bi< 

• Com lire lions! vb n-if] 

660 ubys -tnd girl*' 

ltnijuirert Tor Aitiui.m term. l‘i77 • 


t 0 in.n HERMAN io ■■ Ci " and 
A " luvul* wtlli BOinc till. NCII 
to Lower Sctiuol cmsbc-s. 

Apply by I vi lar. Im. billing nurl- 
cu'iiin viine >i|iii Uie nnmes uf iwn 
rvl'crees. in (he llcadm jHl'.-r. Mnllau 
School. Mldrttvcnvu Itnart. MOtloli. 
Norlli Yorkshire VO 1 7 I IN 1 1 



(nr ihu lulioivlnu pusl — 


lli.uiii,."ii"i'. c A Hicl'.ir'inon, 
M.ll I. 

Ml- cl I LT» ll» 'I Un 
rlxlim n. I n .'I 

I ur Hi irtc .iu r i LA- 
ni llIf.MCH iScilo J.. 0 

a ‘ P A^f |, c C ^S|li (an rymi*i lo 
L^ J fe r a’. rna suon p! 



du»“&iVfs 'mtim 

tor (no following poal 

^rate u %o^ d 4i , 

Nnttlnnlmin NO 13 UAH 

m r. m. a. 

(MIMPd,- T.hflO. 11 io tat 

^RFfiriH wllh GERMAN ar 
SPANISH, capable of loachlnn 
ul all li'veU. . 

jFor^ rtoloits. teloiilianq. 06 fW 

^ * ^MllcMIftiii (no fOrmn lq 
ihe lloiiriiiinttcr. will' naiuaa of 
twn roforbqa. as soon as do*- 




AnoRcniJona arc t nvM cd from 
tuUlblv nuallflart . ITACHBItS 
' cor iho following past : — 


Hip Hanks. Uln'ili*ns 
NotUnnham NOIA HIIL„ , 
llrartinnairr • R. tfnnwoori' O.A. 
I Mlxod 1.400: 11 lo IB) 

full curriculum vita* and 

naming two referees. 


LHffemorc. Oxford 0X4 9JY 
Wanted fnr Bpincmbar. a ' v/cll- 
uualirioil TEACHER of GERMAN 
nnd RUSSIAN above to teach hqth 
innguagea to "A." level nui also 
iniorobiod In working lower down 
the achoal wilit a wide ahilUv 
ra lino ot niioila in UOs Con v pro - 
nonsivo IX lo IB acliool. 

Tho Lanfiii-mes Department li In 
new aRcouiinodailon anil ia well 
pruviilcd wlili modem alili. tnctud- 
Ina a Isnnuiiue* labiUHiory. fi is 
hnnert la Hhoolnl a teacher who 
will pmke. cmhiulaAilc iuo or llioie 
vrellrni families. 

Aiinllcnilnns to the Heed Tea- 
r her cncloslnij Rill do la lls and 
iinntvj anil audreeins or two ra- 
(cruoa ___. 


. l umiuii liu rough ad 
l.luirrafi Aventiu. \tnnsicad. 
Tiilephoim ' 'illy ’'11.92 
llr.iilinjblcr: Mr. M. J. Wool ion, 
H.Sc. . I. II. I «:. . M.I.Dfol. 

Huliably (pt j llflcd TT.ACMER of 
( HI.Nl.II (Scnli* ii required for 
SenU nltier 1077 In Ihl* r.iplrtly de ve- 
il jplnu coiiiiirohoiislve achuot. Ability 
in niter a siicond language or Euio- 
i ii . in SluilloB nr Physical Eihnallcm 
wnu:d he un artvnniage. Outer 
Lnniinn AlluwuiifcO la payable. 

further ih-tal!* unit .igpin-ailan 
forms av.Ulalhi) trom tho 
jii.iMer. ur STAR. 

lo be reiimtort os soon as 
r-u<s ii »ii‘. 


i ni a - 1 1 kin »'(ViM/r»i:i: 

^^•‘H^RSi.r^utGolii b« PJI* 
ill to IH romnfehenslvoi 

as; onrt aliquid bo retumon 
in him wlililn 1.1 ii.iv* o( Uio 
.iiibr.n.inC') of Ihla adverilaoment . 



snucAnoN commiitkb 

Knqiilroil tor Seplombor. 1977; 

lilph Biroei, Knuiton. 

Nnivcaallo. HlaffS. 

i lroup 8 

LHO-r.inuo 1 1 10 10 year*.; - 
Number on Roll 3S0 
l’ltENCtr tv:acher fstgto i> to 
aasuma l osnoiwlhllliy for ihla aub- 

f ret ifiruugnoui, the school up to 
: 8.E. lovol. 

forms r.f application are obtain- 

h uSlnli- Wlnnflehl Roart. 1 row bridge. \i Ilia 

"miiii iM. (Mlxod Comuroiinnalvo Trom (iratn- 

,?o twffi n '» r "«! i-aao) 

lies uo to Required for Sojilember: Qualified 

i 1 nOBI person ID teach FRENCH Abllllv lo 

□lull Had toach Stmnish an Imnaruni sdvsn- 

taflo. Scale i post. 

Apply to Headmailor for dgialli 
iho ifisd- or pa*( and of Hie HChoiil i large 

il gfvlnq slam pad addressed enveloeoi. Egriv . 

IU* and anpucnllon advlsebln 


( Metropuitl.iu normiuh ofi 

Ravcnswoad Avenue. Slrl.enhead 
M'lrtul. Morsryslde 
i Roys' (loniprrh.-nilvoi 

For boulnning uf Autumn 
Tonn. MAuiT.fl ur M1.S1'RE83. 
Sy-Ilo L. To tearli SPANISH ta 
" A " lnvrl siand.ird. 

Apply in writing (with cur- 
riculum vliaei as mini us no*- 
Atbln (a ilio lli-admnsior. from 
whom further rtetnllt may ho 


Heads of Dep artment 


ilouiUim Sor.mgii of' 

MAttY sciioui. 

Crov.'iililll ItuiiiL NWIO -IKf 
< ttoii - *nn, it tu ifli 
Required Irani Hvpirnthor or aa 
sOutt aa no Mlhlr tliernuflcr: 

HEAD nr MUSIC U<.'|iarinicnt 'Scalo 
9)— Ihn iiohI lilV'ilvci. lliv annor- 
vtslun or n number m I'erliyiteilc 
.In sir uc l la u a und 'ho nru>Ml'&il(>u ar 

un Rxpftn<unn nl. II la 

cxpuclod iIuji Music v. Ill ulay nn 
ini rna firmly linportiMil rail hi lh# 
nc.iilcmlc and sui lal Ilio of Uio 

London allowance of E-l«2 , per 
annum Is ihiyMitr anrt ihoro la it 

util onto for wlili removal 

■-..iicna'-a huiinUnn lr«.ii l"oa. me.. 
ir.iy'-ltliMi .uul lu'Milhu iitliiwi.ii. , 1 *. 
f.KirtM ,i« , -t...«il<l *(.f!V b" l«|ier 

In Ihe Hi ml ni i In- Sil.iml wlililn 

Ficven rViVfc ulvlng mix. nciwit I'oil, 
qualification*, nxi'orloncn and refer- 

lionulred in Sqpfombor. a Uiui.mmcv 
TEACHER of Music mr Km 
Autumn Tonn lo * salat in running 
fho liopartmoiu until Iho riiiuuiin- 
uiont of a new Dirt ci or ui Musii: 
in Jonuaiy. 1978 iim mlir.ui. 
Which outers Bill of IH |irn- 
Hrtualve transition irom Muv* 
i Maidenhood' Grammar in n hi 
IH rtaya' Comhrotienrtvn. I,.n •nii- 
Siandlng musical tr.iJIihin wlili 
y hairs and orchealra. (ililnu m.iny 
'oncoria ilndudlnu Koval l '-siiiui 
Hall) each yoor. 

Tho temporary roai will i»- un 
Scalo 1 or 2 accord Inu in ustiyri- 
enco and tho taecher opjminiul win 
bo consldorod Tar ino pirm uncut 
poll bt January, . 

Tills will bo advorila'eil in S'iUifih- 
her and run datalis will by seni in 
rasiiongo to inqulrie*. wiilrli nre 
now weicomo. 

London Prlnno AMowimto Li Mi. 

Apply with full duiiiiiB id l l(jni- 
matler latamport Bdrtresud onv«- 
lopoi whon further pome uIjm will 
hp^uppllad. Closing ■Inti'. July 11. 


(County an 

Required for Bopiombcr. I'rtT. 
I’EACIiER Of MUSIC In Nlihlrrd.ile. 
HcalO 3 poat. 

Appilrailona are rnviiod f»r ihn 
lo tnacb two amt a half iiavt in 
Iha Uiwor Nlddfrfnlo lllgh School. 
Iwo nays In conlf Ibulory inlii'.'ry 
■choali and on Saturtigv Mommas 

lo loach iwo ami a half Halt in 
Iha Uimor Nlddcrilnlo lllgh Sclirant. 
Iwo nays In coniilbuiory i"lin.'ry 
■choala and on Saturday mm iitiigs 
a l the Music Contra whit it (■ kio- 
nlea In liarronuic Tho 'lain In* 
Iho aorvlcoj of piripatMIc !• .kh ora» 
of upper Hirings: lower bir.nus, 

brew, woodwind lnairm>i"M' .ind 
uul lor. 

Application form* < aiami»-') ad* 
drossurt envelope i ot-.illnbiv de-ii 
Ilio County Educalluii Olllrir. 1(„t"ii 
V 43 , Coiinly 11*11. Nqrlh.illcrl.iu. 
Nnnli Yorvahtro PI.7 haf.. io whm.j 
I'omiilclod farm* should tie pinmi'-ii 
wlililn lo days of iho aui>earuuc« 
of mil advorilaoiheui 

EDUCA^IPN*fcoMMI'i*»EE‘ ' 

Thor* l« a scheme for removal ax- .! 

pc nao*. 

.ine-advomaemoni • 

Roqulred for lit' Janimry. 1078 or 
db aoun ns miklbie. Tlio. luteeatful 
candfdaia will bo rospoiuihto to iho 

S enior Conniy Music Advisor for 
ia quality of iMthina uivon by iha 



There wilt be u vucbiw* 
Saulonibw, l')77. lur * ruO-i'i.'O 
INSTHUMENIS Jo wurk iim nil , ill 
socondary ariiuol* in th« ^'•Uiirn 
Arco of tho couiilv ii-s*« , oh 
Ipswich. Preformed will nlyvji 
in an Moculant ua ilia 1 rein h 
ilorn who l* .i'so uhic to h'a'.h 
llm wlii'le rami", tnass inur'i- 
iiicnta. nr(lic’U'.'i "ltd imii.i • ..»'l 
it sy .it* 2 nr'nqiniii«"iit to •"h" "'-; 
lor un nimijii.ti-tuiy, 
iiiuklclm. AnnlKuiiU ii.'iuid hold 
a current ilrtvlnn llconc*. 

*ng?. ^unfr» d 3 B .f: 

Market Dreyian, salon, io wngm. 
Ihotf should fan roiurnod not later 
than 9lh July. 1977. 


ft® “on'^^i.^r rs : . 

d ^' 

, Tho Lannuura Donnrimont 
la equumed with a .Vi-faooth 
aunlo-ncllvr lanuunnn labnra- 
lorV 0 Sa-hnVH nild'O-BCltVO 
rnmparAifve linr-ii.m'i InboreMnrv 
and four au-Fn-ocHvo claas- 
rpoma. French Is (aunfat 
thraunliaui the acliool • nnn 
Uorman la alurlod lir Uio fourlh 
vgor. • 

Aw-. Meat loi* f nn . rornig) to 
[he HneifeiflUer.' wllh namoa of 
■wo rarorooi, .aa non u. noa- 

ilv* school. 

Forma or application are obtain- 
ablo. on rocclol of # a iiamped ad- 
droeaed pnvolopo. froin tliD .Head 
ToBChor to whom Ihoy 1 should M 
roiurnod nbl lotor than Bill u 




Lane, CodwD 


s&4 A^nsa: 

suhairiiaiv French . would no tut ad- 


Lottop*. or appHCailon... Riving 
namoa and pjdnjaajfi of taro rerwooa. 
Ip. bo. aonPro Iha Hwcbnaatpr al 

elude • olein on ts of Inairumcnial 
- learning , Iho cncouragemoiit of on- 
arunhlQ work, und reCIlnia in achogla. 

A poraon ar enlhuilasin and broad 
musical sym iin lh Ira, la Inakcd far. 
wllh a lilgh standard oh iholr spo- 
ol* 111 l Initrumoni. and varied ox-, 
'pertopco of music in schoali. 

A cap fa' 

Further doialla und’ an 
rm may bo obialnod , 
ontor . Couni y. Music Ad 
ouniy Hell. Truro. Corewal.. yw, 

rcacivcd Ip rosponao io uirllsr adver-' 
tliement will be reconsidered, 



ncqulred'.far preferably Sopiambor, 
Scale 3 past. 



: aJl® — Mlxod) i*' • ' > 

Aailtunca with MnwKu Jbd Inel- 

donnl axnonioii . . 

Scale 1 Posts 

... — ...... . r 

comvhi.hcmsi vb 

Luifn Hogth Hood. Tllchursr, 

For Bopioniher In (fill rxgundlng I t 

lUinYrih M'lc* is 
SawHwt^r ^ 

and folk singing. 

Forms, ale,, ironi Hm H^nbiiafta* 
(Stamped adarcaacil onwlopot.' 
GloaliiH ilulo 4ih July. I 11 )". .. 

BRENT ... 

iLnhdbn Bordugli ufi 


FurthaK dalatli. ind application 
irmi adaUablQ tram .the Acting 

&Ar h roar OT 1?Sm 8 o» 




Tar Uio following; post » •• 

TUJO'OnD wiVpb'EflEMSIVB 1'.’ . 


Headmaster: n. W. Woodward . 

> MIVOil 770 3 0 1 in ' )«) 

... rlaing! l« ’JOO * • 

l or Rc,ilnmh' , r. iTAntPfl- 
iH*«'o li nl l rl^NGH nn-Hir, 
.tiinHle* Include wort tq-G.H.R. 

;■ O l * ‘ level. t» "ih rtovnfnn- " 
in- jchqoi, A hill I*’ in l"lrfl- 
rtncp Gprmnn • avi'nluallv le- , -l- 
’nn to ..“.A '' icvnl on .itddi- 
itO»a! M1M. 

. A pi' |f h. i 'on* > no forms i in • 
I'm Hca’l"*»*icr. "■■•(’i fir ••<(**.' 
oi, ivin, wifjcM, Rlpatna rt.-ild; . 
'ulv 1 . I'll,, ■ ■ ? ■ 

Suffolk: . .!.' . 

3fe^®v a . C fe: 
■wjetew, t 

rurihci\ dflUiJfe fltul r a»ttl lent ion 
!faimb obUlrtBulo . |i|ati)pad <> ndv 


faimb obialrfBblo . relamPBU.'. (id. 
(irosjod .! fools ran., onvolopo, jilggao) 
from tho. llertrimntiar. Tnuraipm 
Unnor Arhaol. Thureion. .Bury SI. 

! inairiimbhlalan 



( Metropolitan Borough) 

: . If 

btO Jf upllca llona by toll 
HP Tcnchor. at the .scii 

. MAIbtSTQNB DlvjsiQN 

, .iq now bu|idfngs. * 

n»_. Ilio nwyo' address. ■ Hof. i 

. 1.430 Mixed. IL io 17 lllnh Achuai , 
wlili a comprnhqnMvo < Imako and 
aqma iransfoni lo .Upprr flchpoia ai 
39 plug, couraea . to G.B.K. ..and 
m o ;> fevqj. . •' * 

. Hoauirofl September..' or . 'Uhiwry, 
1 ma*f. spqcioiiat _pa . if had • or 
MUSIC i Scalo 91. Esisfal lalmil famaa 
band and .lnairumi'iii.< i u iireuns. 

AppllcaUoni with ruirlcuiuiii vliao 
• .' and - naming i-iwo irt'itreca.. tu ■ ihn 
, lie-idinnsior, • -.J. ■ t • ; 

Hcadma^tar; Orian larmiucr. Is A. 
Required in Boptombor or aa anon . 
aa noMlbla thorwiicr.— 

afjw k» a\jp 

Instromontfl and fhoro la a JUyolop- 
Ing .choir. .For Hilr goat an nlcr- 
Hf In stool fland music .would bs 
an aduitioiia] recanunondailon.. 

' London allowance n Mn our 
'annum . la myRMa and Uierq ia a 
schema, for tuautanco wnh.rfi- 
moval -oxifoptea Induding .. JrMl 
>' foeo, . ate.,, unveiling- and. ludufnQ, 
allowsbicoa. ';■.:••■•■ 

J Oendldalha .ihould anWy t W ■ 
Jailor to tho UDftd or Iha SChOOl 
wiUun aovon' daya, giving -«ij. 
pnnont poat.quatircaOoni, oxn'irt* 

tMflJUtt -qfMMML ■ ■ 



• ;<Oroup Ti CompWhdniHFe) • 

■sas»-i«fr vwwlrw ^ 

| 0 mWW' 

Bren, l pgai*. f , • • •; 


■ f “?sfe aSUrFIB.* ft" 

r»ufST'“A , 'S , r»' . 

Wadi, TnC CaSlogO ho* J) 

, ktrong tradlllon ot *iusk und 
•iori» ate achofti pryhoairaa, 
Hqlra. und onaetohlo*. • 'the 
|(<vsher noimn'o-i would »e re. 
iiectad to (ontrtbutn to thla 
work .ond 11 * dovoloi'mqnt 

uh.ono 0934 71063, ryipiw'ijn 

. 5i r {,.» «V;. 

.ultnr~Of <ihe - schobl. i ” 



the scudoTT and a) so la of ter eonio 
usi'slunra wlili (ho leatlitnH 'of nnv 
iwn of tho loiiowfnasTrroiich. &in- 
lltli. loUn. Divinity. 

Thr. *ciu»t hda. t ttrotta Music 
trudlilan, IIM Is modern ind vvry 
writ wjulnogd. 

Hal.irv : Burnliiun acute 1 fSTAPV 
With {.cniifafl Anu Allowance. 

Hcj-on.ibto removal cxncnaoi will 
b,. n-lmnnraoi uloiaDi on iwihl'Mi. 

pt.-n-.L- send Miunnrd nddroMnl 
rnvilnio lor .mill urn iron rurm iron, 
i an A i ei mu a bio lot the lit-.iu 
■ '<« jilier nc ii io nboro address ua 
miiiii .ib ihualhir, 



fiassssHFUssspUi^ «*»;, „ 

Mjoni|ir<.'licii3lvu: 11-16: Mlvon: 

Hull 1.1‘fiO) 

ikjuJn.ii Ice pnniomUtr, 1977, 
UiAuilEll for Ml'HU:. Sen is l.w 2 
trcoriLlng io quilirtui lions end 0\- 

t mrli-iice. A ixtsiUvo npprjwch in 
na lrecjilng of nutkltio of Music 

a ini ilin iihllliy 1 
work nru roqidtvd- 

AnjilliMi ion ramie. . anti . further 
rtonilfc laUnincd udriroaiad vmr 
jdj>d» Stun tlio lieu a, to wliom ihe 
A no LI III Iw return rut by B Jui 


ItncklLtM Ai 
i Com roi-fton 

r HTltOOI. 

.venue, Sol 

i Coin wi-tion vivo. co-oiiucaUanol 
1.7HU oil roll | 


V Jxiyp nualiHcauojm In bom *lin- 
(Ki.i mainly in Uni Mime yairs or 
(ii 1 wJiaul. 

Aihi'uutkw forms Mnmind ad- 
OrnswM cnv-Umo) r«pn ilojdmnsicr 
nTnim'iUlL 1 lu Wmi wTllila 14 wyi. 

C'-OUNTY odUNiilli . 

• ' (nOO miiied | ISO taking 

\. Ml ^JfaWwr 18 


fuite an 

riunctijuin, mponu 

dan frinno allDwanca 


part of. ilin ■ 
porimule Lon- 

..iSy.,~r .tsufig 

inuaTTn two nTwoM. 


mouth wot rs -music 


{MettWPpItnUt Borough of) 

. ' TI W'I^WiKinMCWIgl^IlllWlVD 
rtauifcwMArtrt: Noijh wood 
. • tffl ago lit 

0771 MU81H 
y. la . cornu 
Wind tvriromi*. 

Vito further 

(Metropolitan iiorpuoh ol> 





■ Metropolitan Borough or)' 


I n.-ri an rail) 
l |nl rl Tup nojil. ItaStrlftE* 
hhdiioom i m a axji 
A larjntv ucrure for a TCACiren 
(if MUSH; ("Scalo i) Dam SQlli 
AUlillal. 1 VST. M tills DOW WoU 
pnuippod school. 

Ignore or aiipUnttiHi, giving cur- 
riculum vltqo und ilia namea and 
.-*>ijiv we* or two nifrvsM, <o tlm 

I liadimo-lf p by 4 lit July, 1977. 


I I oTul'jn lutraiigh of) 

II tii or field I load, old caulMfan 
Niim-y. CHS 11% 

Ti'K-nhonL*: Download Bllnl 
I i'Hima: lit finnloinoer 1077 
Hnsulrort: n wnll quBlinod TBACIinn 

North vosKsiimF. 

(Uounly of> 

mvvrnpjS ucconpaiiy modeiin 

plloti Avmiuq, Arornb. York Y03 

fl.lfi njlxod, tall fioq 
lloguired fnr Soplsniber. 1977 
Mills TAN r lEAGHEn. Bcolo 1, la 
hnIuUm in me icaiinng or music 
Q iniualiout Die srhaal. rilablUhod raumui and Insirumonlal 
bpoujio. Bporiallii muilc room wlili 
•xcolient TurlliUM 

Apply by loner. vAUioui dolor, la 
tha iimnlmdiirr. giving full c.irwr 

9 ml In and mo nomrt anil addreana 
two rrroreL-a. Pleiio enclono 
fliQin*. Pr 

tha fionrimaiirr. giving ni'l c.irwr 

9 ml Id and ihg name* anil nddredira 
two tTforiH-a. Ploiio enciono 
iMmiint <iddn-**i’ii nniwsfw*. Pro. 
vlous onpllvinin arm wlihlua to bn 
conetdonid nw>d only Indlcalo by 


Scale 1 Posts 

«r RswArui or CKfCiiiKTCR 

%avai feollroo eiroor. N.W.l 

isr A,d ; d 

Bcala 1 ASBSfANT TtUllllIin.for 
Uvo Lower School rcquirml lor Bap- 
lember. l!»7l Main _ eublocl > 
orroxcil MAtllJiMATKifl and 
rHIiNCII. Ability to narurlnolr lu 

iiamdon norougli ofi 
Knriluo rough Avenue 
Souili uroydon . Clja BIID_ 

rRUNUri. Ability to ranlrlnalr in 
Uie pajrlorjl work Of Nie Miiool U 
ospociailv v-iluou. 

ApdU' IlMdmuilrr, 


S .a7o boy* and giria ononod in 
a Diem tier. l'J7y, lu now build- 
ings. ’rhn facilities are oxcolleni 
and Includo a gymnasium, u aiwris 
hall, Horium and grass plldn-a. 
I'iie Department is very active anil 
ha* a good rocoriT ol sportlnn 




Appll. nllnnN ar.< invllnl IT.iin 
hlltmbiy qiidl'llr.l 'li-ai tiers fur 

I III) (dfl(.'.VIIIU |10Sl - 

hie fiUNm' si moor, 

IP L-chOilu H.jji), Aftulry 
Nntlinnhain, NliH .1E7. 

mlL.aU; 11 10 tAi 
iiiA-Uel': 'A. Murphy. H A, 

■ l'or Semoiiibor: TRAClir.ll 
(Svnla li lu Kerb MUSIl. 
throunhoui ihe srhnol. Includ- 
Inn evaminMion ruur*i-s. I'n;- 
siliilUv oi lii ale U lor auinmty 

Uiiali/l'-J eim'ICdii) . 

Ai ii > 111.11 1 'jus ma fornisl In 
Ilin lir.itlui.Vdl.T. Willi n.i mi"* "I 
iwi< r . fi', n, limn ns pi .9- 


toucuiuM oif.iMinir. 

Will lllSMi)ftl belli “Jl. , . 

film ;n IhDiuo li.i.ul. iifii-iinftipv Vioo-1, 
Ulriiil'iueaKi. <1.17 r.jy 
Tills II In IH mlxoil vlmnl upciud 
lu jviitn lit liuriMko-buKI prnnilsei. 
Curivnt nuiuhi'i - on rail- l,’"Ci. 
Ilunulied fur Si'iiiriuliiir l*i77: 1TA- 
dll.TI nr MUSIC l Uulle ll. A bill ly 
to le.ich some fewer Salionl I rencli 
wauul be un udv.i'iiaoe. Dili poii 
would In- suiiiiiik- fur a llrsl appnini- 

'"ThiIIi .■linns, piii lnnino fanlerun 
CUmP'd jddn-Hsrd piimMid. la ihu 

Physical Education 
Heads of Department 


SI'Al'ER Ol' Jtnscv 
F.DUllAMUN COMMini.l. 

l Roll MO. 

» qr piiYSK'.UL 

ION pcpAlli'MKNT 
(firaui 3j 

Hanillred If rwuhlhln rrnm 
SopIenilnT. I " i 7, (ifliiTtvI.n 
1*1 J.mujfv, I f i7II 

U-iliT» "i .mill h-.i i loll ‘.liiiiilU 
lie si-ill dln>M in lliii IIp.iiI 
■lucli'-r. hi. Ili-ll-r cirl- 
Br-lmol. SI. Ileller, Cl., a. 
-*u>u da liusMlble.-, . . 


ivlstm INST rn c:rrv semoor. 

n r i ('.-liati 1 Htrom, Lomlun. .l 

Baiiiry, llumhom Scale 1 (BTAPi 
wilh Lunrton Area Allowance. 

Ilnuonabie .removal pxnenaiw will 
bo reiinburiod idolalls on requoaii. 

Pinj*o annil Bloinpou udilrossod 
onvolopo for appllr.ilion foim fram 
and r.itiirnabla to ihu Hoad Ira. 
rlirr ni iho above uUilresii us soun 


(London Horouali ofi 
£nui:A'nbN chmmutix _ 
liUUCATIUN miPAimil'NT , 
Tlio civic (Jcnlri., I.iiiunuii I load, 
Hounaluw mi UDN 

HoundarlPB Itoart, Felllinm, 
MldUleBCX Ttt’IS rtlilV 
Toluphon" number: l)l-H"i) D1A7 
111 lu lHi U>i, Couiprc- 
honalvo UlIiudI, Number on Kuil . 

liuiidinusirr: Mr Paul M. Cram, 

]| g|> a 

ni.-uu!rcil on emhusl.iatlr TfAdiliin 
ur PllYKICAL l.uUCAriDN illoysi. 
Srnk' i. lu lam u dweinmoni .or 
four required In Hciili'inbnr. “ uo 

ScJiuol h.ia a jr.idlllon ul excellence ' 
In a wide range uf eiibn-i Incimllna 
I DO i ball. HaiKPiiMil, basic pviuiins- 
llc work, Allili-lln, SwluiiiiTliii oiul 
tirlckel. A jn-ison 19 anuglil who 
fan rn.iko a substantial cuiiii-lbuiluii 

i London HoroiiQli of) 
Maliorloy Ku.ld, [.on.lnn U 

Maborloy Ku.ld, I .on.lnn bE19 ll IK 

Telepnonn 01-771 aJ61 

Tenable. . July .ii or September 1, 

S^Won 0 , p« WH 

A temporary appouiimont arteoB 
from Matonilty leave arrengomonu, 
probably on coniradl and poislbiy 
extending in Aiiril 1U7U, or luior. 

Salary : Burnham Scale 1. with 
London Area Allowance. 

Ploaao aond slamiioil nrtdrewod 
envi-iapL. lor aupllcallou furm 
idl'A)'i from nnd reliinmbie to ll.e 
Ho. ul Toacner at iho iiiioie ail.IrrHN 
bt- July fl. I>>77 . 


BAL'li:mtr.UK 3HHOUL 

ill la 16: roll 060; nilved can.uri.- 
hi-.islve wlUi Bill ileil ••■iri' 
cuuicc fnr iraibifcr ui m-piuxi 
liviiuirnd lor SiopieiniKT, iv/ 7 . a 

cun in.iHo a subsiuntlai cuiiii-imiiiuit 
lu spans and able ta oiler 
one or ilium of lhr> following: 
llugliy. Volleyball and ItucfiUul 

This 13-fr.rir. onirv Comurelien- 
aivo HlIiouI is sliuatml near Lnndan 
Airnort with oncy m-coss io Cunli-al 
Lomlun, M.-l and Ibo tu>nj country- 
wide of tlio I'li.inu-s Votlev. Iho - 
buildings are mnrterii and well 

li * iMiaii- niruui, Lajiiuun, a.«.i i!.VI ,1 . 1 J ,v* /. . u 

Tor J.miMry, l'.iTH. ur Boiu.mbir, ILAtJILH. for Uaya’ Pli\Blr:Al. 
l‘J77. II - aval In 'lie. ■ HEAD m tUUL.AllON .ind . UAMLS. iScale 

PHYSICAL. KbUliA'l IflN- • ol Ihlt, li. Schnol oifera Doth rugby and 

thjv"-rorrii enitv hoy i' grammar 
acli no!, uccpidlnii n four-fbrrii miry 
comprolienilvn tm.iLo from Bi'iiU’iii- 
bor. l‘>77. 

Ilrjiiiii.ui.<r. iolui D.iiiwn. ul Iho 
bchoul. Aiivrme who has nlrcuilv 
irtado ii uviiL-ral «i .pika I Ion lu Iho 

AntliOitiy mill w (iu (■ (nirhiHioil In 
lltl^ . bum xiioiiid at.iio vl.ii wlicn 


tiV^biVihili^iY Hum 

s<;1 1 Hill. I'UH iltlYh 
Dlnslonbury liaail, ftlordm. Surrey 
p.%1 I hNZ 

liauulred lor 9f.|iieiniior. an nsnlM- 
mit In i.ikv cl. nine of Mode In tl.n 
Khuql end , IuulIi olllic-r LngUtli 
or 111.. InMninintilni. music la 
Uunlii ».v vkiunn leaUior*. 

h t\fv m rJ a 

Jcvi'l- An nbUHv iui> winingnois lo 
fiul|i wltli uainpB li lonkcn Tnr. A 

I r.iif.-ii noil U nv.iU.iblr tor a *n1l> 
uly qouillivil and o’dicrloncoil lea- 
bIlw 1 . . . 

( Srnlu d nvjllalilv for eKiierlrnred 
na onorgrlle teacher a bio Id nrnaii- 
<e nn.1 rtlroi-l o wide rauno of 
anon* on nnd off site, includlny 

a mnv HMunhiv malt. hen. 

Hcnptlon will bo sent on rrctdpt 
of application. 

Apntlc.vtlDRl fn Hi 8 ffraifn.oslrr, 
no fomu, glvtiin nnmns of iwu 
tdaiisL — s Z__ 


CHUfi.YN hay iiich sr.m 
Biireilon Rom 
wnlen . 

Amiilcdilona ore Invited from suit 
ably nuatlflufl nnd li'A- 

(Beale V) for jhig new purnojo- 
hull! 7 A lu IB Camnrolinnalve 
School opening In Saninmbnr, i«i77, 
a .ihe achani will receive lU 

VlfpplliSloii n roniiB obininnble 
front and reluniahln to inn I lead 
Yracnrr, earn of . Chnso Tear t. or* - 
Centre, 119 Volanll Hond. Rannucl.. 

snccOr. thwe I* uso or .Ihu lacn! 
(wmimlna iiuol: a Field c:e mro la 

I iuriiianonily avnllablo In l-nl-llnla 
nr uUidnnr nureufls and a c.S.K. 
courta . in Human Movemeiil has 
liL-en , cMabnUind. - LanilUkuus 
aliould ala io i heir oilier tublcvt.lti- 
turesL. i 

Pltaio vvrllo ruil lotior of npj.iu 
cation to ihu Hairiinnator. - K. W. 
Thurm. M.A., at tha actiuai, Incluil- 

S .fno namiw ol iwo rororenn. 
^fith July 1 * ° 01 °l | l , ' lcaUon » iTluny. 

Di: VON 

&l :itgoL 
<11011: 1,0*0) 

Anpllcailuiia nro Invilod frein mill- 

S? 11 ' »M no MuS i° ^ 

tlllltS' PHYBltiAL EDUI'AtTON. 

Tho aiiLcowlul BP, pllcanl will bn 

. I.oilera of ApiiilcuHon With cur- 
riculum vllso and namoa nnd aildre*. 
una of iwo rororoea lo lired 'ibucher, 
81. Dm mas Illah Scliool, Cowi L k 

London Allowance 1297' Payable. 
If you aro aauklng your rival 
' nnuDlnlnient. Ulcxao BMtu, at tliai 
Uio approprlalg farm may be soni. 

Lotlora of aiipUcalkm ino forms, 
wlihln seven day* to ihe Henri. 
uiBBIer giving deidim of quMifUu- 
tlons, oxporicnr.o ami Ihu names ol 
two referees. 

Tlio Education Coiiwnltlee li.i* 
povrer io (onaidt-r ai.iillrallnq.s fri..iu 
i-.r>i'rleutcil i«iKlK'r. lor ossisianre 
inwarils, dlhi nt banc ■.< ur ion pi'i i i mx . 




i:asi mniNd divihuin 

I.QNIIi;H.7l1 BGlfOCll, 

t lurlon llaun. Ili.vurloy. 
iniuTrrd fur Suptenihor, 1'i77, n 
r.OUCAnON un.l UAMFU tn tlio 
Upjior School ill liu 1 H. years) . 

Any canihlnmlon of I'nvtlral 
rriucatlun and tianu-s skill v/niild ho 
ucrnplahjo wilh a gonnliio wlli'hq- 
neal lo be Intolvvd In a wide rahga 
of out of eelionl actlvitlus. 

A small cunirlliuilnn lo In.tch 
□ lalany lo Ihn llili-d year would ho 
ncceplable nlthaugli not ■ > **>'uiliii. 

AnpUcailon mink are uvullnhla 
fruui una ralurnabln to tho lluad- 
tnaster at iho school. Closing awio 
far miplIcaUHHs'.ini .fuly, l'i77. 1 

URiMSUY divihiqn 
New Wall horn, nonr nrimsby 

5 1 um bar on Hull l.HAu 
jcDikjiKMPr. I. K. Dtuko, M.A. 

liMiiured for. Alsl Auaiial. 1477;— 

In aiMitlon to .all rourui 
skills and gyninuHlis, c.uuii. 
(Liles oil crlrig ubllliv ill Wilier 
apori* t sailing, rowing, uti 

pga-i- a. ciiii.S' i>UY8ir..\i 

Ill order tu codiulument (Ha 
Other members of llu< Di-mirt 
inoul, cntidlibilos able lo uifi-r 
□unco anil Mavement Studio* 
lu addition lu nuuer,il ml 
round alillb prefeircU. 

I orma i fouisiau sl.iiiii.M 
oUilrodHud oitviluiiOi from 
Director of Ililumllnu. li.g.ii 
lluuso, London IIojiI. Twlckun- 
ham, IWt .iUll, rbiuriiiibli' t>> 
lliu lli.idiiiuaUr IJiMlniuio ul 
ilin HLlniol l.v ■! f 1 1 ,1m 


tvuTihwurili A vein in, SUofrinld 
8.1 HNII 

i Mixed I'd- til Coiuiireheiihlve 
1,MX> on roll. >nl In ftlxlli I’m mi 
lloiiulred (or Hc-iMuuibor. 10 VY. , 
TKAcIIEU. Be.ilu J. I nr CliH.S 
PHYR1CA1. L'DUr.A-rlllN. 'Ilin 
school la hoiist.d In iwo tiultdiny* 
on the sumo alto li-gi'llirr with u 
separ.ilo iiiiriioao built 81\lli I'nnu 
Conin’. An Adult Coni re is lou.ix.l 
In tlio Upiitr Bchuoi mid lonns ,ul 
I ntegral part pf Uiu Campus, provi 

Farms of opplirotlo" ah 
la Ino d from ilin Hua* <if Cumnun ii 
whom they phmtid bo retumuii .-■* 


ko 1 1 cat ion t-u m m ri'n :r 
MLdl.i: nilACE MOUHIN fif.llnrtL 
l/>nqd>jn HimU, BliruwhUiiry 
SY.*> *->U\V» 1 mipclnlisl TTACiH.U f..r 
feonlucuhor. 1 <j 77. 

Closlnn daio Jiih- litli. 

(sl.iin? oJ f adJ^MMl r.i 111 


firsirop TON scirnor. 
wullon Road. WL'kl Mnlosev 

lo 16 mixed coiuiiruliuiistvn 

loutembor. Tl r ACII»:n 
of njllLB 1 PI1YBK.AI. inllCAIUJti 
and GAMES. Kcale 1. 

Aiiullcailon* io the Hiaitni.iMer 
by imiur wlin full di-un* of suu 


(London Itoreunh ofi 
row UlltLS 

t 'aoricato Rnad. Wulllnglon, Surtvy 

omilroif* for Seiilombnr. 1977 
TEACIiril to shuru in Ihn iraciiiin 
thraunliout Hid achant. A bull v in 


Religious Education 



bden pumIou. near Bouihamnion 
iter on rail 900. 11-16 Atucod 

..O 2, HOAD Of REUGipua 
U CATION. I’d organlBB subject 
hout school to i 1 fl'i and 

AppUraUon nnd curriculum vitas 
... i^^hmpod addressed envelope 



r ,.M 5Hp ‘ 

inter Dealgnaloi J, Gulo, 

-.ilaiol'rp**^ U8pnninoxS rl ia U B mstor 
one within, tho aoliool and appilc- 

Apnll ration forma from and re- 
'ftinubie lo 1 no Head TMChrr Da«Si 


London Allawanao payaMa. 70 
r cent removal wxponaoa 0*uT some 
yuaumpe with acoommoaoUgn Tn 
Jniroprutn cases. . 


Rail; 1,3371 

igdtreghor, Mr, A< o. Chamber* 

EDUtA * 

Tlio Physical Education factUilra 
ore excellent anil includo In - ona 
modem block nynmaalnm, full-airo 

re lion and nodal Btudfea to iho 


walk fn tlolialona Education. Soala- 
looy and Social fltudlos, a omo by 
Mode S n.C.E„ " A " level col ires 

|OBy and Baclal fltudlas, a omo by 
ilodo S n.c.B k " A " level court a 
in Borialogy, 

Durnham Rcales, puu London 
Allowance frioa. 

ApnUcatlon farms moy be oh* 
, sained from tlio undersigned lo 
I whom they mhmud bo rammed by 
fllh July, 1977. 

Iriflt cur- 
d aildre*- 



modem block gyninaalnni. full-airo 
spuria hull, nnd an Imlonr lieaiod 
•wljninlnq iraol with a diving urea. 

EnthiiBiiimn anil u willingness in 
pl.iy d ruil lull in a larno gthool 
are suuulil. 

This Is a compralionalvo sdiool 
In very monem purpnHd-buIll 
liremtMH'a |n a rnmf area sur- 



Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 

•■ r -i—r — " ; , " * 

- -j'----**.- 

hSioiiT?" (^ItNSHILOn roquirad 
Mdaiy Hi-.ile s. 

Appuratinn forma and dntalla 
from llejdiimiler. Ilenu-nablq to 
him wltliln M day* (slumped 
aj|Jr*9* rd_enveiBpr ■ 

the b nB^viir J^jtr.ii oo r. 

Dumluun^todd /' flnrtnuftnl d, 
'Irlndiene; '^mwaiord 644Q1 

. Scale For 
January, to co-a 
Irani of UUora an 

Form tn 
ate work, of 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


881 ® bW"* . 

iMunuis \ cm r icgwnn w 



wllllngnos*. to nivn much tlnie 

S oul of acliDo! nctlvltiu, Incliiq- 
a Ilia n; lining or (earns os>.anilpT. 
Apply , hy ifittor, . dlreol to .tlio 
llaadmistar, andoelng curriculum 
vitae and the name* of 1 iwo 
reform. Further details aont on 

Scale 1 Posts 



^omwahanalva, cooducatlonal 

achooT wilh 


Head Mi&iresb a| tlm 
currJculiuii vllan. two 
and n nrnes of Iwo 

J. a. Wilkie 

roadway, fit 

9, M.A., Fh.D.. DJrco 
Ion. Education, Officea. 
Unlfora, London Bln 

the (Lligitfful area h-ont tho Lin- 
oolnuttro \vo|da lo tlio Kaai coast, 
Anplicalion form* and further 
narLlauunt oUlaluubla (ram tha 
Hmdmjiaior , ai tha achool. far 
B.T.A.P7] . . ta wham they slioqlu 
ho raluruod Vrlihht 10 uya of tlio 
sppcaraneoor thla ndvcrilaanirnl, 



Open Hold*, 
ul area from 

tr area 

10 (ram tha 
acnool. far 
i may atioqlu 
0 ouv of tlio 
, Vermont rnl. 

Kviniiwr (t 
Ixtwar School, 
allowance, • 
Fee above 

13FMI war-anpQ 

. 1 plus E.P.a' would be ftspoclaily vjliied« 

'of OUia' P1IYBI- 

apsis h 

t of tho achool 

(Moiropoitian UoraugHY 


roMPitRtiiiNsivh uniiooi 
_ HoUinoworth. via tlydo 
Dovoluplng 11-16 achool In 


utdooh puusuna 

Uon forma are avnli- 
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i^r tegg arosa, Kafar* 

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For above two mu 
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Irani or tmora and lead a varied 
and active proeniiilma ol adgcu 
U anal and mrlai aeUvlUe* 
WtebUdiail sixth Fmro 
Tejlna raw ox»« 

, n Iho Head a |. Iho i ' 

J .-luiui caiaplDied .ap 
otina ahaulu be reiurni 

iMrtrojndlian Horough off 

UfTWOOO ^Q0^1PnCimN8ftT! 


(London Borough) • 

"omttOLT matt Bonoor, 

i, Middlesex 

j"P. Dagenham 

aoreer an„nHAinlaga wl 


d UM. 


cT w sSlaf 10 "^ M B Bcroni1 BUlj 


i jCindon Addition U40a per 


ReUnburwinonti pr removal ex- 
ponioa In approvotT Caere. 
r-flCi’J l ‘¥ UoA ... * ori n available 
-faiahlpDd aridroaaqd envrlopoi 

ftyffl.J 1 heflrei Trociior, raiunuSla 

’nS£|gf» 8 ' p ' 

.To provide communlly lredrr> 
ablp, academic ( flUWfpw and 
pasTurai cafe for S40. .punn*. 

mpr houie, 
caio. 4 ere 
ty Inlernal 


BfUCON^b RiLD/ pHIUllinN 

jms itf^rnnNnLL school . • 
BWMey Hill. Amertijnrn. Duck*. • 

^Ntmb^onreff J D |0Sj' *°' n ‘ 

. m swnJB'jp®- 'jMswia,. - ■fflsvs 

for ruriher Infomwllon. lend l/ockoy. Cross-country anil Tonnit. 
aljmp.'rt aditiv.isril rnvelopn tn An Inioresl In Dunco would bo un 
tno, tlibidiiiBBlrr to whom, epfill, asset. . 

cjilnni. uiving iliiWHs of ngo. Lxindon ft-lnge area nllowanrn nr 

amllllL-dilon-.. oq'l exfiDrlence. El no n.a. In addition lo Ktinihuiu 
togoiiior wiih ihg iHnics nr tire eawry. 

rerorre*, should bo anti ..ns . . Hqmowil, oxpontoa up lo tlof) 
Aoon n» no»IbW, parable in krmmmt} ream i, • 

nifi‘.( ... LlftL. 1- ! ■ ,i". . , „ Anplv. with 'dolnllslte To - The 

- ’ .vl < • LteT HMdmlalroaa, oneiosWg- A BiamphtT 

BIDMei'r V iLnrt Vnna a<MnHMM ' IHIVlMlM . 

cjilnm. giving iliiinils or ngo, 

t iunllML-uilon*. oqil oxfiorlence, 
ongihor With, tlm njgica^f lire 

,-^oojt a» 

.NEWCASTLE lipon J^no 

.ichor, for ariDolnlnieni lo a deal 
n 1 ogatr' ai 1 (oum Tutor,'., at ihl 

|^^®lc£l)SS‘ fonruf; abtainbM 

frein .Jim-, birocior or Eduealloti 

CftOYDbN v * ; V ".i" 


fin((Ion n & l il9 OAA_„ 

0 L Lodoo HH1 4--3.1B7 

. " B.p.A. (nyohle. : , ■ " 

lejs^na- •" 

i it flails at aual)flcailqni,-(waen- ‘ 
uOfni* and .(txlra-ciimcuior acil.;. 
t . viilps and tmminn Iwo rcIorpM. 1 . 

• ,v LONDtvN. js-w-i ■ ■ . :(!:■ : 

v Vsiisf 

•j;.. 1 B'"itlre<t‘Jnr Hnnlnntbi'P— «tl|»nrtf fl ■ 

L'nlv/wtliy- mtremce., Tliero la a 
• etroiffl . .rJllalfi' ' ririiarlmont ' wi«i 
.• ■ on n w(u>i l Ur* n»r ehorai add erenw 
I ini* waik. 

(Nvyr ^^thre < ii» , ?iS%lfgb^uiy 

, HsrJrmi .v.m h«,,w. v 

! <«>*•> wllhmil delay, oneio*lnq ourr[- 

on' mu vllav un4. names or iwo- 

<A rererce* 

^..nmiifaiwn ioito;. aqia'neom 
ri'oni .Jim-. Dirgclor or Ecfucgllon, 
Civic Centre, Newcuile upon Tyne, 
HEl, SPIT. . lo, be '.relumed to. tha 

terfa B.*a fit! . 

gaatin. upon Tynp, NBfi pai. within 
fie^Kimentj ° ppDar,tlcp ■ 

|fl Tflnn./Mmmofb. • 

eain .a , - n -- v — fc-,- 

or m 

. Tqricllooi ‘i* situated ta.mpdilm ■ 
"bundipoa onihiJ Nanli- .- 


jnneior ' ■ latanipNt' ougreHnd' envci- 
nnjw .ag.lnB dole fgr application 

_ Lcnere or annUcaHon to th 
TS^pr jiylng hpmea ana addreMgi 
i Boon a* popdblf 
M onvalopa/ 



jlfOVB AtlCA 1 



fh^Khont. ' "* Haadmuntor at 


Eu*?lolnf! ,AN QU,L, - E '' SCHOOL! 



iNymhor on roll BBO^-sixm Fgrm 

LONDON, 8.R.16 

o^on's (lu. coMpnBUUNarvc 

*eB uoaton— sir ia „ 

1 TON DWAJiykfnNT. ThU to ft BtX- 


•pbwuvutca amtntaiiiaa. _ / 

datftila of. qiiallHonJone and name* 

pt.wi ret •'mi, 



ihv iMaii mu uc »v*n x ... 

otto, term tu Ihn first tnatanca 
pending the appointment or Head 
of □ apartment. Tna Uchool lu** 


cindlijRtas aliould state their 

apoobu lntoresto. 

ItequMla for application fornta 
and Tiirthar details i accompanied 
hy a atamiMd addrensad envelope i 
■mould M indraMmi to Tlio Rilucu- 
tlou pngammmt, 0 Dond Sireai, 
wakofiela. to bo returned aa moan 


R 4 duool 

Smswaidi, Ilnitto 




ija k U‘W m MU 
hint all-gbUltv (nuiko H 
977. Tlio oernqn urn 

Ihe WBiuunfl 
i (wg . com- 
woulfl lie a 

Further dnjaJi* and _b trot [cation 
norma ore pbtaJnnblo from land 
n-iurnabTo) lo Ihe Hoadmoster 
. ' i stamped addi-oeaod anvolopo). 


; Scale 2 and abOVO 



Applirallpna -bpo . Invited . for 

s fra 

r a 

Scale I Poata , 


nradnusUr : hi . Pavoy, 

jwiwid j i ;&!$“* ii-i ' hi 

For anptflmlvw, n well auaii. 


“ i WTiS',. , W». ofioa 

Apuucptions (no forma) to 
IhD )iMdnuialw.. wilh namea of 
two referon*. oa 1 loon oa po»* . 
.. «m«i- — . 


Suluibiy qualiriod tnmiiomry jta- 
CATION (Beale H required from 


Wg^DfflNM 3C1IOOL 

haqulrad for 1st Bgpjrmhnv J PT7. 

CATION iinaTaift PooombCT. ftr/T- 
Thla la n lomnurery appolntqudP! 
for ono l«m only. In IhoDrat Tit 
aianro. pending tho appoint man I ol , 
o Hoad of piiyeicnl Education foo 

1977. .. 

■ ■in vipiii •iihu iiiiu , 

Tiday. 84 th Juno. 

ApnllMnta who itavo noi boon 
ca l led for InlorvTew by lai July. 
1977. etioufii aiaumo llipt Iho poal 
haa boon filledV .... 

. BiioJdpn school. . ...Ilardrnbi'iah 
f T ana, ChipuqHham, WHiaiUra BN 14 

®rr*SSSv^. v 

UIOUS. TOUCATlON.. (Sopartjnoitl, 


..'.i £ * - 1 r/. 

. .JhnlnkvUh . 
Wiiltanro BN 14 

^ ^Jrrftom &Blo i (STAP) 
.vrtQTLmWpn Area Allowance. 

■ ReoMnabio reflovar expenses will 
M reknbwwKl craiolie off requiwli. 

oua. • 


l(on and cm 
IPKT adgrtMas 


"ut'sl?embWY IWT,., 

jjjjMjS- * t to Jo com ore-. 


■ *®ni»tt. j^tlrmed' 

HARROW ^ s . 


it ?” d 3*?; 


isxtfe -m.OTate 

,v ^ required ^ 'f(rf 'sA&Mhbor Inutile 
alx-rarm onury comprehensive achool 

■m 'Vs 

i two roforoea nnd giving . cturiquum 
> VllOtt* 1 • i ■ , 

lurhohlo lo'Tho HMd reach nr 
} above, addreto. as. eoon aa. 

accosa' to jidod p'VJCS. , 

- teputar London Altowancq. la pay* . 


fnaMBi" nt tho gChogT, ,ov STAP, • 
To ; be returned • ha . strait ■ db 

MmUttSi;. — : — J — ^ 


(l B?fe3E B ^VaOk > 

PJrlt^venUD, .Ea*t ®igoo 
Lnnrfon, 8tyl4 . 

11 td IB imcd P ™mnrohnn»lu# 

• ' Htihool o turning Soplembtr, • , 



• TION aiMciailale ere requ’red 
to cstmnlote a .team oJ four 
aMff at this .now- , school. 

:, Hi ore erg. excMIont rartlltlre 
on iho iMioal omo and In Uie 
Immojliaip vlcmltv . Tor the 

Religious Education 

l.i ■>p«Hm»;i' ill i I j r- 

HeRds of Department 

rurthor dkrtaiia and ' aonilcatian 
form from Ifoadmnsior t stamped 
uildrHsna cnvolopoi. 



8 n ma iMioai amo ana in yie 
nmodlaip vlcmltv . Tor the 
whole rttinB. of.aqfHniPO Bna 
recreation at actlvllio*., in addi- 
tion to a largo, gymnasium 
tha .school wm.hiiyo .« nniy 
aquinneu Snorts MnM.ntUl tomo 
on elm . moylhn llcld areom- 
jnadatjon v Tno. , .fchool . la 
o . Rierf 
nd Futk 

-.||toBj IgJtoltlSmbor 197?i 


l • inA'MCr I trfnAlllMjrr RfMPMA 


1EL3. (XJPSE. 8CII00L 
K Avenue, tYoodlov . . 

— .IOUS EOUQAnON thiytugli- 

out tna rango at tho cutrtculum 
nt^thu n^xod oemprctionslva school, 

p loam apply with detftUa to Uie 
Hwdiiwetor tm mediately, namhiti 
iwn refereos (SAB) and quo Una 




iy cATiroua 

(TtoH I H;iSS, 11 to 10, 6 form 
pntry In Sopuxubcn 


BSSOTfc mi 

abllny classes to ftiwt year, ptoaso 
state second subjects 

Ixmdon Atlmvnnca OF E403 nor 
tuiruun Is puyubla nnd Iwra ts a 
Hxicmo for assistance wttlt removal 
nwpeiuni mcJuilbiB legal rare, etc,. 

Application forma and further 
particulars from the HNdmliiroaa 
■ stamDod oddreased envtlocoj . 


(Rail (117) 

Itcauiratt Sent am bar, 1977 iTVA- 
aruoiES. Good promotion pao*- 

R5£* q?“WSf mtiPb 

nr AnpSSiiiona by laHnr to Ihe 
HcadiTiaater I'Hytns Rond. Aahfortti. 


IK ■SC. I 

Rural Studies 

Scale 1 Posts 


VHv£^Sh° WnfamMUT 

^itoioster, Mr* N« If, Wlicock, 

f®.7& %. fSfWUiS: 

Bra la t post. 

« cation forma (to ha relumed 
or ie d, ^ v / ro ond -- f '“^! pr -“ lo W |1 * 

« tho school. . 

. Lnonurds-on- 


fiXWaraJWf fflfflnv 


A poll cations ora Lnvttu from 
auUably qiutimod TliACHUtS 
for uto following Wat:— - 


(81VE 8CII 


ICHBlt for 
r with an 
iervipoa lo 
db Dopart- 

! ..170 bora end g trial 
to Hired ^pUmiupr.^TBACHCn for 
sLigious feDUCATfoN with an 
l areal In the .Ftoiflni Bervipos lo 
work within a UumanlUoa Depart- 

Rsmovol oxponscs np to Cl SO 
payable in approved caeas: also a 
housing aHowenco for luftnrled loa- 
rheru tuiabla to And unmcdtoie 

Application by loll or to iroad 
Toaqnor with full dojqlu of quoii- 

waiwm jm amh 


wisinS? 1 a^d'murc n.c, 
mnii sruiaOL 
Milton Avenue. Wldnre 
mxiOlUUH unuGATiuN, r.laven 
to 1(1 com urrhoiuHvo— 1.100 OH 
roU. Social I'rtortiy Allowance. 

Application forma obtainable from 
anti returnable to Iho Unad of Uio 


Sciio^™ &ll£ * RWIN n -0' 
pSflold' Road. Dcrtiy DBS 1JD 
Ttolontimio t Dertxy e7(>3a 
(ii to IB comurehenoVvo 


yams On. 

Ilin ditni 
rounc* tn 

yoare., Fo ssL. . 

suluhly experienced can 
Thla right-form, entry i 
R etinol 
elve tnt 
IsUon of 

COVENTRY (City of) 
nouNDON courrr mixed 
( 1.B30 on rail) 

^cuKreij ^jjijuiitn Torm, 1977, oc 

HEAD of BIOLOOY. Scale .1. 
Lnterwislng and well equipped 
deDarimont. (hium»_ to "A 1 * 
level Including Rural Studies, 
Claainn dote 10 days a ft or 
apwunce of ndvcrtlaomDnt, Gou* 
>1118810 dlauuoliriDS. 

. Apmy hy toiler giving fun de- 
tails (ago, qualincAlions, nxpori- 
cnoa) end namon and addresses 
or two educational referon* to tho 
idmoaior at thB arhaal. North- 


llaston Avnnun, 
Houili ond-ini-Swt 
Tel.: Southend 43-J33 


Thla riqht-rqrm, entry mixed Iltuh 
hoot ohenod In pIobmuiA rural 
rroumUnga In 1970. Cemprehen- 
;e Intake into Lower SchooL 

ire invilod 




anAPilY. Tha auoceaa- 
candidato will bo oxpseted 
tram or olhor spoMal- 


m Bar - 
sra uSir? 

mm of olhor apecidl- 
ihe imtohhin of tate- 
. Studies In Lower 
Unit (Fran* ono and 
Hived a Mils’. Uira~ 

esourco contra 

i contra). _ nnoBiupfi 
ool to C.S.B. level 

(no roSni) to 

master, wilh nomoH of 
oa, os soon aa pm 




Heads of Department 





n I 



liDUGATiONr Ecalo 1, for ono torm 
th tho Krai Untunco, FracUrino 
CathoUo essential. 

.upHaUilona would also be wol- 
ip front uxijH*')(TWJ0d candhtaUM 


AnpUcaitods glvtng full ktrormn- 
Iton TC^rolng ago, quolLftcniitoM. 
oxponenca ttirmyt. and Uto name* 
and ondreaaeo or two ref woes should 
po Bonl iminodlaloly by loiter to rao 
ilea <lm osier at Uie Bctiool, Skim 
w^org further itotoMa mux be on- 


ffli&rSSC 01, KN0WUBfl 

fflMrJa fasmt iiK 

Mciu frv-sn 

pioage (unto olhor suSIocu orfored. 
Application forma. Worn tioad- ' 


llockfiofd AVenua 



. _ to work u 


men! or 
achool. u 
. Further 


a aier 

) to whom cwnnll 

. jo ret urn d d wittiin io daya 
of tho apiMorance of uila adrer- 

II* are Invited 
*»' suitably iituUUcd t-andl- 

lea to ue fivtpaiislblo fnr tho 

sdeuco teaching throughout thla 

IK,.. WmSTI 

i to tho tint tnroo yeans 

optton* inereafler. 
Application by ,Iohm> to tha 
HeaditdetniM. IqcludlnQ nnmea 
ami adrtrMH* of two referee*, 
(if a Mmebio aimomlincnt Is 
not made the post will bo ro- 
ddvmiaed In ma Autumn 






sivantirM Avenue, EUttlnDbourno 


a for January . Hits. . utle- 

KINGSTON upon TIiamcN 

f (U Dorougli ofi _ 

nond Read, 

Meto upon Jlunics, rt'irj oy 

□"S 1 PHVSnS Di'n irlmeui, 

Bcnie a. OrmluJie riqu'n >1 i«r 
kw port to urao Scmncu nmMri- 
inont in qD-ubinty liwa b.lmui. 
Wall .ostnbilaijod k-ouriM to *• u " 
and n A . level. 

London allowance £U'i7. 
Asaletunca may lie nnivldeil v> tiu 

AtmTcntoMi form ami ruriliN- ln- 
fprmalson obtainable from Mur 
IieadnuistU' nt tlio achor.i, m i„. 
rMuruetf to hint as suon u* mn- 
riblo (Telephone i Ul-n4u «rj-.-i , . 


London HI 4 AS 
I*. II. Ilrowii'i 

i ulue 

el required lor on 
rtment with him* 
- Illrl) t.'eniuro- 
ol i MO on coll, 
y carat. Three v/m| 
' cine in re-iiniiv 
Ufllold Combined 
aluly In a 

ML* '*»"* 

and aiomuuy oa well na jn honlw- 
Bourcohll and oihptnbla member qf 

lu ApjitHnl- 
voa rMpeniilfalUly 

July. 1077. 
a obtalnjiuiB 
cnor un rrcelDi 
eased envolaiw. 

Other Ppefte on 
Scale 2 end above 


^S®lirs nova 

irr. I'jysr^woli. 
ISn as HEAD cl 
o for iik 
ltd ynu* 
n oihcr 

‘y ■1-1.1'y.- 

lrqip tho 
oteil forms 

tails n valla Ido from 
Cor m tho achool. — 
dreurd (mvolapo 01 reset uoin- 
pJetod forms. . ,lo be reluroeil as 
soon as possible. 

mi, Table mem 
lo lend thla _ . 
Scale 3/4 acw 

JsAters of apjiHoaUan giving Iwn 
ref crons nnd Mpmped addressed 
envelope to Uie llwilro (sires*. 

of Eduratlonal Snrvlceir 

1.700 on roll) 
lloqiurod Imm 

,1 . l T 0 have , qti 


forms (sla 
fflP) -TORfl 


mY^njya ^ggP°V 





[III rod for 8 

fnJjW sreia i. -THSTKa 

would be sullablo for n teacher 
seeking a first appointmont. 

ABSrVd’ AWlira ®; 

nd Iho notnos and addroMes 
1 W 0 rnforoos aliould te .atmi 
igftM Uoauipaitor aa loon as 

r, p. w. B< Storwa 

toTKih’WY "» 

red ftr-- Kjbtomber '.1977 

tlnn^dopSrhn^^. nB Seflo 

t &o!tn»a' Tn. Wo 

social Issues 
■olio ft pood . 
on now counes 

nco It will bo 
imo lo .bo sqepi 
jjiuer a 

. Sni?drHn.tsd 

I aSraffisf' • l <h*A 
& mrtfi sBandr 

.■ .jnnrier Irtaniiied' 
tooQ. utea*di, - 

if,. W 

i»sd< qnva- 

KENT ' • ; . 



pATIQN Hirounhoui llto sphool 
{o 0,8.6, lovol. 


Toactier, uiamumi 
nt5jcbur^' ,l ^en?; 


lo.l) , 

1K _ .ramjS 5 

onRiqslaalto^ narun ia . 

Walsall Metropolitan Borough 

Education Committee 

• . t 

Required for September, 1977, teachers for the following posts 

Aldridge Sohool 

Typings Uns, Aldridge, Welfsll, WSB OBQ 
Seal* a appolnimonf. . . . . 

ftomodlBl toaohof roqdlrod 8optombsr, IWVJanUsw. jera. SWMwI- 
oncod Romodlal toaohor lo lako rasponslbillta wflWn lho Boeclal 
Lepmlng Unit lor a group of ifl-ia.pupilo In Yosr 9 - Hie Dupll# In 
gonoral ipond Toft of their llmt ln.|h« Unit. 

AlrfrldQO Sohool la a 10-form oriry Comoreheratvo School. It .has 
4 Isms sixth form and spoclflo remedial laolldles are provided In 
Yosra 1-3. 

Alurgwall. Comprehsnslvs 8ohool , - 

Prlmlsy Avenue, Walsall, WS2 9UA 

A Qrsdupto to teaoh Mslhomalloo. Preforenoa will he ‘dlvon lo ■ 
candidate whp can offer Physics and/or practical MattiomalfaB. 

This lo a ia-Form eniry. purpoeo-huin 11-lS mlxOd oomprohanaJva 
aahool vrilh excellent taallllloB and a wall established Faculty plfering 
' O ' uu) * A 1 tore) courses. A social priority allowance la payable. 

Barr Beacon Comprehensive School 
Old' Hall Un«, Aldridge, Walsall-' ‘ 

(1) History (Sonia i). Well qualtltod teachar . required to atiatp rea- 
ponslblllty for toothing C.S.E., T 0' and ‘A* lavel couraee and to 
contribute to lower eonool ooureos. Partloular fields of Interest and 
exparilae to be slated. 

. (2). Art (Boale 1). To leach I hr ou ghoul the school. Opportunlly lo 
share In oxamlnaHon courses and to conlributo lo the development 
of a lively and Imaginative department. 

Blue Coal C.E. Comprehensive School . 

Birmingham Street, Walsall, WS1 2ND 
(Voluntary Aided) 

Applications are Invited for Ihe followlnfl pools : — 

(1) Assistant Tsaehsr acute 1 In the English Dsbsrlmsnt. The Gov- 
ernors are seeking a well-qualified graduate able to share In the 
examination work In Enollali. 

(2) Aaalalant Teaeher, 8cale 1. lo leaOh AH In a. large andprograsa- 
Infl Design Department. The Governor! are seeking a yvslHiualllled 
oendldate able to epaolAllaa In Graphic Art but willing to snare fn 
Ihe many aotlvHlea M the Daparlment, .Examination work to .' 0 
and ‘ A/ level .avallaola to a suitably qualllled applicant. 

I nail uaiitvi wuuyv, vvniaaii- 

Hillary (Saate 1). Wall qualtttod leidiar roqulred lo atiatp rea- 
slblllly for tOMhlna C.S.E., T 0’ and ’A 1 lavel couraee and to 
tribute to lower aohool oouraoa. Partloular fields of Interest and 

. _ ... r . .latent.-'. 

(4) Aaafslanl Tasofiar, Scale f, In the fioofal Shunea Faculty. The 
Governor a are soaking a well-qualified graduate able lo snare Jn' 
the teaching of History at ail levels and also to contribute- to VI 
form development In the field of Economics and' General. SJudlea. 

Pr^eranoe H w*!l be' given" to cotomunicutt-. mem'bqrs of, 'Ihe ghnrah..or 

Frank F. Harrlsoh domprthsniiwi aohfwl 
(.•amors Lane, kaamdVs, Walsall = 

Teacher (Sea |« 1 ) ' to work with Vtai pohool’a k rama‘d|«1 ssrvips . THe 
eubleole offered., nr* noi as . Important aa a aonoetn. for Ins pupils 
with learning 'difficulties. .The post -fa- parfloulwiy . auliabis as a- Aral 
appqiniment auid a- considerable Amount of in-aervfoe training, fe 
available. ;V ; . 

Pefiall Comprahe naive School ? - 

Palasll Lin» ( Rushall, Walsall 

Ml Qraduala laqohsr pi - Sociology and Osogriphy, Beall 1, fit (hie 
medlpm-alxed Cpmprohfndlve School. ' 

'Applications are Invited from experienced leap here pr. those, seeking 
their. (Irat appointment. The aupoeMIul candidato will bo axpeoted to 
aooabl Corns feipdnatiilllty . In the field of adolal eduoatlon snd must 
be qqmpatept to laach to external examination leyal, ... . 

,(2) faaohsr of Metal Werk and Tschnlaal Drawing Inlhfc 

their. (Irat appointment. The supoekaml candidato wllrbe axpeotod {o 
aooabl dome fedpdnaiiilllty .ln the field of idoial oduoaffon. wd must 
be qqmpatept to taach to external examination .■ level, ' ... 
(2) Tpaohsr of Metal Werk and Tachnlaal Drawing tim-mi InllifC 
medfum-sfzcd aompreherfalra eohoo}. r ■ Applfoattoitt Are fntalod from 
experlonped teaoneto or from those -mailing their. first appointment, 
biit If la hoped; to: appoint soma ona Capable .ol- leaching aoroportlon 
or uammadon w.ofk in Mats! Work, u not b^ij ihemieubjame, 

Manor Farm Comprehensive School 

King Gsorgo Croioont, RUBhslli Walioll 

Goale 1+800. P.A. A Oraduale feachai of CMiNfi wUh llw am 

vaMags of ellher 8paitlali or German. , 

Quson Mary’* Grammar School ; 1 ' - 

Sutlon Road, Walaall 

(1) naqulrod for a iampoisry period of. one year a Oraduale. Tfpch« . 
of Bnpflah, Scale 1 . to teach In a strong department, .... 

Some History teaching could ba made available (or a Nllabto. candi- 
date, and Oindldalae with quaHlloatlone In HMory -will .therefore bo 
considered. • ", . 

(2) Master or Mlalreae la aaalal In (he lajtchfntrof Gaognphfc Boale 
T, throughout the school fn a .aiiong deportment with f. share ol 
Sixth Form work to Advanced Level. An Jmereet In Qaofoqy WWW 
ba A reoommendaiton. Th* department has excellem faolHtlae In 
new bulldlnga and Iha sohool has its own Field Blpdlee centre op the 
Barmouth Etluary. 

T. P. Rllty Comprehsnalvo School 
Llohllold Rond, Bloxwldh, Walaall 

(1) Teaohar or English (Sonia 1) to Join > large ana lively dopait- 
ment. Ability lo leach to ' 0 ' and 'A ' levels would tie an advan- 

(2) Required for Jqnuary, 1(78. ' 

Second in ’English Department (Gcals 8) lo lasoH to all .levels (In- 
cluding " advanced "). The suoceeiful candidato will ho axpooted to 
exert significant Influence over whetflvw atperte of (he departmert e 
work bib Buauaated by h|e or her own Interests. The present bolder 
la leaving to run Wa own daparimani and sppllosHons are invited 
from those anxious la prepare ihemselvea for aimliar promotion. 

• (3) Teacher of Handicraft required. Interest fn 8 ftourishlnfl motor > 
vnraole cqurde would be an advantage. Bo*le 1. 

Ple-ad vsrtlsomenl. . . „ 

(4) Teacher of Engllih (Scale 1)-t0<t0B0h to all levell, Graduate 

flhslfleld School 

Broadway, High Healh, Palasll, Waliall . ... 

(1) Teaohar lor the Home Studies Depsrlmen* (Soafe 1) [ncwnwalr 
Ing Home eoOr>orriJc»,.'Fat>rla Craft and. OIVW pevelojMlwnt. ■ 

(2) Tsaehsr of. Hlalery (Scale 1). . te’ •' 

(3) Teaoh*r of Teohnldsl sipdlee |p work ftltlnhr fn Heavy ftafl. areas. , 
Scale 2 avellable for auuebfy experienced oepdidMe. • - 

Straally Sdhaol • 

' pueilett Road East, girs&Uy, West Mldlflndi 
. Teseher Jf Chemtatry end/or Biology (Scale 1) it thla Billy developed 
mlxedooniprehoinive high' achool fwpupHa aged 18 tojB wart. 148 
tn sixth lom. 'Modern bulldlnga wile good etaqnoe factmles. ' 

. Wlltonhail Comprahsnglve School 
Fundtsank Way, Wlllenhall, WV12 4BD • / * . : 

Head , of Home Eaonomioe Department (Soils 9) raqulraB lor 8«pi„ 
'1977, « Jan., 1878, 

The/e le • fulV equipped Home Eoonomloa Suite, JnoWtBng labcretory. 
Th* aubtsot le taught at all la veil end throopenmeDt la ipaponeible 
for the Child Care Course at O.S.e. , , 

June Lane Sohool E.8.N.(M) 

Churchill Road, Bentley, Walsall 

Roll ibo boys arid girl*. Group 7B Day Softool • • 

.Suitably qualified end oxceflenoed Deputy Heed Teaeher to jie res- 
ponetbla for Upper Sohool (age 18-18 wars) »nd wtth .apeolsl tea* 
ponaibllAy, for curriculum devatdpmunf throughout the .stessll, - 
Application for Ihe above tnontlohed pools should, he msdq Mr jetter 
to the Ke*d Teacher of lh< achool ooiMnpg OtVldfl ItW IWta* and. 
Bddresaes ol two refereei. . -'■ 

‘ Rand and to f\dP wilh MuriOiCqptte MtfmjM.: 


the nwnei and addreaeH ot-l*8 rsferessr - 

' i- 


Slim ICO 


r union Area Ailnwum available 
por a iiiMaWe candidate. _ 
noaMfiabM removal bkjnwm w* 

llolmivrL' Uiriff. Mjrluw 8LJ 
A- min : Mill M. P. 

,-iU'J ijii roll! , , 

low SL7 1.IE 
i M. P. Joni« 

i'iOij un roii> , 

IfOii r*'J for SflploMbtr, TEAOHEIl 

bo rduibu rood cdabaUa on roquojtj, 
I*I«mso aond atajuuml addroMM 
otivoloiio (t« opwlloallon ikwtu KWH 
and raiurrwlilo to iho Head 'I I'acim*' 
nl iho above uddroM a* soon aa 

jjf inythlo. 

c Lo in Ion Borough uf :* _ , 
noanlrhl HcnWiubor. 1V77:-— 

lonn-t'-rni nKoriJy ,w tar a wmrv 
uhu cun offer Science ™tnpr <lvan 
iusi Mivslra. 9 co io. .3 uo« avail; 

ni>!kj 11 ilia bid applicant. out Oral 
I ui , -ain'iuuitia will also be wn- 

V 1 Hcmnval 0 x 0011 * 0 * up to C ICO 
•nn housing aliowurnw pendlM ra- 
FnoLai tut twnblo In approved 

S LpMtr by leliw stviiu natne* 
rt.'sns o( swo rofarae#.- No 

U eniiesea. 



• 1NH 

I lira for. I HM3’7SJ, 

II to in Coiuprolw'iWtva. sllitfireo 
on two alio* linkori by fcMihrUluo- 
TEACH EH roqnlrMl lor PilVBfcH 
un to A n level. , Uuullaata 
miul bo willing to toko ootri In 
extra cuiricuTar sdence acllvIUos 
and conlrtbno Vo Lover School 

and convnbno to laiver Srtwrt 
ComblneJ Science. Pool iiUUbln 
fa**" newly qualified tcodier. SOclul 
Priori iy allowance payable 

Til ora U a oclimio for ranovul 

OJJ xSifwi of erwUnMlen 
Tr-.n.-tier aLvlnn lull 

to Ibid 




. scTioou a 

Lincoln Hoad, l\i>.fanl 

Nowuk. NoLUnsbamohlre 

kna-j ow 

iK-iiTninairr ■ 

n, W. Woodward. n Bn. 
(Mixed. 77U ; 11 hi IB I 

rising to 'UX> uiiwi 

Far BomiHiibrr. or -intnuivr 
TBACJILIl iSutlo Hi at 

A bill Iv lo lnlroUUco axanilu.i- 
Don couraca owniuatlv to 
“ A " level in Uiu dovolfiri- 
big comprrhonsiVD school, 
- A pplied nil *h bum stale oilier 
lunching sublocls / Inlorosta. 
Mature qiutllvuiu loartiora wiut 
industrial allied- oxpc>rlunce also 
invlleil lo apply. 

Appllcviiicins i no forms ■ to 
iho Ucmimaslor, with names of 
two rti reruns. closing lUle, 




APPllcvuicinn i no forms i 
-Um Hfendmaslnr. with name 
two rorerons. closing d 
July HI. IMT7. 


?«5ff 0 4fiQ f direct grant) 

9 C1X1ND In. 

WENT wlth^ 
ng sironB 
.» looked 

S idle .i major cant 
ec I'Mpmem of. this 

1977. ■ 


ay u main toocii- 


intnhuUan to Iha 


f«oit 4*0. rdlroct grant) 

Umo. wilh nulla bio eecond .subject'. 

Malory according Jo quaUne«ift>na 
and experience i London Allow - 

""Apply tvlih curriculum vllao nnd 
namoi and addraaaos of two 
refercoa lo tlmdmlsiroM. 

Barodim Road, Choilyn Hay. 

AnpUceiloiu ,aro Invited [ram null. 
ably quail fled and expertonced TEA- 

uponlng In Sopiembor, 1077, when 
Inn nrhoql will receive tU first V5- 
plus intake. 

Application foims ruble from 
and rolu roo bio to ilio llnnd Toucher, 
cam ol Chose Te. ichors t'eulre. 119 
Walsall noAd, Cannuck. 

Scale 1 Posts 


Donald Road, urislol U91A ”DQ 
( Eftiabllnlied Comprohcnslvo, 

Co-nil licdl lonn I 1.100 pul'll*): 
Huqutrod for Soplumber : 

I'Ari-iUiia 10 uni member of Iha 
iiinmiy itOMlliNED SulENCH In iha 
lAwra 1 Srhnui. 

l'leusn apply iiiiiiioilldtely w [lib 
ili-iulinaslor. omdoslns J Bb J ™ l .!2 
cumculuni vltno and Iha nuuoa 
and ndil ronsoa of Iw o moreos. 

rodwav sciiant. 

Mongol if I old. Urlslul 

■ Ra-mliirallonal: •'■111 on roll: lnQ 
m sixth I arm ■ 




flPEBDWEU' amiOOf, 

3 no® dwell Hoad. Klim* wood 
Bristol . , 

i iloniprel'cnslvu. 1 .000 1 

Science Courstw 


ffiap^too* . w . _ 

Wlialobon# luni North, UMilvrtu 

i noil i.ioo i 
Whalobono Ijuia 

Hu.) ill. Romford 

nmiulred for bui 





throughout THE COUNTY. 

‘ Gen a no us relocation expenses in approved cases. 

' Applicants should be able to loach general form sub- 
jects In addition to any other subject staled below. 

1 Applicants for appointments lo County and Voluntary 
Controlled Schools (except reserved teachers! effective 
from 1 September 1977 end taler should note the Educa- 
tion Committee’s proposal lo issue to Assistant Teachers 
on Burnham Scales 1-4 Contracts lo the Service of Uib 
C ounty Council with assignment initial I Iy to the school 
Indicated. Thia will mean that teachers so appointed 
may be required to transfer to other schools at a later 



MIDDLE SCHOOL, Arch Road, Harsh am, 

-. W altoivon-Thamoa ", 

DEPUTY' MCA&'TeACHefl retired feitfpt«tflbei';l«7t;'or' , ba ; 
Boon as possible thereafter; for this- Group 4, Voluntary 
Aided Middle School for pupils aged 9-13 yours. Esti- 
mated number on roll (September 1977) 227. Salary Scafo 
C3.30O-C4.536 p.a. plus £312 p.a. |1976 Supplement) plus 
from E132-E109 p.a. (1077 Supplement). All applicants 
should be practising Roman Catholics. 

Application forms and further details available on iecoipt 
ol a stamped addressed foolscap envelope from the Area 
Education Officer, 7 Monument Hill, Weybrldge. Surrey. 
Completed applications should be relumed by B July, 1977. 


NORTH WESTERN AREA (Including Waking, Cflm- 
berley, Cherlsey, EghamJ. Area Education Officer, 
4311) 0r * 9 Roa<,, Wokln B (Tel. Woking 


’ SKJjrt 1 ” roQuirocf. one to offer FRENCH, the other 
ot^AFT, Scale 2 lor suitable applicants. 


NORTHERN AREA (Including Stan well, Stain 9 B. 
Weybrldge, Esher, Cobham). Aren Education Officer, 
7 Monument Hllf, Weybrldge (Tel. Weybrldge 02611). 


Teacher required. 


PHYSICS teacher to take subject lo C.S.E. and " 0 " 
level. Possibility of " A " level work. Scale 2 for suitable 

Telephone Bookham 536 0>t. 

BOY'S P.E. teacher required. Interest in Rugby Football - 
and Basketball an advantage. 

SCIENCE teacher required lo teach Physics/Chamislry 
lo C.S.E. and " O ” level with GENERAL SCIENCE. 
Telephone: Camberley 28760. 


DESIGN/ CRAFT teacher required. 

MATHEMATICS teacher required. S.M.P. courses followed 
throughout the school lo “ A *' level. 

Telephone: Walton 24793/42994. 


BOYS' P.E. and GAMES leacher required. 

Telephone: Godalmlng 28182. 


GERMAN teacher required, preferably with FRENCH ns 
a second language. “A" level work available in 197B. 
PHYSICS teacher required. “A" level work lor suitably 
qualified applicant. Excelloni laboratory facilities. 
RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION teacher required. Subject 
offered on name lines ae other HUMANITIES to “O'* 
antJ A’ M level. " 

Telephone: Byfleot 49301. 

(C. of E./R.C.) 

PHYSICS touched for one loim only. Tina ponl is 
porary and could bo Idled by a First Apnointment. 
Telephone: Radhili 63700. 



Telephone: Wation-on-Thanias 27076. 


MATHEMATICS (Traditional) leacher required to take 
subject to " O " level. 

Telephone: StBines 55497. 

HOME ECONOMICS teacher required to teach to C.S.E. 
and " O " level, 

MATHEMATICS teacher to C.S.E. and " 0 " level. Ability 
to teaoh STATISTICS an advantage. 

Telephone Ashlord 50453. 

REMEDIAL teacher required. Ability to offer MATHE- 
MATICS. SCIENCE pr FRENCH an advantage. (The 
School opened Iri 1976 with its Firet Year Group.) 
Telephone: Sunbuty-on-Thames 82844. 


ENGLISH teacher lor Autumn Term only. Thia post is 
temporary and oould be filled by a 1 First Appointment. 
Telephone: Upper WarHngham 4087. 


SCIENCE leacher required to teach GENERAL SCIENCE 

n mini rod ror Suirtoiiiiisr. 1977, 
CHbMItmiY. Specialist lo lORWi 

tlirouDtioiu Hi" dchoai , to '• A •» 
Isvol an*l hi assist with i..f-noral 
BclaiiL-s In Um Lower tu-liovl. Scats 

1 ‘ ixindon Aiiilltion itAty i nor annum, 
ni.imtaiiMoiiiPiii ur roiiiovul oxiionsro 
la miwruvoil iitwe. „ „ . 

A un tun lion funn , nv.illabls 

i slainiHiil .nlillTSWul ulivi-luitoi troin 
is til’d it TciK-Uvr tu bu rviiinu-il 
nafoon us |n>% 5 lbiri. 


i London lloruuuli on 
riNciti.i:) t-.A'i't icm.i* : tttr.ti 
ucunm, ton tin vs 
WoDdHiiln Avnnun. I mvh toy, N 114 
ui-4<in und i , 

Voluntary Aiitau 

.Vp opl ^v , ir 5 i. ; a 

MA’IICIAN. Alilllly Ui tii'lli Wilh 
naiuns iloslivblD. but not out-ntlul. 

8 choiinDH lur pavinont of roiiiovul 
oxpnnans and mWiitlDn annwam na 
In npprovod Litaox. 

runiipr ilotaUii unit oiipllratton 
fonii from llciirini.iali-r islainiiL’il 
addrcMcil nnuatpiu’i. 

Pi root or of l .nuLutiunni jta mcita. 


aotmuinN aula 
icKNiiit.u tin ui annum, 

Itlddv Lane. LUIuil 
Hcauinasior : Mr. A. K. Itauus 
llequlroit fur ariiLoinliar. Il'77, 
I'BAniitiit m uiii^iiei'itv lo " u •' 
lavul wLlli H'lilio MItVSIUS or C.UM- 
lllNEl) aniLNCX in ilia Lower 
Udiool. HcjId 1 . 

This ll tu l«> coinpralionslva 
achool dI l.fiixi puidls la ahualod 
on Hid Nurlfiurn edna of ttio lawn 
in nlaasanl siirruunriiiin*. 

Tho Sclent d Uui'orlmont is ( 

M o ono anil Incnrpordics h labora- 
is nnd prananiiKui FncilHici. 
Appilcntion lornis olilulnntUo from 
and roiurnablo In Ilia lloadmnsuT 
(slnmiiud mldromod cnvcloiiu 
ploaaoi i. losing dnlo: July 0, Jt‘>77. 

Soino asslHloncc willi acconiniD- 
i imimi may ha puhMliie. 




Ui. 1 ’ tontmued 

lurlntonl »t wi.o,]"! «3 b!F ffllCATlON COMMITTEE 

her lo* SST K<"l I |tw v* Avonua, llkwion* 

nit lovuU un “fcff 

Noll told UoiribiMd aSiMy f yd BCW and Olrla 

Ul rhi 1 ” . l ■iW at Slwe lor Seplomber. )«»77. 

has «-- T \ w5i sfttf M posstbls. QUA 

.^ 5 ^,/’ AFIELD _ . 


«M r 

••Micimom, diiiuiSSt SLiC 

‘nrn ® : S?B N E DEAN SCHOOL 

arK? ,n, "“ from tiirinn Way. Elburton. Pivmouih 

A. ““ e«..ilied ler.® 

, A i mi lea l ion, 
IMtor to Mr. 
inn idiom aiv 
rail 01 iB and 
wlUi Iha nntn 
iwo rrfci-oo*. 
Uwu bn sum. 

HIST 1 jg 

? ^fe 4 l COiVDA " V acHOOL 

n%«:m-H J Q , r science 

Interest in Rugby Football. bou™iin\i«!a 

LUION aixm I (HIM CUl.lL'lU 

Uradqois lllll 
Luton. LltU 7I.W 
I'rinvlpR* Ur. Mnritivn.,lo 
ll.SC. . ( Ill-oil. I . i'li.U. 

Iloiiiilrbri i nr l‘>77 a 
Hl'KlUAI IBP 10 !■-.«■ li Illill.UUV (» 
•■A". “O - ’ aim *;. !:.»•. Irveli.. 

Sc.ilo 1, Alilllly In li-.n li Mm 
Hiulnuv Is ■li’slr-ihii’. 

Alt bl.ill urn t-Mn-i tcil In> ii.iii 
I n Ihn iiiIIii||i-‘i> i ■■ . ■ 1 1 r. ■ i ii ii 1 1 > uf 

L-oiniilPitii’niiiM- siiiili’-H 

Murnu jhilM.ini’- with .ii i un in ■ it, hi ■ 
linn nuv Ii ' 1 lKi'’>llili a 
MANSIIUAD SI 11111*1. 

Illliisl.lllln i'.I’UIIiiiiIiiii 
[. 111 nil. I.U1 41111 
1 (n.i il hi. is K-r. Mi. I.. I*. Il.iiilii’ltl 
.1 I'.. M. A. 

■ Moll 1.H-.UI: mlM’ili 

ll'-niilri-il irir Sn.i.-inliir l , 'rv * 
TMAl.lll'.ll nr llill-lll. Ill'll SI Il'NI.I 
l«jr dm L'» m li* .mi; i.iiiu' 1 khu »i«t 
w'llll Moiim - -A li’Vrl l*il)fUi.H 
iNurril’lili. AH I'llliUs Iiilluiv .ill 
miilllMUnl lliliryi' until In. m.ilim- 
8.11.1 a P, nr Nuril ’lil Si 1 ' uml.irv 
Si'inn u. 

M.nih|i> h u H In ill nilM-ii 
liniiiiiri’lii'ii’iivi- I'lmi’i si lumi In 
iiiiriKiM-iU-.l(iin it mi iliu 
MIUllU-l-U Bull' ul IHIIIM.lllil’ . 

Ain >IU .1111111 Iiiiihb nlil.iiii.ilih> irimt 

■ •nail ill urn. iiili- lo. Ilm I’rlm of 
Mir- SlNtli I urn ■ f .iilli'ui’ .inn Ui” 
lliMiliiiii-,ii-r .ii Urliniil 


11 IR liMMIIIIUtlK Ki '.III il ii. 
I.nuiilimn*. fliMil. Wot. I h‘iii. 111 ) 
)ti-iniiii.ii lur Hi’iiii'inii'T. .■ 1 1 : A • 
r.ttfu ni fitYhiim .,1 ini-v ms- 
M-yi’u-inrui iuiirv i iiiiii>ri'li’ , ii im 
ol *ln nit, lull i .min. willi ('*.1 •-Hint 

1 n lllll. . I ■■ill -. II.II..IV—I !•> 

i ‘l I. . ' • i .1 . •' " in*l ■■ A '• 

Jl’VI-l .lllll 111’- -I III l.llllll’l.lll- 

Will 1— .11 I, um llllll.-il .il .ill lnl-1. 

arc Ssfodw ^®iavu.h.E. Mr e 

ST.JS “oliouSV ireJi 1 ** 1 TT fM *' B ^° v " ,h '° 1 posis^ srollrs- 

ta I ’ • 1 1 , n i r. I rv. Hr , Kltohfll 1 * I wnmni'd sdib-Hitbd c-n- 

y ■“ , I n .‘ I i I .. I Anr.iS? q3.?L V »B*1|I I iro m ' "nil reiiimable la. ihe 

Vhr" s h(i u j^n^l54 paB ^» |fri wuw n « 

less abla pupils. 
ici Tho rovtsinn ud 
nn osiabtlihed CwlbJT^SlMrtSV f ^ 

L-gnrso In years aoajT TKciswoimiY SCHOOL 
irti iho ealabllduMp W^KSIftirn 1 COl.I.EOE 
icnjnr.o of an OW^anK!^, lluii 
Bank usinq Uis 

mdiln ara liable by lufa MBumrANT teacher 
arity. to provIdB wiitei ■ Dl>n 0 

fur bo ;li intenui im Hr ratwCt- 

un"lhr dnvrloBOieni oliln ■ Awwedo 1 * forms < si 
Unnk of mHltflaii. mdrai : itiiiq ray*!ope faotsfa 
nil 'll a- visual aids. ' Eon HWil ,X^ chcr w 

UuiiiUilaioa will N IbHi . i.T July. l WT. — 

liih-rvlbw 10 mwmi i sSi 

& ,h fcjrw r aKtt 'M* 8C1IOOL a 

n.iH'it ms-ii ol the owt 6 « tntnlM. Devon 

SffJiOb T rJ™ 
teiiT ysS'Sfi ifffww w ta 4 * 

ill ^hin ilt?a urea. TwwdM f “ lle 
iTiiiiitiv fioiindli rw - AfK^imion forms (si 

■inrt bti.iril >11111 iMfllnfl Q*n* 
Wl Ai'Vrtll'iuiiwT w* 

pi rNiniiil ii’-i.iiii. tunns* < 
.in.) lln- l i.i iili*l 
IW'I l-l-llTi-’-.. 10 ins RW. *1 
hi-mri.-IInMii). E.4.. nOj 

lil -y H.lli.u!. l(l(*l« L«JS 

l.-y , Mllldli h«-| n il. MU P _ 

l.llNl'I.* Sf.ltOUL . 

li.iihiM itii.iJ. tjrMWff- 

llniUiuu’lmi . 

icSUUfirrv' coi.i.eoe 
Smh *M’ 

■> soon as posslbls lor 

I ■ iisiKitton forms isismpcd art. 
t- *fiMd Hivslope Taoisrap rsnuin-ili 
I Eidi HMd Teacher roiurnabic by 

hjbvte*. Devon 

RtnuLnd for Bcpiembor. a TF.A- 
■ffi’V with HHVSICS unit 
. llltMISlttV W ta ■‘’Cl level, 
y mile I. 

? snodnuen forms Isuin.nMl ncl- 
liutm ravelopol Irom HiadiiwiMi-r 


llhcan THOMPSON moil 

tiiCr ^ 

>MAi«lisns ore tnvlli-4 f r qj n ***H- 
' l<*r 

limiSSATWS and SUlENi * In the 
knur BctioM. Ttniporwry ro*i from 
hi OiMmt. 1977. SWlo !• 



CMJUPY 11 ,( 1 , 

v«v!JW!r , sr r *iA Mnc: Domr 

!*.»• . 1 **". ;■?! aiKKiiiait 4 . nU . ltrrif V, '• 

J..v!’i' .hi.v it.'. 1 - ' . 11 .,. I III' '‘(''.Iii.h’i !*!!V^^ , ’i‘«'^ l rf rrtnmrtlv fur a 

will i--.ii ii ui” iniii.-i < .ii .ill ii-i-l. v.-w li*-** l-ilH-. f'rtvnton. a I but an itbuily in 

Iiiut I.I.NMIAI. '.iIini i: III WLI.I it'll, , lU> ,ni|Mf I«L i.'” 1 ^ ^n^.Kimiiii siihh-cl l .lint iiiiaiiu.vh: IW»!»Kg 1 ai^i ■ i* H *. n ’ trvil un.mi* 

nntn-. iimi 1 ’iiiiii’i ii i.nii liiii” ii, i i.ii(t|iiul'i-r i n , '9“ wojld be $ diiitun aiiv^n- 

llm Iti-.iilui.isli i liiAl ■ I*l”.i-|“ i IIMIII ■ iii-n-lvi*. ._y"?...iuw>m *Sf , 3” jucrr.wtul i .nuliiUlv 

.(lllll” WSAi.iii . U'lMii’i IIU • ,i«iiii- III l ,, i , , l i l . n L r)d IV All-Ill- Uia 

July. I •»•!/ 


1 1 .i m 1 1 . ui iiiiiiiiniii* 

r.iiiHi. iiili inn r k nun. 
iiiiammAii ui min it 

I. rmili 11 ; roll. I .(Hill „ . „ lion* 

UrAduAlu Tf..V >tl».U lit IMlVIWn .ii.I<.iii.«Mi-i , 'v 1 . 

u-i|iiiriid Tut Ji.idi inUii . t‘*r?. "i rilHNWAIJ. 

luniiqry. ] uiii. Ui.jiiii lilullv Ii. wilh i ViiiW • OU'>/r% 4 !t 
ol Oil- luvi’ih III ”11 iii .■ili’inlr .illy lifi-V j, .7 Einwi'f ,w W 

slrono lit. Huh- ,...--1 for ..J?”!., ». ‘ 

yillnhly qii.illf i”ii i I. A A. tii.l/ilIlN IHI) ^ 

Bin/. AselviunLi- i.ita r.-ini.vji ”s- , i.utni lllll. l|,, *L 0 Mi rt 

iii’nsei, i on .11 iw:i mil Ui .in rU. in. a t'.i-'.im »a- l-J-iann ™ ,r * 

sli'iw.incp l-nn bn i iin*Mi-reil- . < oimT* imnsivp e usirtH- 

Appikaiioii foiiiii .iv.ul.ibl” Irani )ir-..fiiiai>ii r. A- S- 

nnd raiurnahlr l» t.Mul b.ilnvinnn I* Sir • . T m-irtiCE. ftS V 

Ofllcor for HiiiouH i I / i rm> ii ciV'iuiNi.p SCILii*; |r 5 w^ 

lipjt. (inivfunl. Knu. A elJinueii »«' :iV ,r i'.' i,i 'ii if JSs 

iiilriroHson nnvi-lnnn ■ iimIm .<|i > a ... Ji -V-I"-'}-, 
iliulild lir mill wilh lliu rriiui it Si.p-Nt-I. In j n 1 KJl)l 

for an upplKotlun form II .it! im./- wl 'ii'.in' i) t? fl ,jaial 

icdgeiiiont is ti-iiuin-d. .i Hiiilir-r & ‘U*. "iBtini.iw! 

slum|if>ii .irtilriiSkM illVt-lb|ic ”1 mu III hr #5.iJ!-aiS2n l Kj 

tint. .V'a/sffi,., I ,'rij 

lU-niirliiidiii /mm ti-|,:<-intn-r. l**/7. i- ml nHiiim-lon 

Nunicld Physits i.malil Mirouqli inl . i 

me Si ham u pm ».r:|.. *■ h •• rufiVUDN 

I** wi . .... !r^ iLt.ubI' atLuiiia . 

BOUTili iBASTBRN ARBA^ (Including - Relaale, Bam • to yearp -1 and 2 with C.S.E. PHYSICS and O " level 


iii’nsei, 10 ( 1.11 unit iti .iiirli.ini.s 

sll'iw.irice bn i-i.n*l«ii-rv-il- . 

AiipliLOiloii Ioi.ui .iv-.ul.ibl” tram 
nnd rmurnahli> l» t.Mul k.ilnviunn 
mneor for HUiOuii il/i, fun 11 
IIJIJl. CdMS-fuiil. Ki-ni. A elJiimed 
0 Mllro%Scd MlVI-innn i lii’ilM .i|l > 

J liuiilil be. icu i willi Uiu rruui H 
or on uppluatmn form If .iiiim./- 
leilueiiiDnl is niiuiri-d. ., iiinlmr 
si jmiif d .irtiiri’Skrn i iiVi-lt.iic nlmulil 
•M en rips nil. Nn litrilier ii.niiniini' -t- 
lion will bo in, uf” iinh-et .■iiiii ti.inis 
nfo called . fur jm-in 

Enrni €»r:ilrifsi.. 

Avenue il'iBil. fruh 
■rpl Nn.. Lriih >.--■• r-t 
i Unit i.'inl Mivi'.i . 

J. 4(1111. H rri|i|ln-*l In Pin Mrs 
IK-njn-linniil fmui h-p;<-i”t„-r. l‘*7 # . 
Nuflicld Mhvvl'* i.malil iiirpliqli'iiit 
me S' ham u pm r> r: i.. >■ n ■* 
l”vyl . 

1..A.A. LJ'*7 , A,it, im”, c w»li ri- 
n nival evpi n-.i-s, Ii-ijjI !■-. , ,,u-l dls- 
tnrUimo allow i ..n hi. « *,n- 


AppUcjilon (i.nnt .iv.illnhi” ln.n» 

i ifid . ro turn aiiio 1 * 1 : K'lin I'loii 
liecr fill- Hr.niinl. -17,. luwii lloll. 
.rjil.ird, All sl.miji- 
iiililri svoil i-iiv. ni|i” ,f(,i.'it”i" 
tnoiilil bu sunt mill ei« *» ri.quivi Ini 
a*i ”i>pltr.i!ioii ini’.i li af-ii>ivili u’j> - 
pM-ni is rtipiirt'd a luriiii r eMinpi 11 
a d 1 1 rev voil i'll vi I'fiaii -jiiquhi l<« *'n- 
i |ii-.”'i No iiirn,i*r iMi’i iiiiii'aii’.ri 
Will bi* n inde* i!* , i ,,r,! 

’*'• M IA* pmon •ni.niniMi. 


iwirsiioiiUin iinrmiDh) 
PsqUftd (w bli.itiiibrr. 

. i /'iii liorauBl 1 < 
CfO-f*!-. 1 .!. • At. KM 

SCHOOL, Tottenham Corhaf, Epsom . ; 

ClaBg Teacher for Lower Middle School. FRENCH,. MUBIO, 
•P.E. an €tdvantage. •:.*' . . 

Further delaiie avai(abte froiii ijie appropriate Area Edilca- 
lion Officer. Applksallqp forma: .available on reoofpi of a 
stamped, addressed, foolscap envelope- from the County 
Education Officer, County Hall, Kjngatpn upop Thames, KT,1 
2D J. qr from the Area Education Officer. . 


.FRENCH wHH some GERMAN leather' ; required'.- ! •" ' 

■ P.E. leacher required’ ■ • . 

■ 'Telephone:' Aahford 43624. • | ...i*. 


CRAFT. DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY teacher ^equired^ 
opportunity for wl deranging e>porfe rice using .a^cie^lgjl 
apprpach in. -a -weil-eslablished department. ■ - j. 

• Qouraea to C.8.E. end"" O ” level. . 

.Telephone: Farnborough' 44979.* . *. 



GERMAN whth am 'FRENCH teacher required. Ability 
to leach GERMAN in Sixth Form essential. 

Telephonei Woking 67442. ' 



uilitf Jet ' n| * r * " 

miksA Mil'll iy vmi hmn 1 J ,c " *' 
. I-A.A. Kltti7.' Aivivi.inj c will' 

5?P?.?S!L ■‘■S 111 Irll yml 

iHlirtrtiUff ran nu 


— gVg» r »lto p fojilii available from 
J" »i«M. Rduuiten 

►.raises? "SSSKSks. 

euinsra*- w’-wnoL 

r **"lWi. &*i u an rnll) 

afia4s Jarsas: 

i "■“•nsilts ctiunti. 

' W^tnOL 

• If 


MimI 7 Uun r.iw 

Y ,l} > n«»«« • uf 
“ ,v 

r pi asW 


®‘W. EN3 RI«A 

P«W.- Na furihir (amtiiunirs- 1 1 ron'O* t " 1 ‘ «?,' id bvjji 

forms from Area- Education Officer 
aa poseible. 

’ Principal. Designal,®: V/oking $118.1. 



^S@ftw l «SiGi^ i %c3Sri6i. I oh 

(sunprd Bd. 

H s Sffi R 5te , s 


• detail! available from! the "Head where' ihe teW- * 

receipt or a addressed foolscap, dnvilbM "com^«ii*jhg ; bvery ihcdviduai 
scald t boat, b|i(-.a< Complete li*| of all vacancies Will 
.be teal upon- recefpf r bir the County Educatloh Orttfer 
of a e tamped, addressed envelope (foolscap),) : • . . 

• •* MM# l*|< ■* ■ tfS* *1/7* j . *|4 ./•■iy .^1 

ihi m paubw 
itfuo. n lod from 

*i**rft* | P- 

I an fi iSl 

iino . London -arpo •• . 1 ,,r KVms t* n S is; 


i isg** •nSZSJt; 

ENFIELD .... . 

i Lunikin HwMinji nfj- 
TIiu RI«I>>. Uillnid EN3 7DH 
i'<’U-|iliCiliV ; 01-804 ISM 
R«.»i ■' snrtw ! J*Oll 1.300* 

s ifV- ^ P ’• W* WW2K 

J"™* hs* «Bllt Will MUlpirtd liibo- 

rw U anu "m A ,lowonc# P»»bto BS&7 
... Jiourtnq (ud to two 
WmP " 1 cwU ro| noval bx- 
rn-ni.i’s iC400 maximum i. ralotj- 
llun tohis anil I ridging stlowunco. 
wJitrc appragrbiiti. 

Api.Ht.illon lomu (Stamped nd- 
JfYMta foolsten tu velanoi ablaln- 
abit from I Itr llMdmnalcT to whom 
JhM«iDulti bt- mumed ai soon aa 


'. R,,r J- i-opoi 

|3)-ia mixed: wrtl-eala bushed 

home »j'9 1 Bin i 

Fvlleld H(i«J. ringsr 
Ttl.; Cu.yoi aiMl 

_ nivsica 
RurmUfH lyr Ssplembor. 
l i’. Hrt.iUix-d lo work wilh 
an c.ihiitlasi.t whii of aiaff 

IMUler ol llie sell on 
nsiitea and addresses 

in i> progi naive ieculiy. The 
A pp! lean I iiiusi be able to leach 
Ins pi>bl«l to 4> A 11 level e ml 
ackmres w,,h !>1 * loww School 
Apptj'' by lower la Iha Head- 
master ol Um school, olvlng 
»"«1 addresses of two 

SI. Nicllibbia' Lelnilon 

let.: UhimJicST 43-191 


li* ijmrj.n Btfiienibur. 1977. 

! . f ; 1 . 1 '“'V-. wi.ll- established 

iais.iiiijL' knu io i cacti I ou-tr 

KSlfJ . %VFlrm frcien co and 
Null triil ptii’slcs lo C.S.E. and 
n.C.E It vi-is Good /ocilltlei 

Mt-king ilrsi ai.polnftnenl. Lon- 
iit-n f rimir Ailnwunte payeble, 

„ ApplJcftllnn ronna and fur. 
J' 1 , 1 * perl.riusra may be ob- 
lT f‘ n !h*> Head of i “ 0 
idiw.l m compleiod 
tl<wi l "* 71 ^ 11 fc hoii1d be ro- 



ir.LJi snunoL 

M .1 van I r ’ ,r * Wl ' 1 ’ Leluh Park. 

‘ Mixiit ll to ifl. 

I .*uii nn Roll, 

If'Jifte 1 . ,l,r . K, -U»» H'brr. 1077 . 

II *U of tirNEMAt Sllll'ltf'R 

ami HloiaiilV. Smi, J. 

.1 auati-MitHl unvolovio m 

i“i‘ !l!iVv > °I. 77 I ' I,,>1 ** Clt>all| a dote: 


siVmin'' 01 ,D co>,p i»it 1 1 en 51 ve 
iilhltii Pur Iii 11 Nixar &uulhamplon 
ii’iiM-liiiii-. Mvlh” II1H37V. 

NiiiiiIks on Null HT\. 

Nuffield Physic* 
l. .... . UXhl 1 Phi» , sntue Maine- a lur ImviT S< Iniorusi 

,n ! ur ry m'mi" «h vi’iuiiinpiii. 

4l-l-ll>.iUr*n ill'll "U-I-I, Ilium MIOQ 
u . 1 III .t,V*" >H *' <lll|> re mvoioiiu 


■ lti'ii’imli ul! 

HiMiN-m,) w. Horn roll uim.n 

HiMiNm.) si. 11 not roit umus 
li.«i" U'ith ill-, >U | uiidnii. N ,11 

i'umiii. ittici in ilio tllxih 

nil’ll il mu. fii-w 1 . ui M - 

I -im 
I in -i i.i 
»!••” Ill 

l<a-*lllll ■ ,| 

ii.'iiiiiii ,1 ■ 1 . 1 Si nil 1 1 . 1 1 — - 

i.i 1 : 111 . mih- 

II.V In i i- luurtl Hi Wvll-luillliui-tt 
{ I.I j.iIMi I” l| .|a.a if e NiiHli-lil 
-'il • ""III' In 1.1, I *• (I •* lcvi’1 

I'-m.iM.? 1 ., • ,M "* 

.’Ki’iv ill, .** t tn »hr llu, ui. 

lli.Ml’ 1,1 ••'■'■L •IIMMIBII I Mil 

lif,.,i.i.,i ■ \i.i n*i’p —UK' ptr run 
tiiii.i"ni. 1 1 ■ r, 1 1 . . 1 1 a urn, um 1 , ia.4U2i 

• *■!■( I .I'M. . 1 . 1.11 t'liii i>r. I. iiiu a- 

J'j j* •'mu., lltMd. N 17 


II" < Alll.V l liMMIl-l) I* 

J 1 . A*1 •'•.•‘mn I V»(M •-4'HJ‘iii: 

••*• AIM i, 1 ■ ■ 1 II VtJ- n A(au:ii 

l« r f»H Ml*- IliV UM .1 IH.Y „p 
I III MIS InV I II) h U'51 

»*•*■'■* -”Vii 1 i.i,n and Tn- 


• HiiPiieli r.f * 

! 1,1 ft'-.uooL 

i 1 ” 1 '* niiiu fu»iiii-rri 
7 1 M lIM lfl Ul HIVBVCe w to 
A N xr 1 

Iwf I'.i-b.iia ar* _iinili-r 

sa iv.i v Ff it 1,1 1 £c”li- 2 and 
UiU. - 

H A M R IKO |if,i,iii|,h <-( I 

I tjhi-a hiin niPAiiiMfNr 

'ill 41 1 ! *■ i ( '* .iAi 1 . 11.97, 
1111 .u 1 >,' paiii, sr.-’H'or. 

* ' ; »-« .I'lliili. Ill'll,, I) 

V 11 b In” w>r*ii(tys Lane, 

Hi 1 1.1 lii'it h li* 1)1 .MU 

Ji" ill li-li’i IT-MV. I) -lfl 
i»i.. '.s:*e- v.iitiiK 11 i.r one Mir. 

II r.t iii'ii i,.. ir, il.” wnk of 

•■-* 1 nt-ii'.ni) nr.i'A/t i-.ii.n i , 

1 * . r fiifu u.i. cii'.jdi in and 

'■ h ' .ml. Iii> HiiiiniliiiHn tlin 

I* r; :l>p v- LI. In Nullif-lii ' 

> t.»!ii(i(,i with the yi'unutf 
i ”» ••'* *• *rali b l i t. ii availania 

Ji-» »mj..lll 'k|”s,is.i(i| randiiLitr. i-na. ..ii- ixiy Wtlcmiii 

i.r.”, ri w ii- fi’iuiififfi irathiri 
I„»A*E EflldflL 

tb*’! I Mli t'rffiituiailDnall 
list t run,-, lirrnfpnt. HM1 4VY 
lT-Jh r>siiprihen«i»a School suu- 
wid in ii.LHrm tuiidmss on one 

t ui 

*»•: aiMlilird 'ITACMC1I Of ailhsr 
t III.’JII IUV w nitiior.v to share 
•-1 ii.a ol c. rirpng Sr lines 
r>*/ . "n.i ii' ,’t-ii iiai M ii- nit ln«i». 
lfl. •• ti • ur.d ■* A ■' lei cl 
* 1 ui * % » 

Imkv it a *<>tiii,» !«•! ismiikal 

1 4|!i.*«n 

1'flm ff li i-iii.. utn li Iliad 
7 « ci }.* r r 1 in i n.i n j-'.i ln»i lull 1 ur> 
in 11 . um sums wi wmIi.ii iwo trier- 

iroi.'Niv ixii-Ni 11 . nn 

MlfruiDfl Dl.T'AliTMrMT 
KiNb (.iirnuB r mr.n 


H* Mil hm! Et’UlH 

V.Lpiriit.'.'ii DMII 1KA 

a Piistir.u>r !■ m 

cr-uiiiU (m 1*4 StsAKolM*, 

l'-!7 A Nulih'd c lurVSNiam 
Is ludwhl V. * li ■■ itvM.SM 
W.i|iMi<i Hrf A >W*1 
« we »>t EHi*nuu,nil •* • 
4..a*n <w mdr.ti in* lutinri cw*- 
-* U*i U btoi b|(KI*ISlJe 


. 1 i-.’-m Hffl*t..Ki* the MfMXd 
n » IT iv I* mi-***! nn* 
WM him ' fpOnjl * 

*w .« Mnusii ffetera 
ni-»nj onifif.i’iiHii • n inn 
■-->* ”(•”,< tifd N».i.. (sttir.iVt, 

J*,b. ar.» x««s«i#i *!**»»• 
X.tllHl w itv* N 

s' pH e ic* u. A ** 

jtHk in to Br« 
•» - 1- * ’ijrwwn.T y«i* €4 


„ * H*-l > V l*?UC » U'« 

» -.«.n v” a*-**# 

t'-wir #7 !«,. 

rv.l.-». . <>.?■>', ■ -CS) wMtUSWO 

»»n 3«ni 



ia ° ,n 

nul’i'KyH. SePlomblT, TBACHF.II of 
k)IOLOL■^ \0 Jiiiii a Rinono &lIoi\cb 

S.fiffiJ3r ,CBI1 Pi i! 0, I1,B P^reon so- 

b , b crpecaed 10 stiers 
JJ 1 ® . A ■■ level leaching with mo 
i!? ?. 0 / Hope rim em. ArUve mier- 
M.m Hold work to euoniial. 

. APP'V lo Hradinaaler wjlh bHaf 
£®'** l ' , > of nuaUficnuons and nxyr-rl- 
mil-c. giving name* anil addressee 

1 London lleroiinh ofi 
Lillies ilon DDIwniiicnl 

■Sf n V?iSN L “ mp,,,n 


TtfS'SBfP M n idX*!; u,h ' l,oun,,ow ' 

RoBilnuaisr : Jeollrey J. Bemud, 

ScpiMiibtr and iriovMl In 10 

p“£posu-bulli preinlfci’s in April 

• IRADUAre lo ir-ac-h CIIEMISTItV 
wilh «umo Slalhi’inallc* 1 Scale It 
Ihroiiahoul me seliool. NuKleld 

J Combined Science Is leuahi In i-Mri 
nnd u and NiillH-ld ^peraie 
dencaa in years 3 la 6 ta c.s.E,, 
“5 ” ? n . d A •' Isvsla. Tho Da- 
panmsnl ]■ doveloplng now evunoa 
for Sixth Foimor* who do nol ln- 

coi*nip ' 'Jir% in y n -ss: 

ihuslaMlc liam of nlna adentlaia 
i". very modern and well equipped 
•bora lories, aorvicod iu- a tiolpnil 
I earn of I a bora lory aaifilsnla. 

. AlipllcMIon* Villi alio be con- 
sidered from leacher* leeking flrat 
Bripnlnimema. Ilio uiiooi la Ciraa- 
nlied on a year syuain wilh a 
f 1 ' 1 !!, of room* lor even- yi-ar. . All 
n.i-mbera or siafr are expected lo 
pnrilLlpMe In lbe work andiiciivltlDa 
or iha year Mass. 

London Allowance £347 payable. 
Loiters of MiMlcmkm mo lomui 
wlilHn aei'Dn days la Iha Head- 
niesuT Diving ririnlla ol qualirice- 
iiona and Iho namra of iwo re- 


H 10 UducAiInn Cammltter ha a 
power lo consider application* frnm 
esperionco’l imriiM-a ror asalsiance 
townnls reiuvvai, disitirbiinca or 
s c-parallon _ t-,uenip*. 


si.i'H-mnnpt: division 

IVliiirf Ilctil. Cxowle. R.-itnlliorps 
lli-ridiunaler • O. E. r.oxnrllua 
Nin>ihi>r on Roll : 471 
lliHinli-nl far 11*1 Allnusl, T’77, 
a 'I F A' -.IIKH 0 ! I'.r.Nl.llAt. SUIENl.E 
In 1 : H E, with Ulihilr. and 1 ifiwc-r 
(1 Will v benria. Also in assIM willi 
Nulfl.ild Gniiiblned Srlorits IP Tonn* 

1 anil 1 . Scale 1 with possibility 
nr hnile 11 rw milinblv exrerlenccil 

Anplli.iilnn nrfTii" innv be ciblulneri 
(cum the Hi-.-uUnjiUM nnd should 

r.nMi’ur.iiKNHivi. sniooL 

Clmiiilua | in, til, SrlllilliPri'l* U. A. (ailli-mler 
■ Niiiiiln r nn ill’ll- l.AURi , 

Ai*|.ii< iiiKint nri’ Invliiil ter ilia part 
ur ii:ai:iii h i.i I'llYhlivs •Ri.'i” i* 
I" Hill It I” H* <0-P.IU«”ll<*lll*l 
I .nlili-l’-lil-ll'.lvi’ hi lil'lil. 

Ai”-ni.illmi hr I’ll- 

,1 ||,,m lit* Mi •»iiin-.*. 1 l 1 

lj.i’ir(l_l;i; Ill'll ”1 ” l '1 I’dl 


M HI mi. „ 

li'inii'i li’ii. fta iniHiurie- 

Hl-.'lllli.ISlIT A- I *• NklWlp, 

waw .v..,e ^ ' 

t ,.aV : IYm , » , ‘ h ,d WsnU* l Wl?l5 


Ai’i’in diiuiis l*y h-His l« Ibr 

IK lill'Ull lull 

■iii.ulli, .ilium. Hi . li’ii'-Uii f 

jin ^ iiyi n * uf twn n liTw. l>y Ju'» 
KKNT .... 

CIll’N 1 V i :CM!Ni: ll 
I I jI'IIA'I l(;N I'KI'All (Ml Nl . 
imvi it iiiiAmmaii sciiuoi# 

rnn 01111 .K . 

I (■in Koail. Ihivt-r ni 111 Al'4_ 

Hi min ed lor BvMfudMr. H’TTj-— 

-J t Ac 1 1 EH lor JI'NIOH BCIENGB 

d h AiiplUalVorik " lo Iho IRndiiiliMrg**, 

Ai’t’V s. f’lvnUu-ni 
.A io-riiiiiaiion”l wnooi 

|ii«pi'ri-ll Ul lor ' fii-pli lrtbi-T. n fEialor 
or nilMrea* lo Huih I^I)S|CS in 
(i.i; K. •• (i ” inti and I ■IvAir.B 
v - 11 h Cl IK MIST UY lolHnlor forms, 
let a mli&lilv nii.ilHUil lanoijttiio 
ii.,.,,. *■ a •' ipvfl I'hyiiM n-athimi 
v.piild be iivali”ble 

T In- fit boot »■* " „ W, ™ W 

t.iuiiiinns sTnrr Si-pli rufcei 1 . I0fi7, 
.mil )i.e I,” 1 iiiu s im "iris nioiH-m. 
v.i iMfiiiiPiii n l.'Pe!ulnlf«. 

Aiiuiii.iiif'Ps l*v hint, inriurtlnn 
If.” n-uiiH or iwo rtliTMi. shoiild 
|,( -.r-nl as 100 ft •• poiMMo lo Ilio 
Hi mtpiiiwii-r ui lhs uliioil. 


ni niiniioumi manor school 
llbu'ihicn It, no. Mbldslnns 

ilitRfN.Y^'spW »IW with an Wan 
i-ft In Nunirld .Ccn.bmid Srtenra. 
ti.s dhitiy in pilrr M«ihMnallrt as 
a ii r ond aubiiTl would M an - 

2HF8 ^ 

miller laidinn-d rildriniid envo- 

ni'TintiiKii'e.ii mantim sninoL 

If ,, 111 , 1 , 1 . ,n Inn, M.i.ifFKt.v 
, I 4' ll’ Mixed' 

(. MI-MIS I MV &I-MI. 1 IIU 10 leattl 
ami.’- ll,,- a*i»- rarifit ()l-17i 

. •ii,m«nl (.o i.b n , ,1 Biii-nfs In. Ilral 
lv *1 vi-ai*., Well M.lahWahaq 
iLursm i*. udlnfl to and 
/• i* •• level. 

Abblltaiiui tenn and rvpnjr 
driaili aiailafal*. r»M* Iho Head- 
niosfir laiampM oddnsasd stiro, 
IbDfi - 

KINGSTON l»p«M TbaiMH ; 

MV b*l M E^IOtO Y 8 ■ fiGMOCda 
ErjauiiSn^upSJ^lwirttas, Burnt 

clbMT^re TEA^ER al 
W (.ns Itra. Irem BiOMMC *0 
iu>ch la nil ImSH. 


f,4mvHan ob«aitit.W* lrt m 
lligHmMtr al OcMol, 

muniiT K, Mnr m Mint *• &•- 


iMsircM-lUBn BM-cngb *d» 

1 ?Mr l(.yf iJiiV 

p( h MCE, Stale T-pbfwiumiy , 

■o iMSlefHs in sfUiiff Wj-wra 

CT t ■* H«n A* 

i&aufelc. UM* llwSiWlVc * - 1 


" ImIiHW itawd, Uountftathurps 
. ... . L**lt»nler 

In inn Lu!ut&lws>hlr« Han 
f«-i llie Organlzallen of 
btcrmddiy Edurailon 
L'WplII* IB 
(Roll 603 1 

Btbls bctiodine to age and 

n,-,|iilreil August or aa soon 
as if,* si bit. SCIEHTIAT aide 
but alto to work aa a THDH 

v.'-nuS* 1 ?!® «‘ T » UOMANITJES 
M(,I(K uf small vraup g, in 

Iniarriiacipiiiuiry tram. 

Apply Im in villa loir (no 

, L* wl,h Ju " j nwilcuiar* 
^ "AdMaiei 
St rvlereoa ddanwd Jd- 

arraxed imverapoj, No tur- 

Uicr d flail*. 




rnn,|”-ehun*lvt T 1 - 1 H 

MjSrafc?. * UIIU * “ *°° n 

ul. Paul's la a nya-rarm 
•chofli,' fonS«3 


n«»- Etato. lull Ihl* w filgrad- 
l*or*n t * 1 ® nul ' 10 * l Sixth 

Aunty 1 no ronna 1 wilh rnll 
pariiriifar* anil nnmei and Bd- 
drcki.'* o| iwo refers m bo 
l;l J. O' Donnell, m a 

Corpux f.hrlMi ll. g. School. 
LE9 n 6?6 n nMd * l-elcaBi<r 



Priory Rond. Liverpool L4 SSL 

teKhw. Siaft 1. A Stiff 
J pr,>t ataiiauio ror auuabla 

Am hcf.Hnn Forma oblilnabla 
irnm ■ aiMn|M>d uddresaeil anvo- 
.,-pn atul rwuni able la the 
ll, ml rim her al Ihe school. 

quale turmoil r P + M .ViOthi. 
hr Nli HlM.Aft n *: 

„ RfMIOdl. 

tijownlbw lim. LturrapM i.q SRF 
.,N«|iilivd mr Arnlembrr. 
1M2* ABeusi-ANi bSiiiv: 

WCS- b(-dl(. 1 . Alin In nl.Ata 
Uxulilnu el iMTiiTfll rrjNiiii., 

_. Ai'plitiillrm |i*riui nbiAln- 
from 1 hliiii pm aildivsxr.d 
mMolapc ami r« uimuhie 10 

me lir,n 1 1 i-n m-r ti ihg 

Od^Tbi ^ ,IWe 1 l-Jvrrnca F* + /.? 


^if?A L H , -ffi,r<fe ik ,y ,DK bov8 ’ 

Sarwuj^^?* 4Ap 

Hoauirod to coiuinelici- In Srninuber 
2? dhxmSSIX- * .nroiiuHie TtAC.iiHn 
PHiSKaS. (n 1 Ills ilir<rf*-rorm 
0 )' ft [H ,, * 6r ,v hided beys- school. 
Central FoundaiHm la at rrebont a 

W. Dn| . ,vl, . ,,h vm adn’H ll* 
Hrat all-dbiliy iniub Into ihe drat 
year In Seniembc-r. I*« 77 . 

There nre «-xcc Ileal. well- 
equipped lahorlnrlrs and Ihe pi-rson 

•--I'ojn.rf win si,pr«. m n.e laSci.lfJS 

of HPVxlc* nl aI] |f-ii'ix irern the 
Im vidr id Lh(> f vi " a isi’ei 
gr(iii|rt. An a m .ointment lor Sep- 
iciiibi-r or lAiiimrx- cm, he an-nnn*it. 
a Stale ( T’Pxi li, dviiiahit lr^ a 
lenclifr 01 an ai.i.rurcinte donti-.- ol 
sxi>x-rlrnce. bij| nPiiilcBiinns sre wal- 

a ppoin" m en| , . OT " * w ' vkr ' B 6 » ru 

„ ta- letter only lo the 

HNdniiilcr fd vino ’full ilpiaH* of 
SfralS “ l i 3 l,flf "lIona and 
reforeSil 1 " 1 Bni * * llllr * i!, *4 of wo 


i*“ta 8 CTKf HS,VB 8CHO0L 

h.Mmast^Mr.'T.. Qaloff. 


f : c fS 

School. I 7 fl 
^v"n rt uV, , . Torr> »" 0 

countv run inch. 

iSWieW ml’n iv’ iv 9 r.„ooi 

Nw N«nvuSr ri - Nl ' W 
1 Roll HAOi 

Rcuulred for Seutnitbrr. 1R77 - 

M A 1 * I lBAl AT ! CS ! t:A L SU,LNCE ">* h 

For nr<niicailnn rnimi and di-in Ha 
ploaso « pply it- llu- ili-eil leochrr at 
the srnuiH i-iii ifisinri • mauipciI aoir- 
Sdilreasud leciisirtp i nn j( an 

ncBnawWamciit of 1 i.i- 
aplHlcjllu .1 lu,„.s I- I ■ ,,uj. ill 1 1 ., .i 
t»- iv»,% m„ i, v „ 

further siii-aunn ,, ,1 


COUNTl (-UliNi.M. 

Wairoj liumi. uisx. Ni-.i-n, 
iNwnwr on rub : "Jr.h « 

‘“SE. an’ir, r. 1 . - li hDj 11 1 , 1 , 
ym. Combhio, 1 bi-h-Jin Jri Jui,.|. r 

...ft.WiMc-illon fi” ms arui tiull..” ilr- 
lalia on ri-xi-ipi ul r 1 . 1 ,-,,. I-'I 
Noi” ll” 
maslrr BI iha arlii.ol. 

Applies Ilona Will only t,. ... t.i.ov,- 
leofiad on iuliupi w « u,i. 

dr(”MBd XHVPIoui.. ' 


iCaumy of, 

?ors EN ANNe eCliOOL 

■ 700 nirla 1 

far BopU.n.bit H-11 • 

A 7EACKKH of IHIVbllS. Si |. 
Jo.? -*. A luvi-l Al-liilv 
lo hstii with Gnu ic p nn v,lw„.>,ic. 
..Apply. Impiudisiilx . by in I m |u 
Iha lust insiHncu lu llu- in„,i- 
nilslros*. UuoLn Aniiv 
School Quay 11 Aiini's ll->,4- 

han,. 1 ork % u.i 7 Art. uMnp ,uul- 
culiuii vltne aim if” u„,| L , „„(< 

■rtilrew* erf iwl> nUtnv, 


B of> 

Uv K ^ib'oL BU 

Ooole ON 14 ('Nil 

MCHi^ MSg!- rsuur TT 
599 ..“n , .‘f ac . h Bk,h>gv it* i..t t. 



■ A ppllcaikm Form* (•lamM’ii ud- 
“iv * 1 ono , piean - 1 (,- 
SS* NlMdllislM -M, Who'll 

y*®v *Apuid be rdumrt wiiliWi 11 ) 
«av» w iho aprivaronrs bi ihb' 


RooWa Road. Krilerlnp. 

Narlliants NN 16 TAA 
'ie'lijlffld For Sr pi sin her T'77 a 
praoueiq If postlbls. it, innh> 

For Sppi ember 1*'77 a 
nrnduaie ll pestibls. it> innh Criu- 
“inod Science la clatita In ihr 
Hpai two year*: C.S.t. Ornrmi 

science m founh *nd mih ymin 
tm 1 !. *1 J 0 P '?°F* 1 ,n ! 1 V J® Ti iii h 

> Uf. S* , 0 P , A,* h,e, « i* wilh 

IJWO. tank in lie in-i 
V * ,nUk '' 1,1 Hir - 

AnplIcaUon* from ni vviy bmiWn-d 
1 each arc wolcoinuil, 

Dddresaed onveloper. 


Unless olherwiae staled : Closing dale ti July. 1977, Bier lino dale 1 Sentamber 1G7) 

(deiBils C \ On ir a, |or P0 ^n ?»iu 11,8 . V J DI,d Tenchar ^ dStalla. nnmtaa Iwo relcreJs 
(oelntls) or for an applicnllon lorm { lor ms). Wilh nil applications enclose a laioe 
slFrnbert aridrosBod envelope. Lod»tn« Allowance removal ^ ^ 

*Rd ^S2fr?c»«r a0 AUownnco £,S0 nnd P°**toUMy of housing In fho B.atkwH 

Primary Schools 

Nine Mila Ride, Wokingham. 

o^iy ,C The ,f pou r c« bTSii.^Td ®p ,fi NCE, 8 Dale 3 
for icnchlnfl nctoei iha U-»B ®CHOOi. 

ago range tr m the Lower «•«•* *»»«knail. 

School only. 1 Pel alia). 1 For Ihfa tl-IS-nilxad compf/hrn- 


*'ve W'wol. roM 1.440, * MEAD 
OF PHYSICS. In yeaia 1 and 8 
pupil* follow Iha Nulffald Cym- 

"ine nua woo, woxmgnam. a , Be|| Boatf n„ d)nfl pupil* lollow Iha Nulfleld Cym- 

rw Jnimaiy. lor Ihli Group 2 Ho ,t M0 fined Seloace Ccmhio. In llm 

F»iim.iy School. roll 114. uatic !? ,,« 7 V ,E ?. C n .. MA . THE .' s,tf Ve " r * rl PHRlto lake o 

Apf'iicftMa should bn eommiiiad i’,-,',, '£ J*** 1 - couiae bmed upon SCISP. TAwe 

Cr.ininunicnM Christiana. Formi, Ihmit »«nn2 .r-f.L'o <» " wrloly of rouiete In yrnrs 

tic. Ham Dliblcl Education *. * •"«» B, Inolvding 6CISP amr 
OilicLt , noruling hoed. VVoXIng- "ILL SCHOOL . MP*;a1o j eclenco to cat mil 

him. quoting W8A6B7. Closing La, ‘f* Eiecliiiell. . O ' Wwl. Qlalog/. Cherniak y 

tiolo 4 July. 11-18 tflmp'ohivnrivo mixed, • na Hhyalc* *(o wall eaubHehnl 

roll '.SO? To leach BMP cou/iee *1 A *’ level. Tt* 

DEPUTY HEAD MATHEMATICS lo O level leaehgr appointed will be ifeaig- 

PANBBOURNE COUNTY P nrt •modem syllabus ft,r CBE. second In Ihe Science 

INFANT SCHOOL 11 * ou, ^ 1 &e hrtprirl ir candidates Oepartmenf, (Fm/na). 

r rars^s science. *»<. , 

dIpuTY HEA0 V (Qrauo 1 41* UAnra^Ta AF?PL,ED MAT HE- A&HMBAD B0Y8 1 SCHOOL 
Fff. V A “Tiff - iff,!" jjwthum »,. m , 

S ztsj?” 7ax - 9JW+ t,ub& >S5Bt a t ^ i fesnufc , s 



SCHOOL sscohuaht SCHOOL CGE and CEE Mode S Combined 

Slouch. BurnhAm Lane. Slough. Science. For ono (tool 

rii,r. if. nr har tor lid and 4 ih P o11 i 42 Teacher of BIOLOGICAL, SCIENCES and 

C J«* MinniV Kf Hnni R n..niia" MATHEMATICS and ENGINEER- fw Iho Other a PHYSICAL 
*«Ii S .r FnSirH P !S ING DRAWING. Of poriunii.ea ci SCIENCE background would Da 
ENu fcnNMFWTAL STuniFS m leach ' n 0 both tubiftte |o CEE f^lpfiil but *0 iPlffeBT In fn- 
Li -I i„fl ME 8T ^ 1 P E3 tJ | f. ? and/or GCE ''O" level, tesinlod science la mote Im- 
sd.aiJage. Fwrna. afe, from i Fount). Rodonl. (Fame). 

dole 4 July. 


BurnhAm Lane, Slough. 


SCIENCE lo “ 0 ” levul and 
CSE and CSC Mode 9 Combined 
Science. For one fioel 

DitliiLt Education Olllcer. 49 
HiQh Elicel, Slough, 9L1 1EN. 

Secondary Schools 


MUSIC, Sc sic 1 

twtattt. (Farm). 

Raclonr Lena, Bracknell. 

For this |1-»8 mixed cempro- 
hejMlve school, roll 1.440, e 

englSh w classics oMufueie becondary E mhm? F H 

It, leach ENGLISH Jhroughou, JgggtfUFgS^ 

a ,n '** n Slougfi. .temporary faachar of PHVBIQ9 

JlaachAr of ror Iha Tan -only. 
1C, EaFabUelMd CEE cpuffM. iFornw). i- 1 
nal« olher uibtecli. idatilMJ. PMIK Houae daifPtoWtyeWB. 
PR stile 2 or 1 8CHOOL. ■ \ ^ 

SCHOOL . ‘ ■ 

Andow t Road, Nswbuip. 

Roll 748. A teach Of ol COM- 

tchool. roll 700 lo C6E and *' O'* 7 0 i each oiflLS, PE CHEMISTRY, Lo Join loam ef 

ew’&a&Ss? sa • ntw ^ Blou 

J2» ■22 SW ?™rg*TB oountv 

KBL'SSrt .n Tl ««• '°;z v ' (FD ' m,, ' BS^reSnSU 

vantage. (Form*). RE, Scale 1 To | BMieh n pneral ftricwrr 

vantage. (Form*). 

ENGLISH AND • BABthampstead PARK •nbjspte 'ihniu#S'''*«h^; fc ’in5 

QEOOMPHV Seale 1 1 0,1 w*L ‘ 0 " level and 

i* cuwni*n * , oeaie i . woklaghm CEE aoureee lie ; uagniiid. 

HAYWLL COUNTY. Fw IW« new ec^ediicslfomF (Detaile). * 1 ^ 

8 FC 0 HDAHY SCHOOL eomeiehenaiva echoe-l, aevvlnn 

Buenheai Lena, SlougA- aipandlng nalghbaurheada of TECHNICAL* Scale 2 

Roll- 473. To share In teaching Bracknell new town. 1.2K0 on herbchhl uiah crunm 

ft BUb * flC,# 10 08E toKiw IHI, 3 rierihMplon”JSen^ M £ 2 reh. 

(Form*). . HELIGIOUE ! EDUCATION. Scale 5°’L , 070 mixed. Teacher of 

LANGUAGES, Seals 1 a post win ta aiiocaUd ta 7^^“ , UF ?l u , , {L B ( 5 nK w i h 

HreHl^WN C 0 NPREHEN 8 IVR .«»- jfW* 


Bwnheai Lana, Sleugfi. 

Roll - 473. To share In teaching 

ClMHHiliem Lana, Slough. 

lubjaote thmugh schorl, sic 
mixed on roll. ■’ O " level end 
flouraee eig : uganlaid. 

8 post will U eliocaltd tc 7«MS^urf ai^niiK*a^ -.JK? 
eullable eppllcaiu when avail- SS9? 1 * TECH- 

typkcorrt*. (Details), 

SCHOOL abla In 1B19. (Forme). lew, weU 

gias^w an ** science, scare 4 JsaRfdrtt- St «* 
S-sswreSre* . ^oa?:...)r ,H,rrtnce,1 

S Sl; 1 

diUDko. iror |. peilenced D'sduele ' science SECONDARY. SCHOOL 

MATHEMATICS. Scale 1 leecttbr ■* HEAD OF DEPART- Lane, Slough. 

7i Fnkn ftHTTON Sow «o end fuither Roll 442 mixed To ledch METAL* 

crurwu 8 yT 7° N ” 0VS . deMlpp Ihe colon ob YfORK IhrauDhoui ihe achc-ol. 

rJluuHd ihMd RaMflna 5*FA rt , Expflente wilh IncTudirw.CSE emt/or GCE *' P " 


Cfewonl Rood, Readinf 
RG) MR. 

Roll .*20. A talHJne MATHE- (Fofms), 

Nuhield Science In e Coaipre- level. An Inleresl In ENGINEER- 
brtillvw School OeMrpble, ING DRAWING would be an 

ING DRAWING would be an 
advantage. (Fauna). 

f • il- 
I : > i, 

i. • • (i 

• • ' :il 

. < » i. -.> > 

- :!,• ..H 

' ■;.••• .-.I i 



I • i ■ 
l I , 

) i j . ! . . : 

) • : ' -- 

f 1 

' •» 


' i '■ ' I *• 

j. . . - 1 1 


r • > M- ’ 

v tv.-f-. •••.• 


,-J ■ M- 

i. • v v 

i - '- ; ■. 


jv''/: -' vIk 


• •' i;: 
r. • * s'. 





wi?s[(jn i avci.l ui>pi:ii sricnoi, 
aou.lV. Northampton 

Kauiiiroil tit Ibis n>.ritjirallpn.aJ ro»i- 
iKi'iK'iulvo Upper School for i.ouo 

Iti-pamunnl olfi'ra cnurjpa dl ull 
luvi-iti iC.B.IL, ■■ O ■■ A ”• ami 

*■ K '■ i. 

'mo Diipnlnrmoni H at Beam i 
and .tin aiittossfui unjilicuni will 
t.u.'i up duties In Bi'plouibor W77. 

L'aiulldaioi are asked 10 anniv 
Inn nr dip roly by loiter, including full 
curriculum vll.ra anil Inc rvuno or 
one urolwilohal referee, lo lhi> 
ilD.iinidiiur. Further do mils or ihi- 
ii'jii win bo bent lo all n.niliit.iiv"i, 



lur the rotlowino mil 





lor the following poll : OULII8 for the roiiowlnn nail : 


Ccdllna Hood. AmoH 
Noliinnhum Nca cnz 
I iNidirasier ; 

wurm. ii A, fa u iSi * 

CHlSufHiTiV. throughout 

icltqol. incluiilna Sixth form 
vtiiih ir luiiuniv exparlpnceii ; 
«Dnm tombined science In Rrsl 
licit 'TAN. 

.. Annllr.itloha fno format lo 
lhr> Ifeiibnastor. with n.uuf9 or 
two referees, ai soon a* nos- 

imjiORour.ii sivni i unM 

Diiborounli Road, Notilnnhum 
Nil 8 4b0 

C. 0. Merlin. H.fti'.. D D. 

M Ixoti ,40n. 

For Hepiember. flRADIJATB 
fGrtle 1) la leach PHYSICS 
hflir-Nm* to o ” 'oyol and 
'■ A " level in tide develop- 
ing Sixth form college. 

Applications 'no formal >o 
I ho Hmflniaaicr. with name* 
of two referee,. at toon at 

COUNTY council. 

auOfMfflWIi 'ffilffl 

for Hid following PRBI t 

fern borough Head. 
ClHlon fauna. Nottingham 
NOU "An 
llenrim aster: 

M C.’pave,’. n. A , M.A, 

Mixed: i.bud tll-IKi 

For Sruininhpr. a woll quail, 
nod or mnCOTsv 
i Bcaia n caiuoio or (ooehinn 
a i all lovetv An inicivii in 
Orniihaioqv would be in 

Tor d tin it, telephone 01109 

Application, mq ramm lq 
the liMriniaainr. wllU names of 
IWO referees. as soon os 


All Secondary ■ Schools are mixed Comprehensive 

1.1-18 SCHOOLS 

The following vacancies exist al : 

Calcole Read, Hartlepool, Cleveland 
(Tel : Hartlepool 3700) 


Faro borough Itoad 
Clifton Ewnm 
Naninqliam Nt.l i 'ME 
HMUlrnnati-r : 

M. C. Pavoy. HA. M.A, 

(Mixed 1.600, II to IHi 

For HcnlfnibcT. a w.-ll- 
qUAllflod TEA CHI: 1 1 iMv-ale ], 
oa noble of leaching r»f IVfcili -h 
and I1ENERAL HUENCL ul .ill 

for details, uoitt 


Application, uw m 
the HiMdnirslnr. Willi u.imn, 
or two referwf*. us soon us 




AppHcatlqna are In v Hod 

from . suitably qualified TEA- 
CHF.tlS for me follow inn 

Carlton Hoad. 
Noltlngham Nl.S JNH 
ffrarl/iMSler ■ .1. P. ) him ox, 

(Mixed : 480* 

Tor September : Honours 

□ rqiluulo 16 Q 9 I 0 li lo Hutch 
Pll\ SICS up lo "A" level. 
Tomporary posl pending an- 
piilnlmenf of Grade IV Head 
of Dojmrlnienl. 

Applies non, (no forme > lo 
the llraomaslor. with n.uuci 
of two rulcrooi, ns soon us 

Cnt’NIY l.'lt'Ni if. 
hllUl.'AnON ni.l'Alll MI.NI 
jlMlilli. jllans .iro iBVIir.l Ii .iu 
Sllllil'lH ipl.llllleil Ti:.V lll.HH 
fur H»u rmiuwinu puv — 

CUMIHIUILNSIYi: SI .11* U if. , 
UoiiuUary liu-iii. Witl III Mqlald 
Nulllngliuin flliU 71!, V 
ll-.j.lMiuaU-r. I'. 1 / l.lijmlii-fi, 

IS Hr 

AIMixl i 1 1 ■ I IJj 

• HIMli I uni. 1 V 1 1 J 
l or Hi-iih'iiilj. r. II Al III II 
■ Si uli- I • I nr CIII.MISIII ■ 
\Ydi 1- I. Ji'.ill.i r-j.) u- 1 o,a li..- 
full nnv .iiid uMHiv r u nii'i ui 
llm xtlioul. 

Amiikflllniit irii fai'u<i l« 

Urn iIi'.iitniHiii-r s-.-lll« «.mn-s i.f 
IVvil !.-ll>ri'"S. Cluslliu t’.*f 
July 1. 1*‘T7 ■ 


ronnATiDN m:i*Aiii/.iENT 
A hi. II- uiluui i.rt' ini lied Inin I LA* 'III H*. 
tor llm Joiiiiwinu post. 

Still hi tvoi us 
r.nMPHi:iii'.NtUvi school 
. t'.hurih Drive. Kryivorth 
Nauingham NC.IU Til I. 
Hcadmnstor: C. J. Cuwtliurn, 

. II. A.. A.K.C. 

Mixed: l.sun 
Tor BnniMnbor. UHAOUA iB 
TCAUlcn I Scale |J la kench 
Tojrt. i to A. unit A 
Imvnl Choniliiri'. 

Aiiiillcai lulls i no foriuei la 

the ileadnianiL-r. v.’Hli ul 

l\vu rare rout. ,is soon ns 

__ uumll df. 



fiuitiuiin sciioui. 
hoii 1,-Jm 

Cliuiu-nham lloail. Hurfanl. Oxford 

llcqulrod (rqnl SoplnmlMr. ri.A- 
C.llT.II for SCIENCE- up 10 •' U *■ 
lavoi wllli a profon nee for sni-ilul* 
Ism In Vlivitcal Rcluitcos. 

Aiipiicailonx hv IdHoi- la Hie 
llradninxlar hi iIii- school as soon 
as possible onclonlng full cU-i.ili* 
ami n.i i ii I no iwa rofeires. 

Required for January,' 1878, or earlier If possible:— 

(1) A teacher to be Second in (he FRENCH Depart- 
ment, SCALE 3. past, .Teaching to C.S.E., ‘O' and 
! A* levels available. ■ 

The .following' post? itfe at 8CALE 2 . level, but appll-. . . 
call on s) * wl lb b^.oonelder act lot: su$GALE Vnoat Iram.*^ 
newly qualllled teachers. • - 

(2) A teaoher for BIOLOGY able to teach to C.S.E. 

' 0 ' and ‘ A ’ levels. 

(3) A teacher for PHYSICS able to leach to C.8.E., 

* O ' and * A ' levels. 

(4) A teacher tot CLASSICS able to I each to C.S.E., 

‘O’ and 'A* levels. . i 

(Applications returnable to the Rev. P. McQuigan, St. 
Palrick’s Presbytery, Owlon Manor Lane, Hartlepool, 
Cleveland.)' ' . i • 



- Urlay Nook Read, Eagleacllfia, Cleveland TS16 OLA 

• (Tel: BagleeolIHe 78Z48B) 

Requited for. September, a teacher for HOME ECO- 
NOMICS To teaoh Fabric Design/Needlework and 
Domestic Science. 1 Work hr to 'A' level available 1 (oc 
, a suitably qualified person.. 

11-16. SCHOOLS 


8ACREb Heart p,c. bcHool : (Roll 887) 

Derwent Road, Redpar, Cleveland TS10 1BT ■' 

■ • (Te| s Ffedoar 79221)/ 

-. Required forUainuaiYi 1076, a teaoher!|o be' responsible • 

- for the. leaching' pi -MATHEMATICS throughout ' the 

'school,' •• . '■ ; ... 

; (Applications returnable to Ihe Rev. D. CuBh, Sacred 
Heart' Presbytery, Lobsler Road, Redcar, Cleveland,) 


• : Marfpni Road, ^Middlesbrough, Cleveland. TS4 3RX. 1 ' 

•- (Tal : Mlda|esl1roUph 37284 ) ■ ’ • ‘ 

. Hpqulrqd for, i|ahuarY L 1978. or soorier, a laacher to - ■ 

• be reppopelble ' for, MQDERN LANGUAGES. ' The prin- 
.- : Dip Al language' taught )n tha School r ls Fraridh, SBaniah 

k. la .1 nfcrpdliccidf.:. fa 1 Ihe, .third year. There ls;.a' strong . 
poBBibilUy. Oi wma.'-A ' level. Spanish leaching In Ihe 
P^Me^Sixih Fprm College for a suitably qaallfled 

. if'/'*:' ' i. '• 

. : i': ' •! ■ 

. TIHH ORANGE, SCH66L (jioil 1,228) • • 

Oxbrldge^vehue, Stockton, Cleveland TSI 8 4LE ’ 

„ Te|4. SlOpklon 62311) ; 1 'V ■ 

- Required for- January/ 1978. a teacher to’ be - , reepon- 
9lb|e fof. HISTORY-. Hi8t6fy falls within the facully of . r 

. Huipaoltlea (the Head J.M ' which has :'yel i<r-‘ be 
. appointed). ■ There: Is an * Integrated course of- -study . 
irutoWTrifl Relidlotik EpiJ cation,: History and Geography 
. ih yearn 1 and - 2. History. f® laugh^to, ' 0 1 level, C.S.E, 

. ■ ’-and. SpboQla' Council Pro]e<?t. , • ■ 1 , , • 



Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland T83 BnF 
(Tel : Middlesbrough 34333) 

Required for January, 1978, a teacher to be respon- 
sible tor the teaching ol HOME ECONOMICS through- 
out Ihe school. 



Derwent Road, Redcar, Cleveland TS10 1BT 
(Teh Redder 73221) 

Required for January 1978. a teacher ' LIBRARIAN 
to ba responsible for the care, maintenance and use 
' of IhB school's library. , . 

(Applications returnable’ to the Rev. D. Cuah, Sacred 
Heart Presbytery, Lobster Road, Redoar, Cleveland.) 


BI8H0P8QARTH SCHOOL (Roll 921) . 

Harrowgate L*ne, Staoklon, Cleveland T818 3LQ 

.* ■» -v. 

Required , tor January, 1978, or -eaHler If possible, a 
teacher tor MODERN LANGUAGES, Frenoh nnd/oc 



Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, Cleveland T87 OLA 
(Tel: Middlesbrough 30561) 

Required tor- September, 1977, a teacher tor HOME 


BI8H0PSGARTH SCHOOL (Roll 921 ) ■ . 

Harrowgate Lane, Stockton, Cleveland T818 3LQ 

(Tel l Stock tori 67929) 

Required tor September, 1077, a (emporaiy Teacher 
lo assist with the teaching of MODERN LANGUAGES 
(French or German) In the Lower and Middle School. 


KINGS MANOR 8CH00L (Roll 896) 

Acktam. Middlesbrough. Cleveland TS5 7DY 
(Tel Middlesbrough 8B206) . . 

Required tor September, 1977, a teacher tot CHEM- 
ISTRY/COMBINED SCIENCE, to teach to ' O level. 


RYE HILLS SCHOOL (Roll lii SAptembei' 1.060) 
Warwick Road, Rehear, Cleveland 
(Tel Redcar 4269) ‘ 

Required for September. 1977, a teacher to share the 
work throughout the sohool. Candidates should be 
prepared to teaph a second subjeot. 

The. following vacancies exist at 

Junction Road, Slocktqn, Cleveland TS10 9LT 
■Tils Stoqkton 612301 )! <'.'■• 

Required , for September; 1977, SQALE . 1 tpaohera . 
tor wn ■ .: . . V . 

. (1 ); ENGySH. ;■ ; ; •; ■ !• " ." 

( 2 ) MUSIG/ART. v A. tdacher .with >a. special intardsl In ' 
Choral work and pbfe nj work with Lower School' pupils' 
In Art: - . ' . ■■ ■ - . •• 

Flnanblal awlsfancd with household removal expenses 
Is available In approved cases. ■ 

Further .'detadjS. and CppUcaJlon forms ' ara r obtefnabfd 
from i Ina- Head. Teachsra at the addresses. ; shown ' 
above.' Applications by leijer 8 h 9 uld. .inc(pde detailed 
Iriformatton regarding education, (raining,- qualifies- 
lloria ::and . experience, ; logelh'er. with the i names and 
addrdseei 61- three referees. ! LeUefre of application 
arid tompiefetf application form* should be' submitted, 

direol lo,lhs n Head TfaohsrB' within 14' days of 'the 
apjiearanca of this advertisement, lunless otherwise 
. slated. ... Applications tor SCALE -1, posts for Septem- 
ber' are ,ohialndb|e from, (he Head Teaohlsre’ al th'o 
1 addresses . shown. .above and should be returned.. to 
the Oounty' Education Officer, Education! Dflloes] Wood- 
, lands' Rbad, MlddJaBbrough, Cleveland TS1 3RH, within 
14 pdye ef,lhe appearance cl this edverHseqieril unless 
1 otherwise stated, . .. ' 

.Applldallone- by letter only will not be dcoepied- ■' ... 


IXlPNIY l.vil'Ni II. 


Dros'wn llu.itl l imi Dm y . 

I ■ '.-in 

ni«i<ilri "1 I r.u ii Sii'ivHiiUi-r. 
■ / ..M .ICIII l> '<1 fill'- 

I'llIY .MjI'H V ■" .i"«^lbl wllli 
Noi'diwri W'iiiIii It- .in .txi ill - 
iiui'ul r-t'iMuiumvil.iiiiiii 

A, ■I'll' .lllOIIB ■" 111'- III. Ill- 
lilflhlir .'k -lurtll .IS | "IMI III ■■ 
uni In- liiij lull il'T.ills ialltl Hu in - 
Inn l»" I* oKnsiititi: 

C'H'NIY Lui'hC'.ll. 

imin wiu i a ms a ■ ci 
sc :i mm 

Oviorii iiiMtl. I Osi.ii 

ll.-i|'ilii'«l lur S'-ol.inlkir. .1 
if:auii:ii tu mi." i'iiysii's 
llii'imlliaut lliu HCliuol InUiul- 
Inu ' ii " iinil A ■’ i«wi 
y.’irli lii j "Ufl.Titft* ai'plliunl. 

lliu HDsI (O'll'l lll> iPblill'III lur 

a T I'.iclmt nri-naivd I" u«si,i 
ll\ III,' Inn", bon ill mu IiCiiiv 
A pniv iiiroci lo Mm prin- 
cipal iilvlnn lull rtvlalls uml 
quoiinn naui'-s ami «uirtiusM'x 
ol iwo ri'lorfos. 


muiNrr councii. 


LLANIAIII UAl.lir.lNION lll'.ll 


II I'MlClJ'll. I'ott v< 

Tul. ; m.i m. hi- imurcinlvn 'j»,u 

llnqulrod Tor SopluinhcT. 
1*177. Ti:Al '.HHII with SCihNCi: 
qu-ilinruilnris— ukiiocl.illy Inlcr- 
u a in it in I'fjchlun Junior lorm, 
and sluw lournorn ol all aaon — 
toino kmiwlpilya of Vvolsli 
j^*ynllal. Bralo 1 . i Hat. 8 ". 

Apiilirutlun fa mis avallaljln 
froiu ilia llvu ilniu Birr i. slum iinil 
mlilnancil onitklnjn* i . id wham 
they should bo roturnod by Iho 
5 il ■ July. 1 vTT. 

lUoniion llomuuh ofi 
Lfy Rlrool. Ilford HKd 7HT 
lU'^dmlairass. Mbs M. U. bvnns, 

fuieiihano nurabur: 01.104 RWIil 
Bulla Mi uuuilflcil TLACHEH of 
PHYSICAL atilllNCF. IBcalo 1 • 
fouulrnn for 8 o|ilantbc-r. K'77, in 
ilili mtxod ll to 1H Coninmlion- 
alve Brliool. Thoro will hu a 
1 1 is ucu of M.irlipo llio jnuSibli, ol 
■■ a " level Physics. A candiilaio 
will he iirefcrrod who can tna.b 
ci ii- mini rv to c S.n. or n.i; l. 
Orriinnrv lovol und who Is r-r"- 
nit rod to l.tkr souio Lower Srhuul 
couvral Rc lunce. 

liliucroll Avoniiu. WJMlouu. Ul l 
Tolpnhnno nunib'-r Ol-UH'i MOfYS 
Ili-dil. Mr. M .1 Woollon. 11.6c . 
L.H.I.C., M l.lilu. 

Suitably aiUllM TrACHKlf ol 
bcii.ncL ur er.icNt.G with 
MATIlirivlAT lea < 8 cajo 1 1 roaulr-l 
Tor Honlembur. IU77. In an o.s- 
PaiKtlnn d'TKirimonl of a duvelap- 
inn 11 to ill mixed Camnrcn»ti- 
Hlvo 8 cikuol A nnwlv consirucii'il 
laboratory auiia will be onenoil 
wtorlfv. A Beale a nost wll bo 
available for an nxpoiTenccd can- 
iflanio but uitoficsilons from now tv 
quail lied icsrhors will bo v/tl- 
CQinoU . 



I.UL' il ll' fit I." H.-lli 1 1.1. 

I UK WU'.i'll'll'M. H.JluuL 
HllllilKTil Avi'llll'.., ,\ "i iii | i,L"t. 


■ Hull I . JIH" 

ll">itiir"d i"i ai'i'l'-iubrr. i,i ijit « 
pi'iitu.l- bmll lliu r< .lliiril f 1 - 1 M ium 
iiii'ii' utlli- Mii'cl. .■ TI.A' r.» 

niii'il. ill'i- 111 I'll t ‘ ill'S Wllli HO 

iu.iii. iif 'il h' l"ii. ■■ » III, \ Iiunii- i 

lurm i S< .11'- li 

laiiiv.'in m ll<, i, iikiIi C'iiiih ll iiiv 
IlHUll. .'Ill'- I Ml silt, ‘{.lUoll I '/ 
i .i 1 1 " n -i iii'iii in-in for ri-rui-i 

II'-«.U|.|J1III,IiJ 1 loil 

I ur il"-, I'.iMti iifnl miiillia- 
Hull I'll "I, <'l,|illli.llll|. I f Ol Ill 

rui min Ll" In III '■ ll<..i<liiur.i'-r 

i ,1 , i in in a it .idiin-HM-ii "nv'i"i". > . 



(;m..Yi ciiiiNAiin i 'I'l'i.u 

SCIIflOI. Sii'lburv 

■ Ml Mil f Uiti'ia "I".|IhI v". l.'i 1" 18 
- 1 ix i nn rui] ■ 

HnnuiriuJ lur R'-iii.-iiibi-r, i"7/. 
TCAUM-ll ■ Mi -ill- l i ll IOI. *n. V 

lo I'..u.[... *■ *» ■' aii'i A " U'lnT* 
I'unhcr dpl.ill-, mi'i umiiii ■i|ii.(' 
lur III, nblall'-lbh- I bliiiu h 1 'il J'ldros. 
Bi-il fur, I hi .i|i rlt vulul.i- fijcunu ■ fr'u" 
ilia ll'-mliiinsii-r. < ireui Ciornura 
Ul'iicr Sl Ini'il. 1 1 mid i.iiii'*. Clc-.i 1 
IbirrumL Bu'llnn j , Hm i qlk. 



uuiLDKoiin c. or i:. sciioui. 

J i’tinlud III Mi- 1 1 1 "i 1 1 1 ii -r . Ilifil.Cl' .Wl 
iPKClAMM lu li.." It Hu- lull 

dnniL anil t.ifiup In this v-ii 
rnmi'lind l'd-lfi llomliriilioujlv.- 

DM. ills i.uildionl -i7TT! or 1.«rvii 
A vt-nuo. i . ullilloi il 


i f.undun lloiouiili Of I 

BOTKIN MANUK 1 1 Hill H'..lluuL 

lull BUYS 

Manor l.iinu. But' on. bun»y. 

BM1 4 A3 

llil-Ad'i .’SKIM 

HouuJrml iui- Boulombc-r, fJUAliU- 
ATB 10 losih tJliLMIBT UY. In a 
aironn doparimnni. ilirouulioui llm 
school to '• O ” und •• A lovru 
Cuurdoa uro bused on im, Nuilloi-i 

a Itirt la a solntilvo acimol win. 
Ado bavh i i An in swiii roinii.- 
London IVL'iuliilnu 1:2*17. 

I.ollu id toin-Jlii'r 
wllli iiamcH oi (wo ruluiiii'h ana 
curriculum vlliiu rtlrocl lu Iho llr.iu- 
maxtor al Ihu school at sDim at 
muMUia. — 


(London liurouuh uf> 


Manor I -a no. Bulinn. Surr>-y _ 

BM1 4 as n L-Iof.hono 01-A4U am2i 
linqulrod lor Soutoinbor, lo 

Koqulmd lor Soptoinber. lo 
l«arli PHYHlca in a slronii dpimri- 
nvonl, iliroiinhnul lh« sclionl. lu 
' 1 O *' end r ' A '* luvols. Cnurtui 
■ito basod an Ihu Nuffield kChonm. 

■flin Isa oolocLIvo school will' A4n 
buys ilno In a Will fonni. London 

^tSTirr ' o^niiplieallnn loooihcr will' 
Ihg nainos ol twu mroreos uhil cur- 
riculum vllac Uiroci lo tho llvad- 
inautur al ihu scliuol as soon ul 

Tb". la a »oiocllvo school wllli mil 
buys ilno In sixth lonn). London 

^tSTirr 1 o^niiplieallnn loociher wiUi 
Ihg nainos ol twu mroreos uhil cur- 
riculum vllac Uiroci lo tho llcud- 

mnUeallnn loodhor wivli 
I IWu mroreos Utlll cur- 

I Loudon Uorounh al i 
Tlio borouiilt 1 * wl lli In rusv nciebi 
or Crniral London and borriervil 
by hunma Forest . London addi- 

&kKSoL , " , ^ 

Nonnanion Park. London K4 6LS 

fl -.s“ Mmd 
for Ihls plgassmly sttUDled mixed 
camurobonsivs liluh School < II*j 
on roll) 111 Ip 14 yours f. Lnrae 
will co id nn ail deparunqnt with live 


]&«’ B n « 
ApMIronix should slain ullicr snh- 
Ims offrrn.l. 

Outer I /on don Mlow.mcc u vwv 
flblo In all oaubs. 

For all hosih rurihnr dplaiis mid 
application forms uvnllabio from 
llio t Head al Ihu achool concorned 
to ho r Mumod ns soon os noinSlc. 


l London Ho mi ugh of) 

l London Hornugh ol) 

ModbMd g u Uno , tl'Ml Ell UJ 7. _ 
Tolo nhono Number : Ul -UK'J 27*11 

llpadmimrcss. !)lrs. P. M. C. Taylor 

auallflod TITACME1 

S . or nr or. London nornunh vi 
■ham lorost. Munklnfll tJlflLOk. I. evil'll. Lbll'lfill. • FifO 

'London Uoroimii or, 


P1IY8ICB Idculo H ronnlrod ror 
Sopicmbpr, l'J77. lo lain alrnnil, 

ivoll-gqulppod doparlnirnl, Tho 

succossrui candldHlv would lonch 
combinod scionco lyosra 1 lo Si. 
Nufrlafd a.C.rT '• a '• lovol and 
r.'.B.E. Mode 111. basod on Nufrieifl 
oml >{u mold " A • lovol — BKvTi- 
F. D T ft O •• lovola nmv ln- 

tluda Phyiks ftnrt. .Elertronica. .llio 
largo sclonco a luff oporaioa from 

Ihroo - tiurpaso- built, open 

la barn lories which Bril pari . 
lulls new bunding comnialo 
1*>74 lo osiablloh . Ihls alghl- 
oiitry ll lo IB nilxid compr 
■lint. achool on to ono alio 
. Outer London Allowance ta p»y- 
nblo. . • • , 

,* Further, dole I Is and nnnllcailpn 
forms svplloblc' from llio Ifoadmli- 
Irtaa al llio achool. or B.T.A,P.. 10 

( MelronoUtun Borough of) 
MENZU'e I licit 8CIIQQL '• 
(11-is Mixed QomproftcnsJve) 

Beale a nasi 

Tim Physics Dgnurlniunt Is 
a aironn ono wllli four ■nu- 
ridfisl rooms and n iircimra'fnn 
raoin. anil Ihnrn Is u fuil-tlmo 
Torlintcal -Asalsiunl.- 

feanSiroS y fur 0, S(.iilonibor, 1V77 : 

Fo6 , amrJ LNloft uc , lIoc,L 

Calworth lluod. London Ell 1JO. 
Head mist rose . Dr. A. M. black. 

BiW* . ■ 

PHYSICS TCACllEn Is roquired lor 
this wall oslabllsliad GlrW Compro- 
henilvo Senior High School 1 700 on 
roll, l-l lo id yaftni to touch 
Physics to cra.G.. •• O ” and 
■■ A " lovol wtlhln .Iho. Physical 
Srioneo Osijsnmunl. BxcoUoni Lub- 
aralory IucIIIUdb. 

Apnlicailon lorms obialnublg on 

roll, l-l to iu year 1 1 to touch 
Physics to cra.G.. •• O ” and 
■■ A " lovol wtlhln .Iho. Physical 
Srioneo Osijsnmunl. BxcoUoni Lub- 
aralory IucIIIUdb. 

Apnlicailon lorms obialnublg on 
rooolpt or a siBinpod nddroased on- 
vjaac*it-ir»W'-Jhp.. Ucafligtiytii'* . 



La vo ra lock. BallAbury 

W Niu.tbcr on roll.Bttll', 
equirod as .aooh as passible, a 
ENCE mklniy uf tha flvifU Kiwr. arid 
10 . siioclallan In PHYSICAL Blil- 

bulldlnqs' and. facHfllus orb good. 
Ttigro. aro thforr laboralprlus, Onn 
to ouch .of Uloionv. Physwiil Bel- 
cneg gnd H viral Science..- 

Ihu successful onpllcuiil will funif" 
plolo a loaiii of iiiroc. A Beale IS" 
post .la uvaU«ble for a suluiblo 
caniiiiluio. , . . . : . 

.ror application . fond am* hirllirr 
dnuUn. bloiiJp send amiunod hh- 
dresaod envoi opo lo. Iho qecrtilnry 



' ' • 

Comprofionsive, Mlxnd; Roll Sen 
lomber. Vi7T: l anil . 

WiUi aomq 

nled ahou 
OsaTaa. rat 

llaTH YV.l ho: neiyon 
\W_wflTthff.Cf work 
'ana fninailvti in a 

Hy. . cabraOs 10 A 



• (ll' to. ifi comnrehonaivoi •• 

• ftoqutnid 1 ■for Slvi! ember, ■ I‘/77 a 
TEACMIEH or SCIENCE'. lW doparl- 
rnenl - provides cqursos, In Physics;- 
Chemistry and Biology in G.C.E. 
“ O UVM. and C.B.E, enure os In 
•male . and. emumnod scivncoi. 

■hqt'M ; b* made . In . . , 
this advorlMcmeni.' Wl B 


f j •: 

J^i iSwi'h imrmi "' 

Ksswwfe sm:.** . " 

The achool.' fobndod , ID lSBU. bn- 

AnBly. by let ref.-, queuing Iwo • 
■ • refercDB. no . live . llDmdrngiJer. a v .iho 
schdgl^ osi spun ay fioselblo, ; . 

Loll op • of • innilcrtiiqn .*Mth ' curii- 
CBlum . Vila* dnil ■roforoos JO Inn 
Hnadmnsier, r b ho id an — school. 


AppJicnnis : whb havn nof. boon 
railed for ihtnrviuw bi 1 Us • July. 

hfli fam? ° ri 1 [u d*^‘ nin ° l " at 


airi£LUON school • •. . , • ■ 
vMkippenham. ■ ’ ■*. ■ 

iflmU" X) ■ 

Com orohin-t-aa, -ml xiid: . 

mil Bnotomber., U!i7T/ 1.WK1 

Will, soma CULM IETIK V. fho pir^on 
animinicd should bu willing lu 
With onihuailsm and. inlUMIvpln a 
prourasalyo .fqculiy. Couikuk W 
lavot. Elnlil utannuorisi-i- : '., k . 

The acliool Is in u p|Hbnrtld >l r *. 
lajid' aettinn; fiaih I A nilios. M* 

•^Lniior appiicoilon willi c»Nj* 
Ciituni vliao and microns' l”. *1, 
Houdmsaier, Shalrton . . . Scbopi- 

P ussier, Shalilgn ■ - . B*-'|ii»l-* 

Juno. T077. 

AnrilCBiUa Who iww noi wen 
lail for 1 inlirviaw hy.lsi 

It. tdtouid 'aasuuva- Uidb 4ha ll’’ 

^i»la « w<«n N Mi| f f ■ »WW» |a b s I. ii- ysu^fnxa fi»M. Vrt »*) mis** *.4 a ■» '!■ ri'i * • » i t ».* 







Acra Luno. Uromborounh. 
WlrtMl. Mersoyalde Lfivi 7 HZ 
r,Hli Huprla on nil 
■n;A*;ilLH liENtHAl. SCIENCES 
Hcalo L 

To C.B-E. U.fLB. Jl o " 
levid with nonorol Rciancv In 
Lower School, a uiniblliiy in 
Chi-mlsirv helpful. 

Apnlicailon forms -ir lullor 
so lluMitinuHior. -10 vliom Uiov 
Niioiild Ijq sont u« anon us 

"“•TaV ill'iir aciiooi. 

Park Rood Souih. Uirkenlieml. 

Tel.: 1)01 -Ant; JL174 
Niimhei- oil roll. L, 500 
(ii-,i<luaie I LAC HER Of 

H irin’. Hraio j. 

larin woi'k uvallablu. 

I ‘Ilmrl vo llrarini.isu-r. 
Closin') 'lule nth July. I'i77. 


. wd«KiW 5S«»eb 

nwiuirsd for September, 
3 "77. — 

», PKT SS; $ )Q <pi*Bn,ATB 

fNumber on roll 900> 

requlrod to 
Y syTih aoiue 
JNCB in iho 

l/iwcr achool. Hcoio 1 nosl. 

comnin leant iirurbrrod or 
with Inir.rnst In lUu-lsIbili Edu- 
cation ror ihls u, of C-. tiood 

ApiillcaUon forma avalUbla 
front Ihn blmclor or Educatton. 
Education 81. John’s 
H'luare, wolvcrtipinuion, 

4UD. la wham ihoy diau 

rrinniad wllli In 1 

plonse. j 

Social Studies 

Heads of Department 


LOHMirj'ON C^UN'l’Y 1110 H 

■ non uui 

girterlon HIU. Louflhtpn 
Inlcohono: boa 1173 




Suila 3. Required for 
fLuptambrc. 1977, or JanUury. 
lUTH. to oraaiuxs* tfio aub- 
fcicta In this lliroo-form enuy 
nranunar school iroorgonUa. 
offccTlvo from 10791. 

EntfcAuco, Cl 
July. (Stomp 
voippa ulooso) 
Bier purucul 

Scale 1 Posts 

Pnritlload.' No«lon f 

i to IB year*. Hoiua-bued 
■man around on, u. wUndrAwaJ 


-■jU our 


and a awtuit 

ooatt . 

■pi* BaoJ^. ^n|^rnn, Natl* 

SSSS , 'iM«ifSS' v-rsa 

S -Commimlly Work nndJhuvlor 
jimarvltiea would also be 

Speech and Drama 

Scale 1 Posts 





Oakwaod naail. Maldsiono 

i 860 mixed • 

High School wllli i-omprehaitsivn 
inukn und Lower 6, haul. lnli-r- 
nal, ri.i;.R. and n.B.b. oxamlna- 
llon vouraea. Now buildingr, 

liSniiriSS U Hcpiember. *nlhualaMlc 
and. imaoliMilvo TEAClICn or 
□ KAMA to ronlluuo Its cuirenl 
dcvr-lonmnni. Subsidiary kublaci, 

B fcrjhly LpmUcJi, riMjlurfd, Poasj- 
iy or sculo a ror oxocrloncod 
LanilivUiq ubio ulao to fUl post In 
pasiorul 'admlnls’raiiV'i airuriuro. 

AiipllcoKnii. Inliii'lly 10 tho 
tlundmaxiur. filvlog rurrlcilliuu 
vliao iHiiI naiuiiiM Iwo ruferers. 
rurlln-r. iipimla huiU on ivcriM oi 

inukn >mit I.o 
no I, ri.C.E. a 
lion Louraes. 
wood faglutioa. 
ItoqliLroo Hcpl 
and. (mag Inal 1 

rurlln-r ilotolls hoiU on rvci-liH oi 
— aim iv nun addrvs s nil i-nv rlono. ^ 


scSBSl 8 C K ‘ cos,,,|,rnKNa,VB 

A part - llm b TBACHER fO.At of 
DRAMA roqulmd for aoptember in 
ihls Mx-rorih miry mixed compre- 
Jiansivo school. High slandardf ol 
bohuvlour and appearanco rrain- 

Apply in wrliing to tho llead- 
rnnslcr at iho sclionl giving full d*i- 
tjiia of quallfh'aHont and names of 
two mforooa. 


(London Dorauah on 

i'aihloi* hioh m iiooi. 

rarest Hand, HJlIUlUll, Ilford . 

ftrtoot lona number: 01-100 dtfOd 
Heart, Mr. U. -1. vtcargo. ft. A. _ 

» fcl Sr aNSfUVBBZ .JSS; 

li roauirDrt for Beulotnbor. 1977. 
initially tor ono year io repJuro a 
socondod leather, lit tills nowly 
roornnnirinn 11 io 18 mlxud com- 
prohcnsiva school. llio nost la 

tho abliny to voach Music ts Ixn- 
norlont. Plana already nxlat for 
u MusIc-Danco-nrama romre lo co- 
ordinate iho axnrecalve arts. . 

Further dnlnlfa end application 
rorma avallnbio from tho tlead- 
mnsior, or 8‘IAP, 

To bo rolurned oa soon aa possx 
t blo. ^ 





LNOUBii. flcflo l. For tlio Autumn 
Tomt only. Cxamnullon work avail- 

Closing vial* rtth July. 1977, 

la&nr aanSTna 

nol lloaourcM. 

Dlroctor of Person- 

Technical Studies 

Heads of Department 


Other Posts on 
Seale 2 and above 

iaNGSToN u^tt'Thltmw 


ond Rood. 

on^upoa Thamaa. Surrey 

^*and^ BOCIAl, STUD IB 9/ 
HY. GRADUATE Breroewd 
no inch vnrlad tmogramra* uv u* 
sftulty bayu’. genoot, 

wmtkm ntlowunw 8397^ 

A«w starve o may bo gnprliM With 

nottinghamshirb ' 



B iuiipoo wnreanup-x unu 

co. Bucccssfui nni>li- 
nu given Iho opnoi'lunlly 
heir iliaro of iho wort, 

Scale 1 Posts 


(Lennon Uorounh ufi 
Morinorougii Hoad. Dononham 
(Hull l.liiDi 

M°L r A' "a” kPE- 
CIA LIST Inicri-tiod In W’peilwaik 
prornrod bui randlualea ollerlnu 
oihor nmlor tmorrsis will bo tor 
atiirred. Tho school is an ono situ 
with well ounlppod wnriiahopn und 
drawing oflfco. Succcsxful nnpli- 
i«mta will nu given Iho opnoi'lunlly 
to tabo fhi-tr share of iho work 
wtlhln Ihla el rang dopartin'-nt. 

Tendon Aitdtuoii E>toU par annum, 
it pirn bure on i cm of romovii I i.\- 
pwvaoa lu approved cos os. 

Atiol Icj lion forma nvailahlo 
* a lumped uildreuoa envelope* from 
lleadieachor, roiurnuhlu by 7lh 
Jul y. 10 77. 



oi'F.i:nsuuiiy uppi-:h nr.tiooL 

l^inqilulu Do.ld. Diill>lulilv. 
t .1 ift Tnun 

llejjdmiiiri-sa : Mis** O. M. b. '*t. 

Number on noil — Bc-picmbi'r. l'.'77 : 
1.(00 ilnys end CirU ,13-iH vruixi 
Itenuirod for Seirioiiibor. I'.ffT : .i 
lCAOHER. SculO l lo touch WOOD- 
WORK up to and including " Q ” 
and C.B.B. levola In on espondina 
llmiUmrt Deparunoul. The wood- 
wort ahao was, recently ro-p«ulpood 
and modernized. - 'internal In doalqn 

1 C A taram ’obiaSnablr from 
and returnable to Itu, Hradmlairens 
aa soon os muaiblo fatamned nd- 
draaiod envelope, pi onn > . 


I wo posia for Beplombor. Lodalng 
flilowanco ond removal ■ exponas* 
achemps In opera I Ion. 

a-r ortiBprN'3 school 
luuvdon nofld, Wokingham nail 188 

all: g'fcVwsw'iifS 

'lno school, which occonia ll* fourth 
comproh males In take thta year, 
lias tbron woll-equippra workalmps. 

Apnlicailon form# ond further do* 
lalla front uio Headmaster mloinpcd 
□ ddroMou anvofopDi, nuoung 

Denmark Avenue. Woodley, 
noaril ng HO-J 411* 

Tn iMa mixed l-l to in cpmprobcn- 

(Sienuwa Way, V.'ooJley, Reading 
iHoli ) .400 > 

Tor Scrrtembw. a TEACH Cn for 
wood and- or MKrALWQRK. a 
imi nonary oppoln Invent in Ihe Hnt 
hvaianco duo to aocondmont. Tha 

B at Is baaed mainly in lha Heavy 
oil Becilon or Iho Design Centro 
and offers the opportunlly W work 
ks pari of o team in o wcli-Mtnb. 
ilshul area of ilia turrlculuni.. 

IW facilities ere extol lent jutd 
Hie l- curses offnrod inHude i..S7E. 
Mode 1 end III and U.C.E. " O " 
mid ’■ A * levelj. 71,1a Is an 
idcml onporlunvt.v io gain experi- 
ence and luin a lively and onihusi- 
*ixi ic mam nr aiarr. 

l 'prut*. Me., iroin tho lltnli 

niHSlrr i*.a.o. ■ . qunlo \VBASH7. 

« Hon no dale. 4 .|uiv. 1077. 

Uve -now c4iv nl Miimn Keynes, and 
tho Duvoloinnc-m Cunnrallon I# 
rooking a niimbii' of liuiisca lor rent 
available io icxichcrs tinnoliund io 

arhoola within the Ua-dgnmed urea, 
sublact lo live Douniy i.'ouncU'a 

ronulailon# removal ntpinsos up lo 
filSH and board and ladnlnn allow- 
anew will bo uay.iblc. 


i London Horouuli ofi 
HfiVfl' KroH school 
llnri nsdon lined. NWlu MIN 
■ Holt H&u. 1 1 io 18; six-form enlry 
lu Srme«,ibur i 

Hciiulfou III sopleniber: TEACHER 
"f M riiNicAi sunii-wra iscafu 
1 1 . Abllll v in Metalwork, 
i.i.ifi mid DuMnn. wllli Mvialwork 
anil I ' Draw hip uddilloxially 

■IV 'flit 

NCrtBOCN tiltlll , MIXED ) SCHOOL 
nn, unit, u Sin-al. N.W.H) 

• six-fonn unify: 1 J to IB; Roll at 
invsont bAii: il to 17. Now »ei,nni 
opened J'17.1. Stage ‘J now 
compwtod. ExcdiTmh facillilp*. .... 
xeliool hai hod good standarda an 
far and Room .to. main 
if grows to fait afro, i 


OAMHHfUtiF, AltbA 
HAwsroN vri.fju.i: coilrcc 
i M ixed ixnniiiehensrib ; 11-18 : 
non l.iiio i 

Required for Sopleuvlier. ASSISTANT 
TCACIIUi 'Beal.' !• li.r WOOD- 
WORK throughout Hie ithool la 
iI.ff.B. ■’ n ” t«xcl ■■nil C.B.E. 
slflndorU. IliUnrefii lu Vcchnlcal 
DruwlnH. Motor I’.nqlneoriiifi nr 
rniior asaecix of 'lethnlral Educa- 


(London Bonugh oft . 

IIAUNQ MANOR lll'ill SClIfnM. 
Kom w 1[MI Road. Hnuili i.r«i dun 

Ivloqhttne : 01-6HI 1141.1 
Tonaoio i lei flopleinbvr, t'>77 
A TBACMEfl nf WOftilUiMfK 

liorv would bo wclioiii'i. 

Thl# 1# a in uilnrii t'oinnuiully 
School wllli exvollonl MCI) 11 lei 
.situated In plwi.ini -mrrounulngs 

WORK. Well , equluood Technical 
Hlock with full facilities for Engin- 
eering and allied slndlos, 

Ploaio apply with data Us lo the 
llnAihnsster naming two raforaei 
• .‘iiampnil addrticicil onvMoiioi , und 
quoting WBA347A. 

Od. Excellent facIltlJpi, TT)o 
t good standards ao 
.tn.mauualn uiQnt aa 
■t grewa (0 lull afro, i 

W ^grfflrhTi-B^Pf: 

n'lcal t) ^J, odwor “ w,Wl aonvs Tech- 
r imndon A?iowauca of fi4(X! nor 
annum la payable nnd there Is a 
.v-honio for assjatanre with removol 
rxpanara including legal fees, ala., 
ireveMIng ana Tadqlng allowances. 

Canuiddioa should uimly by letter 
la Iho Head of Uio achool 
wllhla seven days, ulyiiui ana. 
proaral pouf, (lunilncsiidns, rXpert- 
ennuvml roferenena. 



V-eAc fiMUm* 

th© TECIIN . . 

^oD« 0 ^ u !^...rT to 

Sulanca would be on adv-Ui 
Ucelo 1 potl. 

Applleoilon by loltor a Ivina full 
eraoiml derails, tturlruUim ytLoo. 
nnd ihe names and eddroMM of two 
referee* io iho Head. Loon Bcjmoi. 
i.rm Orovo, nioiclilov. Mluon 
Keynoa. MKvS mg Blelchley ia 
hiitiuieil in iho doslgnated uroa of 

on tha out-iklrl* nl e.iinbrldga. 

AppUcallona should bn made hV 
leiier onvloalrig lull rurrlcutum 
viloo and llm pjiuo* ol iwo reforeos 
and sent In ihn liar, ten. S.vwston 
Vlllngn Oillego. New linad. Saw- 
slon. Cdii'bridiin CUB 4RI*. j* coon 

i London llnruiiiih >■* ■ 

UAVIDBUN llll'tl BriHtYlll. 

□xvldson Hoad. I.fivii'ih. ' :Hd «jDD 
Trionhona: ni-i«7*' n*o , 

I'onflhlo- 1 M tin plumber, l'*77 

A 'r£Ag»r.R **f wohd mcial- 
Shaft T« ruquimi lu n to 
14 mixed CoiDprehonsIvo .School.. 
Woricahoo faclllues aro good and 
an inioraaimn craft romplyx pro- 
nmo exists In iho second. »ear- 

14 muted 'ComprehonsIVD School, 
workahoo facilities, aro good and 
an iniomilnn craft romplyx pro- 
mnuno axicta In lha vHmnd »eaiv 
An - oxcollrail opportunlly for « 
toocher with Ideas to tJ-ocJuea 
orlolDol work. , 

w MbiHiitriiiin or ii.ciini- 
CAL DRAWiNfa or jny ci.nuln.' >>n 
or ihciao aublcou rrqur«'l for H< ii- 
taoiher. 1977. Excellent f.iciiiiib#. 
wwtvolton ggrnrmunei b»ih -"'*i- 
domk* ond paMuraL ihmiM'*i-n .ive 
school wlrtt mroit'i iiin' ,>nd 

high Manutinls. 

Salary: Burnham Sr.,*,- i with 
London Area,-. 

RMiamblD rii'iO'.iil exnnnv-s '..-HI 
ba rounburaud ulv.ills h i r uin-M > . 

Ficeao send vliiuiiic-rt ,'iioren»>-d 
cnyolqpo for .iiH'cn'.Iiin form 
( 8 .T.A.^ , .) from cirt rxinrrubir- in 
lha Head Toacmr nl ihi* hLovb 
aildNM a* Bonn as iwniif 



kegem Bireoi. Vivinoi'ih 
lOnammar: fi70 on rom , , 
Required for Bi’oimibur, 1 LA- 

filK&r ,8tal ° 11 lor r,, ' WiN ' 

‘ Oand'llklfM nhoulil In',*- had 

» rionco of ill" (i\i>inl ■' n 
doslgn tours" .,n,l l"> .t».lu lo 

B ka Moiaiworh .mj l.n,|lncL-ilnu 
rawing up to " i) ' I'-n-i 
Ability to lain u#nn ■> >in 

Appilcatton forms < slainiieil .id- 
dnaago envelope) from ili‘a,iin##ivr. 
roturnablq lo him vylihin 14 duvs. 


Salary: Burntumi Scale 1 with 
London Arqa Allowancu. 

neafionJbla removal oxnensea 
Will tw roiniburend fiToUUa oa ro- 

P] ob ski send atnmnod ailrtrnssod 
envelope far auplicailon farm 
iB.T.A.P.) Irani end miuraebio ta 
Uio livid Teacher nt ms above 

msa^R^reraipvk. tide 

iCgmprchonelva, Co-c-otiLdiionult 
LTOQ on roil) 

Shpicjiibcr. a mcnilter 
• TECHNICAL llfnarl- 


f London Borough n 

.AppUraUon forms isiam dpJ .ul- 
edrraaod envelope) imnt 
Tnaalor. rolurnablo to Jilm -wlitiln 

9A 8 

annlomber. 1077. 



Sixth roini) 

V. Scale 1 — 

fteqsonablo ex 
be rolmbursfri (di'inll* on ro 
Dinsa* send Mai, mad ad 
for appllrut... 

TCCBWiQAL-rSaiarv , Swie J — 

G.C.B. O'" level vvllh ooitl- 
^IlQr gPnolnecrino Drawing and 

K voiopo lor. oppllruiton form from Hbh Offlco, 
d returnable io me Head Toucher Auckland, do. 

ihe above addrnis aa soon oa Choolng dqi 
poaslbloi nppuco iron*, i: 

am WM addregsed rni-ciette for 
Icaugn fomt lo Ami Lduua- 
Oitlco, Ktngsway. Tush op 
land. do. Durlhtm. 
oelnfl dqio for rercijii af 
co Ilona, nth July. l‘,77. 

Unless otherwise stated : 

Gtoaing,- deice is finnrtecn days after die Appearance of tiro advertise meat. 

Tn respect of Hetidditos and Deputy Headships in all schools, and oilier posts In primary, middle and special 
sdiaofh, forms are available from, and returnable to, die Director of Hducaiaon, Department of Edauttunn, Gi*tt 
George Sneer, Leeds, LSI 3 AT.. t 

Far oilher poses in secondary and high schools, application by letter should \>c made lo (he need teacher « me 
schooi concerned, giving full details and the namea at wo teferecn. 

Hie poet reference numbei’ should be quoted on ell correspondence, - . 

AppOlcaaloiis reqoiniiig acknowledgement and requests fior forms and details should be accompanied by a stomped, 
akfewewad envelope. '• ■ 




Th«e ate iwo Ttoaiwlaa . for ftapoUKrt' TagA* re <«>xie *1 lh* Oouingley 
area bora sud on* aldlt Rkherd OMtkr W) DrilloilOvtrtyetoWh- 
Ing with small |raupi ot disturbed obUdrerL agstoin* tewhan In achool# 
Tilth problem children wlib Iwolng dimctililes and worWu* cJoaeBr 
with Ibo profcatloull'itsR of Ihe Child Ouldarce_Serirlce. G,ood to* oh- , 
hie MwriMce U eeacoiial, Evidence «* retovanl hu)liw itndy ta ada- 
oaUon U regal rod.- PUrlher Inform* Hon and an opportunity to matt Olber • 
SpeoiaUat TVirabefs can be arranged fhraugft ma Pthwiptl BdUcaflgaal 
PVChuloglal. Dudley House (Lrada <44*331. Em. WK' 


roll t Approximately 100 t 3-16 y«an) 

*-■ Lane, Boaton Spa, Wflihtiby. 

M : Mr. M. Robcrtibaw, M.Sc. • • . 

Required for September, 1977, Tor Oil* now sJmoI : teauliM to trarlt in 
Ihe Special Cato 'Unit to aa»al dtlldren with a wide range ol phjairal 
and menial nandtagp,. 




Dert>yabkeStr«(,L«61g l 13I0»lv felwboftc i 7I67S1 t... 

Bequjred^rof , 7uro*of’' ‘ «Wrie*y_ lialfled - Deputy Head Twober - 

appUCEdtU u*ed tun -rg-apply aa their application! will ba {KOnndendj 

SCALE 2 POST ?:r.< 


TfgiBaajl , 

Dulverton Road, taeda, L 6 l t OHUi Telaphena ; 7&«dtid ...... . 

, SquIi^Tw : Sapun«tf^jn7, ■am yd to i d , liuiacoi Tdaiilwr.' lo '.taka 
charge of an ertabjlshod ;N ui»« 7 Cfatiy, . j. j • . 

;SCALE' : l'^bST$': : , ‘--v .? , j • - : ' 

NURS&RY SCHOOL tNg. «■ roH t IMt^S Jtard . 

rwve ,Mr ' Talepbone : 716731 

Required for ’SeOteWbct, 1977 : a teachtr with nuraery fexp orients ' I* . 
-Vg^ P , of 3/J j^af pWa. An Sweraat in language u; deair. 

S.S7I I hVNSLET -MOOR 'PRIMARY SCHOOL <N«. eiltoHl itiY 9-9 


. ReqUirbdlor Seoiembaf. ; 1977 : art _ 6 flllrt)*tacUc .Meter fog • 4 RecepHon 
ae«L^AJhdmiih mnJer»lai>dlng of,'VlK teachlng ol bailc (eadlng * 111 * 

' ¥otyn iHireei. GllderHfho, 1^17. 7AB, Telephone r , 334097 ■ - 
H«W Teacltar i Mr. Q. L. Dawsort . . _ „ 



1.577 ALL SAINTS' C. OP B. MIDDLE SCHOOL' (No. «a relti 2 * 7 , 

Omw^agarth Mount, feed*, LS9 PAD* Tekphone: r.cedi 450W4) 
l load TMcher : Mr. VI Srnilb 

Appll cailaru «rs invluid Ron) Wlabiy qnall flad an d Oa^riepotd trachtra, 
preferaWy • onmtnunluant memban ol _ the rtinrah of Eogbnd. - for the 
Depuly Headship Dt Uila Group 9 Aided Middle School. . tenable 
torn Tatwarjr 1975. ApplkanW/hmJd"p3toala (telr wwltl IntcrM % 
Application formt, when cqmpleied,' JhonM be ftol (o Ihe Head IVaeU«l 
at the sehoal, cncJoWog a afwnpad addnam) .Midtopfe 



8 . 8 ft RODItUAN SCHOOL (No. oh w*l 1.1H I’.aWf 
Loftbouae, Wakefield, VVF3 JPS. Telwhonai WokenaM BUIJS 

S ud Teacher : Mr. A. . I-eaoh, ' M-Ai . ir . 

rgua . rsMCB- 

rriU be «rpeoted lo lake much ot tkU wqd cjmd lo coclribuie lo ihg 
Otnaml Science Programme In Ite Lolrt; CoroptciKneive Fonrta. -; 


S.MI BRUNTCL1FFE’ HIOH SCHOOL ii.felll ?.*!*• 
SSmollUe Law. Morlw. IBXlOLZi Wepteb# l 

... lorlw. LSX 

hSd>r,:Ttefa ? b'lir:b* opportunity toe Wam ioa rto ft jroric fpra wfuMf 

QWltfM and experienced ippHertnt* -V 

Reqnlred*fc» ,r 'fiftrtcnlbar^lSTTY ? 1 W Mn^lte Mode/n Jpn- 

.maass pepardpeuL Applfcadoni an hwlted Iroin those who can offer 
Frerei. Tie ability to tenoh German aUo .vrQl.te » advani*|e fell 
la got aanittlgl. ITii. achobl b:ToijWna for a gif led foreign 
seicbar eiieallally and ibe enthuHpt d g . femAaf who «» only og(of 
Hrweh HiogU no( toailalt to apply, ( ... 

7 M i IJ-il lean) '' , 

DoWtor Hill, Ueda, T.SIg 5EA. Telephone! Leads 737877 , 

Requirad*^ Swiiraixt*' defier ta* GBOOUIMY ftilh! dtelifitj* 

LB27 OLZ, Telephone i 
even. B.So, . „ . 

tlona nnd (o (each Ilia autojtct Ihroughoul the JEhool. Ability W °.D<* 
HiiKJfy in lha Lower School will ho an addlUonal »«comiMiidaiIgni 

HiltOfy io ihe Lower School Will he an Ml 
Wto post ia.iulUble tor. h leaotec aeekto* a ft* i 
will be particularly welcomed' from membnaipi 

Letter# of application, together MUi two 
tiro referee*, should .bo ml to. tin tel 

tfnonki* gildito -namea of 
mutU- at Uta: aebooV : 

S .W.F6S LAWNS WOOD SCHOOL Wa/te Wflr 1.W9 rl3-lA l 

tor Road, Weat Sort' I4edjt, LS16 3AG. Tei^teqei LatdaTlWl ■.■.-■ 
Hoad Tewhar : Mr. P. f-ollard, M.A^CaSfti - ■ . - 
Requited for September”, leeeher for GnSS* PHYSICAL EDUCATION . ■ 

AND English;- u» woiwiioa to torfcd acewfeB-to, «w auaii- ■ 

luaUooa .- and Intereua .bfite perton appmnted. TO. P9* (■.“•S'tUne ■ 
hot. temporary during (ba maternity leave «_.«he- JateiMAr: *gd | , 

■will pudbly ran from September- to Mayv FuiUkt detiilla lrete Ibo 
bead Muter- , ‘ -. ^ , 

a Year* 1-5 1 fir* Slalb Form S0»“ 
SKford Moor Road, Boston Soa 


Head Teaoher : Mr. S. R. patute; MA 
Required. ; for Seplernber/ 1977 I efte 
tenebem >to work in the. Support Depg 
dHUcultlea. The *ork , ta • oriented ‘ 

thar a ton-tfa 


W fc en roll i 1.4*3 


or t#o pMi- vte* 

ttdreu rWfli iMrSng 

: "Mil P«S IP** 


Qualified teacher! art Invited to apply for the foltowlna 
poila, Application forma and furthar particular gars aval I able 

from tho Head of the school Bonsaraad unless otherwise 

“UnaVtondon Area Payment (£402 par annum) Tn addition la 
tlia appropriate Burnham ealary eeala- . „ , ■ 

Household removal expanses may be paid wholly or In part 
to teachers accepting permanent tench! ng posts wllh the 
A uthority when a change of residence I* essential : payment 
covers coat of tho removal of houeehold enacts. Insurance 
In transit and fares for the teacher and family u p to a normal 
mn* UtmmolEIS, but payments In excess of thla amount may 
be considered In exceptional elf cu mete nee a. Teachers 
coming from service with another .? V ‘.i,£i 

proved cseee, receive aselstance with the legal costs of 
house purchase (up to « 0 O) and a grant towards lire cost of 
obligatory expenditure euch as change of electric or gae 
services, fitted carpets or curtains etc sublect lo purchase 
of Else houee wlililnslx monlhaoMeKInn up an appofnimeiit. 
In addition, a separation allowance may be paid II a deponrl- 
eni Jam II y have to be loft In the previous homo while new 
accommodation is obtained In London. This aHowance may 

lie pnlif for a period no! exceeding six moriliia. 

The Authority's scheme of assistance with the cost or travel 
to school operates for appointments whore trie letters Ai 

AppUcnTloiia for polls up to anil including Scale 2 should be 
mule as soon ae poselhlo. The closing dale lor applications 
for posts above tlilfc level will be 14 days from publication 



&lUi.t*tU.LI. MANOR 9011001. . 
r.'iamuEii iliiiiil. L>imlun. 9W'< OAI. 

TVI 1 1 1 - r.i v>-7'ii 

B ull : 1.9 IA. (ircuii 12. Puri mi*- 
urn cumiN'vliea»iv« .. j 

UcidwilBiiiDH . Sirs. II. E. Hardy, 
ll a itiun* > 

Aniitl- aliens ara Invited Irom ehpctl- 
cn- »J teachers for ihe iwiltion ol 
B'-iUor Year Tutor In this Group la 
curd in. si Inna) cojnprcti t-nslve ichoal 
li-nunr tcachor . The Senior Year 
Tut»r camei nti overall responilMl- 
tty for The pastoral oraantwtlon of 
year, one to live. llalautB wltn Uio 
•IhIIi larm tutor, fheie la a reapon- 
iihility (ur pupils' disci all no anil 
welfare wurklng in conluncilon wllh 
(hr bc-iKjlj llcadioacher* and the 
ancon i Master. Ths Senior Year 
tui or wilt oversee reports end iNe 
[penciling ol Infonnaiian rcgnnlkna 
pupils' prograss IhrouQliDUl the 
schout. He/ she wilt have general 
oversight at Uw Uoleon vhkn.itar 

u5?woih e/™ n5SS suMeim 

1 tin -on with ilm npcnnii Dpiniiy 
Uesd. _Tho senior Year Tutor will 
. work In coniuiuikin wllh llio jeer 
tutors in ihn paiuhiislimoni of home/ 
■Clmul ItnbstKS and will bwr a 
««*«ftc renprniilhllllji for c&tnbllsli- 

I nu and nuiniatntng coined wiUi the 
i-Md I-jcIht* of contributory 11 H- 
niHry *i hoots wllh iiurilrul-ir refer 
rare In llio tr-imfrr nmcciiurp*. 'Itiis 
h a soy post In Uio Mtsblislimeni or 
* I'omi’ti'hen.'.lvi' und pfiideni -ias. 
torai team. Applicants are Invitod to 

sihiltty fur pupils' discipline anil 
welfare wurklng in conluncilon wllh 
(he Dei Hitt lleadioacher* and the 
ancon i Master . Ths Senior Yenr 
. Tutor will averaee reports end iho 
[penciling ol tnfonnuiian regnnhna 

■v d>'i|.,- in pi itmir hi h ir i lollies 

.Ill'll an lli'.illh l.lllliii -I'll, Mui.lI 

1 'iini anon mIi In Vi iii n i jml Ci a 
nmre si rm mil'll |iiiiiir,iiniiii' iv 
orranai'il hi i ■iiiluin l.nn villi ill** 

iiiMiln nf Vi'ill' nil »• ■li'iill* j ci inn* 

f iller IOH<Cn Sill'll .IV Uli* luillilV. HU' 
.nvlriinniLiii . Vlii:i'"'i'. Lurk mid 
l.elsvri' ii n.i Ailvi'rllaliiu. ei< 

Tin* i UiordUiU'nr won m lie i rib n - 
tally (Dili rm'it In I he I'hinT Srlinnl 
wllh m 4 'ii| 1 .iih i M,n imtl |.ri"«i**«iri ol 
mill! %■ ni'kinri null iln- vi ■ mi i*j». Inn all n ■.nnrves. and in 
■lie I hwiT Si Ii (■■ <1 In in. i imam nn 
clu-ie links will. Ilie war tn'. i ilii and 
lumi'.n in ainiii ui'ii.m .uni ilnnll- 
railan Tlu-ri- In *|,i<< re .|>nnsllill- 
II V I nr Ii.iImiu » n|i rin' I'.ir-i-M 
Service ‘tills in » rti in.iiullnu. U|n'n- 

rnileil |ujiL ri'i|Uiri>ii| lilrili iirn irK.i. 

Hanoi Hkilln. Hie ■ .iji.ii' lit in lc.ul and 

Inspire, .uni i i,i.i.a> i In hi Min 
Idealn of sin. vi'IilhiI |imtitv<*iv il-Ae'- 
oiilnn II > '■s i linin'] ii i inse ron* 

lad urilli a dulls. 

Aruilii Allan lumn irom siic- Head- 
nilMres*. Visile weliuuied. 


Posts ol Responsibility 

PAUDlNi . I ■ l.« Si 

Uakiimiun KUiid. I Jim i ' iii . t> *< 

Tel. ■- ui -2ni. ,ifi'.'i • 

Uull- "uu hav > -uKt u>r^ 

’ HD^dniuHit ! Nurmau ItiOiiiMin. 

A Scale 2 ua>i I- tivailalnc for an 
C<|i!'i'i|irir<i|| J|i|. " .■ m . Iilll a Ul'W 
enlmnl la lli n iiruresviiin wonlil lie 
ron?i(leiiii iv|< Hi .Hi' i 
I' wnii* In (in- II -■« ii ii. lur 

fllll lll-|.ll|- .lllll »l|l|lll. II -Ml iKtlll. 

Scale 1 Pasts 

■oral team. Applicant* ar» Invitod (o 
vigil uio echnnl by eiiuoLninioni. 
Auelicjion forms mu further drhilfs 
nra available tram lira 

ni.mvAv 1 1 it. . Hi.iiiuir. 
Idruii l.umlnn. N7 ol 
III -hllT Allll'l 

Scale 1 Posts 

ji.utnnnm.iN ta.ti.. sr.iiooL 
Wijynioiiili Jrmce. U.B 
Tel. : ur-TVt 7324 

((nil t .Hi in iiov-i. ll tu 1 '* vi-.«n. 

IlejilmaMri >■ It. lie Hiilnn'a. B Bf. 
ili'iiuirml lur Si-i m-intu-r ur an aoon 

8 b llllbSlIltl' thl I. '.llll l ' • . 

Iincmilii u." tu-i ui nrauia iH, air 
li far 1 ,qui r he ininl niaimi, Mrama 
ties bern Himiv i :-lnhPislii'd. as nn 
burin Hunt ihirl of m» *U"«i 1 iiirrli- 
' jjjnni . 

Tlie sue cctsi ill raniHdnln wlH u'a«i bp 

niHillCil in ll-Hi Ii -.nlii*r I.IHill-di at 

tniver Utliool level, l iitUii p imrllr ii- 

fafn iincl J|i|ill. .ilinn lunu Irgni Hip 


Api'lli Jill » urn well lime lo vl<il| ihn 

Ap|ii)iaiil> urn weiiiimr la vlvli ihr 

... . . school. 

Hail: '<00, ll in iB years. Comnn* sniniii ir.LDS Hf iuntf. 
hen Sive . , Marlon Hood. Wnudvii-nrth. 8AV.1H 

well quallfeld i par her required part- . T® 1 .-. J 0171 . , . 

lime f.3» for nonet d I art. AddII. flotl 1. Yin tinya anil girls in iiurpron 
cnlloni am invited la Visit the bum Ol cornu nidation T till nnno of 
Uhnrtl. - ,na a bully, rhinhllnlu-,1 ■ ,\ " and 

JOHN UHirriTTIB n c ■■ O '■ level and (. S.k . courvi-fr. 

HOYS' HI HUOL Ily.i'lliioaii-r I - llr.i|il<uulMiii. H 8c 

Princes Whv . swlu SDH i tifli ■ r.ii.b a.' 

Tel.: 0 i-7iih m° 2 l Hequred S"nli-inbrr. 1*71 

Roll ' 7'lfi'*- hovi NumiMe.biilli Parl;lluiO . i.fu Dr.mia Dptico 

roniprohonalve occupy Ian a nieafianS iprr'alM. Hie sue. eavlul ui' 

a«.ri:"w.c w 

is2 # «si 5ii m,mi 

afipointmon, ENGLISH 

jH q pi«riiie ir s ' >|,lc,,, ^ wr, w as Mon ■■ ■■ ■ . 

^l 1 ‘, n for general AN Work with Scale 1 Posls 1 

SKi e ¥.' H ! IT ln . frtnung JfJHN'fJH li . uijd . .MVS' 

apnilcatlon forms from " f?, 

Iloll l.YKl tiny* anil girls in iiurpiue 
bull! Bicoinu nidation r till ranae of 
abUlly. PiiinliTliilii'il " A " «md 
■■O ' 1 level and (. H.k . courvi-B. 
Ily ■■di ns * lor li lir.iiii<inilMiii. B 8 c 
il.iei> r.n.5 a; 

Hequ red S'lfill-inbrr. 1**77 

Pari* I lino _ i.Ri Dr.imd Diiiico 


Scale 1 Reals 1 

JflH'l'Ollll l 111)9 H i. H'lYi’ 

Seale 1. Posts 

ijh Wprte ip A 

II mill of DeparUiionl. (lamiraiiliv 
bialn A hPiMUia the iirnsvnl liahliT 
ilflor Tour yiiara or escnlreiil neniin 

III Ilia school I* anlug ulmMil. lira- 
oraiihy Is liiiiutit lu " A " level. 
Ilia deiMrllnoiil lint built H|i uu 

I mil re sil vo Much ol andlli 
aide Tho Incomliiu IIl'uiI of IlniMil. 
infill will be rvspniiilbln for l.eii. 
eianhy In Ihu Uiijilt Hihool and will 
ruoimralo on InirnraUM aludins III 
Hie T.ower Sctinal An InlenMl In 
llphl wurk Is evionllaj and an inlrr- 
ml III Made A gylfabiMug lilulily 

cililt. H a ro-adverilsi-nionl.i 
Hliusa write la the llnaili miller Bor 
full dalails and aiiplirailan lornii. 

Scale 1 Posts 

John (iitiii rma tic;, boys' 

HrlinM Way Bis lu mji: 
lei. i U 1 - 7 HM HI 12 
Iloll : 700 iilns. 

inirimae-bnili cniiiiir.-lii'nilvn ai'i u- 

( ■ring o ill naialic all" Willi val.iii* 
Mini) rourirs lo Hbl.'. 'ill 
" u " .mil " A •; level S|nrn Jn- 
tlnde fail linn and (-niui-lng uli* 
cliuliic is goad unu llili* are wni- 
iuiiiciI by aiii-oliilmnnl ■ l.ondon 
nlluw.iii'.e iuUIi. 

Unq ill red lor Belli cm Lor op a* K-m 
as poislhlc ; 

(■■.L-ueaiinv ■ .d ■ aiilit mainly 
\vill> lewrp fichuoi work, 
b a. i*. lor H|i|iiii-niluli Inriua from 
iim IlPMlmasiur. 

bi. tiiomas Tin; APnsm: nr;. 


Iloll Vile lo lload. Perkhuin. laHwlon. 

s.t:. ir> 

I'ei. ■ oi-fiT» m(«. 

Hull: u 6 u boys. Jl tu ir year*: 


111 -alHU.lMCP 

Heqnired Inr Sepii'iiiiier 
tii'<jRrj|iliy le.icimr. A wlMiiin'n-ii In 
cjd | inrale In reslilunliai llmii »'in 
V.-UI lie r«iu ■ red. 

n I id i ill no In 1I|P uluxil la Iimiil Hi. I 
limlinhi-iry vieiis by jihiIw «ai*i ir -• 

I iiriua c>r upnllr iilluii MOin Uu' It.' nl* 
m.iiiler Hi the school. 


PosIb el Responalbilliy 
i i.Mir.iro Aar i liis* asui h 

IIATLHIA.M CllllUi- HI .111 nil. 
JcrntiUjUiini Hood. New cron. 

1 , 1 .. 14 

Th roc- farm rniry, wholly (va. 1 ni.ilc 

bimIi lorm: roll: x-iu 

■lhg school In hi preinl suimivn 

S nn will be eLiuiillnn l.uulls fram j 
roadrr raniie nl nblHiv Min Hi- 
ll rs I year In Bciili-inher Tlwre l« 
a'rpdily awih-forni i !■ in 
v.’llli Hid nelijliliiiurlnij ll.iii'l. 
(loMH-n' Ashe's lliiirihiin Fl.i'.y 

S chool end iliH will im iiiiiiiit 
iivclDnrrt In llir fulurn. 

v.'llli Hid ni'lglibnurlnii ll.ui'l 
dnMierS' Ashe's lliitr li.iin llovs 

S chool end Hill will im luntiiT 
uvi'lDprrt In Hip fulurn. 

H dntnd for Heinrmlinr 
uiupniiilks Riipr.iollat In ih.* 
imclilnii lo'. 'Mi '. "A" 
end ■' ti" levolh wnii ihrnn nim-r 
■MPiallals. e.M.P. nai born lnir u - 

Sh gins |. ,. r 

level ( (illi'su il.iiiiihin ny I Lllll i. III. 
Aiiiillralhiim will be <-nn*h!i-ri-ii Ir'iiu 
newiv nuatiC'-ii iishIht- hut i-ir < 
lull. > 1 ily I'.inilhUi.. Hu* 
cmilih li- a hi .iii> 1 ! |n»i 

[ 'h'jiio fnii'ly tu llir Hi'.uiinUiri'ia ii 
ho iflinul far (imillrdllnn furin* .m.l 
uriiit-r 1 'irnrniiiimn uivinn ii.iine 
nr HQiupiina |u wliuin ff-ri'i'i ■■ in.iy 
be iiinile. 

joiiN (tun fiTlih lie. iviiy 
Belli mi. 

JOHN mill BTTIIN lie. lie i\ y 

Wmrps wnv BW t u ritJi - 

lei.: 6l -71111 1114'J 
Hall: 7A0 ului: iiurjiiH- hmH ■ ■im. 
nn’iionslva ociuiivlriu u iiii'.ii.iin nip 
with nsinhllihrif rmimps fn i: H I. , 
'• ll " and "A" levels (i.C L. 
fliinrii Inrludp snlilnn and laun-mn 
nincinlinp Is nnart and visits .ire 
welionicd bv U|i|iQlnliiii'nl ( I on, ion 
allowance paiilj, 

nanwlrrrl (or WoiilenihiT nr as soon 
os (lussiblo : 

Mains iHc.Ui av.llliihlp tn anll.ihlv 
quail nod nnrt e-.iu-rism nil tc-iiiu r 
a Lip to onsisi acrruy Hip di' 
anil willing la siirnn s<miii lima wiih 
small grouus ppriUno inillvl-hi.ii 
ullPnllon. i 8 only If ur*l 

Binmppu adiLrnsseil pnvriann fur 
onpllcaiturt [oniis from tho ll-jj- 

rupn^ (ram (he, Hmdtnltlr 

Hall 7 H(i-ii!u& 

F'liriJUvi'-LnHi i i<iiiiireh<'fl*lvi> ntru'-v- 
Inu a silo villli er>|iibh!,hrd 
cmiis-R lo r Sk„ C I. li ■■ p •’ 
and A ’’ levels Sjiurl' Incluifp 
Sailing anil r urtr-anii fllv. lulln*- Is 

UOU'I Slid llillv dll' Wtl ■fUu'l hv 
■ bivuntdi'-nt. ■ London Ailowancu 

gf .pciBa 

naif graun' nPW&BBVwajk:’ 

aiUBJWfc**: to"'- * hH “- 

MJDitarrmn. n.cil boy 9 ' : 

toll .7&U' ulus , . j 

Scale 1 Post 

ll.ii nsluiry IMrh. It 'Mil. Nl 

TUI.' Ill -'.1)7 H.1H7 
Hull- fl'Jil ill in 111 ' 
lliiillllrpil fur SeiilumliPr- 
<\ iiii'i- Urn" i .4 1 ivaclier or I'ronch 
in luln ii lliPlv iloiuninral . Inieroil 
In " IMjlr " nr pviinrlunce ol ulidla 
visual iiiDiliatls Imlrtful. Social 
l'riorllv Allowance pavublo. 

Tel.! oi-few fnoa ... • ' 

RolUi. MD boys, 11. to ' IB ' nsrs: 
cmaurchenslve ” 


Hrquired for Benirmber: 
Mejhemeike Tpichor: an Internsi in 
B.M.P. Loachlng OMsiHlBl.'Oiscinime 
in Uio School is oaod and welim- 
jjujry visits by appUnintl , ar* win* 
cmno. Pormi of Ippllcsiion from tnu 
Ilnsdinayler »v the Bchaol. 

l'riorllv Allowance puyublo. 
rurilmi ( 1 Is and mini lea linn 
forms Ipnm llio lloBilinlilrosa nl Ilia 

SI.IKJDI. , „ 

i 'pint I'd ty.iv. stviu oyn 

I." H1-7IIH III .12 

l.-'ili 7 ".ii ■lilt'* hoys. I'liriHjSP-liulli 
i oiu |.ri-iiPii«l i'U ni i -uiiyluB ii iili'iis.inl 
slli- u llh I'Sl.iiiIl' lii’il Culirsus In 
i : s I . I. t..l.., " ll " anil " A " 
li'V-l Sliufls linlU'le mil ll nn mill 
r.iuui'liiu. Illsi Inline l* uurul nml 
Vsiis .no well'd iii i by u|i|Mlninirni 
1 1 iMiiluu allutv.ince luldi. Hrqiilr-il 
fur Him 4 eii i her or .is snun nn pos* 

Hi ii nlsli ami I rend i <.■*■■ lo imro- 
•111. Si'.inivli In .^nl year unit lo 
assiut h'lHi I ranch 
Hlaiiuii'd dihlri-ssed rnvciuiin fur 
•■'•lill' allnn forniH from Ihn IIl-.iJ- 


HOI.f-VND l'.tllK SI.HOOI. 

Airin' >iiili|i-ns. ICimi'ilen lllll Itoii.l. 

Lriirlun. t\’ll 7AI 

1.4 MI-V27 r.r.r.i 

Itall 1 .7HO boys nml girls. 11 in ID 

5 .'.ir' ( omiirr.lir'isiy.’ 

UiM'i'iiuslnr Dr. f. D llushwrirlli 
||.-i|ii r-d liir Si I'liuuber 1"'77' 
1'iin-ruiin tlpnuaii ksk h(T fur I', 

Pi' , (I Wl'pl.. 

I uni i nr I li | mil i.illnii anil ai'lilli .ilhin 
Ci iliii* ai-ailnlite Hum Hie IiI'.iiIim.iv 

Head of Doparlment 

ACI.ANH 111 i|(l III l.l: V iH.M 1 
S> JltlUt. 

Iluruliinv llunri llur, RiJ 
1*4. ' lll-IXil Hr.lfi 
liiti i.inii 

It'iqillred Tnr Hniitember or as annn 
■is ini* i|l|* ■ 

A (iii iiirieil .mil eMierlunteil Head or 
M lisli i Rt ,ili> .1 ■ in IcjiiI n slrn.ia 
and pnlPriirlnliiii «In|in rllni'nl Tim 

si luml liiii* nn uri lii'ilni. bin is li,niil. 
a liiniur chmr, senior iliolr anil 
■iHi-r * 111.(11 eusi uililei 
and a llvele Ir, dill Ian nr iiiTfimu.inri 1 
III Hie Im ,il inniiiiuilllv. Imietlii-r 
wuli .in mii'iii.lie l.U;e-iii» o» Insiru- 
iiieniui liillluii. Iliorn Is uliiinii.iut 
uiMiiiriiiiiliv rur • ■■oiipr.iiliin iviiu 
drnii.i 111(1 (lame which nlsn iilav un 
in live n.irl in Hie Hiluud'n ariltllh-s 
I Jiiii'i'-s ure jImi iirmiilpit iii uiusic 
.«» i. H K.. " O " n ml ■■ A ” level! 

Scale 1 PosIb 

ilf.ti : Kill. .till III. 1 1|. Cl lA I I. Ill I! 

' M. veil . KCIKHII 

lll-l ll uver IliiuiI. Him kill .(III, bl: I 

1-1 Ul-llill UU2 1 

Ill'll 'hill, ll in ill years. 

I -■lllllii'rtiiilislve 

1 li-.i>nnldiresM 

(•-■liilretl (II 

I -.ii her ul Nreillewiirh iHmle li In 
wurk w-lililii ihe iIuiiip I a im 'iiu ii > 
lii'liariiiiefil. llutlnii lilt Ural tw*'s nil nlrld iiiiiT buys fulfil W u 

( .r.iirau nn ndvunlnqe. It la Iniiiorhini laiiilldnii-s sin ill til bn in niui- 
fjilBv Willi Ihq ChrlMlan el hot of r.hiiri h nf i.nglatin sdirinl. 
Ani'HraiMin .slmuhl ho nrnrio In wrll- 

Scale 1 Post's 

ornibury I’ark; Uverugui fluid 

01-607 B.TR7 

nmi: Saji in m mi 

Rcimlred for Bcr.lcnihcr: 

A imrl-llnie i .Tn isnchnr nf Msili- 
ruiBilcs to Bharo In iho work ot s 
wol orflsnispd d-purinienl . 

rlQ S ll Y .AHowanco payubm 
further dclallk, and auuii'. alhm 
ufiMl fr0fn 1,10 Ihriinl ll nn m iim 

Brnciifii.!. is.m.i sciionr. 
Badgohlll Paid, Carionl. St r, 
Tol-t Dl-fiOH B'H 1 or ill -iVi.l H'775 
Rail: tt.OWJ: laron «Ulh form. , 
Required lor Hvjilnnib'.r- 
Tcaclic-r for Maihemaius Willi nun 
General ScImici-. Rvriv hehi .ml 
on mil rage men i wemiri im niivu m a 
new niiri-.iuuc Whii cuulil n'.iy ■ mil 
fori In lilt* life nf ihe vcliuui. fi-.ise 
".v'fx gr lolo|ihnne. ror an dojill- 
. caiwn 'farm... • i i- >: 

tfc-JSflwA* APoerrLB ’. 

ll. to' tB r«sr*: 

community Education 


S oad^ and vlMts .Tin* ' weltompd' bv 
npp.tntm.4n1 . ■ i London Allowxnca 

BlSi'fciS 1 . ^fXusJviM.'ta^q ife£gp ! - r ^ m *." n “' 

Mr “' Ksthlssn Mil* *,*■■?( fpCi aunlidsdoji rnnna (nm 
them. . ... • ... ;llif klradniasiPT, ; i 

Bfflrtru v • • • ■ • 

fnlavs an. academic 'renuiatiqiV and - j' ■ . ■ 

ts engaged in currtcuWn nnd soolaV , GEOGRAPHY ■ 

iJevoMiimcnia over a w Un ffeld. — '■ unvunnrni., 

Apnilraiionb are [nulled ror Beo- " 

’r^st 0 *" 6W,n “ * 5r : Head ot DeparlnianV . 

SSkWo 1 Vi^d^^. iv ■* .! : :*. 

■ir.-iol la conuniHed lo n uitor-based Tol.; 0l-2nf» .hWi - 
n'Y'.inirnnie . HiRiuqhoiit ihs mw .' Knlp(nailar | Nonnan Thotns&it.'' 
years tyhlcH cut* nrrols cUiTltillurn : :M-A. J • ' : "j • ■ .■ • ~ . in - mnsldfi- . Inire>rl«iu • llnii ■ «19| hnvs ubl glr« 


Scale 1 Poaia 

acunii luaicui i:y *h m.j 

mirnlHey NW'i IHJ 
iioir i.i mi 
Tei. m-mn 

Itpiiiilrisl Mr He i item h- r nr as s.n.n 
us Jiofcslllle . 

A her wllh .iinil.idrl.ili' i'\|iiirl' 
Min In Um Itiiiii' 1 11 * 1111 ; im* ji l 
Ilie doiwriiupul Is a llvHi .mil 
pnterprising ih-iurimi-iil wlilih 
cnloM for Tho needs nl muiiII iiruiids 
of L-lillilrun wild i>u>li- 
Usns. nrovliles rriutmii wiirl.nlinn* 
1 1 o 1 1 ■ 10 uw I hsi rmi iii i'll i 'UK wllh re.iii. 
Illy illirii miles IIII'I < iiillr-nile Willi 
ihn i;ni|lish liPi-ariini-ni In i.iLklliiii 
Ilie iirolili'iiih ol lllmurv. A Hi ale J 
]i.-ji*i is nv.illalili' I n a siill.iMi' ■ .null* 
n.i I ■■ 

i hni:hi iii:\in is 11 ■ si.ihkh 

IK-ei'ln mil Hua i. Tu'iiiiiii. hU I r 

Tel (H-liJ2 Il'dl'J . 

Hull l.hnu. i iiiiieri hi-iislve 
I li-.i diiusler H.ivt'l I'miiT. II Sr., 
I .11.3. A 

ll-.'iiilr.'*! Irani* Sepleiiilier 
A llviii' Tnudiiir iu|i l« . >>. Ihn 
main niiiiiluals will be nn 

tlnn wllh sii.nll nslrarihm 

rhisscs. Inli-roic.i Ipji hers are In- 
viieil in IvU'iiliom' Ilie sil.ool I" 
arrange .Hi ii|»i»}muuciil In see Ihe 
<>iirliiiniil. ... , 

Ain.ll.'Himn lurius are m.i'l Mile hum 
ilii. Ile.iil.i.j'.ivr al lliu tkl.uui 


Heads ol Deparimen) 

STHTIKUI.I.I. MANUK HI 11 lllll! . 
cl.ii.ii.uii H'i.kI. l.umlnn. ah" h.\l. 

I I HI -TAT i>li>. i 7 II 
Huriili.iili c.rumi 12 

l|n II. l.Sr., * .MM ure- 

lien si ve 

il.Mtlu.isiress Mr*. M. I . Hardy. 

II A ill'iil-' l 

iii-'iulreil ... 

lii'i‘1 nr Chemlslry .ft. ale A i . A 
(.I.euiKlrv le.uliei in nil i .lull 
ll .lieil il.'ii.iriiiii m. Giimllilalen 
slmuhl li.iv" esii-ll.'ii. e In ti-.u liiun 
Ih- lllll 1 . 111 ( 11 . ill .lllllHV. 1(1. Ill ri' 
di. . I In •• A level .111.1 lie III 
In li-.ll ll ill'll' r.ll s.' leiii e in Ilie 
Inwi-r Si In ml there Is all nver.ill 

He. »,1 uf Ilie S. l.'in - nl .uni 

11. id* ul lli'ii.irlli.elil ill Hu' lliri i> 
si'ii irjle si ti m >'s. I lie Hi lrur- 
li.irlin.'iil lias |u liili.ii.iliirie* nml 
ve lev link mils Null li'lil I .in.ihliu il 
Sill'll... Is l.iiiaht In nilse.l .ihllll v 
l lasses In Y'sirs I .mil 'J. In Y'-tir A 
I .!■ fin litre . I'livnis nml liillluii v are 
laihihi m i.ri'i'.ii.iiiijii lur idiiraes lu 
Ilie |l|.|i-r Helm'll Hie I .lu-nilsli v 

in uses Hie Niiflielil ivl- mil jini'il-. are |iri*iHiri >1 Inr 

Ihn I . H It Sluile I AlliTli lllVI' liujier 
ni ihe l.iuiilnii I'liiViTsilv 11 ” anil 
" A " level 

Ai'i'll. at imi fi.l ii.s .net im Hu I 

S I- la Ms ale av.lX.IUI.' II ■(.«> Ihe ‘a I 

ie. lei. in 

Scale 1 Posts 

.HIIIN I HI III mis It' ll- »\ **• 

I Timet Wav. MW f »|IJI 

■ ii m non crnailvp Hiuutns ('.aiiiuf 
lvl.ll h Im in ilea I Al 

■ireaeni older implls um i.repared fur 
t: H I.. PMiiiHiiuiinii* hill it Is envi- Him " (i ■■ level nuri " A " 
l.ivi'l i nurses will hn dcvnluiirrt n* 
Ihe >■ hooi exihinils, Ability In uisist 

wllh C H.l. ('.hint Do vein i.i , irn I 

d ChrlMlan el hoi of 
1. rm I, in it fuiinnl. 

Inu lu iho Ih-d.lnilHimsi ivimln seven 
4.ira giving nqp, qii.illflrullons. 
exiiCTfonee Imieilmr with Ilie ndiue* 
ui I'aij rriern.-s 


Posts of Responsibility 


A'lic-rstidm Valo 8 C.l-1 
Htnuirmi In HDiiinnber: 

A lejthtr of Olns' HI .yah a I Fdurs- 
Hnn Si -ft In 11 

r^nril.laiei bid ueicamb iq visit ii.o 
■Clmnt Apiilltallnn forms Irian ilia 
llpddiiilMross. . 

niv iiiviivw tui ant ■ ■ 

606,1 " Doaiib 1 !? ror • Head ol Departmanl . 

SSkWu 1 Vload f LindOn, W T .! ^ i*. 

nr.-iol la conunlned lo a tuior-based. Tol.j 0 l- 2 nf» iwi - 
niYi-inironiP . Ilirquqhoht ihe fliv .' Hnlfllndilgr i' Nonpan ThohisOH*'' 
ypjrs. which cut* nrmis cuirltnTum : :M-A. J • ' : • \ \ 

Iej< in - rnulner lnire>rl«iu ■ Wnii-*lWi abl qlrW 
avuacta of nnrsnmt' snif social do- M’STHea for 5 nilciiiber. JiT7. or aa 
vatDlKiienl. Htaiu p| Yrjrj i. Ci and ' soen a? jiii’TWiitda. 

« .virir.(HTo>r is n.i school 

••vnifjillfa Terra rp, R 2 . 

Tnl. . (11-73*1 7!|SM 

K ' Win. Ll lo HI vears:>* 

Required in Snpicmhtr: 

.1 W'-H-nunllliart leaclinr I Si alp *2. li 
al i j j si.(.,ni 1 -in-thiil'jD ol f i: 

u hhh has an '-t. all. in 

■I'nrili.'i r.'rf.rd 

A^mrams sre milted to Visit llm 

J EcalB .1 PoRlBT: 

aaalfweraisr 1 ''"*" 

null • 820 puptu , . 

'• l ?^ r,l,,, 8 . “"S WHnnday 
AppMckiisn in Writ lhg, nsmlna Iwn 

W«Ul?r|l %S 

'•*•.' I • . ■ \ 


* V 

Tel iiL-'nin iil-ii! 

II. ill fh'l lllll'.. |.lir|l'.«.' Illilll Id".- 
|ir.'|i..|lsl(e III I lldl mil I I4-.ISU.I He 
l* III. e . i.i' ,1 L'.l. I 1 .. 1 I 1 ■■". l.l I. !l I . 
" II ' .iii.l " A " level a ■ . 1 . .1 . 

Hiiuris tu. In. i>- >niini’i mi. I ( .ii. i» i»..i 

IIIm ■). Hue Is ll. .'l.l .mil V Islls ai. • 

h.'li ui . ii it i iv niu.'iiiiiii.eiil ( I .».. li.ii 

iilliiw.iiii e I'.inl i 

ll'-(iulr>'.i i»r 7 i''iiii-ii.b' r nr us h.k.i. 

I >.'1114.11 Hi li'lil v a 11.1 I .IllSdl'.ll v l'l 
" ll " level. I I' alilf Id III.' 
I.l.elillsllv l'l " A " li-V.'l si.u.ii.l 

I till llii.- 

H.a.d llir iiiiiI.i ..Imil I. ii ...* II*.... 

Ilie il.'.i.l.'.asier 

MAf.KNIV In IW NS rh ll i 

I thill 111! 1 .11. lllr.-li .-ll -IV i- " 

UdWlls I'alk, I *• H'«l» 
lei VH-. Illiri'i 

lleiiiiirisl im H.-i'ii i.ii.-r ii |■"*•llll- 
Ollieiwlsu J.iiiu.nv .* trail. l-r iH'..le 
,‘Ji ID III in.- l'l. V r ll * le.lil. lllll 
ami la b- ivsiju ii siiiie Inr ( nnii 1 
Inn n M'Kle ■ (ii-ni i .il Hileni e 
florae tn lliu Inurih .inrl (mil vear* 
In the- first llvii V> ..r* NnliirlJ 

. nnm biped 3'lenie h i.iunhl. in 
llip third veal Iwu ui-i lulls nei 

K eek am giw-n Hi e u Ii nl l>l'V>l(s. 

nener.ii v and lliuianv In Bepieiu. 
her ilifTi- will Im- four nuiinn iirumis 
In Pli wlcs in hoi!. IM-i Hi pint Hill, 
yi-jri. A " li-v-'l wnrl: v* lilt k''i>- 
ario lower jtnj iii.i-t r..ri«s is 
now DVSbILshi'd I hero Is an (i|illl' 
NLjJu .7 e sallikn.i I lull in I.ICI ll Hal 
brill f.iotimr.ic I n.|iiii.| i.iui wm. i. laki'll i hy gunils onlllVi Inr 
Physics n.'iural hm uie !•, ba>i 4 
on NuliieiA*' Si it.ner nml 
is talrn hv hciv* i'"t vi'nii fin ihe 
Bella rale Silent..*, Tile wlrn> d 
aeiwil.iiL-iil (if Iii **.irhs ai.ii 
ili-vr-inus iiiilrsi.* I rjiiis-ialiv.'iv |.||4 
a l"ach'T wllilim In -.ail. wil'i i ol- 
lej-lll'.* In F.ilth-T ill Vi'IOl'iii'l 
SOlM'ID* t» sought 
Annllr.inti a>e tt-l'OIl.e Hi *K.| II. 
ulIidiI Ijy lelt-phruiii .n.iiuiiili.ivlil 

Heads ol Oeparlment 

. ac.i .isn 


Hi in. Ill 1\ ih M 
RMd hk ". JUJ 


lad. |o >i 

caltan Form* trwn Uii HwHtmasiay. tho^ttioaL* irom Hesaknavltr 41 

- , . BOftle 1 PoBlg • ■■BOHOOL • 

rMaihwnailca snd TW iI.'iQi-Mj I 1 S | 1 _7aQ olut; purnDp-huiii com*' 

Vf-iVite 1,8,8 »«*•*» k:., 

Hi.iiii nr .,1 mill rested «.a 

aj'l.ltinnun fornii , 

Scale 1 Pen, 

I 1 ILNHlvrl V?iK j 


Ill'DllllliSJI OSS * 

■Mil. 'Irttl Ijiria, 11 Irt I* 
i iiiiiprelieiislvo w u B 
ii'.imvil lur hD|iiDnib-r: 1 

Ea:-. 1 " Mpi»Ti» nfk and In- 
(priecrlng a*., on a'|v..M.,gi* Idf trn» 

Scale 1 Posit 

.j^HirFmiB n c. uoyb* . 

C.nnerni utiencr i.B,. aX1'< 

^teuon'?. VB « lha «-:| 

yu , iur£ ,l,,Ttr, "* t "i* 1 
Primes to ay. swi'i me 
T el. - UI.7HII H142 W 
Hull 7r.O-|iliia. Puronu.bss 
nr. I . mi si ve Uli unyiiij. 

With .esL.bllslied ’ 
ll tint! "A" hi 
aimns tnciudo saiim,* I III I uu is good Ul 
wi-li Dined by , 

Allowance liald.. 

Required Tor SoplnnkTu 
a. misklble. 

Lcuii'iinlts nnri Hlllarr required la ubiH,., 
ni " A ' luvol and ivils rsw 
lory In Lower School. IU*k£ 
io (l—VClOJI IIusIaoh Slot 
slvlh year and B nrjlto 
kind uf butkpround win a, j i 
,1 (Halil am- . fnfl llinni. 

S A It fur n millennia fjni'i 
the lUsiriiuahicr. 

ivANnsw’omii school 

Hutlirrl.iiift Drove. BauihlWv 

Knl i i.ruin buva 
B.iiillilleiilh Malian l.l OHotiln 
ulilv Iwu in In u u -5 walk lu vu 
11 >'i|iilreil lur Hn|.|«nb(M'.Ti*a 
Sbdil JS luisslble IhcnllUf: 

C i le.n h. r m run i uni wjvtd 
iiilivliliinl Work Chim >u j 'Ilie cenin pniBsM 
Bin ill minilier ol b(iyi vh»*h> 
Hi v la i ope uukri iin iwj 
Iii siniie ur ilirlr nnrtralVBri 
Ilie le.n li'T JiiJolnM rt irt 
lii'U BviHi'-itliv for difima (Km 
ami Ilie nlilllly la far Lie All 
pm .mi ay e ai .ii uio nil ol 
iiN.ile Hi ilirlr notdl. Aidndi 
va ii n sell lug will LnnlUlq k - 
ViilVi'.l liul Hi.Bclllr auobir field Is lint a wrrut.. , 
Blmri listed umilidilM rtikk 
vilfd to visit llir ** jrj “* 

I iirilie r ilPMIIs sni 
lui-i.m |n>ui the llcj 



UdIcbJ Studies 



Trf ■ llayloluh 773AJ0 
lEtilNicV- fcl-UDIES 
crtiuiml tor He lit cm bar, 

i- ; j^-BHECIAUBT to lesch 
uAaiMui 11*16 boo range : 


* 7 |u ri*it to tho setiool, 
"'“'fnvEiwfl eaiooL 
i Rou ; r.600 1 


B?!^i DfjunnfSit. ExcallBn! 
giflWi : own room ; rutl, 

r i Mchnlcii assistance, um- 
rmoe Alfowanco of BIBO . 
rtf miiuii pays bto. 

HtJ» ippiy lo, tho BCtlOOl 
5 . t»o 

Z B pcd addiv&aca onvotopea 
i*r mnDWladgmoiit of receipt 
jsd floiincqifon of roBUll of 

(fjtlMflrn. 1 * 

M^WMI-gqulMMd (or Cran 
re^roos and Kill cSrfculum 



a i MAIIY--S moil SCHOOL 
'Church of England) 

Cheshunt ENfi OED 
(Afl-abi lily school: ftlo pupil i 

i? l 0| n “ rorwart-looklng Da- 

femr 1 * f n Toc s no, v 0 ?^ '«a 

rquJepoil cajilro. Coufses m 
leVol ■' ° lovo, «w*"A" 

-i.mUP ll . c S Uon * With full curri- 

rnrnH.ii. S . 0 daialls of two 

UoaSSS2«t£>? a,(1 b0 **"« 10 



i Croup 10 ) 


Posts ol Respons 



■ d ecial 
S i' -UCAT10N 

V.-i "lll-71H 4 f '51 

II. JlH-USleT „ n ,hrrntll"‘ 

II. •illlr.'tl In Scr,.U'i’ 1 2 f 
|.o^ib*e. w? 

In IK' rcSi'Oi»lW» 

M.Irt-rn CuihlhH. Vt*.*#* 

Seals 1 


It n't m frjtfSSr 

I ,'iiTirnied Ba »r**L 

in'! lipll .. '"tW 

iir'-s'-nl »» B i^'JJIaaBt t * 0 
pu-ni wiih MwJjjTyfJ 
rni'.cd T** ■L'SSttfSS 
small i-iauM- ina 
intuirliial tti'W^ 

* 1 Mss!bla^‘ B,p, * TT,h '''’ *'( j s sfoh 

lt n ud»*s , ?f^2ir , x HM A !•»*•■" »• 

Si» uuiiPfc * 1 '» diiuiimmi 
u T M l '7 r f f ' w.,rkMii,i„ u'lrt 
boJi ISa Drawing fuem*. All 

' wKtfi,i »nn. , .■* mil OjluTrd tu ii.e 
seliDni '(nils in the low. r 

Of -.f-an-Vi.-' u ", .*"»um1 in nni 
c: s T .i n ^ n ,? n si 

• An'Li «fLLL.12l?.. "Ai* 1 

hT ,„«« ««<= "** 



or *• ***>" 

SBewt atfarug 

*gwj»wrd wurakhupB, leara of ai* 

ft /?/)///7/*/Y te p 'I ca l r ®r* ,nv,led ,rom sullabry qualified teachers 

~ 0 ('tS'Sty & C/(///C// for I fie following posts In the Authority's sendee* ‘ 

VJ j i , l A AI1 P° sl8 Sc ale 1 unleaa otherwise slated. 



Dyffryn Comprehensive, Margam, Perl Talbot 
(Mixed) (1,200 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) Two Posla 
(Post Ref. 6S7/1.11.77) 


"Cefn Hengoed Comprehensive, Caldicot Road. Winch 
Wen. Swansea 

* (Mixed) (1.625 on roll) (Age Range 11*18) io ‘A’ 
Level. Seals 2. (Post Rel. 2S18/2.11.77) 


Penyrheol Comprehensive, Pontarddulals Hoad, Gor- 
selnon, Swansea 

(Mixed) (1,800 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) Year 1 
(Post Ref. 8817/3.11.77) 

. * Penlan Comprehensive, Heol Gwyrosydd, Penlan, 
Swansea • 

(Boys) (1.500 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) to. slow 
learning boys. (Post Ref. 3S15/4.11.77) 


Bishop Gore Comprehensive, De La Beche Road, Sfteily. 

(Mixed) (1,750 on roll) (Age Range 13-18) to ‘ 0 ‘ 
and A* Level. Also Physical Science. (Post Ref. 


Penyrheol Comprehensive, Ponlarddulsls Road 

(Mixed) (1.800 on roll) (Age Range 11-18 ) (PobI 
Ref. 3S17/6.11.77) 

* Cefn Hengoed Comprehensive, Caldicot Road, Winch 
Wen, Swansea 

(Mixed) (1,025 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) Also Social 
Education. (Poet Rel. 2S18/7.11.77) 


Penlrehafod Comprehensive, Ponlreliafod Road, Halod. 

(Mixed) (40 on roll) (Age Range 13-18) Head ol 
^apartment Scale 3 also development of Social Studies 
(Post Ref. 2SH/B.11.77) 

Gowerlon Comprehensive, Cecil Road. Gowerton 

(Mixed) (1.759 on roll) tAge Range 11-18) Head of 
Department Scale A (Post Ref. 1S3/9.11.77) 


Gowerton Comprehensive, Cecil Road, Gowerlon 

1S3/ 10^11 77 f 9 rOM> (Age Ran ° e 1118 > < Post R ef- 


Olclifa Comprehensive, Gower Road. Shelly, Swansea 

1S1/n U77? 4 0,1 10,11 tA,|f * n,l,,n,, < Pos l Rel. 

Morriston Senior Comprehensive, Heol Maes Eglwys, 
Cwmrfwdyoelrw, Morrlslon 

4S 12/12 / 1 ’77? ° n rOH) (AflB Ran0fl 13 ' 18) f PoBl Re/ - 

Glanafan Comprehonslvo, Station Road, Pori Talbol 
(Mixed) (1.230 on mil) (Age Range 11-18) also French 
(Post Ref. 655/13.11.77) 

Btohop Gore Comprehensive. De La Beche Road, 
Skelly, Swansea 

(Mixed) (1,760 on toll) (Age Range 13-18) (Post Ref. 

Morriston Senior Comprehensive, Heol Maes Eglwvs, 
Cwmrhydycelrw, Morriston 

(Mixed) (1.040 on mil) (Age Range 13-18) (Post Ref. 


Gowerlon Comprehensive. Cecil Hoad, Gowerton, 

(Mixed) (1.759 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) (Post 
Ref. 183/16.11.77} 


Penyrheol Comprehensive. Pontarddulals Road, 


(Mixed) (1.800 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) (Posl Ref. 
3S1 7/17-1 1.77) 

Lfangalwg Comprehensive, Cedoxlon, Nealh 
(Mixed) (1.316 on roll (Aga Range 11-18) Also Com- 
puter Studies. (Posl Ref 5S8/18.1 1.77) 

Dyffryn Comprehensive, Margam, Port Talbot 
(Mixed) (1.200 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) Also 
Science. (Post Ref. 6S7/19.11.77) 

SandHoWs Comprehensive, Southdown View, Port 

685/20.1 {.77)° 00 ■ f0,,X lA °? ^ ' 'PM 


Gowerlon Comprehensive, Cecil Road, Gowerlon, 1 

Swansea I 

(Mixed) (1.759 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) (Posl Raf. j 
183/31/11.77} ■ , 

Penyrheol Comprehensive, Pontarddulals Road, 
Gorselnon, Swansea I 

(Mixed) (1,800 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) Also Gen- 
eral Craft. (Posl Raf. 3817/23.11.77} 1 


* Pflnlan Comprehensive, Heol Gwrosydd, Penlan, £ 

Swansea F 

(Mixed) (1.600 qh roll) (Age Range 11-18) lo 'A 1 y 

Level or Physics and Chemistry to ' O ' Level (Posl Ref, r 
3S15/23.11.77) q 

Morriston Senior Comprehensive, Heol Maes Eglwys, . P 

Cwmrhydycelrw, Morrlslon n 

(Mixed) (1.040 on roll) (Age Range 13-18) to C.8.E., ( 

* O ’ and ‘ A ' Level and assist wilh Science. This Is ■ A 

a temporary post for . one year due lo the secondment p 

ofthe post holder. (Posl Rel. 4S1 2/24.1 1.77) .•) ... a 
Penyrheol Comprehensive, Ponlarddufele Road, fl 

Goneinon . . • C 

(Mixed) (1,800 on roil) (Aqb Range 11-18) to C.8.E.; ci 

•O' and 'A'. Level and General .Science. Scale 2, -Ji 
(Posl Rel. 3S17/25-1 1.77) • ir 

pr"ortlJ B schoS| ef ° re lha SCh00 ' nama ^dlcates a social 


Teibrrt* 1 *** Com P rBhen8rve » Southdown View, Pori 

nflnB a r?J,4, ( ?' 5 c D , on • rol JL <Afle Ran J e 11-16) Head of 
Department. Scale 2. (Posl Ref. 6S5/2B.11.77) 


fS? n M O ,T 0h9n !! ,B ' CbcH Road . Q °werton 
1 183/27.11 V/f 9 ° n mU) (Age range ( p osi Rel. 


??!* 2 1 ™ e l ^°'3?P r8har,a,ve ' Portia rdowe, Nr. 8wansea 

.i 1 ; 930 °r ro i‘L (AQO Range 11-18) Nuflieid 
.. science io forms 1 and 2. (Posl Ref. 4 SI 3/28.1 1.77) 
Gowerton Comprehensive, Cecil Road, Gowerton 

1 I S3 / 29.1 1 .77 f 9 ° n r ° l,) tAQo RHn0a n1 ' tBi < PoBl Rel. 


* Cefn Hengoed Comprehensive, Caldicot Road, Winch 
f wen, Swansea 

(Mixed) (1.625 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) To t«ach 
basic scienllfic skills (Post Ref. 2818/30.11.77) 

?Mi!JirtY C ??fI5 h * nilvi ?,’* Qower noad ' StoHy, Swansea 
^xed) (2,154 on roll) (Age Range 11-18) To C.S.E. 
and O Level. (Post Ref. 1S1/31. 11.77) 

Swansea Camprahanalv6 ' He °l Gwyrosydd, Penlan, 

W SS 70 C - S ' E - 


Morrisloif 5 N Jun,0r ’ MyrtyddgaralwyiRoad, 

(62 on roll) (Age Range 5-11) To take a group 

sasTuS! ^r l o s sp D j/t3 m ,i; n 7, Specia ' Ed " c8,ion , 




eras™ p a„ MaMirgw,,n " RMd - 

M1 > 3 Pos,s lPosl 


Gl «n y-Wern Rond, Trallwn, Llansamlel 

R“rD^T ( mcV3/p" 4 l ,^.S, nBO 7 '"’ 2 P0S1E |P0SI 

Godrergrslg Primary, Godre'rgralg, Ystslyfera 

niilTrS’.T 1 Af 10 Rsnuo 3 - 1U <Po51 Re1 ' 

Bhchurovo Junior, Heol Dulnls, Dlrchflrovo, Swansea 

1 °'l r ° IJ) <Afl0 Rt,n 0® 7-11) (P0SI R©f. 

DISTRICT *f/P 14/37.1 1.77) 

Roatt - 

Bano * Mi » [pmi n « i 


S» f B*S cl fi*ft non * Vnyaiswe. Swansea 

StWiKW s Ra " e "’ M,) (Posl Re '' 

Alllwen Infants, Alliwen, Poniard awe, Swansea 

M™ir'J/P,I/ n ,0 ro i!!77) A0e Ranm 371 (PMI Re '' 
Crolglelen. Clydaoh, Swansea 

distr^t'i/p./aii 0 !'!?^ 98 Rfln °’ 3111 < P<1BI Re( ' 

Cralgcefnparc Primary, Crolgcefnparc, Clydaoh, 

Swansea 1 

Mt < J5p?;/jT; ) t./ 7 a , b8 Ran,I,, M, » {p °“ Ret 



Coedffranc Junior, Stanley Road, Skewen, Nealh 
(Mixed) (336 on roll) (Age Range 7-11 years) nro- 
JJwiCY * n W elsh ret 1 uired (Post Raf. DISTRICT 6/ 

rll/43-il a 77f 


Brynhylryd Primary, Giant's Grave Road, Billon Petty, 


(Mixed) (176 on roll) (Age Range 6-11) Responsible 
for music in Junior section. Scale 2. (Posl Ref DIS- 
TRICT 8/P12/44.1 1.77} ' Ma 

ssr;™ TDmicT ' 

Qyn ?^ aa A• pon,rf W d V f en. Port Talbot 
(Miffed) (132 on roil) (Age Range 3-11) Applicants for 
this posl musf be fluent Welsh speakers and able lo 

DISTRICT U S/V' h u 1 jf) nam 01 lhe Janfluage. (p os , R e (. 

Croeserw Primary, Pori Talbot 

Ranfle w, » ,Po61 RbI ' 


1^'ldB y ° u,h Wing, Soulhdown View, Port Talbot 
rutf-iime Leader required' for the above purpose-built 
youih Wing which is attached to a 11-18 veara age 
Cojnpreheneive. School. Applloants should be 
P' k'.'h accordance wiih the Eleventh Report of 
- u N A Ci Commiliee for Youth Leaders and 1 Com- 

wmn j - n ' c ' 3 - 

Application forms and T furthar particulars ol sbaclfic 

H °BtemrtLi aV u^? e rr 2 rn r Ul , e underalgned on receipt of 
a stamped addressed foolscap envelope quoilhg (be 
appfoprlale post reference (a).'. ■_ 

CLOSING DATE.—The clostofl 'date for ihe receipt Of 
completed application forms is FRIDAY, 8th JULY, 1877. 

Isifi Of Educeuon. Educauofi Depart- ■ 

.merit, Princess House, Princess Way, Swansea v 

*, i r'1 1 ^ ? 

■' if. " ■ ; f 

; : 1 • - 1- •. 

■ j r ; 
r ; , •• 

1 1 , ; v ; 

, 'r- 

- •' . i. 

/. r, , ; 

County Council 


Primary and Special Schools 

Far application form sand damped ariliMsert foolscap s"Volape io 
Chief Lduealian Officer, P.O. Bo* 61, County Mall, Piealon, PRi flflJ. 
uniasa otherwise alalod. 

Secondary Schools 

Foffiis/lwtlicr details from and retumabla to tlio Head Teacher at 
the School. S A.E. plaaea. 


(Physically Handicapped} 

GENERAL ’su B WECrI, M wllh*ART, CRAFT and POTTERY lo ' O ‘ leval. 
Beale 8 ? 1 plue^p a^ 1 Sohoofa' 11 a" Iraiw ou a* and aleaping-ln allewaneai. 



Moor Park Avenue. Moor Park, Pi oshm 
J anuary. 1976. 


Scale 3- 

UP HOLLAND COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL (910 Mued), Sandbrojk Hoad. 
Oiroll. Wfeen. WNS 7AL 
hi September, 1077. 

MUSIC. . . t . 

2 (SCALE 3 for a more experienced leather!. 


lit Sepiemtier, 1977. 

ThaatreHn-Educeilon Team, 


BARSTANG HIGH (960). Obi slang Road, Bewgieave. Garslnng. 

September. 1977. 


wood. FY7 SHE 
September. 1977, 



FLEETWOOD GRAMMAfVBAILEY HIGH (Amalgamated) (1.000—200 
In Slh Farm), Poulton Hoed, Fleetwood 
September. 1S77. 


BLACKPOOL BT. MARY'S R.C. HIGH SCHOOL (1.100 Ml .act. It -18. 
to become Comprehensive In September), St. Walbuiga'a Road. 
September. 1977. 


■ Application form end details Irom Iha Handmiitresi. Layton Hill Con- 
vent. Blackpool, FY3 7EQ, 

ALL SAINTS R O. HIGH SCHOOL (Newly Amalgamated) (No. on 

Rail . 1.120 Mixed), Qeieleng Road Weal, Blackpool 



■ A ST-W.. --i-. •. v.. : v .r,: - --. , :■ 

BLACKPOOL, ST. GEORGE'S HIGH (980 Mixed), Cherry Trie Road, .' 


September, 1977. 

MATHEMATICS (Urllh some Junior Science). 

Old Rood. Blackpool 
1«l Soptomber. 1977. 

iLL.J? l .? LDQY -V p " ni1 •"eluding Sixth Form work. Irt Croat In 

Hprilculi ure «ni9/<ir Environmental Science deelmbia 

l RE . NC J? W «•*“«•) utf to •' O " level at tenet. Subsidiary sub- 
ject desirable. 

ES^U-"* 1 " HIGH 8CH00L 

1st September. 1977. 


REDE '® n -9; HIGH SCHOOL f45l» Mixed 11-18) 
"SES-W* ,'® Di strict Education Oil I car, 

<3 Woodlands Road. Ansdell, Lylhant St. Annae. 

1st September. 1077. 



AS A *Kirkh?m H ' LL H,0H ® CHOOL M'Mrf i Royal 

"i el September, 1977. - 

KSSKM! 01 l "" d > 

September. 1977. 

?^™ F m HY * u ^ E ?|(P. E “ ed,al ■" advantage. 

Ho^^ne Terlel^ 001 U,W ; ,M< Compr.hp naive), 

lei September, 1977. 


(2) FRENCH main, GERMAN subsidiary. 

K : 1e gH a 1 e r«S. V * LE H,aH i®”™ 1 »«) 

1st sep'emDer, 1977. 

(2) SOYS’ PE. 


(41 GIRLS- P E. 


Scale I or II. 

i-: •»* 


• n •Mj 

I/September. 1977. ■ • > V \ 

SqiENCE (Flrat Year teem). ... 

|im^.h^r RT< l'B77 OHfl H,OBY R C ' HIQH SCHOOL. North Road 
ENGLISH, with iome Drama, 

WS„?"" 0 " "* «««■ iimta 

September. 1977. i ' ■ ■ 

(tf music. . : ; , 

caf MATH|?w^ n qvaliriBf,,or8 ' 

Sapiamber, 187. . ‘ - , i ■■ ' 

MATHEMATICS— Modern Mai ham alio a lo ■ o 1 laval." • 

SERJ2 “"I" H, ? H 8 PH00L (Roll 920 girl. : 11-18 yt^alJ 

As soon as possible. 

HUM4N BIOLOGY lo O.S.E. level and Nnllleld Combined Scijnca. 

'BffortK™ HIGH SCHOOL {900 Mj.ed). Kelbrooi Road. BirnoMS*. 

Autumn Term. 1977. . 


WEST BANK HIGH SCHOOL' (No. 187), Tawd Valley Perk. Skelmere^ 

• lei September. 1877. 

... MATHEMATICS, • ... ;r'r- • , ••*.***■:" y‘ -■ 

' • r ~ n.ft'nrtf^ -y h 1-ttS.ryK . 

Technical SlihJics 


IJHANi '-L IMHK SI -I toy L 

l^jtiduii lloud. Ullilicy ...... 

Slx-rorm t-|ilri nil ability hoys 
scliaal with cue! lout site and radii- 

Ilrciiilr.'it Hi-nicinlif-r. ■ICACIIIill lur 
ri:r;iiNii:Ai. siuijils iecuio i 

! lns l.cindon irinun flllowaiicn i . 

ho npii.minwii lias aCL'riiiiiiiodj- 
ll'-.u ond faclMlIcs lor b wtdo i-nnut- 
or rnlii mi'l caimiil.iiffs aliaiild iimlr (Mrihuhir InK'iriia. 

I in Mir-r ilPiadi .nnll.ililc from Ifr-.i'l- 
ma.slor. lo u'lioin INii-rs or nii|>llr,|. 
tlnn siiduIiI bp Sent mnoihpr with 
jjBita iml 3-.iriri.s9-a ol rnlomiis. 


i London Horjimh or i 
nAifNlitl.r. si.iinui. 

Il.u-nl ill l Ljiup. Mavcs fill r 'ttn 

i nm.ihcr an roll i.Duu ; So In 
blit 1 onii ■ 

IlcaEiiiiBaiffr.' J. M .Iprfnrd. UR.;, 
ncnulrod far flpuluinbc-r. I "77. 
TECIlNtt^M. 8 rLDlLS ITAUlEll 
iScalo li. Ari|,IL'aIlDn> would be 
rwrilculafv wctconm Irani candt- 

K u wuii an lutercat In lactiuicai 

AonltcaUan fanna Tram and «■- 
lumabla lo the lload 1'oaclier. 


■ London Uaroiiiili ofi 
educ:ation CU.MM I itei: 
Tlio iXvtc Conlro. iJniiiion lload. 
Haunsloiv. Til'S rtDN 

1'anhhrook Road. I ol ilia in, 

THl’14 1’PU 
HoadniBaicr : 

Mr. (I. C. li. Whlddoil. J.P. 
Runulrod Sc-picnibor. 1V77 (Scale 
li ; 

8Unj LOTS to loin a well-naiahllihod 
teem of sire erafi lonclion. 

Thn post would pravo lo bff 
oxtromoly inlproaung io a won- 
quail nod nonou wlihlnn lo woik 
with oxrcllanf (acllkllffa lit a variety 
of aubJoclB v. Iiltli llidudo Wood. 
Motel. Plastic. T.D.. lilocl rallies, 

Tlio drrmrimont caien Tor nunlis 
or all nbimioi wlili nunn that 
load to C.B.1L In ttonrl. Mnlal ami 
T.D.. and "O'- anil ■■ A ” levels 
In T.u. and Dolgn and Tcciinotouv. 

first apiKtlnlmenli will bo con- 

London Allovanco *J2'*7 paynUe. 
LonqCurd tiriiool l>. a fully- 
dovolonoil co-oduc-alloiinl nlolu-fonu 
cnlry comimshnusIvD 1 1 1 plus lo 
ill plus nyp ranqo 1.IOO plus mi 
Toll } bJBiMl an n Hcliool Consolllnn. 
House-TuiuHiil ornanl radon. 

you are arrklng vour [ 
pniiolnlmrnl, plensp aialo. m Uml 
tho npnraio-iaio form may bo aoni. 

(-.losing dale : Friday. 30th .luno. 
1*177 ■ 

Tho Education Conimlllon lius 
power to consider nmiiicallans from 
experienced lent hors for asaisianc>. 
towards ranioval. dlslurbanco or 

eoparallon c.xncnsrs. 

, Loiters of aniillcallon In tin* flrat 
In sla iic a to IIid llrjil Toachr.r at 
the School, givlnu doi.itis or qumi- 
llcallans and nanus of two rofrrcn* 

.. . amber on roh l.MOi 
Apnifratlons urn tnvllnl for n post 
In this 12-Form onlrv unnor action] 

$n>m o£3ra.n , l.A'fe!^ r r% 


ifa, flown*: K«ni 


Hlngli-Wull n-lilii. Hi.iVi.jPlid 
■ Hall l.-JOn Mixed ' 

riiiB we lilteli lechopl. anr re'in' 

11-16. In llm Tli a i no!- -aide »• 
for srcoiidJiy oruiml.-ailon. wlll.ii 
imuiirolionslve Tnial.o luip .l*'; 
Lou-.-r Sclioul and couraoa lonrtinii 
io C.S.L and ts.c.i: csumlnailoiia 
mill ns Mam School. 

It rn Hi red for Bi-idi.nibcr. 11*77 . 
Jirm. Hi .lie I. I r i twill In III'; 
noairm fnculiv ^The nirinasliM 
o mil 'rani would hr rsiwleil lo 
lisirll mnlnly Mvl.ilwoiL. Willi 
aanui Word work gild Tociinif-Il 
Drawing Tlio in cully lx mipi.IIp.I 
will, uiodcru iviuiiiiiinni nii.l »imi ..n • 
l-n.l nccui'i’iioJ ilinn. ApdII' .ilions 
will l». wnfiuiiiod Iruiil m-w nitrauls 
lo ilia i .ruffs s!un ns Will as Hum 
uiiablldti'd icachoM. 

Anslsiiincii willi i cm oval and rn- 
solilniLivni o'kpomiPi In approved 


npulv linmodi.iloly ino forum in 
Hid lli.idm-isiKi' Rlvlnii lull H'-i.iiIh 
nnd tho numi's ami .<ddvcr,i<a uf 
liiofusnlonnl roforLOi. 

: d ' i U «i?7. MEDWAY DIVISION 

nor.iinainn. temple 
Dronjplon^l'ann Hoad. I- rinds bury 

Warded f^r* Soniembm- n TrACMCR 
Of CflAIT BUDIRC-fS (o lpnrli 
Woodwork, Mclalwork, Pins! lea, 
Toclinlcnl Draw Inn or a ranihlna- 
lion of any of llicso. This ll a 
Hculn i post iii n lively rtnrarimmi 
wiih iD.-icliljia to C.S.L. and 
U.C.C. ■■ O level. 

A vounn trocher of lulHaili'i* h 
lot>i.,-u Tor i,nrt unpllcnilons gliouM 
bn inado lu llio llcadmiialrr in' 
Ictlcr aa soon no nosllilo. Hiravr 

S lvo dolalls of amillflrniione and 
lie nonius or iwo retnreus. 




(1(011 1 .700 1 

Application* nro Invllrd for the 
WOOD and METALWORK, Scale 1. 

Application form a valla bio from 
Mrs. A. O. Lappln. B.A.. Heart- 
i.ilau-oas, Uphury Manor Socondaiv 
ScJiooi, Marlborouuh Hoad. Gllllnn- 
ham. Kent. 


Oak wood Road. MulUsiono 
i Hf,0 Mlvad i 

High School with comnreliontlvn 
l.ownr Hrhool. Pfnw lmll ill tin s with 
uaoil fneillilM. O.C.i:, ■ ri ■* lerei. 

lnu-i-iiM oxamlnallons and C.B.E, 

I Inn ill red Ti:AQIir.ll In the TliCtl- Si'iurrTS Dr.l’AirrMLNT. 
niatnly Metalwork but vorAalllliy 
onkeil for.’ Could aim a baulnner. 
but for, an rypeiluiircd teacher able 
lo unilniuko pa x lorn E. or ollmi 
rospOMxibiiuioi, a Sen la 2 past a 

. .Application. , qlvlng curriculum 
vitae and the name* or two 
jornrop* io i In; Ilisidninsirr from 
whom riirihrr del alls nro available 

lainrop*. io i in; msiuniniirr rrpin 
wiiom riirihrr* doialla nro available 
on rncelpt of stamped nadroisod 

HcaUuns and n.inn-s of Iwo refrren* 
(stamped addraMod envelops, 
plpaxo > ■ _ 



EDl'llA ITON 1)1. 1 'Alt r\IF.N r 

Brelvfi'fiij.n iiMjii sciHior. 

HcmsweU Avenue, Klngitun uunn 
** 1 n - U - A - 
Required Tor Brnlrnibor, l r i77, e 

ii:Aciir.ii or ruatNH.Ai. uuAw- 
INC! m.iinlv. Ti-fhnlcnl Druivinii 
is Li unfit la an icii’ii or -■ hiluv 
and pun'! 3 uri> mi, -mil rur C.S.I . 
*■ (I '■ nnd “ A " Irvvli. Tin* 

{ mrsnn hhhoIpimI will bn p\ncri,>il 
a Mi, in- In llu- wr,rl i<f llu> lii- 
oartninai ai mi ibr-*i- lav,-l«. Aimli. 
CJIliint will Im ui, name rrnni Iim- 
choro SDoLinn tbelr nnl aniioim- 

*«h la n niiv-it rani nrelir nil vi* 
•rlioai w;in l.i’jn piiull, uiimt n 
to U? ICUlfl. . 

Apnl leal Ion forms, av.illnbln from 
Iha tin art. B'inulcl be roliirniul In- 
jUlL-. di 


S DUCIATlriM fXlMMinrr. 
lOflLE miAMMAH St.llODI. 
loollircrry floole 
IffariinnHer ; P. Tned 
f Number on roll l.SlOi 



OrrM Iliii-klnnd. hlaidnlnno. 

Ilils six form pntry nil ahlliiy mixed 
aclinnl ourned In l«i7J and will 
uycnliidlly grow la Hboiil 'iut» pupils 
nr 11 to 16. Soma pupils (Vans Ter 
n IK lo 1H schools ; C.S.t. anil 
level courses nro duvctapliifl 
for lliiiso rniunlnlna. 

‘ejniiBo of increaxpil nunibera, TEA- 
i.llMl ur Ti:r:ilNlRAI CIIAIT. with 
0111*1 Ini I in r rest in Wuoilwnrk, ro- 

(wood, metal, and niodorn male. 
rials) *mo srhool Is wall rniim- 
ned and h» i n sound Irnilltlon of 
TmJipIchI rmd Enplncerlnn roursn*. 

A pnli ration form* may ho nb- 
ilned from the Ifeadnintlor and 
iniild be roiumod by llih July. 

»Va WUtt 

"O ,1'yo |i(ori' rrirmes |o 

I rilll.llil. 

I'KI* ud\n,| i urtliny. nuw IiiiIIiIIiiua. 

tLA' -HLH uf W ( 11)11. Ml* lALlvniiK 
U!" •■:*a , H |r AI. IIHAWINIi. li H.lli 
nnd (i.( f I.. 11 f) M t, VDi miiiFr^ 
runnlnp. PiisMldlliy of ticali- a l«i*1 

km -smr m-ft ib & 

IliiiiUiiiiin I -inn. Maldsinno 
iH.SO on roll cdmiiri-hciiHive Inlnhn) 
• n !!!EES B 1 ti»is , ii | be p 1-.77 niAriii n 
J 1 ' ..TFri'Nl'-AL fminti.fl iMfilin- 
inn'V, Mmaltvaili and Draw- 
“JO ! r J ‘•■l' . O Inivi btniulriril 
?' # ACW hflino] dcllnlilfutly Bel 
n « Qt nml plnv 

IJeW- A tirnitunin '1>.iiHer prr- 
p"d 1 b 1 1111 a l , P ,lLa ‘ I “"» comlil- 

nrlri 1 .? PJ .W^tcaHrm nmnliiB two 
glims tn Ibn ifen dmasir-r 


IIonm-.y moil sr-.itooi. 

HDT^So? 0 * 11 * llon " ,v - Kortlersflelrt 

tidSftggf* w - 18 ' ovw 300 »« 

for Sontnmber. 1377. 
pRAFT and DRsif;:) 
i woodwork Molalworki (Scale 1 1 
niotk BhaUl ,h0 Mh ° o1 - How Craft 

„ RtfaM*. npplv hy 1 id I nr in the 

S* a 5 1 r° r .wy A,r\° l00) ^ 



(Couiprehnnslva^ll to 10 

,l ' 1 1 ; M E!W kdrk/ 

IL(.llNfr.M. DltAWINU 
Scalo 1 

lurihrr* imp, | hn 
in ml. ihin'i li>iiii>.,|| l ,t( v iim 
with full in >-• '-iiiun 

^"jwio i ■ aprt idrirnsira 


ttoqulrod for Sep It 
A .TEACHER. If)' tho Dnslnn tc 

m * 

ejor wqutd 

. DravMand 

m wr 

’■V s 

:£«« and dls- 
«« axpocted m 



Metropolitan Borough of R^dJ] 


Closing dale for ail posts 4th July, 1977. 


For application forms, send sel (-addressed jianvwa 
envelope lo Hie Chief Education 0 Ulcer, EduciS. 
Department, Municipal Buildings, Mancheelsr QW S? 
Middleton, M24 4EA. Unless otherwise siaisd^eW 
ploled forms to bo returned to lhe Head ol Ihe Schw 


Forma and further details from and returnsbla i a 
Hoad Teacher nl tho School. Stamped BsH-addriBM 
envelope, please. **" 


High Birch Special (E.S.N.) (all age) 

Birch Rd.. Rochdale OL11 4RA. Tel. Rochdale 31752. 


A teacher is required for lhe age group 11-14 yyltfi s 
keen interest in the problems of slow leainlng art 
multi-handicapped children. The person spMkfed 
should be able to work as a member of an eslalitted 
team and be able to contribute In the areat j 
language, reading and numeracy remediation, fo 
appointment Includes responsibility for the jeto 
library. An interest in Outdoor Pursuits would bnr. 
advantage. Experience in epeclal education Is pi& 
able but applications from keen primary or miflt 
sohool teachers are not precluded. The appoiiriiwt 
will be at Scale 2 (5). 


Moorclose Nursery (3-5) 

Aspinall St.. Middleton, M2>l 2BE. Tel. 061-S43 titt 
Suitably qualified 



Durnford High (11-14) 

Rectory St., Middleton. M24 3TS. Tel. OG1-643 3W ' 

METALWORK, Scale 1 1 

Applicnntn acokinq lirsl touching post would It ► 

welcome. ft- 

Plonso apply by Inllor, InnnndinUily. lo lhe Head jrf N . 
school, nimmq afp). ({uulilicuhonr. and expertenoi F 
together with thn nimion mul uddrossos ol two refeteei 1 

Langley High (11-14) 

Windormern Roott. Lnngtey. Mnldloton. M24 4LA- 
Tel. 001-043 65:»G. 

Temporary lenciinr of ‘ 

FRENCH, Scale 1 

One term appointment in the first instance. 

Sutherland High (11-1B) 

Sutherland Rd.. Darnhill, Heywood. OLIO 3PL, 

Tel. Heywood 00468. 

SCIENCE, Scale 1 

Ability lo teach Biology an advantage. . ^ 

This appointment will be for two terms In 

Queen Elizabeth High (14-18)' . 

Boardman Fold Rd.. Middleton, M24 tPR. S’# 

Tel. 061-643 2643. & 


Graduate to take charge of Ihe subject. -.- V .v I 

Applicant should be able to offer one °Lfw pwr’ 3 
Sciences and Mathematics and be P ,3P , .jjSsfl® 1 

sciences and Mathematics and be P r “ M ' .aiiw 1 
part in a technology programme for 
pupils. (Scale 4 Head of Science allowanW ™ 
available to suitable applicant.) 


Applicant should ba able to offer on ® °! e d to « 
Sciences and Maihemeilcs and be P r «P?l aca dflr 
part in a technology programme f° r Ies 

St. Joseph's R.c. Secondary O 1 ’ 16 ]^ ^ 

Pol Hall, Haywood, OL 10 2AA- Tel- Heywood 


me BU W®ct throughout the a*®®*’ i e |j a r. im 
For this post, application should *? a .„ stalls ol 1 
dial « y. lo lhe Head of (ha school. the hb 

qualiflcaiipna and experience, together w 
and addresses of two referees- 

Cafdlna! Langley R.C. (Boy*) ar«*"» , » , 

.Rochdale Road, Midd|elon, M2( 2GL- Tal- 081 ’ e43 * 

HISTORY, Scale 1 

Graduate to assist in teaching of Hiatonf- 

Applies I Iona nro /wiled from sullnhly quill Mod end exosrlenrad 
laachvia lor Iho lollowlny potla. UnleaB otherwise ateled : ” p,r,enC0cl 

(■) DuIIbb lo oommonce Sepiembar, 1077. 

lb) tfSt tSSJST 9 8nd <,alal ' 8 (8 A E - 'rom (he Head. 

plHit quale reference 24/5 on correspondence. 


Front CaUsQB, Frame (13-1 B' mixed tontpraligrulye. 1,300, 157 in 
SwA < n ^ F' e - CoHeBO combined, on aeparate silos). ' 
readier of Mslhemetloe, Scale 3 (or suitable applicant THa ndnr 
, o Urn Iha opportunity lo leach S.M.P. Mathematics In n' etioifo mfd 

I Pffl, depB,lmenl - PU P" 9 01 811 BbHlIy? snS up io 

SSJ'%. 0 ^ Sc 1 s,Q J- , Th ® posl offers Ihe cppoMunlly | a 

■ySf 1 - u ,P|^ n ,A level end el all levels of ability. An inter eat 
In the lachnoloflloal aspects or the work will be * recommendation. 

tf P pwalMa wiih'fuH^iSn nr ®' . fnatanD « «? the Prlnolpel, is soon 
P^sa Pie, with full detetfs and names of two rafereee. (SAE 
lor details, epplloallon form and final result.) (u.a.s. 

JNil Monklon Priory Saoondsry Sohool, Taunton (11-18 mtxarf 
CoipprohonelvB reorganisation planned lor 1979) ‘ "“** MS - 

a°8 i P and"0 ■' 9 u’Ji 5flC ll 9 c a, i D “ mai,l ° ■atones. Scale 1. Up to 
ISSUE* ° 1 A 8 8 2 P0Bl ,B for a suitable 


Burnhetn-on-Sea, fii, Andrew's C,E V c Junior Rnh« n i r« . 

1WB. DEPUTY HEAD, Coup S?' Music an advantge FW jBnMmry ' 

Walla Canlral C.E. V.C. Junior School (915). For September 1977 
teicher of General Subjects, Scsla 1 . pibhIhI eBaentleir ' ° 77, 

Wimbdon, 81. George's V.C. Junior Sohool (1701. For eeninnihar 
IBjj* i ^? B ' e 2- ,B R u lrfid for infs mbdorn seni(s>uen ofan 
Khool, MubI be propiuad lo loach In a co-operalivo teac^lno 





ICytan 11-18 ; 600 o ddisgybliou) 

IJVYJi fllalau ar nyfer lonawr 1078. neu yn gym os yn 


Qratttfa 3, 

• Vn ® i8,0U nr f iyl«'r Mir. 1377. Aihro/ 
Alhrawes droa-dru i diiy:,nu 


2??. r - J ° vne 1 ridysgii'r chwocimri dorJumfi I 

ynigatsydd uddas. firiirltlfii r. 

qSSS" 111 f! 1 . 9 Hm V Bwyddl uchod oddl wilh y 
swyddog Addyag Rhanhnrlhal, Puna ting, Dolgollau. 
uyodlad esu GoilJonnal 6. 


(Lomprehen'iivn 11-10 ; fiOQ pupil- ) 

ue.K B i Uired for Ja,lu ‘“Y- 1B78. or odrlim If noar.iblfi, 


,‘ 2 ^ red foi 8f|)loii-.|jpr. 1977. temporary tr.iclmr 


SSfia for flcale 1. 

PenaSo n ,° r !! 13 from Area Eduration Otflcor, 
^nartag, Dolgsllau. Closing dale-^luly 6. 


Yn KilJ’ 18 ’ 750 ° »>d»r.nybhoii) 

aihraS cu® 7 9^ ,er Medi 1977 * vmuno A o 

^ h fo/A?hra y vv*a d « C ^ U lr £ y Ojf^'-Vng (full rhynodesiuitol, 

BiniM ra ]? es 9s,da choindir da ym maes 


dlddorrflVfi man W»on am byriciau/qweithgaruddau/ 
2S7 , « i a eynt(jir. Graddla 1. 
'M2™£ , .L_ odd l w *?h 7 Swyddog Addyeg Rhsn- 

^dcsTOe^aifc " ni "” n,,W ’ 

Bfspv U m *o pupils ) 

u ® B Pt- m b« r . 19? 7. to join nn r^teblished 
'tuiSk #,{h an mtccdmcirJinaiy approach, a 
8fil Ar*i» m fl ® 0D{ * background m tho held ol 

iffi«ii^ ,R0NMEMTAisciENCE - 

J 36 Q'var of oihar r.ubiECfs/activltres/ 

ScH,a1 - 

Education OfHcsr. 
J«y, 8/ • . Avsnue, Llsndudno. Closing data 


,M8 ■ 1.3»1 U’«n >U 
FRtNfU J ® nUary ' ,eis Teacl'ci ct 

: ' ne, ‘idi»ii C S ■ 0 ‘ mu i 

^ e *4*,i»j t (SiS2; A,;Scsi3 2 POFI vysuw bB avaJi- 

•■W' .A-ld CU*>Lfl«» C.'ridl- 

^ CtomT*. ' * ,lom I Ar«* Education Gtficar. 

. - , T l> *- ,, Ar*nue, Uawfutkio. Clowig date 


Scale T ■ 

5S ,, Ma1hi^.t S rt P ? 01 £ er 1e 1977 - The abi,il y ‘o BStisl 
tage. Rc jSld Ge0gra,i,, y W0l,to be «* ^van- 

S ® condar Y School. Harrowby street. 
Farnworth, Bolton (coeducational, 500 pupilb). 


Scale 1 4 

With History or Geography. 


Scale 1 

art/design, Scale i 

Including Boys’ Handicrall. 


JJSeSSETJJraS A ™ flpon8,l l ,e L or i h > bFgenlzBlfon and 
aireotlon of RoSLA courses in the fourth and fifth years 

RBmn?i S ? n »ii!ll?«k* n ® CSE Mode 3 course's), and 
Remedlel Work throughout the School. Further details 
available with application form. 

HnMnn ”'9 h . Sch o«>L Chapeltown Road, Bromley Crosa, 

KlJe). d “ " ' ,7 °° pupi,s ’ 11 10 1fl »mpre- 

oblainabls bom the Director ol 
Bolton BLi P i C ?w° X h 53 M P K d0rbom Hous8 ’ Clv,c Centre, 

10 ,h » =pp™pii»!b 


Education Department 


nnnhr»tlSl!l er ' V |!?. ,* lal0d ' 8 " P ° B,a ln |Mb »Cllon. In.llal 
nnm»a a, ifr 9 t» ^° v , I b , a ° a - JuaNhcatlons. experience end 
wtih B8 iin°n,r,lrt 0 «iw ferrca J »hould be sent immodlslaly, legelher 
with slaniped adtfiuBBad onvelopo. to Hoad of School. 8 

?r U a Tn 8 3 8,0 I? , Man ?, r School, Great Francis Street, B7 40R 

tnnrh(,r 2 in? 1 i oc , 1 .h° *? su,laW 7 QUBlKloil and experienced 
innirnor. lo loadi RE throughout the school 

821 OOP SCh ° 01 (D0l,onl ° Unit )- Wallvllle Road, 

A qualified naslslnnt tenchor for il,o DCAF l, lonutiod lor ihe 
l^“Ntd, U ™ r,t 10 “*»«*»*. 

•*«'. - 

Small Hcnlh School nnd Coirnuinlly Centro (lormorlv 
Bordosloy Communlly School), Sllvormere Annexe, 
SHvermere Road, B2C 3XA 

S.Ki«ffi;o S r.^li-ffe Fw '" “■» Compre#7on»(v«. if lo is 

in°M.«ta ,,, Ktal! l| [ ,n, 1 " 10 •'» rimiiosa built uiomleeB 

"V ini S r S i orr d l,f ' l,c, T l,,n ,iuilJ UIH8 5t,l ° 01 *" , 

ncqiiiieri ynpiomher: 

tf.) MFAII of MODI' HN I AtMuAO! S,; rt l0 371 ar.:«d»>0 lo 

III) III AU nl CIIAF r, •k„lu 3 w .1 aiYnlliliril to niiHNI'-'allurm 
■mil u>|nHleri«.n I ulli-’i rl>-lii|*r nml ii|.filli.allnii Icums from Husd. 


St. Philip's Shill Form Collogo, Hnohy Road. Edgbnslon 
816 8UF 

(R.C. Voluntary Aided. Mixed) 

Ri.qirirpd September, m PHY C ICS lo Mixra ioaolilnn of I 
ihe subject io Aiivsnced Lovnl A scnlu > post may ba available 
rur rppllAsn! eiili euiiebla 4111111111.011008 a>',d iKpsrlsncs. ! 

Apr icationa <h/ tetter, tn mo f«si Instance). includlr,<j a 
k 1 ? Vila* and mo dimes ond adriiussss of Iwo loieiens, 
bIio'jU be eem lo lhe Principal aa iocn us possible 


Unless olhaiwiso stated. ifquoMi. fm .ipnlicatkui fcime for SCdla 
l fritsla should ho sen d.ffil to Mar.ct r.| the School m soon as 
pnisil'le. together vrilii il.o 1 nn- 1 j| two trkrcee and a stamped 
nddrcSEcd or, -.elope. 

B20 3D l p adWay Scho01, Tha Br °adway, Perry Bar, 

Required lor Spr'endur 1977. 

T ?«h« c ' MUBML A»T wtilh a LpeiiaUid sk.ll m some 
tifll* O und A le.i'l .-/or* HtRiluble. 

(b) Teacber of METalwork — ij teach pupils acrofs a bread 
'A" 70 cl sblllijr up to " o - iQ.tti Biu"dsrd 

George Dixon School. City Pa^d. B17 8LF 

DftAWING. some. WOOD- . 

VftJBK, Uathenurios would b* Bn eorjudsfls. x • . > ..Trv^ 

jt.400 Ih/«d, fiKludinff 930 <n Sixth Fo 


D.i6ct--f -it EdvCdrion. 

ti. w mir#}. ifKiudtnff 930 in Sum Forth? 

Telephone application* In thn first Insianco— D3| 440 4 M 6 . 
miqulrnd for Se-jilrmtcr. Ion chors 'll : 

(a) ftircsiAH to “ A " towel. preleraMy with Gilman. Nut, eld 
rmio-viguii mnihod 

fb) PHYSICS lo "A" lava*. iMcgmlcd eulonce In first three 
veers (modHIod Be oil I ch scheme) - 

Moseley School, Wake Green Rood. B13 SUY 

Reqirired Espti-.mbOr lo leach lo er IsbK Ofdinaiv G.C E level In— 

I a) MODERN lAWWOES-funrh. Cermari or Spanish. 


Perry Common School, Faulkners Farm Drive, 823 7XP 

Raomrad SapinmlMr f , 

Asnldsni feacfwr for .SCONCE 10 leach NulfioU Csmblnad 
■Science ,m Lower School inth tome gmaial Serenes m taler ' 
yai>a Chom airy cr Phv::ce. . 

8me9 Heaffi School and Community Centre, SHvermere ' 
Artnexe, SHvermere Rood. B2R 3XA 

Required SwlcmUsr . Temportarv rne lain appolntmsnfa. : • 

Four wnrandps awsiIaHa Artr,ii r .a-,'v dialing one Or- a ctihtlna- 
l.on sf ihe foiloaini .- 


Wave^ey School. Ho'Nr'tor Po^d, Smifl Hee!h/B10 98T ' 

('■) RmvkA# 5Jpfbi'0C.* IV . one term inftiaily ; .Tascfwr ct 
C^OOB-APHY. fo a;, at ,i Ita t'lng jijb subject thfouQhoul the 
pohool. .Wrjflj ,a aveU^uie . id G C.E. "O' -rid' " A - -fevelV. 
IM Po-jiiiretJ S?ri*- «i3et :, tt Ue rsdporaifcle'fdr U£TAi. 
y.'OHrt up to CSC ora 'jj.C Z. ■■<j- (vrdf «rd ip dflalH iCrh- ■: 
Tpchfilcnl qikf’ini] . I. . ■ ' . TV'.. ~..; 

ir-era is s eCkris far SniBlanie v»UJi rfiu-.o.el - P*oonaes . -\A 


Rcqitirud far Sopienihcr unless otherwise stated 

Migh School, Cardiff 
ll-lS coitiprelicnsive, 12-form 

vuen iii* 1 ' V) nil * ,vl V |,0luiy “PPointniems will bewnio’ 

lcilve - of »^erice foa- maternily 

(a) ART : Scnle I 

ETiSSi ^S. am[ ' 0 ’ le '' e,! ra<J -»• 

UamMleym High School, Cardiff 
( 11-18 comprehensive, 9-form 

FRENCH : Sc«lc l 

Sdmo1 - *&>*, » ^.r 

II **y d 8 Rc Boys’ College, Cardiff 
(11-18 comprehensive, 5-form 




Required' for January, 1978, or eariiei' If nossilile 
To be responsible for (be Academic and oasLoi-ai 
s<>me 300 b ,°} ,s ™ < 1,B f«urth and fiftE years 
p® as a teaching commitment indhidluR RE* 
“ aild expertise in dealing wlfli £?y S in 
* 3 essentiafl. y ,n 

t?1 L 1 ? H/ ^ E o LIGI 9 us EDUCATION : Scale 1 
To teacl 1 mainly m tho Middle and Upper School 
iJ*™ W b e an opportunity for 4 A ‘level work 

,V *5 ue «e- p H st avoilablo for suitably experi- 
enced and qualified person. - 1 

foi '™ s b0 from tho under- 

eiw3w E”. 11 ? ° f a sra mp«d addressed foolscap 
rsmSnfrf* .'?i . completed forms should bo 

idwriimiV;." 10 llai,S of the of tOlio 

J^kSS^S^ui? EdUCTt,on ‘ Educ " lion 

City of 
Education Committee 

6« raiwnad by till July, 1B77. . *• »*»» .Inay shouM 




flut'd £ in' si Uan[i, Mi:nctt&:inf, 

M14 4BA 

Required lor Gepti>n>bc>r a 1977, or 
JjnuflfY, 1979. lor llila qiojft XI 
11-10 mind com|jroii0iiB|vu schoDi. 
Applicants Btioufd hava auilabls 

S uallflcnliom nnd exporionca for 
is post .vhich will givo full oppor- 
lunfiy for pBiUclpniion In lhe man- 
eocmoril of lh<j school. Ttni buccbbs- 
lul appllcnnl will bo oiperted lo hnra 
« parlicuter .niaraBl in community/ 
school relationships. 

Application for ms should bo return sd 
as soon as possible. 



Crouiey Road, Mi 9 IER ■* 

A fuilgbly quail hod ami arparfenced 
TEACHGH lo lake charge ol iha deve- 
lopment Ol REMEDIAL WORK, Initi- 
ally'. In Low or School. 

A Scale 3 post may be available 
for an especially well qusj.fiad appl|- 

SCAIE 1 + 

fieie R end. Manchester, m 3 OOD 
Read vert l asm an 

55.7 (wss* 5 S'.- 0 :e 

rm? Sbifllmnd to 4ih, 

Bin and ecu year nupife. This lem- 
Bowy appoimmeru fs available ba- 
f. 90> *. ,°( too- Mcondmem of ihe 
Head ol Oepartmam for alia year. 
Applies lion for lull or dan-hma- am-. 
pioynTBOl will be considered. ssPory 



■ BOYS ■" - • , . 1 

MancfiPaier MIS tBU , . . 

involve* respond bjUi/ foi (ha. 5*04 

Sre by or &!•?» L«Sr> ifialr ffrsi ’• 

L 4**l»toMf . »iih tsmovai eyMhoM 

permansnl lull- time' 

ire.; 1 , riSc« ,r.L, p « 

J *hO« UP, to A * ICVBl Wfiil.'.l nidjl 
Gludloa la ounparsiivuly tibtr aiid 
00 far only In Lower ficho-vl. 

ntfamanahulrftf Lana, Monc/io.-.icr 

*» MUBIO ina 
fi^MEuJ JYOukl •>» an arivariinuo 
. Mndfdalaa coufd offer Lawoi 

uddi?ron , 0ry hi 

Closing ‘ dale fi July, 1977. 

tVflmatow Road, Ed at DltiSbtny, 
Mancliea far MSB OPO ' f 

ouvniHa 1 ' 114 ^ 8 ® laaeher lo loach 
Eiw£ ,C ? .I™ 1 apm * OBNERAL scf. 
?£££. t X mito-form - antiy tinned 

• K? ,v JS^S 6 (n South Mancha j- 
, ® f ( 11 *hlrt has a sixth form dI 2rt0 
^ itoParfmant has oiiabll- 
5®“',“*. ,JI Physics io -o' 
“S ■ oouraa bmed 
■ ft? He lflald Cornbinad Science >a roi- 
Ku£J B j*** j * ,m * two yoars. Tha 
fCtoRCO department has lhe use of 
latiwaitvfea and 
SSufift'ilmiS?' T *J« euccassfui ran- 

, * 111 Jwv® Iha opportunity 10 , 
rannil aM 0 " 1 lh ^ BflB ,nd totoiliijr 

w S ,k wlh ' o ■ «5 

toval nroaros. Tha vacanoy sriaas ' 
bncBu aB a ifie proawlioq . pf lhe 
preaeni holder. : T 

: 2»g' t*ee him school 1, 

Manchester. t.‘i3 ODD 

A taachw of MattibniniicB o^erlrn 
a Subsidiary aubject. Music. Hislorv 
« Geography prof erred. The work 
m Mafliematlcs fa iareely wllh older 
Jaa* able pupils. Appkcotiona v#ill 
bo conafdarad for a full-llma or 
»erl Urns |0^) appolntrisrt 
Forma Obtained from (hq HaarfmaMer 
(Mampad addrta^ad envatopei should 
ba rMvrnad aa aoon as pSssiui#.- 


scale i 

• , 

tOHpaiBHr BtiHOOL 1 

CacAraaR Avenue. Lorgi.nMj • ' 

Manchester,' M 12 4FA 

Tal.: 061-278-4094 

Expert priced NunBEDY/JNFANT i„ B . 

dhpr to work as pen of B fcam m 
ln« BBHSBineiit unit sl lMs 
fettoiol for. alow. teaming chiidim-i. 
Psrmlcslon -to irtslf im« school r.»« 
ba Arranged by telephone. • 

i : |sjHHJii ,w»plosad - cases frr l, 

'. '• ' •' -1 . ' 

’i i-.' 

■ .■ • ii- • 


' 4 fiyp 

V Vi n- 

r- i'l - s : i ' • •- 1 

V- VvK.'i;; 


•w ' 


'fecliliicul Studies 
cun! inuctl 

NO Ill'll OtU I1UII ,ANE» 

i ii (i. 

■ t(it-.iiU'< , rllki-jiiiikli 


men si .until. 

All .Ml UI llmfe, 111'!' w I i k - WlKin-T Wull.t, 

Tin** *ur 

1 > Ai . ill 'll or MI.T.M H IIHK mill 
I1/.IIMIIJA.I. llli.MlTNiT, 

ICi'Hiilioil Kir rti'nl'Tiitji'r (Rynlo 
I I llll’ lOllrtl-* ll-.llllllll lu "li" 
li-Vul In llio Itial i*. 'flip 
uual vtuultl lx' kiili.iiili- lor j now 

I'lilmnl k> tlo' muirostoii. 

Ai'iil'inllon ioims. ivlurn3>ili» l*v 
Hen Jiiif, i mil ruriliLT dnij.i* uli- 
lim.iMl' fair iti-ivllnv ri loolsruD 
slumi.--*! mliiipiwii uiii-i.iopi' to ih*.' 

II.'.I Ji.i.i^lcr, 

IVi-vimiN uni.iit-miis mil ij* con. 
rii i'i i"l . -iiinl. _iiri'rt n m i.v.innlv. 

coin-m imsfiL 

AwHcBlIuns urn invited- from 
RUlU’ilv quami.-d 'iVaUULHS 
■or Hit' rulHik-rtiiD post: 

A9nnti.ii jrjiMPUKiiCNSivn 

MW«I: a.-JAD i LI to XBi 
„ _ lleiliiiriO*l>T: 

» CnrliT, 11. A.. .J.P. 

, I'Jf Boptomurf. VCACliru 
ffintfo li, to mWuIv nip JeHi© 
niiJil Irjivin'i lo i.jtf.K. iui<l 
Ci ‘ l'*\ i*i4. wri Hi ilio iiroi- 

ijM of A " Idl'd worii In 
&r ihna» €«jiir]iticil dr | ton- 

__ ApiiHtMlCnnd t no . C-oring) lu 
□i<* Krdiliiiii.ili-r, with nnincq of 

IVICI liuoli'tf*, a* ihjh- 




jjfiMS .W- ,,u,nuu,f - 

M: Cil-BOu 426B ' 

!!in Til Mr J '■ WM,bl “v. M.rii,, 


i'ljDfr ijriior»1. a wuiinoivnu to 
toi.p with r-mtr* an«l BooiotiM would 

I'liHIMn (toLHin and' unllriilnii 

j® w tew mvp 

iZSL&SL &■ 


'London . .Etunijiih «.r> 
vlw Kimw liirm school 
iraof, umru uu Ti 
a : oi.fWj H 1 
Mba m. _ li. nvwn= M 


i ,Vii'iiunuili,in I Inn ill'll, oli 

unuc.uiii.i i.i>n..inTi r 

I UKMItl lillill Si.IIiKH 

l'to-JIll kilill H"4il. I I/I min 

Llvr.-.ul. I-./ Tt\v 

il.-tilu i>*i mI Ik . ml'.Cd wm i fill ‘lien. 

iioniilioil f«d' lii Si'iiiinifarr 1 Ji 7V 
Tl.iliMlLU of 'ICilllNIi.Al. Hull- 
Jl.iriH. SiMli 1 1 iin:.l. 

Apiillt.Uloii Im in* (Hid fnrtl n T 
d.'i.ills 4ii> .ivjiinblii oh n'i rlnl ul a 
BLiiiiiii'jil iKlilr.^M-U I'nvi'liipc iroin 
tint Hi'.i i Iiujiii'I u l tin- ji 'liijul. 


Is 111 '■ .'VI 1 1 !i’l I iiMMUTCU . 

M'll-LUl;.! HKUOKLtk bCIltlOt. 

Tjclry IlmM, MIIlIi I- 
Tl I ; ijN LI 

HUini|irelicii)«lvf; ‘-"0 mltinli , 

CIIAI t' 'lLAi:(ll.ll i M.'l.ilu.irl. i 
■ brjlo li rv'iiiUki.l In fin ul in uber 
for a well ouulpf'il ..nil tMiorlnnrcd 
Ui.iporliii'.int In ihii i:uini>rr- 

I ii'iitivr Srbool. nliiuii-il in i-ifi-l- 
oiU Mirraiiiiilbiat. ALhllv to run 
A hill !il mil orillnn uii'.iflo. 
Apply by Ii'IIlt flivlnii lull uL-miix, 
fli bison if. postlifio lii Hie I bun. 
Mr. 8. li. Wi hurdj . .n Ilin wl.ii nl 


Heuulrurt for Berii< U'77 : 

K number of TUAt llLiia at ' r» ll- 
NltbVi. STUDira lor tiwium 
tenmh In the Nurtlicm Arra. 

form* Of PPPll’iMion are obtain- 
■bio. on recuii't oi n abuiiiicu uil- 
drn*vd .jnvolniK- fiwn the Anu 
KdiiL.niPii h.o. ito* fix. 
Unlly lluiii". ll.mlDV. SiuKonii- 
''fVonl. lu tvlinni ilii'ir ah'iubl ha 
n-lunid-l mil ln.ui Dili Hiiv. 

rf.itnilun llonujli ill > 

RIlllCATlON cOMrillTU: 

1110 lloraiiBII Ij Ivllbln r.titf 

C f iSritiMi London an*l fKrdMYil 
V Luiiinu I'uitii. - tdindoii Addl- 
tiun [Q Sll.ll/ MV.'IlK 

I l.inulrpd scoinfiuhri'. X '177 ■— 
CAM WICK li If all SUM OIL I ’Oil 

lum-lt R-jj'l, Ignition 1117 ANU 
lent YojeUrr : Mr. C. N Huff 

KAUTNll TrAClll.ll 
i M.ilo or Ohi.iim 

Rniulroil for ih;a l.ivj' cniiiprolian* 
plvo hluh fit'll i»> ill id l-l vwm. 
twil.o.ldblla’ioil ( Itl unit 
iwn w.-ll-oqHli'ifOd u.iiLkbuPt aiiiI 

lli r ('ffli k'iil ninniuu of Hip f.ontro 
wlibli (i vll jI njlo In (hu 
a- boiil'y klurlLUluni. AlillKV lu 

ll.ilv- wllli lle.iils or l.ii ul iv Pint 

Ili'.nM nl Dortuinicni unit to dn- 
vnloii ihv alrt'.iily iwmptehcinlvo 
xiTvIrri oi'fiTi’il by Uid U'nU* la 
r.-. j ill nil. Ai well ns u aluth of 

Mtu M. II. Cvurip. M.„ 
JO* flowember. 1V7T. tint. 


. fniuro 

haitlv DO 

F* 11 ***- w 8.T.A.U.. to H.I. ■Ann m nnwlW 



IM "l*u wa In 
MW, Out or 

■ PaiUMO. 

»utPT laomlon 

K n w<.'!l-c>Miili.|tod u.iil.UiuPi ohm 
clinical nruwlnu rao:n. 

■ AnphuiUon tuiiiifi iihulnablc. mi 

G uvlpt of a aiumiwd iiildiv>jpd envn. 

ira. front Ihp Chur iMumUmi 
Olfurur. l-.'iiulcn Fl.inniiili uf VV jI- 
Inflni I'uryal, Mimxlrvil unlmv 
lUiih 11'j.ul. Lay iuii, Loiulin Klu 

w|nnMpirt, Trv>'ikTirldiii< 

iMixml Cunii'T.'liL'iiiivu Iruaii 

B iuiiiiiinr acliuxli l.jvii 
ruiilri'd fur boiili'iiiluT. iiibiliripo 
TtAllJlUl uf Ml.lAl.WiillK mil 
WiiouwiiiiK up iu cAi;.." n ■■ 

filVUI, WlUl hi* III'. 1 I llll I'll- |ut link At 
Draw inn. Hiil.iry, B'-nlu I. 

DoUills or ihisl unit aclni'il liuiu 
Iflhtdni.islrr itnniu at.inii>oit .’d- 
rtresKud I'livulopu. . Uiriy .ippllta- 
tiuil udvlanbl". 

Other than by Subject 

Heads of Department 


• .'tTfliwiort upwutih'i •: ■ \ * ■ 

iiTvItfs o if it .'.I by Uio linin’ la Ai well ns u uLnck of 
II.IKlO books Hutu are llklonlng 
cpnirea wlUi a iuihoiio Ubrorv. a 
film loop iirnlr'-Tor. a ulida lib- 
rary. a rucurri lilaiary and reiira- 
an.|.l.k anil risordlnu f.kllllloa. 
Hip kill out has ,i fu(l-t1nici A.V. 
li'TinU'iun and, fnim Si'plombrr. a 
rh.ri-tlmx ( 1 U haura a wcokj 

Tor mnbor dobilLa of the put 
i.ipj*> apply la ilm liaailiu.iskT 
m Hip ocli.hil. oivuifl n hrlof aui- 
llrto of i.irna ID d.ilu ullil lb a 
njnio.i of two ri'forws. 

Luiulou nltowancfi rmyabln. 


■ Meirui aui tan lloniuali of » 

Kouiikvvood Urlco. NorUiwuud, 

Kill by. Uvoni'Kil 1.13 BX l* 

(l.'iDu bays uiul d iris. 135 in Sixth 
1 arm. 8 . 1 *. A . p-iyablei 
I oi- JdniLiry 1 'j7ii car Boptuinbcr 
I '.>77 If Diisklbla . 

kkUU^ UCBla .T. 

TD be rpapoTvaibla for a humpni- 
tloa courga for all year l puptla anil 
far oxtuMnnUan caurmaa i fl.S.rl. 
U£.E. •* 6 '* or " A " kivoisi in 
(Hun.uiUlM, Sociology, Paycholoay 
ana Ganiml Studln. 

for fiirlhpr Infomintlon, sand 

f lnmimt>1 ifl\Vi.10|.u (o Iho 
li'j.lPi.ul.T lo tvluNii appllcattimn. 
u Icing do'alls of au 1 '. aim fin- aiioiis. 
■ilia I'XpriTpliCP, tnui'lhur Vvllli lha 
uann-a uf ci rtruroc*. aiiould bo sl-iii 
us iwiii as tinwihio. 

■ loiuifln soraunit or) 
llAli'H.I A SUllOlA. 

Hilda nuail. Luiidon F.16 4NP 

h UuU: l,Q.'VI. Gu-pdiimUoiwil 
li'Oil Trocfwrt Mr. D. T. T'anffo 
1 inquired Soplodibor. lf>77. or JullU* 
aiif. 1 ‘ .7 Q '. 

ill Itk'An Dr UEOORAPHY Dopjii- 
mom. SL-ala a. 

I XI I II: /YU of MOLOUY Du pail- 
nuni. Ui-iiu B. 

ilumlioin scales plus Landuii 
Allaiv.uuo fi.luu ulna Social Jirturlly 
AlUii.M nee <12111 or L27fl. 

Apnllr.iiiun lonuu nuiy 1» ob- 
Mlnod iro.n tli.i uiulc-nignoii. In 
whom Oioy filiuulil bu rclUinod by 

*b J m V yiikfm M.A.i f*h.n.. Dime- 
ter of ndumuon. 

Ldii'.inoii of nee*. Druadwov. 
KiintiHr.l. London F.f.T 41111. 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 


i i-jhiIoii lluraiinli nf) 


kOt.1 Hoad Nwa 7SN , 

Hull. L.bOti, ii-jH, Bmlil Prtaniy 
tklinol. '.too in Ulvlli I unm 
lb niilrtii ui spiilciiibpr 
tv At hi i:n of HLAi.rii cdi>i:a 
TU| v, A|ipHi'.i| Ion* Ale llivllcd front 
aualulrd IcMcliiir* for iliu .il»ovo 
|K)Sl. A Scald li IhjM would bo 
.unittililo tu a aulunly experienced 
bMchcT. Itcullli lldiirallon Is wall 
OklabllMicil In IIid Khuol nnrt fra- 
mm as an luiiMPiani part of iho 
muricuiuin. 'Die person apiuirund 
imut bo . perns rod to work hard |q 
maintain Iho alroady oxisllng high 
Miiadardd of work and dlaclpllnq. 
PI o iso stulo other lublccla qfroroil, 
London Aluny.UU.0 Of E40a par 
** rhnro U n 


TJlWlf uhliv r ff?5uilN« Cl N fill: 
park am tool. • wi , 

Kiwi nor Head. 1 /mil oil 1. J-T 4 All 
Ui-uuirod SopUmbir. i'n7:— 
.DviiCTtuiVTi'd TTlAiTiCM iBCJlo At 
required whoso Hcrvico lua In- 
cluilivl work wllh Socaniun. pupllB, 
to Join un acflvo taain bomd* at 
Iho UllflU-Yflo t.enlre. 

Oil nt run sub loci discipline la leas 
Irnnortdnl than iui in l ..rust In lliu 
roisilniwlili) hciw.'i'it kiuau.iao and 
learning and Uio nver.iil devamii- 
ment or oadiuii ablliilcs. 

Hurnhnni _ Scale ulus London 
Allowanca E4IK1. 

Aiulkattnn forms niav ho oh- 
Mln'-d from Hie uivdci ^si Hiicd io 

rrsutf^w -11 ba roturii ° i1 

J. S. h’llhle, M.A.. Pli.fl.. niri'C- 

1 0 r of E.lutvllliin. VdUnnLJDil llfllfcs, 
liMuriWiiy. Siiv. liocd, London. i:iG 


iLymlon Uorr.ugh of) 

riHNnv H'illUi'L 

» nu Ruad. l.oTirton, E16 1DD 
: l.i .W boys 

Hnd Toaclirr, Mr. D. Johnson, 


» 5n ecinias 

Avenue. Ljsl A>: lull, 


c L.mJiJ niiiuls — eilx.l i 
Hcoulroil n» cnitii as pulslblB, 
qiullfled TL'Vl.lUiR with 
or psuorlcrcii in Sf.u.lAL MUUK 

WiV ‘1 

or Is inaloil 
no I'Ud w|> 

E mm 
■char Is J 
tminlnn sni>. 
With arnuii 
With fsnilllt 

in tji.'i.lnt. « 
d for wlio bq« 
i/vienra in. ac 

■xi/vkmra in dm linn 
nruniis of illtlurbou 
Case. work oaoorionca 

d rompMhHulye . acliooT ,ta 
nalplir Woodwax and/or 


aifvjliHRD. .TJjcM. arc oa» bushed 
.7PCV.*'. ,0 . C^'^' a'** 1 a.p.B. 
"f»" lgcel. Tim pool would ba 
suHahia fbr a new entrant. 

.Outer London Allowance U jay* 

• , . * 


i unit m wMrh ihno U one oiher 
cacbar on brair. a. 

Too. auCKoisfiiL eundfitate will 

S ve the aupport of.ouiaidji aapa- 
a ami expsflonood rtaft which 
ncludo ,lhe_ iMiinstUor, llud. of 
{■medial . DoturtmeKl end four 

„ l/»naon wolflWUna G403 plus 
Bocut Priority nllriwanco. . 

In appropruiia. uims, aiibietl lo 
OoiwUUOM. assistance may. So 

JamjA ojflIUlile ■ from ■ IKS Head* 
nMjlor «1 Um school, or STAR. 

‘fa V rMuniedi as. aoon u pon* 
i we. - , 



"Collws of application (Stamped 
addnisaed- ■mwloaoi to. Actino 
IfeMmutar Bivins dc tails of pro»m 
apsi and uotnoa ana adiuoeses of 
wo re fo roes. 



tor on roll {..111. 62 In 
Form) „ • • _ 

aster. K. E. R. Bryant, U. Be, 

BgjGy ^HU Phi* 

i DuuRfoN 1 ’coktilnrcn 

u>a ourNNHVAiB scuonr. 

ANDyoMMUNfry^ cwfnia 

Principal. E. Tranter 


Mhbrwlsa isi January. 

Ja /T calo 1 HUMANmCS 
TuACttEH lo leech any .com. 
buuLdoa Of Hlsioiy. Railafous 
wncalion. Bortolnoy and 

rWSLD of MUSIC (Seal* at 
lotaaoh Music throughout tho 
srhod hi D.B.R. end " O." 
level. nraponslblo for Ilia 
schcwl orchosun ana dance 

"RpjdlaiHon forma and fur* 

Havtaur, JCTSuy, 0 . 1 . , 
inrnod as soon as possible* 







ror . 

The Authorll/ wbuld be plaaeedio hear from suK^bfyquatt- 
fled teaohert with Experience In IJie folId wing subjeefs 

HOME ECONOMICS {PartTlmb only) 
NEEDLEW6RK v(Part Tfnie only) 

AppfiftlnnWtO will beio a Soaie 1 postfnthe Authority's : 
■ tSgneWTwichlrig^jorvIce. Inner Lqndor\.allow8n6e (W02) 
ipeyab lo m adUitlon to the Birmhem sa!afy< 

NEWc^SHE upon Tyna 

u Wr^SoM/rSBr fa.ealo 
Roqulred/or ■ January... lfWfl. 

. of Upper Be! 


structured BU 
cojnrntmHy. serv _ 
i (n\an*t in ihosa 

■ aclwpl. 'An inlaraot Jrt 
wiwld to an odvaptaffo- 
. TVs. Is a . nurpai«-b 

finnihun Srulaa plus London 
Allawanra £403 plus Social Priority 
A Uo waned £301 uF £276. 

Annllc jilon r,,niis mnv bp ob- 
tained finm thr- 1 1 Tr.uiicr in 
Wlioiii tlii'V nlioulil be miiruod by 
1st Jlilv . • L'i77 


(CCiUnly CouihIU' 

mi: ciiniwiiLi. hciiool 

Mantlon ri'rry Hvnt 
Oxfoiil OXit 7tt 

' * Rwiuirod for R.-pinnihiT • or 
January, in Uiu si’.-fnn.i t inry 

U|(|MY tChO.ll H;ID *1111 ||l. 13 ill 

is! a M All ILfMA'l-l- :s, PIIVSRIS 
sim.isJU. 1 . r,.j- on otp' clnni ul 
Uachvr wuttiiu to ncii'ih do- 
turiTii mill m*i id i isi hMUims an 
nbavf.-«iiiTo iibxt ivl ur Si is 
nvalMlite. but analii.tiTons o>iu> 

( (Die, lino from n:wly nunl'iluil 
M'.'hMw for ii riralo 1 m-vi. 
Apn’y by tellur uliinn full 
cUwlcufiun vli.ii" nntl iMmlnu 
two roicj-oi-s ..bln lo In 
pnnfrsiluiiul coin iinl I'lii'u in Hin 

H.ndiiii'liT' O'. U.c Ml, Mil MS 

Mnin ill! [i'j’.'-IIiU. 

Scale 1 Posts . . 


il/.ndoii IIlTOU'iIi nf i 
\V'A lllir.N UUMlHtl IHlNStVi: 

■ Hull 1,1 (TO l 

Wli ilelMiii* < .-hip Nni Ih, I'Jli.Klwrll 


lloauir .il lor Hi'piyinlipr, l"J77:— 
Glfrfl.'KAI, < "I :i — tj:aciu:ii 

lor 1 1 un i:n ai huh j i »n?i for 

mainly Lower Hiliool wuik. Abllltv 
la learh MoilH<iiiiiilr» and IbujUvH 
cmnilni lonnttinr wllli lllsiniv or 
Guciimpby ff domHiIh. Be.iiu 1, 
London Addition £-103 per annum, 
nolmbursnnnnl uf px* 
pnuai ui apiMOvcd cu-.r-s, 

ApplIcnUon Form svaikiblp 
fatomred adiliofueil unvnloin. i from 
Iho Head I'uachor roturnublq by 7lli 

lo fHo TTratl of tlio bcfiool within 
si-von i la vs giving ana. praunu pul 
aiialHteailans, MiHiiionte and refor 


... — — lnl«nn . 

ydjum people are » rsaeutlal 

t Tns, t successful rand! 
havo iho support ot oi 


appropriate cases, sublecl to 
.turns, assistance 'nay. be 
on for logal roes for houio. 
so. nmoid .rapotuM. lodg- 
tenco and travS 

•dais poet may 





S pill l ur,»* lull. ULThy 11IY4 7UD 
1J-1K conituvlionsfvo Mlxoil 
iiuihnr nu Uoll Ufin 
cQiiiml fov Si'piPiubnr, ITA< -UrH 
lo kiln a iwun rvspuuslbte for iui 

I nlmirsinS enurso r.jr l-ourth and 
: lfln Yvur siuilcnis in Euullsh. 
Hucinl Studies uni Mass Mudlu lo 
C 9.E. levul. 

Applv by iPltrr to Hombiuisu-r 
Stailnu full c.iroci' ilotulls mid (uuul'S 
■nil addi psars of iwn rnnTi'PS 


MErnopoi.n an nonoi'Gii 

Town Luna, Demon 


. Ap ul lent i oi is ore invited Tor 
the foil a v,' Inu Scala 1 iioxla . 
tn ^npsti luiMrbiAi. 

isMmimd BddrrfiSPil pnveland toe Willy ©r Kcnle . 

ackiutwlcdtiunitnl, pU-jsp i . rluslnu 1*1 MArHS/lLCI! HHAW- 

rlLto lor |kVM|(t nf ii|>iillcrt1lom. 1NG 



kpuftmlion* mv> invlli*l from snii- 
sljly unalllluU l'i-r»oui fair Hu* pofil 
of AsSIbi'ANl IE A». lit It lor 
TRENCH DTld lflSTOIIY m.iliitv Hi 
die l/rwer a-'hool at outset. Ww- 
bllLty uf H'lv/uicoinonl Umoiv 
A bifll/ lu offer sunie floHn.lous 
LdULUUuu on adv.iiiiflflo, t.ooil 
eclHUi-s In Modyrn HiiHdlngS. 

ApplIcnUon Form available 
< stomped .idiliofueil unvoloum from 
tho Head luaiiicr roturnublo by 7lli 

iiuy*_mi 1 


Hroilniatb'l 1 . II. A. Durkhnrn. n.A. 
(Nu ni her un rull boulmnber, luff. 

oi 1 SYiiu 

iiTPiuh, LngliBii. tlnaurauhy or 
niMofij. .A WlllinoiiesB do nsnlM 
iniri.vlrv with noiliibius I'luc.iuon 
and/or Uames aii atlv.iniDflo. 
iworax IrodlnB M tho G.G.E. and 
C.87U. enuniiMttons. 

This new. LVUlinilc flecotuJary 
School openod fii .1078. Ilia firm 
phesa of the btiUdJaga, , bududlng 
ail faculties and onienltloe. nai 
been comp! bled for 4B0 pupils. 

Rmnovnl mrnonsoa of up to U1H0 
end houalnfl ailowiince nbndiua ro- 
mevsu or© payable in imirand 

. Apply in dm Plr*l tnstonen to 
Ml© HoadniaMM- glvlna run ilelalla 
of ui mu neat I one and eiiuertonre and 




Head. Brian Unwin, M.A. 

Gnuluate OEOaRAPIIEJl rr- 
aufiwi to tesfli neoBrnphy and 

w E w “ssr* 1 " a v< 

levels. This post ooulil. for 
an oxD«rlenued candidate, bo 
■ Scale a cost, hut new. on- 
usiostlc enuunts to I lid. pro- are encouraged to 

• . 

This. Is a vital and raululy 
4 — i — dmurlmont. and 
1 alms to recrillt a 
lallst. . . Nflwiy 
mtb of. the um* 
.n.,*,. •on’' wetcomo la 

^pply. .bin -a aoHlfi um miv 

Beale 1 post. 

•the suceoMful sunUcant vriK , be 
■KPbotad to tolce up the appoint- 
ment In Boi dom her, L977. or as 
■oon as uoMlblo Utercaitcr. 

Loiturs of application wllli 
curriculum Wine and ll.inic.9. and 
ndilmsos of two referoxs in Ilkid* 

Tlie iJuui.iv Sviundjiy 
■riinlev llc*.(d. Btilmii'iiii. 

in<Mler. i lie 'Jouni' 
>iioul, I'riinlev II cm 

1 haiBL Ja *" un n i l! 



ftMnnly ufi „ 

ttmiMYANi). uinii N ri lZAitrm 
Klrtll HLdlOUL 

ill lu I'll 

llluniviii'i. lli.r.'lui iljlilro 
li 1(7 -UM 

ll«fiiitr.'d fur Keidaniher, 
1"77. ASblSTANI ll.AlHLll 
«St 4 to 1 i lor ROYS' 1M1V9I- 
CAI. irnuCAlloN or Ai^ilB.I- 
VVOHK at this runil coiuiire- 
Ik-iiiIvu nchnui. Scale 2 pest 
ov.ill.iblo for .1 MilMblv expert- 
uawil aiiiiUt'inl In Mi’ work. 

Appllcoilon forms obialnnbln 
fni.t and rf'liun.ilrtfl in the 
limilm.ii lit on re'.L'IPt or li 

fitamiiL-d luUnikil (invulouu 

rcniiiiiy (k/Until of i 
rninjiviioN ni.t'Aii imknt 

noumi itiiiiMSimovi: [rum 

Si him II. 

S-'boid JlrtVi- riii.itr.ii 1 1 
lvn.iii«iliuvi'. Wxiti. It'.O LHA 
Teii-I im1|i »iiirv. I 1 .- Ill mlxoil 
Ikiuiiiri'lii'iii tvn 
I2UU 111 Blkilln 

ni-qulii'il for H eul ember, 

I wn ills I'OUtANS in Inin ik.Pu- 
ir Di'ixulmciil; btiLworii llirin 
Pi i-wnunMil* In BIHIIi lo 
•* A " Lntjihb in »Yory . 
tlonmul Hiiullue, ilovuniinent 
Beclloii of iiuvemmeni and 
Ucoaomlirs and In Main School 
to sum i studied, History 
Club, t-'lnldwurk and • llttlo 
Luiillah and Camas. 

Apply i>y Idler wltii nsntes 

B f two refer no* and currlru- 
un. vita© to tho 
ndpM . a stamped addressed 
onvnKiiio fdr aeknowlQibinient 
and raium of lomtUnonUla. 


HIM IAMl'41 Al.lllAM SCilOOt. 

■ .iti I h iKimy i/i. ic. i ..m*i fivln-v 
Hull : 7 -'i ml\i”l .ill ,i lili I ly 

(il.’Nf.HAL Himircra to one I'lrsl 

JMssthTllty nf lioustnii. London 
frbiBO allow nano. 

Apply .tar loitor to iho flood- 
msator wllli currlrulum vitas and 
bbihIiw ton tma. ; — 


Edinburgh nrlya. Icktmham 
brtdgo.UUiq.adY ■ . 

Unibar on (oil 698. 46 In 
Ixdl 'W™' 

& P.B. Burke. B. A. _ 
Bop tom bpr . 1V77 , 
V11H VO offer OV.Nr.HAL *»UB- 

would. I m homru] 
it be wnp'gyo. 

>ol f mainly 

Venn. wo aro lquUlng . f.w o 
Keen and Intamtod unchor Jo 
maks ■ a dosUIvo cgntrlbuHon. In 
■n native and expanulua *chooi. 

^ Furihor lnfannatton and applica- 
tion forms front iho HcoetraJitw. 

. JUaaiBR anaaaca wiraMp t . 



P ^S§ condArv 

MathsmaHos and Utg* 
Please, apply ' lo tho Hcadnjls- 


(Mcdropollion Do rough of) 
. Seol rtona/miyionj , Liverpool 
: { 1.100 RN «j$ flirts. liclO) 

m ui m... 

lione anil 
rttlra wd 



F6t *n iwj imtofi form 
QflforfTSSk ffjBCoun, 
{ 6426 ), 

BSM Wrlte lo lho Edmifon 

WklondwS&jPB .. 

■ '’kptrtiwloii ^^a. avaibhla ltom ' 

: Ul© . DlWtor. :.of Educathni, CttV 
NoWcaaite- up/m , Wte„NEl • 
ftPU. « h» relumed tp, n’i U™?; , 

. ^w.p 'nearWd BchmL" BflnUmj] 
HOM, Nowcawa' uikhv Tyne Ntlo ■ 

UiMlws . , 

Athra/Athra wn 1 gynefr thwvo 

a cgynouKt^au H^llwng. . 
AppHcoUcfljd should . be 




V^. u rS,JIE.fS5!fS?S;5 M ' “ 

The ■ Nauilral Bnidloti Course Is 
reOTnlwd, & the. Cepajlmenl of i- 

(vlt riJEi*:ii and/or gi:n- 
IlIJAI. BUHjLCib ('iMDiiurmv 
for nun ynnri 

AuPllciitlon forma nro nv.m- 
ulilo icpni ihu llcau Trucliur h! 
[he ubjvn midrosa. Her.: 


kf |)Al!n ° UL* 1 ‘ 

R-C./ifUMANmcs Scale 1. 

AppLicaUbn forma aro uvntl- 
ablo from Tli o lloatl Teacher at 
the above address. Hef. : 

. liszaaep, : 



My Ion llimrt, W.irwli K 
l.V’3-1 OKI 

( 1,100 on roll, l‘d in IU 

noqulcod Bouletnlv't' TLA- 
CHi H tor SniENC^ MAIIll;. 
MATICiS, tkaTo 1. 

Ajijit l<: ©lions |).ii'll> Ul.irly 111 v) L- 
ted rnim well uiiahfh ii lutKhura 
Of IldMlICS MftO IW'IOIM u» 
inuke algnlPUanl runirltnnloii 
lu toaciiing oi Matlii-nidilc*. 

1 Irsi class -lahuratoiy lacilima 

tneludtmi ilea Libor- 

Almy. well ana hi I* lied cour/.cs 
to fi.C.C. ■■ O " and *■ A 
lovo! Hlld C.9.E. 

Aepltiailon form nmf rurtlier 
d<-talls nvnllahlo frum Hie 1 1 <-.i it 
nt tho school (si.imiwil ndctres- 
Sod onvolopo plcubo t ■ 

Appointments in 


education com Mm ix 


post or wAnrtLN 

Wo* lor IIOM 

Appllintiana ora Invited for 
Mm uuovo post from rrylttlnrod 

'aii cans* ful applicant will 
also ho i*o*i Hired lo Unuorbito 


contained accoinmoilai ion 
ilnuki parson la uvnllubto 
iho ataff quarters of Hia 



AppUcaUons are Invited for 

'US m*OOl. Which D pur- 
pose built fur L'niuwohenelve 

..2%. Fw 

mHiar area wlilcli a ..woll- 
taiou-n suburb <A tho city of 

/The school buUdtana aro of 
advanced design tnrorpo ruling 

3 alii teaching arras and sno- 
altot. nrovUjlona for Bclanco, 
AN. Homo Econonvtcs, T^cfuil- 
»i and PhyaVsl Bducstlon. 
Tho school. Also ha« a Ilraiiiu 
'IhoAir© and a panic uiartv Gna 
eamoa. hall. Bl and HJ u« 
housed In on annox 
located noor tho main. buHd- 

■ftio school off ora . a, run 

3 nge of course* t a all levrta 
abUllv and offpra ■ apeclai 
proorammo of Bocul Lrincaflon 
nni Clulaancn. _ . , 

■ oppoNuniUM. ovist for gnpd 
tlntaon with thn foialor pri- 
mary schools and a number or 
aettvp community agendo a. 

_ Salary. Ul OJcuarttmce will) 
the pro vlstotw of Ui© ciuTont 
Bool Hob Teach o(« Salaries 

M«nonn\dum. . •. .. 

Ttiq rSidonstbUltv aHowanca 
• for Uia post- k ift.DOa. • „ 
Basle maxim uju saiarx, Drill* 
nary Gradlui© £4,4{iL i Hon* 
ours Graduate £4,677. - • 
Tpial wiiary., at maximum. 


. AmnicaMfi. ahootd m roirts- 
torod with The atsvTraf .Ttiacn* 
fna Dounok for Scotland or lie 
eltfrtbip for rOBtairallon by tho, 

/Ap^lcaUcm. Foniia aro avail* 
obio from. Mr. tl. «. rernii- 
■on. DlyHlonal Education O/fl* 
cor. _ Edtnlmrorh .Division. 40 
Tj™hjch«i Stroot, Bdinburflli 


iuu;hinu . nirruiw rntmii 

■ JriMwS 

foUqwlng postal • ■ 



'■B gnd-'ur 

MiDLoijuAN nrviaiON 


nognonall.'IIUy Alfmvanre £U40 
. Batflries In ucenrdance iirifli 
the ourrnnt Beat Mali Toariioia 
ftilnrfes Memorandum. . 

fJandJilpioa slioillil si«*xlfV 

.. tJandiilpioa slioiild fli«oclfV. 

^AthPO/AOirawaa I gynimUiwvo , ■ P 081 '-Wlslt to 

. "feaunn, « ava,U 

. i a$tou*i T? u . ™i tho ; 

ApjjHcdUoM • ahould ha- eiirSfaiiSf^}f ^ ftollowlnn nWiwaitar ■■ 

n«.s w ' 

dJalNyt TjlvTna. full detail* df . AnnlJcatlon.forina. rahjrnaWe by - SHE2h 4 Xi fcl a i . l i-J l tr,!j r, ^T l F h P fl 

pwAw ■ : '-iS'ff v 

IhrOa rofereos. v Ing a*, foolscsn siampM mfiweod Pi?? 1 ? 1 Gducaikm ■GfOce*'. fil't- 

J wcoailf. upon .lyiw.NI 
lamed in bia 
d .Scnn«( l ^6*iig 

and natna* anu addro*«os of 
Ihrea raforroa. 

Ing «■. foolscap siajnnM ihhwmJ 
on VS tone to ibo Hwrt Tv-gcl ior. 
■^Prev lmu HitfUirtnti .vili 'bej t;ort- , .' 
aiderpd .und .-hpcjii nut: ni 4 pp|y. ; ■ 7 r 

1 ‘ ’ . . • '4\-*v. ’ ’ 1 

; Mr D. 8. nroMilo— D'yl* 
■tonal EdncBtkin .Officer. MW* 
[dlblaii ttlvlfllcn, 40 Tnrniilriion . 
Sreoi.' T'.iehbiirali EH3 B.t.f. 
Thoi'clfistim-riain fnr mw".** 

■ uoni. u Trinpy R .Juty i'/Tf ./" 


Sixth Form and 
Tortiary Colleges 

Heads of Department 

cm jn 1 Y couNcu* 01 * 

1:1)1 u;A'l ION Ui:HAIfTMLNT 
iu:m:roi<iJ sixth tohm 


Folly Ixino, lloroford tun 1LA 

m.'An or ftr.u()itAi>HY 
bon Id 5 

APitUcnllnna nro tnvlled for 
lH*i ulkivo u,n at. veraui from 

Hi>] it will her 1977. 'lilt BiipulitN 
nil'll *.aiTtOB rMiimmttjlJ'ly for 
ilMumirtty niul'leuv 10 
" A " loval In a department 
nf Hires. 

I urlhor Information and ■ 
form nT appli:ntlQn will 1 *o *up. 
blind on rivetiir of a slunitisd 
Bdriroauud envelop., by the l , rin« 


fMotrounilMn llomunh nf) 

neninrad for Janurv, 1978:— 
DIIIKUTOU of MUBia. Hcnle 4 . 

flaa'/i writ© for further dhiaUi 
to llradmaatar, Kina Uuorge Y 
U'Jiool. Houiliiiort, MmeyMds 1 * 11(1 

1,1 Closlna data: *ih July A977. 

Scale 1 Post9 


AnpucaUona aro InyUod from suit- 
aTuy qualinod "I'EACHCHB Tor til* 
foUowlnrj iniJitfs) l— 

nt^Aii Um Drive, Piiraor, blkMIoaex 

Vein phono No.: 01 -R All 354 A 
Itoqirlred for Hont ember. Iu.7. 
tit a oiiecuna.t ‘njAcHKn for 

Untidldale* slioutd also be able to 
Ivonh one of Ihu act oncea 1 prof er- 
^bly DUtio^Y 1 jOr ^tathcmaitJca to ai 

?a i^GHADt;ATV' PH IBAcfj ma n! 


PI I VS 108 

Any ‘combination of Iho above Will 
tie oonaidored. 

The Collono. which U wj-oducq- 

B cmikl, has n uruo oyinnofilinn, ad- 
icunt plnylno flcHas and Iho use 
of fuclflUes ot iho local Lalatiro 
ControTTha Selene© Deportment hit* 
■tv v/nll unulDoeif latiWnloriea onJ 

ebc wall 

I ho Math 
lug torni 

lories iui J 
ant an on- 

Hno iwnuiuil tumpuier iu>K. . 

AH meiiibera of oi«H are BXpactoit 
lo partfclymto m Gonwal .fltmUva 
and nwurouiional mUvIUh. Beale 1 
niiaia for nmritdatus noklno a /bat 
BjiltoUvuneni trot suitably quiUfllad 

ttsssr rto T .»;? 

WBS%& 5JS5 ft W® M 

uinmpeu nddrussnil envclciiK>. > 

EOUiuvnuN uMMinn 


NELt * u So£fi2i R ° OLNC 

LoolurcrJ fnni.a/Tur'hec d,«- 
lai'i rrooi/ratiim.iblo to llio 
ciilir Ai'miiiiauvwlve miit-vr ot 
■ITia floftcga, BociUotw Hoad. 
No!*on. t 




Grave) Hill, flinley-ou-Tliaincs 


Honours or wllh Economic! 

BCt[vttloa. maeiiUal. • . 

Apiv ImmeiUalely with cur- 
rtculurn '.din a ami the name* 

• dr . rolcrooe la 1 H 0*Jl 
. unhqthono Na. Hanley 6‘JXi). 

' I 

Special Education 




■ Bc.ilo 4 IB) I for January 1078 
MATH ON f Joint or sonnnilD 
Fippolnimoni) lor this rosl- 
denilal uhool for E.S.N. fM. 1 
boy* an if girls or primary ago. 
. Experience of work with tlila 
IB nocosaary. 

Experience of wc... 

K iJP t . or ^? h, lu I* uocoaaary. 

1 liable training an odvnniugo. 
. Accomniorfuilpn oyaliablo, 
AlHTlBwa Will Jbo hold during 
iho. Aiitiintn Term. 
Applications rno forma) and 

giving B 

uamuA and nddrmsea of 


CDUiiATtoi$ y ccikiMi rrtE 

Manclinaior • • 

A pi ' ll cat Inna nro In vlt (.d fnm 

SiB'-Jchofil 1 Salary lib.nni tb 
K7 , 175 1 . 'llio wjiriol ruidra fnr 
•2 Lj». • .fil'fiv*! ESN « Ml pupil* 
amt 1 * dTluaiml nnjr 10 tho riiy 

A indication (ana! . and . fur- 
ther dot nils (rnm Chief eiIuca* 
H un *S*!f tr. rtW/JFCi'T'.duca. 
thin Oi fkos, rJcnwn Square, 

Man. JicMcr, amu ?UB. • 

cturiiiu .Ui'i'fi juts*. 11*77, 


i.i.iTOij iioi.mi-; RninriL© 
ItuniLiroil fur Jnnudiy. 

H .kfUi.NY H AD TKACJIKIf inieim 
J-(. ..ft inn U'ljU’itnn le.y* fi in !■■ + 
iciira, iur tuo Lower brtiuol. 

AMlinugh Uil* I* u n,*w niinohil- 

Y icnt Hu. evhool was tnauntirni'Ml in 
.iiiiti.n' l‘‘/b, IpUoiiuiinu 11 
itl» Her din, fl, nirdhod end *>i(ianlx- 
uLlon tu tlml ulroudy devcluiind 111 

S IHicu'inlMxi bun inr .Scimot for CU 
uvs. >i||C.t 13 lo Id y. ure. 

. A now . it* im tii'il. 4-hpdn,oni»r| 
house iiv.iUuhle wllhlil lliu ground*. 
Biinuiaiii Binlos wlUi Kosklcntliil 

f ll.tlviilice CIllTbillly p.,i 
nUir-Aii-d. . qiuhfiud up nil*', mi a 

ptimr* biihmtt an nutnnii oi iliu 
Q' lifiiul met limls llicy would mivu- 
cutn >11 the provision uf mutuuilu 1 
Inn 11 11 nni fur buys with Irsinilmi 

cute lu the provision uf mutuuiiui 
inniiinini h.i' buys with Itsinilim 
hiiiI ik-Pu vlour ill3or*tnra. Further 
■ li'lall* and Invllolluiis to visit tho 
ai'imol nil! bo lit tu cendliluiea 

wlui ci. nld operate auvonsarnlly 

wlililii Hie framework of total ill alicd 
P>}lky anil practice. 

Tfao Principal, laiplon liouae 
Lower Iklmol, B.indiurd OrlDhili, 
Now 1*4) Abbut, 

Deputy Headships 
Senior Masters/ 


lliu M'liool wan uli.’ E l.'il III l*q«** 

and I -a IMS for lit*, i.iivak-iily iinnui. 
i' 11 'ped v liU 'iron, must of wnuut aru 

rue jlnmity will ho cinecien 
to (anil 11 i.-hiii ui li.ivlu-r* 111 ,.n 
open niuii on and will 
m!su bo i.xp*-.-|i i| i*i take a slim.- 
Ill n sMi'iilldl dullns. 

Tho puss.© stun af a ltil.ivanl il'ii- 
luiu.i In him -.- la I odii..aUoii would bu 
an U'lvniLi.iuo. 

Applh'ullon fun ns. ohlulnablr 

front ll,u Chief education Officer, 
fdiould be ismimt'd lo him ui P.u. 
llnx 67, Leoprifd Stru.-l, ilhoffipltl K1 
1IIJ on or in foru lull July, )''77. 

Other Posts on 
Scale 2 and above 



VIPAlliliU Ctlll JJliL'N 

Wafpolo Hpad, 

Drlghlon, D! 

Wanted for Baptombw tfoga* 

^^XVifllcMtaS 11 foirrix and (urlhor 
rtotnila from IlMirimaator, 

slhlo (or Jan 
pitta allowance*. 
A 11 pi leal ion for 

~ vacancy nsixls ' for n qualtfloil 
TTAr.ltliU of the ur-Af a< lh» 
Hurilaliy lluurlnii Unit of Icknleld 
file 1 1 Bchool . I. Ill on, 

UknlelU llluh bcliool I* a toio- 
rolicnsive Auhvot fur citiliiron uuiJ 
1 lo ifi ynara and Uio Harlluily 
(car) no Unit a^coimnuilni*** approxl* 
tnaimy » "JiUArnn. The hcarino )to- 
luilred chUilron tntuniuie tnlu normal 
cla.nsoa fur oiiproiuiate couroo*. 

'lit la la a I'^ile A ixist and It 
te hoped to (Ul Hip pout With “fleet 
from boutember. but ayiillwnis wliu 
would bfl unnhlu 10 luko uu tlio 
oust before January iu7H ahould 

join applying. 

Ion fonn and further pac- 
er UduoaUon 






For Mniadlustod NSy* , 

PL'I't/lV HEAD (Group 41 
nonulrad for Jamuiy, 1V7 

for MniadluMfid Hoys .... 

DEI ’in* HEAD (Onoup 4(81) 
ftonuLrad for January, 1078. Appll- 
miions ora Uivito.f from pxtibti- 
wicmI t carters fbr thlaiwsldpriilil. 
oo piaoo arttoul. Experience In the 
Bold to eaiKHtUol. an additloitii] 
q unit f leu Eon In apecta) educarinn 
n n odvontauo. TIm pool to rmlAbit* 

<la rimhar dntxlla and application 
form ohtalB-nblf from th« District 
Education nfflccr. Vnloy Hosrol 
Utfitrtct, Cmmly Office, WoaUnu 
HLroel. Nocihwlcli. Closing dal©: 
10H> July. IQTf. 


XMOU'ni E.fl.N. (B* . p 
raillcntlpn.* nre Invltod from autt, 
ably unallflcd poroon* for the. post 

j-'ult-umo TEAGHEll for' Uie lIlQIl- 
at Uie QuiniBrahe Coijoge of Higher 
Education, WaaJloy Hooding. 

H until uni Beale fl. Tile Centre, 
. ndor ■ fioulor teacher provide! 
a P ecu ilat imolting for pri 
school ctvUdron who have apncIHc 
readlna problema. and la a auurca 
or inronuBttou for local troth era. 
AupH cation forms and further 
culars available from Dlroctor 
r Edunition iPMt. Kennot _ 

....... _ nti> _.. 

'ABWt’t.- Wdiffo — d . onvolopo j 

uarocuiara avauauiu rram 
bl Edunitlon it>M 
DU-rvj King* Road. . 

(Slonipnd ndiU'oase 
ulSiriB date Uth 


uuauftod tkagi inn of the dead 
required Bentumbsr or os soon so 
now 1 bio for a pajllully hearing unit 
In East Uorbihtre ( OracknaU or 

'*lSSinapr. including trtiont expert* 

Beale'S rtius R.9.A. for AUjIAbly 
g tunned and oxiierlonced candbuie. 
London Vrtnn" AHowunre tloO. 

ilowance and reinovul ox- 

LodghiD allownnce and Minovul ox- 
pensn iihunit In ouenitlgn. 

AtnilicaUou form from Director 
of Education Kuttnot llouio. 

tills Group 
is situated 

tons ror the post 
D TEACimn for 
) Day School whirl l 
the outskirts of nn 

nttractlvo srasldo town on tho South 
Devon Const, lbs school Is of ro- 

a conMivctton and provides* artu- 
1 tor 60 pupils mainly of 
r an*l xurtlor aga whilst Oioy 
am roMdent In Btoko Lyne Hospimr. 
four term yoar la operated. 

*/H2 Klnux lload. llM'lllin 
itmnped addreashd envotopo) , 



rour l*-rm yoar ib biwih.bu, 

BAlory scn'ii Deputy tlnnd Orottp 
1 8 1 ir.4..V)fi to cn,406). 

.fin aucceaafui applicant win be 

expected to tako up the appointment 

n Appl^cil?lc,n "Erma and furtlior do- 
ta J I* ifilumpod nddrosxoa nnvslopa 
plpnsoi trum Kail 
KducaHon Officer. M. 

Ho rf I Cl. I CTMCfltt E' 

rhlu hv lPth IiiVy, 11 


il.uniton I'nrotKili of* 


S 'S&L . , 

DL’PItTV' 1 * ilEAD TEAGIIEH— Group 

London Allows nr D iC2C*7 ' end 
Snclnl Priority allowance rovntile. 

AiipllcnHon forms and furihur 1 I 0 - 
1 . 111 s .slam pod. aoweaiod cnvolupo « 
nh'alnqhlo from the ntreemr of 
(dncnllon. D.O. Hox Oft. CJvU 
Celllr*'. Bltver Btrooi. Enflvld. EN1 
■1XQ In womn they should l>o ro- 
titroo.1 hv Frtdw. Tun .fulv. 1 U77 
Itmuorarv housing iup to 3 
yours 1 . It'S?. Bf r coni remqvnl o:.- 
nnnsas 1 £4 IK) mnxlmuni ■ . rn* 
loratlon costa mid lodutnu alluwqnco 
whore appropriate. 

port and coaching, n u pookpm 

to the Jlowl or Borneo r iho 
specialist nnluro. of the, wOrtt. As 
tho teacher will also bn Involverl 
III qrnoraJ school actlVltltiS Wt6 
leaching, Tto/sno .will, bo toopon- 
sJble to Iho Headmaster for Hon- 

ors) purposes. . 

nomovTi! oxnornoa up to Kioo 
find housing aitowonco prmdinn ro- 
movfil are payable 


Mnnopom-AN norjuiiGii up 
iflroun 6H» 

Jervolse BtnM. Wrsl Hromwlcli. 
West Mldlnnd! 

iHoail Teacher—' Mbs D. J. Qtake* 

Rnrulrod n* soon ns po««IMe: 
niunviilo Bchool has t 
nrodniion for ai>proxi mntr 
VhLhu-on .il d a 10 lft un 
Incluilrs .0 Nursery. and 
■ Coro Unit. Ihc Bchool 
wn swlmiulng pool un 
or playing spnee. 

AbpilcfiUiin furm* and filrth 
inlis availably from, and r 
uninhlo In. tho Director nr 
duciitlon. Education ooimri- 

n pi A te 


— ON 

uf DEPll'rY HEA 
Klrkhlll Bcliool for 
.. Rlrttlilll la o school catering for 
children itnml from 3 to 10 yrtiiro 
vvyo u | y. xpt ' r * c ' nco sovera leornina 

. tiloao link* hMweon the chtldrcn’s 
homos nnd similar »,-noolg in the 
Authority are maintained. Thawore 
litvulves ilia programming 61 ctimc. 
ula appropnato , 10 . mo needs of 
each child nspopljUy n tho afppa 
of -pro-roadlnf 


i.iit....iuwix i.ur.lMIl'll E 
■ ItU.iStlY UIVlMUN 
SUi'u lil'L Hi'i.l.lAI. BiJIOUL 
M '( mill A V'-iuir, t ,i ,i.i.tby 
Nil.iibi-l' un Hull: '• »» 

Ih-Jilliili.Utf'ts: Miss I*. iMICiyolt 
Ilt-qlllt ,'.| lor hist AiihuvI. l'.*7V, 
■if .11 * 0*111 na |i,i4».ii.j .mor ilia, 
del". ITAi.lli.ll. Si-,.10 3<a;. khu 
npu-lui ivsiHMtfllilliiy (or Senior, 

A 11 inli'hsl In llio tpj.ihliig nl 
\t u,.J.n ui k and lioys (tamos nu 


A|i|ii(.ji(I*>ii Julius anti further lij- 
iur..i.i,|,jit iibirtniiiliii-. 110111 ll>» Ulvi- LitiiCAlluu ililk-cr, fll visional 
h.liU-nllnu (lll|.;n. iJC.uior Hlli.i-I, 
(ii'iniiuy, Dii*l siioiiiil br rciui iii'il 
lu Hu, Dm.) i'i-rti l»*.-T ul lhn null. ml 
wlUilii lun ilnys ni Uu- .ipiitainin'i' 
uf tills uiivnli-suiiii'iil. 



(lANirniiunv Dinsiui* 

JUidiULN ilAL I.CHO'fl. 1'Ott 
U. U.N.'S. 1 l.IHLUHLN 
Bieue Komi. Hr. -mils ■ airs 
in. AHHi.tlANT l LAI ULlt rrqUt 
from HHiMwaber. l'*V7, wiin .m 
uhlHly lo ti-BLli PHVUIT-AL KDUUA* 
TIN an uiUuuiano, Bculo 3 post lor 
nomueihilolv nualKluil aopUcant. 
llll Af.al6TAJ*r TRAlUiEll ruqulred 
from b.jplumbor, 1V77. wlui on 
u faulty ta loach hmiAk: rafts tu this 
ivpo of child. Boalo fl post for eppll- 
cant anurpnriately quallltort. 

Anpiicuilons lo il.o. Headmaster. 


inffs* jm-sssrMrSiA 

KlATilEMATirS and able to offer 
general and pracUtul sum eels. 

S lally Wootiwajk anti -Craft. 
U(S| u valla bis lor aullably 
led and expertoncid.aimllcants 
who should toe propirod, to worii 
with rmoilonslly dlshlrbed children 

in Ilian Wye ora bo. Benia 3 post 

t,, ffi»'S. t, 5SaSB> «WHIM 


Un rho Unit Is housed in adapted 
l*ri'iiilr.ra mill has u soinirala tolo- 
piiixin tine, iiio chlhiion oro si 
ni'MHcni f,*iiu-l*>s"il anti wiihtir.iwii 
Into Ul© Unit Iur ■imc.Uill sl suy* 
port and .caachlna. ft Is o 0 ©*'^ 

moi'Al aro payauts In .fipprovod 

Apllcntlon forms from Divisional 
Education Otflror. Thame, ffouso, 
0 CaMtlo Briowt. lllgli Wyeombo. 
IIP1S f.BD (st-iiupod oUdreasod cn- 
vo'onc runulrrd). 




C.JIF.H, Bcalo A. in the Mold 
' na. Thu main teaching load 
li involve . holphifl cfilldron 
with specific dllflculllos 
.dyslexia 1 oiilior Ind I trl dually 
or in. ainall groups, ‘rtore win 
also be gumo rasponslWllty ror 
01 * Whn uJiqoU. . 

iiu ir»i>umiuy ro uiu qryu» 

-reading and .pre-mudbpr 
nit lannlisRO. development. . . 
,-wLth oxpDriojtcb. m. this 

ca,® TfaaS ins 

.hV.^aOTo m y^^n 

Jim »e**ra »Bi*vti|i| tu** 

? i-W purpose built- fafomtou* 
nu a 'dnilphtrui sttn altar 
two other 8r>c 

nu , 

two other Bn 
Um contro_or 



at ih© 


fBorpunft of) _■ 



S lally woodwoi* and Craft. 
U(8| available lor suitably 
1 «d 11 nd expertoncad.a rwl lean is 
Who should toe propsrod, to .work 
with emotionally disturb od chltdron 
Ttiacod in tho Adoicscont Unit oTfit. 
AtiguBitno'a ifpspttBl 1 Psychiatric). 
At present Ihcro ere M nuplla 
foge range 11 to 17) resident In 
tho irnh or attoniUne dally for this 
purieBM-bullt school in the hospital 

Apollon lion forms tiiay be otololned 
from Uio nfvulanu Educailon 
orneor, 78 London (load, Canter- 


'rutuuuu far WOOUWOUK. Basle 

Tor full d.©eil*. «oo. under 


{Motruyolilnn lluiouuli of) 


nanulred as soon ss pos 

* 'ndMi:niAi. niul ADViaoity 
TEACHER— Bc-tio 6 poll. 

Apiiilcailons are lnvHort from 
TEACH Lite wllh at least II vo 
y tors’ toot hing experience and 

{ 1 >obi umrtiuiie iho 
'avcholoo.v of ChlTuiiood lUlit- 
vcielty of tunning Imm) or 
olliyr euulvalxni Diploma, 

The Barvlce tfi fnUi com 
rational vo und pOSU Of rwuo 
1M and mlyifcory lenclwn pro 
.Ida rx pm -fence in Advisory 
work m schools, Comuenss 
tory Education, ploneorlm 


.rail iimihodu 

l.riorilv nn«s nnd ox 
pi unaroiM v i^iMiiunu. 

hlult'.r iii.n'il'iIM.'lim 11 

. oxivlibni 

>i i.iMIHIOi V i.MM.i-tunm f*ir 
hluli'.r 1 . |,i>*i|ni,,i.,|il8 In l|m 
in ltd of oiluL-ulJan. Cnsiinl 
user car nHowqnco avail 
Apnlloatlon / 
thor fl a unto aval 

gur car olio 

1 OT^d 0 2! a vaiTa 6le from , iuid 

hA tWi tio ' ]na 


aullably .uuaUftafl.'Bxporloncixi 

C %l% l \DJU8ThlENT UNr 
TEACIIER to, work 1)1 
for childron Df second! 
pxiiririonclng. problem* 0 
hiHlmcnt. . AnpHcnnts shb 

B refnrnbiy JiBVb oqod oxnorlonc- 
1 secondary schools and/or 
fcp*n/iil eilucuilon. ■ 


jT®d n Tnua”^2y. » gHito 
r piSTHgorfaffi 

kpHMB- >or 

■^.^troi K^rtfon'^forme jmd 

j — nr .—pm 1 NoaanisatM' ts 


lli:i il.l'.di. 1 .' illNi'.ll, 


111 • i:,jii 'i|iui( 

Ai-i> , .it'.i' , .ui* .in- i.iiih'J from 
to il .»-J ■ it 11 . V .lll if:* wlili 

ei*..< o. k.iit i' *iii-i.III ill.ris .ui.l 

■ 1 . 1 ,- iv.'u pul* (11 

a iivh u i . 1 11 . . uliin In Auiumn, 
L ■'('■' i«.i.n.) im 1 w-.'Mbdnk 

lb Ii-'.iiilfI .iml rcsi'in- 

a' lili- for V 1 1 1 . .III. I nu.l'.u* 
nii'-i'i- s'Ci'i .1 in mu renlon. 
ftjiur • *'i ii--> •rniiiKt* wllli 

■ iui'..|i[ v.i. i, uni' i*i*t ImT.nri 
a iM',*iii8ii/,ilitf ii.i'iucni of 
L3I-* l. iii- 'liiil ./.’li*. a 
p-ii'.iliii. ; 8,1 .um -. ,1 wlili liuus- 

lll-l *(IV**1I 

An,. '..-nl-Mi ri.mii . 111 , 1 fur* 
tliur *kii-ll-.ll .»l-i ai-i' nv.iHuiile 

ii'Mi li ,-l ui I*, t-xjiitiuj mid 

Mu-iJiii'ini'jit h'ft..'"i, iioiilvnnl 
II.'.-|,|'|ill|'UJ-i. Ni-wiowii Hi. 
Il.i.',ive*ls. I Pi, ml A. .,nd ap,,ll- 

■ '. 111 . 111 * Oiuii .,1 h.. iMiiirnuti ta 

i*ci i.tmuii* J> ■* iii Am A 
MAICIIII IJ.I.UB < L.3.N. ' M. | ) 

Ludcni 1 : 1 , we. ) BMi-rn Avenue 
t*nlcrii*iroiiijh I 1 1- 1 -tl'l* 
ltMMI. 1 '. PnlMbnlntouh 1)111^)11 
(Hull I7U1 

Kmiulic.l l*>r totuicmbi'r l'i77 ; 
l,'iiU*.*r..lV ASSlillAlCl' Tl'Ai.lItJl. 
lire fom I >lv lli.-iiii Irniiinil, lor Ilia 
Asscviinunl Hull, 'this unit mor* 
Tor uu l.un.ll'aiiipM 1 -h 11 , Iran aged 
three to flv» yr.irw for ai.ori or 
lonu^erm uasc-Mini'iit. Vatumy duo 
lo deroiidi, licit of j m nn tom- of sraff. 
Scale 1 phis Hpeclnl Uchpuls allow- 

Bn S?i'or« Is n noMihiitty of assis- 
tance being given with lion sing In 
aparoririkte cases. 

jvra*r> apoj'y by taw. ancJootaig 
rurrlcnium vllae and Dm rUrrm© and 
aditrcaiod nf two roforers. direct to 
tlie IlMd TeBClmr (Mr. 1 . Turkari 
at Hid above addroes fay SOUi June 


UDUcATiuN nmiMirnm 


traliihiD, i|ii.i"tl, . 11 :, in* 1 i>». 

pent i- in-.. i.i..' . 1 ; m 

lunnis and u.ldr, >,■.<■■. m uirou 

IDf.'l -■■)*. 

M'lli-rs uf m,|,"i-||ii,-j]| ntoil 
C0 im|>,1'Ic,I ii,*.. .i.„i liitml 

sliou '1 b,' *li i..i'i.f | ri ri ;. |., 
Iho Hi-rid 101 ,- 111 , 1 ', 1 1 , j; u,.kioii 
Trarliuv' crnii 1 ',. (;■ :■ i, 1,1011 

E ’hil WTO I id'i ' ( lev,, . 

nd, witiiin 14 ''av-. ii; iiu* 
appi-erninia 01 uni ji'vcril,.r- 


Warned Mr nonnllnu Hilioui. ii..*i- 
ailiusteil Duv*. i’iiIi. in I . v j -,. 

B>.,itu x Aijiiaru’*! ir.Aint'.uti. 
One rnr Alir* rind i llAi i.'i. n— ilhrr 
fur HRNLIlAf. Hl'nii:* r.t Hl„-n- 
limn Sialr. if, < 1. 1 vveok i-\- 
uuneum iluiiot oe-u-niin. 

A Pill tin I loll ■ Ml,' Hi.p.lHY 
Royuf j'nMe.-ii i?uiiiiii»i ii..-)io,ik. -Ja 
oxford Head, Hulr lui 


Ki*«ldoniLil L.M.N.i .M 1 
Rr-nlo 1 -— Siwclnl Hchoel AlkiwmKS 
Temporary poll possibly I* ji-IIi.o to 
toermanoiil |.n*Pion. n,.u<nini-'.r i -.1 
Ui Decoinbor Alst. Bmsll fjnuvi. 
Dellahlful mml sr4ttr,u 011 fringe 
Of Lokn Diairik'l. 

AUrocuvo iwconini'rt.itiijii n*<A 
frno bimrd avnilahlD In ■>:.*- htnluo 
for sonti. oKti-anooiis du-l'-'e. 

Amniciiiun* 10 T, 1 .. t.nle, HA . 
HiviiTnarter. oiiciujin-i t**itli,ionhila 



uroen npad, Inkmall. Atnvaloy ‘ 


one year poet lb trach Primary cull* 
diion . (M. and tl. 1 . Scaio 1.- plus 
SLertai Schaois 1 Ailawetuo. 

AppIlQilian forrni from l|*git> 
trachbr 1 stamped sdilnaud anvoiovi 

ACeH( lO L 

Wool Stone Lane. U pi on -by -Cheater 
Hooulrod for «ojite.nber X077 : 

This ts a n«v(.vi»rfio»iHiiuiit school 
for Jo physirollv luui<lickniied chlld- 

r *”X IKACIIHII ts rrniuuvd for 
MAT! I li.vt A'llDS up to C.B.K. and 
•■O" level and wllli all In Incest 
In Science. Th*' le.iriior npuolnled 
will u[*o be oxr-erroil to Irach tn 
bn 11 1 Middle end Hrolnr neuortnunta 
of the H'.wwl. _ 

AppHc.itl.i'l fa it. in from District 
IMiic.itJon (Killin'. . Id AVJilto lilor*. 
1 '.lie-.ter. 1 .lu Ann ilatoi illh July 


CutJNTY ni 
RPlhtlAI. nr HOOF, 
flea In 1 Post .+ Hi. A. 
OIMII'NR H* '.III >1)1. 1 1: LN(fl') 
Wrilkwdl'Mi Kinnl, HlllUlUhum 

RoflU'rod Tor Hepl>4iiV*Ar X'i77 
nr an soon a* piix-iibl*. n iiunll- 
JlnJ ri-Ai'llCn iu work with 
in on mil y Imnrti. u|,i,rd pupils at 

llll* iivW purwi-.^toutll w-lniol 

oponliin in HgpiMhlmr. A puritc* 

S ur interest In cialt atoms of 
,1 currl'.ulum would im wel- 



guriington Avenue, Launwlth 
junction, near Msntfliilii 
PoT SeMembor. efij' 0 (l<*n*-.rxl TEA- 
CHER for Uunlor (fl) puntlv Tem* 
nororr post far, on* y?*r. HcjIl I 
plirt Bpeclsl Bchool* al , „iyij.'c*i. 

AindkaUan form frrti.i Head- 
maslor (stampnil adii.fiaaflil nn- 
i(plone. fool stop 1 . . 




calrat ror leaflitnn un’i fur ciiiidvoii 
with eniallonal. social, nnd pnisonk] 
prouloms, Hcfilo 1. |/iu -iiirctfil 
schools allownnce. LKlrinooue 
rim loo available. 

Application Minis find p,irMru>aM 
ftoun Ihincijjul (stuntiHiil itJ.ire-iacd 
ynvelow fooisron-L 



roil tiifi /mai An.ludi i:d 

S' )VB 
nyjniru for 






lliuincisl nnslsinnco with 
eoliulil lvni.icjl oxponsM le 
ilnbiu in apin-nvixr «»,©). 

For appii'-ul 

alo plus 3|iKial 

lion Farm nnd 
1 nnp'y: lloail- 

ticiiidr. (leinllei* tnnir- 

furtlior doialin anpty: lloail- 

B mnter, SloknlsVo . llonse 

riiool. Tettulionu: i;lnuliel*jii 


h m 

lUIIUWfl i— 


Beeipn's Way. uury. Qt Edmunds 
»fll KIRKLEY • HIGH „ 

S? ,c ^ph» ,0 #coNDAnv. Road. Ipswich 
Appilcnnle should posses* a rocop- 
. nlnort (luallMroiloii in. the teach mg 
of hoarinfi inn*aired childron. 

Applies ( Inn r-irms. ..obiolrwhlo 
frnm iho (tounly Ediicullpn Olflcor 
(Knorin) Bchnplsi , EHufsiinn Office, 
nrimwoiio Birrtel. , Ipswich nit 
rocolpi of 0 iisinped addrossed an, 
vclopo, should bo com pie loti and 
returned as aoon os poasihlo. 



East GrttlMoAd. SultSK . ■ 
(Mamnr.d ijv PpIvi* km. Annyj , 

’ llLACHRn tin -CHARGE Scale 3 ra> 

J ulrod September. If ot>i*tble. or 
anti ary, .1978. for 4S pros lu 
cero. Admi«**on To .lil’o. 
Clilld specialist with Romndla) 
skills souabt. No t-xtiunooiu duik© 

The London Borough of Redbridge la a pleasant - 
residential area In North East London, with .easy 
aqoess to the West Endi and the Essex oaurttrysWe. ' : . 
Help w(U be given In finding eqoomroodatlon. with L * 
legal fees for house purchase, removal arid reeelHa- 
men) expenses where appropriate. Outer London 
Allowance payable. 

Ethel Davis School, ■; 
Barley Lane, Goodmayet, Ilford. 

Applications ore Invited from aullably qualified candi- 
dates for the post of 


of this school tor phyaloally handloappad dhUdran. 
The post becomes vacant through retirement. 

The school haa a roll of 00 pupils and Is In Group 

Application forms and (urlhor particulars are available 
from J* 6* Fordham, B.A., Chief EducaHon • Officer, 
Education Ofllco, 2B5-2B0, High Road; Ilford, Essex 
IG1 INN. Complsted application forma should be 
returned by Tuesday, July S, 1077. 

from Rduntkm' 
l Houso, Hot* 

■kills souabt. n< 

"TOlt nnd fo 
OfnciT. Doffs 1 
shnm Rodti. Civ 

'Scale T Poets 

: BEstofeD CQURT 

Catholic RosjdDnUai School 
.. (‘JO B.a.N. Beys’ agod 18*10) 
Assistant teacher '• 

Appiiaiiloni B(1M frpAJ*- 
tiorjoncod qualinod TO 
_,.Burnliam Scaio plus 
BhiodIs - lAiloWancD 
Additional peymeni.-o, 
plus ront-froo house and garage. 
In -raiurri ror xahoi 
nooua .duuea wockly.' 

.. Further Information _ and. 
forms of , apnl|cailon from 
HoBiiinflstor,_ Dhsrnxl Court 
Worcester 1VRB FAQ. ' 


London of' Borough 



Appiloa^loha arc Invited, for Ihe -v. • 



tf Swo d Janiury X97R .or-oartf^ 

Ihfenr/ltiaror BcMrumwv- ' 


■om iho -Qhbr Bdncmiim OiHru : 
d *1 cull on nnuoa- .Bomereot P" n e, 
1.17, .iff u*linw Ihp- form* ..SI i till W - 
it iJiurJt.iJ wit Din- I) *1-i Fri. 

Ifidjuatitd -.ciilldron. - '• • . 

njrts In the hub orauri 13 to 14. 
Tills post Is very lUlteM* fpr .some 
one wiih twicnlnn 1 oxju’rionce li 
Ordlunhr achoola .Whp I .wL«nM. t( 
nter iho fTaljl of fluocui Bducaliqn 
af.ira— -Uiirnnanj., Scale. 1. jmus : 
pedal, school Aliftwanco.- . 

Apjilkatlon farma <m 

tuUs rimy ha 

oaii --a. . 

ICO.- . 
from — 
1X2 X -444 1 

I* n arhemo rax neilBlnnce 
ilh rninoul cvyeinek'. • 

of Oordyce School; whloh la due 'fo^bp^n ln Dacember r 

1977i ’ ' * : ’. ' - • 

, • Applicants ehoiild bd ragtoiared tmohers wfth rele-. 
vant Experience- In the edMcatlon of .maladjuated, dtildren, 
both day -and .residential. . The school Will serve the 
, : Grampian foeglon as part .of -the: total -apeclai education- 
. provision and- the Rrlnolpal will be Iri charge ol tho full. 

. day-tO'day rurftiing of the achool* 

- . -Cofdyce Schbol Is eitubted Oft the .outskirts of the. 
City of Aberdeen Division. As a purpoaerbullt school it. 
will offer. 42 residential places and 8 day plates lq child- 
ren of schoor age end mixed ability. 

• Ah unfu'mlahed house with -three bedrooms will . be 
provided’ bn. tl)a 8lte of the’.BChobl tojbeiccoupied by. the. 
Principal, who Will be responsible . for payment ol. rent, 
rates, eleolrfblty'. etc. • . ... .. r .}r 

■ Salary Will be In the range £6,350 to £8,178. Fyrther 
details and application forms may be obtained worn the 
. Director : of Education. Woodhlfi House, Abhgtove Road 
Wept, Aberdeen ADS 2LU. The closing dote tor applies- 
.{ . .tlpn^ .to'./t.yjy ( pV- ) i* , *»-4>.C • 


• vftf i|. /I 



Sculo 1 Posts 


(l-oiidon iloraugh o fi 
EDUiAi-ioN doM^onrsn 


Holl : 7, a 

Day MjlndluSfCil 

Wcuiilrnl In Bepiambgr 1977 I . 

Scu« 1 lompararv TGAaiiiR for 

one .yiHir An Hileival In UQVa' 


TION would be an advantage. 

IMortalotf umiUtnnit should telo- 

S ltann the HnidiuiMrw, Ainu M. 
ictraim. on u 76i0Mr. • • 

Apulirjilon rorms, wHh stomped 
nrtdresscd i-uvelono. obtainable tram 
Uio Director or Eiucaison, P.Q. 
□oy nn, Civic Centre. Silver Street, 
Enfield HN l nx(l. lo bo ratumod 
la Urn llrudoilsiress by Friday,. Bin 
July. IV? 7. • 


ItcquIiviJ for In Sentfrmtwr 1977! 
Applications are \nvtred from 
qualified teacjiehs far the fallow: 

bmn Uwtmi NPJ axn. To be re- 
turned to me aonis eddreM by ihe 
dale shown. 

Cl ruing dal# Ritt July 1977. . 
ntio successful applicants will be 
roquirrd 10 submit a sail* factory 
medical report on appointment. 





A I oil, pantry ’ItAClIEn La required 
for ono year from HPiDwnber 1977 
foi . louili MUSIC throughout the 
Callcgu and MATHEMATICS U 
Junior farms. Tills is a non* 
jnalni^ilnqil .apuvlul .boardliiD. schoo\ 


years. Salnry. _ , 

I cliooll alloiYjncQ, C3.01B to 

4,Av6 pur annum, plus £1611 per 
a nn iuii paid i or owe duties^ 

Aicoiwnail.if ion uvnlMbln for a 
■Inglp iKTsnn. I’lr.isnni rural sllna. 

Tor (urUi(-c dui.UH mid applies- 
ttou fomi, which sJiould be re« „ 
turned v.-lililn iwn wcaka of ilia UfibrJdaa 
eppoiirenro i( this a.tvertlu-monl. Uxbrldoo 

ntpined spuuui uuarusng sctifflotj 
pnyaluilly handicapped boys of 
mai Inteiiiuimre a get! 11 to 19 
re. Salnry. Scale 1 ulus apodal 


nrouo of atm 

■end summed addressiM onvotope 
I) iho Huadmisier. Lord Mayor 
TTuioar CDiiBor. troylu. Noor AH on, 
Hants. nuafJLA 


fifliw.w_i»j i gg a|L 

•Jva monthly ranta! of £59.00. 7li« 
teacher will bo expaciod lo perform 
eslienoom duilea of up io ia hours 
par week organising and super- 
vising Hu boarders’ evening acll- 

Salary Burnham Seal* 1 plus 
Bxtrancous Dulles Allowance £*«0 
plus Special Schools Allowance £3^0 
plus London Fringe Allowance. 

Tptarealotf opnlUanl* sts wakoitw 
to vuft iho acfiool by opnolnjmept 
Wllh die Hpoitmaaior, Mr. P. A. 

a cwnn (lalophoiic number Were 
43) from whom application forms 
era aim liable. 


Fulling Lone. VlovuSlev. 

S ’osl Draytun. Mlddtosrx U07 RAil 
nadnuuwer ; n. Camplinli, Fs>i. 
Required for Sonluinbyr l'i77 ox- 
portottcod TEA Cl r Ell for mis day 
niuladluaiod school catering for 

pupils of secondary school sue. 

Beale non uvalinblo for anriulita 

Annies itnn forms tram die Dir- 
ector of Education. Civil- Centro. 
Uxbrldgo. MMdiupnx (Telephone 
Uxbrldoo SOU I . EH. TI6B. 9I Lo 
whom they should bo relumed 


ihlsTwa araop anSwlfll preierably 
experiance In leodilng eucn pupHs 
an or a ^tacul auallfUuilon , 

lomti ond funner 
Information for tho efauve appalnt- 
nioms in ihe BdumUan Dcmmmoni 
muy ho pidulned. an reempi of a 
aUiuDBd nddmwt envelope from 
Dm i U rn. ror of Bduoatton. Owen! 
County CktuncU, Coumy HoH. Cwm- 


fraiDlbrl' AaSisTANr tbaQiibh. 

r (sot 1 W sw%»°J 

1 ^'rfio MKcc.sfui uiiplk.inl will teach 
basic kiililO'-t.-i lo a Urst nr aeioiid 


rar inl.i-U cl-in. i-.'Hh ‘ llic . oiipor- 
uinlj' of diTuiupiiiu BunclalUil 


lon-afs which 
present sluff. 

Sy“P^ , i V ««, 

i uinpluniunl llioae of 

_ If- contained 
a bio aT on iiiclu- 

Sllverhlll School E.S.N.(M) Group 6s 

Appolnlmenl oi 



% Re-advorUeoment 

1 Safety -Scats C5,394-E5,»94 

A Deputy Hoad Teacher la raquiiod from Jdiumry, 
1978, for the above school for 120 E.S.N.(M) senior 
girls. Candldatea should havo suitable exporionce in 
the field at special educotion. An odvancmi nunlitica- 
lion in special education would be an advantage. 

Further details and application forme fmiilable from 
tlie Director of Education, .Special Services Section. 
Civic Centre, Barms 1 BHdge, Nowcustle upon Tyne, 
NE1 fiPU. AppilceHbn forms should be reltuned by 
6th July, 1977. 



■ pWMwymg cTOfl »Ji i f iAJ W M g u a« W 

COUNTY OF AVON Education Sorvice 


(Remedial Classes) • 

Scole 2 post... 

HM Delentldn Centre, Eastwood Park, 

FaHIeld, Wotton-under-Edge, Glos. GL12 8D8. 

Required soort ap possible, .to leach ilfiteralea and 
poor readers. One post le a permanent appointment, 
and the other p temporary appointment for ona year 
to replace a teacher seconded for a year's study. En- 
couragement given to practise up to dole methods with 
the latest equipment; with small groups of trainees 
aged 1.4-10 years, .serving Bhon .sentences. Excellent 
opportunities for candidates Interested In this work 
to experiment and gain valuable experience in (his 

Further-' arid ^application forms, returnable to 
8th .July, from the Education Officer at H.M. Detention 
Centre. . 

Robert Gordon’s; College 

..Applications are -invited from suitably qualified 
Registered Teachert' .£<«•, the. post of Head which . 
.Will become- vacant early in J97S upon the reriral 
■ of. the; present P^dtiwwer. 

.‘.Joburr Gordon’s.' Colldge is ,p. Grant Aided Day ' 
School/for-'/boya’i othe jjreserit Heodnwster is. a r ■ 
^ Member of riie ■H.MA 'Cne College comprises of a.: 
j r JuftIot^;Sehd6lJ ■o®-'0i^x3maj:eiy 350 >boys .and a 
• Seen nifary pepaf-peni ' bf approximately 850. 

■For rfpVther 'candidates should write S' 

io Noel T. GWymi'ci JEsq., A.C.I.S., CoUtege Clerk : 
A TreBSui^rL' C^lleifiu. 9clioollini s 

/Aberdeen AB^'-lFR^ wItU; whom applicatiohs Eof , 
tho post must be Ipdeed not latcr tUari Monday,- 
25fh July, 1977. i ‘. -: '' v 

’ t 


u 8011(1 as ooMIbto. 

J undon Altownnci' Payable. 

6 per coat romevul expemes 
some uUIdiuo with accomma 
on lit appropriate caebe, 



Wcaiartram. Kent rNlb HjN 
Roquiipn far SeiilrmiKT. 

f uari . 

a icudi uicNr.nA l amurcra in 

g aarondiry ape puiao at this ro> 
imUauai boarding achaol for 
ajcally hanUlcapiioil children, 
Moos exiwncnco witli disabled 
Irabla bill not osoonual. Abllllv 
matt B ology io C.s.t:. or “ O ■’ 




loyal «n tv 

. Single aw 

ct a 

kvq ni mod] lion ^vaUablp; 

duties alio won co». 


. . I'rinoq 
oola ond 



lo the Haidminter— 
(0969 1 6316ft. 

lunlor MSorLenoo, w taka c amoO 
prang of utiyalwtHy honduBwod 
chflnron. Ine mawon numntM 
in un be able to work as rant of s 
mtira-dMKOpHniuy team. Tim ohfl- 
mxm an mainly mliint and 11 will 
bo SMiMDlBd that the auaoMorul 
cxuitUibre win share residential 

“Tfcolo 3 may bo available toe 

eilttublv dUfliirttii Candida lea, 

Anpucasian fonna. otitainalilo from 
iho caitef Ddnmiion ornwr, aliouid 
bo reiurnop to him nt 1*,0. uox 
ft7. ? Loonold sire ei. Ghorriold si 



MJLTON hall school 

idrouii 4Si 

S rumnlon, Cumber Lind OA8 IJA 
mVCJIEn I* requlKYl lo wn- 
linue and dovolop pnv&ICAI, EDIT. 

Tbo iwat'la oi. 

IwsHlhlliiy of Soalo 3 Tor o anti 
ably quuiHlod end exportnaced Can- 
dida le. piui BiH>dnl erlioota olloiv- 

t ace and il'.'SO per annum ror IS 
oura (average per work) axtnin- 
eous duUea ond alceping-ln allow - 
attce or at .01 nor nlunl ittpproxlm- 
aialy onco in rilno n/ghla), 

AttammqdaUon, './uUV ntml««>fj 
with board. ie arftuvd lo e&iala 
candidate In quartus In school at 
an emoluinaitlaf £4L1^ per, omium 
or, ror a mnnlad candidate, Tn a 
modern unfurnlMiod bungalow al a 
dMiuuiou or Eao4 per annum, 
turlhor enuulrtea to Headloarhor 
at elm vo address. 

Application lurrus. _ obtainable 
front 1 h ii mriHtor of Education at 
Iho iiddivna shown bnlnw on rrcelnl 

nt u slain ih-.i odiln-ased fo<jlsc ii|, 
i-uv-uJiMn 1 to li>> rolurnud to him 
U, July H. I "77. 

Homovul exiiiYiao* an>l lomnontrv 
lodalng alinw.inco muy bo gi\tntud